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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Consciousness, Conscience, Ego, Morality, Immorality Definitions
Unity Consciousness #282



Consciousness starts with awareness. Awareness is the first stage of consciousness.
Consciousness is awareness in action.
Consciousness is full awareness in full action.
“Consciousness is being aware of your reality at the very instance of it happening and then being a full participant in that reality.” *
Consciousness is full awareness, action and participation in creating reality.**

Maturing through these levels of consciousness are co-evolutionary with maturing from Giri So to So Dayi.

(See, “Definition | Consciousness & Communal Family Values And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8i)” and “African Consciousness Called Me A Stupid Nigga And Thankfully So”)

Conscience is a genetic-mental-emotional-spiritual manifestation of the Higher Self. Conscience is the essence of moral thought which drives moral behavior which shapes character. Conscience is the result of understanding based on connection and unity. The Conscience is Nun.

Ego is a genetic-mental-emotional-spiritual manifestation of the Lower Self. Ego is the essence of immoral thought which drives immoral behavior which shapes character. Ego is the result of understanding based on disconnection and division. The Ego is Ogo.

The ego represents separation between self and others, thus the basis of the ego is Ego systems versus Ecosystems. Since ecosystem is harmony. The ego is against harmony. When you say yes to ego you also say no to harmony, peace, justice, health and life. What you give or don't give to others you must first give or not give to self. For this reason, the ego is a front for loneliness and stupidity, thus an affront to happiness and wisdom.

Morality is action and/or inaction based on deciding to align with harmony.
Immorality is action and/or inaction deciding to align against harmony.


Every person has one Spirit separated into the Higher Self and the Lower Self. These are what humans call the conscience and the ego. Thus, the basic nature of the universal spiritual war is Ego versus Conscience. This is also the nature of the internal struggle in every person.

For a person to be at war externally, in the attack mode position, the person's Lower Self ego must be in control internally. This means the person is suffering from a lot of self-inflicted hurt and pain related to lack of understanding about each of the four aspects of self.

Let your conscience be your guide and your conscience will lead you to what heals inside and outside.

*Professor James Smalls
** “Optimal Psychology teaches, as our African ancestors taught, that we create reality.”

Spirituality, Ancestry, History, Higher Purpose
Unity Consciousness #281



”In history is who you are going to be. The future is something you aspire for, there is hope but there is nothing there.The present is coming into being so nothing is finished or completed for you to model after. Only in the past, in history, are you able to get what you need to recreate yourself into what you need to be.”

(From Prof James Smalls The Rebuilding Of African Spirituality)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

World Religions Came Out of African Spirituality
Unity Consciousness #280


Spirituality & Religion

Out of African spirituality came the world's religions. The God concept of Judaism, Christianity and Islam came out of pre-God religions. There was a time when man thought of a force in the universe presiding over the universe. Though he meant God, he did not use the word, God. Man had more spirituality before he consistently used the word, God. He used the God force and the God concept without using the word. He meant the same thing and ultimately Western man interpreted it as meaning the same thing.

Spirituality is a way of accepting the fact that there is a spiritual force in the universe larger than all of mankind. In ancient times there was no religion, but there was a spiritual way of life. They honored their Ancestors and nature. They knew the cosmic laws of the universe and these were the laws by which they lived their lives.

Man must be in harmony with nature. Man must not be in a violent struggle against the elements. All life is linked together in cause and effect. Life is a harmonious chain, a continuation of life. There is no death. The European concept of life is a violation of harmony. If we are to create a new decency for all people, we must bring things in harmony with nature.

Messing Up Spirituality

Despite the pure form of spirituality that existed, someone had to come along and invent a word called God. Then someone had to have another God and say mine is better than yours. Someone had to create faith and say I have the true faith.

Religion is the organization of spirituality into something that became the handmaiden of conquerors. Nearly all religions were brought to people and imposed on people by conquerors and used as the framework to control their minds.

Spiritual Imprisonment

If you are the child of God and God is a part of you, in your imagination, God should look like you. When you accept a picture of a deity assigned to you by another people, you become the spiritual prisoner of that other people.

The psychological jail of depending on someone else for religion, culture and image is a more binding jail than any steel can erect for you.

Unless noted, this message quoted and paraphrased from, African Spirituality (The Laws of Nature and Universe) featuring Ancestor John Henrik Clarke & Others.

How Contradictions Drove Me Crazy
Unity Consciousness #279


One day I woke up and realized I was a different gender than some humans. I then gathered and compiled a packet of thinking about my gender. I read and reread everything until memorized. I internalized this thinking until I automatically knew what to think and do in terms of gender.

I continued to realize things about myself. As I did, each time I gathered and compiled a packet of thinking to explain things to me. I had a packet on skin color, country of birth, national origin, religion, ethnicity, culture, the part of the country I was in, the type of work I did, and on and on and on.

I realized there was enough information to create a packet of thinking for everything about people. This was also possible for everything people did. Each packet contained information on what made that category different from others, but never did any packet explain the ways in which each category was the same. There were many variations of packets about the same category.

Due to the process of logic, before I even finished reading the second packet of thinking, I realized, in many ways, the thinking in the second packet didn't match or complement the thinking in the first packet. The same thing was true for all other packets.

In order to continue thinking in all sorts of contradictory ways, when faced with contradictions, I decided each time which side of the contradiction I would follow. Though this was acceptable to me, it was not sensible to me. Even so, I kept on living this way, allowing contradictory thinking to drive my behavior.

Sunning & Sun Tanning: Rituals Of Sekhmet-Ra's Power & Glory
Unity Consciousness #278


There are multiple reasons, consciously or not, why you are “into” sunning and sun tanning.

1. The desire is strong. There is a subconscious need to receive sunlight on the skin. This need is a basic need. Sunlight on the skin is necessary for healthy human development mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You need sunlight internally. For the same reasons, you also have a strong desire and need for water, air and earth inside you.

2. You also want to feel the power and glory of Sekhmet-Ra penetrating your skin and awakening your melanin. This is a powerful, natural desire that needs to be fulfilled. It is just like hunger. You crave sunlight because you need the sun's nutrition. This nutrition comes in the form of sunlight and is transformed by melanin back into the pure energy at the core of the sun. It is satisfying to be fed and nurtured by the sun. It is comforting and relaxing. When you are getting sunlight on your skin, all levels of your being are being sun-fed directly by the sun deity. You are a child of the sun and descendent of the sun. You need the sun to feed you and repair you. Though you might not understand this, this is why you want to get out and get some sun in the same way you want to get some food, some fresh air and some water.

3. You are a creature of genetic habit. Many living organisms and beings contain melanin in one form or another and by one name or another. For this reason plants, animals and other creatures sun themselves on a regular basis. Plants, of course, grow in the direction of the sun in order to sun their leaves so the plant can absorb sunlight through its skin and then use chlorophyll melanin to create nutrition for itself and others.

4. You want to recapture shades of your former ancient self. Consciously or not, you are trying to recapture your original skin color. The memory of this is not totally gone within. The African Ancestors inside you in your genetics are urging you instinctively to seek the sun.
If skin is able to darken temporarily in hours or days due to strong sun exposure, skin is also able to lighten permanently due to lack of strong sun exposure for thousands of years. This is what happened during the last Ice Age when a group of Africans migrated into Europe with black skin and became physically and genetically isolated for a mighty long time and when they came out of Europe, they had pale skin. You have witnessed the fact that melanated skin lightens every winter.

5. You want to look and feel healthy. You want the look, feel and appeal of darker skin. You want the look, feel and appeal of bearing the sun-kissed birthmark of your parents, Sekhmet-Ra and the blackness at the core of their being. According to your own words, without the skin-darkening effects of the sun, you look pale, sick, unhealthy, washed out, dead and like a ghost.
For health reasons, you also have the need to have the touch and feel of water, air and earth and feel their effects upon you and in you. You feel good, look better and are healthier when bathed in the primordials.

Everybody Must Get Sunlight

All people have melanin in their skin. Some have more and some have less.

Melanin is not just a pigment for skin color. Melanin is not a matter of personal or political preference. Melanin has multiple purposes for the health of humans. As said earlier, melanin transforms sunlight into nutrient medicine. Melanin protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Slowly re-tune your skin to the sun and get rid of sunscreen. It is never meant for those who clearly have melanin in their skin. Understand that melanin and chlorophyll are the same things. Chlorophyll protects plants that are out in the sun all day every day. Melanin protects you in the same way. Plants do not get sunburn due to ultraviolet radiation. What you see happening to plants that suffer in the sun happens for different reasons. What do you think people did before sunscreen? Get back to the natural way and throw the sunscreen away. You are screening out the power and glory of Sekhmet-Ra.

