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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Survive Lies Die, Rethink Truths Live
Unity Consciousness #817


If we are not rethinking we are not learning.

By definition, learning does not mean to acquire information.
Learning means to mature in understandings.

Therefore, as understandings change, what we have previously thought on various subjects should also change.
Rethinking is the automatic conclusion in a learning process and the automatic catalyst for the next.
Learning and rethinking is a self-fulfilling process.
Therefore, once learning begins, it is not possible to stop learning unless what we're learning is how to stop thinking.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Black African People Know Our Rights By Law
Unity Consciousness #816


Over and over again I hear us say, “I know my rights!”
Clearly we do not.
Which rights are we talking about?
Clearly we are usually talking about rights in an ever-mutating society made for the express purpose to breed demons by the millions so they can colonize the planet like a supersickness virus until life is no more.

This has not changed for the better since thousand of years ago. There has only been temporary appearances of relapse (“progress”) while the virus shape-shifted to snatch it all back. Demons must constantly attack. The walking restless dead must feed on anything that looks healthy. A demon is a virus that must destroy rights.
How is it then, we keep faithfully investing energy into, “I know my rights!?”
What we actually know is we believe we have rights.**

Call It Demonville If You Will

For thousands of years, demons have already told us in every way possible: “you have no rights we demons are obligated to honor.”

These demons are currently in military control of most of the planet.
They are not in control due to high intelligence.
As a result of everything said thus far, demons will continue to do whatever demons want to do.

The only way to prevail is to stop dealing with demons as if they are human beings.
They are not. They are humans of unbecoming and of their own undoing. They are Destroyer Deceiver spirits of destruction of self and all else.
When do such spirits have the time to think about somebody else's rights when there's murder and mayhem to keep them happy about being sick?
Their self-worth is based on net worth. Their happiness is outside of self - by doing things to other lifeforms. We are dealing with people who are extremely unhappy and out of touch with functioning within an Ecosystem of harmonious life. Demon logic and demon spirit is so unhappy, demons can only feel good if someone else is more tortured. Thus, demons are always on patrol trying to suck life out of what is more alive, even while being afraid of the power within that life, they need it in order to feel superior to our rights.*

Since demons are spirits in the form of humans, we must also deal with them as spirits by becoming more spiritually aware ourselves.
Since we are first and foremost, spirits, we must use understandings of spirit while simultaneously using understandings of body, mind and emotion in order to: deal with demons on the second hand and deal with ourselves on the first hand.

The Ancestors already told us we can't deal with demons as if they had the moral capacity to be angels. All we have to do is run a background check in our logic to see if their criminal history warrants our wishful thinking.

We must stop appealing to demons on the basis of humanity.
Is there something new to say?
There is only something old to do.
Our main responsibility is our continuous choice of which spirit - higher or lower (optimal logic or suboptimal logic) - we are going to combine with our free will so we can make the most of our creative genetic potential genius. This is our first right.

I repeat. We must learn more about the spiritual aspect of self, via the African Utamawazo, while simultaneously learning more about and dealing with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of self as it relates to all else. We have this right no matter what demons do. This is our second right.

As we come to KNOW these two rights, we will become more aware that the purpose of demons is to not only dishonor our rights, but to also challenge us, since we are drawn from first blood, to reach our highest, widest and deepest heights.
Due to our birthrights and collective core potentials within us and due to the longevity of our rulership of the world, we also have the responsibility to restore civilization back to life. As a parent people, we are the only ones who can bring peace to the planet as Ancestor Frances Cress-Welsing teaches.

Black African People, by virtue of our first right, we have the right to use our free will differently. Once we choose the higher spiritual physical path, our relationships with self and others will begin to inform us as to the necessary adjustments. This basic process is how we defeat demons on the inside and take Devils down outside.

Message In Review

As long as some of us continue to think, rights exist through those who do wrong, we need to keep asking: “Why would anyone honor, respect or allow us to enjoy rights they think we are unworthy of and undeserving of in the first place, because we are fundamentally pathetic? Why would we then, turn around, and while looking up from the ground, ask those same people to back up off us, who knocked us down? Why would we ask people who think that way about us, to “do the right thing?” Based on what? Their logic or our logic? “Here you go demon, take this logic from worthless we and put it into your superior intelligence so we can tell y'all how to think civilly?” How in the Heaven and Hell does that work? Through osmosis? Diffusion doesn't get past occlusion. It takes a stronger force than the one we're using to break through damned refusing.****
So based on the weak approach we're still using, how do we get them to somehow think the way we want them to? Demons are already thinking and doing the right things in their minds. In order for Black African People to have rights, demons think they would have to give up some or all of their demon rights. Why would demons do that? Why would demons give up something they think they deserve and give it to those who they think don't deserve them? Huh? Tell me your reasoning on how that makes sense for us to continue to base our logic on getting those kinds of rights?

What makes us think there is room for rights somewhere while being harmed as egg and sperm and while in the womb and every step of the way to the tomb and also be desecrated and exhumed and put on display in museums? If we do, then we will keep on acting out versions of the same tragedy by following the public protest process. This is like gambling with our Creator-given rights while trying to win human rights in Demonville's Legal System Casinos where the dice are loaded.
Do we not yet realize the best protest is the kind the enemy doesn't know anything about until it is so deeply rooted in the fundamentals of change, that the only thing the enemy can do is come begging to us.

By law, the main, most important fight taking place constantly is the fight between the higher spirit of good and the lower spirit of evil.
This fight is generational as demons well know.
It is time we know that what it takes to win is to be simultaneously collectively individually communally responsible to the two rights we have.

To The Fearful, But Who Also Love Their Black African Self In Their People

There is no group of Demon Destroyer Deceivers who have any power to stop we from exercising and enjoying our two true real rights.

As WE become the same as ME, we overcome Manifest Destiny with Manifest Essence.

Demons are false giants in our Promised Lands. Know this!
Demons ain't got no real power when it comes to spirits who take it higher!
The majority of power demons have is the power we give them because the only information we are using about rights is based on constant demon education.

Also Know: The Law Of All Is Not The Same As Legal Rights.***

*By asking demons to honor our rights, we are asking demons to stop sucking the life out of us. We are asking demons to stop doing the very thing that keeps them feeling alive. What are the chances a vampire will respond favorably to an appeal of science? It angers demons when they are asked to be something they want to be but can't be - undead.

**We keep getting confused. Yes there are Rights Of Creation for self and all else, but those rights do not come from or through or with the cooperation of the spirit of demons. We will die trying to get rights through demons. We must Sankofa like we've never Sankofa'ed before, comprehensively and with urgency and go back and get more fundamental understandings about this life all the way back to the Early Formation of Creation so we can then know our rights by law. This is a spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, practical, hands-on process getting our hands dirty and purified in soils and seeds. Isn't this basically what we need?

***Legal rights and other rules, in the world of demons, are created for the purpose of:
a) making sure people and other creations are treated unequally.
b) making sure demons can sleep at night.
c) making fools.

****It would be wiser to try to put our logic into water and trick demons into drinking it, rather than keep speaking our logic to demons and hope they accept it. Why? Because the first approach shows we understand more of the fundamental nature of the problem solution, whereas the second, current approach shows we still don't get our own logic.
Really don't. What Negro goes to the KKK with bullhorn and signs and chants, “Treat me right, starting today, and everything will be okay.!?”

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nyanja ya Tanganyika | Location Found, Zanzibar History Lost
Unity Consciousness #815


Part (3 of 4)

Tanganyika Nyanza's Location

Nyanja ya Tanganyika is still located in the same place in Tanganyika. The lake did not move to Tanzania.

In the 1960's, the people of Tanganyika combined their government with the government of a group of islands off Tanganyika's east coast, the Zanzibar islands. Tanganyika is the mainland and Zanzibar is the group of islands. Politically together they are now called Tan-zan-ia (United Republic of Tanzania), even though Zanzibar maintains what it officially calls, “a revolutionary government.” All of the mainland of Tanzania was and still is Tanganyika; therefore Great Lake Tanganyika is still located in Tanganyika.*

Tanganyika, Land and Lake, Are Still Located In Punt

Tanganyika, despite name changes, is still part of the vast area in Eastern Central Africa known earlier as Punt, the cradle, origin, birthplace home of current-day humans.

Uniquely Interesting Facts

Although Tanganyika lake in Africa is a little over the line to the south, it is near enough to be the earthly version of the great lake at the horn-point of the northern pole constellation. (1) This means the womb of Africa sends forth life-giving waters through the oval opening of Tanganyika, the left thigh of the water cow as one of the sources of the Hapy River.

In the book, “Across Africa,” published in 1877, Verney Lovett Cameron states, “The Tanganyika, Nyassa, and Albert Nyanza, in my opinion, are in the line of a great flaw in some ancient upheaval. (2) These three lakes, therefore, seem to lie in an interrupted fissure on the outside of one in a series of concentric upheavals.”
Victoria Nyanza owes its existence to some other cause, while of the many lakes to the westward of this line, some are apparently formed by rivers dammed back by ranges of hills at the edges of table-lands, while others are simply lacustrine expansions of varying size of the rivers themselves. (3)

In 1881, after the first Europeans finally discovered what Africans already knew, Livingstone and Staney state, “On the outside of Polungo Island, [in the lake called Tanganyika Nyanza], were enormous masses, scattered and piled in the most fantastic manner, vast overhanging blocks, rocking-stones, obelisks, pyramids, and every form imaginable.” (4)


(1) Massey, Gerald, “Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World: A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books,” (Leeds Celephais Press: 2008), (First published London, T. Fisher Unwin: 1907), Volume I, p. 260/pdf 270.
(2) Cameron, Verney Lovett, “Across Africa,” Harper & Brothers, (New York:1877), P. 458/pdf 534.
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(4) Chambliss, Rev. J. E “The Lives and Travels of Livingstone and Stanley: Covering Their Entire Career in Southern and Central Africa,” De Wolfe, Fiske & Company, (Boston:1881), P. 758/pdf 766.

