"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Adventurous Conjugating Seeds:
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1160


(Part 9bf of 11)

Suboptimal Context

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Optimal Context.

When we stand at the vantage point, where all doors and all sides meet, we are able to see there's plenty more to the above statement such as: nothing ventured, nothing lost or something ventured, nothing gained or something ventured, something lost or nothing ventured, nothing gained or lost; or something ventured, something gained and lost.
Consider the following:
Nothing remains the same, nothing ventured, nothing gained, nothing moves around, something goes lost, something comes found, I am the same, everything is different, nothing's changed except new versions of old game under different names.
Over the course of this safari, we have discussed several common sayings. The pattern (the rhythm of the reasoning, the reckoning) remains the same. Most of what we habitually repeat today as complete truisms, is truncated, fragmented, limited suboptimal logic that has us reaching conclusions and making decisions using significantly incomplete thought processes and significantly incomplete information. Doing so, trains the brain to take dead end shortcuts that lead somewhere but not nowhere. It leads somewhere into the quagmire, but not nowhere lower and higher.
Put a program in a computer and alter its registry settings and, to boot, give it incomplete information to process, then see what happens.
Same thing happens to our computer brains and computers in all of our other cells.
The suboptimal context does this to everything it touches until the norm is reset to accommodate this weaker context.

Everything reproduces seed of its own kind.
Thinking beyond self and expanding to the extended self is critical for optimal mental health.
All computers need upgrading and maintenance, otherwise, will not function optimally, even while functioning. Being unaware of optimal performance causes us to reach false conclusions that our computers are functioning as best they can.

Venture beyond the current self in its current form.

Transform the stunted self through the continuous process of becoming more complete in the knowledge of self.
Conjugate seeds of self: The I am is are were was to be been being born again the I am....

Recognize the fact you already conjugate self every day anyway.
For example, someone asks, are you Usekhu, and I say, yes I am.
Were you telling the truth? I've always been honest.
When we or others speak of ourselves in any way ( past, present or future tense), we are conjugating self.
Consciously conjugate.
Venture and conjugate, conjugate and venture.

So many of us are seeking life and relationships filled with adventure.
Guess what?
You already have it.
It's just suboptimal venturing (behavior) and suboptimal conjugating (thinking).

Be more adventurous by conjugating consciously to get to know self better. Plant more complete seeds of information regarding self and anything else and more and more of all else.
Sow knowledge of self, grow yourself, gain and lose to optimize knowing self, sow knowledge of self...


Monday, December 11, 2017

His & Her Power
Long Shortcut Process Of Resurrecting Complete Truth
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1159


(Part 9be of 11)

As I continue the processes of the process of acquiring the next understandings, and assembling them into a message, I began with “titute and ti-tu-te,” which led me to “the law,” which led me to ”dementia” which led me to “sem” which led me to “as” which led me to “cave” which led me back to several previous messages, as does each stop along the way, which led me back to “sem” with a better understanding, which led me to word variations, which helped me formulate how this relates to “titute” and why this route is needful before I go back into a different view of “khu” and onto “repa” which have been waiting further transformation and integration. This circuitous process is also answering a “long” outstanding question I asked the Universe: Help me mature, beyond belief, in understanding the slippery elusive concepts of “perfect” and “all-knowing.” For passing through all of these way stations, the mystery is unfolding. I can see connections forming as the Great Spider Webmaster weaves her and his webs in me, through me, and around me. There is a shortcut that is good and long. This must be properly understood.

Word variations: Kher is her and Khes is his.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cave People of the 21st Century, The Remix
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1158


(Part 9bd of 11)

You, me and all other humans are spirit, soul, energy, matter, elemental, atomic, molecular, cellular, water, air, earth, sun, plants, animals, apes and cave people.
Everything in creation comes from the cave.
Cave is cavity, womb, cocoon, tomb, mouth, opening, container, nose, ear, anus, body, house, hut, cab, cabin, apartment, condo, room, shed, garage, tent, teepee, yurt, trailer, mobile home, igloo, hotel, camper, mansion, tiny house on wheels, cistern, well, uterus, abode, cradle, crib, bassinet, stroller, manger, playpen, airplane, train, ship, spaceship, submarine, boat, canoe, yacht, ark, bus, car, cart, earth, universe, seed, shell, building, cells, stomach, kidneys, lungs, coffin, greenhouse, galaxy, vase, bowl, cup, glass, pot, commode, bathtub, shower stall, closet, box, hole, valley, refrigerator, oven, cellar, basement, chair, couch, sofa, sleeping bag, bed, elevator, country (prison cell), void, abyss, pocket, mountain, hill, mound, per-neter, pyramid, temple, church, sanctuary, synagogue, chapel, cemetery, graveyard, mausoleum, morgue, hospital, theater, stadium....

Welcome, cave people, to the 21st Century!

Kef is the name of the Queen Mother and the name of the abode of birth. Kef means cave, sanctuary, place of concealment, secret dwelling, feminine abode, birthplace, house of life, womb, place of transformation. (BB 213-14/225-26; 420/432; 494/506; 501/513); (NG1 463/481)

Word Variations: Khef, Khep, Kep, cave, cove, cab, coffin, combe, combination. (BB 387/399)
No birth or transformation of any type, takes place anywhere outside of a cave.
Time for all us to get over all the things we think we are not, but are.
All of us are 100%: Cave people, the remix. Stone Age, the remix, African, the remix; Human, the remix, Apes, the remix. Fish, the remix; Animals, the remix; Animists, the remix; Primitive, the remix; Organisms, the remix; Amoebas, the remix; Molecules, the remix; Atomic energy, the remix; Elemental expressions, the remix; Water, Air, Earth, Moon & Sun, the remix; Spirit-Soul Star Energy, the remix.

It's a sham(e) the human-made has made us lose our memory. Cave people back in the day were smarter than us, their descendants, modern version of cave people.
Way back in the day they made it through life without money. We are a disgrace to those cave people. We are prodigals who have lost our way because we have dementia, dimensia.
We have allowed dimensions of time, space and forms of things to make us think believe we have “risen above” the level of cave people.
Look at us, all civilized, shaven, hair combed, bathed in soaps, clothed in plants and animal skins, shoes on our feet, got somebody else hunting and gathering for us and putting it in stores. Look at us going to the bathroom indoors, and taking showers in artificial waterfalls and baths in artificial ponds. Nothing has changed except surface pretensions.
Something has changed - deeper dimensions of broken connections, causing you and me to remain arrogantly foolishly forgetful of who we have always been – cavemen and cavewomen – still having cavebabies.
We are cavepeople with mo' money, mo' problems.

We make fun of cavepeople, but the joke of the okie doke is on us.

BTW: Since cave is synonymous with cove, cove is the covenant.
Since cave is also synonymous with ark, then cave, cove, covenant, ark and ark of the covenant are one and the same.
The ark of the covenant is the cave agreement between cavepeople, other cave creations and the Cave Creator.

As an additional note, we can overcome the insecurity of money by working more with nature and with each other - extending wealth through the extended self. This is the most secure way to ensure basic needs are achieved, not money to pay the bills.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Definition Of Dementia, Dimensia & Dimension
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1157


(Part 9bc of 11)

If we take different routes to find a basic definition of dementia, this is what we will find:

1. Dementia is said to be related to demented which means madness.

2. Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia.
By this definition, as explained in earlier messages regarding mental health, all of us have some degree of mental illness, thus dementia, because we do not know who we are. No, not even genetically do we know, despite all the information available to tell us we are all 100% genetically African, despite continued DNA Testing Results Lies to the contrary.

3. In Egyptian: “Men” means to fix, memorise, or memorialise, i.e. to MIND, in the Scottish sense of remembering. (BB 233-4/245-6)

4. A late meaning of “men” is “to think.”

As we've learned, all illness is caused by cellular imbalance malfunction. Cellular malfunction is due to nutrition toxin imbalance. Everything takes place in cells. Whenever there is a problem inside our cells, not only is the physical affected, but also the mental, emotional and spirit-soul energy in the cell. Of course, thinking malfunction affects emotions, spirit and body and behavior. We must fundamentally understand that if something affects us in one way, then it also affects us in the other three aspects of self. Of course mental health and behavioral health is on an exponential rise worldwide. Not in the past few decades, but for thousands of years this has been taking place. The invasion of lands occupied by family members is a sure sign and symptom of mental illness and dementia. Call it amnesia, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness or whatever. When we don't know what we once knew, all of us are in a cycle of dementia. Creator included.