The sun sends energy to Earth in waves of light. This energy comes from the core of the sun which is a black carbonated, melanated core. Sunlight and melanin are made of the same things. When sunlight reacts with melanin, this sun energy is transformed back into the substance of the core of the sun – the womb from which it came. Sunlight is stem cell energy. This pure substance has healing power and sustaining power. It also enhances creativity and other abilities. The vibrations of the waves of sunlight resonate deep within cells to tune you into the rhythms of the Universe. It enlightens (teaches) you to understand the reasons why you do the sunning and sun-tanning rituals you do.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Virus Affects, Effects & Solutions
Unity Consciousness #277


Areas Affected By Viruses

Viruses are not just physical things that affect the physical. Physical viruses also affect you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The four aspects of self are inseparable, interrelated, interconnected and integrated with each other. It is unavoidable that whatever affects one aspect, affects the other three.

You already know there are physical viruses that attack certain parts of the body. In addition to physical viruses, there are also emotional, spiritual and mental viruses. These viruses specialize in attacking the corresponding aspect of self.

In summary, viruses get inside through body, mind, spirit or emotion. They then affect the other three areas.

Effects Of Viruses

When viruses are present, there is memory loss because that's where memory is stored – in DNA. Cells “forget” how to do something because that memory is now being used by viruses to do something else. This results in improper cell functioning and improper behaviors. Of course,viruses are running the show. When healthy information comes into the mind, viruses urge us to kick the information out. Viruses cannot withstand scrutiny, analysis, critical thinking or open-mindedness. You can still choose differently than the way of viruses because viruses are not in complete control of a cell and are not in control of every cell.


1. You know better. Do it.

2. Know yourself. As you increase in this knowledge you will remember viruses, like all things, are spiritual manifestations and spiritual forces. Healing from viruses is supposed to include spiritual consciousness. In addition to physical nutrition as continuous medicine and energy, acknowledgment of the spiritual nature of viruses is supposed to be in the forefront of consciousness.
Each aspect of self requires specific nutrition to heal out viruses and keep them from gaining a foothold. As the body, mind, emotions and spirit process nutrition, it is the same as running anti-virus software. This software must run all the time; therefore, nutrition for each aspect of self must always be ingested.

3. Since viruses avoid analysis of self, viruses cannot self-correct. Thinking and hoping harmful viruses will change their ways is something not to expect. Any promises or slight indications to betterment's effect, don't accept. It is another trick. It is true as Ancestor Fredrick Douglass said: Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will. If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

4. Follow the natural way.

5. Do what you've been told to do to heal yourself and reawaken greatness.

6. Start reducing the amount of energy and other resources you give to viruses. Without someone else creating energy for them, viruses will die.

7. Remember, harmful viruses are weaker beings than healthy cells. Their only advantage is their deceit. As you learn more about viruses and about self, this advantage disappears.

8. Harmful viruses are mutations. This means they are out of sync with the natural eternal. They do not have longevity. Anything out of sync with the natural is always extremely vulnerable in uncountable ways. Viruses know this. This is why viruses are fearful creatures.

9. Extend the metaphor. Since viruses are like vampires, they can simply be killed like vampires. Vampires are killed with simple natural things, sunlight or a wooden stake to the heart. There are also simple natural things to kill viruses. You must do your part by getting simple nutrition. The Creator has also prepared specialized medicine to assist and it is on its way. You do not want that medicine to find you lacking simple nutrition.

10. The climate changes of the natural world are already preparing to take care of viruses. Viruses cannot endure nutrition and rising temperatures. Sekhmet-Ra's enhancing is rising to purify the heavily infected gene pool. By necessity of the strong faith of the Mother Of All Creation, more than the weather is changing.
Asante Sana Nun/Ptah/Atum, Sš3t, Tšw8t, Khepera, Sehkmet-Ra, Mami Wata Sirene Oshun, Obatala, Nehanda, Nsamanfo, Heka, Hiao, Ashe

What Is A Virus? Definition By Metaphors
Unity Consciousness #276


Vampire Metaphor Definition

A harmful virus is a vampire. It must live off the energies of others. A virus needs willing worker slaves and/or the unwilling enslaved to convert natural resources into forms of energy the virus can use to live on and duplicate itself.

One of the ways the virus duplicates itself is by turning slaves and the enslaved into viruses. The virus also creates new viruses which are simply different versions of itself.

Wherever a harmful virus persists, some form of slavery exists.

Like a vampire, a harmful virus hypnotizes, ”smooth talks” and entices a person with their own desires. Then the vampire virus sucks the life out, while the person numbly endures the narcotic of the hypnotic.

Like a vampire, a harmful virus is a parasite, invader, colonizer, pathogen spreader, pathological liar and psychopath.

A virus must live inside the living. A harmful virus loves to corrupt the pure energy of the young. It wastes no time going after them.

Respiration Metaphor Definition

A virus does not have the ability to convert nutrients into energy. A virus lacks the process of cellular respiration. Since a virus can't process nutrients, a harmful virus lacks respect for nutrients and destroys them. A harmful virus pollutes the cellular environment, the Earth environment, the social environment, etc.

The virus seems to understand, if it allows slaves/enslaved to have nutrients, they will get healthy. Health works against the virus. As a result, the virus does its best to give the slaves/enslaved the next worst thing - government-officialled, artificial nutrients, dead nutrients and a lot of toxins.

A harmful virus cannot produce what is healthy. It is not in the nature of the virus to be healthy. A harmful virus is a producer and/or carrier of viruses such as HIV, Ebola, West Nile, Measles, Mumps, Bubonic plague, capitalism, cancer, etc.

A harmful virus is a prolific breeder. It produces viruses that go by many names in society. These viruses are the sicknesses, ills, problems and philosophies of society that infect and detrimentally affect physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Harmony Metaphor Definition

A harmful virus does not function from a philosophy of balance, harmony and wholeness. The only wholeness this type of virus knows is “take the whole thing.” It has no concept of peace. It only knows how to play the word in order to play more tricks. The virus does this because the virus observes and studies the slaves/enslaved in order to do just enough and say just enough to keep cells/people doing what the virus needs them to do.

A harmful virus can't get along with others in synergy because its genetic disposition is to take energy. The virus does not return healthy energy to anyone or anything. The more something strengthens itself the virus' way, the more something weakens itself the natural way.

Origin Metaphor Definition

All things begin in Heaven before manifesting on Earth. A harmful virus on Earth in any form is a representation and metaphor of the lower incomplete spirit. Ogo and Yurugu are a few of the names assigned to this spirit by our Ancestors and other teachers.

A harmful virus is the weak force. It weakens and works against itself, thus it also works against the health and harmony of body, Earth and Universe.

Understand More Through The Computer Virus Metaphor
Unity Consciousness #275


The use of metaphor is a way of knowing. Metaphors exist not just as a matter of personal preference. A metaphor is not something that exists for the purpose of playing with language. A metaphor is much more than just a cute, figurative way to look at things.

It is not a mistake that a computer virus is a metaphor for what infects the brain/mind/spirit.

Just as there are many viruses that attack a computer and cause the computer to malfunction, there are also many viruses that attack the brain/mind/spirit. These viruses have many ways of entering and infecting the brain and causing it to malfunction. The virus uses the computer's resources to harm the computer. The virus gets the computer to run programs that serves the virus' purpose – survival through destruction. This is the same thing that happens in the cells of our body. The virus gets the mind to run programs using information based on the virus' way of living. In this way, viruses diminish understanding and health. Harmful viruses kill slowly and all at once. The way of the virus is “I'll let you live or survive if you do what I say.” The result is always a lose-lose outcome.

Know this and know what the world faces: No virus has every sickened and destroyed the body while simultaneously helping the body. No virus has ever turned around, changed its viral nature and brought the body back to health. This goes against all sensibilities. As long as a harmful virus is in the body, the virus will do the only thing its mutated genetics are programmed to do. Never forget, the virus' main method of operation is one of trickery.

The main virus trick is to make itself look helpful – like a nutrient and like the most powerful.

Also know this: No philosophy or value system, that is healthy, has to trick you into following it by changing or withholding information. It does not have to scare you. It does not prevent you from questioning it or create negatives for you when you do question it.

Tricked & Made Sick By Virus Colonization
Unity Consciousness #274


If Cells Can Be Tricked, Minds Can Also Be Tricked

A virus tricks the mind of the cell. First the virus tricks the cell membrane into letting it in, then it tricks the nucleus into letting it further in. How does the virus do this? The virus is skilled at trickery. It studies and learns signals the cell membrane and nucleus will accept for entry. The virus smiles, shakes hands, hugs, brings presents of food, drink and trinkets and pretends to be friendly by saying “I come in peace.” The virus pretends to be the same kind of being as others the nucleus has dealt with. Since the virus is either RNA or DNA, the virus has the outward appearance and structure of DNA and RNA naturally present in the nucleus. This is where the similarity ends.

