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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing Food: Green Thumb Not Required But Three Things Are

Food Fight #51 – Another Grown-Folks Misconception

So you say you don't have a green thumb? Good! I don't either. We're not supposed to.

Mother Earth Grows Food

Earth has the green thumb. This planet is designed to support life and the reproduction of life. Also, seeds and roots contain the stored power and instructions for growth. Growth is their main purpose and focus. Earth, seeds and plants are anxious to bring forth life and food that supports life. They are all very good at what they do because it is a part of their genetic makeup.

Humans Don't Have A Job In Growing Vegetables

Our human job in a garden is to place seeds and plants in the ground and step back – way back out of the way. Our main job and duty is to respect Earth, plants, seeds and all that supports their health. Respect for Earth is self-respect. Self-respect is food for life.

Humans cannot give increase (growth) or create life. These are Divine powers. Those who believe they do have a “green thumb” are probably doing unnecessary things and more likely to run afoul of Earth because they believe they are in control. An unhealthy approach cannot produce a healthy result even though it may appear to be so.

Green Is The Color Of Growth Not Envy

Willingness to listen to the rest of the natural world and learn from it as a student hungry for the power of pure knowledge, is the Earth seed that must germinate within us. This is much better than having a green thumb. Because learning (growing) takes place at the cellular level, as we grow in harmony with Earth, we become green through and through – nature-ly so.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Natural World Observations: Going Wild Like A Flower In Spring Breaking Free

Wild & Free Like Spring Breaking

As soon as Winter starts turning and walking away through the revolving door, yard workers begin fidgeting. First, cracking open windows, looking, listening and breathing deeply. They are attempting to recapture the sensing of seasons changing, the way firsthand cultures are still doing. Next, they are often standing in doorways, hoping and wondering. Finally breaking out of confinement, they are seen lingering in Spring's welcoming personality.

Natural Child's Wild Birth

I'm one of them. My written plan has gone through several revisions until a perfect, colorful, all-season paradise exists – on paper. It is mentally-contrived and includes shrubs, bushes, climbers, creepers, changers and weepers. Once at the store, I ignore this plan and start going wild because my head is easily turned by a canister of wildflower spirits who speak to me. I abandon the idea of buying dozens of plants to fill three flower beds. I take home one can of seeds promising a variety of shapes, sizes and bloom times.

Observing And Waiting

During the next three weeks I watch Winter & Spring dance back and forth. Finally, a warm dry stretch allows me to free the main flower bed of wood chips, red rocks and black plastic. Earth exhales a deep breath of relief. I loosen the soil and spread the wildflower mixture while wondering if this will be a fiasco. I sense similar concerns from onlookers.

“Whatcha growing, weeds?” someone asks. “No, wildflowers,” I reply, stopping short of saying weeds don't exist. There are simply plants we want and plants we don't want, plants we appreciate and plants we don't understand. Vindication comes just a month later. Silent explosions splash beauty throughout as though the Painter dropped this palette from above.

Natural World Observations

Now in the presence of wildflowers and unrestrained soil, I realize I've missed living bouquets of elegance and all that comes with it like paper-making wasps, floating swallowtails and birds mouth-to mouth feeding their babies. I am consoled with unique pleasures like Junebug sleeping atop a blossom cradle rocking in evening's breeze. “Welcome home little one.” A slate gray and charcoal hummingbird is surveying the selection of nectar-promising fragrances. Hovering within arm's reach, its wings are etching silvery blurs into the air against the backdrop of wildflowers.

Reborn Wild & Free

My rural-rooted nature is blossoming again. It is drawing from places where yards are a patchwork of playgrounds and wild things happen, naturally of course. I am one of those things, again. I spend hours playing with dandelions and seeking lifelong luck in four-leaf clovers, once found to be neatly tucked between scriptures for added effect. At other times I run, dance, dodge balls, chew mud pies for pretend tobacco-spitting, dig trenches for army men and operate child-sized trucks and tractors in the front yard. The neighborhoods, creek banks, waterfalls, mountainsides and all there is in the rest of the natural world, activate imagination and teach relationships. This is just like a world filling with wildflowers breaking free.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Financial Information Sources Gaming The Economy & Our Education. Opinion versus Fact

Information Guessing

When financial information is presented, it is often compared to “forecasts,” “estimates,” “expectations” or “projections.” When these words are used, it means people are guessing - mostly economists who usually econo-missed again. To rely on guesses is the same as relying on what sports predictors say. It would be crazy and considered unprofessional to read in a news story something like, “well the Lakers failed to win as many games as we predicted and this could spell trouble for their ability to sell season tickets. Fans fear the team might not win as many games as we expect for the rest of the year.”

Information Gaming

Headlines and news stories give a lot of weight to guesses. This is “running game” on the public. In other words, manipulation.

