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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, February 29, 2016

Identity: Importance & Impact
Unity Consciousness #617


(Part 2 of 4)

Based on the expanded definition of identity given in Part 1, you have already begun to realize the importance and impact of identity.

Importance & Impact Of Identity

1. Your identity is the context through which you compare, check and filter all other understandings. Everything you understand is colored by every context in your identity. This single reason should be enough to motivate you to learn more about what your identity consists of. Make a list and then study the context(s) behind each aspect of your identity. This process will be self-revealing and healing if you are willing. See Number One Thing You & Everyone Else Must Learn, Unity Consciousness #421

Identity Also...

2. is a basic spiritual need.
3. is part of your nutrition. Without nutrition, the four inseparable aspects of self are too weak to recognize their interconnected interrelationship, thus they do not function as one, even though they are one thing in four dimensions.
4. is a dimension that contains many dimensions. Identity is not one thing, it is composed of many things.
5. strongly determines what you think is your destiny, purpose, dream, career, job.
6. strongly determines how you use your abilities and other resources.
7. impacts your relationship will all other aspects of creation, including humans. Identity also impacts your relationship with the portion of the natural world commonly called nature. How can you live harmoniously with people when you have not learned from natural world examples? Your perception of the Creator, God, the Supreme Being or Highest Power is responsible for this.
8. impacts unity within and without. Many aspects of your identity can't help but be in conflict with each other because they are not consistent with the natural world context. The pieced together components of your identity are not patterned after a balance-seeking system such as the ecosystem. This causes individuals and families and nations to choose values that can't help but contradict each other. This causes individuals and families and nations to be chaotic and eventually fall apart. Feel familiar?
9. is self-esteem.
10. makes you stronger or weaker. Identity is powerful. (This power has been so nullified by lack of proper identity, we are terrified of this power, thus terrified of our true selves.)
11. is the seed from which love emerges. Your understanding of love comes from your understanding of your identity. (7+ Basic Signs Of Insecure Love, Unity Consciousness #335)
12. informs you as to what is best for you or what works against you. This comes from your identity. The decisions you think you are making all the time about what is best for you and what is not is already determined by your identity. All you are doing each time a decision comes up is refer to your identity. The information you quickly and automatically get from your stored identity is then placed into your thought process and the decision is made.
13. determines how you identify other things.
14. determines the ways you will go as you try to find your way to the Heaven of Heavens.

“...when a cultural worldview’s conceptual system is primed with assumptions that limit reality to what the five senses perceive, forces external to an individual can easily be manipulated to define human identity and worth. For example, external characteristics, such as physical appearance, income, position, and education become the basis for measuring human worth. Such externalization not only fosters a sense of insecurity, fearfulness, and alienation, not to mention unbridled materialism, individualism, and competition, but it predisposes individuals to anxiety, depression, addictions, and violence. It also results in the systematic privileging of certain individuals and groups over others by virtue of race, gender, and class.”
Myers, Linda James, & Shinn, David H., "Appreciating Traditional Forms of Healing Conflict in Africa and the World," Black Diaspora Review 2(1) (2010, Fall), p. 4.,

By now I'm sure you've sensed that without the proper identity, you will be short-changed and dysfunctional. But it feels normal in a full-fledged dysfunctional society because its socially acceptable.

Identity Context Not Complex | Expanded Definition
Unity Consciousness #616


(Part 1 of 4)

Expanded Definition Of Identity With Examples

Identity is the nature, essence or characteristic of something.
Identity is both the correct and incorrect description of the nature, essence or characteristic of something.
Identity is how you describe yourself.
Identity is many of the things that follow, “ I am...” or “I am a(n)...”
Identity is many of the things that follow, “You are...” or “You are a(n)...” (That is, only when you accept what someone says you are).

Identity can also be many of the actions you take or don't take. (An early riser or a non-smoker).
Identity can be many of the things you do or don't participate in, practice or observe.
Identity can be an item you use. Either you or others associate the item with you and sometimes even characterize what the item means. (You always dress up and someone says you're a nice dresser and meticulous groomer).
Identity is anything that makes you feel good or bad about yourself.

Identity can be momentary or long-lasting.
The identity of the same thing can be different to different aspects of creation for various reasons such as how an item is used. Is it a TV, a black box, a black eye, an idiot box, a telepathic vision machine, a babysitter, a distraction...
Is it a hollow tree, dead tree or home?
The identity of the same thing can be different when circumstances change or time passes. It is a Christmas tree and now it is food for organisms that turn it into nutrients for plants.
It was accepted as dinner for humans, now it's passed over as leftovers, now refuse (trash), now a shame.

There are a many components that make up your overall identity. Take some time and start keeping a list of the things that identify you.

Identity is also any word, name or designation you accept as who you are. But this is only the surface beginning of what identity is. For instance, what does male really mean? Is it a genetic term or is it a social term or is it something that defines how a person should behave or what the person can or cannot do such as cry, be scared, get cold or not back down from a fight in order to graduate to manhood or any early grave...?
Once you accept words, names, designations and ideas as part of your identity, you then need to find out what they really mean and where they came from. If you don't, you are placing a lot of faith in others to tell you who you are, what to think and how to act.
Even though you might have chosen pieces of your identity, if you still do not define what those pieces mean, or fully understand their meaning, you have still allowed others to give you a preset list of words and meanings. Your identity is confined to their understandings and their intentions instead of your identity being defined by your true and full nature, essence and characteristics as those things relate to the natural created being that you are. Your identity must be based on the intentions of the Creator.
Right now, you must decide to stop allowing the most significant part of your identity to be based on human-created designations that don't reflect what the Creator created which is shown everywhere via mirror images of the natural world. The natural world is the optimal context for identity and it is not complex, thus will never give you an “identity complex.”

Who better to get your identity from than the One who created you? Is there a better place to look than the mirror images of the natural world. Do not look to human-made books that do not reflect understanding of the natural world context that expresses itself constantly everywhere in every way. Please do not get any of your identity from TV. Quadruple check every part of your identity you got from school.

Know Yourself And Know The Natural World Context

The natural world context and know yourself context are the same thing. If you think you know yourself or think you have a clear picture of your identity, yet those understandings are not consciously informed by the natural world, you are in an identity crisis but are just unaware of it.
See Number One Thing You & Everyone Else Must Learn, Unity Consciousness #421

Yet and still you must study yourself free of all the suboptimal contexts that are only able to define and confine you if you give them permission by not understanding what the pieces of your identity really mean.

Context does three very similar things:
It provides the foundation and anchor that connects meaning to something larger or broader.
It identifies the circumstance and situation which allows meaning to maintain its true identity.
It provides a reference point for comparing meaning against current sensory feedback, related meanings and other meanings that may be affected.
"All Ways To Communicate Begin With Definition & Context And So Begins The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 1)"
As you know the natural world better and better, you know yourself better and better and your identity matches who you truly are better and better. You once again become your highest and best as you are divinely defined.

Religious Heaven & Paradise
Unity Consciousness #615


(Part 3 of 3)

For those of Jewish-Christian-Catholic-Islamic or similar persuasions:
How can there be such a place as paradise when:
1. God created heaven and the devil messed that up.
2. God created the Garden of Eden (paradise on Earth), yet still let the devil, who had a criminal background, run loose in paradise, and then both man and woman failed their first test. This man and woman were supposedly perfect being made in the image of God.
3. So how can there be some perfect place somewhere that God has created that will remain perfect when so far God is 0 for 2 in attempts.

Living Life To Get To Religious Heaven

This stage of life, here on Earth in physical form, is not subordinate to the stage of life we aspire to in the Heaven of Heavens. If life on Earth is supposed to be less important than life in “religious heaven”, then that would also mean childhood is less important than adulthood.

Living for the religious version of heaven is like living for the weekend. It a very imbalanced notion of delayed gratification and of life.

For Paradise To Exist, Oneness Must Exist

What makes us think we can go somewhere that is a Beulah Land, Valhalla, Gan-Eden and place of paradise where we can enjoy the pleasures of an afterlife, while at the same time, the world of Earth is imbalanced and creatures are experiencing pain and suffering?

What kind of Ancestors do we have who are in paradise just kicking back while we are kicking each other in the butt?

As long as there is an Imbalanced Heaven anywhere, do you really think the Creator has a carefree mind when the Creator's children are hurting and are prodigal and are lost and trying to find their way home?
If the Creator is not concern-free and is not focused on indulging in the pleasure principle of paradise, then neither can we, in this life or the next.
As long as there is an Imbalanced Heaven anywhere, there is no oneness within the universe and thus, the Heaven of Heavens is also Imbalanced, thus is not in a state of paradise.
The Heaven of Heavens is not only a state of oneness of mind, emotion, spirit and body for creation but also for the Creator.

Do you really think the body is in a carefree place if the foot has cancer. Can the brain be at ease? Can the heart just kick back and live La Vida Loca? Can the cell celebrate after its neighbor begins to mutate? Can trillions of cells live in paradise if one of them has something wrong with it? Paradise never lasts for long when something remains wrong.

There will be no such place as paradise until the Creator has gotten the universal house back in order and in a healthy condition, where the Parent is running the house instead of the children ruining the house.

