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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why Would You Forget The Past? | Poem
Unity Consciousness #145


Why Would You Forget The Past?

by Ancestors through Usiku

Go ahead! Forget the past!
Limit what is there to guide
Forget the past lives outside
Forget the past lives inside
Follow the blind blindly
Fall, then crawl behind kindly
For forgetting what manners to mind
The past you don't want to know
Matters fuh sho'
To the status quo

Why would you forget the past?
You have nothing to gain
In the past is fortune and fame
Forgettest thou from whence thou came?
Even though the past contains
Experiences you can blame
The solution is to work through pain
Redirect this energy
Into self-esteem of self-study
These better understandings
Create new beginnings
Each bit helps explain
Events that before came
Which heals and reconnects you
To the past's longer stronger living chain

Why would you fruit by any name
Try to forget consciousness of unity?
Forget the earth when as a seed
You struggled through into birth
Though it appears you came from tree
Without the past you would not be
No existence without interrelated activity
No growth and no maturity
Forget the winds who pushed to train
And the testing refreshing lightnings and rains
Forget the past and your particular process
Ignore moon and sun and metamorphosis
And you hinder abundance and harvest
Go ahead! Forget the way things manifest
As long as this memory problem lasts
Brain computer can't complete required tasks
And will eventually crash
End up in the obsolete trash
Forget the past and go through it again
In another version, in the same dimension
This is certain the past explains
No one forgets the past who ever overcame
The past is the present path to perfection
The past is the future path to reunion

Friday, March 27, 2015

FDA Definitions Define What FDA Stands For
Unity Consciousness #144


Definition of Food

“'Food' is defined by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Section 201(f), which defines “food” as (1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals, (2) chewing gum, and (3) articles used for components of any such article.”

Examples of “food” include:
• Dietary supplements and dietary ingredients
• Infant formula
• Beverages (including alcoholic beverages and bottled water)
• Fruits and vegetables
• Fish and seafood
• Dairy products and shell eggs
• Raw agricultural commodities for use as food or components of food
• Canned and frozen foods
• Bakery goods, snack food, and candy (including chewing gum)
• Live food animals
• Animal feeds and pet food

This list alone defines the craziness of these people. It is from, The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (PDF Download)

See also, Food Definition: FDA, Nutrition, Alcohol, Wrigley's Chewing Gum. Food Fight #37

Definition of Animal Feed

“Food for animals other than man and which is intended for use as a substantial source of nutrients in the diet of the animal."

See second link above for comparative discussion which shows that “nutrition” is not mentioned in the definition of food for humans but is for other animals. Nutrition is briefly mentioned in terms of infant formula but not for other types of baby food.”

Definition of Natural

Read it for yourself. This explains why salt, sugar and other items can be added and still be labelled “natural.”

See the related articles at (1) Nutrient Content: Organic versus Unconventional. Food Fight #47, (2) Organic vs. Natural and (3) Plants: Application & Effects of Fertilizers, Soil Amendments & Natural Sense.

Definition of Non-Dairy

Per, non-dairy doesn't mean it does not contain any milk ingredients.

The FDA allows milk ingredients in non-dairy products. You have to look at the ingredient list per the FDA which states:
”(d) When foods characterized on the label as "nondairy" contain a caseinate ingredient [milk protein], the caseinate ingredient shall be followed by a parenthetical statement identifying its source. For example, if the manufacturer uses the term "nondairy" on a creamer that contains sodium caseinate, it shall include a parenthetical term such as "a milk derivative" after the listing of sodium caseinate in the ingredient list.”
The FDA goes on further to say, “most people know pesticides protect growing crops from insect consumption, but did you realize pesticides are used on many other types of food, including dairy and shellfish?” See, FDA's Pesticide Program.

What Is Allowed In Chewing Gum – Almost Everything

See, Chewing Gum Base

FCS Polymer In Chewing Gum - Toxic?

FCS has been evaluated for its toxic effect on the environment, yet it has been approved for use in food.

“As for food ingredient uses of refined wax that may contain the FCS, the most significant of these is chewing gum. The wax typically constitutes about 15% of the gum by weight. Assuming that the FCS is present in the refined wax at about 200 ppm, FCS polymer residues would be present in the chewing gum at a concentration of about 30 ppm. The polymer will either be extracted from the gum during chewing by the consumer or will remain present in the gum when it is disposed of after chewing. If the polymer is extracted during chewing, it will be ingested; in this case, it is expected to be excreted unchanged, as is typical of high-molecular weight, inert polymers.” See, Environmental Assessment of FCS Polymer (PDF Download). Also, Do You Know What Is In Your Chewing Gum?.