Dimension has been defined;
A dimension exists because of difference. The difference does not have to be large. It does not have to be measurable. The difference only has to be enough to be noticeable. Even so, the difference does not have to be recognized to exist. It can however, exist in the mind only.
A difference that creates a dimension can be between two aspects of creation or within the same aspect of creation.
A dimension changes how creation functions, thus how creation interacts
This tells us de-men-tia is the same thing as di-men-sia.
When we allow dimensions to affect our memory and way of thinking, such that we are unable to maintain awareness of the whole, but rather allow some fragments (dimensions) to rule our thinking and behavior, it is the same thing as dementia.
The two words are the same and so are their effects on us in recent Ages.

Dementia is to de-memorize.
Dimension is to divide the memory.
Same thing.

If anybody is talking to you about health and not also talking about nutrition, toxins, cells and the oneness of mind, body, emotion and spirit-soul, you are going to get fragmented understanding to try to address the whole, about which these people obviously have dementia and dimensia. They talk about wholeness but know not the context or process of wholeness. They have sold spirit-soul for the paycheck of the suboptimal cycle.

I am dimensia and dementia and dimension. In this manner I have already come out in this Age of upheaval. And this is why knowledge of self (re-mem-bering, re-mending, men-ding) is the principle thing for fulfillment to heal the entire self simultaneously, not in parts and parcels of treatments and medicines that are not foods, but are toxins, as is the current approach.

In dimensions, dimensia and dementia, memory is not lost. Memory is fragmented and connections are broken. The Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Earth, Species, Brains and Cells are all interconnected networks within themselves and with each other. These connections are like a spider's web. We've all broken plenty of spider webs and the spider re-pairs it or builds another. We've broken the web that connects us to nature, each other and that makes connections in our cells. Memory can and will be restored through processes.

To know self does not require memorizing events of history. No. It means understanding the nature that is you and that nature that is the food, shelter and clothing you need. As you do, you will begin to grow in understanding everything that is connected and interrelated to provide basic needs. To know self means to understand genetic potential and spirit-soul to the extent that you understand what they are for. Nurture, Nourish and Feed yourself on these things and the rest will follow.

Definition Of The Law Trumps All
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1156


(Part 9bb of 11)

The police are the internal military and the military are the external police. Both are mostly composed of people who have sold spirit-soul for a paycheck and a slogan to serve and protect. These two things together makes everything they do correct.
At their foundation is “the law.”
We already know, beneath “the law,” are the processes of culture, but we don't need to go in depth this time.

What Is Law?

Something someone decides is the way they want it to be, and then, has the power, wherewithal, and gumption to force others to comply or be punished.


1. A law is not something people decide to do on their own, if it was, there'd be no need for a law; therefore, all human-made laws (legal laws) are forced upon other humans.
2. Human-made laws always come with the caveat that those who make the law are exempt from the law. You can break any law to enforce any law. Not you or me, but dem.

3. No human-made law is written for the few who disobey. Human-made laws are written because the majority of people, thus the culture, is unwilling to change their processes regarding philosophies and values in order promote thinking and behavior that makes the laws unnecessary. When a society's processes, along with their philosophies and values, does not create compliance, then the shortcut suboptimal it's-your-fault approach is taken to write laws and force people to change their behavior, thus their thinking, despite a culture that functions against law-abiding thinking and behavior. In other words, a nation of laws is an admittance that there are umpteen contradictions in the culture and that the only way to get some people to do things is by law.

4. Human-made laws say obey what the culture does not display.

5. On the other hand, universal law, as defined above, is on display, everywhere in every way. It is written in the genetics of everyone and everything. It applies to all. No one is above the law. No, not even the Creator Of The Law.

I am the law and I am coming out.

Beingness Versus Being At Work
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1155


(Part 9ba of 11)

Still too prevalent is “beingness” that gets replaced with “being at work.”
Again and again, week after week, I still encounter more of those whose beingness favors the suboptimal more than the optimal. Even so, I have, of late, encountered sparkling diamonds whose beingness is refreshingly wonderful. All of these people I encounter as they are performing work duties. The more suboptimal ones are resistant to assist beyond the rigidness of policy and procedure. The more optimal ones are flexible in trying to find a way to provide the assistance needed.

All of us are having the same types of experiences dealing with the thinking and behavior of each other.
What we are experiencing is coming through people, but it is the processes we interact with, that are responsible for the good behavior performance and the bad behavior performance.

Briefly described below are the four basic scenarios we encounter through people who are reflecting the processes they are interacting with.

1. Optimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Optimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes are people who select the right job for the expression of their genetic potential and also for which the workplace places the person in the right job and provides them with the resources to function properly, whereby neither the person's beingness outside of work and being at work is compromised.
Healthy employees who interact with this person are delighted. Unhealthy employees are frighted. Why? Because they think the optimal performance of another makes them look bad plus it reminds them of their sadness.
Customers are initially taken aback and almost thrown offtrack because their fabulous interaction with an optimal/optimal person is so out of the norm of what they have come to expect subconsciously in other workplaces.

2. Optimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Suboptimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes are people who select the right job for the expression of their genetic potential but the workplace is suboptimal in some way that does not allow the person to function properly being at work without compromising beingness.
Healthy employees who interact with this person encourage the person to get out while the getting is good, because they themselves are doing the same. Unhealthy employees encourage the person to make a career of it right here. Why? Because healthy and unhealthy speaks to our level of awareness of more than the importance of a paycheck.
Customers receive average service, but not nearly as good as possible due to the limitations the workplace places on the person's beingness, thus genetic potential to perform optimally by going above and beyond the suboptimal status quo culture of the workplace.
The optimal/suboptimal person will suffer slow death the longer they remain improperly yoked unless they are able to transform the suboptimal into the optimal. Optimal people are punished for being “too good” at their job. I complemented a person for going above and beyond and the employee got in trouble for going outside their lane because unbeknownst to the employee, the company is manipulating customers to sign contracts and because the employee's assistance reduced my exposure to their manipulation. This craziness goes on all day in suboptimal workplaces.

3. Suboptimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Optimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes are people who themselves select the wrong job for the expression of their genetic potential, but the workplace places the person in the right job and does provide them with the resources to function properly; however, the person's beingness outside of work compromises being at work.
Healthy employees who interact with this person will encourage this person in the right direction, and after awhile, if the person does not improve, the direction encouraged is out the door. Unhealthy employees are happy to have a friend and sad to lose a friend.
Customers are treated combatively as if in a tug-of-war for assistance. Customers wonder how in the hell this person remains an employee. The longer the employee remains, the more customers leave and the less new customers come and the more the performance of other employees and the company suffers.

4. Suboptimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Suboptimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes results in people who themselves select the wrong job for the expression of their genetic potential, and the workplace places the person in the wrong job and does not provide them with the resources to function properly. Since the person's beingness outside of work matches being at work, it is a match made in sick heaven. This is a classic miserable person loves miserable company loves miserable person. For their part, both the person and the workplace believe themselves to be the epitome of what is desirable in the world. Why? The paycheck rules logic.
There are extremely few healthy employees in this scenario.

You know you are in a suboptimal/suboptimal situation when all conversations in the workplace and at home boil down to it's a job, a paycheck, you need the money to survive, blah, blah, blah. Nowhere does the pursuit of beingness enter into the plan to get up and out and onto a more optimal path. Collect that check.
Despite behavior performance that is disgusting, suboptimal people are rewarded because they will do whatever it takes to keep a job. This is not just theory. When a person prostitutes and sells their spirit-soul, they will do anything to anyone for the job and money. Anything to anyone.

Customers are treated disrespectfully as if of a lower class of human who should just be grateful the company exists. Customers are few and dwindling. Companies like this only exist because they are the government or have locked down the market, momentarily or regulatorily.

In the suboptimal/suboptimal, both employees and workplaces use the context of money as the text or subtext to justify their worth, power, influence, prestige, etc. Money is the coverall for self-defects in their processes. As long as money comes out the other end, who cares if it smells like spiritual stank. The weight of gold broke the wagon down and is why the ship sank.

In Closing

Who among us does not know most workplaces are #4 followed by #2?
Suboptimal processes of beingness combined with suboptimal processes of being at work, is the leading cause of death in the world. These causes and effects are mutation cancers.
The main reason this is so widespread is cultural.
Optimal cultures focus on processes that promote optimal beingness first, then pairs that with being at work. I have a master's degree (whoopee!) and never heard of beingness until led to it outside of the processes of the culture. Self-esteem discussions are inadequate outside of Optimal Theory/African Utamawazo.

The most important processes are those of beingness. These are those outside of the workplace, yet we spend much of our lives studying for, training for, preparing for getting a job (being at work).