Think about it. What kind of people are we if we think we can leave the pain and suffering downstairs behind and just go upstairs and live in peace?

In review:
Paradise is a place you create through oneness of mind, emotion, spirit and body.
You can get there without any religions or religious books. You can get there through nature. Nature, that is, in its most comprehensive context.
There is no such thing as going someplace in an afterlife where you can lay your burdens down and troubles are no more. This cannot exist until everyone and everything has returned home to oneness and are thus demonstrating the behavior of oneness.

See also, Defining Saviors, Saviours, Salvation & Deliverance 2, Unity Consciousness #526

Heaven Of Heavens: State Of Oneness Of Mind...
Unity Consciousness #614


(Part 2 of 3)

The heaven we ultimately seek is the Heaven of Heavens – the One Heaven that contains all heavens. This is achievable by becoming one with the Creator.
This process also causes mind, emotion, spirit and body to become one also. This is a simultaneous occurrence within self and with the Creator.
Therefore, another way to think about the Heaven of Heavens we ultimately seek is that it is a state of oneness of mind, emotion, spirit and body.

Reaching Heaven Requires Maturing and Uniting In Understanding

Reaching the Heaven of Heavens (oneness) requires oneness of understanding because the Heaven of Heavens is a dimension of oneness. This is explained in greater detail under topics such as need incentive, destiny, evolution, the way, challenge and understanding. Do not expect to snatch enough understanding to provide sufficient nutrition to heal thought processes and lead you in all the ways you must travel. This would be unreasonable and would be like expecting to maintain health by always grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Since we know heavens are everywhere and all of these heavens are within the Heaven of Heavens and that life is a continuous circular spiritual journey, then we also know the Heaven of Heavens is not about a physical place but rather it is about a way of living by understanding and evolving and living by understanding and evolving...

Natural World Context

There is no avoiding the natural world context. We cannot skip over the natural world and get to the Heaven of Heavens.

We must increase our understanding of the natural world of all sciences if we ever intend to make it back to the Heaven of Heavens. Everything in existence is the natural world. If we do nothing else in this lifetime, we must get more understanding of the natural world because that's all there is to do because the natural world is all there is. The Creator is the natural world.

Know Yourself As Natural World

Since the Heaven of Heavens is a state of oneness of mind, emotion, spirit and body, this means the way to the Heaven of Heavens is inside self and through self because the Heaven of Heavens is inside self which means the natural world is within also.

In a state of oneness of mind, emotion, body and spirit, we become the Creator because we have become one with the Creator in oneness. There is no difference because there is no separation in understanding. When this exists we become the Heaven of Heavens and can transform the natural world into the Balanced Heaven it should be.

Understand The Holy Book

The holy book of the Creator is the natural world – above, below, within, without and all around us on all sides at every angle. The natural world is our cocoon where we are supposed to go through metamorphosis fueled by understanding.
Everything is written everywhere in this universe called the natural world.

In review:
The Creator, the Heaven of Heavens, paradise, becoming one with the Creator and complete knowledge of self are all the same things and the same place – a state of oneness of mind, emotion, spirit and body.
Becoming one within self is both our ticket and the way to the Heaven of Heavens (oneness with the Creator).

One of the many heavens is “here on Earth” as sung by Tracy Chapman. It also touches upon the notion of state of mind (consciousness).

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Heaven Is What & Where? | Meanings & Expanded Definition
Unity Consciousness #613


(Part 1 of 3)

Basic Meaning Of Heaven

Heaven means dimension.
A heaven is a dimension.
This means everywhere there is a dimension, there is a heaven.

Dimensions are circular.
This means heaven is not just above. Heaven is also below and all around on all sides – like a circle.
Every dimension is this way and every heaven is this way.
The circle of life and the cycle of life attest to this through their many mirror images.

What You Must Always Remember

All ideas, philosophies, definitions, meanings and words used by humans are humans attempting to describe the natural world around them and within them. They are attempting to describe what is going on in humans, other creations, Earth, Universe and the Creator. Humans are attempting to explain science – which is what everything is.
Don't become stagnant, frozen and stuck on one idea, philosophy, definition, meaning or word.

What Heaven Does Not Exclusively Mean

A carefree place of perfection where you go when you physically die to get rewarded where there is no more worry and no more tears and a river running through it and a tree of life and so on.

Where The Religious Meaning Of Heaven Comes From

When a dimension is in balance, it is in harmony and is a healthy place. Living in a dimension like this feels good and it is under these conditions we experience what we call “heaven” in the religious sense. We are correct in calling it heaven because it was already heaven. To be less confusing, a balanced dimension will be called, Balanced Heaven.

When a dimension is imbalanced, it is in disharmony and is an unhealthy place. Living in a dimension like this feels bad and it is under these condition we experience what we call “hell” in the religious sense. It is not recommended to call this place hell because it is still a dimension, thus it is still a heaven. To be less confusing, an imbalanced dimension will be called, Imbalanced Heaven.

In Our Bodies Are Many Heavens

Cells are dimensions. Cells are heavens.
Healthy cells make us feel good, like “religious heaven,” but this is simply because that cell is heaven and is in balance. A healthy cell is Balanced Heaven.

Unhealthy cells make us feel bad, like “religious hell,” but this is simply because that cell is heaven and is imbalanced. An unhealthy cell is Imbalanced Heaven.

The Creator Lives In Heaven

Doesn't the Creator live in heaven?
Isn't the Creator everywhere?
Doesn't this make everywhere, heaven?
It does because the Creator's presence is in everything and in every place.
Heaven is above, below, without and within.
The Creator is the universe and the universe is heaven.

There is One Heaven (Dimension) and One Creator.
This One Creator took that One Heaven and created Many Heavens within the One Heaven.
So now, for clarity's sake, the One Heaven is called the Heaven of Heavens. All other heavens (dimensions) are called heaven.

More Heavens

See keyword dimension.
Earth is heaven.
Each womb is heaven.
Every nucleus is heaven.
There are many heavens inside each person and inside all other creations.
There are many heavens outside each person and outside all other creations.
Some of these heavens (dimensions) are Balanced Heavens and some are Imbalanced Heavens.

Jewish-Christian-Catholic-Islamic bibles state heaven was in balance and then an angel went rogue, upset the apple cart and heaven was imbalanced. The story states the offending angel was thrown out of heaven and into hell. Truth is, that angel was only sent to another part of heaven – the heaven below – quarantined, so to speak, in another part of heaven.

In review:
Every dimension is a heaven.
The fact that a place is heaven does not depend on the conditions existing within the place.
The conditions within each heaven simply makes the heaven either a Balanced Heaven or an Imbalanced Heaven.
The word heaven has been almost completely misused. The religious meaning has been narrowed and limited to mean one place when heaven means many places (dimensions).
The Devil still lives in heaven.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stagnation Devolves, Deteriorates & Mutates Understandings
Unity Consciousness #612


Life requires motion. Motion is necessary so processes can take place. Process is necessary so change can take place. Change is necessary so creation can take place and so transformation of spirit and matter can take place.
The universe is in motion and so is everything in it.
This means the Creator is in motion.
The Creator must stay in motion in order to mature, unite, transform self, evolve and continue living, stay in balance and regain balance. So must we.

Stagnation Kills

When any form of life remains in a stage longer than it should, that life becomes stagnant. Stagnation is stage-nation. It means being stuck in one stage (dimension) due to a lack of motion. Stagnation kills.
When understanding is not increasing, understanding begins decreasing because everyone and everything is changing and so must understanding in order to help created beings keep pace and transcend beyond. When this does not happen, the life form begins to devolve.
Devolution is a stage of increasing darkness as opposed to the increasing light of understanding. Devolving leads to a Dark Age of misunderstanding because understanding previously acquired is no longer in sync with the current nature of the universe because understanding has not been updated. As a result, self-correction is missing in action.

Understanding is nutrition. Understanding feeds life. In the same manner physical food must be eaten on a regular basis, so must living beings get understanding on a regular basis.
Without nutrition, not only does life and understanding stagnate and devolve, part of the process includes deterioration and mutation.

Main Reason Many Of Us Stagnate

We stop maturing and becoming united in knowledge of self. This starts from our belief in a contexture that does not coincide with the mirror images of the natural world, Earth, universe or self. Several components of our contexture do not compute and we can sense it, yet we carry on carrying around contradictions that weigh us down from the way we should be growing. Sooner or later we get tired, slow down and stop trying to get to know ourselves better and so we stagnate even as we are doing a bunch of other things.

As a result, we stop understanding self because we have not been taught that self is the main thing we must understand.
As a result, understandings that were once appropriate for a certain level of development are no longer sufficient to keep us maturing, becoming more united or maintaining the unity thus far achieved.

Without continued understandings, we suffer just as we would if we kept breathing the same closed in air for months and years.

Without continued understandings, we suffer just as we would if we kept breathing the same closed in air for months and years.