Agency of Confusion

The FDA allows for a lot of confusion just to determine “their” definition of what”food” means. Their laws are heavily influenced by “commenters” (the food industry).
”The agency has determined that, in enacting section 415, Congress did not speak directly and precisely to the meaning of ``food.'' As noted, the FD&C Act has a definition of ``food'' at section 201(f). It may be a reasonable assumption that, when the term ``food'' is used in the FD&C Act, section 201(f) applies. However, although there may be ``a natural presumption that identical words used in different parts of the same act are intended to have the same meaning, the presumption is not rigid... Thus, the same word may be given different meanings, even in the same statute.”
There are court rulings to support this confusion and therefore the FDA creates surface laws that are worse than having no law at all because it deceives the public into a trust of safety that does not exist.

See, Federal Register. Click anywhere in this document and hit CTRL+F to search. Type in food' in this Federal Register document for more about the food confusion. Be sure to include one single quote after the word food because the word food by itself appears too often.

Based on the above definitions, we now know what the FDA stands for (what they believe in) and what the letters “FDA” stands for. The “D” can stand for many things such as dumb, deceptive, destructive, etc. You fill in the other two letters.

Thought Pa(thetic)Trolls
Unity Consciousness #143


Thought Pa(thetic)Trolls

by Ancestors through Usiku

Looking for clues where there are none
Not looking where there are some
Printing, cutting and pasting
For various nefarious reasons
Trying to disguise their location
Thinking actions are beyond tracing
Ways of knowing providing confirmation
Committing knowledge treason
More of the same routine seizing
Following to swallow not thought out pills
Pathetic trolls still

National Security Secures Insecurity
Unity Consciousness #142


What Is “National Security?”

Based on past and present behavior, in the European Utamawazo sense of the phrase, national security must mean:
Protecting the country from those who wish to harm it both externally and internally despite innocence of the country.

What It Really Means

1. Genetic preservation through world domination.
2. The justification to kill in every way without ceasing and with increasing.
3. Protecting stolen natural resources and justification to steal more.
4. Protecting country first and citizens second (a minority of the European population).
5. Creating the conditions and programming for plausible deniability* and plausible knowability* to support psycho-sociopath logic, I. e., super (ior) sickness, a form of mental illness.
6. Attempting to reactively defend against karma by proactively creating more negative karma.

By necessity, this national thought process involves national disregard globally for the Rights of Creation.
By extension, national security in the European Utamawazo sense entails self-destruction. This self-destruction is not just at the end of the end game, this self-destruction is also at the beginning of the process.
A country must self-destruct first in order to create a system based on self-destruction.
By logical process, we also know, if self-destruction exists at the beginning and the end, it must also exist as an ongoing condition in the preferential majority.
”National security” is indeed something to be concerned about.

*Believe me I don't know and believe me I know.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

God Hapi & The Age Of Aquaria/Aquarius
Unity Consciousness #141


Hapi, The Neter, The God

Hapi is the God of the Nile River in Africa.

The Papyrus of Hunifer states, "We came from the beginning of the Nile where God Hapi dwells, at the foothills of The Mountains of the Moon." "We," meaning the Egyptians. The farthest point of the beginning of the Nile is in Uganda; this is the White Nile. Hapi is shown as a hermaphrodite having the breasts of a woman and the penis of a man. God Hapi is always shown tying two symbols of the "Two Lands," Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt,

God Hapi Is Derived From Goddess Aquaria & God Aquarius

Goddess Aquaria (Sirene Oshun)
God Hapi was patterned mostly after Aquarius. Aquarius is the masculine form of the original deity, Goddess Aquaria.

Aquaria is The Great Mother of The Waters Het-Heru-Nut who is also known as Sirene Oshun, Mami Wata and Yemanja-Oshun.

The Age of Aquaria/Aquarius will begin in earnest approximately 2039. The Aquarian Age is already influencing this Piscean Age we are in due to the nature of transitions that dictates the incoming and the outgoing exist simultaneously for a brief period.

Goddess Aquaria
(Mami Wata Sirene Oshun)
Image from

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ancestors Are Calling Through Genealogy Lineage
Ways Of Knowing
Unity Consciousness #140


Being an “old soul" or being "wise beyond our years," is evidence of Ancestors descending and ascending through us. We are all old souls. We are supposed to be wise beyond our years. This is the basis of evolution, i.e., ascension through the chakras.

DNA contains the thoughts of our ancestors. DNA contains our thoughts. We are already together with our Ancestors. We are just not acknowledging them.