Lost Zanzibar History Lost

*Zanzibar still calls itself Zanzibar so why wouldn't Tanganyika still call itself Tanganyika?
On a different note, Zanzibar is delusional. They claim the first permanent residence on Zanzibar was established in 1,000 A.D. This is the cutoff history of their beginnings as stated on the Zanzibar official government website.
What are the chances Eastern Africans from south to north after 400,000 years of existence in the continuous act of spreading themselves around the world and taking up permanent residency in those places, just skipped over Zanzibar, the largest of the island group that is right next door to them before they could reach southern Asia, India, Indonesia, etc.? This goes against the natural human migratory pattern, nature and habit. 1,000 A.D. is ridiculous when even the Gullah people of South Carolina know that their history is at least 10,000 years old. Are we to just believe Zanzibar, the largest of the island group, is the exception to the rule? For far longer than before 1,000 A.D., Africans have been permanently inhabiting Madagascar, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, India, Persia, Arabia, Europe, Indonesian Islands, Malaysian Islands, Caribbean Islands, Easter Island, Pacific Islands, South America and North America. Come on now Zanzibar!
What is really going on in the psyche of the Zanzibari? Is it the Arab Asian genetic cultural confusion mix that has them in disconnected conflict with the much deeper extent of their history? You don't have be a historian filled with dates and facts of history to know the history of Zanzibar begins before 1,000 A.D.
How is it that the Zanzibar Islands have an overwhelmingly majority population who are directly descended from East Africa and East African cultural heritage and who mainly speak Kiswahili, that these same people, straight out of the heart of the Holy Land, can get their logic to convince them to become and remain Sunni Muslims? This answers the questions of history lost, psyche lost and paradise lost. The revolution Zanzibar is talking about is de-evolutionary thinking because of the distance they have decided to maintain from their roots.

Patriarchy Rules The Day And Ruins The Way

Let us be clear, Sunni and Shiite Muslims are comparable to the Christian and Jewish relationship. They have the same fundamental beliefs but different denominational beliefs. Secondly they have a difference in who the ruling authority of the religious ideology is. One group believes a Messiah type is coming and the other group believes that the Messiah has came or will not. Thus the difference between Sunni and Shiite is just like the difference between Christian and Jew, it is six of one and a half dozen of the other. In their fundamental beliefs, you would need to split hairs in order to tell them apart. They are identical and only appear different through semantics of language, the semantics of practices and the expert use of veneer.

Tanganyika Nyanza | Great Lake Island Paradise
Unity Consciousness #814


Part (2 of 4)

Tanganyika Is An Island Of Islands

Eastern Inner Africa, containing the Great Lakes and many rivers flowing into and out of these lakes, has been described as a long, irregular, oval-shaped elevation of mountain masses, spreading out in many places as vast plateau, and buttressed by far-reaching ridges, here and there rising into snow-clad peaks. Deep in the devices and depressions of this central mountain mass have gathered the great water-cisterns of the African lakes, which send forth their streams east and west, and north and south. These are the vitalising arteries sent forth from the heart of Africa. The fauna and flora of the heart of Africa also attest to the central characteristics of the region. On its shores may be found specimens of all the vegetable and animal families distributed over the continent. (1) Inner Africa is the womb and through its oval came the rest of Africa into life and existence and so also the rest of the world.

The very heart of hearts, in the centre of the great central elevation of mountain heights, is Tanganyika. This lake is the shape of a long, deep water-chasm. At 418 miles long, Tanganyika is the longest lake on Earth. It is doubtless the product of great volcanic action because volcanic fires are still heaving and raging beneath the heart of Africa. This may be inferred from the many hot springs and steam jets in the region, and the frequent rumblings and tremors of the earth. (2) (3)

The oval that holds the waters of Tanganyika is a deep crater that is fairly steep on the eastern side, and very steep on the western side.(4) This makes most of the lake's coastline inaccessible since it is composed of high sheer mountain walls that fall directly into the lake. (5)

For long stretches, mile after mile of steep mountains rise sheer from the water alongside miles of forest, pebbly creeks and river-mouths half-covered with reeds and papyrus and populated by the hippopotamus and the crocodile. Dispersed throughout the lake are plenty of rocky, but livable, islands. (6)


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What Is Expanding By Dimensions Is The Island Concept
Unity Consciousness #813


Land surrounded by water is an island; therefore, water surrounded by land is an island.
A land island is said to be “cutoff” and separated from other land. A person island is said to be cutoff from other people - island-ated (isolated). A water island is cutoff from other water.

We already know and accept the expanding nature of the island concept.
1. An oasis is an island of water usually surrounded by sand land.
2. A garden is an oasis of diverse plants and other life usually surrounded by grass and/or hardscape.
3. A park is garden-like oasis island of land. Though parks are usually surrounded by urban concrete and steel rather than water, parks are still considered island getaways.
4. Isn't there such a thing as a water park? - thus a water island is confirmed.

We must come to understand all land on Earth is an island.
All land, no matter how continental, is surrounded by water that is called many names. Look at a world map.
The awareness that all land is an island is double verified when we understand all land contains water below.
This is triple verified when we understand all land contains water above.

Land is a form of water. Water is a form of land. Air is a form of water. All three are formed into humans and other creations.
Aren't we and all things islands? Are we not completely surrounded by something else? This means the Sun is an island. The Solar System is an Island and so on to the marco and to the micro and we don't stop until we reach the island of Maat.

Downshifting To Upshift

All of the above grounding framework addresses the last bit of naysaying against the expanding island concept.

The basic definition of an island invalidates most land islands as being islands.
Many land islands are not completely surrounded by water. They are connected to the land beneath the water thus, not surrounded by water completely on the bottom.
Land islands are not surrounded by water from the surface to the summit (on the sides).
Land islands have air above, not water.
Therefore, the basic concept of island is only true when we limit our thinking to one dimension - the flat earth, surface plane of logic that has no depth, no height and very limited width.

We re-expand our thinking as we expand understandings about dimensions, levels of awareness and ways of knowing...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nyanja ya Tanganyika | Great Lake Mother Of The Waters
Meanings & Pronunciations
Unity Consciousness #812

Part (1 of 4)

Meanings Of Nyanza, Tanganyika & Nyanja

Nyanza (nigh-AHN-zah) means an enormous collection of primordial water (lake, sea, pool, river, etc.) (1) Nyanza is also described as meaning “lake” in the superlative, pre-eminent sense. (1.5) Thus instead of Nyanza simply meaning “lake,” the meaning is closer to Great Lake. Thus also, it is possible the people would only use the word Nyanza in some instances because that name would be sufficient unless the people were aware of more than one Nyanza.

Tanganyika (ta-ngah-NYEE-kah) has several layers of meaning:

1. “the mixture,” in Kiswahili. In the bosom of Tanganyika Nyanza meet and mingle all the waters of the vast surrounding framework of hills. (2)

2. The name of Tanganyika means " the mixing place," being derived from Ku-langanya—in some dialects Changanya—" to mix or shuffle." The fact that I found no less than ninety-six rivers besides torrents and springs flowing into the portion of the lake which I surveyed proves this name to be well deserved. (3)

3. It can be said Tanganyika is another word for paradise. The mixture that was all things in the mixing place, the waters of Nun, was in a blend of harmonious paradise of oneness. When that mixture divided itself and created Creation and then made all the divisions of Self interrelated and interconnected, the conditions were established for the mixture to remain together and come together and function in harmony in paradise, Punt, the Garden of Paradise on Earth, even as separation occurred and after disconnection occurred.

4. “Tanganyika means “lake of the thigh or haunch.” This comes from “tanga” for “the thigh” and “nyika” for the water. [thus we see the kinship of ny-ika to ny-anza]
The thigh is a symbol which denotes the birthplace that was shown more completely by the Cow itself. The water-cow represented earth as the great mother and giver of the water that burst forth from the abyss in the deluge of the inundation when the lake was formed.
The lake of the thigh is Tanganyika, a constellation in the northern heaven. It was the lake of the water-cow. (4)

5. An early name for Tanganyika by the local people was, and perhaps still is, the Sea of Ujiji. (5)

6. Per the online Chichewa Dictionary, Nyanja (nigh-AHN-jah) means lake. Thus Lake Tanganyika is Nyanja ya Tanganyika.

7. Some Inner African names for the cow are "Nyaka" and "Nika." Thus the name of Tanga-Nyaka includes the cow of the water, the thigh of the water, and the thigh of the cow. (5a)

8. Bobbing along on the computerized internet is a questionable name for Tanganyika - "Liemba."

Liemba Means “Lake??”