A harmful virus never functions for the best interests of the cell and the body. The virus is out for its own interests – genetic reproduction and genetic survival. Once the virus gains access to the interior of the nucleus, it observes the workings of the nucleus until it finds a weakness. The virus then sneaks into the control center where the DNA instructions are stored. The virus continues to do whatever it takes to gain the trust of whatever stands between it and its goal. Once it has gained trust and enough information, the virus attacks. It then alters the instructions so the cell will work on behalf of keeping the virus alive and making virus babies. It accomplishes this part by killing some of the genes in the nucleus and replacing these genes with genes of the virus.

What you have just read is some of world history. A harmful virus is a metaphor for European colonization behavior across the world. They were trusted and allowed in everywhere and they were helped. They spread diseases. Then the Europeans attacked. This has a lot to do with why they are in the position they are in.

Your mind has been tricked and made sick. It is operating based on genetic instructions that have been altered to accept the viruses version of world history and the viruses version of how to live.

My Intelligence Is Too Intelligent To Be Tricked
Unity Consciousness #273


If any created being has intelligence then surely those beings in Heaven have the greatest intelligence.

Revelations 12:9 states:
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
From this verse, along with Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14, we come to a realization. Lucifer, an intelligent being, deceived himself because of his lack of understanding. He did not understand who he was because he thought he was greater than God. As a result, Lucifer did not understand how to properly use his capabilities (power). Lucifer then tricked other intelligent beings, angels, into following his thought processes. They agreed with him. These angelic intelligent beings followed Satan's ways. They shared in his temporary glory. They suffered his eternal fate.

So now, why do I, a human being, who exists in a dimension lower than that of divine intelligence, think my intelligence is too intelligent to be tricked by appearances, corrupted wisdom, economic power and military capability?

Revelations 12:9 tells me Satan (formerly named Lucifer) deceived the whole world. Am I not part of the whole world?

If Satan was able to deceive angels how much easier do I think it would be for Satan to deceive humans?

The destroyer tricks humans by using their own intelligence against them. This is exactly how the destroyer tricked himself and other angels. Long before I was born, Satan was already good at deception when he was in Heaven. Since then he has had much practice.

Is my intelligence too intelligent to ignore the strong possibility that Satan has gotten much better at finding ways to get humans to use pride, weakness and intelligence against themselves?

Trinity Is About A Cohesive Family
Unity Consciousness #272


Trinity is the Supreme Family. Trinity is the Divine Family. Trinity is the Family Of Divinity. Trinity is the Supreme Divine Family of Humanity.

In many religions, the essential missing ingredient is complete consciousness of the three components of the Trinity.

There is a male Father, a male Son and a Spirit. Even though this subversion of Trinity skips over the obvious – the female mother is missing – many people, upon coming across this logic, have a strong aversion to the thought of a female as part of the Uppermost Echelon of Creation. In closed minds there is no room for the female in the upper room.

We are made of living cells. Every cell is alive because of female and male components. Not only is the female in the nucleus instructions of the cell (which is the mind of the cell that tells cells how to behave), the female is also in the mitochondria of the cell which provide all the energy for the cell.

In order for the female to not be in the conscious minds of humans seeking to emulate the ways of the Divine, the foundation of health has to be significantly impaired. Minds have to be stuck in the mud of malicious manipulation. The result is miseducated minds clogged with contradictions.

Trinity represents cohesiveness of the Creator and cohesiveness of the Creator's Family - Creation. Remove the concept of the female from the Trinity and things don't make sense and things do fall apart. Remove the concept of the female from the Trinity and humans can't keep the family together or bring the human family back to being free again. The lack of consciousness of the female in Trinity results in imbalanced following of the instructions in our cells, thus imbalanced thinking, and thus, imbalanced behavior.

Healing of the human family cannot happen without reawakening consciousness to the inclusion of the female in Trinity. It is the Divine Mother who gave birth to Creation and it is the Divine Mother who contains the necessary spiritual energy and understanding to give rebirth to Creation.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Understanding Necessary To Be Free Again
Unity Consciousness #271


Not understanding something is the smallest part of the problem. The biggest part of the problem is getting thought processes back to normal default mode. Normal thought processes desire to know what it takes to have freedom – the type of freedom which includes abundance from the genius expression of genetic greatness.

In these times of awakening, there is no hiding behind “I didn't know” because you are being told through the internal eternal spiritual. Yes, you do know. There is no validity to “Nobody told me.” It's not that you understand everything but you understand enough to make significant changes towards freedom. You know enough to do better.

Lyrics: Free Again by Soul II Soul (Caron Wheeler and Jazzie B.)

Jazzie B.
Ah yeah, it's time to get our groove back
Back to life, back to reality
Feeling free, releasing all our inhibitions
Time to get our groove back, understand?
Well, memories they flood my mind
But as the sun, it begins to shine
Reminiscing on the days gone by
Do you remember those happy times?
Well, I'll give anything to be back there
Well just celebrate those happy years
Taking time to unwind
Just following your mind
And leave your troubles behind

Caron Wheeler
Grow in the power of the positive and higher thing
Feeling a desire
To go drifting on a memory

Oh, anytime we can go there
Let our heart and soul be clear
So if you just follow your mind
Your troubles disappear
So good to be free again
To have a good time
And I pray this feeling never ends
Cause I feel alive
So good to be free---oh---eee, free again, free

Gotta go inside and release the other part of me
Nowhere else for me to hide
Revelation of a mystery

Anytime we can go there
Let our heart and soul be clear
Now if you just follow your mind
Your troubles disappear
So good to be free again
To have a good time
And I pray this feeling never ends
Cause I feel alive

So good to be free again
To have a good time
Praying that this feeling never ends
Cause I feel alive

So good to be free---oh--oh-free-oh
So good to be alive again
So good to feel free again
So good to be alive, live, live, live, live, live, live, live
To be free, free, again

Anytime we go can go there
Let our heart and soul be clear
And if you just follow your mind
Your troubles disappear

So good to be free again
To have a good time
And I pray this feeling never ends
Cause I feel alive

So good to be free again
To have a good time
And I pray this feeling never ends
Cause I feel alive

So good to be free

Jazzie B.
Ah yeah, vibes
Tomorrow will pass, that we all know
And as each day comes
There's another day that goes, you know
But ignorance is no shame
It's just blindness to the facts
But believe, for ignoring it
You're to blame for turning your back
So to make the right decisions
From, Mmmn, a thousand voices
Many that there are
But believe all the choices, are few
So what 'cha gonna do?
Feel free or be free?
Now that's the question
That's the real focus of reality

Always Two Choices And One Decision

Every person's day is filled with numerous decisions that come down to deciding the same single thing over and over: Which part of my spirit will I follow? Will I follow the spirit of my higher self or the spirit of my lower self. Will I use free will to follow the higher spiritual self to freedom or will I use free will to follow the lower spiritual self into slavery?

Once the decision is made to follow the higher spiritual calling, then openness to knowledge will follow and will flow into consciousness from within and without. Understanding will then come through any philosophy guided by knowing yourself, being an Initiate of learning, the process of becoming Khepera, enlightenment, self-healing & reawakening greatness, persistence, then patience, g-forces (genetics, genius, greatness), etc.

More freedom will follow more understanding throughout this continuous series of interrelated and interconnected processes. Freedom and understanding are necessary results due to the strong faithfulness of the Creator (Cardinal Principle #5).

Swimming In Gold Medals | National Greatness
Unity Consciousness #270


Great Britain Swimming In Greatness

At some point, not too long ago, Great Britain decided to improve their “gold medal count” in the Olympics. They established a system to find people with promising athletic ability. The system also funds the development of this ability by paying for living expenses, facilities, trainers and anything else needed to achieve program goals. In this way, athletes don't have to try to be great while using a lot of energy trying to survive and trying to scrape together what is need for training.

According to their definition of success (winning medals or finishing at certain levels), Great Britain has had some success. The program's relatively short duration seems to indicate the balance of credit for this success leans towards the natural talent of the athletes.

According to their definition of success, Great Britain has also had some failures. The program's relatively short duration seems to indicate these failures are mostly attributable to a program philosophy that lacks understanding. It lacks understanding to ensure enough persistence is in place (commitment and process revision) and it lacks enough understanding to then have patience. This is evident in the fact that the Olympic program has abandoned some athletes due to non-achieved program goals. The reason this shows lack of understanding is that it solely and wrongfully attributes medalling or placing at a certain level to its own program and its own athletes when many other factors are involved, notably competition and the “any given day” truism.

Potential Greatness Abandoned

On the one hand, the program takes full credit for successes and no blame for failures. As a result, the program abandons athletes.

At a minimum, since the program is an important part of the athlete's Olympic performance, if athletes do not achieve as expected, the program should self-examine to find flaws within itself rather than simply abandoning athletes.

Abandoning any group of athletes is counterproductive to all athletes in the program, thus it is counterproductive to the program's stated mission.

Abandoning athletes puts undue and unnecessary mental focus and pressure on winning rather than performing. It also places a heavy burden of responsibility on each athlete for all athletes waiting to follow. This weight can overwhelm athletes on the biggest stage when its time to perform at their best. The potential for national shame inhibits the potential for national gain.