Stagnation is also what happens when understanding is frozen in place. No input accepted. No thought processes available. Something has hogged system resources to the point that nothing else can happen except just keeping the lights on or shutting down our CPU brain completely or shutting down some programs. Though warning signs abound, we only do enough to get temporarily unstuck and don't even bother with running an error-checking program or malicious software program. We continue to allow all sorts of media onto our hard drive without prior or post analysis.
Being mind-centered doesn't help either. It only adds to our stuck-to-it-tiveness.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Understanding Why Death & Birth Do Not Exist
Unity Consciousness #611


Part 3 of 3

How Do Death & Birth Transitions Facilitate Understanding?

Moving between dimensions and through dimensions allows us to encounter and experience many of the conditions specific to each dimension. This is necessary because the understanding we need in order to be one with the Creator is separated into dimensions.

One of the cardinal principles reminds us that “to know life we must know death...”
I suspect this means we must know transition into this dimension (birth), transition through this dimension (life) and transition out of this dimension (death), each of which is a transition rather than a beginning or ending.

Since life's spiritual journey is continuous, we must and will continue between dimensions even if we do not gain additional understanding. We must move on.
If there is such as thing as a beginning to life and an ending to life, we know the earliest point of our beginning, began at One; therefore, the earliest possible time when our life could end would be right back at One. None of us will die before we make it back to One. Knowing this, we might as well get on with understanding.
If we do not continue gaining understanding life will not get better, it will get worse. This must be so because the changing nature of our fundamental condition provides a need incentive to get better.

If we do gain understanding, we will evolve and experience life under a different set of conditions and continue life's spiritual journey.

Spiritual life must be the focus of this portion of the journey. It is the highest context and most optimal focus.

There is no escaping life. There is no taking of life. Only the One who brings life into existence can take life out of existence. As we expand our understanding of life and existence, we begin to realize that Earthly life is a small portion of the journey and regardless of what takes place here, we will all transition into another dimension better or worse off according to our stewardship of the resources available to us and according to the understanding we still need and the understanding we already have.

Even right down to the last created being, even if that being is the last one to wake and the last one to make it home, the homecoming for that being will take place no matter what it takes for the conspiring universe to ensure it happens. It is in the universal best interest of every life that everyone finds their way back home. So we can move on creating different worlds using the understandings from fundamental lessons, especially knowing that a lack of understanding anywhere is a threat to understanding everywhere, thus also a threat to the eternalness of our spiritual lives.

Ashe, Heka, Hiao Nun/Ptah/Atum-Ra, Sš3t (Seshat)/Tšw8t (Tehuti), Nsamanfo, Asante Sana

Understanding Why Death & Birth Do Not Exist
Unity Consciousness #610


Part 2 of 3

Continuing Through Death & Birth

Death does not exist because death is a transition.
Death is a transition just as birth is a transition and growth is a bunch of transitions and Creation is a transition.
Furthermore, death does not exist because life in physical form is merely a transition for the spirit as it goes through an evolutionary process.
Death and birth are stages in the process of life's spiritual journey. Death and birth are continuations of spirit life.

Rainbow Mirror Image

We perceive a rainbow as a half circle.
The more complete understanding is that a rainbow is a whole circle.
The part we see is the portion of life's journey taking place in this physical dimension. The part we don't see is the portion of life's journey that takes place before birth and after death in other dimensions.
A rainbow is brought into our awareness due to a set of conditions. Where was it before? Was it there, just beyond our awareness? Was most of it there and a final change made it easily visible? Why does a rainbow appear in the location it does? When one rainbow shows up, why not many rainbows all over the place? Why are rainbows shaped like that all the time?

Now that we've loosened up our thinking, we can again consider the thought of a rainbow being a whole circle.
Is it not possible that the other half of the rainbow exists in another dimension of awareness?
Why would a rainbow be shaped the way it is all the time in a half circle if that half circle is the whole story?
A rainbow is a circle and that circle is a mirror image of how understanding affects our ability to perceive the whole of what exists, including life that exists before physical birth and after physical death.
First we perceive nothing exists, then a rainbow appears and shows us something more exists, but the rainbow does not show us everything, the rainbow is giving us a clue and encouraging us and stimulating our thought processes to understand the rainbow further by communing with it and meditating and mixing metaphors.

Egg & Sperm Mirror Image

We now understand that, immediately after union of egg and sperm, a child begins to form, thus the child is born.
Now that we've gained additional understanding, we know the child's life already existed in two parts as egg and sperm.
If the child's life is not already in egg and sperm then where does it come from if egg and sperm are lifeless as it pertains to the life that becomes the child? This means a child is born before a child is formed and before a child is conceived and before the male and female ever meet each other.
From our discussion above and in Part 1, we know egg and sperm do not die when they merge. They are transformed as they transition into a life in a new form.
By now our thought processes and critical analysis portions should be in high gear. We should be realizing that the life that becomes a child begins even before egg and sperm are formed. Life begins in living nutrients (elements). Life begins before that as spirit before it became matter.

A baby is not a new life. A baby is a new combination of pre-existing life.
At a minimum, life began in the womb of the Creator.
Every time life makes a transition from one dimension to another, both birth and death take place but birth and death does not mean the beginning and ending of life. Birth and death mean the beginning and ending of a phase of understanding.

What humans call wombs and tombs are both the same things and are also the same things as a cocoon.
For example, Earth is a womb, cocoon and tomb – three in one.

Redefining Cocoons, Wombs & Tombs, Unity Consciousness #123
Possibilities Lead To Faith & Belief And Metaphors, Unity Consciousness #462

Birth is a transition into a dimension and death is a transition out of a dimension. Thus, birth and death always happen together.

Spring Mirror Image

Spring comes into existence and goes out of existence; appears and disappears.
We instinctively know Spring is a form of environmental change just as is Winter, Fall and Summer are.
We know seasons change (transition and transform).
We know a season is not born and a season does not die.
We know the seasons are part of the continuous life processes of the environment.
And even though each year, there is a new set of seasons, we know that all the seasons are all transitions of each other and of something that started long ago. We know seasons do not start over fresh this year with a brand new Spring and does not end with a old dead worn out Winter.
We have better sense than that and need to apply the mirror image to ourselves because we are also environmental components. Yes, just as we are influenced by the seasons, we influence the seasons just as that butterfly in the Amazon flapping its wings does.

Plant Mirror Image

Does the life within a plant die when we eat it? No.
Plant life continues on as it merges with our life.

Does a plant's life die when we cut the plant down and leave it on the ground? No.
Plant life continues as it breaks down into elemental matter and merges with earth life, air life, water life and sun life.
Plants, like all creation, de-compose into the forms of matter they are composed of but the life is not decomposed.

Seed Mirror Image

The life of a plant does not begin upon seed germination. The life is already in the seed. We also know the life of the seed does not end or die when the plant emerges. The life of the seed made a transition into another form as a plant. Life was not born and life did not die. Life made yet another transition in its continuous circular spiritual journey.

Ashe, Heka, Hiao Nun/Ptah/Atum-Ra, Sš3t (Seshat)/Tšw8t (Tehuti), Nsamanfo, Asante Sana

Understanding Why Death & Birth Do Not Exist
Unity Consciousness #609


Part 1 of 3

Beginning By Understanding Life

Life is a spiritual journey through dimensions of understanding.
This spiritual journey is circular, not linear.
It is a return journey home to oneness of understanding.

Life is a spiritual journey from One understanding to Many understandings and then again to One understanding, which is where we were before we came to this Earthly place of not fully understanding. This process brings about evolution. Evolution and understanding are the need incentive and destiny for each and every being in the universe.

The Living Spirit (Supreme Being) transformed its spiritual nature into matter (physical). This created the twin pairing of spirit and matter. We call this Creation.
Matter is the physical portion of the universe and the physical portion of us. Matter is for the purpose of creating dimensions so the spiritual nature can gain understanding through different forms of itself. Are we not spirit beings?

Based on the enormity of the achievable task to gain all understandings and based on current life spans of the human body, it is unlikely a human could or can obtain all understandings and make it all the way back home in a single physical lifetime.

All knowledge in our possession and awareness tells us then, that life must be continuous. Life must be something that transcends dimensions of matter. Life does not start or stop when matter takes form or changes form.
Knowing this, then we also know that the spiritual journey of our lives must take place over many lifetimes. It must take place over as many lifetimes as necessary for each being to make it back home. This must be so.
If every being did not make it back home to one understanding, then the evolution of the Creator would remain incomplete because understanding would be incomplete in the universe.
Consider this: if a human cannot gain all understanding in one lifetime and then every human had to start over from scratch on their own each time a human was “born,” then no one would ever make it back home to one understanding. In addition, if humans could not pass on every bit of their understanding, then, when a human 'died,” understanding would be lost and humanity would have to wait until someone else gained the understanding and passed it on while they were “alive.” None of this can be what is happening.
From this then, we now know that life transcends the physical and continues beyond the physical and also must be continuous in order for understanding to accumulate into one understanding. Understand builds and grows over many lifetimes. Spirit is the steward for understanding as understanding builds and grows. This same spirit life accompanies that understanding through many lifetimes and forms (dimensions) of matter until all understanding is completed and the spirit life becomes one with the Creator.

Life cannot begin when a person is physically born and life cannot end when a person physically dies.
Life is not generated by matter. Life is not animated by matter.
Life must begin and end when the spiritual begins and ends.