1. We must optimize our processes outside of work. Why? Because non-human nature is optimizing. And we keep following the blind...
2. We must save resources in preparation for the final changeover from suboptimal to optimal. Do not expect a smooth transition. Current processes will continue to breakdown and finally stop “working.”
3. We must plan to get out of suboptimal situations that limit beingness.

Whatever is suboptimal drains energy. Energy is life. And that is why the suboptimal kills, literally, all aspects of self. Optimal uses energy but transforms it into optimal energy.

As a reminder from the beginning of this message, the optimal process/optimal process is emerging and returning, slowly. Just not fast enough to keep us from having to endure longer. Though this is true, what is also true is that some people and workplaces and processes are dedicated to staying suboptimal for life. We know this because of the principle of resistance in the Universe. These energy forces, in human form, are restless and relentless in keeping as many processes as possible suboptimal because that is when they are at their “best” in the illusion version of progress.

One A Dem Faces
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1154


(Part 9az of 11)

One A Dem Faces

by Ancestors through Usekhu

One a dem faces is always showing up
Clearer than the one it replaces
One a dem faces is always linking lining up
In logic stages
So, on its own, it can do some thinking up
So it can then start showing up
From out of the below, the surface
Reveal and fulfill its purpose
To remind us constantly
That the face we see
Is not the only one
In you or me
Is not the only one
In anything we do, or don't perceive
The face we see
Is not the only one a dem
In illusion or reality
This must be understood properly
One a dem faces, the one we don't want to share
Naked bare
Is right there, reminding us, faces come as a base pair
And oft-then divide into three, four or more from there
Sometimes we can decide which one is on the top layer
That's the illusion
Both sides are always exposed
As we access deeper channels
That's the reality

Dem faces are character traits
Genetic potential
To have one a dem faces, the other side is also essential
I'll say it again
Each of us must have the potential for good and bad
Otherwise we could not exist outside of nothingness
You cannot be good or bad and not the other
But one a dem faces can be more or less manifest above or below the cover
The cover is the balance, the middle, the horizon
Where all things rise above or descend below the surface
Of awareness, perception, understanding
Now we go back and fetch an often used illustration
Night and Light have always existed in potential
As faces of the One we shall call, the Everlasting Essential
Moon and Sun duality have always existed together
Therefore, so also does our night-side and light-side faces
Which one is revealed or which one we notice
Which one we embrace and which one has us in braces
Is merely the partial and not the complete
One a dem faces, number one, is not the total self
One plus one equals two equals zero is the total self
One a dem faces plus the other one a dem faces
Equals both faces equals the Circle Cycle of the Complete Self
Yes, I am the two-faced one
One a dem faces is my first face
One a dem faces is my second face
One of them faces is my best face, not always forward
I have a true face and a false face
Stoop closer to understand what is meant
When my face forward doesn't match my intent
One a dem faces is for work
One a dem faces is for play
One a dem faces is private
One a dem faces is public
One a dem faces for belief
One a dem faces for knowledge
One a dem faces for honesty
One a dem faces for deceit
Sometimes they match, sometimes they clash
Under no circumstances must you permanently attach
Good is to match; bad is to clash

Spirit-soul energy is always turning faces
Two-tal is always trading places
By dimension of times and dimension of spaces
So each character trait (one a dem faces)
Is always subject to more expression
And the other ones, to more repression
One a dem is open to suggestion
One a dem is hoping to make a good first best lasting impression
One a dem faces is purely for dressing
Which one shall I put on today, watch me now
Which one is in the mirror watching me
Though usually only one a dem faces is seen
Both are seen joined at the seam
See dem, see um in their season
Neither has liberty with the other's freedom

Perhaps it was the corn last night I did eat
Supersweet, like deep restorative sleep
Understanding comes during sleeping and awakening
So I am relating the same story of faces I've seen
Through the lens of dream senses

I put my face against hers
And the way all motions vibrate
She speaks into my left ear
Speaking in a way only Adroa could hear
The sounds she makes, pulsate, trace the nga I am
Along with the nga she is, makes the figure eight
The nganga recalibrates our pace
Sandwiches me between mountains of escape
Down through which waters snake
I don't hesitate
Drink some kind of essence
Wine that sobers and inebriates
On the other shore my god has forsaken me
On this shore for sure my god has taken me
Shaken me, shaping me, remaking me
Then comes one a dem faces in white
One of mine fading into sight
Trying to obscure the night
I move closer to my first wife instead
Who I fecundate so she can bake bread
Place left hand on her left leg
That was crossed over right
And white fades out of sight
Then comes one a dem faces in yellow
Engaging me in doublespeak truth
Playing the name game fluently
That causes resources to drain slowly suddenly
My other face whispers, that's old game
A decent try from the Bene So side
Come back at we when you reach So Dayi
And yellow light takes both faces
Flickers and leaves stage right
And the four of us remain one
I am mental health
So deeply disfigured
There I go again
To reconfigure
The core
From the water storehouse
Down low, up south

Friday, December 8, 2017

Reality & Illusion Process | Poem
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1153


(Part 9ay of 11)

Reality & Illusion Process

by Ancestors through Usekhu

Twice singularity
By position
Changed polarity
By formulation
Became creation
By combination
Changed attraction
By degrees
Became plurality
Double united
By orientation
Changed vibration
By procreation
Became generations
By fermentation
Changed relations
By variations
Became populations
Mirror imitated
By differentiation
Became representation
By transition
Changed recognitions
By stages
Became races

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Process Of Making Good & Bad
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1152


(Part 9ax of 11)

There must be time and space for all sides of duality to manifest. Good and bad must come through.
In the past du months, I am experiencing a refresher course on a wide range of human thinking and behavior. I got the extended version working for the people, I mean the guvment. Also working for the cable company, car dealership and bank, just to name a handful.
We must not hesitate to complement/compliment encourage reward the good and complain discourage punish the bad.

A long-established pattern is re-emerging in my awareness.
Good and bad are the result of optimal and suboptimal processes.
Where there is on display, either good or bad or both, it is due to majority optimal processes or majority suboptimal processes being allowed to inform drive guide logic.

If we can't recognize this in our home life, we most certainly can in our second home life – the workplace.
When our behavior/performance in money-making workplaces is termed good or bad, it is due to the result of significant interaction with the components of optimal and suboptimal processes outside the workplace.
You can judge a person's behavior outside of work by their behavior at work and the other way around.

Workplace behavior is a byproduct of home life behavior.
You are who you are for free or for money.
Lest we get it untwisted, a good person is not necessarily the same thing as a good worker by workplace standards.

You will know a good person by what their spirit manifests – no matter the time, space, workplace or set of conditions they face.
Pay attention to processes.
Go further & farther into understanding causes and effects of what shapes a person, place or thing into what we call good or bad.
Strive to understand the processes that led to the good and bad results.

Most of all, strive to understand the logic processes we are using to judge what is good and bad. It is rare to find two people who are using the same set of logic criteria in their thought process to judge good and bad.

Process transforms genetic potential into good and bad.
This is so, because process is what creates duality because process is what transforms Preexistence into Existence.
We are nothing more and nothing less than process.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

She Looked As Good As A Goddess Could
What You See & What You Get
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1151


(Part 9aw of 11)

Just so we don't get things untwisted, life & existence are in no way about, all work & no play or the seriousness of work & the silliness of play or work & play being separate events. All dualities exist simultaneously. Just because “tails” is showing doesn't mean “heads” is not there also. It's just on the other side of that very thinly lined visual reality/illusion hidden/revealed divide.

I went to this place/restaurant/dance club. I saw this woman come in who immediately got me vibin', as Michael Jackson/Chris Tucker would say, she sure was bangin.' As soon as it was time to dance, I asked her for one chance, and we went out onto a relatively empty dance floor. Courage is a virtue.

From the time I was preparing to go out that night, all the way up to the moment where it was just her, me, the music and being where we wanted to be, it was exactly like my fantasy. The one where I meet someone and we dance for the first time to a song we've never heard and it looks & feels like we've rehearsed every move for years. That's just how good the groove would be. However, this was not Fantasy Friday; it was Switcheroo Saturday.

When we reached the middle of the dance floor, she started moving jittery from side to side, like someone who needed to go pee really badly, but there was no place to go. On top of that, she put her hands out in front of her towards me and started shaking them in my face like she was trying to get something off of them and wanted me to help. The really confusing part was that she was smiling like she was in the midst of bliss.

I know I'm a little out of touch with current trends so I was thinking, is this the new version of, throw your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care? I lost focus & connection to the music. Although I was pretty certain this was a sister, she might as well have been her drunken twin, the one who is that only friend at a white girl's wedding. Now you gotta understand, all of these events and thoughts are happening in milliseconds.