Despite English-speaking sources saying liemba means lake in a Bantu language, it doesn't make sense. First of all, by calling Tanganyika, Lake Liemba, is the same as calling it Lake Lake. Secondly, why would local people name a specific body of water “lake” when all around them are many lakes? Thirdly, why would local people give the general name of lake to the largest body of water near them and leave the name simply as lake? Fourthly, why would local people name the southern end of a lake, “lake” and not name it something that means south. Clearly, “li” does not mean south because if it did, then south would be part of the definition of liemba - south, southern or southernmost lake.

If liemba means lake, then the first part of the name is missing or is Liemba the massive unique lake without a unique name?
Some say “emba” means lake, but don't say what “Li” means. (6)
Clearly, whatever word is used to describe water, will have the word “water” as its root meaning because, in harmony, in paradise, creation informs the namer as to what its name should be based on its characteristics.
Based on my dash of understanding regarding linguistics and understandings regarding Tanganyika and based on a source that says the prefix “li” or “di” could mean “to be” or “to exist,” here's my guess regarding the word “emba”:
the various components of the letters singularly and in combinations, suggest female, mother, water, male and female, parentage, dimension of soul and heart and soul. Thus, a fuller meaning of Liemba has something to do with waters of existence of soul and spirit bringing life into being as the originating, birthing, sustaining abundance enormity. This would make the meaning of liemba in keeping with of the meaning of Tanganyika.


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The following reference states there are 120 rivers and streams that feed into Tanganyika Nyanza.
New Werner, ”Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Standard Work of Reference in Art, Literature, Science, History, Geography, Commerce, Biography, Discovery and Invention... with New American Supplement, Complete in Thirty Volumes,” Twentieth Century Edition, (Werner Company: 1906), Volume 23, p. 50.

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(6) Robertson, Rev. William Govan, The London Missionary Society, Central African Mission, “Journal of the African Society,” (MacMillan Co: New York: January 1904), No. 10, p. 183

Tanganyika rises in rhythm with the African female, who like Aquaria, is the Great Mother of The Waters, Het-Heru-Nu, Sirene Oshun, Mami Wata and Yemanja-Oshun...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Age Of Aquaria/Aquarius Is Not All Grits & Gravy
Unity Consciousness #811


If you simply believe the logic of those still in the full grasp and control of the suboptimal context (current-day colonial education), you will be led to think the Age of Aquaria/Aquarius is simply going to go from Piscean foul fishy botulism to the deliciousness of grits and gravy with free, all-you-can-eat sides of bacon and buttered biscuits.

Since when does a mess become happiness just because time passes? What is the process that cleans this up?
Since when does power concede anything without a struggle?
If this was going to happen, power would voluntarily fundamentally change without need for protest.

There was a struggle when harmony was lost in the Universe and there will be further struggle for harmony to be regained.
Struggle has been taking place for thousands of years and is not just going to stop when the clock strikes Aquarian Time.

There is a struggle when a virus enters the body and the mind. There is a struggle when the virus is removed from the body and the mind. In order to go from a sick world to a healthy world, there must be pain, discomfort and participation of the free will of those who want the virus removed from body and mind. Clearly we must participate in our own health and healing and not depend on “the passage of time” as the main driver of health. MLK, Jr. already explained “Why We Can't Wait.”
If we do not do what supports the removal of virus logic, then we will prolong the agony, come Aquaria or not.
However, we humans cannot stop the healing of Earth. We can assist it or aggravate it by the momentum of our actions.

The Aquarian Age comes, not to free us from others, but to help those who seek to use free will to free themselves from self-alienation and self-destruction. We don't have a “Get Out Of Hell Free Card,” that allows us to just remain sick and still do unhealthy things and then roll the dice and take some medication poisons, placebos and pacifiers and then do more unhealthy things and expect to get better when Aquaria comes to wash our miseducation-based and science-less behaviors away.
The Aquarian Age comes not to prepare or serve us grits and gravy. If we take that approach we will be the last to be served standing in back of the natural resource line. We might not even survive that long. We could be taken out by the virus logic within us or that which is within others. Finally we could be taken out by cleansing immune logic of Earth & Universe that will scan Earth for those who are still functioning using way too much virus logic and mark them as beyond repair in this dimension.

The Aquarian Age comes to provide conditions that better supports the making of grits and gravy in abundance for all species willing to exist in harmony. Without question, this automatically eliminates the status quo as they continue their multiplier-effect of madness. It is impossible for those who worship the Destroyer Deceiver to change their thinking because they are deadset against using free will to do what is higher.

The Aquarian Age spells the end of the domination of Males, Religions and White, Semite & Other Asians. Individuals and countries are going to be relieved of their ill-gotten resources. In some fashion, militaries will be made impotent. Crime will no longer be the number one defense. Most museums are public mausoleums and will cease to exist because their holdings will be restored to the status of sacredness.

No, this revolution is not being televised or social mediatized. Those who insist on believing things rather than knowing things will be caught off guarding the wrong logic as emergences play nonstop on Universal TV.

The Aquarian Age is in no way an easing into of enlightenment, peace and prosperity.
In order for those qualities of civilizations to occur in societies that are opposed to such, a complete reversal of logic must take place, not just as a desperate attempt to save a sinking ship but as an understanding of the need to return to shore and dismantle the ship because it is beyond repair. This then means the information in societies we are basing our thinking on must change dramatically. How easy is that? Try going to sleep under a suboptimal context and wake up with an optimal context. Go ahead and expect there is no need for personal change and then life can go on smoothly, without a hitch from sickness to blissfulness, even in the midst of multi-dimensional climate change! To later on say, “I didn't know,” is to right now say, “I believe or I don't believe.” You automatically say, I don't know when you say I believe and the other way around.

All beliefs such as religion, male/female dynamics, culture, racial categories, ethnic groups, money, nationalism, education, and on and on, will have to revolutionized back to their primitive essence of oneness.
In the body, the virus succeeds, by sneaking in as a pretend friend, then it attacks the origin, the nucleus. Then once in control of the operating instructions, the virus employs the components in the cell to do its bidding, in exchange for basic needs, because the virus now controls the instructions on how to use resources.
Africa is the nucleus. Africa must be freed in order for Earth to have enlightenment, peace and prosperity. All of the Europeans, Arabs, other Asians and woefully infected Africans must no longer be there in Africa in order for Africa to function properly as a nucleus and disseminator of civilizing operating instructions for human interactions with self and all else.
If this is not so, then, since when did a virus get to remain in a body and in control of the cell and health also return?

By necessity, then, there must be restitution on all levels.
Set has been satiated, now Maat, through many Agents, must be satisfied.

As a result, world systems will continue to fail, including local ones, thus basic needs that have long since been in jeopardy, will be even more so. This is the final transition period into the Age of Aquaria that is already partially here right now.

Now that we've regained a simple truth, that there is no such thing as a pain-free healing process, we must ask ourselves a simple question.
What could possibly happen that will change people's thinking to the degree they will move from separation to synthesis as in "one nation under a groove," and operate using the same Godly principles? This is how many people are painting the Aquarian Age without any dismantling and reconfiguring process that gets us to that point. Certainly the process involves more than an oversimplified coming together in dialogue and building bridges over troubled waters. The invasive species of dangerous logic must be purged to non-harmful levels such that the water is again drinkable, swimmable and worthy to be bathed in.
Is it possible to go into a store where there are grits, flour, water and oil and then come out with grits and gravy fully prepared? The store is the World. Somebody's got to bring all those components together. Likewise, in order to come together fundamentally harmoniously means our logic must function from the same fundamental context, the same motherboard and operating system, the same unifying ideology. The pristineness of the kitchen must be disturbed in order to prepare a meal. Likewise, the path to peace on Earth and goodwill is through more pain and less goodwill. This is exactly what has been steadily worsening for thousands of years. We are standing on the front porch of the House of Aquaria where also lives Aquarius.
We are simultaneously, awakening at a faster pace and numbers, but not nearly enough yet to stem the flow of millions being killed daily, slowly and quickly as others seek to deter us based on their supposed right to remain strictly sickly.

The conclusion of all this is to simply repeat: it takes a turning up of heat and an opening up of fresh ingredients and a stirring of pots and pans to get grits and gravy to the desired consistency. Then we get to enjoy the Aquarian Age meal. Bring your own hot sauce.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Holy Land Of Paradise | Punt, Pwnt, Ta-neter
Unity Consciousness #810


In order to gain a better geographic context of the continent where Punt is located, see Africa: Continent, Maps & Facts, Unity Consciousness #217

Now that we've Sankofa'ed somewhat and gotten our duck feet wet, it's time to dive deeper to where there are many more morsels of our makings. From Kemet, we move up the 4,100+ mile, Hapy River to interior Africa to the Great Lakes Region. Here lies the primitive paradise of the planet, the land of Punt.
Punt is where humans of the homo sapiens species originated. Thus, Punt, of inner Africa, is the Holy Land.