Matter is a symbiotic host for spirit. Matter provides a vehicle and means for gaining understanding.
Life is spirit.
Spirit makes matter possible. Matter does not make spirit possible.
Spirit is and was, with or without matter.
Thus, life exists exclusive of matter and inclusive of matter.

Right now, we don't need to know when the spiritual began or when, or if, the spiritual will end.
All we need to understand is that life began before the physical began and life will remain after the physical ends because life is spirit and spirit remains.

Before and after the human body exists, life exists and persists.

Even if the whole world ended and ceased to exist in its current physical form and was no longer a planet, none of the life within Earth would cease to exist because all life within Earth existed before Earth.

If matter (physical stuff) can continue on and on through many forms and be recycled and still be considered matter, then how much more so can life, that is spirit, continue on and on, through many forms of itself and be considered life?

Life is a continuous circular spiritual journey. All of us have lived before many times and will continue to live many more times.
This is why many people, such as Marcus Garvey said, they will return.
Through it all, we are gifted more opportunities to gain understanding to help us return home to oneness of understanding. This is the savior, salvation and saving grace of life and existence. - life itself and understanding life.

Note: Be certain to understand, that even though humans are spoken of, this pertains to all life and all creation.

Ashe, Heka, Hiao Nun/Ptah/Atum-Ra, Sš3t (Seshat)/Tšw8t (Tehuti), Nsamanfo, Asante Sana

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Collision, Of Course | Poem
Unity Consciousness #608


Collision, Of Course

by Ancestors through Usiku

Every decision is a head on spiritual collision
Context division informs every mistake
Though another collision is taking shape
I'm not changing from this well-worn place
Context revision I must finally face
A collision, of course, is the way to escape

Understanding Why Pain & Suffering Is Necessary
Unity Consciousness #607


Pain and suffering is part of the:
1. balance-related and need incentive-related universal karma, and are also part of the
2. imbalance-related and need incentive-related universal karma.

In other words, pain and suffering take place whether or not the twin power relationship is in balance. Pain and suffering take place because understanding and the manifestation of that understanding still need to take place.

Pain and suffering is part of the mix of causes and effects called universal karma that helps create different forms of challenge problems which require the maturation and unification of the Creator's understanding in order to re-solve.
Pain and suffering is built into the universal ecosystem equation. The Creator intended for there to be pain and suffering in the universe for the same reason the Creator intended for there to be joy and pleasure.

Pain and suffering can be understood through the mirror image of the human body.
In a healthy body (a body in balance), pain and suffering still occur.
Cells and their components experience pain and suffering that the human CPU brain is not always aware of. Cells and their components are constantly dealing with challenge problems and re-solving them within the cell. There is no need for the CPU brain to know because the cellular brain has taken care of it. If the CPU brain was always aware of every instance of pain and suffering on every level, the CPU brain and nervous system would be constantly clogged and bogged down with feedback from trillions of cells daily as they come into and out of existence and identify problems and re-solve them. There would be no computing power available to do free-will-directed voluntary tasks or monitor and manage the overall body.

How Does Pain Facilitate Understanding?

Pain is the signal that alerts the CPU brain and other parts of the body that damage or threat is present and/or imminent.
In response, two overall things happen:
1. automatic body responses go into action such as the immune system, surrounding cells and other organs in response to the signals they are receiving.
2. voluntary body responses can now take place according to what the CPU brain decides.

If there was no pain signal, neither the CPU brain nor other parts of the body would have the opportunity to make adjustments to assist in re-solving what is causing the pain. The CPU brain and other parts of the body would not have the opportunity to gain further understanding of what interrelated and interconnected means. They would not understand how to work together for the higher good.
Instead, the body would mistakenly and fatally have the same belief prevalent among humans of “That doesn't have anything to do with me.” “Someone else's pain and suffering has nothing to do with me.” Question: “What does the pain of a tree have to do with me?” One Answer: You share the same body you both need. In fact, each of you are parts of the body.

When other portions of the body become aware of pain and suffering going on elsewhere or humans become aware of the pain and suffering of others, there is opportunity to understand that pain and suffering anywhere in the body is a threat to joy and pleasure everywhere in the body.
This must be properly understood.
Just because the CPU brain is not aware of a lot of pain and suffering going on in the body doesn't mean it is not in the best interests of the CPU brain to do what it can to ensure the conditions exist that will assist the automatic response systems of the body so they can do what they need to do as the CPU brain does what it chooses to do. This understanding helps us get to the root, bottom, foundation and heart of the matter of what it really means to “make a living for yourself.”

Yes, pain and suffering is necessary, however the lengthy time frame that it exists is not always necessary if we would simply get the understanding necessary to re-solve the challenge problem.
Yes, pain and suffering is necessary, however, some forms of pain and suffering are not necessary if we would simply get the understanding necessary to deal with “small” pains and sufferings before they developed into “larger” pains and sufferings.

This is what we have been experiencing as humans. Pain and suffering have gone on for too long and in too many ways due to our lack of understanding and/or not putting that understanding to work with our genetic potential so it manifests physically. This has spread to other creatures, organisms, molecules, atoms, elements and to Earth. Though Earth has tried, Earth cannot re-solve this on its own. Earth has sent the signal into the universe. This is why climate is changing. This is why meteors are closing in. Other parts of the universe are adjusting to assist Earth. Also, the Creator is being persistent, then patient in deciding what additional measures must be taken to assist the universal ecosystem.

In humans, pain and suffering is not so much about the cells, as it is about the entire human organism. In the universe, pain and suffering is not so much about humans and other lifeforms as it is about the entire Creator.
Life and existence is ultimately about the Creator. Creation and you and me are conduits for the understanding that the Creator needs in order to fulfill the evolution of the Creator.

Pain and suffering is a necessary component of the totality of being. Even so, pain and suffering is both fixed in some ways and variable in other ways.

There is pain and suffering we can do something about and pain and suffering we can't do anything about.
There is pain and suffering we should be aware of but are not. For instance, many of us are not aware of the pain and suffering experienced by other animals, plants and Earth. Finally, now however, we are becoming aware of the deeper dimension of pain and suffering taking place in our own bodies. Know your body, know all else.
Pain and suffering is part of the feedback loop and process that returns understanding to the body of organisms and to the Supreme Organism - the Creator.
There are two times when the greatest pain and suffering occurs; in the transition from health to sickness and
in the transition from sickness to health.

In other words, the greatest pain and suffering occurs as the balance of twin power is changing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Optimal Power: Balanced Understanding Of Twin Powers
Unity Consciousness #606


Optimal functioning, thus optimal living, requires balance. This balance is the fundamental balance within the twin power relationship.

As discussed elsewhere, imbalance is caused by the lack of understanding.
As mutual understanding of each other is lost, the twin power relationship is impaired and begins to function without adequately counterbalancing each other. This creates challenges.
Challenges are resolved by gaining, repairing and restoring understanding.
Since balance is a pairing process, re-balancing is a re-pairing process.
The twin power relationship is repaired with understanding.

A balanced person has balanced understanding of the twin power relationship operating within and without and takes steps to support this relationship with continuous understanding of every twin pairing form of the twin power relationship.

In the dimension above, Ogo/Yurugu became impatient for the understanding necessary to use his power. He began to discriminate and manipulate without his female twin. Likewise, in the dimension below, some Africans in Africa became impatient for their turn in birthright to be the headpiece for the power behind the family and communal throne. The males deposed each other and their female twin (mothers and sisters included). The female authority, conscience and wisdom became a secondary consideration or not at all rather than sought after as a primary balance in family and communal affairs. In addition to losing their female understanding, Africans began to lose Ancestral understanding. This added another layer of problems to an already growing list. Among this list was empire building and the loss of spirituality in exchange for superficiality of religion which helped facilitate immature and disuniting thinking such as all types of racism, including racism based on skin color.

Twin power relationship imbalance within and without each person has caused all the problems we are experiencing today, yet the problems are actually symptoms of the main challenge - the lack of understanding.

Now for a brief, but more detailed, example as it relates to the female twin and understanding of the female.
The removal of the female from her rightful place in the affairs of human beings, is equivalent to losing the spirit portion of the spirit/matter relationship. Matter cannot exist without spirit. Spirit formed matter. Matter did not form spirit. All matter contains spirit because all matter is a form of spirit.
The loss of the female voice has resulted in males focusing more on the physical without the counterbalancing effects of the spiritual. Thus we can review problem after problem and find this to be true, especially the mentality of “let's go and take what we want so we don't have to wait and create it ourselves”(knowledge, resources, wealth, history).
Another way to summarize the effects of losing the twin power female/male twin pairing understanding and balance is this: Humans do not enjoy the full use of their rights because humans do not make full use of their lefts.
Females are representative of the left side.
Females are not in their rightful place on the left to balance out the spiritual twin power relationship. Females and males use their power but not in balancing conjunction. The sexes battle rather than balance. Understanding of self is still the solution.

