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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

What Do I Need In Order To Heal?

• I need to leave my husband[wife.]

• I need to move to Santa Fe.

• I need to finish my novel.

• I need to hire a nanny.

• I need to eat a vegan diet.

• I need to switch careers.

• I need to quit drinking.

[• I need to ... (fill in the blank).]

[• I need to do what I was sent here to do.]

[• I need to reassess my major guiding philosophies.]

[• I need to become more aware of human history rather than the limiting, societal and cultural construct I was born into.]

[• I need to openly acknowledge: the only way to live a life of fulfillment is to live in harmony with my purposes.]

[• I need to ask for help finding the answers to what I need by listening to my inner spiritual urgings, by communicating with a true friend and/or by seeking help from someone trained to guide me along the path to a solution.]

See, ”Anxious, Fatigued or Depressed? Pills, Exercise or Diet Shouldn't Top Your List of Treatments” by Christine Bronstein for the entire article on self-healing by focusing on your entire self, including your spiritual, intuitive self,

According to the article, I need to look at my whole life -- love life, professional life, creativity expression, spirituality, sexuality and see if there is anything out of balance.

To me, this is the best kind of health care and an epitome of love.

Monday, December 12, 2011

36 Facts About Manipulators & Manipulation

Along your path, you will encounter potholes and sink holes planted by manipulators. Manipulation may come from an individual, group, company, institution or government. Regardless, the facts remain the same.

1. A manipulator presents information as “helpful” or “something you need” that does not have any chance of moving you along any pathway to be as the Creator intended.

2. Wants you to believe frequent repetition by humans means something must be true.

3. Does not want you to investigate or consider other points of view.

4. Tries to get you to have an instant negative reaction to ideas different from what you already believe so you'll quickly disregard.

5. Tries to keep you dependent on them for as long as possible.

6. Tries to keep you busy so you don't have time to stay in tune with your spirit.

7. Does not want you to become aware your spirit's intuition is the best expert.

8. Promotes feeling good over being good.

9. Provides constant amounts of distracting information.

10. Wants you to desire simply knowing stuff about other people's lives.

11. A manipulator does not help you focus on what you can learn to help yourself from other people's successes and failures.

12. Wants you to make decisions based on man's legal system rather than Higher Powers and the basics of natural law.

13. The information offered does not help you to become healthy in any way.

14. Wants you to prefer the safety of what you've always believed rather than the determination to transition towards your better self. (See #8, “safety sure feels good”)

15. Treats critical thinking and analyzing as negative behaviors.

16. A manipulator benefits much more from their supposed assistance to you than you do.

17. Takes advantage of you when you give them your trust.

18. Tries to destroy whoever tries to tell the truth. This is a diversionary tactic. No one who is telling the truth has to use character assassination as their main defense.

19. Uses sympathy, tears and emotions. They are always the victim.

20. Never takes responsibility.

21. Wants you to prefer frequent entertainment rather than pursue ongoing maturity.

22. A manipulator needs you to believe their words more than their actions.

23. Needs you to believe they are the best thing coming and going so their philosophies become your automatic point of reference and only possibility.

24. Depends on your sympathy and feeling of kinship. (If you do not put your emotional self first, their motives can be more easily seen.)(Love and fear are emotions.)

25. Wants you to reach a conclusion based on their information and perspective only.

26. Tries to keep you tired so you don't feel like thinking.

27. The goal is not your independence.

28. Wants you to choose their choices rather than believe you can come to your own conclusions.

29. Wants you to be head-centered rather than spirit-centered.

30. Wants you to separate church from: state, education, science, medicine, work and society. Blessings will not show up in any place God is not allowed.

31. Wants you to “think to make decisions” rather than “sense the spirit's guidance.”

32. Needs you to be limited and stay limited in order to like you or accept you.

33. Does not add to or appreciate you strengthening your knowledge of self.

34. Creates confusion and claims something is controversial to keep you right where you are.

35. Wants you to believe it's not important to learn accurate human history. "The past is not important" comes from the mouth of a fool, a manipulator or both.

36. Wants you to accept what supports the group/country overall but does not support the individual at all.

37. Uses words that are opposite, "I respect what you're saying but you're an idiot." or "I agree with you but you're crazy." This manipulative spirit will begin and end statements with nice words and in between there is the true intent aimed to harm. It's like making a sandwich out of a rock. The main part of the message is intended to cause unsuspecting damage even though it looks and sounds good on both ends. There is always an opening and closing nicety. Especially the closing nicety that wishes you well after knowing they've just caused you to break a tooth or two.

38. Use children and the elderly as weapons and tools. They take advantage of the naivete, innocence and trust of children and the elderly. Manipulations often use children as bait to manipulate the elderly.

39. Manipulators will always say they care but nothing they do shows they care. Manipulators are always seeking, looking for and are constantly on “fishing trips” to find information they can use against anyone. This is their focus – destructive thinking, destructive behavior.

40. Will give you a penny's worth of value while they take 99 cents. They always take far more than they give so do not be fooled by their giving, watch what they are taking.

41. One of the main problems with evil manipulation is that it affects logic which contributes to the problem of genderism, racism and other evil discriminations against the Rights of Creation.

All these facts boil down to one thing: Manipulators manipulate with lies. The lies are simplistic, not complicated. Those lies are usually the opposite of what is true.

Yet and still, manipulation is no match for the intuitive self, the spirit. Step back from what someone is telling you and stay open to the initial sense you are getting. Is the information trustworthy or not?

Try to keep your brain and emotions from getting in the way. Ask your spiritual self, “Why am I being told this information?” These few steps can help you discern the difference between information that seems right and information that is right.

The journey continues. Now as you encounter those potholes and sinkholes filled with muddy water, you won't mistake them for pools and lakes.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A College & A Prison

The word “college” used to be British slang for “prison.”

Why would this be? What is the connection between the meanings of these words?

“College” started out meaning a group of people chosen to work together. This is why the word, “colleague” means someone I work with or is in my same field. Similarly, a “collection” means a group, just as “collage” does.

“Prison” started out meaning to take; therefore a prisoner was someone taken captive, usually in war, i.e., prisoner of war.

Here's possibly how British slang for someone taken captive became today's use of an educational institution.

The goal of most colleges is to train workers for public and private industry and the goal of most students is to go to college to get a better job. Nobody's focused on sustainability - the sustainability of the individuality in the individual.

A college could equate to a prison if it takes me away from remaining free in my thinking as I was when I was born – free to be me and free to learn all it takes to be the best combination of humanity and spirituality.

Make no mistake. I got what I bargained for. I got educated. I volunteered and made arrangements to pursue the path to a better life and was taken captive (sorta like Pinocchio). I became a prisoner of society by degrees stamped into my psyche.

Nothing outside of me will rescue me from myself. I must realign myself. I must reorient my thinking. I can begin by asking, “Am I in a college prison of thinking?” This means, “ Am I choosing to allow my thinking to work for someone else? Does the way I think, take me away from my true purpose(s) and the best uses of my talents? “Even though I can do this work and am good at it, was I born to do it?”

My divine potential does not have to conform to society's limited view of who I am, what I am capable of and why I am here.

Every educational, religious or other pursuit that does not help bring this forth is a college and a prison.