What Else Can Be Learned?

1. Due to lack of understanding, Great Britain has not used a holistic optimal approach to integrate the essence of the goal* into the culture. They do not recognize that the Olympics are a metaphor for all other types of greatness the country needs. The Olympic process from start to finish must encourage the pursuit of greatness. It must not punish people for trying. When it does, it punishes the country because individuals are less likely to put their potential greatness out there in any area and are more likely to travel a safer, less innovative route.

2. When a country devotes the necessary resources to finding and developing human potential greatness, it can and will be found. This is true of higher self potential greatness and lower self potential greatness.

3. Even without the country's national support, as long as a country is not fundamentally structured to inhibit greatness or ignore greatness, greatness will come forth – not just here and there but everywhere. Since the higher self is the naturally dominant spirit within us, it is that potential greatness that will show and override the lower greatness.

4. When a country decides to solve a problem and dedicates resources, the problem can be solved relatively quickly or at least significantly reduced.

Great Britain has been the example but many countries have their own versions of what Great Britain is doing – program-wise and behavior-wise, plus they have been doing it much longer.

Swimmers Swimming In Greatness

Just by watching YouTube videos of athletic ability in people, we realize there are a lot of people who have Olympic potential that never make it on stage. For example, one such athletic area is swimming. In many places where people live on islands or near coasts, children grow up in the water.

These people swim like fish, yet they are not represented in Olympic swimming events. Why not? Many of the current cast of Olympic swimmers would be blown out of the water.

Be not be deceived by this sports analogy. The approach to greatness discussed throughout this message, including the non-diversity of greatness, is abnormally commonplace and rampant in societies in all areas of human potential, especially in those areas deemed to intellectual.

For these reasons, human greatness, expressed and/or acknowledged is right now, nowhere near what it could be, should be and will be. Even in areas where the greatness of the higher self is being made manifest, there is even greater greatness. This will come through the process of unifying understanding of self. This is true for the Creator and the created.

How UK Sport Funding works
Olympic sport funding: Winners and losers, sport by sport
GB Rowing Team Start: Talent Identification
How your spending on National Lottery tickets funded Britain's Olympics success

*In this instance, the essence of the goal means the higher self is not in control, rather it is the lower self national ego, thus, we have the proper context for understanding the driving force behind the decisions that have followed.

Feeling Rhythmic Gymnastics | Sports Poem
Unity Consciousness #269


Feeling Rhythmic

by Ancestors through Usiku

Witnessing Rhythmic Gymnastics
Expanding the meaning of fantastic
Using rope, ball, clubs and hoop
And ribbon kept in artful loop
Blending disciplines with aesthetic grace
Dancing with finesse and smiling face
Individuals with timing and proficiency
Groups with high degrees of synchronicity
Tossing, twisting, twirling, spinning
Fluid motion never ending
Precision flowing through choreography
Merging difficulty with creativity
Appreciating elegance of each skilled feat
From incredibly multi-talented athletes

Copyright 2012 Ancestors through Usiku. All Rights Reserved

An Olympic Athlete's Approach To Greatness
Unity Consciousness #268


Before there can be visible change, there must be invisible change. This invisible change happens inside you. It happens in your thoughts, spirit, emotions and body.

Greatness does not require a Herculean effort but it does require an Olympian approach.

Persistence, then patience using strong faith is the approach of Olympic athletes. They work on something for many years and then in four year intervals before their ultimate goals can be realized. Olympic athletes prepare for greatness throughout each day. They do so without applause.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Even Babies Don't Always Take Baby Steps
Unity Consciousness #267


Even babies don't always take baby steps. Anyone who has been around a child for several years knows this.

Even though most babies crawl before they walk, babies never forget that crawling is a way to get to where they are trying to go.

Even babies don't only take baby steps. Once they learn to take baby steps, babies don't stop considering crawling as an option. Anyone who has been around a child for several years knows this. Even babies who can walk will sometimes crawl when crawling seems like the thing to do.

The beautiful thing about babies is that no one has to teach them how to run. The momentum of mastering one thing leads them to the logical next step in the developmental process. Babies have a constant hunger for understanding. They take bigger and faster steps in testing out their beliefs about themselves and the world. When babies are trying to accomplish something they draw from a mix of skills already proven beneficial - running, walking, crawling, scooting, etc.

Steps In The Wrong Direction

“What am I capable of?” This is the default mode of questioning that babies persistently use before being sufficiently miseducated into suboptimal views.

In other words, the world to babies is understood to hold more possibilities when they were only crawling than when they are standing as miseducated adults.

Weak Faith & Strong Faith
Unity Consciousness #266


Weak Faith

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

Strong Faith

Faith is the substance of things worked for.

Persistence, then patience, which includes understanding and process, are the evidences of things not seen, seen and also of what is to come and what is to go away.

Persistence, then patience is strong faith.

Faith & Me

When I say, “I have faith,” I am supposed to mean, “I have understanding, process, persistence, then patience.”

I am not supposed to be saying, “I have a feeling and/or a belief.”

A Belief Is A Hypothesis

A belief is okay to start out with, but a belief is not where I'm supposed to end up. A belief is just like a hypothesis. It is a hypothesis. I am supposed to take that belief hypothesis and through persistence, then patience, move through levels of understanding into knowledge.

In other words, move from the liquid, milk of understanding that is easily digestible and then to more solid, meatier forms of understanding. In this manner I use the teeth of my thought processes to chew and critically think rather than just suck from a bottle of belief that is handed to me or that somehow ends up in my cradle.

The Strongest Faith

The universe is filled with the faithfulness of the Creator. All the processes of ecosystems are proof enough. These processes can be relied upon. They are evidences of the faithfulness of the Creator.

The Creator is persistent, then patient. The processes of the Creator are at work. The substance of these processes show themselves through many changes and transformations, some more obvious than others. As a result, the Creator is gaining understanding of self because the Creator is gaining understanding of what is happening in the Universe. Thus, the persistence portion of the process is improving. In other words, the Creator is getting better at making things happen.

The higher spiritual nature of the Creator is problem-solving for everything created. This is happening through the use of process. This can be simply expressed through the metaphor of chess.

The Black Queen is methodically working out a series of moves to put the White King into checkmate. The White King has fewer moves and weaker faith. The White King seems to have more weapons, however, since the White King is only a copycat and only uses destructive processes and cannot create life, the White King is running out of resources/tools/weapons on every level and of all types. The King is limited to Earth and limited understanding of Earth.

On the other hand, the Queen is bringing forth resources from the Black Hole. Out of this creative womb, She is birthing original things into existence. She is also giving rebirth to that which once existed. This is why our main responsibility is to attend to our dormant greatness. We must use strong faith to help reawaken our greatness so the Queen can more efficiently use us to put a quicker end to the King's reign.

Persistence, Then Patience | Soul Definitions
Unity Consciousness #265


“Persistence and patience” is more accurately stated as “persistence, then patience.”


Persistence is continuous, consistent, insistent, attention to process.

Persistence is doing what a process or series of processes require.

Persistence requires understanding. Persistence understands what must be put in and the steps necessary to create transformation so that what comes out is what is expected.

Unfortunately, it is possible to be continuously, consistently and insistently doing a lot, but doing so without understanding. When this occurs, rarely will you get what you expect.


Patience is consciously not giving up on self, someone else or something, but instead, due to understanding, allowing the process to work.

This allowance for process only applies when persistence is also taking place.

This is the only acceptable kind of patience. Patience is not waiting on something to happen or for someone else to do something. Patience is not about waiting, it is about working. This work must be spiritual work, mental work, emotional work and physical work. Physical work is not necessarily “manual labor” but it simply means some sort of physical effort is always involved in a process.

Understand greatness already within. Understand seeds of change you can also plant at various depths in the soil of a persistent, then patient soul.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Self-Healing & Reawakening Greatness
Unity Consciousness #264


The desire for health must be greater than the need to hold on to the familiar feeling of sickness.

Sleeping Greatness

Your greatness is not dead. It is not gone. Your greatness lies dormant within you. You are asleep consciously. Who can be great constantly asleep?

The Foundation For Greatness

In the same way plants and seeds are awakened from dormancy, you must also awaken through the process of reintroduction to the primordials. You must get more water, fresh air, sunlight and earth nutrients. This is the beginning of establishing the foundation for reawakening. It takes time for seeds to germinate. You have many different types of seeds of greatness within you. As you begin to do what is necessary to achieve health, some seeds will germinate quicker than others.

Building On The Foundation Critically

The first of the Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought reminds you of the role of mental exercise in the awakening process.
“Cultivate the ability to distinguish between the real and the unreal. This mandate requires you to think for yourself and question for yourself. You must learn to think critically and deeply, strengthening your reasoning abilities so you can get beyond “either/or” conclusions and can understand “both/and.” That which is unreal tends to be illusory and temporary and will, upon awakening or enlightenment, disappear or dissipate. That which is real tends toward the everlasting and eternal.