The Expansive Twin Power Relationship
Unity Consciousness #605


We've reached the point beyond, Reintroduction To The Spirit Relationship, Spirit Know Thy Self To Exit The Matrix and Key Definitions | What Is Science. We have also come back around to the Ten Cardinal Principles of Deep African Thought. Revisiting information is required to fully understand it. Reviewing information allows for the gleaning of more understanding due to the additional experience and study that has taken place since the last review. This allows another opportunity to update current conclusions and decisions.

As Initiates, we are obtaining a fuller understanding of what it means that everything is one spirit divided into two forces. These two forces are given many names such as higher/lower, energy/matter, kinetic/potential, good/evil, God/Devil, Supreme Being/Ogo, female/male, infinity/finity, revealed/hidden, visible/invisible, strong/weak, black/white, truth/lie, electron/proton, air/moisture, earth/sky, restore/destroy, compose/decompose, positive/negative, life birth/death, health/sickness, melanin/chlorophyll, conscience/ego, producer/consumer, optimal/suboptimal, helpful/harmful, love/hate, give/take, desirable/undesirable, necessary/unnecessary, beneficial/non-beneficial, strengthening/weakening, useful/not useful, healing/killing, healthy/unhealthy just/unjust, spirituality/religion, nutrition/toxin, DNA/RNA, hot/cold, natural/unnatural, logical/ill-logical, sane/insane, proper/improper, advantageous/disadvantageous, complete/incomplete, family oriented/family disoriented, unified/fragmented, collective/individual, friend/foe, knowledge/information, dominant/recessive, yin/yang, angel/demon, abundance/scarcity, correct/incorrect, altruism/avarice, blessing/sacrifice, hope/despair, human being/human, civilized/socialized, stable/unstable, civilization/society, undeveloped/developed, equal/unequal, superior/inferior, winning/losing, left/right, happy/sad, bliss/terror, pleasure/pain, virtue/vice, fair/unfair, right/wrong, rights/privileges, true/false, peace/war, new/old, first/last, primary/secondary, 0/1, balanced/imbalanced, light/darkness, power/understanding, fixed/variable, night/day, condensed/expansive, One/Many, singular/plural, unspoken/spoken, security/insecurity, certainty/uncertainty, science/science fiction...

There are many more names we give these two forces. Though this list is long, this list contains only one set of twin forces (power) that manifests itself in many ways. Out of One comes Many. This is a basic context for what Creation is. Out of One Creator comes Many Creations. Out of one twin power relationship comes many twin pairings.

Thus, because out of one comes many is necessary for this iteration of Creation, so also then, one twin power relationship in many forms is necessary during this iteration of Creation. Creation was created using the twin power relationship already existing in the One. The One Creator separated the twin relationship within self by extension into another dimension in order to continue creating Creation. The twin power relationship is a core condition necessary so the Creator can remain on an eternal evolutionary trajectory. So it is also for us, who are mirror images.**
Now for a little more about the twin power relationship. These two twin forces are necessary in order to help the Creator as One, evolve through the process of overcoming challenges. Understanding aids in the overcoming of challenges because challenges exist due to imbalance due to the absence of understanding. This lack of understanding causes the twin power relationship to function antagonistically self-destructively rather than complementary self-constructively. As understanding is obtained, maturity* takes place and balance is restored resulting in re-unification within self, resulting in evolution.***
This understanding has been foretold in our genetic code by the Ancestral Cardinal Principle which states:
Learn to be free from resentment under the experience of wrong.
We must not judge by appearances, rather, we must look beyond appearances. Looking with only the physical eye, it may appear the universe is not just. The universe is governed by the law of opposites, and all life processes are conducted based on the principle of duality. In other words, in order to know good, we must also know what is not quite as good. To know life, we must know death, to know male, we must know female and so on. When challenges, which may involve struggle or sacrifice, come, we must not be resentful, but consider them as special opportunities for the exact growth we need to achieve mastery and the highest good.
So, again, as we can now begin to understand, the twin power relationship is one where we may prefer one or the other, but both are necessary. Understanding how to navigate experiencing the effects of both sides of the relationship, is part of the challenge to consciousness and becoming one with the Creator who is both twin powers.

*Maturity is the optimal use of power. Power is the manipulation of resources. Optimal requires unifying understanding of self in order to satisfy the need incentive(s).
**Because Creation exists as many forms of the Creator. Each creation is a mirror for all other creations. Everything reflects everything. In order for something to be a mirror, it must reflect what is before it. Reflection cannot take place unless the mirror and that which is before it share the same essence. That which shares the same essence must also share the same evolution because essence is one thing only, thus there is only one evolution and one Creator. Everything else is a form of this Oneness.

***Thus, the absence of understanding is a necessary condition for this iteration of Creation. Also necessary is the means to regain understanding and grow in understanding of what happens due to the lack of understanding and how to overcome all resulting challenges, adversities and obstacles coursing through the universe such that oneness with everything in Creation is again achieved – not just humans with humans and humans with the Creator but everything with everything.

Expanded Definition | Bi-Polar Thoughts, Normal Behaviors

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Standing In The Back Of The Natural Resource Line
Unity Consciousness #604


Money is simply a means of exchange for goods and services.

Whoever does not yet understand natural resources are a basic need has not yet grown up.
Why would we place our need for basic needs into the hands of other people, especially those who cannot be trusted to do right by the ecosystem, the only place from which these natural resources can be obtained?

Why not just go directly to the Earth and get what we need?
Are we still not capable of using the natural resources of self and the natural resources of Earth to secure basic needs?
Who is more developed, those who do or those who don't?
Who is better off?
When we exchange our personal natural resources for money and forgo the ability to use them to secure our basic needs, we are choosing to stand in the back of the natural resource line.

Natural resources are primary creation and are of primary consideration constantly every day.
As plain as this fact is, we still miss the point by a wide margin.
We miss the point of joining our natural resource abilities with the natural resource abilities of Earth to take care of ourselves.

We don't have land or we don't use it for food. We don't have our own water and we don't make our own clothing and we have no means of heating and cooking and obtaining shelter except via money.

But never mind all that because we have money. And there's a human-made system set up that is ill-fittingly superimposed on the Creator-made ecosystem. All we have to do is step out of the back of the line (feeling intelligent and free) and go to someone ahead of us who has a job and who will give us money in exchange for our natural resource abilities so we can then take that money and go to someone else in front of us and get the natural resource abilities of Earth we need. This is why we are in such constant distress about money. If we at least had some land and water, when money was short, we could at least walk right outside and get resources from our own land. However, when we choose to stand in the back of the natural resource line, money is our only option.

There is no one behind us in the natural resource line except our children. We lie to Ancestors, to ourselves and to our children by teaching our children to remain with us in the back of the line because that's how you get a better life – choosing a subordinate rank to give thanks for making bank while being a have who has not because we can't risk losing our position at the flank.

Every person we rely on for a product or service or job or utilities, is, in turn, relying on natural resources from us and Earth in order to provide those same things to us via the money route.

Why not move to the front of the natural resource line where we belong, where there is nothing between our natural resource abilities and the natural resource abilities of Earth?

Slow down for a minute from making a living and consider this:
No one who has direct access to the natural resource abilities of Earth is going to pass natural resources to the back of the line when the terminally-ill economic systems of most countries break down completely and/or when climate change catches up with our lackadaisical, crisis-inviting nature. It won't happen. No, not even from the mythical savior-esque, calvary-colored government. Faith, hope and trust in others will not cause them to return the favor. All services, including water, will stop flowing immediately. Why? Because all services are money-driven and no one will go to work because money will be worthless as a means of exchange for goods and services but not worthless as kindling, soil amendment and toilet paper.

Both Earth and the money system have been telling us for several generations, what time it is.
It's past time to have some self-respect and create our own lines, individually and communally, starting from the ground up and from the within to the without so we can make a living with what the Creator gave us so then we can be about destiny.

Money is not a basic need. Every genius who knows their genius, knows this.

How many degrees of separation are there between us and each natural resource we need?
One is too many unless we are certain every person/business between us and a basic need will be there for us through thick and thin, money or not and will barter with us, when that's all there is. Even if they will barter, what will we exchange? If we think our labor will be valuable think again? There will be an overabundance of labor and a shortage of resources being transformed into basic needs. For the few who might be able to find work, an hour's work will be valued at far less than minimum wage.

In review:
The many problems most of face when attempting to satisfy basic needs is not due to a job or money or lack of natural resources or the lack of the means and understanding to transform natural resources into what we need. None of these things are the problem. The problem is a contexture problem. Our contexture problem stems from the source of all our problems – which aspect of spirit (twin power) we continue to choose to follow. We ignore the truism, “insanity is expecting different results while doing the same thing.” We mistakenly think we are doing things differently but are not doing so fundamentally at the foundation of what life and existence is all about and what drives and determines all life processes.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Why Computers & Brains Freeze & The Remedy
Unity Consciousness #603


1. Information (data and instructions) fragmentation. This is made worse when connection to the information is missing or damaged (broken link). This is also made worse when there is not enough nutrition power energy to gather and process the information while also simultaneously taking care of all other demands on system resources.

2. Information corruption (miseducation).

3. Fast-spreading virus (ideology) steals understanding and resources (daily energy and other natural resources).

4. Physical malfunctions (hardware problems).

5. Defective programs (software problems).

6. Context, configuration and settings do not match operating system due to user errors and installation errors by technicians (family)).