Manipulation is being attempted because guesses are being given more attention than the actual information. Instead of clearly stating the estimates were wrong, as they most often are, the media usually compares the two. This tactic is used most often with information about the economy.

Financial Information Sources Commonly Used

Examples from pop publications on Friday, April 26, 2013:

1. First-Quarter Growth, at 2.5%, Misses Expectations (Wall Street Journal)
The U.S. economy failed to gather as much steam as expected in the first quarter, potentially setting up another year of sluggish gains with signs already emerging of slowing hiring and investment.
2. First-quarter growth quickens, but misses forecasts (Reuters)
Economic growth regained speed in the first quarter, but not as much as expected, which could heighten fears the already weakening economy could struggle to cope with deep government spending cuts and higher taxes.
3. US Economy Grew at 2.5% Rate in First Quarter (New York Times)
U.S. Economy Speeds Up, but Less Than Forecast.
The American economy sped up in the first quarter of this year, with output expanding at an annual pace of 2.5 percent, according to a Commerce Department report released Friday. The number was lower than the 3 percent forecasters had been expecting.
4. Spot Gold Gains $5 in Wake of Disappointing US Growth (Wall Street Journal)‎
The spot gold price rose Friday on U.S. gross domestic product data which underperformed analyst expectations. The nation's gross domestic product, a measure of all goods and services produced in the economy, advanced at a 2.5% annual rate between ...
5. U.S. economy grows at 2.5% rate in 1st quarter (Los Angeles Times)
Economic growth accelerated from January through March, buoyed by the strongest consumer spending in more than two years. The strength offset further declines in government spending that are expected to drag on growth throughout the year.
6. Economic growth, at 2.5%, falls below expectations (Los Angeles Times)
The pace of economic growth picked up in the first quarter, but not nearly as fast as many analysts had forecast -- an unwelcome sign given other recent indicators that the recovery is losing some steam and further government spending cuts loom.
7. Economy grew at 2.5 percent in 1st quarter, lower than forecast (The Washington Post)
New government data released this morning showed the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.5 percent during the first three months of the year — slower than economists expected. Many have already begun warning that the recovery has cooled even more since then.
8. Economy grew at 2.5% rate in first quarter (USA Today)
The nation's economy perked up in the first quarter, expanding at a 2.5% annual pace, the government said Friday, but that was less than expected.
9. Disappointing GDP Weighs on Stocks (Wall Street Journal)
Stocks tilted mostly lower after the opening bell as a reading on U.S. economic growth missed forecasts.
10. Growth falls short of forecasts, weakness ahead (Reuters)
Economic growth regained speed in the first quarter, but not as much as expected, heightening fears an already weakening economy could struggle to cope with …
11. US economy grows 2.5% on buoyant consumer spending (BBC News)
The US economy grew at an annual rate of 2.5% in the first three months of the year, helped by the strongest consumer spending figures in two years.

Reporting, Distorting, Contorting

Which of the above are reporting information, which ones are distorting information and which ones are contorting information? It's up to us to make this assessment continuously because we are always encountering information. Our minds and emotions are useful but not when we allow someone to use them against us by getting us to go along with whichever way the information is spinning.

The way any information is reported matters. Instead of providing information that is clear and accurate, the information above could only leave us feeling, though we've read what's going on, we still don't know what's going on.

Obviously, rather than the unbiased truth being the prime objective, far too many in the media seem to care more about how to use information to reach their financial goals, prestige goals and power and influence goals over the minds, emotions and actions of a lot of people. Though this is a standard daily occurrence, this was absolutely evident in the reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing. Like Black Friday shoppers, the media trampled each other and the truth just to get to our limited attention and deeply-discounted self-esteem.

Our Education Continues With Opinion versus Fact

Whenever we hear any information that uses estimates we must not swallow. Estimates are guesses and guesses are opinions. When information is being presented as news, therefore supposedly professional, it is not proper to compare opinions to facts. When information is being presented as news, therefore supposedly objective, it is not proper to give opinions the same consideration given to facts. Facts are superior to opinion yet many media stories treat opinions as if they are facts. Comparing facts to opinions is like comparing apples to caramel. They can be put together but not when discussing their nutritional value. Whenever two fundamentally unalike things are compared in this way, it is always an invalid comparison.

After reading the above news headlines and blurbs, we notice many media outlets will print several stories on the same topic during the course of the same day. This often causes the story to seem to change by the second even though nothing else has happened.

We might not notice the similarity between news reporters and sports analysts. Both believe the game statistics need to be explained to us to clarify what happened and what it really means. If we watch the game we can tune them out and if we read the statistics we can get the unopinionated truth.

Words absolutely can hurt when used with no intent to help. That saying about sticks and stones is dead wrong.

Where To Find Reliable Truthful Accurate Information?