Ta-nuter Is Ta-neter

“The Egyptians also preserved traditions of Ta-nuter, the holy land that was known by the name of Punt or Puanta...The name is applied to the land of dawn, or anta, as the golden = the land of gold.” (1)(2)

Punt Is Two Holy Lands, Geographical & Mythological

“It was reported that in a remote region south you came to an unknown great water which bathed Puanta. This, we suggest, was that nearest and largest of all the African lakes, now called the Victoria Nyanza, from which the river Nile debouches on its journey north. We gather from the inscriptions of Der-el-Bahari that the inhabitants of that Puanta were lake-dwellers.”(3)

“In the story of the shipwrecked sailor the speaker says of his voyage: “I was going to the mines of Pharaoh, in a ship that was 150 cubits long and 40 cubits wide, with 150 of the best sailors in Egypt.” He was shipwrecked on an island, which turned out to be in the land of Puanta. The serpent ruler of the island says to the sailor: “I am prince of the land of Puanta.” (4)

“Puanta, as a geographical locality, is said to lie next to the spirit world, or the land of the shades, which is spoken of as being in the south, but as far away as sailors could go up-stream; in fact, it was where the celestial waters came from heaven at the sources of the Nile. This surely means that Puanta, the gold land, was at the summit of this world, and therefore closest to the next, where there was nothing but the firmamental water betwixt them and the islands of the blessed.” (5)

“The earliest Ta-Neter or holy land of the Egyptians, then, was Puanta in the south, which was sacred on account of its being the primeval home. But in the mythos the place of coming forth had been given to the sun god in the east, and this became the holy land in the solar mythology which has been too hastily identified by certain Egyptologists with Arabia as the eastern land.” (6)
Massey goes on to say, “Puanta or Punt is identical with the orient in the mythos [the East] . But the land of Puanta is also geographical, and there was an Egyptian tradition that this divine country could be reached by ascending the river Nile.” (7)
Per Renouf, “When it is said that gods ' come from Punit,' it is not meant by this that they are of Arabian origin, but simply that Sun Moon, and Stars, and Daylight rise in the East.” (8)

Variations Of Spellings & Locations

In addition to the spelling variations of Punt in this message, there are many more I decline to list. Some, I suspect, are from the misinformationists. Punt seems most accurate. Once we remove the vowels from the many different spellings of Punt and convert “u” back to “w”, we usually end up with (pwnt). Punt is the point (pwnt) of origin.

Both Ta-nuter and Ta-neter could be accurate. First of all, Ta-nuter as the Land of the Waters of Nu, The Creator God, The NETER of the Neters, The One of the Many. Second of all, Ta-neter as the Land of the Gods who were born out of the Waters Of Nu. Thus, Ta-nuter and Ta-neter designate the names of the parents first and the offspring second who both came from the same place, live in same place and whose land is the same place. Call it by the parent's name or call it by the children's name.

As usual, much confusion is offered concerning the location of Punt. Punt, as a location on Earth, is just like all other places on Earth. Punt is a location within a location, just as Africa is within Earth with Solar System, within Galaxy...

Therefore, Punt can be a large area consisting of thousands of miles extending radially in all directions from the Great Lake Nyanza. At the same time Punt could have been part of Ethiopia because at times, Ethiopia consisted of all of Eastern Africa from bottom to top and included significant portions of Asia. Thus, what was then Punt, can now be parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kongo, Kenya, Tanganyika, Rwanda and Burundi.

Go back to the map and facts about Africa, linked at the top of this message. Understand clearly the vastness of Africa.
Concerning the Great Lake Nyanza, the water by itself, is over 26,000 square miles* of fresh water, not including the many freshwater streams flowing in and out of Nyanza. There was food and water and other resources all around. A tropical paradise of abundance that was already fruitful in order to serve the fruitful multiplying of humans and also fuel their creative genetic potential genius. Isn't that exactly what happened for hundreds of thousands of years before this recent period of overwhelming imbalance?

Because the primitive originating essence of spirit-soul and matter is still intact in the Above and Below, it is a very good thing that the imbalanced logic users cannot pinpoint the location of the Holy Of Holies which is Punt.

(1) Massey, Gerald., “Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World: A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books,” (Leeds Celephais Press: 2008), (First published London, T. Fisher Unwin: 1907), Volume I, p. 262/pdf 272.
(2) “The name Punt or Puanta was applied in the Ritual (ch. 15).” The Egyptian Book of the Dead was termed "The Ritual" by Champollion, a convention followed by Massey and others but since abandoned.
”Lepsius gave to this work the name of Todteiibuch, " Book of the Dead," in opposition to the name of " Ritual " adopted by Champollion, which is certainly incorrect. It is no Ritual . On the whole the Book of the Dead differs widely from a Ritual. ”
(3) Massey, p. 262/pdf 272.
(4) Massey, p. 263/pdf 273.
(5) Ibid.
(6) Massey, p. 264/pdf 274.
(7) Massey, p. 262/pdf 272.
(8) Renouf, Sir p. Le Page, Translator, continued and completed by Naville, Prof E., “The Egyptian Book Of The Dead,” Privately printed for The Society Of Biblical Archeology, (LONDON: 1904), p. 29/pdf 63.

*From a United States perspective, Lake Nyanza is bigger than West Virginia, Maryland, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island. Several of these States will fit inside Lake Nyanza at the same time with room to spare. Some historians indicate the water level of the Hapy River was higher in earlier times. Thus must also mean the water in the Great Lakes Region was even more abundant and was higher and/or covered a wider area.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Middle East Asians, Russia, India, Europe and Japan
Unity Consciousness #809


Continuing a thought from UC#808 regarding the term, “Middle East.”

What is East and West is determined by lines of longitude on either side of the Prime Meridian (the vertical Equator). What is North and South is determined by lines of latitude on either side of the Equator (the horizontal Prime Meridian).*

If the term “Middle East” was used accurately, the Middle East would be centered on the longitude that runs down the western border of Mongolia and eastern border of India.** Most of the current Middle East would not be in the Middle East. Most of China would be.

The Wrong Middle East

If we stick with the current location of the Middle East, then the two longitudes that mark the boundaries would also include all the land and water of the Middle East. This then means, also in the middle east is most of East Africa, eastern Europe, western Russia, western Arctic, Madagascar, Mauritius, western India, Maldives and part of Antarctica.

Finally, read this lie, people we trust, which contains crazy contradictions about the Middle East. It states the western border is the Mediterranean, yet Egypt is sometimes included because it borders the Mediterranean.
First of all, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Greece, Italy and France also border the Mediterranean. Are they sometimes in the Middle East?
Second of all, most of Egypt is beyond the western border of the Middle East and Egypt borders the Mediterranean to the south. To include Egypt is to also include all countries with the same latitude which means Mexico, Florida, Bahamas and Haiti are in the Middle East if Egypt is in the Middle East...Lies are indeed a mangled web.

What all this does is turn one continent, Asia into many places. Asia becomes Europe, Russia, China The Middle East, India, the twin Koreas, Japan. This is okay because most continents have different names within them, but those places are usually easily understood and referred to as being part of the continent in the average person's mind. For example, Brazil South America, Sudan in Africa. Very rarely is the connection made to Asia when referring to places except mostly when it comes to the islands and eastern Asians.
In other words, Asians from China, Japan, India, Europe and Russia and all those in between, love each other in an “ain't no love lost” kind of way. We know this, not only based on their warring behavior, but also based on their cultures attempting to disassociate themselves from each other geographically by naming tricks such as the Middle East and Europe claiming to be a continent. Asia has fallen prey to the divide and conquer strategy which benefits the current status quo.
For instance, South Korea claims to have gotten started 700,000 years ago. [long before homo sapiens] In keeping with the rest of Asia, South Korea clearly snatched history out of thin air since they mention no originating connection to any other place or people. This is obviously because half of South Koreans believe in a Christian God and half are Buddhists who believe there is no Creator God.
Despite their denials and sweepings under rugs, all Asians are still one people. They are the same people who expanded and branched and had sex with each other and adapted to local environments. If they only had spirit-soul and mind to recombine their fragmented selves, they would restore the true image of who they are. Do not be impressed by how any group of Asians behave because they have not been able to overcome their miseducation more than we have***, thus all those cultures are confusions and illusions of the real thing.
Either way, apart or together, singularly or collectively, their genesis is still in Africa, not in the Middle East of make-believe geography and make-believe archaeology.

*The Sun ascends from South to North moving above the horizon in the East at sunrise, crosses the verizon into the West at midday, descends from North to South moving below the horizon in the West at sunset, crosses the verizon into the East at midnight.
The verizon is the vertical equator just as the horizon is the horizontal equator.
Please note this is based on the current orientation of the world map, which is upside down. The world map should be turned 180 degrees so that Antarctica is on top to match the way the world really is.
Remember, we are currently in a period where Last is First and most things are backwards, upside down, reversed. So is our perception of Earth.

Based on Kemetic Cosmology, please also note it is more likely the horizon is actually the herizon of the female and the verizon is actually the horizon of the male. (See, “Genderism Preceded Racism & Religion Herizon Preceded Horizon, Unity Consciousness #576”)

**The East is half of the Earth or 180 degrees, thus the middle of the East is 90 degrees. This matches the longitude line that runs down the western border of Mongolia and eastern border of India.
***Is it because their doing so depends entirely on our doing so? From what direction did civilizing understandings flow?

Prehistory, Predynastic, Protodynastic, Primitive Definitions
Unity Consciousness #808


The topic of prehistory has been previously dealt with and properly identified so the Initiate will not fall headwrong into that 400,000 year ditching of homo sapien events.