7. Computer brain does not have enough information to work with to perform the requested and required tasks.

8. Computer brain does not have enough processing powers (nutritions). This is also due to the virus using system resources.

9. Information in one portion of the brain conflicts with information in another portion. This is a contexture conflict. Freezing only happens until the contradiction can be justified.

10. The computer brain has not been updated to perform optimally (understanding has ceased).

11. Fear and pain cause freezes.

12. Human brain freezes are always inclusive of cellular malfunction in portions of the body outside the head. In the same manner, computer freezes are also caused by malfunctions of drivers and other hardware that communicate with the central processor (brain).

13. When a computer freezes, logic is suspended. Same for a brain. The person suspends logic and just keeps on living. The multi-pronged process approach to unfreeze a human-made computer and get it back to functioning as intended is fundamentally the same to restore a Creator-made brain to optimal condition. Brain and computer are metaphors of each other. Understanding just has to be translated from one dimension to the next.

One portion of the remedy is to shut down the computer brain as much as possible by stopping unnecessary programs from running (get more rest and free space and nutrition and avoid toxins) and run diagnostics (self-inspection by comparing self to natural world context). When necessary, use system restore to return the brain computer to its last known good configuration. This may require going back a long ways.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

How Much Of Earth Is Covered By Water?
Unity Consciousness #602


We are told Earth is partially covered by water, somewhere between two-thirds to three-fourth's so.
This is one way to answer the question.
This method relies on estimation and fragmentation.

Here's another way to answer and understand the question.
Earth is partially covered by water, totally covered by land, totally covered by air and totally covered by outer space.
This method relies on synthesis, unity consciousness and the basic 6 ways of knowing.
The difference among each of these answers and also the generally-accepted answer above is what “top” is considered to be.

Reviewing the answers:
1. By water partially. Top is considered somewhere close to the flat portion of land where water meets land. Hills and mountains, though they rise above water, are not considered the top.

2. By water partially. Top is considered the current level that is close to the level of land. Top is also considered below the level of land (underground there is water and beneath that water, there is more Earth). Top is also considered in the air, which contains water.

3. By land totally. Land is everywhere, at ground level, underground and under above ground water and under underground water.

4. By air totally. Top is considered above both land and above ground water.

5. By outer space totally. Top is considered that which surrounds Earth. This means Earth is also covered by the galaxy, the universe and the Creator.

6. Simultaneously by water, land, air, intergalactic space, galaxy, universe and the Creator. Earth has many dimensions and exists in many dimensions. In these dimensions, different things are on top.

Everything Unknown Remains Hidden In Plain Sight
Unity Consciousness #601


By now, most of us know that sight can be seen with more than meets physical eyes called eyes.
There are many ways to see and many levels for each way of seeing.
All of the senses are eyes. Each sense can see things in a different way.
Sight is a graduating process.
The basic level of sight is plain sight
The basic level of every way and every level becomes plain sight once we reach that level.
This means the pinnacle of one level is the threshold of the next level.
It means the end of one understanding is the beginning of another understanding.
And so it is with everything.

As we've just learned, sight exists in levels. These levels are levels of understanding.
Hidden in plain sight means hidden in plain understanding.
Also, as we've just learned, understanding that was once hard to obtain, once persistently pursued, becomes plain. We are supposed to repeat the learning process again and again in order to understand everything that remains.
It is in this repetitive manner, that understanding gives birth to more expansive versions of itself.
Understanding is born again, as we move through and between levels of understanding.
This also causes us to be born again.

Humans are: understanding encased in dimensions of self. We are born again as we go from end to beginning through dimensions until we reach understanding of our outermost dimension and innermost dimension simultaneously and circularly. We will find ourselves at the same point and place. We will find everything and everyone else there also.

This true of each aspect of Creation.
This is true for the Creator.

What is hidden?
Everything we don't yet understand.

This means that what is hidden IN plain sight is hidden DUE to the imbalance of plain sight in relation to our intended level of development.
As we self-improve (get to know self better and better), we cross and unite dimensions of awareness. As we are becoming one, we become able to see (understand) more dimensions. We become able to see what was already there. It is no longer hidden because our sight is no longer plain.
We've experienced this so many times already. As our sight becomes not as plain, things become not as hidden to us because we understand it a little better than before. This is true for everything we've ever learned and are learning. Think back on anything learned and it will be found to be so. Take the time after this reading, to verify some examples for yourself.

What remains hidden?
What we're not looking for, what we do not think exists and what does not fit the description we have of it.

Finally, since everything we need to know is within self, this is also the place where everything is hidden, in plain sight in different ways and different levels for each understanding yet to be rediscovered (found).

I once was lost but now I'm found also means: I (understanding) once was lost but now I'm (understanding) is found.
It means I am understanding.
It means I am the understanding I need.
It means I am graduating through the process of becoming one again.
Understanding once was lost but understanding now is found.
I am finding understanding, I am finding me, I am regaining my full sight and regaining full uses of my senses.
Continuous understanding elevates sight and reveals everything that remains unknown and hidden by sight that remains plain. This plain sight is every one of our senses and every sense of self that does not continuously mature by upping its game in becoming one sense of self, one sight and one understanding. This leaves no room for anything to remain hidden.

The reason understanding does not allow for things to remain hidden is because understanding is light within darkness.
Understanding is the illumination of blackness within itself.
Understanding has allowed blackness to simultaneously shine a light (understanding of self) into its dark places (places unknown) and also elevate its known places. There is no room where anything can be hidden.

Resurrection & Regeneration Of Light | Poem, Unity Consciousness #293

May The Circular Be Unbroken Again In Consciousness
Unity Consciousness #600


This is an extension and expansion of Africa: Continent, Maps & Facts, Unity Consciousness #217

And so now, we come full circular, back to the title of the message above and before.
Africa should not simply be referred to as a continent. To do so is to lose significance of Africa in relation to all other land masses. In the previous message linked above, we see more clearly that Africa is nearest the center of longitude and latitude. We also know Africa is the center of Earth's mass.
Africa is the Parent Land Mass.
Africa existed before any other land mass existed.
Africa gave birth to the continents.
Africa is the Parent and the continents and islands are the children. Fundamentally, that makes Africa the Parentinent.
Africa is the Core Continent in more ways than one.
Africa is the Hub Continent.
Africa is the Hub of Humanity.
Africa is the Hub of The Creator Concept that is called God, Supreme Being, Higher Power, Buddha and numerous, other names.
Not only is Africa, as a land mass, the center, but Africa is also the Centering Space for the masses.
Africa is the Hub of Knowledge.
Africa is the Hub of Education. All education is edification, thus all education is higher education. Africa is the origin of universities.
Africa is the Hub of Language.
Africa is the Hub of Culture.
Africa is the Hub of Civilization.
Africa is the Seed.
Africa is the Nutrition.
Africa is the Pangaea and the Panacea.
Earth is one Earth, not three worlds, as in First, Second and Third World.
Earth is one Earth because Earth has one birth. By this we know there was only one land mass at first.
By this we also know, humans also have one birth.
Africa is the Nut from which grew the One & Only Human Family Tree that is now filled with race to our family's disgrace. And though each branch may be too far apart to embrace, their connection to the same trunk is the only clue they need to trace.

Africa is the Nucleus.
Africa is the nucleus that has spread its genetic roots and fruit across the entirety of Earth in more ways than one.
All other continents and islands are pieces and extensions of Africa.

In the same way that I am that I am, Africa is what it is.

May the circle, once again, be unbroken, in consciousness.
May we continue the process of becoming, in the same manner the Universal Question is answering itself.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reminding You, You Already Know The Way
Unity Consciousness #599


You already know the way. Yes you do.
If you don't know that, then at least know this: the way was once known and is now beyond surface layers in more expansive, wider, deeper, higher levels of your awareness. It's in there somewhere, inside you, just waiting for some nutrition so it can come through.

Your Ancestors knew the way.* Be assured this is true, because their genetics are in you, you also know the way. Genetics are a storehouse of knowledge. Genetics are a library. This library holds the knowledge of the way. This library's holdings are constantly being updated. This library is organized as efficiently and symbolically as Mdw Ntr. Learn to seek in the language it speaks.

Through the Ancestors came understanding and expression of Creation. This is called “spirituality.” You currently use African spirituality today to try to know the way. Bet'cha didn't know that.

The main problem today, however, is that, Ancestral understanding and expression of spirituality has been reconfigured, disfigured and interpreted into versions called religions.
These religions do not foster human beingness (knowledge of self) because they are filled with lower visions of self while espousing higher visions of self. As a result, these religions do not facilitate becoming one with the Creator regardless of what they say. As a further result, these religions are insufficient in knowing the way.

However, if you use religion, in conjunction with other knowledge that fosters knowledge of self, i.e., all knowledge currently available, then you will be able to find and separate within religion, truth from lie and wheat from chaff. You will then be able to synthesize and bring together fragments of truth from all places of knowledge. In this manner, and through this process, you will unify consciousness and become one with consciousness, thus one within self and one with the Creator.