Until we get better at discerning information in terms of it's content and intent, we won't be able to recognize reliable information when we encounter it. The average person might just continue to believe information in news reports comes from experts.

Finding reliable information is all about nutrition. Even when information is being manipulated as always, no one can manipulate us when we have nutrition. Nutrition helps us discern information. Nutrition makes searching for the truth easier because nutrition and truth are fundamentally alike. Once we are filled with the beneficial, without a doubt, we'll recognize truthful information when we encounter it.

Extra Information

Even news reporters sometimes have trouble finding unbiased, balanced information. Click here...

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Is DNA Alive? Genetically Speaking -Yes!

Yes, DNA is alive. Here's why

“Human genetics are the instructions for our cells to carry out their functions. Without genetics, cells would not know what to do and therefore could not carry out a single function. We would be unable to breathe, think, move, live or exist. None of the basic elements would form molecules or compounds. H2O would not exist. Earth would not exist. Life would be over before it started.” (1)

Our DNA is alive because we are alive. We already know nutrients are alive and must be alive in order to be of total benefit to our cells. The nutrient, water is most certainly alive since it is one of the basics for life. Oxygen, an element, is most certainly alive.

DNA must be alive

In order for DNA to control our life functions, DNA must be alive. Life can only be initiated and maintained by that which is living. DNA is alive because it is conceived in water, developed in water, born in water and carries out its functions in water. Water is the genesis and sustainer of life.

(1) For a fuller explanation see, Definition: Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7f)

Reference: Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. 707.

Definition: Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7f)

Restoring Our Human Genetics View

Human genetics are mostly viewed as relating to physical traits we inherit. There is much more to genetic code than this. Human genetics also includes other basic areas by which we develop (emotionally, mentally, spiritually). In addition to the physical, each of these aspects has an inherited genetic component.

What Are Genetics?

The ecosystem is an ever-changing, flexible system. Human genetics are an ever-changing, flexible system. This is no surprise since the ecosystem and humans are siblings.

When one thing changes in the ecosystem, other things are able to adjust (short-term) and adapt (long-term) in order to maintain equilibrium. This is possible due to natural laws and orders.

As part of the ecosystem, humans must have this same ability to change. Human genetics are our natural laws and orders that allow us to adjust and adapt to physical changes in the ecosystem. For humans, we call this ongoing balancing act, “homeostasis.”

Human genetics are the instructions for our cells to carry out their functions. Without genetics, cells would not know what to do and therefore could not carry out a single function. We would be unable to breathe, think, move, live or exist. None of the basic elements would form molecules or compounds. H2O would not exist. Earth would not exist. Life would be over before it started.

Genetic instructions initiate and control the functions and behavior of cells. Genetics are the driving force behind why living beings are the way they are. Genetics are the reason living beings do the things they do.

The focus, so far, has been on the genetic instructions that control our physical responses. Yet, we can now begin to sense, our other responses must also be controlled by an internal set of instructions.

It is true. Our mental responses, emotional responses and spiritual responses are all dictated by a set of genetic instructions. We don't think just because we have a physical brain. We think because we have mental instructions to go along with our brain's physical instructions. The same is true for our emotions and spirits.

Since the ecosystem is always being influenced by all it encounters, all living beings are always being influenced. Now we can begin to consider how our entire genetics (bodies, minds, feelings and spirits) have been shaped over time and what has, and still is, influencing these changes. Going forward, this broader definition of human genetics is used.

Influencing & Shaping Genetics

Human genetics are shaped before conception, during fetus development and after being born. During each of these three stages, our parents/caregivers can influence our genetics. During each of these stages, anyone can influence our genetics by affecting our parents/caregivers. During each of these stages, the ecosystem can influence our genetics. After we are born, humans can shape their own individual personal genetic instructions. After we are born, all of us can influence the genetics of other living beings.

We know we can change the fundamental temperament of animals by how we treat them.
We know we can internalize something and become different.
We know what stress does.
It is evident that mental illness also has a physical and emotional component.
We can say, do and teach things that changes how others view themselves, think about themselves, feel about themselves, treat themselves and allow themselves to be treated. We can also do all of these things to ourselves.

Although any single thing can influence human genetics, nutritional status is one of the most significant factors that determines whether these influences cause us to adjust or adapt for better or worse.

Influences & Responses When Status Is Malnutrition

The genetic response to unhealthy influences is too weak to resist, instead organisms adjust and adapt to become host to influences that make them weaker and weaker. When the infection doesn't kill, and only impairs, then humans continue living with the imbalance until it seems normal, especially generation after generation.

The genetic response to healthy influences is too weak for critical thinking and comparative analysis. There is only enough energy for skepticism because this does not require the amount of energy it takes to stop momentum in one direction and then build momentum in another direction. The mind and emotions are the main gatekeepers to this resistance but they can be reclaimed by jointly using physical and spiritual nutrition. This is necessary for detoxification from the drug of choice – distraction.

