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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, December 23, 2016

Pagan Practice Contradictions Of Buddhism & Hinduism
Judaism, Christianity, Islam Included
Unity Consciousness #898


(Part 3 of 3)


1. The black race is the most ancient, and Africa is the primordial home. It is certain that the black Buddha of India was imaged in the negroid type, in the black negro god, whether called Buddha or Sut-Nahsi. The features and the hair of Buddha belong to the black race, and Nahsi is the negro name. (BB 18/30)

2. Modern students of Buddhism, who are also Masons, have found the most striking likenesses between the rites of Buddhism and Masonry; not because Free-Masonry is a direct survival of Indian Buddhism, but on account of their common Kamite origin (Kemet, Egypt). (NG2 66/74)

3. Buddha in China is Yu, Fo, Fot, or Boud, whose great work was the dividing of the land into nine parts after the deluge, which is identical with the work of Ptah, who founded the Put circle of nine gods upon the waters that were thus limited to one quarter of the four. (NG2 67/75)

4. The Sanskrit “J” represents an earlier “K” just as Jina, the “overcomer of all things” a title of Buddha. Jina, the victorious, triumphant, represents the Egyptian Kan or Kanu, the brave, able, victor. The root on this line is found in the Egyptian “Kef.” Kef or Kep was the most ancient mother of life, the Egyptian Eve. Now Kef means the mystery of life related to the mystical water; it is called the mystery of the Nile, of fertilization, and fermentation. (BB 244/256)

5. If Buddhism could but explicate its own origins, it would become apparent that it is both natural and scientific. But the blind attempt to make the Buddha historical in one personality will place it ultimately on the same level with historical Christianity at the bottom of the ditch. “(AE1 431/441)

6. Nirvana was not the conception of Buddha or anybody else; it is not identifiable as any one’s idea or doctrine, but belongs to the mythical origins about which the modern student of religious dogmas and ideas literally knows nothing, who begins with this or the omer “Buddhist conception” unwitting that it is an ultimate deposit, the last result in an extended series of pre-historic developments of primitive thought. All other methods of explaining the past in the present will soon be superseded by the evolutionary one, and those who cannot show us how the extant results of the past were led up to, must now retire as teachers who have had their day. Everything has been led up to, Nirvana included. (NG2 89/97)


1. Adima appears as the first man in India, as well as in Jewry, because both are independently derived from the common source in Egypt, where Atum is not only the first created, but self-created. Adima has for consort an Eve in India, as in the Genesis, because the original of both is the Genitrix [genesis, origin], the goddess of the Great Bear, and mother of flesh (Af), as Aft in Egypt. We shall find two or three Eves in Africa. (BB 145/157)

2. The Hindu does not eat the cow, the Jew does not eat the swine, and this is because these represented the Mother as a Totemic sign, and the typical Great Mother in the Mythology. “(AE1 82/92)

3. There is no trusting the märchen in their Greek or Hindu, Hebrew or Christian guise, without comparing them with the originals.“(AE1 352/362)

4. Hetep had been the heaven of Abydos, of Annu, Thebes, Memphis, Hermopolis, and other cities on earth, and now it was the heaven of eternity, the heaven of spirits perfected; also the heaven of Chaldean, Hebrew, Hindu, Japanese, Greek, and all the others who repeated the astronomical imagery and founded their religious teaching on the wisdom of ancient Egypt.“(AE1 384/394)

5. When we have collected and correlated the legendary lore of many nations, and can read the symbols in their primal significance, and reconstruct the myths, we shall find, at the head of all, the mythical divinities of Egypt as the oldest things extant ; that is, these personifications embody the earliest configurations of human thought, and are provably of Egyptian origin, and traceable in other lands by their nature and in many instances by name. Words will help us much, but the divinities more. Through them we can get back to the primitive types which culminated in deities, and the dumb symbols of early expression that have been exalted to the status of religious doctrines and revealed dogmas, and prove that these types, the fossilized footprints of the past, are neither Roman, nor Greek, nor Hindu, nor Semitic, but identifiably Egyptian. (BB 369/381)

6. The mystic “Aum” of the Hindus is a formula of the Trinity in unity now summed up in Vishnu. (NG1 538/556)

7. ...the same story is told in the case of the Hindu twins, Krishna and Balarama, who correspond to Jesus and John. . (NG2 457/465)

A Reed Basket Of Other Points

1. Some most precious remains of the primitive wisdom now extant outside of Egypt are preserved by the oldest races of the world. Much of the matter is found among the people of the Polynesian islands. (AE2 548/12)

2. The Chaldean and Hindu legends know nothing of human sin as a cause of the deluge.
[All religions came from the same source yet some do not mention human sin. The notion of sin should be investigated by those who believe they need to be cleansed of sin by a savior for salvation to get to heaven and that is life's ultimate purpose and meaning. If the means is to justify the end, the both must match origin -human origin, which is African, thus, since Africa is the origin of human spirit birth on earth, it must be the source of teachings to help us find our spiritual bearings, which is why all religions are based on African spiritual teachings but have debased those teachings and replaced them with lies of all sorts, which is why humanity is way off course.](AE2 559/23)

3. On Christmas Day when the Christ, the Buddha, or Mithras was born, the birth-day of the Sun in the Winter Solstice, the constellation of the Virgin arose upon the horizon; she was represented as holding the new-born child in her arms, and being pursued by the Serpent which opened its mouth just beneath her in the position of being trodden under-foot. The symbolism was applied to Isis and Horus in Egypt; to Maya and Buddha in India and China; to the Woman and Child in Revelation, to Mary and Jesus in Rome; and is still to be read in the signs of heaven, where it is old enough to prove a unity of origin for the several myths.(NG1 311/329)

4. No matter whether these teachings are called Illuminatist, Buddhist, Kabalist, Gnostic, Masonic, or Christian, the elemental types can only be truly known in their beginnings. When the prophets or visionary showmen of cloudland come to us claiming original inspiration and utter something new, we judge of its value by what it is in itself. But if we find they bring us the ancient matter which they cannot account for, and we can, it is natural that we should judge it by the primary significations rather than the latest pretensions. It is useless for us to read our later thought into the earliest types of expression and then say the ancients meant that! Subtilized interpretations which have become doctrines and dogmas in theosophy have now to be tested by their genesis in physical phenomena, in order that we may explode their false pretensions to supernatural origin or superhuman knowledge.(NG1 318/336)

5. The Nail in the palm of the hand never meant the crucified Christ, Buddha, or Witoba, except to the ignorant A-Gnostics. The four nails are equivalent to the sign of regeneration or gestation. (NG1 438-9/456-7)

6. The Chinese system of “Fung-Shui,” or the “Breath of Nature” said to have commenced with the “Absolute Nothing” out of which the “Great Absolute” was evolved, begins phenomenally with the “Two Truths” of Water and Breath, corresponding perfectly to the Water and Breath of the Egyptian Mâti, Water, or Shui, for Shade and Light. (NG1 399/417)

7. The primary nature of the zodiac signs determines their Egyptian origin. No serious student of the subject can doubt that the Arabic, Chaldean, Hindu, Chinese and Greek systems of ancient astronomy were derived from a common source. Egypt alone is known to be old enough to account for that unity of origin. (NG2 214/222)

8. The lunar race of Yadu was identical in the Hindu mythos with the lunar tribe of Judah, in the Hebrew. (NG2 442/450)

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