This message updates that message to include predynastic, protodynastic and primitive. All these words are European concoctions and/or distortions. However, we must use them sometimes during our transitional restoration period as we Sankofa, re-member and straighten out mis-information.

Brief Review & Update Of Prehistoric

Prehistoric means before Europeans. Prehistoric means before European thought came out of the cold darkness of Hell and partially thawed through the tropical teachings of Africa. Shortly after this took place, Europeans began to change African teachings into their own version. Most of the period of time from when homo sapiens appeared and before Europeans appeared and before Europeans plagiarized African teachings is considered by the Europeans to be prehistoric and prehistory.
Prehistory does not mean before recorded written history. It does not mean before anything important happened.

Prehistoric does not mean primitive in the negative sense. Primitive is prime-itive.
What primitive really means is “primary, preceding, before, earlier, beginning, origin. This is the meaning of what a primitive Africa is.

Predynastic Definition

Predynastic means Europeans don't understand it and/or haven't found it yet and/or haven't told you yet.
The African Dynastic Period is One Continuous Dynasty that was spread throughout Africa and throughout the world. Just like a family lineage continues as it develops and branches, so does the African Dynasty in Africa and throughout the world. All lands of Earth began as part of the African Dynasty.

The rulership of Kemet came out of Kush Nubia and out of the Kushite Nubian bloodline. This is of no surprise since the Kemites were Kushite Nubians who just moved into their own homestead living space down the river.

Seriously, who becomes a different person just because they move out of one house and into another? Family reunions tell you people of different names are still part of the same one family.

Predynastic is an attempt to trick your mind in to thinking African Greatness began and ended during a brief period at the end of Africa in Kemet.
Once this trick is in place, then the deceivers come back and claim that, during that brief period, the people were not African. The goal all along has been to reduce Africa into nothingness through lies in every branch of knowledge, such as claiming agriculture and sea navigation started outside of Africa. Anyone claiming to be an expert, scholar or who can put one and one together, knows it doesn't add up to zero.

Protodynastic Definition

According to Europeans, protodynastic is the period of time between, prehistory and predynasty that Europeans can't agree on the most effective way to construct the lie without contradicting, other, already established lies.
The protodynastic period is irreconcilable because they have lied themselves into a corner.
Thus, protodynastic is an attempt to hide broken logic by creating a term that sounds highly intelligent.
The term protodynastic is a term used to “fudge” the facts of the historic timeline.
The term amounts to a sweeping under the rug.

More Words Of Deception

Paleolithic, Stone Age, Early Stone Age, Neolithic, Naquada, Old Kingdom, Medieval, Sibellian and dozens of other designations that are mixed and based on different branches of science and have inconsistent dating.

Boiling Historic B.S. Down To A Comprehensible Consistency

Terms such as prehistoric, predynastic, protodynastic and primitive are used to apply only or mostly to Africa.
These terms were created by Europeans in an attempt to disengage truth from its roots. Other groups have jumped on the bandwagon and also created their versions of history. Peking Man is a Peking Ducking of human origins in Africa. Right now, in 2016, Asians in the form of Chinese, Semites, Arabs and Europeans are still trying to come up with justification to say human origins are in the mis-named “Middle East” of Asia. (See UC#809).
All these efforts and terms are trying to lead our logic to believe there was not much going on in Africa of value, before Greece, Rome and somebody named Jesus came along. YET, Africa and Africans are the most studied group on the planet and are the source of most museum artifacts and the source of the most foundational knowledge contributed to humanity.
So tell me then, why would those of supposed higher intellect, continue spending enormous resources to find something of little to no value?

Why are they feverishly studying African DNA/RNA like its a gold rush?
Why would they need primitives to continue inventing and building their countries and their wealth?

Is it because “primitives,” in the negative European sense, are simply interesting dumb animals to study?

Or is it because of this long present truth:
We would not have been told by our Ancestors we have to be twice as good, even against odds, if it were not possible. Our Ancestors were saying, “Rise up and do what you've always done – overcome by continuing to create new solutions!”
Europeans and others are trying to figure out how “primitives” can be twice as good and yet, primitive. They want to understand what then, does that really say about them? They want to know how to construct more lies to keep the truth inside hidden from outwardly focused and recently focused, plain sight eyes.

The terms prehistory, predynasty, protodynasty and primitive are all part of a long list of logic tricks.

LABELS: prehistory, world history, Africa, family, family tree, trick

Logic Gone Wrong: I'll Try Anything Once
Unity Consciousness #807


There are many enticing “sayings” that are death trap accidents waiting for you to invite them to happen.
“I'll try anything once,” or “I'm willing to try anything once,” is one of those sayings.

If a substantial part of the reason you are considering trying something is because you've never tried it before, then you do not have a good reason.
If you have not considered all the other reasons for or against trying something, you are playing Russian Roulette Reasoning. “I'll just pull the trigger once, and see what happens.” “I guess or hope nothing goes wrong.”

“I'll try anything once, is a bad blanket pre-decision that covers anything you have not yet tried. Go ahead and drive blindfolded. You're being brave, creating memories and a story to talk and laugh about.

“I'll try it because I've never tried it,” sounds really crazy when you not in the moment and have time to think about it; however, it sounds kinda exciting when you make a split-decision to go with the flow – and there are no obvious upfront costs.

“I'll try anything once is just a crazy excuse to be careless and dangerous in the name of spontaneity or having some kind of over-hyped fun...Vegas, Mardi Gras, Carnival, vacation, birthdays, New Year's, graduation...
Sometimes a person will give some consideration to the consequences and responsibilities, yet push all that aside and go along for the joy ride because they have pre-decided that's how they want to be identified – as someone who is willing to try anything once and is just “outgoing” and fun to be around – a “happy-go-lucky” person.

Pivot Point

The pivotal part of logic in the statement is the “just once” part and not the “anything” part.
The “just once” part causes the most trouble because it seeks to trick you into thinking that “just once” means “less risky” and “more acceptable.”

“It's just once,” you and others tell yourself.
“If you don't like it, you don't have to do it again, what's the harm, who's to know, I won't tell, Come on, have some fun. See, I tried it...”
On and on, weak and scary reasons are given. These people are not your friends and you are not being a friend to yourself if you give in.

It is now easier to realize:
There are some things that should never be tried once, or ever.
Trust me, if anything does go wrong, everyone who participated will run from responsibility and say, “it was his/her choice.” “I/We didn't make him/her do it.”
If, trying something once is a good strong enough reason to do or not do something once, then that same reasoning should also be good and strong enough to support trying something twice or not trying it twice.
If it is not, do not try it once.

Foolish Follow-Up After Logic Has Gone Wrong

After a person has tried something once that they should not have and escaped relatively unharmed, extra insanity is usually added by someone who asks, “what do you think? Did you like it?, etc.
The person asks you to think after the fact but before the fact they ask you to not think, just do it.

Go on and do it, do it, do it till you're satisfied, Whatever it is...
How much energy are you really going to put into analyzing what you just did, when you didn't bother to listen to your inner “warning bells” in the first place and only wanted to satisfy your curiosity or someone else's?
All of us look back and say, “I shouldn't have done that.” We knew it before the fact of doing the act.
Still we wonder and wish. “If I could just change that one decision that one time, how different things would be, just because of something I did once or one time too many or with the wrong person...”
If it is good to do something once right now, then the opportunity will come again. No need to rush and do it, the first time the opportunity presents itself.
Get away from people, pressure and the situation and go sit on the toilet where you can process your thoughts more clearly and thoroughly. There's something about that place that brings a person and their thoughts face to face. When an “I'll try anything once” moment comes up, politely say, “Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.”
Before trying something once, think once, twice and three times.

Corrupt Cousins

The corrupt cousin and friend to “I'll try anything once” is “just do it a little bit.” “Just try it once, a little bit.”
When you hear that logic, walk away quickly.
A lot of people who get hooked on drugs start out that way trying it just once, a little bit. Every sexually-active male and female, sooner or later comes to know this slick trick logic that often quick tricks you right back.

Trying someone once purely in the name of exploration and fun is an invitation to an accident waiting to happen.
Accidents don't just happen ever. They wait for our decisions. Then they come because we have welcomed them and paved the road with our decisions.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

African Communal Education: Expanding Communal Concept
Unity Consciousness #806


(Part 9 of 9)

Reference: “The Virtues and Challenges in Traditional African Education” by John K. Marah, Ed.D.

Expanding The Communal Concept To Its Greatest Extent

Life and existence is not about Last against First. It is not about less-pigmented against more pigmented, nor is it about humans against other species or against Earth. Our purpose is much larger because the Communal Group is much larger because Higher Spirit-Soul is much larger.

Yes we are so much larger than the smallness of our perceptions.
When we think and live small, as in small communal groups, call them countries or nations or cultures if you want to, we are still ill-prepared to handle certain large scale problems. The current concept and carrying out of localness and globalness is one of those two-sided large scale problems. It has indeed messed up the family concept as being One and Only and African and Creation.

How We Doing Is How We Thinking

We cannot “live large” in a healthy way if our thinking is small, even if it is positive thinking.

Part of the restoration of our reasoning from small to large must be Self-education and African communal education that evolves in keeping with changing Days and Ages while remaining firmly rooted in the unchangeable.

The great news is: Many Africans (humans by birth) already understand their connections to the larger Planetary and larger Cosmic Communal Group. Where then does the disconnect come from within our branching logic?