Influences & Responses When Status Is Nutrition

The genetic response to unhealthy influences is strong enough to use the intelligence of intuition and wisdom as complementary tools of discernment along with human-acquired intelligence.

The genetic response to healthy influences is recognition, adjusting, adapting and strengthening. The natural world, history and self-study becomes the multivitamin of choice.

Sudden Changes & Gradual Changes

As frequently said, whatever affects one of our four basic inseparable aspects also affects the other three. This is why they're inseparable. This is also why living beings who experience sudden, repeated or gradual changes in nutritional status – good or bad - will be changed for better or worse because their genetic instructions will be changed. This is why those who experience sudden, repeated or gradual influences physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually – good or bad - will be changed for better or worse.

These changes in our genetics remain in us and in our descendents until a greater opposing and sustained force shifts the direction.

This greater opposing force can be sudden, repeated or gradual. In other words, a sudden negative influence does not have to be met with a sudden positive influence. It can be corrected with the accumulated effects of repeated or gradual influences. Just know it is not intended for humans to “shift on the fly.” We must slow down.

Where Are These “Other” Genetics Located?

Our mental, emotional and spiritual genetics are located in the same place as our physical genetics – throughout the body in every cell. They are intertwined and layered with our physical DNA. Where else could they be? We are alive throughout on every level because our DNA is alive throughout on every level. Each cell has a mind, memory, emotion, spirit and physical traits.

Conclusion 1/2: Societal Considerations

Since societies are merely a reflection of its individuals, societies are guided by human genetics, not by man-made laws and constitutions. This is why many people break the law and do what their minds, emotions, bodies and spirits tell them to do, not what the law says even though sometimes genetic instructions match legal instructions.

Human genetics are instructions for living. Instead of wasting time focusing on laws, if change is desired, individuals must focus on changing their genetics and encouraging this in others.

Societies are ecosystems. If balance/harmony/peace do not exist, it is because equilibrium does not exist. Something is out of whack and flawed within the people themselves. As disequilibrium persists, the society's viability diminishes because human genetics that remain out of sync with natural world genetics become less and less able to adjust or adapt to natural world changes. Nothing humans create can change this.

Conclusion 2/2: Individual Considerations

Human genetics are instructions for living. They affect health/knowledge of self/self-esteem. Whether we are in control, out of control, in touch or out of touch is all due to the genetics that control us. Yet, all humans need and want balancing. It is an innate desire of living beings. However, once our instructions get too messed up, we seek balance in unbalancing ways because our instructions have been hijacked by infection. The infection is using us to feed itself.

The good news is that the flexible nature of human genetics allows us to change our genetic instructions. Our genetics can be rewritten with nutrition. Our genetics are ready and willing to respond to nutrition. This allows us to repair and restore our instructions. Even if we don't know what to do, where to start, what to think or how to feel about certain aspects of life & existence, we should be able to improve our physical nutrition and spiritual nutrition. As we do, the grip of mind and emotion will be loosened. Then we will be able to think more clearly and have a more balanced emotional response.

Then our entire being will be able to work together for our greater good – evolving.

As said before, the greatest force that shifts our direction is us.

In order to be properly functioning living beings we must have properly functioning instructions and nutrition to keep them that way. Because our genetic instructions play over and over again, all of our responses physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually are predictable because instructions are repeatable. Significant and sustained change (in this life) is initiated by similar change (in these genetic instructions). We must proceed courageously in spirit because change may involve flipping our genetic script so we can stop tripping on it.

To get to this point, we must change some of the things we allow to influence us. We must begin something different if we are ever going to end up with something different. This can be accomplished with big changes, small changes, sudden changes, gradual changes or in any combination. Once we begin utilizing the resource of human genetics to change our lives, Individual Time becomes our only limitation.
”It's the worldview we're listening to that's keeping us sick. Break that habit and anything genetic is more manageable, and, in many cases, healable and preventable. On the flip side, start new habits and things genetic are more powerful, and, in many cases, multipliable and unstoppable.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inherited Self-Esteem Hand-Me-Downs, Habits & Peer Pressure Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7e)

In previous posts, the following is covered:

1. An improper worldview has the potential to impact genetics.
2. Optimal health requires optimal awareness and attention. The health of parents extends to children.
3. Raising a child's self-awareness is how a child develops self-esteem. This is inherited because it depends on parental personal growth.
4. All that is from the same parental lineage shares spiritual genetics. Genetics can be altered spiritually.

These four things are among the things every person inherits. Some are handed down from parents to children and some are handed down from caregivers to children. Like all hand-me-downs, how well others take care of them, matters. Parents/caregivers influence their children's ability to develop awareness of their entire selves and thus the meaning of life & existence.

