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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Feel Away Fear

Fear is fast. It will catch you. Fear is slick. It tags along undetected like a stowaway. It has a great nose. To demonstrate its prowess, fear will give you a head start and then sniff out your successful hiding place. No one else may ever know it but you. The only way to get away from fear is to step through it or over it as you continue to move in a positive direction. In American football this is called moving north and south towards the goal line instead of east and west towards the sideline.

Fear is a feeling; therefore, you can't think away fear. You must feel away fear.

Fear is a spirit. It always has the advantage over emotions and thoughts. That's why fear is able to get you to feel and believe fully in what is completely unhelpful. Fear knows the heart and mind are limited.

Truth is, fear is a coward and tries to make you one. It knows you have a resident superhero on your side. Your spirit, the perfect gift from the eternal one, is your personal assistant, partner and mentor. It is a match made in heaven to give you the advantage against that which seeks to limit you from becoming what the Creator intended.

You might know your spirit by other names: instincts, intuition, second nature, the zone, in tune, connected, psychic, energy, gut, comes naturally and the frequent, “something tells me...” These aspects of awareness are your spirit trying to find a frequency you will respond to. Your spirit is your best best friend. Your spirit is always saying, "Can you feel me? Can you feel me now?” It is God within you. Is it powerful or not? Are you powerful or not? The answer is not yes or no but an undeniable positive feeling. It is the same feeling of confidence that rushed from the center of creation and become the sound that vibrated everything into being.

You can feel away fear with your portion of this Great Spirit. With it, you're always in the game and able to make an incredible comeback.