At some point, before you make it all the way to oneness, you will become kinetically aware that it is not necessary to seek and find the way.
You will know it is only necessary to seek and find self in all else.
You will come to this realization because the process of understanding not only rejoins you to your oneness as the Creator; but the process also rejoins you to oneness with the way even as it rejoins all the ways you must follow.

The Creator is the way.
As you seek and find self in all else, you are finding the Creator and following the way. Know yourself and know all else. This is a fundamental key.
This is so because the Creator is oneness, understanding, process, within self, spirit, willingness, listening, conversation... By virtue of you becoming one with the Creator, you also become the more complete form of conversation, listening, willingness, spirit, self, process, understanding and oneness.

Thus by default logic of cause and effect, you also become the more perfect union of the way.

Again, this is not a mystery when understanding is pursued in relation to self and is based on harmony with all else.
You have always been the way because you have always been the Creator. You are the Creator in a different smaller form who has become separated and disconnected from the knowledge of self and knowledge of self in all else.
This is why the Creator's goal of oneness is also your goal, the Creator's destiny of living to gain understanding is also your destiny, and the Creator's way of unifying consciousness is also your way.

Knowing the way is the same as knowing yourself. It's not too complicated and it's not very easy. Both of these are good things.

The way, never was, never has been and never will be outside of self. It can't be because it can't be outside the Creator.

Yes, you do know the way. Now, what will you do?

*How did they know the way if they were the first humans? By matching their logic to natural world Ecosystem logic. See UC#682

Knowing & Understanding The Way
Unity Consciousness #598


The way to know the way is not mysterious. It is not beyond your intelligence to “know” the way. If it is beyond you, it would also be beyond the Creator's intelligence because if it is beyond you, it is beyond your Creator spirit within you. You can know the way. You don't have to stop short of understanding and settle for believing it. With knowledge (understanding), there is no need for belief. The way to know the way is not the exclusive domain of expert religious people or their biblical holy books.

Knowing the way simply requires the willingness to follow process.
The process is an overall process of becoming one with the Creator.
For each person, this process is composed of many ongoing simultaneous processes to address all your needs for understanding.

There is no one single preset process that stays the same for a lifetime or that fits all your needs or that is exactly the same for everyone. There are variations of processes to get you where the Creator needs you to go for the common universal good.
Your willingness, combined with the stronger faith of the Creator, will help you fashion a process to fit every need. The Creator needs what you need. Truly, you are not alone.

Follow the processes listening lays forth by listening “to the higher spiritual nature” within you.
This is the same higher spiritual nature of the Creator. This is how universal communication takes place – through spirit language. The Creator communicates with you through yourself (your genetics, your ancestors, your body of elements). The Creator also communicates with you through the rest of creation. You must be willing to listen to all aspects of creation in order to get messages and instruction because the process of becoming one with the Creator is a process that requires living with all creation harmoniously. This requires conversation. Conversation requires listening. Beautifully enough, so does understanding. Understanding facilitates unity of consciousness which is the same as unity of contexture which is the same as the process of being one with the Creator..

Understanding is the way.
For each person there are numerous ways to get this understanding.
Thus, for each person, the way, actually consists of a large group of smaller ways.
This is the same metaphor mirror image as the living body consisting of a large group of smaller living bodies (cells).
This is the same mirror image metaphor as the Earth consisting of a large group of smaller land masses and bodies of water and Atumspheres and forms of matter within all of its dimensions. All these marvels add up to one, big blue-green marvelous Earth.

In review:
The way is within self.
The way requires willingness and consists of multiple processes.
Process requires listening.
Listening fosters understanding.
There are many ways to get understanding, thus, the way is not one way but many ways.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Goal Of Seeking & Finding The Way
Unity Consciousness #597


Many people think about, talk about and go about looking for “the way.” For many people, the way we're looking for is the way to live this life in order to get to a better life. The most common places people look in order to find the way are religion and society.

Using the optimal viewpoint of our civilization-creating African Ancestors, we must first understand the goal of seeking the way before we know where to find the way.

What Is The Goal Of Seeking The Way?

The goal of seeking the way is: “...the human purpose is to be one with the Supreme Being..” (1)

In the African cultural tradition of wisdom and deep thought, the purpose of life is to become one with God. This process of deification could take many lifetimes. (2)

Human development involves...(e) direction, which identifies individual purpose and mission that is in keeping with the main purpose for all creation – to become one again with the Creator. (3)

(1) Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities," The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 74.

(2) Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought, Unity Consciousness #45

3. African Utamawazo | Survival Toolkit For African People, Unity Consciousness #111

How Do We “Become One” With The Supreme Being?

Through an optimization process (p. 74). This is the process of understanding. The process of understanding is the process of becoming one with the Creator. This understanding process is a knowledge of self process, a self-improvement process and an evolutionary process.

Oneness with the Creator necessitates understanding of self in relation to all else in order to fashion life in keeping with the harmonious laws of Maat. Living this way leads to a human being one with the Creator.

Becoming one with the Creator DOES NOT simply mean “being with” the Creator. It does not simply mean the Creator and you in the same place living joyfully as separate and different beings. No, no, no.
It means becoming one in all aspects of self physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Becoming one means actually merging in all aspects and forms such that the two things which have merged are no longer distinguishable from each other in no respects. They have become each other and are one because there is no longer such a thing as each other. It means being transformed back into the totality of who we are – the Creator. The only way to become one with the Creator is to become the Creator.

In review:
The goal of life is to return to being one with the Creator from whence we came.
The way is by continuously maturing* through ongoing understanding.
These two things are in harmony with destiny and so is our return to being who we fully are – the Creator.
Let me be even more clear about destiny as I have now come to understand it: Our destiny is to understand by learning how to use genetics and by going through the process of eventually overcoming challenges. There are many forms and degrees of challenges. Whatever the reason is someone does not understand something and then the person comes to understand it, that person has overcome a challenge. Every attempt or non-attempt leading up to the final overcoming of the challenge provides understanding once the person becomes aware of what this life is about. Understanding is inextricably bound to behavior that demonstrates understanding. Proof of understanding is presence of behavior on one hand and absence of behavior on the other hand.

*Maturity is the optimal use of power. Power is the manipulation of resources. Optimal requires unifying understanding of self in order to satisfy the need incentive(s).

Easy Street: Most Dangerous In The World
Unity Consciousness #596


If you find yourself on Easy Street, you are on the most dangerous street in the world.

Easy Street leads to nowhere except dying, death atrophy and the loss of vitality.
Why is that?

Because there is no such thing as an Easy Street that leads to a better place in this life or beyond this life.

This life is about moving from imperfection towards perfection and incompletion towards completion (understanding, evolving and self-improving).
You cannot get better doing something if it is easy.

If you are getting better at something, that something is not yet easy.
Once something becomes easy, improvement stops.
Likewise, once you find yourself on Easy Street, you can no longer evolve or improve because everything is already easy. What's the point of seeking to understand anything else? You're there, right where you want to be. There's no place else to go. No reason to leave.

Without the need incentive to evolve, self-improve and grow in understanding, all that's left is dying and death, in a feel good sort of way.
Easy Street is easily the most dangerous street in the world, yet many people are trying like crazy to get there and stay there.

This life was never intended to be easy for long periods of time. In this life, we are supposed to be challenged, then find a way to overcome, then get good at it until it becomes easy and then move on to the next challenge. We have been given the resources to do all these things. The easy part of life comes before, during and after completing challenges. The easy part is the transition from one challenge to another. It is a place of respite for us to recharge and then get on with being our intended best. The easy part of life comes as we grow in knowledge of self and live in more and more in sync with all else.

What's the point of an easy life where everything is alright? For personal pleasure? Is that why you are here? Contexture must be reviewed if this sounds plain awful.

If this life was supposed to be easy, most of us would continue to improve regardless of the circumstances because it would be easy. Problems would be few because living would be easy. Easy Street would be the most populated street in the world, yet most of us don't live on Easy Street, but still think we're supposed to.

Easy Street is a happening place and what's happening is very dangerous.
To borrow from the phrasing of Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr.: The test for each person is not how you act when the living is easy but how you act when the living is hard.

Dr. King said, “The ultimate test of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and moments of convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge and moments of controversy.”

In The Way | Poem
Unity Consciousness #595


In The Way

by Ancestors through Usiku

What is not self-corrected
Breeds the deceptive
And the scary protective
Ego and fear
Both stand in the way
These you must work through
To be perfected

Professionals, Amateurs & Goofy Judgments | Definitions
Unity Consciousness #594


The definitions of what a professional is and what an amateur is, are just plain goofy. Because those definitions are the only contexts considered and because we have been dumbed down from our default setting to be critical thinkers (something critical to surviving and thriving and evolving and maturing), so many people suffer by being retarded by the ongoing negative bombardment of these goofy definitions.

No need to look up the definition. We all know the definitions because we hear them all the time in some form or another.

According to today's post-modern weak-thinking societies:
A professional is defined as someone who is certified, licensed, authorized and recognized as having a certain ability. The person usually gets to claim a certain title and usually gets paid for using this ability.

An Amateur is defined as someone who is none of the above and their usage of their ability is considered of lesser quality than a professional. An amateur cannot use the same title as a professional without being ridiculed or penalized. If the amateur gets paid at all, it's at a much lower rate.