Defining Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is not simply a feel good feeling. It is not determined by simply thinking or feeling self-esteem exists. We cannot bring self-esteem into existence by strongly stating, “I love myself, I feel good about myself, I know who I am.” Appreciation requires appropriate information.

Self-esteem is knowledge of self. This means we must be in possession of actual knowledge of our mental aspect, emotional aspect, physical aspect and spiritual aspect. This requires ongoing nutrition for each aspect and a growing understanding of each aspect. Our degree of awareness must equal or exceed our intended level of development based on age. Most importantly, self-esteem cannot fully exist without an intimate relationship with the rest of the natural world - mental knowledge alone is insufficient, we must commune with our kinfolk.

Self-Esteem Is Learned Through Habits

A habit is something we choose and then choose to repeat as a representation of our self-concept and self-image. A good habit supports the four basic inseparable aspects of self development: emotion, body, spirit and mind. Good habits are just like nutrition because they are: nutrition for life. Nutrition leads to health. Health means taking care of the four basic inseparable aspects that define self. Since knowledge of self is self-esteem, good habits lead to increasing levels of self-esteem.

A bad habit is the absence of a good habit.

Well-rounded people complete their circle by having habits that support overall development and habits that target specific areas of development.

Overall Habits

Self-study, practice and exercise of being human in relation to fellow beings in the natural world.
Self-study of history (the background of something), especially personal beliefs. Our beliefs come from somewhere, therefore each belief has a history. Those who care to find out are those who care about themselves.
In other words, if we do not know where our beliefs come from, we cannot have self-esteem. Only the illusion exists.
“Self-study means more than just studying on our own. It also means studying self.” This includes practicing what we've learned as we are learning. Practicing includes having conversations to practice thinking and to practice maintaining a balanced emotional response when we are unsure or when information contradicts ours.

Habits That Target Specific Areas

A habit that improves one of our aspects also improves the other three. If this is not true, then a habit we think is good, isn't.

Eating what is intended for human animals in the manner intended.
A range of activity that naturally engages all muscles and systems.
Getting rest, sunlight and other celestial light.
Avoiding toxins in the environment, in personal products and in what we choose to open our mouths and swallow.
Self-study, practice and exercise of the physical aspect of self.

Making sure the work we do and the jobs we have, are in agreement with how our spirit is telling us we should use our passions, purposes and gifts.
Honoring our shared existence with fellow citizens of Creation.
Ignoring any teaching that does not honor our shared existence with fellow creatures of Creation.
Giving and receiving encouragement and appreciation.
Having conversations as opposed to talking about stuff.
Learning human history.
Interacting with cool people.
Self-study, practice and exercise of the spiritual aspect of self.

Avoiding toxic relationships with people.
Avoiding toxic relationships with ideologies by not choosing them as personal beliefs.
Self-study, practice and exercise of the emotional aspect of self.

Critically assess ourselves, our thoughts, what we read, what we watch, what we listen to, who we talk to, what we talk about, what we study, what we are taught, what we practice, what we investigate, what we analyze, and more.
Avoiding the toxin of distraction.
Self-study, practice and exercise of the mental aspect of self.

Self-Esteem Is Choices & Decisions

Since habits are choices, we decide whether or not we are developing self-esteem. So even though we don't always get what we deserve, we usually get what we decide we deserve.

Some habits are only appropriate for a certain stage of development. Therefore, some of our habits, though good at the time, must be upgraded. The same is true for habits that dictate our way of thinking.

Let's be clear. There is no such thing as a good habit that does not support self-development. So those of us who think we're doing good but are not progressing in the knowledge of self, do not have good habits, regardless. All else is folly.

Taking this a step further, good habits can only come from good ideas. Good ideas can only come from a good context. If we trace the source of good ideas and bad ideas we will end up in two different worldviews – guaranteed.

For example, those who are serious about health will move towards eating whole food and eventually end up in their own gardens. Those who aren't will move towards grocers and restaurants and end up in checkout lines.

All of us who desire health/fulfillment must backtrack and trace the origin of our ideas about anything that affects our ability to live as intended. If this is done properly we will all end up in one of two places. Most of us will end up in both places. Since these places are far removed from each other, it is detrimental to health to be pulled in two different directions. As a result, whatever side has the most force and is able to pull us, wins influence over us. Then, according to whichever side has won, we either develop more good habits or allow them to fade into bad habits.