Building On The Foundation With Ancestor Wisdom

"To counter the Maafa, Africans must go through a WHMY MSW, a Kemetic term which means the repetition of the birth, or a reawakening. The WHMY MSW is also a healing. But before any substantial healing can take place you must 'begin at the beginning' and peruse the wisdom of African ancestors. Numerous African civilizations have left the legacy of a holistic socialization process built firmly on a spiritual foundation. In these African societies, spirituality could not be separated from education, science, politics, health, nature, culture or anything else. This holistic approach can be useful in healing the African person today.

The Range Of Greatness

As reminded by Marcus Garvey, “Africa is wherever Africans are” and wherever Africans have been. African greatness is still in those same places. African greatness is not defined by Kemet or confined to Kemet. Nothing has height without depth and breadth, no, there is not one civilization that can rightly make this claim. African greatness runs deep and wide. Just because you have not regained full health does not mean your greatness is not still rooted in all the places it was born and reborn and reborn...

The unity of consciousness helps unify the components of greatness in the same way the unity of nutrition, rest, toxic avoidance, etc., helps unify strengths that results in health. In other words, greatness comes from health. Greatness is health.

Study helps reawaken consciousness.

As you wake up, more that must be done and how to do it will come into consciousness.

The energy of awakening is circulating universally, all you have to do is stop spiritually resisting and allow this energy to merge with your basic need and basic desire for health.

Africans Are Inventors Under Any Conditions
Engines Of American Industry
Unity Consciousness #263


The accomplishments of Black inventors during this ongoing Maafa seem almost incomprehensible. Regardless of the odds against them, they forged new technological inroads. Undoubtedly there must have been an inordinate number of inventions since the Confederacy found it necessary to include in its constitution this conspicuous clause:

"The owner of a slave also controls his inventions".

In keeping with miseducation, most of this factual material has been excluded from school curricula. The following slices of history give unfailing testimony about the true ingredients in the American pie.

Andrew Beard worked several years in the railway yards of Eastlake, Alabama. He struggled daily to visualize an automatic linking method that would eliminate the need for a human to be involved in the final coupling operation necessary to link two cars. His efforts were intensified since he had lost a leg in this manner. Despite his lack of formal training in engineering or metal working, he pressed on toward his goal. Finally, in 1897, he patented the "Jenny Coupler", a device that has saved the lives and limbs of countless trainmen.

Granville Tailer Woods mastered the mechanics of the locomotive engine in his early teens and went on to invent a telegraph system that enabled moving trains to communicate with each other and with railway stations. His overhead conduction system for electric railways is still utilized by trains and trolley cars today. He also invented the electrified "third rail" used in subways. His patent on the "Automatic Air Brake" in 1922 brought him innovator status in the field of railroad safety and allowed him to enjoy the same recognition as Andrew Beard. Out of his 115 plus inventions, 15 were specifically for the railroad industry. Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the Westinghouse Company purchased some of these devices. Granville Woods sued Edison twice for patent infringement and in both cases was able to prove he had earlier rights to inventions claimed by Edison. Subsequently, Edison offered him a job, but Woods preferred to remain self-employed in his already existent Woods Electric Company.

Richard Spikes, another great creative talent, is credited with the modern version of the Railroad Semaphore (signal lights). He went on to patent several items for automobiles such as the automatic car wash, turn signals, the automatic gear shift and a fail-safe brake. Oddly enough, he also invented the beer keg tap.

Elijah McCoy we already know about.

Elijah McCoy, The Industrial Revolution & Me
Unity Consciousness #262


My first 18 years were spent in Kistler, West Virginia, one of numerous neighborhoods dependent upon the coal mining, steel and railroad industries. Like all coal communities, Kistler was scattered along the narrow Appalachian valley wherever the terrain allowed, sharing the sparse space between creek and mountains with the railway system. Trains chugging within forty-five feet of my bedroom window wove their way through each day’s living. At night when sleep eluded me, I welcomed the distant warning whistle as it broke through the thick blackness surrounding my comfort. Flexing crossties provided a muffled, thud-like baseline for the rhythm created by shifting couplings, spikes hitting strikeplates and wheels rubbing rails. This became my favorite lullaby. I often would drift off before the music and streaking silhouette faded around the bend. This mechanical symphony would not have been possible were it not for the efforts of one man in faithful pursuit of a soothing solution to his own restlessness.

Elijah McCoy spent his first 15 years on a 160-acre farm in Canada near Lake Erie exploring his fascination with tools and machines before traveling to Scotland to study mechanical engineering. After becoming a master mechanic and engineer, he came to the United States and began working as a fireman/oilman for the Michigan Central Railroad. Although this position was vastly beneath his abilities, McCoy accepted the challenge of starting wherever he could. He was required to shovel coal at the rate of two tons per hour into intensely hot engines. There was little time for rest. He also had to lubricate the engines and freight cars by bending and reaching with an oilcan. Despite this demeaning and exhausting work, he found the energy and resolve to work through a longstanding problem with steam engines.

In 1872, he developed the first automatic lubricator called the "Lubricator Cup.” This self-regulating device utilized steam pressure from the engine to continuously oil moving parts. This eliminated the downtime caused by periodic equipment shutdowns that were necessary to prevent overheating and permit manual lubrication. McCoy’s device was such a breakthrough, it became commonplace to ask for “The Real McCoy” when purchasing machinery.

With the addition of McCoy’s automatic lubrication system, steam engines worldwide became more dependable and productive. This allowed steam-powered railway transportation to contribute significantly to America’s economic, urban and social successes in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Since steam was also used in ships, mines, mills and factories, the Industrial Revolution gained considerable momentum from the accumulated economies.

With this in mind, compare the omission of Elijah McCoy’s innovations from timelines highlighting significant events of the Industrial Revolution with the inclusion of Bessemer’s steel-making process although competing processes were instituted in each of the next two decades. Elijah McCoy was a prolific inventor who improved his own inventions and received over 55 patents. When he perfected the graphite lubricator to accommodate locomotives fueled with superheated steam, he called it his greatest achievement because of the unique and complex problem it solved. It was 1915, 43 years after his original design and he was 72 years old.

Elijah McCoy’s intellectual capital soothed the engines of the Industrial Revolution as they churned steadily, connecting communities to new opportunities, especially capitalistic endeavors. Ironically, Elijah McCoy’s parents escaped enslavement by America via the Underground Railroad, yet McCoy returned and provided greater freedoms to generations of Americans by making “above ground” railroad transportation more viable. A transportation system allowing efficient movement of people, livestock, raw materials and finished goods continues to be the cornerstone of an effective infrastructure.

Placing Elijah McCoy’s steadfast spirit, investment in solutions and critical contributions to the Industrial Revolution in their proper historical context should penetrate our perceptions and go a long way towards soothing the internal frictions of a restless nation. Meanwhile, I long for the whistle, the harmony, the calm.

Maafa Definition & Meaning
Unity Consciousness #261


Per Sister Dr. Marimba Ani, “the term "Maafa" is a Kiswahili word for "disaster" that we are now using to reclaim our right to tell our own story. Maafa refers to the enslavement of our people and to the sustained attempt to dehumanize us.

Because the Maafa has disconnected us from our cultural origins, we have remained vulnerable in a social order that does not reflect our cultural identity.” (1)

Per Brother Kaba Kamene, Maafa means “terroristic” disaster. (2)

Africans have survived the longest and most numerous [Maafa] holocaust in history. Several tens of millions of Africans have been killed. Millions are imprisoned. Hundreds of millions suffer from abuses, discriminations and other life-diminishing effects.

We must stop contributing to this. Each person also causes a Maafa within self due to adding to imbalance by neglecting knowledge of self. Due to the cause and effect relationship between thoughts and actions, imbalance and lack of knowledge of self ultimately shows up in behaviors that are detrimental to Africans.

(1) Ani, Marima, Dr., “To Be Afrikan”,, Accessed 5/25/15.
(2) Dr. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene - American-Afrikan Paradigm: ''The Maafa'' (The Afrikan Holocaust)

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 8
Unity Consciousness #260


A sure sign, symptom, cause and effect of mental illness is focusing most attention on the shortest component of time.

The present is the shortest component of time. We already know this. We know the past is much longer than the present. We also know the future is much longer than the present.

We also know the past is more certain and more reliable than both the present and the future. Compared to the present, the past, as a source of information, is longer, more certain and more reliable. We have been given this resource and the ability to examine it, reexamine it and understand it. The past is a way of knowing. The memory in our cells and in our brains is hard drive storage space. It is there for us to use so we can access the past as a tool to assist in the workings of today's thought processes.

If we only use the present as a resource, we have very little to work with. We must use all three components of time simultaneously - the past, the present and the future.

