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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Voting Perspectives

Have we forgotten the U.S. government is basically the Executive (President & his cabinet), Legislative (Congress) and the Judicial (Courts)? It is Congress who must pass laws first. It is the combination of Congress and the President who are responsible for getting things done. See,”Guide To The Federal Government.”

To stop all the nonsense about who did or didn't do what, it would behoove voters to vote for one party for all offices, a straight ticket federally and locally. Doing so also in the midterm election would then leave no wiggle room for the incumbent and no room for false accusations from the challenger.

This should help even the most uninformed voter know which Party is better for all citizens and is better to fashion America into being a better person and neighbor. If voters are using decency as their criteria for voting, then gaining a broader perspective by opening our minds to the opinions of the rest of the world is in order.

Romney, The Republications, The Tea Party Fraction and the Business Mob are very scary to most of the world that sees the world in living color. Most Americans who aim to vote Romney and company into office will not be spared the results of another regressive rampage packaged as progress. There's simply not enough room in the 1% for everyday people and never will be because equality goes against capitalism. Yet, too many of these same people seem on track, to cut off more body parts to spite their face in this race.

Even so, under no scenario should Americans attempt to slough things off on Presidents, Congresses or governments at any level without also taking more personal responsibility. Not just during the singular acts of elections but by participating in the daily fashioning of the society we want. For the most part, voters allow most things to slide then feel vindicated by voting. Then we sit back until another election and hope that the vote alone will do all the work for us. This is full-grown immaturity.

Personal Finances

For those of working age, the economy is closely aligned with their standard of living. What is not bantered about in the reliably over-trusted media is that the standard of living for workers is inseparably linked to the worker's standards for voting which is based on the worker's standard of thinking which may or may not be based on the worker's acceptance of a Higher Power that promotes peace on Earth and goodwill towards all living beings.

Wanting to be employed is a good thing. Employing critical thinking is another. Americans find it difficult to realize that if a candidate says one thing for forever and then changes position as an election approaches, then it is questionable whether or not this newly adopted position will be maintained after the election. View the video, ”Mitt Flop Romney versus Mitt Flop Romney”

If we don't employ critical thinking, and instead continue to use a media manipulated mentality fueled by fear and hate dominated emotions, then a coin toss approach to vote would deliver a greater degree of accuracy over time and save the world a bunch of resources wasted on campaigning that counts on absentee awareness.

Selected quotes from previous posts.

Societies where the best of everyone is put to betterment's use. This will only happen by learning and voting for those people whose thinking is to help as many people as possible.

[White collar crime is] voting for discrimination by voting for those who discriminate.

This means, any State that disrespects the inherent rights of anyone and anything for more than one voting cycle, only does so because the majority of its voters personally believe it is okay.

Keep considering all candidates fairly and voting for those who believe in fairness.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

President Obama, I Am Responsible For The Economy

America has an economy driven by individual consumption. Compared to times past, individuals are not spending as much due to fearfulness called uncertainty. Individuals impact their own uncertainty when they choose their spending, choose their fears and choose their voting. This means individuals choose a large portion of the state of the economy.

I'm Not Convinced

Individual consumption represents two-thirds of the economy. Generally speaking, unemployment is 8% which means 92% are employed. The 92% who are employed can increase spending but don't due to fear associated with somebody else not having a job. Huh?

By the way, the unemployed are doing their part because, the unemployed spend a greater amount of the money they get than those employed.

Back To Unemployment

It is a false belief that the unemployment rate is the primary indicator of economic progress. The unemployment rate never reaches zero. For many decades, it has averaged 5%. This means, right now, there is only 3% more unemployment than usual. This does not cause economic havoc. This kind of thinking is similar to stubbing your toe and then believing you can't move.

Who Else Is Responsible?

If banks were to lend the money the banks were given and are still getting, the economy would be better. If banks gave people the breaks and assistance they were given, small businesses could get loans and homeowners would be given at least 6 months moratorium on their long term rental contracts and not have to fight for modifications.

Besides banks, other types of businesses want certainty but are unwilling to hire in advance of demand since their profit motive has nothing to do with their patriotic mumbo jumbo. Despite all the incentives, tax breaks and stimulus laced with taxpayer dollars provided to them, businesses will not temporarily and knowingly permit lower margins to help inject life into the economy by hiring in advance of demand which would create more demand, more confidence in individuals and more spending. Instead business citizens choose to overwork employee citizens and underpay newly hired citizens. It seems like it's not only what individuals do but also what banks and other businesses do that is a self-fulling economic prophecy – not one person's economic policy.