Do we not understand, in order for the Communal Group to live large again, like we have not for thousands of years, we must study, practice, experiment and learn in all ways which includes hands on doing stuff as ones, twos, crews and groups who are responsible to the Communal Group?

Destroyer forces, thickly mixed in among us, and working against us, are working together dysfunctionally; but since we ain't working together nearly as much, their dysfunction trumps our function. Why? Because we give the Destroyer Principle and the world he and his concubines have built, the loyalty of our free will.
We must come together communally using all the principles that got us through the worst of times - basically employing the principles of the Ecosystem Logic upon which, our entire being is based, thus the power to prevail.
All power needs a connection in order to be transferred from its potential to its kinetic.
More and more earnestly, we must reconnect within where power resides and simultaneously reconnect without where power resides. This is the shortest surest route. As more and more Micro Universes connect with the Macro Universe and these communal groups connect with others, there really is no mountain of misinformation high enough or river of misunderstanding wide enough to keep the Family apart – from themselves and from the rights afforded to keepers of responsibilities.

What Time Is It?

Combine and conquer!

Organize, centralize, come as one.

Africa for Africans Marcus Mosiah Garvey speaks.

Note: This blog uses "Collective" and "communal" instead of "pluralism."

BLACKNESS! Still Yourself! Know Yourself!
Unity Consciousness #805


According to statistics on this blog, the largest readership comes from the United States, Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine, United Kingdom, India, China, Sweden and Philippines. 759 is the fewest page views by any of these countries in the past 9 years.
In recent times, South Korea, Ireland and Canada have joined the mix. 13 is the fewest page views by any of these countries in the past 30 days.

Relatively speaking, in most of these places, there are not many people who classify themselves as African and who are likely knowingly trying to find their way back home to Africa, the Old Country, the Old Continent. Likewise, in any of these places, including the United States and France, it is highly unlikely this blog has reached mostly Africans.

Information is information. A message is a message. Knowledge (understanding) is in self.
In other words, the children of the Destroyer are busy doing what children do. With questions of “Why, How come, What is and Show me,” desperate to understand life and existence, children come to their African elders, wherever we are, in order to be educated in that which is always evolving as possible which flows out of the genius of our creative genetic potential. To them this is not nearly as attainable because paths and processes that are logical through self are so undesirable to pursue, due to the African Parental Source within them damned behind il-logical information, understandings will not flow from the higher universal through disrespect self-neglect.
Despite self-accusal and refusal, in order to remain minimally viable as a people, these folks still need to know what multi-faceted melanin brings to light.
We, of African Descent and Ascent, whether or not we right now follow the ways of our Light Angles, we are still a more reliable basis for what those dedicated to the Destroyer, need to know for their basic survival. After all, we are in their DNA, not just a little. As such, African vibrations are continuously needed to make things go on all levels.
Each person's Hall of Records contains all information condensed in metaphor examples to paint pictures of what it means to be Eco-sensible (civil). Yet, because each person's genetic library is so massive and expandable and now obscured by Darkness aberrant, this learning space has been termed catacombs and labyrinth, thus is viewed as someplace terrible. Thus without going deeper into information and understandings, we consider complete what is partial. The effect is self-esteem based on everything but the essential, the temporal instead of the eternal. Behavior reflects.

Even so, through a combination of patterns, I am also able to determine there are several more Initiates of Learning who are now encountering this blog. They are not only in America; but also in countries and islands overwhelming populated by Africans. The tables and tides of critical analysis, assisted by Seshat and Tehuti, are steadily turning and rising into self-understandings for yet another group whose genes have been turned on to awaken them to the Ancestor's calling. Their climate-changing momentum to the upside is an unmistakable vibe.

Still Powerful

Africa, in humans, is still more fundamental than any identity crisis still afflicting spirit and soul.
This African essence is so overwhelmingly powerful, when it is misunderstood at the weakest level of awareness (Giri So), it makes people fearful - of themselves, thus self-tormented.* Even so, these people are still needful of the chosen manifestations of that original and beautiful essence. This cuts them to the quick which comes back at Africa as hateful, just because we have what they need. Behavior reflects.

Though much of this sounds wonderful, first let us be certain to understand Africans, that what is represented by those who remain sold on the lower spiritual, the Destroyer Principle, is also in our DNA/RNA. Our Ancestors, through the Early Formation Of Creation, have translated for us this portion of the scroll. The story still unfolds. It cannot remain hidden if we truly want to know. The responsibility that goes along with this right to know is adding our free will to the direction of the flow.

Secondly, let us understand Africans, we need to understand what we already right now know and we also need to re-member more of what we know by moving towards the collective communal and away from the personal individual. However, contrary to those other people's M.O., Self, Unselfishly, is all we need to know.

Adjusting, perhaps reversing our energy flow, causes mini-explosions to accumulate and grow in all directions. As knowledge of Blackness grows, real progress and real upward mobility begins taking place long before we reach optimal.

Asante Sana for Characteristics and Principles of Self-Renewal to Become Oneness of the Whole Self-Created Spirit and Soul.

*The only way to feel good about this is to constantly take drugs. The main drug is distraction from themselves. The main distraction is psychological warfare on Africans.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

African Communal Education: Patriarchy Vulnerability
Unity Consciousness #804


(Part 8 of 9)

Main Reference: “The Virtues and Challenges in Traditional African Education” by John K. Marah, Ed.D.

Patriarchy At Least 13,000 Years Ago

Clearly the Age of Pisces is an Age of Patriarchy (males in crazed control, not just simply “males in charge”). Thus we have genderism as a necessary evil discrimination in order for patriarchy to exist. The Age of Pisces was a continuation of rising imbalance and distortions in female/male relationships.
Remove the window dressings of right to vote and wage and position improvements for relatively few females, and remove all the shape-shifting to give the appearance of female progress, and then you'll recognize the same truth that also applies to racism. At best, progress has been negligible and has not come as a result of the willingness of the society. The fundamental spirit of societies has not changed regarding genderism or racism. In other words, by itself, position improvement is not confirmation of position improvement.
Looking further back in history in Kemet and elsewhere, we see patriarchy in existence during the Ages of Aries, Taurus, Gemni, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. In Kemet, the uniting of the Two Lands is often spoken of favorably; however, under male leadership, two groups of Kushite Nubians went to war and one group lost. This is how Kemet was formed. This is the same as America being formed when two groups of Europeans went to war.
For people outside Africa, evidence of longstanding patriarchy can be found by looking at their moral compasses - patriarchal religions that rose such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and others.

Thus we, the world, have been under a patriarchal period for at least 13,000 years, or half a Great Year. The past 13,000 years have been marked by ever narrowing, more restrictive, more vicious forms of patriarchy such as rule-the-world mad scientist empire building and new mutated strains of logic to push human-beingness out of the picture in our list of things to consider when thinking.

The Pervasive Problem of Patriarchy

Patriarchy is a limiting ideology because it is not in harmonic balance with the female principle. Instead of representing Maat (balance), patriarchy represents isfet (imbalance).

“As patriarchy emerged in the civilization of Kemet, the principal God of Kemet, Goddess Nu also known as Nut and Het-Heru was demoted from the primary essence of the Creator to being the mother of Heru and the wife of Amen-Ra. Even though there were several temples dedicated to Het-Heru, the female principle became third to the masculine nature of the Creator as emphasized in Father and Son, Amen, Ra, Atum and Heru. (Encyclopedia of African Religion, p. 307, quoted and paraphrased with additions)

“In Africa, women live in some societies that have been reluctant to value the role of women equally alongside that of men. The overwhelming majority of African societies are patriarchal. As in all patriarchal societies, women are generally viewed as being second to men. Although women are portrayed as partners with God in terms of being the portal through which comes human life, they are also considered the cause of the disconnection between humanity and God (the cause of sin and weakness). Also, women are considered helpmates (servant-spouse) and as possible wreckers of men’s lives. (temptresses, bringers of bad luck, reasons males mess up, etc.)” (Encyclopedia of African Religion, p. 724-5, quoted and paraphrased with additions)

Gender influences in communal groups are upside down, which is in keeping with the rise of the lower-spiritual nature Destroyer principle within the Universe and within self. Africa must restore default settings of communal groups to the last known good configuration before Kemet. This will repair the broken dehumanizing logic of patriarchy by making the male role subject to the stronger civilizing force of matriarchy. Patriarchy is mind-centered and closed-minded, thus stagnant in terms of healthy motion while moving at full speed in terms of unhealthy motion. This period of time under the rule of patriarchy is essentially one form of challenge that must be and can be overcome through the renewal of maturing in understandings, once again, of self in relation to all else.
Africans in Africa need to Sankofa and “know yourself” just as much as Africans anywhere else. This can happen much quicker than it is happening elsewhere because the root, the soil and seed of spirit-soul is right there in Africa. Your conception, birth and upbringing has taken place in the Holy Land. The core language is still intact along with many other connecting cultural practices. These advantages, once adjusted and reoriented, can propel, Africans in Africa, rapidly forward. This will not happen however, under the auspices of white or black Gods encapsulated in disfigured forms of traditional spirituality called spirituality or religion. (p. 21/pdf 7)

There must be a restoration of what works and a jettisoning of what does not. Males must move over and back and women must rise up and take more of an active and lead role in the administration of the communal group.