Continuation Of Time

Today is not a new day. Today is just a continuation of time. Today is yesterday's display. Yesterday gives birth to today just as the past gives birth to the present. Today contains yesterday's DNA. Today comes out of yesterday and exists because of yesterday.

The present contains past DNA. The present comes out of the past and exists because of the past.

These things must be so. It is the only way for today's present experience, today's present life and today's present time to continue. Everything is part of the process, sequence and motion of a Continuing Creator.

Without the past and the future being involved in present thought processes there is no conscious connection to paradise...

Without the past and the future being involved in present thought processes, there is no consciousness of building on the past, repairing the past or constructing a future with living conditions suitable for Creation.

The influence of everything is passed on. What we are working with right now today in the present and dealing with right now today in the present, is the past and the future. Everything that exists in the present had to have come from somewhere. It did. It came from the past.

Everything that exists in the present must be going somewhere. It is. It is headed for the future.

Time Must Be Properly Understood

If comprehension of anything is not comprehensive, this lack of awareness causes thought processes to operate suboptimally, which is counter to understanding, healing and evolution.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dispelling By Defining | Poem
Unity Consciousness #259


Dispelling By Defining

by Ancestors through Usiku

In the true sense of words
Each person in a community
Has common-unity and common union
And communicates in communion
Thus is a commun-ist
A comm-unist
And communist
Depending on emphasis

Metaphor & Parable Of A Very High Branch
Unity Consciousness #258


There is a very high branch on a very old tree.

This branch congratulates itself for rising above the other branches. It is unaware it is the highest because it is the newest. It is unaware its position is supported by all that came before.

After just a few days of living, the very high branch believes it has superior abilities – being so young, yet having risen so high. It flexes easily in the wind, compared to the others.

The very old tree is so old, its roots have traveled far, long before it gave birth to the very young branch. The very old tree is so wide, there is no place not touched by its shadow.

The very high branch shows signs of elevation sickness because it envies the expansive reach of the elder branches. It envies the attention and preference given to these elder branches by those who come to the tree for their feeding, resting and nesting needs.

One young day, the very high branch decides it will embark on its own. It decides it will start a new tree, one with only high branches that it designs.

The very high branch waits for just the right winds. When the winds change, the very high branch flexes itself back and forth until it breaks free. It flies, soars, floats and drifts effortlessly. It congratulates itself for having such liberty and freedom.

The very high branch quickly grew and easily flew on the very little it knew. Unknowingly, the very high branch, once dependent on the very old tree was now dependent on the wind.

There is a common sound of increasing silence as winds change again. Then there is another common sound of something hitting the ground near the foot of the very old tree.

There was a very high branch on a very old tree.

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 7
Unity Consciousness #257


A sure sign, symptom, cause and effect of mental illness is thinking the society you live in is not largely infected with slave owner/slave mentalities.*

Past Mental Illness Still Lingers On

Like all things, past mental illness is confirmed by behavior. It is obvious. Past mental illness of slave owners and slaves, has been passed on from generation to generation into the present.

1. If this was not true, slave owner/slave mentalities would not exist in the present, in the present behaviors of people.

2. If past mental illness was not being fed, sustained, taught and preached, the notion of Supremacy, in many forms, would die off, along with other lower self discriminations.

These behaviors are present in the Constitution, the laws, the traditions, the practices, the institutions, the things considered normal, the ways people go about relating and so on.

The past has not gone anywhere and neither has past mental illness. The past is ongoing and so is mental illness.

Without an understanding of the past, mental bearings and orientation are thrown off. Therefore mental balance is thrown off. Therefore mental instability exists. Therefore mental illness exists.

* This is another way and example to express what has already been explained in Parts 1 thru 3.

Rest & Heal The Mind One Cell At A Time
Unity Consciousness #256


Part of knowing yourself is an understanding of the human body. The mind is not one big single thing. It is a composite of cells. This is true of all organs in the body.

In order for a bunch of cells to form and function as a unit, each cell must have a mind of its own. We know this is true because each cell has a nucleus that contains DNA instructions by which the cell operates. The nucleus of the cell is the mind that tells the rest of the cell what to do. The brain is the mind that tells the voluntary parts of the body what to do. Based on the self-harming things our brain instructs us to carry out, it's a good thing the brain does not control all body functions.

When the body is sick, even though it receives nutrition, the body often rejects it. Same thing happens when mental nutrition is fed to a mentally ill mind – since understanding, like healing, doesn't come immediately, the information is rejected without allowing time for digestion of the information and the effects to take place at the cellular level.

Healing, like sickness, happens first, unnoticeably, at the cellular level then it takes place in the larger, composite parts of the body that these same cells form.

It is the mind of the cells that need nutrition first and foremost when the body is sick and when the brain mind is sick.

Mental illness, just like any other illness, cannot be healed all at once. It takes time and stages of recovery. Nutrition medicine must be taken consistently. It doesn't take long to recover once nutrient medicine is flowing through our body ecosystem.

The main thing is to get nutrition*, rest, avoid toxins, be persistent, then patient. All these things must be part of the healing process.

Sufficient rest allows the body's cellular ecosystem to rejuvenate itself.

Nutritional deficiencies and toxins affect cell metabolism, therefore the ability of the brain to process information and think properly.

We know we need rest..Insomnia and other sleep disorders...affect mental health.

* Nutrition includes rest, fresh air and sunlight.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Know Yourself Briefly To The Extent | Poem
Unity Consciousness #255


Know Yourself Briefly To The Extent

by Ancestors through Usiku

The order is know yourself, intimately and intricately
To obtain a knowledge of wealth
In order to function, properly and optimally
To achieve all the happiness of health

Know Thyself Poem/Proverb

Know Yourself For More Good Reasons

Certain Desires | Knowledge Of Self

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 6
Unity Consciousness #254


A sure sign, symptom, cause and effect of mental illness is thinking the past, the present and the future are three different things.

The past, the present and the future are three parts of one thing – motion. Together they represent time trinity, so to speak. They form one continuous process of time where each part affects the other, shapes the other and becomes the other.

Present Understanding

Due to malfunctioning minds at the cellular level, your larger mind does not realize you cannot live or function in the present without using the past and being affected by the past.

Although you can't live IN the past, you always live WITH the past.

Since you are living with the past, the past has obviously moved forward into the present where you are. This means you are living in the present in the past.

In other words, No, you can't live in the past in a “go back in time and live back then” sort of way. However, Yes, you do live in the past in a “the past transforms itself into the present” sort of way.

What “The Present” Really Is

The present is merely a workspace where both the past and the future take shape.

The present is merely a workspace where the past and the future are connected.

The present shapes the connection between the past and the future.

The present becomes part of the past and part of the future.

The present becomes the past and the future.

Related Proverbs:

Peer into the past, recognize yourself, now walk presently as your future.

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 5
Unity Consciousness #253


A sure sign, symptom, cause and effect of mental illness is a mind that uses very little to none of its long-term memory.

A mind that does not use long-term memory is like a computer that does not use its hard drive. The computer must then rely on short-term memory to hold all instructions and data. This is the same as attempting to only use a narrow view of the present as a reference point for living and not using the entirety of the past.

The past in a computer is the hard drive, the present is short-term RAM.

A mind that does not use its long-term memory capacity of the past will display mental illness in one of two ways:

1. Since the person must have instructions by which to operate, the person has more instructions than data. These instructions take up short-term memory space in the present. There is very little room for new information. There is no possibility for revision and upgrading instructions or information. This mind is stuck based on instructions of the past – not the entire past, just the past the mind is aware of.

2. The person has more information than instructions, the mind can't handle the information because it can't process the information and therefore the mind has information but doesn't know what to do with it. The mind has no past reference or context. Information cannot be integrated into an ecosystem consciousness of humanity or creation. This mind is stuck in the present – not the entire present, just the present that allows the mind to continue functioning as is, based on limited instructions and disconnected, incomplete pieces of information.

Under both scenarios, the person must rely entirely on the minds of others in order to know what to think and what to do. The person thinks they are making independent decisions when, in fact, the person is actually using the minds of others transferred into the person's mind through ongoing miseducation.

Each person thinks for self based on the thoughts of others.
There is no denying this truth without simultaneously providing proof of mental illness.

This does not apply to you if all the logical concepts your mind uses to operate, you came up with all those concepts yourself. So what your mind thinks makes sense, and doesn't make sense, you did not hear these ideas from anyone or get these ideas from any book.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 4
Unity Consciousness #252


A sure sign, symptom, cause and effect of mental illness is believing peace and health are unrelated.

Peace and health are two metaphors of the same thing. Not only do they depend on each other, they extend from each other.

Peace In The Human Body

In the body, when there is sickness, there is no peace because a war is being waged. The war is between the invading organism and the cells of the body. Sickness is war on health which means no peace can exist when there is an ongoing war against healthy functioning.

Peace In The Body Of Earth (World Peace)

A society is naturally at war within and without its borders. Just as that which attacks the body cannot bring peace to the body, neither can peace on Earth be authored and orchestrated by a society. Where there is no civilization, there is no peace.