Of course our Ancestors are a way of knowing. Learning from Ancestors is the very basis of wisdom and intuition. Wisdom and intuition are not acquired in one lifetime. Wisdom is the awareness and application of what has already been learned in previous lifetimes. Intuition is instantaneous wisdom.

Ancestors are calling. Ancestors are our genes. The lineage of our Ancestors is our gene analogy, thus genealogy. Genes, DNA and genetics are metaphors for Ancestors. Each time these words are used, we are talking about the Ancestors.

Genetics Guide Us Among Ways Of Going

Ancestors are calling us to trace our genetics. We must trace the branch lines to the trunk then to the roots.


Genetics are the operating instructions inside cells, inside us. If we really want to know what to do and who to listen to, we must reconnect and strengthen our relationship with our Ancestors.

We must learn as much as possible about our Ancestors and the history of the times when they were physically here. As we learn and accept them for who they were - good, bad or otherwise - we unlock and unleash this powerful way of knowing. We must stop listening to those whose ability to access this power is limited.

There are tons of genealogy articles and places to find our Ancestors for free. The rest can be obtained through local, county and state libraries. Courthouses do not need to be the first places to go.

Take The Next Logical Step

Begin to compile any and all information on Ancestors. This includes things such as full names, shortened names used, nicknames, dates, places (city, county, state, country), stories, bits and pieces, births, marriages, deaths, cemeteries, occupations, likes, dislikes, remembrances, pictures, maps, wills, deeds, newspaper articles, etc.

Copy, print and record the source of all information. Start with yourself, your parents, your brothers and sisters, do the same for each parent and each grand parent and so on. Although parents and grandparents are main links, all information and people connected to them or have knowledge of them are important. Do the best you can and listen to the Ancestors calling within to tell you how to also find them without. Also follow paths of interest. This interest is likely Ancestor guidance. You will find information in bits and pieces and bunches. When one trail seems cold, follow another. Your research of reconnection and recollection is going to connect with others who are doing the same thing. It never has and never will be all up to one or a few.

A Marriage License Does Not Legitimize A Relationship
Unity Consciousness #139


The purpose of marriage is not to make two people happy.

The purpose of marriage is not so two people can live happily ever after together in love romantically.

Neither of these are a primary purpose or a secondary purpose of marriage.

Marriage For Real

Marriage is preordained by the Creator, not by a minister, justice of the peace or a government record keeper.

Marriage's primary purpose is the bringing forth of healthy offspring to support the healthy continuation of the species. Therefore, even if two people are not ceremonially married according to societal practices, if a child is involved, they are still married in purpose. This means the primary responsibility of the two people has not changed and remains the bringing forth of a healthy child to support the health and healing of the species.

The Other Stuff

Marriage licenses, ceremonies and the two people do not make each other whole. Marriage is intended to be between two whole people, especially since it takes more than two to make a marriage thing go right. Loneliness, as in “I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone,” is not a good reason to enter into a marriage relationship. The notion of “love” is best left out of the equation. Love is poorly understood. We have the social carnage to prove it. Wholeness is what we should be looking for within ourselves and in the other person. Wholeness is defined and demonstrated by knowledge of self which brings forth the proper understanding necessary to enter into a marriage decision.

Sex is an act of marriage. This is true with or without a license and with or without conception. This must be so because the primary purpose of sex is not for pleasure but for procreation.

Food tastes good and is hungered for in order to make you want to eat. Sex feels good and is desired in order to make you want to procreate. Call it making love if you want, but that is simply the romanticizing of a ritual, which sex is, to replenish the species. Let me be clear. Every time a man and a woman has sex, they are getting married or reconfirming vows of marriage. This is true whether we know it or not.

More About Marriage Ceremonies

A marriage ceremony has multiple purposes.
1. It publicly confirms rights and responsibilities two individuals have to each other, their families and the village. This also publicly confirms rights and responsibilities of the families and of the village to the two individuals and their offspring.
2. It is the physical ritualizing of village acknowledgement and preapproval. Marriage is done before the wedding day comes. Objections are heard long before a ceremony to avoid current day foolishness of “ if any person has reason why these two should not get married, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”
Objections and cold feet are worked out beforehand especially since the maturity level and appropriateness of the two people has been assessed by the families and elders of the village.
3. It allows the village, which includes the ancestors, to participate in an act that is critical to the strengthening of the village.
4. It is the physical ritualizing and spiritual consummation of all stakeholders before physical consummation. All stakeholders must be dedicated and married to Maat before doing so with each other.