Cohesive Communal Context From The Mouth Of A Monarch Patriarch

“Serious consideration should be given to the establishment of an African University, sponsored by all African States, where future leaders of Africa will be trained in an atmosphere of continental brotherhood. In this African institution, the supra-national aspects of African life would be emphasized and study would be directed toward the ultimate goal of complete African unity” (p. 22/pdf 10)
Even though patriarchy existed in Kemet from at least the onset of the Dynastic Period, it was the uniting of two communal groups in Kemet (the Two Lands that became Upper and Lower Kemet) that brought forth economies of scale which contributed to what Kemet was able to accomplish, even while under increasing patriarchy imbalance.
In other words, communal living and communal group cooperation, to any extent, enhances the use of our creative genetic potential genius. This is true whether we are guided by the higher-self values or lower-self values. The Devil achieved a global system of racism due to communal group cooperation in every major institution of societies, even though those communal groups and their institutions are as dysfunctional as they come.* How much more so can Africans use the power of communal cooperation and their divine natural advantages to take the Devil down and take his crown?

*In fact, all of their institutions are evil down to the core of their construction. If you think you've found one of their institutions that is not, please explain. If you think you've somehow found an institution where there is a sweet spot that somehow overrides the rot and that somehow instead of getting rid of the contents and the pot, and revolutionize the entire lot, beginning with Maat, and instead what needs to happen is just make reforms in certain spots, please explain. I'm certain you cannot, without understandings cropped due to knowledge, as it relates to all else and self, forgot. Logic satisfied with what the Destroyer provides, without increasing comprehensiveness of thought, is the enemy in you in me I'm trying to stop.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

African Communal Education: Group Size Vulnerability
Unity Consciousness #803


(Part 7 of 9)

Reference: “The Virtues and Challenges in Traditional African Education” by John K. Marah, Ed.D., (paragraph 2, p. 20/pdf 6)

Small Communal Group Size Is Vulnerable To Larger Persistent Insistent Problems

Additional Thoughts: Smallness of communal group size does not allow for economies of scale or optimal use of all genetic potential necessary to remain viable. In the absence of economies derived from larger numbers of people working together, all members of small communal groups must spend the majority of their time and other resources performing tasks pertaining to a handful of basic daily needs. As a result, the communal group develops a limited focus, though not necessarily small, but definitely not large enough. There are few to no members of the communal group who spend most of their time and resources studying and assessing the bigger picture as it relates the smaller picture and vice versa. As a result, hindsight, foresight and forward thinking are limited.

Because everyone and everything is always changing, to be unaware of the continuous subtle changes emerging that eventually add up to major changes is to leave the communal group exposed to vulnerabilities that can be avoided or minimized.

Rather than stand the test of time, communal groups must stand the test of the changing nature of life and existence. There must be communal members dedicated to the day to day and there must be communal members dedicated to the year to year, Age to Age and Great Year to Great Year. These family members must become knowledgeable in a variety of areas in order to make proper assessments.
Clearly many communal groups worldwide were not prepared to deal with the changes of the Age of Aries and Age of Pisces. How can we be prepared for such change when an Age is thousands of years long and we are not going to live that long? This speaks to another heart of the matter. Communal groups must be large enough and have the educational content and process that ensures the transmission of knowledge across many generations in order to keep the communal group viable across Ages.
Just as many communal groups were unprepared, some were. Some information has been hidden and some revealed just so we could survive and overcome these times. We Africans, thousand of years later, were in the consciousness of our Ancestors who paved the way for us to find the way. What all this means is that the spirit-soul of the larger communal group is still intact.
In other words, as Africans continue to seek the higher communal education of the Creator as taught through knowledge of self, then Africans can once again take advantage of partnering with each other and all else that is here to help us and that we are here to assist. Economies of scale are right here and there waiting for us through the education of scale – meaning, as we lift our education from an individual focus, a family focus, a local focus, and a fragmented geographical focus, we will perform greater and greater feats of magic, thus restore civilizations despite the choke hold of societies.
Africans who are within Africa, you, out of all Africans worldwide, should know you are not all those names you go by, some of which have been bestowed upon you, just as African-American was bestowed upon those in America. Of course we have developed differences in cultural practices but we are still One People with origins in the Hapy River Valley. Cultural differences must no longer stand in the way, illogically, to cause us to be disconnected from the larger One communal group Africa represents for the entire planet. Africans in Africa who are in cutoff communal groups, must come into full understanding that each communal group can be likened to one of many cells which all came from one cell that divided, after being formed from the genetics of two parents. How different can butt cells be from head cells when both came from the same originating cell?
All people, no matter what they call themselves, came out of African blood, which is the only human blood that exists on Earth. How much more so then, within Africa do Africans not form a much more immediately closer communal group? Africans in Africa must educate themselves to restore understanding of the One Destiny of humans that came through us and will be restored through us.

Consider further how many communities of Africans outside Africa, who have automatically, consciously and/or subconsciously, carried out communal living logic embedded in their genetics. While in the midst of enemy-ruled territories, Africans formed home schools, small schools and larger schools, colleges and universities staffed by members of our communal group, most or all of whom lived in the community. How much more so then can, should and must Africans on the homeland high ground plateau of Earth, do the same? All things are in your favor and just needs the primary use and secondary use of your free will.

African Communal Education: Narrow Focus Vulnerability
Unity Consciousness #802


(Part 6 of 9)

Reference: “The Virtues and Challenges in Traditional African Education” by John K. Marah, Ed.D.

Communal Education Became Narrowly Focused

“Traditional education was built around the small focal point of the communal group and was therefore exclusive of others who did not belong to the particular ethnic group. If it were not so, the various inter-ethnic wars in Africa would have been less. Granted, there are many other reasons contributing to ethnic conflicts, but the educational process and content cannot be discarded as among the reasons contributing to ethnic conflicts.”
Thus educational process and content contribute to all conflicts between humans and all conflicts between humans and non-humans. These conflicts are merely outer manifestations of inner logical conflicts within human thought processes. In other words when human thought processes consist of contradictory logic, those opposing pieces of logic battle to be the prevailing logic. This continues until the logical conflict is resolved via understanding which can only come through some form of education process and content. Until this understanding is reached within, meanwhile, the inner battle rages. This must spill outside the person in the form of self-destructive behaviors, which includes harming others. (p. 20/pdf 6, quoted and paraphrased).

Additional Thoughts: Clearly, when we were younger, in the form of our Ancestors, we were wiser. We sought to understand ourselves as part of a much larger collective communal existence. And we did. And because we did, we were fruitful and multiplied physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually-soulfully.
Knowing this to be the case, we then also know that prior to the rise in ethnic conflicts in Africa and worldwide, traditional education was more broadly focused in terms of viewing other communal groups, near and far, as still part of the larger universal communal group.

The continued migration and movement of people away from home in Africa, along with very limited movement of those same people back home, in order to stay connected via “family reunions,” contributed to a slow erosion of knowledge of self. We didn't understand where all these other people came from because we lost touch with our origins. As a result, educational content taught by us to our descendents reflected this family disconnect.
Based on understandings of how the mind works, this explains a significant portion of what I consider to be the core cause of conflict among all groups of humans – improper educational content and process. Content forms context.
Through the Ages, many groups have developed amnesia of the sense of self embodied in each other and in all else.
Thus estranged, we think strangely and act strangely until out comes “man versus nature” logic and “you ain't no kin to me,” logic.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Downward Bound: Society Education & Upward Mobility
Unity Consciousness #801


(Part 5 of 9)

How can the education of societies be the key to upward mobility?
Upward into what?

Aren't the people educated by this same education the same ones who keep killing we and setting their killers free and blaming our murders on us based on their socio-psychopathy? Aren't the best and the brightest products of their education the same ones keeping up and supporting genderism and racism globally?
Based on the number of simultaneous wars taking place against every aspect of a person's being, the times we've been living in for the past several thousand years are clearly the most heinous period of human existence. This steady decline has been taking place as the number of people getting educated by societies has steadily risen. Could this be cause and effect?

Quality of life, upward mobility and the higher spiritual self go hand in hand in hand.
See, “Progress Report On Most Nations, When A FIX Is Not Making Progress, UC #577 .”

So where then is this upward mobility provided by the education of societies?
Upward into what?

Formal education, as defined by Europeans and other groups, as a means of upward mobility for anyone seeking to be their optimal best, is an inherently false notion.
The formal education of societies is suboptimal and was appropriate for the times, just like their candy bar religions.
It was appropriate when we didn't know better. It is now way past the time for all people to make that change back to the education of their African roots.

It is no longer enough to Africanize, Blackify or soul season the education of societies to make it palatable and then consider it damn good eating.*

The integration of Africans into European schools and curriculum was and is part of the ongoing attempts to gentrify African culture out of the planet. The same culture that civilized us in the first place.
So how is it we can erase components of civilization such as female leadership and Eco-sensible spiritual traditions that maintains a respectful kinship with nature, and yet we still consider that kind of education a means of upward mobility?
Upward into what?