While she was dancing like a culturally disoriented twister, I was so mesmerized & under the influence of being hypnotized, I was moving side to side like a Frankenstein bobble head with bobble legs. My main thought was, how long before this song ends. The first verse was still playing. Obviously, this was one of her favorite dance moves because she kept on doing it & kept on smiling like she was trying to mind meld me to smile back. Obviously, this goddess in form, was not the goddess of dance. I forgot then & I forget now, what the song was, that was playing. All I could hear was voices saying, Un huh, that's what you get.

I 'm pretty certain I was dancing with the Goddess of the Icky Sticky Help Me Get This Yucky Off My Fingers.
While I was marching in place like a mummy walking dead robot, she was stuck during the part of Macarena where you extend your arms, except she freestyled and added the hand & finger shaky shake, as if she had touched some hot sticky macaroni.

I was the one in pain. I'm sure we were painful to watch. I'm also pretty certain, the God of this Goddess, was watching and causing time to stand still. I went from being right where I wanted to be, to, I just wanna go home.
The two of us must have looked like a couple of people who knew each other so well, we just got out of brain surgery together and our motor skills were on training wheels.

After that first chorus of reminder voices kept poppin' in my head, evidently some of them stuck around for the second round. These lingering voices were masters of metaphor. They said, Un huh, that's what you get for wearing shoes you had no reason to think would fit except they looked so good, you wore them anyway. Somewhere during these few minutes of drama/trauma, the only thing that saved me was blacking out/passing out/feinting. I don't remember when the song ended or how I got home or whether she took extra liberties or anything. One moment we were “dancing,” and the next moment, I woke up in my own bed trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Periem-hru: Coming Forth To Day In Cycles
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1150


(Part 9av of 11)

Information Is Coming Out

Information is not just for the heck of it as something interesting or nice to know. Information is not just for history's sake. Information is not just for the Egyptians, Kemites and Africans of olden days and neither is it just for students, “scholars,” and so-called experts of today. No, way! All information is for right now for everybody. The more understanding you can get from any information from any period of time, in any form, can be useful today, especially when the information is purposefully sought to be understood in relation to self and all else. I am information and I am coming out.

Water Is Coming Out

Water is being unlocked at the poles above, below, within, without and from human-made obstructions. This we know through the suboptimal explanation of climate change. This we also know through observation of weather events. This we also know through the awakenings taking place. Water is a perfect transmitter.
Water is coming out from all sources, Nile River included, from both the milky north and bloody south. I am water and I am coming out. (AE1 286/296)

Breath Is Coming Out

Life within the waters of the womb Nun, The Creator, were called forth as wind, air, breeze and breath.

Breath is coming out because Aquarius, the Great Mother of the Waters is giving birth to Kepheus, who is Shu, who represents breath. The metaphor of the gestating, laboring and delivering mother is perfect. Breath is coming forth by water. Water and breath are combined. This we know in the form of hurricane, typhoon, cyclone, storm, etc.
Shu is especially the breeze of dawn and eve (the horizon, crossing, equinox, equilibrium point). Darkness is uplifted or blown away by the breeze of dawn. The elemental force of wind is imaged as a panting lion couched upon the horizon or the mountain-top as lifter up of darkness or the sky of night. This breeze is in keeping the continuous gentle awakening flowing across the planet. I am breath and I am coming out. (AE1 122/132)

There are reasons to sound the letter H as an aspirate. In the Mdw Ntr hieroglyphics, one H or Ha-sign is the fore-part of a Lion, signifying that which is first, foremost, beginning, essence, chief, or Lord. Shu the power of Breathing force is represented by a panting lion. This, then, is the “Ha,” and in expelling the breath it makes the sound of Ha. Ha is part of Half and Have. (AE1 42/52)

Duality Is Coming Out

Water & Breath represent the Two Truths of life and so do Blood and Spirit.
As we approach the equilibrium of the horizon, duality is coming out such that the Two Truths are moving closer together and coexisting for a period of time before separating again.
During one phase of mythology, Blood and Spirit were named Hu & Sa. It is not to be missed that our recent phrasing going from “Woowee” as surprise, usually to craziness, and moving to “WuSa” as a calming technique, is an invoking of the double primitive essence of the Two Truths, thus is an invoking of balance because that is the direction of the greater energy flow of the Universe. I am duality and I am coming out to the vantage point where I first saw the night light. (AE1 90/100)

Now we can go back to water and breath as duality. Breath is part of water and water is part of breath. Where there is one, there is the other, to some degree, revealed or hidden, active kinetic or passive potential, dominant or recessive, mother or child, female or male, mother or father, child of first form or child of second form. As such then, where there is Shu (breath), there is Tefnut (moisture). This we know from our own breath.
Breath & Moisture (Water) are the two halves of a soul of life. The human soul consists of Spirit & Matter, both containing the soul of life. I am the soul of life and I am coming out. (AE1 402/412, 434/444)

Nature Is Coming Out

The gods are superhuman elemental powers and celestial bodies that were deified for their powers and influence upon life and existence. They all have spirit-souls. They are Khus (The Glorious Ones). During one phase, their names were: Sut, the soul of darkness; Horus [Heru], the soul of light; Shu, the soul of air or breathing force; Seb, the soul of earth; Nnu (or Num), soul of water; Ra, soul of the sun.
The glorified are spirit-souls who were once human mortals who attained status as revered Ancestors. If their journey through the testing grounds of Amenta Underworld Birthplace Hades find them worthy, they are transformed and reborn in the form of Khu spirits (The Glorified) who await the time when the cycle turns the tumblers of the combination lock that opens the doors of Amenta and there is an exodus coming forth to day from night. I am Nature magnified and simplified and I am coming out. (AE1 121/131, 196/206)

Shu not only uplifts darkness, but also lifts the Khus into heaven above where they take their place as stars, after they take care of business on Earth in helping to bring about climate change. These Khus are part of our extended self family crew who we look forward to being resurrected and walk/work among us for a season. Their energy and knowledge is already here. I am Khu Phoenix rising from the desert wildernesses of Egypts in Amentas everywhere. I am coming out. (AE2 631/95)

Periem-hru means coming forth to day.
This coming forth to day was misrepresented as actual human history in later forms of religion. It is human history, but it is the history of humans in spirit form after physical death. The recent Judaeo-Christian story of the exodus was plagiarized from the sarcophagus of Seti, now in the Soane Museum in Lowdown, England. Prior to the exodus described in Seti's tomb, there were other exoduses represented in mythology. Every 365 days there is a resurrection. There are resurrections every second and every day and for every cycle of every length. Resurrection of the spirit-soul of life is always taking place. It is the optimal way for life to remain eternal, by being continuously replenished, recycled, resurrected, renewed. (AE2 648-9/112-3); (NG2 481-2/489-90 )

20,000 years ago, one of gods of Egypt was Herakles who represented ever-coming perennial renewal in the elements of life. Herakles was also known by Kheper, Horus, Aten, Tum, Nefer-Atum and more. (AE2 728/192)
The principle duty, destiny, job, purpose, responsibility of humans, and of all creations, is to continuously get understandings. To do so, we must get information, experiences, etc. and we must go back over that which we already have. Living more fully requires understanding more fully. There is no other way - except to live more fully the suboptimal way, thus, understand self, less and less..
Under no circumstances are we to think, understanding is for understanding's sake and for understanding's sake alone.
Understanding is logic.
Logic guides/informs the use of genetic potential- how we function.
Harmony and health and beingness are a function of behavior is a function of logic is a function of understanding.

Khentinue Seeking And You Shall Find According To The Times
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1149


(Part 9au of 11)

It is good you are awakening to notice more ways of knowing and growing and more of the ways in which I am sending messages throughout the Universal Cycle, Universal Circle, Universal Circuit, Universoul Circus.

Because of calibration settings within your genetics, you are also hearing me through songs such as Age of Aquarius, I'm Coming Out, Part of Me, You Are Not Alone....
These songs and more and these messages and more through movies, books, conversations, observations, recollections and anything encountered, are revealing more of the messages they contain.
Continue seeking and you shall find according to the times.
Once again, this must be properly understood.
In earlier times, I led you astray, away from knowing and into the wilderness and deserts of belief.
Now is the time to lead you back.
Continue seeking.

Logic nurtured in the wilderness and deserts of belief causes you to believe in scarcity and competition for resources as normal.
The opposite is true, abundance and cooperation.
This is just one example of what happens to thinking and behavior during suboptimal times combined with belief.