The Impact of Confidence & Other Factors

Per a 9/27/11 TD Bank Financial Group's "Economics Analysis," the U.S. economy in the first half of 2011 was hit by a myriad of negative shocks from extreme weather and rising gas prices to supply chain disruptions from the Japanese disaster. Now, in the second half of the year, a crisis of confidence – caused in no small part by the inability of policymakers in Europe or the United States to propose adequate solutions to their respective debt crises – has taken hold. So, while corporate profits are at near-record highs, the economy is teetering on the edge of a renewed recession." [This is a reminder that some businesses have not been suffering during recent years as much as they'd like everyone to believe. It is also a reminder that confidence has a significant impact on the economy than just the unemployment rate alone.]

President Obama Is Responsible

He believed that what he meant by “change,” individuals did also. He believed change was part of the value system of those who voted for him. Knowing that change is never a straightforward process, not within any individual dealing with the things the individual controls and not within a nation, President Obama still believed those who voted for him were on the same page. President Obama is responsible for depending too much on the belief of millions of individuals. It is more likely individuals will maintain the status quo of their character than maintain any resolve towards change especially when their actions and reactions seem to indicate they believe it's another person's job to make change happen for them.

I Am Responsible

I am responsible for things I control. As far as I can tell, that begins with a value system. A value system made of individual choices that should work together, like a personal ecosystem. Making those choices often requires tuning in to gut instinct to guide me which way to go. It does not depend on listening to speaking contests between presidential candidates. By focusing on the value system I have in place, I realize all my choices and anything I do becomes a vote for who I am.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fiber: Fact & Feeling - Food Fight #21

Food Fight #21

All plants contain fiber.

Fiber does not come from anywhere else.

Fiber is in roots, stems, leaves, flowers, blossoms, fruit, fruit skin, vegetables, vegetable skin and seeds/nuts/beans.

Fiber is the cheapest preventive medicine in the world.

Lots of fiber each day keeps the doctor away!

Fiber to eat used to be widely available in forests and fields near our homes, thus free.

Plants are manna nourished from the heavens.

Controlling your food supply is self-control.

A little fiber history. As usual what we should be doing in this life is following more original practices from our birthplace than from the birthplace of capitalism and its henchman – marketing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Nutrient Content: Organic versus Unconventional

Food Fight #47

Nutrients in plants are obtained mainly from the soil. Soil acquires and produces plant nutrients as part of ecosystem processes.

In recent times, not only have unconventional farming methods disrupted natural ecosystem processes, disruption has also come from the way humans view and interact with the rest of their natural world siblings. These approaches have diminished soil vitality making soil little more than a plant holder.

Under these circumstances and mindset, in order to get plants to grow, the manual addition of nutrients is necessary – mostly in the form of fertilizer which is mostly commercially made, fake nutrients. (Nutrients are supposed to come through the presence and processes of living and nonliving organisms)

To keep plants from getting eaten by other living organisms, commercially made poisons are needed because the natural controls of those organisms have been exterminated or drastically reduced by out of control humans.

Before human achievement exceeded its sensibilities and before we became self-defeating victims of our behavior and before we became commercialized children of the farm, the ecosystem was 100% natural. Since 100% is all there is, when the unnatural enters to any degree, the natural is reduced and the other way around. To grow food using practices out of sync with the ecosystem is to introduce the unnatural and reduce natural elements, natural soil viability, natural soil fertility and natural nutrients.

Organic versus Unconventional

No plant growing in unnatural conditions will have the nutrients it should – even though it appears as expected. As usual, appearance is a notorious deceiver.

Organic growing practices respect the soil by working with the natural laws of the ecosystem. Every year food is grown in respected soil, the natural increases and the unnatural decreases. Sickness and cancer causing toxins decline and healthy nutrient content increases. Working with the life-bearing and life-giving soil increases its quality of life; therefore, what grows out of this soil has higher quality, both qualitatively and quantitatively. What grows out of this type of soil becomes more like food in its essence and therefore coincides with our body processes and supports health in the direction away from healthcare crisis.

When it comes to nutrient content, organically grown has no competition. There is nothing healthier or tastier than the natural goodness of food from a healthy ecosystem. No further study/scientific research/testing/expert analysis is, or has ever been, necessary. All that's needed is for individuals to remain natural learners - observant, reasoning and respectful.

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