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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sports/Life Connections & Corrections:
Living Staying In The Moment
Unity Consciousness #567


In sports, it is not possible to make two scores on one play. It is also that way in life.
In life, it is not possible to make two mistakes on one play. It is also that way in sports.

It is not possible to win or lose two games at once. You can't win today based on yesterday or tomorrow. You can't lose today, based on yesterday or tomorrow. Each game, point or day played or lived must take place separately. As a result, each one carries with it, its own assessment and its own result.

Do not be deceived, however; even though each play, day or moment has its own assessment, as it takes place and once it takes place, it influences and informs what comes next and also influences and transforms what has come before. In other words, what we do now influences and changes what we have already done or not done and influences and provides information and knowledge for what we may or may not do next. In other words, habit is not just a matter of practice to repeat an action or behavior. No. More completely, habit is a byproduct of thought process and all that thought process involves which includes spirit and emotion and a whole bunch of contextual references. In summary, this is what we do and don't identify with, which boils down to our identity which is self-esteem. In summary, this is knowledge of self. When this knowledge does not encompass our universal self, life and sports will be unduly influenced by the incompleting lower universal spiritual, aka human, nature because it is without the counterbalancing of the completing higher universal spiritual, aka divine, nature. In other words, everything is always involved and everything is always at stake. Likewise, no moment is greater or lesser than any other moment because each moment was necessary to bring us to this point, individually and collectively, and each moment is necessary to move us from this point to the next point. That next point is always at hand which is always now.

Living in the moment and staying in the moment is a true statement. Playing sports in the moment and staying in the moment is also a true statement. If we allow the results of yesterday or the expectations of tomorrow to influence us in such a way that we do not separately do what is necessary for this day, this play, this game or this moment, we are allowing the energy of those motions to continue moving us in incompatible directions.

Make no mistake, yesterday and tomorrow are supposed to influence us today. This is the only way for a system to be a system and for the cycle of life to be a circle of life and for planting and tending to become harvest and sharing and for the sower of effort and resources to be the reaper of the rewards of sports. However, we should take yesterday or the previous play and learn from the experience. We are not supposed to allow it to prevent us from what we must do now. We should take what we want tomorrow and use it to motivate us to changes necessary today. We are not supposed to allow what it takes to get there or the results of what we desire to become larger than the moment of what we must do now today for this play.

Results come from consistency (habit). Consistency comes from persistence, then patience. Persistence and patience, as we have already learned, includes a variety of things carried out moment by moment, action by action, play by play and day by day. Each one must be carried out on its own even as it is being influenced by everyone and everything else.
Any sports player who thinks and believes what they did yesterday, last game or last play is something that ensures what will happen next, has already weakened themselves. Nothing is ensured. The player must still do what they are supposed to do today in order to add that action to what has been gained from previous actions. Same is true for tomorrow. The person who thinks their position today ensures their position tomorrow has already weakened themselves. The person must do today what is under their control in order to predispose the future in their favor to the degree possible. That is all. That is enough. Those who know realize this also means we must rely always on more than self in order to achieve what is necessary for self and to complete self. Nothing and no one can do anything on their own or alone. This is an impossibility. Trying to live life or play sports thinking that we can is a sure way to live and play sports in a suboptimal way.

Many sports players have learned this lesson. Many of the same ones have forgotten this lesson from time to time. The same is true for what people have learned about life. We experience, we learn, we know, and we do what we can control, yet we often do not apply this to other life situations. We prolong adversity because we do not make advantages out of analogies through extension, expansion and introspective reflection of mirror images. Getting back on the bike or on the horse is a true statement for the approach we must take in life and in sports. It's never too late and it's not over until its over is always true in life and sports as it pertains to our contribution. For instance, even the last play of a game we have no chance of winning is important for the next moment...If we are in the sport, we might as well play and continue preparing to get better and if we are alive, we might as well live and continue preparing to get better irregardless of "the clock."

Make no mistake, sports is life and life is sports. Life and sports are continuations and metaphors of each other. Do not be deceived by the various forms of sports and the Giri So post-modern analysis of what sports are about. Yes, sports can be about the superficial and so can life. Sports are also about other, deeper, more encompassing, evolving levels of awareness and so is life. Sports are not about winning and neither is life. Both are about the same thing said many ways such as becoming wiser, understanding, completing, unity, destiny and the self-recreating of the Creator.

When we say sports is a game and life is more important, as if they are two different things, this viewpoint is the result of comparing a lower level of awareness of sports to a higher level of awareness of life or vice versa. For instance, we are usually comparing the Giri So of sports to the Bene So or higher of life rather than comparing one of the essences of sports to one of the essences of life. When we recognize the differences we have in common, we transform what seems to be an apple and orange conflict into a nutrient and nutrient compatibility. We stop thinking heart and lungs are two different things and realize breath and blood are the same things and do the same things just as food and medicine.