Know this people. There are marriages of all types on all levels constantly taking place. In regards to these marriages, we are a part of multiple marriages that exist in many ways on many levels. We are married. Marriage is never a two individuals thing. It is always a family, village and universal thing. A marriage is legit if the community benefits. In other words, the marriage is legit if the higher self benefits.

In keeping with “Conception, Birth & Upbringing,” marriage, although it is the preferred situation in many cases, is not always supposed to happen. This is because greater workings are taking place. Due to the effects our free will is having on the universe, the Creator is making adaptations to creation in order to still fulfill the Master Plan. We must extend our recognition and considerations beyond self, two people, family and village.

It is time to retie the knot of marriage to its original purposes and restore marriage to its proper place in the community. In doing so, pretty much all else will be restored.

At least one of the ”21 Behaviors To Counteract The System Of Human Racism White Supremacy,”directly applies to marriage relationships.

African Spring & Selma, Alabama
Unity Consciousness #138


Someone shared their overall perspective on the 50th Anniversary of the crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. They said 80,000 people moved together peacefully. There was no need for external “crowd control.” Our people were focused on a common purpose of honoring our ancestors and they did so.

Alabama is Africa

As we are rightly reminded by our ancestors, Africa is wherever Africans are.

Alabama, especially Dallas & Jefferson Counties, is aligned with the celestial plane of higher power. Alabama is a multifaceted bridge that connects all Africans. This place, this bridge also connects to other bridges that exist near and far.

Africans Possess Nuclear Power

Alabama, Africa is also a nuclear power plant of the genetic DNA type. Alabama has generated the merging and melding and endurance of our genetics. It has been able to do so though we have not physically been there in some years. We still carry the power they used. Understanding will build bridges that will allow us to cross into anywhere we choose to go.

Rejoining What Has Been Put Asunder

Alabama was and is a confederate stronghold just as are the majority of places within empires that are vampires. You shall know the nature of their intent by what their institutions represent. Though the aim is the same, the tactics have changed. Therefore, we must change once and for all by redirecting the energy of the ongoing struggle towards foundations – not at the flames but at the fuel. This one approach will serve the ones we choose to put out and the ones we choose to light. Therein lies victory.

We must direct our resources within to strengthen all aspects of self. This will shift the stance from one of protesting and asking for stuff to one of advancing and them asking us, like before.

The Maafa severed the bond of the DNA that binds. Many migrations have mixed, mingled, rekindled, realigned and re-entwined African bloodlines. The rope has been traditionally re-braided in Alabama.

The African Spring comes in preparation for the Worldwide Queen. It is unlikely she will take center stage of a house in disarray.

A Brief History of Selma, Alabama's significance. (video)

Civil Rights Chronology Begins & Ends American History

Monday, March 16, 2015

Canned Food | Home versus Commercially-Prepared
Unity Consciousness #137


Lie-nopoly, though still in full swing, its influence is vanishing.

“Oh the lies, the lies...” - “Astro”

More than 24 hours ago, I consumed a can of food dated 2006. Since then, I have consumed two others past their so-called expiration.

I have tossed many cans of food past the stated expiration. Not anymore.

I've now come to this realization: Unless the canned food looks or smells suspicious, I will not be concerned. Some will say you can't always see or smell spoiled food. I maintain my position for the following additional reasons.

On the one hand, we are told (scared to death), that with home canning, you must be extremely careful because it's just not as safe as commercial canning. Commercial canning has the process “down to a science” and can be trusted we are sold. The commercial process reaches temperatures sufficient to kill all microorganisms the story goes on to say.

On the other hand, we know home canned food can last for decades. Even so, we still allow ourselves to be deceived, that a commercial process, that is supposed to be ten times safer than home canning, has an expiration, much shorter than home canning. It is good that we have grief if we keep holding on to such beliefs. Do what you think is best.

Another thing we will be told is that it's the deterioration of the inside of the can, that is dangerous. Again, if a container is dangerous in the long run, it is also dangerous in the short run. For my purposes, as long as commercially-canned food is kept out of sunlight and in cool places, like kitchen cabinets or pantries, the same places I keep home canned foods, I will not be concerned after opening and inspecting.

If there is any bacteria in a can of food 9 years past expiration, its presence would be noticeable. Shouldn't it? Answer based on natural sense not on what you've been told. If an organism is alive, it must have life processes and byproducts and these things should show themselves somehow to our sensing abilities.

I will continue to eat canned food (in jars or cans) from the back of the cabinet by inspecting and using immediately, within a few minutes after opening. This does not apply to stuff in the refrigerator. Analyze each situation yourself.