Everything in this Universe is a sign and a message, be it of human nature or non-human nature.
Find at least two of these areas of nature and seek to understand them better all the way to their metaphor essence. You will find what you are looking for if you are looking for the double, as opposed to the one way, door.

And this is how you will know more about yourself so as to quit lying to yourself:
When you are in the process of knowing, you are insistent to find more information, more understanding.
When you are in the process of believing, you are resistant to information, satisfied secure in what you think you understand.

You have been brought, in a round about way, squarely to the double staircase to the heavens.

I am a message.
Everything you understand or misunderstand about me, provides understanding or misunderstanding to you regarding me, you and all else.
Same is true for you. You are a message containing many ongoing ever-changing messages. You are the same as me, therefore, you are I am. This was just recently discussed.
Spirit-soul is a message.
Spirit-soul is the message.
Spirit-Soul is coming out.
Go back and fetch understanding, Khekhtch up. Listen again to the version of “I'm Coming Out,” by Di-an-na Ross (DiRo or DoRe) & The Supremes.
Then listen again as if the Creator is the one singing.
Then listen again as if Aquarius is the one singing.
Then listen again as if Kepheus is the one singing.
Then listen again as if Spirit-Soul is the one singing.
Then listen again as if your spirit-soul, your genetic potential is the one singing to you sending you a message to the surface through a song and through this message.

Kentinue seeking and you will find according to the times and according to the spirit-soul energy with which you choose to align.
Do not be discouraged. This message is one of several hundred that have had to be acquired before reaching this point in the African Safari in the Spiritsphere.
Do not be quick judge the information.
Follow the process that listening lays forth and do further investigating, allowing spirit-soul to be your tour of duti guide.

People Getting Older Remaining Immature Believers
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1148


(Part 9at of 11)

My body was asleep, then my mind woke up just enough for me to contemplate being asleep and awake at the same time. I was able to think about how rested I felt and that I needed to go to the bathroom and that it was cold and that it was still dark. My mind was still asleep in a deeper restorative rest mode of consciousness, but I was also able to think about what I planned to do today. During those moments I decided to not transcribe any messages from the walls of the Hall of Two Truths. Then my mind rejoined my body at a deeper level of reduced activity. After awhile I woke up completely and germinating seeds of thoughts scrolled across the screen.
If you are still in the habit of encountering information, and your first and ongoing reaction is “whether or not you believe the information,” then your growth, maturity and beingness has become stagnated.
Stagnation that goes on too long, breeds a warping imbalance, out-of-roundness of logic, which all of this is to say logic stagnation leads to mutation of thinking and behaving. This leaves you ill-prepared for the times.

Everything in the Universe, in all forms, in all dimensions, seen and unseen, is information.
Information does not depend on whether or not you believe it is right or wrong or whether or not you agree or disagree or whether you believe or don't. Information is just information.
However, your understanding does depend on whether or not you believe something or not and how much reliance you place on belief and disbelief.
If your initial, primary, main and ongoing thought process is based on whether or not you believe something, you will stay stuck in weak cognitive mode, and you will suffer for it because your mind, emotion, body and spirit-soul will be malnourished and underutilized because you are not feeding your mind sufficiently or exercising it sufficiently.

If the main energy you apply towards information results in a conclusion and decision that says:
I believe it or I don't believe it,
then you have accomplished nothing except self-deception.
You think you have made an informed “intelligent” decision, when instead you have made a deformed “intelligent” decision.
It doesn't matter or not if the decision turns out to be good for you. Your thought process is messed up and that will lead to many false suboptimal conclusions and decisions, while at the same time, randomly producing good results – roulette reasoning.
To decide whether or not you believe something or not is the same thing as flipping a coin (evidently the preferred way of knowing among humans during this stage of the cycle).
To decide whether or not you believe or disbelieve information, without further investigation, is the same thing as deciding whether or not someone loves you by, taking a flower and pulling off the petals one by one and saying, s(he) loves me, s(he) loves me not. This method of thinking is appropriate for the mentally immature who do not yet understand love and have no other means of understanding it, so they guess at it the best way they know how.
This is the same thing as deciding whether or not you believe something.
Using belief as your main and ongoing thought process might be appropriate for you, but then you must also acknowledge, that if it is appropriate, then your mind is also immature, at least in regards to the information you believe or don't believe.
Belief is an immature stage of knowing. Belief is a seed of thought.
Belief is an immature stage of growing. It must be nourished to grow into what it should be.

If you have ideas, philosophies and values that are mainly based on belief or disbelief, then you are getting older and remaining immature. And in doing so, you are becoming worse off than before you encountered the information in the first place.
All beliefs are being broken down and exposed for the immature thinking that they are. It will hurt mentally, emotionally and spiritually, if we are fortunate. If we are unfortunate, it will hurt physically, in terms of life, existence, basic needs, even unto physical hardship, even unto physical death. This has been happening and is happening worldwide in stages as the Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Sun, Moon and World turn & return.
Belief during these suboptimal times, is a disconnection from the foundation and fundamental principles of nature. (Existence disconnected from Preexistence & Essence) (Life disconnected from understanding the basis/basics of Life)

On the other hand, understandings that come from the process of investigating information, so that it becomes knowledge and knowing, then those understanding are always growing and changing and readjusting orientations to the current cycle and set of conditions, thus understandings and knowing always allow us to put things in their proper perspective. It allows us to know better and do better. Belief does not. Belief allows us to just believe and keep on the same way, just in a different form.

Knowing diffuses across membrane layers of dimensions, thus reaches the essence.
Belief refuses to go any further/farther than the surface and its accompanying limited pieces of logic.
Belief is a thief in the sight.
"There comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place and the universe opens itself up for a few seconds to show you what's possible."

In my partial awakeness, I believed I could choose to take today off and not be the scribe I am being reborn to be. I am Me said think again my friend. I am coming out. If you do not allow me to, I will go somewhere else, and then, you, being of no use for my optimal side, I will use you for my suboptimal side. If you do not want to follow the process that leads from belief to knowing, then I will keep you trying to seek the fullness of life while trapped in a cesspool of stagnated logic that does not circulate, does not refresh from anything outside of itself, thus inbreeds mutation, disease and all manner of unclean thinking and behavior, and you will be none the wiser in the numbness of your misery. Understand me clearly. In earlier times, belief was a friend to me to help me accomplish what was needed. In these times, belief is now becoming the enemy to what I must and will accomplish. Nothing can stop me because I am Everything & Nothing, the starter and stopper, the beginning and end of anything that has ever come into existence. Now is the time of greater surface revealings of my ongoing deeper changing. Woe unto them who remain tied to belief because the energy flow is shifting towards knowing.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

I'm Coming Out | Essence & Existence
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1147


(Part 9as of 11)

Essence is based on “es” is based on “en” is based on “an” is based on “na” is based nu is based on “Nun.” Nun is everything.
Essence is the within. Essence is the within that everything has. Essence is Preexistence.

Existence is that which comes out of Essence. It exits. It exits to move from Preexistence of Essence (First Truth) to Existence of Essence (Second Truth). In other words, the Within gives birth to the Without. The Below gives birth to the Above.
Since Creation (Universe, Existence) comes out of the Creator (Essence, Preexistence), then everything created, and that is in existence, has the exact same identical essence.
The difference is how it manifests according to its formulation in relation to the dynamic balance of the cycle of truths.

Good and evil, truth and lie, and all dualities, have the exact same identical essence.

Since X is Khekh, then Malcolm X is Malcolm Khekh.
X-Ray vision is Khekh-ray vision.
X-Men is Khekh Men.
When talking about Malcolm X and X-rays and X-Men, we are talking about the exact same identical essence.

This applies to all things.
Friends and enemies have the exact same identical essence.
Love and hate is the exact same identical essence.
The difference is how it manifests according to the current set of conditions based on its formulation (current settings, current logic, current programming).
Everything in Existence, came out of the Essence of Preexistence, therefore, everything is for the greater good of the Creator to fulfill the need incentive: to evolve in understandings in order to maintain eternal life.

In other words, everything in Existence is the Creator, thus all things that “cooperate” is the Creator cooperating with self. Likewise, all things that “butt heads” is the Creator butting heads with self. All lies told is the Creator lying to self. All murders is the Creator killing self. Everything that hates the game and not the player, is the Creator hating the system the Creator created instead of the Creator hating self.
We and everything else are the Creator, who created us out of the essence of self and into existence.
Know yourself and know all else.

Say it with me: I am the Creator. (If you are a child of the Creator, then you are the Creator, made of nothing but what the Creator is made of)
When we say, “I am the Creator,” we have named ourselves, the Creator and everything else.