Based on these definitions, to compare two people expressing the same ability as one being “a professional” and the other being “an amateur” is in no ways valid.

Consider this, as it pertains to a doctor, lawyer, thief, teacher or NBA basketball player. All are called professionals but compare any two of them and you will find differences in how they express the same ability and differences in how much they get paid, yet both are still called professionals. This is goofy when you consider society's definition of an amateur.

Time to remind ourselves of some much better definitions.
Simply put, a professional is someone who is highly qualified.
Everyone is highly qualified by the highest qualifier of all, the Creator. Thus, everyone is a professional. We all start out the same. We all possess the ability to do what we came here to do which includes adapting to circumstances created by self and others which includes getting back on track which could include a revised version of what we came here to do.

A valid comparison between two people is not between professional and amateur but between which spirit each one chooses to follow as they express their abilities.
Are we following the higher self, the higher spiritual nature? Or are we following the lower self, the lower spiritual nature?

This is a much more valid comparison and much more worthwhile because it connects us to what the Creator values and not what humans value.
In other words, there are professionals who are using their abilities in accordance with destiny. There are also professionals who are not using their abilities in accordance with destiny. These are the amateurs, who have not yet matured into the knowledge of self. An amateur is immature, disunified and isn't aware of it. An amateur is someone who is not where they should be according to their intended level of development under the set of circumstances encountered. Many amateurs by the highest universal standards are called professionals by human standards.

A valid comparison takes place within self. You started out as a professional, highly qualified. What have you done with those qualifications? Have you now gone from being a professional to being an amateur by not doing what you were created to do? What are you doing to get back on track and re-find your way? If you are on track, are you taking it even higher and even wider and even deeper? Are you expanding and evolving or are you just moving right where you are standing because humans have approved where you are?
A professional honors the highest standards of the universe. An amateur does not.

Are you using your abilities as intended?
Focus on this question and your answer to it as the true test of your greatness. Forget what simple societies say.

The more you know yourself and the mirror images of self that the Creator has created everywhere, you will understand more about how the Creator's abilities are expressed and you will know that the self test is the best test.

The societal view of what constitutes a professional and an amateur is only valid if you allow your thinking and esteem to be lowered to the level of human valuation of what the Creator found worthy to make possible within you and through you.

Whoever is going to judge your life in “the end” should be the one who judges you all along the way.

Think about it. The way societies define professionals and amateurs is pretty amateurish even by their own standards. The Creator has been creating much longer than humans and have created much more. No group of humans have ever created a system, a civilization or society that has lasted as long and functioned as well as ecosystems. The Creator created you and no human can create another human without using what the Creator created. Who are these humans who think their money and their appreciation of your God-given abilities is sensible?
Free yourself from this context and get on with the best of your life.

There is a dangerous not-so-thin line being crossed to the low side when people enter contests on television, or not on television, and these people are competing for a prize and title that they think verifies they are good at something. All of these contests are judged by people who perhaps can do something to a certain degree in a certain way, but none of these judges can do all things to every degree in every way. It is dangerous to allow their judgments to be the highest barometer or any barometer for what you do or attempt to do or should do. Study yourself to be approved and appreciative of the higher spiritual calling.
Let me be clear. It's okay to be in a contest, but only use it to learn from and challenge self. Do not use these contests to limit yourself in any way by limiting your assessment of your abilities to what others think about them. Until these people create an Earth or universe or create you or any aspect of primary creation, there is the higher Ancestral calling you should be listening to in order to learn to judge yourself correctly.
Finally, what is true for the losers of these contests is also true for the winners of these contests. Just because you win at anything doesn't mean you are using your abilities in the right way or that you are being your intended best. To rely upon someone else to judge you as a winner is not the way to get healthy self-esteem. Both “losers” and “winners” and viewers, should use any contest as a means to a higher end but not as end to what you mean.

Monday, February 15, 2016

You Can't Outdo Twa Or Hutu | Poem
Unity Consciousness #593


You Can't Outdo Twa Or Hutu

by Ancestors through Usiku

You can't outdo Twa or Hutu
The genetics you came through

Not if you have a true historical view
Of whom you came into being through
Twa and Hutu passed on to you
The inheritance of what they knew
Through Kushite, Chaldean and Kemetic crews

You can't outdo the original two
Even if you believe the first homo sapiens
Were less intelligent than you
Since the entirety of our being needs nutrition
Their awareness went beyond physical food

The only way to outdo Twa or Hutu
Is to prove none of their knowledge you used
Including their genetics in you
And if you still believe you can
You can outdo the Creator too

Contexture: Concentric Circles Of Context
Unity Consciousness #592


Context is just like texture. Context of philosophies, values, ideas and definitions is just like textures of fabrics, other materials and different foods. Contexture is the mixture of different contexts. Every person operates based on contexture. Everyone uses a mixture of contexts to inform their thoughts, conclusions, decisions and behaviors. Each person's thoughts, conclusions, decisions and behaviors conform to contexture.
Contexture starts from one central core context. This central core context has a ripple effect on all other contexts in our consciousness.
Throw a pebble in water and ripples move outward from the point the pebble hits the water. These ripples move outward in concentric circles from the point of origin in all directions.
Start with one context and put it into consciousness and it creates ripple effect contexts.

All contexts each person has is connected to and influenced by one central core context or set of contexts.

Context informs thought processes (reasoning). Thus, context provides the reasons, bases and justifications for everything we do or don't do.

This is the ripple effect of context and contexture. Not only does context beget more context but context also begets thoughts and behaviors which also begets more thoughts and behaviors which also begets more context via experience.
This is all part of the ripple effect of context and contexture.

There are a multitude of contexts that form the basis of our brain-mind operating system.

What Are Those Contexts?

Here are just some of the many contexts you already possess to some degree: gender, Female Creator, natural world, genetics, nutrition, health, destiny, self-esteem, intelligence, harmony, learning, science, racism, discrimination, manipulation, culture, cocoon, psychological warfare, media, creativity, history, dimension, education, rhythm, universal karma, personal ownership, emergences, logic, personal responsibility, collective benefit, ecosystem, unity consciousness, amateur, religion, spirit, open-minded, family tree, ecosystem, primary creation, optimal, abundance, mirror image, metaphor, fear, process, pain, translation, happiness, expert, cancer, success, Ancestors, purpose, rights of creation, know yourself and so on...

Where Do These Contexts Come From?

Parents, siblings, relatives, friends, society, school, work, government and on and on.

Where SHOULD These Contexts Come From?

If you want to understand life and existence, you must seek to understand that which created this life and this existence. This is best known by communing with and studying that which has been created that humans did not create -primary creation.
As you mature in understanding of what has been created, you mature in understanding of self and understanding of the Creator of creation. In this manner, contexts will be more and more in sync with the higher universal spiritual nature. In this manner you become one with self, all else and the Creator of all else because you understand in your thoughts and then your behaviors function in sync. Most societies and nations do not take the intermixture of context into account, thus there is much trouble in their ways.

For these reasons and more, you, and the rest of us, must dismantle/uninstall our operating systems, reconfigure some contexts and reinstall other contexts that work with the universal motherboard. This is a process of many ongoing steps. If you have the willingness, you will be shown the way. Right now, in terms of understanding, you are the only one in your way.

Truth is, the foundation of the understanding you need is already present within your genetics. The process is a remembering process and a reawakening process. The needed context for life and existence is not foreign to the deeper levels of self within.

What are your contexts?
Which one is your central core context or central set of contexts?
For every context you have, would that context still make sense to you if no one else had it?
Based on what?
If you were the only one with a certain context, where would it have come from?

Not only are there concentric circles of context, there are also concentric circles of their effects on life and existence. Contexture changes the look, feel, taste and experience of life and existence.

Context informs, the rest of you conforms.

Contexture: A Chain Of Keepsakes | Poem
Unity Consciousness #591


Contexture: A Chain Of Keepsakes | Poem

by Ancestors through Usiku

I placed keepsakes around my neck
The contexure I was much too young to assess
And too trusting to suspect
The ongoing effects
Of every concept
I began to collect

I grew to love my chain of keepsakes
And still today, in some way
I keep adding to it
Though I clearly struggle under the weight
The cause and effects of these concepts
I have not yet begun to correlate
So I just do whatever it takes
Justify to hide thoughts and feelings
As cracks grow and my keepsakes break

With decision-making determination
I keep on keeping on
Putting the same and all information
Into a falling apart contextual configuration
Proudly, in keeping with my education
Thought after thought process
I base on handed-down-to-me contexts
Even though they fail the highest tests
I still have not, as of yet
Taken time for my self, to inspect
I continue to accept it's okay to protect
My precious little keepsakes
My not so little keepsakes
Feelings for you I'll never forsake
You've been there every step I take
Your familiarity covers my behavior with blanket faith

My thought patterns follow what contexts shape
Layer by layer my choices are made to fit
Even though many of them contradict
I chose not to edit my concepts or choices
Instead I ignore Nun's mirror image voices
Continue to choose to live for keepsakes
Rather than self-improve to understand
All the ways and things in my life
Context creates and dictates