Sick Relief

Mental illness causes belief that destructive behavior to the world can somehow help reconstruct the health of the world.

Sick people usually want the sickness out of them so they can get rid of the pain and suffering so things can get back to normal, the way they should be. Mental illness sticks with the societal way even though the societal way of viewing the world is the reason for the sicknesses in the society.

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 3
Unity Consciousness #251


A sure sign, symptom, cause and effect of mental illness is not recognizing the significant differences between a civilization and a society.


A civilization is a metaphor for an ecosystem. They both function alike.

Civilization is the natural result of people who behave civilly. They respect the rights of creation. People in a civilization are dominated by the Higher self, an optimal worldview, wholeness approach and learning through knowledge synthesis with self-understanding.


A society is a metaphor for cancer because it is a mutation of civilization.

Since the people in a society do not understand themselves as part of the ecosystem, the natural environment is demoted for purposes of the society. In a society, it is a right to violate the rights of creation. As a result, a society is structured to disrespect mothers of creation: feminine principle, Africa and Maat.

The only thing left is injustice, which is what holds a society together. A society comes into existence based on lies and/or is sustained by lies. People in a society who tell the truth are considered traitors and whistle-blowers.

People in a society are dominated by the Lower Self, a suboptimal worldview, fragmented approach and learning through emphasis on memorization. The goal of all institutions, not just the education system, is miseducation. This includes institutions believed to be harmless such as entertainment.

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 2
Unity Consciousness #250


A sure sign, symptom, cause and effect of mental illness is resistance to inherent greatness.

When informed about our greatness we reject our greatness because we've been taught something different. We've been miseducated and this, we also deny. This denial is another sure sign.

African Resistance

The African in all of us, resists itself. This inherent African nature in all of us, which is part of the greatness in all of us, we resist because we have been miseducated.

Female Resistance

The female in all of us, resists itself. This inherent female nature in all of us, which is part of the greatness in all of us, we resist because we have been miseducated.

Reason For Resistance

As the result of ongoing miseducation, both our African greatness and female greatness have been reversed in consciousness. They both occupy a lower position in our psyche which is contrary and counter to their order of creation and functioning.

Reviewing The Signs With You

Can you imagine being reminded you are great and why you are great but as you hear it, that greatness sounds ridiculous?

This happens all the time due to mental illness.

On the other hand, you quickly believe in the false greatness of things such as White Supremacy Over Everyone, White Elite Over Other Whites, Human Supremacy Over Nature, Male Supremacy Over Female, Mind Supremacy Over Spirit, and more.

Diagnosis Confirmed Again

Under these reversed, cognitive conditions, who could not suffer from mental illness? It is evident when we consent to these components of a suboptimal worldview. This means we willingly agree to live in ways that keep us functioning less than our greatness – individually and collectively. This is why, as part of our human race/civilization/peace recovery plan, we must study to reverse the sickening, weakening effects of ongoing miseducation. This is simply part of the process of getting nutrition that restores knowledge of self, thus health, thus knowledge of inherent greatness, thus self-esteem. Inherent rights of creation automatically and simultaneously materialize as we do.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Part 1
Unity Consciousness #249


A sure sign of mental illness is to think you have not been miseducated - that miseducation was first used and only used on the Negro.

You also think you are not a target and victim of the Global System of Human Racism & Other Discriminations.

You certify yourself mentally ill when you think you somehow avoided rampant miseducation in every societal institution in the world.

You confirm your condition when you think you have managed to rise above the reach of racism, especially its internal programming.
The mentally ill also smile.
Doing okay or pretty good by societal standards does not cure mental illness.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Truth. Like Maat, Is Fixed & Variable
Unity Consciousness #248


Truth varies by dimension. There are also degrees of truth within each dimension.

Truth varies further by degree of understanding.

This means truth varies by degree of knowing yourself. The reason is simple. Through knowing self you come to know the core of truth of self which is the same core of truth that is in everything else. To know self fundamentally is to know truth universally.

As unity consciousness grows, so does awareness of truth, thus also more truth becomes available to use. In other words, what is true and what is false is greatly affected by your degree of completeness. You can increase your abilities to use natural resources by increasing knowledge of self.

What was understood by humans to be true at different points in history differs by at least a little and sometimes by a lot. You can know this to be true by virtue of understanding Dark Ages. A better example is to reflect on how your understanding of truth has differed during this lifetime.

Restrictions On Truth

The only restriction on truth is the connection it must have to Maat. Remember, Maat is foremost about understanding. Truth must be connected to the point, the line, the cross, the triangle, square and circle of unity, which is understanding.

Stated another way, truth must be connected to Maat and her harmonizing, interrelatedness, interconnectedness principle. Since Maat is fixed and variable and expands as knowledge of self expands within the Creator, the greatest restriction on truth is self.

Going Back To Fetch What Is Coming Forth By Day And Night
Unity Consciousness #247


Whether or not we are seeking truth, truth is coming forth by day and by night and is seeking us. This is nothing new. This has always been the case. It is a continuous process. One of the many ways we have learned this is through understanding dimensions.

Truth is in pursuit of the blackness in all creation that generates the light in us, that lights the world and the universe and that brings us out of darkness into the marvelous light of understanding and into the peace that is the natural progression of understanding.

Truth is coming forth by day and by night through blackness into light. This is happening within and without. We must seek truth by simply turning, facing and greeting truth through the process of going back to fetch it.

To Know Truth, Honestly Seek It
Unity Consciousness #246


The best, simplest and fastest way to know truth is to honestly seek it.

This means being honest with self. There is no need to be concerned about being honest with anyone else until honesty with self is achieved.

1. As crazy as it sounds, and is, many try to be honest with others without being honest with self. This is an impossibility.
2. Also, truth, in general, is sought, only if it agrees with current levels of understanding. This is the same as saying, “ I want to get to know you but only if you are who I think you are.”

Purpose Of Truth

Truth knows no country and like love, knows no color. Truth is not for the purpose of serving one country or one group of people.

Truth is not altered fundamentally or universally by attempts to restrict it. Truth is only limited to the dimension of understanding of the perceiver and this is directly correlated to knowledge of self.

Truth is not for the purpose of pumping someone or something up or putting someone or something down. A lie is for those purposes. Even though truth might have those effects, as scripts get re-flipped back to what is correct, the purpose of truth is healing not harming.

Some of us realize many healing processes involve going through pain. Yes, truth hurts, but lies hurt even worse. Truth is a healing hurt whereas lies are a killing hurt. This has been explained in “Heading Out of Chaos At This Point In World History”, in “Meaning Of Going Through Pain & Almost Getting Frostbite”, and in “African Consciousness Called Me A Stupid Nigga And Thankfully So.”

Truth Is Freeing

Be honest about knowing yourself and you will have freed the capacity to be honest with all else and everyone else.

Truth is not dependent on humans. Humans on this planet, in total, represent just one drop and one portion of truth in the universe. Do not be deceived by the human species. Truth is being told every day in every way.

If truth can set you free, then truth can surely set itself free.

Understanding Truth Is Self-Centered
Unity Consciousness #245


Once we know where to look for truth, the rest is process.

Truth is brought forth through the process of examination and reexamination. This is also known by many other names such as the process of becoming, the process of becoming Khepera, knowing yourself, enlightenment, and more. All of these require the process of continuous examination and reexamination.

The process of examination and reexamination is all about self-study. It is a self-study in self-study. Understanding truth is a self-centered process that extends to all else, thus fundamental key #2. This is so because truth is known by matching, comparing and contrasting that which is inside self with that which is outside self, thus fundamental key #1.

This process is automatic. It is our default disposition. We are pre-programmed from the womb factory to need to discover and know. This process is activated from the first moment of life. Because of having already experienced this process many times, most of clearly know, if we allow the process of examination and reexamination to operate freely as it should, sooner or later, we will discover something we don't understand, that scares us and that upsets our apple cart and our equilibrium.

This is a normal and natural part of the process. However, as we get older and more miseducated and malnourished, because of disconnect, we forget we've made it through this challenging part many times and are better off for having done so. Instead of going ahead, we decide to form a resistance against having to experience this part of the process. As a result, the process is resisted and avoided.

Now The Effects Of Resistance To Truth

By being resistant to truth, each person blocks and starves spiritual energy that transforms consciousness towards truth. Simultaneously each person unblocks and feeds spiritual energy that transforms consciousness towards untruth.

Each time we successfully resist, ignore and defend our consciousness against another truth, we win at the expense of self-defeat. We forget the simple truth that truth is all about self. As a result of our victory against truth, we don't feel good though we usually behave as if we do. We also feel weaker and even more uncertain for the same reason as before. To defend a lie we must attack a truth. This is not an outward motion. It is an inward motion. We have just attacked self. We cannot separate truth from self without doing major damage to self. This is why many feel large amounts of emptiness, lack of wholeness and plenty of pain in the midst of plenty of other stuff.