For example, many of us sacrifice physical health, mental health and spiritual health for jobs. Most people know they cannot be who they are at their jobs. They cannot be their true selves. Having a job requires denial of self and acceptance of becoming someone else every day. When we must program ourselves to go into an automatic operating mode of daily pretension, it gets harder each day to separate our true selves from the illusion. As a result, though we may not realize this is the reason, many of us hate our jobs but endure them for the money. This is a self-hate crime because we are trading what is good about us (health) for a toxic relationship (job).* We allow jobs to win influence over our decision-making which leads to bartering our health for money. Meanwhile we are tricked by the allure of having health care coverage which is like a person who can see, relying on a seeing eye dog to cross the street. We willingly put our health in the hands of health care. Jobs are just jobs and “benefits” are bait and switch carrots, but health, which is knowledge of self, is everything. This is why, “Man Know Thyself” was often spoken and always written over the entryway of the schools of Kemet, in pyramids, tombs and on papyri. (1)

Teach your children to know themselves, then allow that to guide them the rest of the way. Going to college and obtaining a degree Is Not the key. Growing from knowledge of self and obtaining the 360th degree, is the key to life.

*We lie, pretend and beg to get them, pray to get them, thank God we have them, dread going to them, are more excited about days off, can't wait to quit them, dream one long, grueling dream of retiring from them and call them blessings. WTF!?

Parents/caregivers, Do Not show preference for this bad habit and set your children up for a crazy relationship that's the same as I hate you but I need you and though you try to make me into what you need, you tell me everyone can be replaced and still I hang around as long as you will have me and yet I don't know what I would do without you.

Handling Responsibility

As mentioned in Part 7c, it the responsibility of parents/caregivers to guide children in the development of emotion, body, mind and spirit; therefore it is the responsibility of parents/caregivers to guide children in the development of good habits that result in knowledge of self, thus self-esteem.

The personal growth and development habits of parents/caregivers are not just habit-forming for children. Whatever parents/caregivers do or don't do and whatever we provide or don't provide affects the health of children.

Habits are building blocks that influence whether children are constructive, destructive or not fully either. Children who understand this can take responsibility for their own habits. They do not need anyone's permission or agreement because each person's spirit is the highest authority.

Inherited Self-Esteem Is A Spirit Hand-Me-Down

“Though habits are acquired by choice or retained by choice, a person is not fully defined by what is acquired. A person is a person because of what he or she is.”(2)

What every person is, is a spirit being. This is good news for children of any age and especially the younger ones. Younger children (those who do not yet consider themselves grown-ups) are more likely to still be searching for information to define themselves.

Whenever we search for something openly, honestly and with determination, we are likely to find it. This allows us to find our spirit connection and get back on track. Children are then able to follow the habits of Divine Parental Guidance. With these original habits influencing them, children will find their natural selves, grow in knowledge of self and self-esteem. These children will be fulfilled because they will focus their efforts and resources into the habits listed above.

So, even if our parents/caregivers do not pass on good habits, the spirit's got our back. It has Plan A for us. Plan A consists of habits grounded in the natural world. As descendents of spirit, we must look inward and upward to intuition and wisdom to receive this inheritance of always free hand-me-downs. These hand-me-downs from the Supreme are more powerful than our human genetics.
Good habits are stronger than peer-pressure. Good habits help us move towards positive peer pressure and away from negative peer pressure.
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(1) Ben-Jochannan, Yosef, Africa: Mother of Western Civilization (Black Classic Press: 1988), pp. 452, 677.
(2) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, “Encyclopedia Of African Religion,” (2009) p. 523.

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Spiritual Plans, Mental Strategies, Emotional Needs & Physical Nutrition

10 Days Of Upheaval & Fulfillment

The Eve: Conversation, Expectation, Perfection

Day 1: Mind-Centered Living & Disability

Day 2: Reintroducing The Spirit Relationship

Day 3: Spiritual Nutrition Makes A Difference.

Day 4: Organized Religion & Nutrition.

Day 5: Choosing To Succeed Or Fail

Day 6: Intuition & Wisdom Aligning

Day 7: Love & Happiness, Ready Or Not?

Day 8: Human History Is Revealing & Healing

Day 9: Harmony Is Energy Conservation

Day 10: Rhetorical Learning Demands A Recount

Epilogue: Back To Plan A

Additional Personal Growth Information

Food Nutrition Health Information

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Definitions: Communing, Sustainability, Descendent, Family Values & Spiritual Genetics Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7d)

Read Part 7c first - ”Family Planning Developments, Self-Esteem And Abuse & Neglect Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7c)”


Human animals are part of the natural world and the natural world is part of us. Humans and the rest of the natural world have physical and spiritual aspects. In that regard, we are one and the same. In many instances, the rest of the natural world also has emotional and mental aspects. In that regard, we are similar. This is no surprise since we are created by the same Spirit who has put replications and likenesses throughout the Universe.

