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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Darkness: Thief In The Night & Maker Of Artificial Light
Unity Consciousness #789


(Part 2 of 2)

From the moment the planet and the star align, Darkness has no chance. The best time for Darkness to begin to assert itself is during evening. This is when the portion of Earth that has been in the Light (Day) naturally progresses into the Black (Night).
This is the same thing as saying: That which has been created (Light) returns to its pre-existing state of existence (Black) to rest and be restored and renewed.
That portion of Earth that has been highly active (kinetic), activated by the Sun's energy to carry out its creative genetic potential genius, must now take newly acquired energy (potential) and mix it with previously acquired potential. This takes place during the Blackness of Night where it came from. This then provides a higher starting point of potential to automatically go into motion when Earth and person awaken.

Now to back up for a moment.
Though many descriptions speak of the Sun as going down or coming up, the Sun is always the same. The Sun always shines.
It is the movements of Earth and Sun that changes and which causes portions of Earth to receive Sunlight at different times every 24-hour cycle.

Darkness Has A Small Window Of Opportunity

Not only does Darkness have no chance to gain momentum during Day when Light (understanding) easily overwhelms it, displaces it; neither does Darkness have any chance during Night when Blackness (The Mother of Understanding) easily overwhelms it and absorbs it.

Darkness must work quickly as Light is fading into Night and before Night comes into its fullness.
It is during this window of opportunity that Darkness fabricates a Curtain of White Artificial Light.*
In doing so, Darkness accomplishes several things:
1. The Curtain becomes the matrix – the world, the universe.
2. Darkness can dominate consciousness when neither Light nor Night are dominant.
3. Darkness renames Night and calls it Darkness, in its own image. It then makes people terrified afraid of Night when people should give glorified praise to Night as the originating first half of the beauty of Day and Creation.***
4. Darkness then says it can help people not be afraid of what it calls, the Dark of Night. It can help people by using Artificial Light. In doing so, Darkness has created a world of Artificial Light at Night that people now praise because they think they need Artificial Light at Night because they are afraid and are no longer calibrated to what Night really is.
5. Because Light (Celestial Lights in the form of Daughters and Sons) are born (rise) out of Night, which is Blackness, that same Blackness of Night produces Light in all the colors of the rainbow. Natural Light contains all colors just as Blackness contains all colors. As a result, Artificial Light is not an equal comparison to Light. Artificial Light cannot do for us what Light does for us. In no way are we more secure because Artificial Light exists.

Now to summarize:
When we conceive of time as Earth in relation to Sun (Earth-Sun Time), we have a cycle of approximately 365 days called a year.
When we conceive of time as Earth in relation to Star Constellations (Earth-Star Constellation Time), we have a cycle of approximately 26,000 years called a Great Year. Each Great Year is made of Great Days. Each Great Day is made of thousands of 365-day years.

When We Are Living Explains How We Are Living

We are currently living during the Night of a Great Day.
Darkness began to overtake us shortly after Kemet reached the height of its Light and as that Light Of Understanding began to fade into Night. Darkness, which had been lingering, lurking and getting in where it could fit in, finally overtook Kemet from within and without. As a result, humans have regressed from the height of evolution previously achieved.