Do not be discouraged. Be encouraged we have an internal process to bring us back into alignment with truth. All we have to do is be more self-centered.

Tracking Down & Extracting Truth
Unity Consciousness #244

Everyone And Everything Has Some Portion of Truth

All is spirit and matter. Both are forms of each other. Both issued forth from the Creator. Everyone and everything, no matter how separated, disconnected and mutated, still contains some portion that represents the pure aspect of the Creator. That pure aspect is truth. That truth is there even if only at the atomic level.

In other words, at some level in all things, the truth is at work. It is in tact, accessible and understandable. It is this truth, wherever it is within, that is the stem cell of truth from which all other truths can be redeveloped. It is the seed of truth.

Nutrition In The Search For Truth

All cells and all seeds need nutrition in order to develop as intended.

Nutrition strengthens all senses. Nutrition makes searching for the truth easier because nutrition and truth are fundamentally alike. Once we are filled with the beneficial, we'll recognize truth.

By taking in nutrition, truth is also drawn out. The truth in us is drawn towards the truth we put into ourselves. The truth we put into ourselves is nutrition.

There is an abundance of ways to get nutrition to meet all conditions on all levels of existence for all beings. This is in keeping with the altruistic nature of the Creator.

Truth and nutrition are everywhere. No need to track them down just use what is already easily found lying around within and without. In other words, use the truth and nutrition you already know, start from there and the cells and seeds of truth will grow.

Important Philosophies & The Process Of Examination
Unity Consciousness #243


Philosophies depended on most in life should be the philosophies most thoroughly examined and reexamined.

As said many times, our decisions are more than about our current life. This is an extremely narrow knowledge of self. Our decisions affect ancestors, descendants, family, community and so on. We absolutely know this to be true since most of what we either believe or know today is the result of the beliefs and knowledge of others. This is why each person must use a continuous process of examination and reexamination to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Relying Completely On Others For Understanding

For many of us, our spiritual, religious philosophy on a Higher Being is the most important philosophy we have. This is as it should be. Even so, we still don't research many of the teachings in our Holy Books. Fortunately, all things don't require in-depth study to realize what is what.

1. We all know preachers get to use other books. Many go to theology school or get some other training.

2. Why are we told to think for ourselves but when it comes to the most important things in life, we are told not to think and question, just accept what is written?

3. When preachers and teachers explain Bible verses, where are they getting these explanations? Is it from their understanding? Is it from some book of understandings they refer to? Either way, who's to say their understanding is more on point than ours?

4. Although we are told, you can't question Bibles, we allow preachers and teachers to go outside Holy Books to explain the Holy Book. For instance, they use concordances with all sorts of in-depth topical studies.

5. Also, when all else fails to explain, they call up the original word and its meaning to explain. If the original word has the best explanation, then, we should all learn the original language. The original word and meaning should be supplied for every sentence of each Bible, side-by-side.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

True Believers Live On Belief Street
Unity Consciousness #242


”Belief is the absence of knowledge.” (1)
Belief is a space filler in the mind. It is a substitute for the information necessary to reaching understanding through the process of examination and reexamination. Belief is the lazy way out and the dangerous route.

Even so, truth is not validated or invalidated by belief; however, lies depend on belief. The process of examination and reexamination exposes them both.

Belief Street

Belief is a dead end (closed-minded) process. It leads to nowhere away from knowing where. Belief leaves you right where you found each other. Belief is a narrow, one way, dead end street. There is no room to turn around. The only way to change direction is to back up. Not many are comfortable enough going in reverse in order to get out of a messed up situation. As a result, you park right where you are and move in, on Belief Street, becoming a true believer for life because you feel stuck and too ashamed to admit it. As a further result, since you know it, you are self-convicted and feel guilt, thus self-afflicted but not enough to be self-evicted from Belief Street through self-correction into a different direction. Thus, the secret lies in your thought processes, reveal themselves in behaviors.

Relationships | Stupidity, Sadistic & Anti-God Behaviors

(1) ben-Jochannan, Dr. Yosef, paraphrased from “African Roots Of Our Beliefs And Science.”

Understanding Truth Through Examination/Investigation
Unity Consciousness #241


“Truth is a continuous, constant examination.
You must always seek information. Not a single Bible is the totality of any understanding.” (1)
Information leads to more information. Knowledge leads to more knowledge.

The difference between information and knowledge is this:
Information is put through the shortcut process of deciding whether to believe or disbelieve.
Knowledge is the result of information put through the process of examination/investigation.
The continuous process of examination leads to continuous understanding.

To know is to examine and reexamine...

With every passing day of maturity, new information is supposed to be reincorporated into thought processes. Through this continuous process you come into the knowledge of the truth.

Truth is verified through the process of examination. If you are terrified of the truth you will skip the process of examination and settle for...

What Examination Is NOT

Deciding whether or not to believe something.

(1) ben-Jochannan, Dr. Yosef, paraphrased from “African Roots Of Our Beliefs And Science.”

A Sophisticated Lie Is A Lie | Definition
Unity Consciousness #240

Definition Of A Sophisticated Lie

A sophisticated lie is one told so well, it is difficult and nearly impossible to figure out.
Because of how well-crafted a sophisticated lie is, you must resort to either believing it or not, in order to decide whether the lie is a lie or the lie is a truth.

The above definition is a lie. There is no such thing as a sophisticated lie.

Exposing The Lie

The lie about sophisticated lies is necessary to keep you from taking basic steps that will lead you to truth. The lie about sophisticated lies is necessary to weaken you so that when you reach a point that requires more effort, you have been programmed to give up.

The sophistication of a lie is to get you to set aside your power of processing information and instead reduce the process to one of deciding between believing or not believing. This is the sophistication of a sophisticated lie.

What makes a lie sophisticated is the lie not being thoroughly investigated.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our One Human Family Existed Before Adam & Eve
Unity Consciousness #239


Because we came from one Creator who created this universe and created us all to live on one Earth and gave humans one origin of birth, all this means we are one family. All that is taking place in the universe is all about one family of creation. The human family is a family within the Earthly family within the universal family.

Clues To Being An Understanding Family Member

In the Judeo-Christian Bible, Cain and Seth (sons of Adam & Eve) find wives in another land. Obviously there were people on the planet before the Adam & Eve story. Plenty of very old skeletons have been found that are much older than Adam & Eve.

The Judeo-Christian Bible itself says people were in existence before Adam & Eve.
Genesis 6:2 - That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

Genesis 4:16 & 17 - And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch.

More Skeletons

There are skeletons that prove humans have been on the planet for millions of years. The most recent version of humans have been on the planet for at least 200, 000 years. The Earth was not filled with plants, humans and other creatures according to the story of Adam & Eve in 6 days or 6,000 days.

“Ardi, short for Ardipithecus ramidus, is the newest fossil skeleton out of Africa to take its place in the gallery of human origins. At an age of 4.4 million years, it lived well before and was much more primitive than the famous 3.2-million-year-old Lucy, of the species Australopithecus afarensis.”

Genetic Evidence

“The babies' DNA seemed to form a family tree rooted in Africa. The DNA fell into two general categories, one found only in some babies of recent African descent, and a second found in everyone else and the other Africans. There was more diversity among the exclusively African group's DNA, suggesting that it had accumulated more mutations because it had been around longer -- and thus was the longest branch of the family tree. Apparently the DNA tree began in Africa, and then at some point a group of Africans emigrated, splitting off to form a second branch of DNA and carrying it to the rest of the world.” ( per Newsweek, The Search For Adam & Eve.)

An Earlier Version Of Adam & Eve

“The Jews, in writing their account of Man's origin, copied it from the ancient East Indian legend of Hadama and Hava (Adam and Eve). Herodotus, of 447 B.C., said very clearly that the people of all that region of Mesopotamia and India were black. He called them Ethiopians. Moreover, tropical man is never white. He is most often black or dark brown, with flat nose, frizzly or woolly hair, and protruding jaws. Thus when the Christians chose Adam as their ancestor, they really chose a dark-skinned progenitor for the human race, even though the early Christians of Europe knowing no better represented Adam in their paintings as white.” (1) Hadama and Hava are called Adam and Hawa in the Qur'an.

Just as civilization did not start with White people, neither were the first humans White people. Even current-day “scientists” recognize you can't get all the human color variations by beginning with White, but you can when you begin with Black.

One Of Many Logical Conclusions

No God in the right frame of mind would create people in a Garden located in a humid, arid climate make them White and butt naked and consider it Paradise.

The one family we are all a part of goes way back, even before the first humans. Why is this so? Because the matter humans are made of and were born from, existed long before humans.

Belief can be obscured by one or more lies. Knowledge can be confirmed by any and all truths.

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(1) Rogers, J. A. "Sex and Race Vol 1,, Negro-Caucasian Mixing In All Ages and All Lands,"