When Africans in America moved into “better” neighborhoods, they moved out of the last vestiges of their cultural incubator and into a free for all culture of worse values. We traded in being young, gifted, black and proud in order to be unlike ourselves, thus we became educated agents against ourselves and the communal group we left behind. This is of no surprise. To think the neighborhood of those who hate you is better than yours is a self-indictment of self-esteem. Why? Because the information that provided knowledge of self was missing in far too many of us. Yet there were many who didn't forget and many of them were constantly attacked, killed and imprisoned, same as today.
Buying in to the education of the lower-self and then carrying out what we've learned in the same manner as those we learned it from is the same as selling out our family communal group.
Of course, the loss of African consciousness and the loss of conscience of human decency must lead to things falling apart due to improper responses to externally-inflicted and self-inflicted ills.
In addition to little or no Sankofa, the loss of communal living as an extended family in neighborhoods has left us vulnerable to the always active external forces, which at least in times past, could be guarded against and minimized within the community; however, what protection is there when those same external ideologies are educated into us and internalized and then weaken us from the inside of our communities, especially among mothers and fathers who are no longer “together” but still have a child to raise together. If we liked each other enough for the sake of sex can't we at least like each other enough for the sake of the child – or at least fake it until the child makes it?

The hardening of the head always comes at the expense of the softening of the butt – the butt of our descendents

The education most of us are getting is supposed to be moving us into a more civil way of thinking yet barbarism in a multitude of legally-sanctioned ways (pre-crime, during the crime and post-crime) continues to rise.
You say what!? Societal education is the key to upward mobility?
Upward into what?

The answers becomes clear when we return to thinking collectively globally lovingly rather than individually locally selfishly.
Mo' money, Mo' misery is the price we pay to achieve and succeed financially momentarily. Certainly critical thinking has failed us logically. because we think getting some understanding intellectually makes it okay to not mature spiritually....and because we think money and popularity and position prestige, gives us every right to disregard our main responsibilities to our communal family, which includes our Ancestors and the Creator who reminds us constantly via the higher spiritual nature within, what is and what isn't upward mobility.

*Changing the color of Yeshua (Jesus), back to the Black-skinned person he was, but keeping everything else the same is the same as changing the color of the pill and expecting the poison to suddenly do us some good.

Restoring Formal Education As Family Communal Education
Unity Consciousness #800


(Part 4 of 9)

Consciously and subconsciously, Africans worldwide, disconnected from the Mother Continent, were still able to tap into the Root of Africa through the root directory of our genetic library and Spirit Web. This is evident in the practice throughout the world of social living principles upon which African civilizations were based.
Outside Africa, the principle of the extended family fostered a formal education system that included home, neighborhood, church, workplace, schools, playground and front porch.
Formal education was understood to take place in a variety of settings and is as constant and continuous as life itself.

See, “Understanding African Family Values, An African Proverb, Part 3, Unity Consciousness #80”

Middle Lines

When the overwhelming majority of formal education does not come from family, the communal group and from self-teachings, and instead comes from the formal and informal education of societies, we are up a creek with a paddle made of diplomas and still in trouble – worse trouble than our Ancestors. Why? Because at least they had not abandoned what made them strong in the first place and traded it in for the ways offered through the education of societies that want nothing more than to keep us more enslaved than they are.

Clearly, the formal/informal education of societies teaches us how to trade three or more things we have in order to get one thing. We give up conscience, roots, collective benefit and genetic potential in order to get Destroyer education for the main purpose of getting the money they created, control the value of and tax from the top, bottom, front, middle, back and sides.
Trading a family communal education for a capitalistic society education is like trading in a log cabin you built yourself for a shed from Tiffany's made of straw and wall paper.

The fundamental problem with the education of societies, beyond its curriculum, is that it leads us astray from the direction we should be moving in on our continuous spiritual journey. This is the greatest of the grave dangers encountered when blindly trusting information from those estranged from their spirit-soul.

Without even discussing all of the incriminating evidence flowing out of societies like made fresh daily raw sewage, we know we must be in danger when, despite hundreds of years of being exposed to the education of societies, the level of human-beingness has declined, among them and among us. Furthermore, consciousness of the masses has not been elevated through the education societies provide. So what is that kind of education good for?

Community Schools In African Neighborhoods

Back in the day, even with a deficient curriculum, education received at school was more beneficial because teachers were able to supplement the education, teachers and staff lived in the community, teachers and staff were our family and extended family, plus all grade levels were at the same school which provided numerous benefits and a built-in support system of older students who were mentors and role models. Everyone in the daily life of students was vested in the outcome of these children, because schools were an expansion of home and communal group. Schools reflected more of our family values than the "desegregated" schools of today. This then leaves us wide open to be attacked by values taught through school curriculum that do nothing more than support a slave mentality.

Throughout the Diaspora, “teach local, teach communal” is just as much a rallying necessity our spirit-soul cries out for, as is “grow local” and “buy local.”

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Education | Desegregation Is Not Integration
Unity Consciousness #799


(Part 3 of 9)

Review Part 1 of this series.

What happens when people functioning based on education governed by the higher-self are integrated (actually assimilated) into a system of education governed by the lower-self?

For a large portion of that population, deactivation of the greater portion of what is great within will occur.
Mutation of whatever genetic potential is leftover will occur. Those people will stumble and fumble fortunes in Darkness as they attempt to function in a healthy fashion based on unhealthy education. Those people will seek forms of “having,” “wholeness,” “health,” “happiness” and “Heaven” using ideologies that are straight-up telling them and their Ancestors to go to Hell, BUT, you can “benefit” for the moment if you help strengthen us so we can send more of your people and more of the planet to Hell, and then we'll get back around to you and your descendents.
This has always been the plan of the lower-spirit of the Destroyer. This plan has not and will not change no matter what we see happening on the surface of societies. Any changes for the better are not being initiated by the society or the Destroyer and cannot be stopped by the Destroyer's workers.

Desegregation Of School Facilities But Not Integration Of School Curriculum

Schools were desegregated by race and/or gender; however, through trickery of word usage, this was called integration.
It is not integration.
Integration is about combining, unifying and making whole.
Desegregated schools continue to educate using curriculum that is not whole and is divided by race and gender such that education still misrepresents gender and race and religion and spirituality and who is a hero and so much more.
In keeping with its lower-self guidance, the education of societies is a lying education. This is clear based on the refusal of all societies to change the numerous lies in school textbooks and religious textbooks. The infrastructure of genderism and racism in education is still fully intact but developing cracks. What is taking place in societies regarding crimes against humanity and other creations is directly related to school curriculums. Don't think for a minute you are going to go to these schools and learn something that is going to make you better able to deal with the behaviors of the society. No, this must come from education of the higher-self that restores knowledge of self so you can understand what you need to do in relation to all else.

Screaming “Wake Up!”

Africans, even though we are in Destroyer schools and religions, we are neither desegregated nor are we integrated. What makes us think our paths into these schooling places, through these schools, out of these schools and after these schools will become equal based upon the merits of the hard work put forth and the degrees we've achieved and the resulting levels of exhibited proficiency? Please!
Since when did the spirit of these people change? What is their incentive? We know what we would say but they don't think that way. Duh! They don't think of God, spirit and soul as we do. How long ago did we first get that clue? To people dominated by their lower-spirit, God is more ancillary than primary, more of a necessary illusion than absolute reality and more of a commodity to be shaped as one sees fit, e.g. “God Bless America.” In addition to God being used as a slogan in many ways and as a word to attempt to disarm critical thinking, God is used to justify criminality, hide things and explain things that otherwise make nonsense. Now again I ask, What is their incentive to change?

Educated Fools We Are

Despite all of our advancing based on their education, we are worse off as a worldwide collective.
Why? Because we rely mainly on Destroyer education to Restore us to a place of well-being and security. How is that supposed to work? Readily and anxiously ingest a lot of poison and be cured of diseases?! Here, my child, go get yourself a degree laced with layers of poison as a means to upward mobility and live securely and happily and be free!
Stop sending our children to somebody else's school, not designed for our children, and have our children think it is a good education that is going to get them a good job so they can make it in life.
Don't we know every time we figure out how to use the key said to be the key, the lock is changed or added that requires a new key?
It's past time for Africans to use the education we already have from them more wisely by integrating it with a much larger amount of education based on the African Utamawazo. This is so the flavor of our future comes our strongly concentrated African and cannot be mistaken for anything else. We must make this transition so we can be who we need to be and because the failings of the Destroyer systems continue to accumulate towards final breakdown and upheaval.
What we need to do, according to our destiny is about who we are, not because of who they are and what they do. We need Restorer education in order to fulfill our destiny.
We must make Africa great again by taking the best of what kept us in the forefront of civilizations for hundreds of thousands of years and integrate those understandings with what we have learned since our fall from grace.
If we do go to Destroyer schools we must be clearly focused and already have identified how the education is going to help the communal group become self-sufficient without Destroyer jobs and how the education is going to contribute to the restoration of Africa.
What Destroyer people do is something they've always done long before they met us and have never stopped doing to each other. This is another reason to stop expecting them to change or believing they have changed fundamentally in their spirit.
None of this is about woe is us African self-pity. It is about trying to get us to see the plainness of thousands of years of repeated experiences that are still taking place, so we can move beyond following Destroyer education logic and hurry up and changeover to much better ways of thinking and living; otherwise what is happening will continue to happen until the Insiders rise and the Outsiders descend. If we are not changing our conscious behavior for the better, and we are found in the same or worse shape, we just might be mistaken for pathogens/antigens rather than probiotics/antibodies.

Consider also “A College & A Prison.”