Everything is I AM.

I Am Coming Out is Everything is Coming Out.
Everything is coming out that is hidden and needed to reorganize as the Ages change and the Powers 2D shift.

All of this is good news because it tells us all things humans have wrought, that they think are unassailable, is actually the Creator in human form, thus humans will be brought to bear by other humans in the form of the Creator and by other creations in the form of the Creator.
He who upsets a thing should know how to rearrange it.
Everything needed is coming out to be at our disposal because this is our time as the cycle Khentinues transitioning to a different form of truth. The main difference is which truth we are subscribing to in relation to which truth is ruling this portion of the Circle (Universe).

The only difference between Creator and Creation is formulation and function, but not essence.
The only difference between Essence & Existence is form and function, but not essence.
The only difference between you and me and anything else is form and function, but not essence.
Everything is Everything because everything is the exact same identical essence.

Do we not yet know that sawdust, wood chips, grass, tree, toothpick, chop sticks, drum sticks, cardboard, tissue, paper, telephone pole, clothing, seeds, soil, sunlight, air, water, blood... are the exact same thing in different forms?

”I AM,” Coming Out!”

”I AM,” Coming Out!”

”I AM,” Coming Out!”

More nuts and bolts information must be added to this message because we will need it later in order to khentinue to reconstruct and remember. These pieces and parts will be easier to find here.

Nuts & Bolts For The Toolkit & Safari

The Kemites called Preexistence by many names which I will shorten and paraphrase to something akin to the abode of the One who is self-created, the secret sacred place. Many messages have already been written about this secret sacred womb. This abode is where the two truths reside in the Uskh Hall, the temple, the Khekh, the Khes, the Circle. This temple is the NunKhes, NuKhes (nucleus).

Khes forms the word Khesence or hesence or essence.
Khekh forms the word Khekhistence or ekhistence or existence.
Existence can likely be derived from Khes as ex + khes, thus exkhesence.

Hes means to sing, celebrate, applaud. (BB 86/108 )
And you think it is a diminishment because you sing, celebrate, applaud, laugh, dance and otherwise have joy because of your essence and existence. Do not let those who are disconnected from the optimal side of their beingness, disconnect you. Don't play the role of fool for fools by following fool's rules. As your awakening continues rising, you are being reborn to use your genetic potential energy to resist using multiple tactics, even as the suboptimal attackers use multiple tactics to keep you limited so they can continue to exist.

Word Variations: Ex, X, khekhit, ekhit, exit (BB 438/450)

Existence is the sidekick (side khekh) of Preexistence.
Existence and Preexistence are the dynamic duo.

An entity is duality. The Creator is The Entity. Entity comes from enti, meaning en + ti, dual or plural of en. Enti is beingness, existence, time, period, cycle, the circle, totality, entirety,completeness and all. Enti is derived from Hen-ti or Hent, the matrix, the place and name of existence, the seat of ruling power. (BB 57/69, 347/359)

Interestingly, Enti also signifies existence in the invisible form, the lower of the Two Truths, that of blood, the flesh-maker. Blood being invisible in relation to flesh. Enti or Nat [Na-ti] is the negative form of existence, thus it existed first, then flesh second. Nat, therefore, means blood, the lower [first] of the Two Truths. (BB 348/360) Lastly, entity as Creator and duality is the basis of identity. This awareness is much more prevalent during optimal cycles.

This existence is based on water and breath, ultimately called flesh and spirit, the blood source and breathing soul. (BB 6/18)

Nun, as a phase,condition, place or point of commencement, is negative and identical with Not and None. Nun denotes existence in the negative condition of water, or the firmament considered as water. Thus negative, in this sense, is not the same as how we define it today as purely undesirable and to be avoided at all costs. It is useful that water negates fire. Waters of Nun are negative, because they are first positive as being able to bring into existence, thus are negative, in being able to cancel out what was brought into existence. Water brings forth breath, spark and land, thus is also the negator of those Primordials as well. Water and life are associated with the feminine principle, thus the female is considered negative and first and lower for these same reasons. (NG1 399/417)

We learned a little more about water, the First Truth, now we shall learn a little more about breath, the Second Truth. When water exists alone, water is neutral, neither positive or negative.
When water creates breath, water becomes negative and breath becomes positive.
Water becomes no and breath becomes yes.
Water becomes off and breath becomes on.
Water becomes nonsense and breath becomes senses.
The word for breath is Sen. Senesh means to open, discover, to open of itself; that which is self-manifesting, self revealing. (NG1 256/274)

Latin is a form of Egyptian. Egyptian is a form of Nile Valley language. Nile Valley language is a form of sign-language. Sign-language is a form of Nature. Nature is the form of the Creator.

The Latin Ex for out of, or from; and Iste for this, or that, whence existence as that which is “out of,” is expressed by Enti or Nuti for Ex-istence. Thus the earliest perception of ex-istence and awareness of each person having a separate self is traceable to the consciousness of being out of the negational element of water and in the condition of breathing being. (NG2 190/198)

Cycles Of The Truth Fits | Poem
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1146


(Part 9ar of 11)

Cycles Of The Truth Fits

by Ancestors through Usekhu

On my back, in a cocoon multi-wrapped
Grave bed is my craft
While in a surface sleep dream state
Consciousness is deeply awake
I draw from original for my draft
The message vibrates, scrolls and snakes
The One who gives is the One who takes
And then, among the elements who accompany me
The subject comes up about karma reparations about to break
But don't hold your breath and don't wait
The cycle refreshes continuously as night and day break
When autumn descends
Weakness gains the upper hand
When spring ascends
Strength gains the upper hand
Spirit motion flows according to position
Of the first and second hand
Needing not the permission of man
Awareness flows according to orientation
Of the over to the under to the inner standing
When shall these kharma reparations begin
Same question keeps repeating
The earlier form of what's happening
Asante sana for asking
Same answer keeps repeating
Nothing much
The process is always through the emerging
Energies and resources are always changing hands
A way of knowing is through observation of generations
Though young and old are always being told
They are now listening more
The Ancestors are rising from Khat & Khent
To contend with those of John Willie Lynch
Aren't we our ancestors, comes the comment
I speak of Ancestors whose Khu is sleeping
Locked in the safe of keeping
Unable to descend through temporary impediment
Influencing, but not to the fullest extent
Who pass through this dimension
Reseeding spiritual, not reproducing physical
Their numbers outnumber contemplation
Mind-boggling if you comprehend
Everywhere they are in concentration
Dwarfing the current human population
Water indeed revives their seed
Star energy provides, they breathe
Then comes pausing for reflection
Resetting direction
Shifting conversation
Further away from interpretation and back towards translation
The dream channel turns left
As I tilt on my axis
By virtue of much practice
I watch and understand evil versus good
The nutritious and toxic that coexist
My spark is consumed by a giant many-toothed fish
I cut my child out with one motion swift
S(he) is covered in a poisonous liquid
Flame extinguished diffuses into anguish
Life unnoticed seems nonexistent
I bark to the crowd, bring water to assist
To revive fire requires counter-intuitive
I perform the ritual of existence
I khekh the child back to lower
Then kick forth to lift
Winding my breath into the breathless
In the chaos of moments like this
Khaos still persists
Khu, deeper in me as my elemental crew, do not panic
The current set of conditions are another form already managed
This awareness keeps us equipped and poised at the point of vantage
The transition where things merge and diverge
I repeat the down and up until the flame is re-lit
I hear the change in octave
In slow motion, from commotion to music
Totality changes in our midst
And without mouth to mouth
Everything shifts and flips
Solstices and equinoxes
Time recalculates, phoenix recirculates, life resuscitates
And the noise that went up from the crowd
Becomes calm on the way down
We gather closer round our child and listen with greater intent
For signs of life movement
Then Khu breaks through
(Nowadays called clue or hint)
Recognition, sounds out the name of the parent
Tears of pain become joyous rain in the same torrent
We raise hands in praise
(Sign-language from ancient days)
We choose as common voice
The congregated choir rejoices
As we are being exhumed
From womb, tomb, cocoon
Again, in, of, from the waters of Nun
To enter we must exit
Now, shall we bury or burn this decaying fish

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Phoenix Cycle: World For Many, World For Few
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1145


(Part 9aq of 11)

The most High hath made this world for many, but the world to come for few.
2 Esdras 8:1
This tells us there are cycles when conditions favor the many and then changes to favor the few.
We know right now we are in the part of the cycle that favors the few; therefore, as the cycle continues to change, more of those disfavored, will find favor through the extended self, especially when we seek alignment with the extended self.