The most significant place this occurs is in our spiritual genetics. All that is from the same Creator – the same rootstock - also shares spiritual genetics. Human animals and the rest of the natural world are offspring of the same Parent. No matter how different it may seem we are, from the rest of the natural world, we are still siblings. Humans are the younger. The rest of the natural world is the elder. This is why the examples, instructions and advices of the natural world as our context for the meaning of life & existence must be heeded if we want knowledge of self. The Earthly natural world falls in line with the patterns and behavior of our oldest sibling - the Universal natural world.


Humans must communicate with their two older siblings in order to benefit from the wisdom of natural laws and orders. It is ordained for that which has been taught to seek and teach, and for that which needs awareness to seek and listen. Performing these duties requires communication.

The only way to communicate is to use the same language. This has already been provided by the spirit we have in common. This spirit is the primary universal language. It is our natural language.

When we are using spirit to communicate, we are communing. We are connecting to spiritual energy, which serves as spiritual nutrition. Communing can be silent or not and with movement or not. Communing is a process of tuning in and tuning out.

Like older siblings should, the natural world is always trying to communicate with the younger. When humans allow time to respectfully observe, interact with, investigate, experiment, wonder about or be in the midst of any portion of the natural world we are responding and have now entered into dialogue. Our respectful actions send spiritual energy to what we are communicating with and in return we receive things like calmness, relaxation, peacefulness, awe, understanding and inspiration. Encoding of our spiritual genetics is taking place.


Using one of the examples above, when we respectfully observe the natural world long enough, our spirit translates the language of nature we are seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking about into the language of the genetics we share. This is how nature speaks to us and how we speak to nature. Nature speaks to our four basic aspects with energies, rhythms, pacings, demonstrations, analogies, similes and allegories. Sooner or later during communing, the merged voice from teacher and translator forms within us and says, “This means...”


As previously written, “only the natural contains the elements necessary to sustain the natural.” Now it is possible to also see, “only the natural contains the information necessary to explain the natural.”

The natural world is a system of give and take with zero waste for the sustenance and guidance of the bodies, minds, emotions and spirits of everything in the natural world. This is sustainability. This is the multilayered, multifaceted and multipurpose way of the Supreme Spirit. This degree of integration tells us no singular thing has a singular use and no singular thing is for a singular creature.


It is an aberration of all things Natural, Universal, Orderly, Peaceful, Uniting, Holy and Divine for any parent to have a younger child who is unlearned and give that child rulership over an elder child who is learned. Even once the younger becomes learned, it is unnatural for the last in line to become first. So it must be false humans have been given Divine dominion over the rest of the natural world. All disrespectful behaviors towards the rest of the natural world stem from this single mutation of the truth. Humans are a recent addition to the natural world family and are by inherited obligation, stewards of the values of the natural world family we are born into.

Our family depends entirely upon communal living principles. Those with elder knowledge become teachers to those with younger knowledge in this self-perpetuating manner: holding responsibility, the elder reaching down, the younger reaching up while the elder lifting up, the younger rising, holding responsibility. This ensures each member teaches another the family values. This ensures the chain of information is reinforced in the teacher. It reinforces respect for the eldest among us. There is no running to parents when an elder has spoken because an elder speaks with the authority of the parent because they share the same respect for communal values.

This process is carried out in descending order. This is what being a descendent means – to come down through and climb up through another. So must be our learning. It must come down through the rest of the natural world so we may climb up in the knowledge of self through the rest of the natural world.

Human animals can benefit from the experience and knowledge of older siblings by always listening to them and including them in our questions by simply asking, “ Is there an example in the natural world (Earth and Universe) to guide me?” and “Is there an example within my body or other aspects of myself to guide me?”


Communing and sustainability go hand in hand. Both require spiritual respect, an awareness that grows the more we nourish our spiritual genetics. Communing and sustainability support each other's fullest expression. Each is a side post to the ladder that extends from here to the heavens. Communing transfers helpful information and healing energy for body, mind, emotion and spirit. Sustainability ensures this and all natural resources will be available for our descendents.

Humans ought always to commune without ceasing. In this is the rejoicing that empowers us with the meaning of life & existence through spiritual genetics.

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Family Planning Developments, Self-Esteem And Abuse & Neglect Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 7c)

Food Fight #50

Read Part 1 - ”All Ways To Communicate Begin With Definition & Context And So Begins The Meaning Of Life & Existence” (Part 1)

No Child Left Behind Begins At Home

Children cannot be left behind if they are sent to school with self-esteem.
Children can borrow books, pencils, paper and even lunch money but they must have their own esteem. If mature adults could go back in time, all of them would trade in many of the things their parents provided if they knew those un-necessities were drawing parental resources away from “child-supporting” self-esteem.

What Is Self-Esteem?

Simply put, self-esteem is knowledge of self. The four basic inseparable aspects of self (emotional, spiritual, physical, mental) have been addressed in Expanded Definitions: Reality, Illusion & Delusion For Everyone and Part 1 and Part 7b.