In keeping with all that has been discussed about awareness, resilience, greatness, rising and the female - the unity consciousness of sports and life has come further together and is coming together faster and faster. This is the momentum always in effect in life and in sports. Momentum swings and life swings as does everyone and everything.

The action that must be taken now is the only thing there is to prove. The action that must be taken now is only necessary to prove to the one who must take the action. There is no need for outside validation or respect. All other actions, past and future, by self and everyone else, are temporarily secondary, and must remain in the periphery reservoir of awareness and only drawn upon to influence the moment higher. We must treat each moment, play, point, game, decision, action and day as if it is the very first moment, point, game, decision, action and day of life. By focusing on what must be done now and not on what lies behind or ahead, we allow no room for “pressure” to accumulate or build up. There are no results for what we must do now. All that matters is what we do right now because the only thing we can do must take place in the moment. We cannot do something yesterday, tomorrow or before or after. We can't redo a moment by reliving it or pre-do a moment such that when the moment comes we don't have to do it because we did it in advance. This must be said again.
Anything that can be done late or early is something that can be done early or late. There are somethings and sometimes when opportunity lingers and provides for us some leeway if life and in sports. It is not possible to predict these opportunities. This brings us to more true statements: (1) about not putting off tomorrow what can be done today and (2) time of the essence (which is always now) is an essence.

It is critical to understand the built-in fixed and variable nature of the universal which is designed to account for our uneven development. Yes, there are some things that should be done now but sometimes we are granted an unknown grace period to get ready and then do what we should have already done. Yes, there are things for which we are already ready for and thus can do ahead of schedule and do. This allows us some room sometimes to go faster in some areas and slower in other areas in our self-development. The fixed and variable nature of Maat is the metaphor mirror image that also applies to all of us as we make life plays and live through sports. In other words, there is no need to be perfect in all ways on every play and every day. We do not hold the Creator to this standard and neither are we held to this standard by the Creator. All we need to do is make connections, corrections and improvements in some way which is exactly what the Creator is doing above as we are doing so below.

Connection, correction and improvement are fundamentally accomplished through increased understanding. Understanding of anything is universally transferable and useful for any and all things we do in life and in sports. If we do nothing else, we must at least seek understanding as steadily as we seek all of our basic spiritual needs. We must practice understanding of everything as we practice anything. All this must be said again: All of us are right where we should be in some areas, ahead in other areas and behind in other areas. These things have not always been that way and will not always be that way in these same areas. They will change with and without our cooperation.
Every moment is a new moment and every moment is now...And now we know because the moment is now.
It is only possible to know now. What will we do now to know now? What must we know now to influence thought processes to influence everything else?

The female is rising. If we are to know anything, we must know this about self. If we are among those who claim to already know self, then we must know history. If we know history then we must have an unadulterated understanding of history before and after the so-called “mysteries.” We know not to base the majority of our mindset on the minority of history. We must know some sense of what genetics, nutrients, Aquaria, the Great Year, the Great Spider, soul and spirit are about. From any one of these knowings, we come to know who that female is who is rising. We know her broadly and specifically, above, below, without and within in her many metamorphosing metaphors.

We know she is the Creator who has nothing to prove in life or sports. If we conceive there is a Creator who is greater and that somehow this world has become corrupted by something or someone lesser and that the Creator is going to set things straight and overcome adversity or at least awaken self-salvation, then we have just conceived the same thing as sports and are able to understand, overstand and innerstand life.

We are becoming what we are capable of by making connections and corrections moment to moment. We are realizing life and sports are about competing against self and no one and nothing else. Yes the referees, fans, rule-makers and other influencers are there but so also is our genius and all formulations it can take. Do not be deceived by the post-modern Giri So analysis of life and sports. Do not be held to the context of the media and the people we know who ask questions as if there is only one right angle and that our performance, lives and sports must fit their analysis and so must our answers, otherwise, woe on us. Any opponent, though odious to our objectives are lesser than the self we were born and destined to be. The opponent is only as great as our weakness.
Other people, individually or collectively are only the opponents we allow them to be. In other words, in the completing of self is the defeating of what works against health. The opponent is our weakness. Weakness is the opponent. The opponent is our elevation of the lower. Understanding self is the key of keys to victory in life and in sports. Those who are continuously growing in the knowing of self, self-expose the self-imposed limitations and transforms them into challenges and then reconfigures, reformulates, reinvents and keeps evolving self based on knowledge rather than information. These are the same people in life and in sports whose achievements benefit the universal collective. They point us towards what is better in relation to what is greater. This is yet another connection and correction we must make. What is better? What is greater?

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