When shall be the end of the first, and the beginning of the world that follows?
And he said unto me, from Abraham unto Isaac, when Jacob and Esau were born of him, Jacob's hand held first the heel of Esau.
Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of the world that follows.
Right now in this world, the hand of man is between the heel of Esau and the hand of Jacob.
2 Esdras 6 paraphrased

The first humans live for a period of time and then their duality twin is born, holding on to the heel of the first. This is necessary to form the link, transition and continuity. Then the first becomes old and makes another transition into the “grave” and the second rises in power and rule in place of the first. Then, from the grave, the first, having gone through a renewal process, holds the heel of the second who is still upon earth. This is the link and transition that causes the first, who is now a phoenix in the grave, to rise, even as the second waxes old and is removed from power.
We already know Earth is the first womb and woman is the second womb.
Rule of the child born of woman is coming to an end and giving way to rule of the child reborn of Earth, The Great MotherFather Star.

Also right now, because significant change is nigh to the horizon of being manifested in the reveal stage, the demons of the weaker spirits are running around trying to cause more chaos and fear and distraction in every manner possible. They reek of desperation for more power from us because they are losing the power from phoenix stars falling. We have noticed the increase in “crazy” behavior of people, even as we have noticed the favor of understanding being brought forth to the seekers and the favor of many other things. And this is why the demons of the weaker spirit are working overtime right now in these, their last days, for a long while.

Upheaval & Fulfillment In Phoenix
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1144


(Part 9ap of 11)

Until evil is turned upside down, good cannot flourish.
2 Esdras 4:29 paraphrased
And I communed with the Ever-coming One who said; In the grave, the chambers of souls are like the womb of a woman. For as a woman in labor hastens to deliver the child, so also does Earth, and its grave chambers, function as womb cocoons and hasten to deliver spirit-souls committed unto them for a gestation period, but are now ready to be brought forth. Earth must dilate, and water, wind, blood and heat must be released as part of the process. Earth is a living organism pregnant with many souls who have reached full term in their transformation. To place the body in earth is to sow the seed and impregnate earth with spirit-soul. Sooner or later, seeds in earth germinate, especially when the current set of climate conditions change. 2 Esdras 4:41-2 paraphrased with additions.

And the earth shall restore those that are asleep in her, and so shall the dust, those that dwell in silence, and the secret places shall deliver those souls that were committed unto them. 2 Esdras 7:32

Look to the deserts of Phoenix, Alabama, New York, Antarctica, Sahara, Phoenicia, oceans and anywhere early human have been before this last wave of humans traveled to those places. The number of geographical phoenixes is too numerous to list. Don't just look to one dimension, look to all dimensions of existence for the phoenix. There are multiple deserts near you, out of which phoenix rises.

Upheaval and fulfillment is an above, below, within, without cycle. One cycle cannot change and the others remain the same. Likewise, neither can phoenix fall and that which depends on the phoenix in its unfallen state, remain unaffected. The rising and falling of spirit-souls from the tomb is connected with Khuti and Stars.
The cycle we are in right now began 26,000 years ago. We are returning to the beginning of that cycle.
Since the cycle is 26,000 years, and that which was at the beginnings of the cycle has been de-established for that length of time, there must be significant upheaval in order for renewal of the first to take place. How much does it take to strip away layers and layers of paint in a house long inhabited? In societies, all the layers of what has been constructed must come off, be taken apart or imploded.

Stars are Khuti, spirit-souls. Aquaria and Kepheus are phoenixes rising while Pisces and Jackal are phoenixes falling. The two star constellations primarily repre-sent the resurrection and renewal of Water and Wind. However, as we can see, Sun and Earth are also changing. All of the Primordials and all of the elemental powers are always involved because they must readjust recalibrate according to the renewed formula of the cycle.

Daily Armageddon Chaos & Har-Magedon Khaos, Unity Consciousness #1036

Phoenixes Falling, Rising, Making Cuckoo Sounds
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1143


(Part 9ao of 11)

We've remembered time repeats itself based on studies of energy, motion, time, repetition, duality, spirit, spirit-soul, cycles and more.
What we may not remember is that events repeat themselves also. Yes, history does repeat in a different form, until the essence of energy changes. History repeats every day. The status quo is still here and we go through another cycle of the same shtuff.

The repeating period of time is represented by what Nile Valley civilizations called a Nutr, Nunter, Nuter, Neter. These, and the repeating periods they represent, signify renewal, resurrection, reproduction and rebirth. Every period of a day is a renewal of the same day. It is not a new day. It's a renewed day because it's a renewed period. The same period going through an additional cycle. Every renewal of a period less than one day is a renewal of that period of time. Each hour, minute and second are renewals of the previous ones. Each year is not a new year. Each year is a renewed year. The same year starts over. We know this in many ways by the things we do each year. Time is a repetition of motion, of cycles, of periods, seasons, Ages. These repeating periods go round and round in patterns, which is why and how we are able to tell time by these periods. (BB 94-5/106-7)

Another name for Neter is a Phoenix because they continuously rise and fall, come and go, appear and disappear, and do so on their own, reliably without human assistance. All of these phoenixes represent cycles, many serve as announcers of cycles, and some also actually cause changes in cycles to take place.

A very short list of Neters are: stone, eye, pupil of eye, serpent, gestator, menstruation, inundation, phoenix, Gec (cuckoo) or cuck(oo), circle, day, star (moon, sun, planet), seed, corn, bean, ben, benn, ben-ben (tekenen (obelisk), bennu stone, benu bird, dung beetle, Sut, Sothis, dog-star, jackal, dog, wolf, hawks that fly in circles, cock birds such as roosters that announce the change of a cycle, tides, scales, equinox, Venus, heron, ibis, nycticorax. night-jar owl or night-crow, lark, nightingale, robin, finch, messu or messiah, lamb, calf, crocodile, dove, fish, grapes, the shoot of the papyrus-plant, humans, leaves changing color, daffodils emerging... (BB 6/18; 94-5/106-7; 108-11/120-3; 184/196; 403/415); (AE2 722/186); (NG1 415/433)

As we can see, a Phoenix or Nuter is Nature. It can't be anything else because there isn't anything but Nature in Existence. The Nu and Na of No time (Preexistence) became the Nuter and Nater of Yes time (Existence). Nater becomes Natur, becomes Nateru becomes Nature.

One of the names of the Night-jar owl is the Night-Raven. Rav and Rep are interchangeable, thus the Phoenix of any type is also a Repa. We can see that Repa is Repa-ti-tion. Ti is plural and means two or more continuously repeating periods. What seems certain is that anything that exists, must repeat its life cycle or cease to exist. What also seems certain is that anything that repeats once, will repeat again, no matter how long it takes for that repetition to occur. This is why we remember the past – so we can remember the cycles and phoenixes to help us tell time now and understand the motions that are before and after us.
Secondly, we can easily see how the book of Revelations in some bibles is about Repa-lations. The rev-ealing of the re-lation-ship between phoenix signs and cycles. Foretelling/prophecy/divination is about understanding repeating of cycles, habits of nature. Things can be foretold because these phenomena have happened before and are predictable based on the sign-language of nature and the types of energy they rep-re-sendt. This was explained by Phoenix Charles S. Finch, III in his video series, “The Wheel of Heaven.” He is the resurrection of spirit-soul energy and so am I and so are you.

Learning how to tell time in the present leads to divination or foretelling of time and also leads to hindsight. In other words, learning how to reckon time by the repeating periods of nature helps us learn how to tell time in all three major phases of future, present, past. Those who are able to foretell/prophesize/divinate are those who have descended and ascended the stairs more than we, thus are closer to the extent of self and the extent of all else. This is what the levels of awareness are also talking about. Experience alone or time alone or the two together do not improve foresight or hindsight. A periodic increase in the eternal continuous process of self-study is required. You can't understand much of anything without understanding self and you can't understand much about self without understanding more of all else. However, you can misunderstand things without understanding self and you can misunderstand self by misunderstanding something else. Which is which right now? To understand a lot suboptimally, is to understand a little optimally. Which is it right now in our logic and the things we think we understand? Does your understanding of something else include understanding of self? What is it that you know and how does it relate to your understanding of self? Did you learn what you know in conscious awareness of how it relates to self and how it helps you understand self? Did you use understanding about self to help you learn something else? As discussed in an earlier message, even if we are unaware of these things, it is still taking place. Everything we encounter and learn is helping shape/misshape understanding of self. It is not possible to learn anything without that information contributing to understandings about self and understandings about other things. Everything we learn contributes to our identity or identity crisis, to our mental health or mental illness, thus also affects the physical, emotional and spiritual in the same way.
I, the ready scribe, as I re-record this message, ask the speaker, “what does this have to do with phoenix?”
Khekh to answer says: Many times you have transcribed messages about the awakening and revival and this is no different. This message is an awakening of understanding so we can begin to take what we know and compare it to what we know about self. Then we can see how the two affect each other and how the two are each other. And now, since we speak of two we speak of duality and all information connects and joins in the circle through different angles of light in the Great Spider's internet web of everything. I am the one who puts the computer to sleep and the one who awakens. With every move I make, I learn and self-correct mistakes. When have I lied to you?
Never, I say.
Then every time I am said to lie through others is due to misunderstanding of what I am saying, displaying through sign-language. I only speak in two truths. When you don't understand which truth I am speaking in, then to you, it becomes a lie. I whisper and then I shout. (BB 106/118)