Can't Bring Me Down by The Astronomical Kid, “Astro”, Brian Bradley

Metaphorical Critical Thinking For A Healthy, Fruitful Reality
Unity Consciousness #136


Healthy thinking is critical thinking.

Critical thinking is crucial to realizing the higher spiritual.

Thinking critical is crucial to emanating higher vibrations spherical.

All thinking is always critical and curves consciousness towards the lineal or spherical.

When our brains do not give us a “does not compute error message,” and we proceed to operate with conflicting ideas, we remain frozen in motion. We move in a dimension we are unable to transcend. The result is repetition of the same thing in many forms. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing because repetition of the same thing in many forms is the universal story and logical process. It is expressed through what we call, metaphor, analogy, allegory, etc.

When the metamorphosis of the metaphor moves us towards the lower - mutation and stagnation occurs. This is the downgrading “No se, No se” way towards everlasting death.

When the metamorphosis of the metaphor moves us towards the higher - adaptive reprogramming of root systems occurs. This is the upgrading evolutionary way towards everlasting life. It requires deep thought so energy reserves may be brought forth from just on the other side of now.

Metaphor is built-in critical analysis pre-programmed into every aspect of the Universe. Metaphor makes understanding of the complex and intricate - obtainable and accessible to everyone. No matter the level of understanding, there is a metaphor to assist in critically thinking it through. Each process produces healthier and healthier fruit.

What is the metaphor of the question that will reveal the answer I'm looking for?

Motion Sickness Is Notion Sickness
Unity Consciousness #135


Motion Sickness Is Notion Sickness

by Ancestors through Usiku

Many people went everywhere
In the same spot
From here to there
The way they processed thought

Guided by what lower spirit taught
Nothing else they could think of
Was the something else they forgot

They ignored the higher calling
Busy moving doing a lot
Humanly rising, divinely falling
Notion sickness was all they got

Indigenous Spring | Metamorphosis of The Metaphor
Unity Consciousness #134


Spring itself has determined its time.

Despite heavy last ditch doses of February frozenness, plants, Earth's earlier inhabitants, were engaging in snow removal.

Birds not hesitating are congregating. Creasy greens are pushing into fuller swings. Lovers are now salivating. Buttercups are glistening. Groundhog pups are whistling. Understanding is recalibrating. I am rushing to catch up.

Once the time for a thing has come, no man-made devisings can stop it. No not even frozen land escapes the powers that be inherent in Universe, Earth and those who were here first.

Spring is an indigenous, eternal thing.

The processes through which comes Spring, must, by necessity of logic in the mothership's inboard cellular computer, lead to the melting away of even the lowest entrenched spirit.

Think But Not Too Much | No se, No se
Higher Self Analysis
Unity Consciousness #133


At some point, all us have been told to “think” or “think about it.” This instruction has come from parents, family, friends or teachers. All of us have told our children, someone else or ourselves the same thing. Yet, when it comes to the most important, fundamental, foundational, key things in life, we are told there is such a thing as thinking too much - “you think too much!”

What the hell? A statement like that is profanity of lower self sanity.

Just as we reach the age of adulthood and begin making many more decisions for ourselves and just as we are beginning to get groovy with it, we are reprogrammed to think against thinking.

What the - “who knows what” - is going on in a mind that safely harbors and projects these contradictory instructions. Confusion, that's what. That which conflicts and is contrary to fusion, i.e., unity consciousness, i.e., finding the way home, i.e, the high road that leads to the high life of the next life.

Foolish notions such as “think, but don't think too much” should give our brain-spirit-computers a “does not compute” error message.

I Decide What I Realize

by Ancestors through Usiku

No, I don't want to analyze
I prefer to be a model for play and lies
Give weaknesses places to hide
Skip the genetic effort to synthesize
The lower self into the higher highs
Leave nutrition to buyproducts viruses provide
Quickly push my own thinking aside
Swallow along with stupendous pride
Rather than follow home
Thought process to the spiritual side
No, let someone else figure out
Understanding what something is about
Just tell me how relationships coincide
Analyze all sides you who are more qualified
Then summarize so I don't have to verify
Just decide
Feel good about thinking I have not tried
Live pacified
Based on what someone else analyzed
Tell me what promotes health
How to esteem self and redeem self
I now decide to take the step
Put key to lock where missed stories are kept
Conform with the universal questioning norm
I now decide to analyze for myself and for my self

No self-analyzation, No self-determination.
No se, No se

Things That Compliment & Complement Confusion. Thank goodness the entirety of life and existence is not of our own choosing.