Of all animals, humans have the longest instruction period before their offspring must fend for themselves. Disgracefully, after several years of instruction, many human children still do not possess the knowledge of self they should and therefore children cannot possess the esteem for themselves they are entitled to by birthright into creation.

Family Planning Development

For parents and prospective parents, your personal health must be the only priority. Because the health of parents extends to children, taking care of children by parents taking care of themselves is the latest development from ancient times. This model hinges on remaining in a state of reverent apprenticeship to natural world teachers.

Their Upbringing Is All About Yours

Upbringing means bringing up children to higher and higher levels of self-awareness. This is “raising” children. This is the same definition for self-esteem. Throw away all other notions about parenting. Graduate from knowing more about micronutrients for plants via slow-release fertilizer to a higher degree of attention on the macronutrient needs of children via a steady diet of parental “watch me, now you try.”

Parents who realize, “raising” children “properly” is a redundancy are in the zone - that sweet flow of instinctive living and guidance. They realize children are either raised or not. This is why parents must focus on raising themselves so their children have no other outcome but to be properly prepared.

Parents must grow if children are to grow and learn to keep growing. Far too many parents operate under the illusion they can raise children without continuously maturing themselves into the healthier people they are intended to keep becoming. Parenting without personal growth will result in developmental delays in the growth of children. The only possible saving grace are others whom children come in contact with but parents who rely on chance instruction for their children obviously have not learned to feed themselves and are therefore reliant upon others to teach them as their primary method of knowing anything. In broader terms, the biggest hindrance to raising children is parental immaturity in areas they have yet to consider essential to the success of their children.

Who Cares About This Kind Of Stuff?

Children want to learn who they are and what they are capable of. Learning is their default mode. They want to learn about their relationship with the natural world and with all existence. I suspect this is where self-esteem suffers the most malnutrition. When children do not learn unifying concepts of themselves, unnecessary difficulties ensue as they try to find balancing points within themselves, relationships with others and with the rest of the natural world. Thus we have identity crisis, bullying, disinterest, learning difficulty, children straddling societal cracks that emanate from home, some falling through and a long list of problems that clog the passageway to love & happiness. Family planning can save the children. It can preserve their original state of promise or restore balancing harmony so children may flourish during their turn in this world.

Commitment To Children

What children need is simple - parents who are the best people they can be. This is why those who are not the birth parents are able to raise children. This is also why children who are absent one or more birth parents must be reassured from this perspective so they do not lose awareness of their ability to develop into their fullness.

When parents put love into an action plan, dynamic children are the result because the family plan is dynamic because it is principled upon independent and joint learning of self. Self-study means more than just studying on your own. It also means studying self. This is sometimes collaboratively, and frequently with the natural world but never alone because spirit is always present. In this manner, self-esteem becomes one of the few measurements that validly assesses the quality of life.

The Necessity of Male & Female Forces

Family planning goes beyond feeding, housing, clothing and schooling. Those things only address a small portion of the physical and mental aspects. This alone has no chance of supporting the level of self-esteem individuals need in order to have the best opportunities. Self-esteem requires nutrition for the entire self. This includes both feminine and masculine guiding energy for all children and adults. The importance of these counterbalancing complementary forces must not be overlooked. These different influences are as essential as the two types of DNA we all have. DNA comes as two halves to a whole set of instructions. Neither can function on behalf of the cell independently of the other. This brings us to the fundamental form of abuse & neglect. Separating children from access to these nutritional energies on purpose is abuse and not ensuring children get this energy, regardless of why it's not there, is neglect.

So-called single parents get no merit badges if they are not doing what is critically necessary for children by bringing all resources to bear on their behalf. Parents operating under the living martyrdom syndrome that they are going it alone are going about it all wrong. There is a universe of possibilities. This is why the Supreme Being put the same nutrient in several places – to give us more than one option to get what is necessary. When we combine this benevolence with our intelligence of body, mind, emotion and spirit, we remove debilitating hunger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually from ourselves and our children.

Growing Home

Children will get bigger and older with very little effort. If parents want to take pride in providing a good home for their children, they need to plan a place that accommodates lots of fertile growing space indoors and out in the world. A place that allows children to learn the strength of their spiritual will and determination. Critical to self-improvement is allowing and encouraging children to work through adversity so they will never quit or retreat and sacrifice the abundance on the other side of overcoming for a comfortable hideaway. Each time anyone faces adversity and overcomes they have gained the benefit of another reference point to recall and use when faced with tough times again.

A good home is a place where individuals are seeking their fullest selves and supporting each other in those pursuits. It is a foundational place based on knowledge of self which helps clarify self-worth and all else worth having.
Share with children the self you are growing to know and when they are young, they will continue your story by developing their own.

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