Since it has now been almost 4,000 years under the rule of Darkness, Earth and people have been re-membering their creative genetic potential genius – because it is actually Night and we are still overwhelmingly in the midst of Blackness. It just that we have lost consciousness of this Blackness as we try to exist in the midst of the matrix of Darkness. Even so, God's got our black. Involuntary melanin functioning and voluntary melanin functioning are becoming more in sync. Earth is re-acclimatizing itself within in relation to the same thing taking place outside of Earth. More people are moving out of the Darkness of Artificial Light and back into the Blackness Of Night. As a result, instead of the dominant theme of these Times being Darkness getting worse and stronger, we realize Light is increasing and moving upwards towards the dawning of morning. When we realign and recalibrate ourselves with the motion on a more Universal Level, we also realize Night Lights are also repositioning to assist us during Day and Night.
We are well into the process of the dawning of the Age of Aquaria/Aquarius. We realize each Great Day based on Earth-Star Constellation Time has an additional greater influence on our lives as we go through 24-hour Earth-Sun days.
We must become aware of the bigger picture that we are not only currently living in a Dark Age, but we are also just a few Universal moments away from a new “Great Day in the Morning!”
This is a good thing for those who embrace their origin and sustenance - Blackness and Light.
On the other hand, this is a bad thing for those who are born out of and sustained by Darkness and Artificial Light. They have no chance during the Age of Aquaria/Aquarius and Cepheus.
The Devil has been living large in the House of Rising Sons & Daughters of Earth & Universe. We are now in the period when Daughters, Suns, Moons, Stars and Sons are moving into position and aligning with Motherbirth in order to bring Light back to wherever they are.
Understand this clearly: The Devil Destroyer came in on the down low and caught us on the downswing. Since that time, many events have taken place and still are that are causing this process move in reverse – to restore the last back to first, thus causing sick societies to be once again replaced by healthy civilizations.
It is Nighttime and nigh time to kick the invasive species out of our house and back to the periphery. The Antarctic just might be the place to quarantine the virus of Darkness and its Artificial Light. Even Mars sounds mar-velous. Why? Because their logic, thus choice of lower-self, is beyond repair. See White Genocide and you'll understand what permeates the majority of the population of Europeans and then substitute Asian, Arab and other names who hatefully claim they are not African and still cry for evidence, while drowning in evidence, as one would in their own blood, yet still spewing poisonous false statements about themselves and Africans that are only true in Lala land where logic is permanently out to lunch taking a restless siesta. Truth is, none of these African branches of people have any reliable evidence to prove they are not from the one human African family tree and that all given to them through Africa is not the same as a parent imparting into the child, the knowledge and other resources they possess. No, instead these wayward watoto, wacked out on the drug of disinformation, live behind a psychedelic curtain of culture and fantastically claim they learned to talk and walk on their own in an illusionary, non-permeable, Teflon-coated plastic bubble while their parents crawled around in the jungle and grunted and are now bringing the children down. Forget about your parents if you will. It is not them you should be worried about. Your behavior is disgusting to your Great Grandmother, the Mother Of Africa, The Creator of All. You are in her presence. She brought you through and into this time so you could know better. Because you misunderstand distance, cause and effect, ways of knowing and the purpose of your creation, you stand in Mama's face and disrespect what she is working hard to perfect. And yet, she has given you leeway to self-correct and find your way and you still say nay? Things do change don't they? This is the dawning of a brand New Day. Due to your stubbornness turned stupidity, the switches of Universal Karma are being prepared from your own branches, and by these disfigured offshoots you will be whipped to death or life by the left hand that determines what is and what is right.

On one side of the equation, Blackness creates Light
on the other side, Darkness creates Artificial Light.
Blackness must transform Artificial Light
Light must illuminate and/or eliminate Darkness.

*Ancestor John Henrik Clarke, said the biggest weapon in the arsenal of Euro-centric scholarship has been their colonialization of history. Europeans and other groups have not only colonized history but they colonized information about history." They have rewritten history to fit their own image and to substantiate their later beginnings in an attempt to remove Blackness and Light out of history in order to claim Darkness and Artificial Light are models of higher intelligence. As a result, the world has been under the sway (per-sway-sion)** of Males (European and others) and their revisionist falsifying of world history and the workings of the Universe. Dr. Ivan van Sertima, calls this the European "five hundred year curtain."
This curtain has momentarily obscured awareness of both Light and Night for most of those born under this curtain which represents a doubling down on the Dark Age that was already in existence. Thus, as Europeans and others finally gained navigational knowledge, the world went from a Dark Age into a Female Out into an African Spiritual Traditions Out into a Black Out into all's fair in love and war and unfair in hate and peace.
These are the Days of the Destroyer. Those who have been in control of the world are Agents of Destruction. They are not bringers of freedom, civilization, knowledge or anything representative of the higher-self. Once you step out of the matrix of Darkness and into Blackness, these things will become plain as Day even as Night remains.

**House of Swaying Motion
***At the topmost level, Creation is Daytime. Pre-existence is Nighttime.

“According to Charles Finch in the Encyclopedia of African Religion, p. 214, the myth of Set and Horus originates, at least partially, in celestial phenomena that were not only carefully observed by Egyptians, but considered sacred. Each morning when the sun rises, it overcomes or defeats darkness or night. The Egyptians saw this as a victory that was by no means permanent or secure. For after shining in glory all day, the sun must again contend with the power of darkness because night inevitably comes.”

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