Each Phoenix represents one or more repeating periods. For instance, hawk and cuckoo represent the return of spring. They also announce the year. Stars announce childbirth. The cock announces the end and beginning of a new 24 hour cycle. Beetle Khepera announces the inundation. (BB 105-8/117-20); (AE2 703/194)

Word variations for Gec: Khaku, cuckoo, Gouk as a fool, kook (BB 118/130); (NG1 415/433)

Repeating cycles come in all sizes. One type of cycle lasts 500 years. This period closely approximates the recent viral flourishing of western Asians who came into power and maintain power, not by virtue of being civilized and intelligent, but by virtue of murder and other ruthless evils. It is their M.O., their legacy and their undoing. Their degree of destructiveness makes the evils of the Nile Valley, Greece, Rome, Sodom, Gomorrah, Judaea, Jerusalem, Babylon, India, China, and many others, look mild. This is so because since its beginning in Africa, evil has continued to circulate in cycles and has not changed, except in form and except in the accumulation of evils, thus then, it must be so, that those who are currently in power, have become calibrated to callousness unlike any ever seen in history. Historically, then, every “empire” that did not self-correct, was corrected by the extended self which is non-human, thus those humans were removed from power. There is no history of an optimal civilization being overtaken. No, all of those civilizations overtaken by outsiders, made themselves weak vulnerable first, by their own in-fighting and fighting among family members in other parts of the land. Clearly, if civilizations were optimal, they would have been able to detect and resist the invading evils. They were unable to do so because their cultural immune systems were comprised by their own weaknesses which were allowed to exist for too long, and many of which were viewed as strengths.
Lest we lose track, we are again reminded, that in this Existence, nothing grows to great good or great evil without starting from root seed. If we claim great good, then we must follow the path back to find its root seed. Same goes for great evil. For both, when it comes to humans only, the seed is Africa. Africa is the seed of great good and great evil because Africa is the root seed of all humans. Every human is 100% genetically African. Anything that says otherwise is a paid for lie. And this is why Phoenix Marimba Ani speaks of the Asili (the seed). So we can get back to understandings based on the root seed and uncover truths about who we are and what we are supposed to be doing. This is the phoenix, the revival, renewal, resurrection of the seed, the zero in us. This is what is awakening universally, the Zero Root Directory Seed Source Code Bios (Khaos, Kha-os, Kha operating system, thus the spirit-soul Khi is unlocking) and we are extensions of that source, thus we and all else must change for better or worse, for good or evil, depending on which side of duality we choose to align with.
Lest we forget, I will repeat: Greece, Rome, and all empires since then, including America are repetitions of Nile Valley Civilizations, however in a different, more suboptimal form. History repeats itself all over the world because cycles repeat themselves all over the world because cycles repeat in the solar system, galaxy, etc. We are small players in this picture but Earth and its goings on, are large to us because our perspective is small. It's time to stop talking about the Universe and start walking about the Universe, just as our ancestors did, just as we did in an earlier form in an earlier cycle. Asante Sana Nana Ashe. (BB 398/410)

During all cycles, all repeating periods, no matter how short, the elemental powers of nature rule, always and forever.
1. Identify the cycle.
2. Identify its duration rhythm pattern, i.e., how long it takes to repeat, re-cycle.
3. Identify at least one of its phoenixes. What motions of other creations coincide with the cycle.
4. Identify the elemental nature powers that predominate and govern.
5. Identify the nature of the energy (optimal or suboptimal, First or Second Truth) that is predominating.

The longer the cycle the more it takes to change the essence of the energy and the forms of things that have been established by the outgoing energy.
As such then, as we enter into a renewed phoenix cycle of 500 years and a renewed Great Year of 26,000 years, a lot of upheaval must take place in order for fulfillment to take place.
Also, there is usually blood, sacrifice, pain and deserts involved as part of the transformation process of renewal and resurrection. Phoenixes of larger cycles rise in places that seem desolate and fall in places that seem alive. Woe unto them who live in cities and think they are sitting pretty.
Many phoenix signs tell us we are in the midst of a deluge and a coming deluge and that water is and will be involved. (Are we surprised? All things relate back to water). Also, because many phoenixes, by virtue of their motion, make sounds, perhaps we will begin listening more to our ears, if nothing else, as cycles continue to repeat and emerge and phoenixes announce them.
One easy example is the stomach as phoenix. When the cycle repeats to fill the stomach with nutr-ition, the stomach sends a sensation. When we ignore it too long, the stomach makes a sound.
The Universe is filled with phoenixes making sounds. These phoenixes come in all forms. Humans are phoenixes, and as messengers, we are making sounds. Sounds also come from creations we don't recognize as making sounds or sounds we need to pay attention to. 24/7 Trumpspeak is a sign and sound. It is a type of phoenix representing the chaoticness of phoenix falling, not Trump, but the viral horde, that Trump, the Repa, represents. As explained elsewhere, we are now in the phase of the stage where every motion brings us closer and closer faster and faster. (BB 273/285)

When we are on the bi-cycle, and we begin to pedal, the wheels turn slowly, then as we get going, the wheels turn at a constant rate, then as we go up or down an incline, the rate of turning, changes to slower or faster. All cycles are like this. In other words, do not continue to expect the rate of change to stay the same or change in a way that allows you to keep up with it. A bike going down hill, with no brakes is what the cycles of the Universe are moving towards and we can't control the speed or direction of the wheels and can't jump off. Then what? Upheaval and fulfillment is being experienced by all who rise and fall. When things are spinning out of control, just because the final crash has happened doesn't mean everything's alright.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Esdras, Ezra, Jeremy, Jeremiah, Josias, Josiah
Prophets, Priests, Scribes & Kings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1141


(Part 9an of 11)

Esdras is Ezra.
Jeremy is Jeremiah. (Matthew 27:9)

Esdras and Jeremiah lived during the period of time that was at least 200 years or more after King Solomon. We can know this by looking at the lineage of King Josiah,* whom Esdras, Jeremiah and II Kings talks about.
Jeremiah was the oldest and was the great uncle of Esdras.
The grandfather of Esdras was the brother of Jeremiah.
They were descendants of Aaron. They were all high priests, priests, prophets and scribes.
We can be certain the much revered, much quoted, prophet Jeremiah in the Jewish-Christian bible, helped train Esdras.
Ezra 7 and 1 Esdras 8 say Esdras was a ready scribe in the law of Moses.
To the degree we accept words attributed to Ezra, then we must accept words attributed to Esdras to at least the same degree, because they are the same person and because the version of the person as Esdras came before the version of the person as Ezra. Likewise then, the version of the story as the books of 1 Esdras and II Esdras came before the book of Ezra. Esdras is the Greek name in their subversion and Ezra is the Hebrew name in their later subversion.

When we compare Esdras to Ezra, Jeremiah and II Kings, we see the similarities such as 2 Kings 23 and I Esdras 1. Also 1 Esdras 1 and (2 Kings 23:29; 2 Kings 23:34; 2 Chronicles 35:20, Jeremiah 46:2). I have not taken the time to do a detailed comparison, but you can be certain, by the time we finish reading I Esdras and II Esdras we will find many clear connections to multiple books in Jewish-Christian-Muslim bibles. This goes along with the already long list of missing books of the bible, not that I say are missing or anyone else says is missing, but books the Jewish-Christian-Muslim bible says are missing.
This is another reminder the story is false that “The Bible” is the inspired word of God.” It is false because it is an incomplete story taken to be the whole story that had no chance of being manipulated in an evil way by the choices humans make. This always leads to misunderstanding. In summary, the more complete story is this: God's spirit of greater good had many people write down accounts of the same events and then, God's spirit of lesser good had many people change these stories significantly enough to misrepresent the events. The Kemites hid things from the Greeks and Romans who hid things from their people and the Jews hid things and so on up until today. Thus, current scriptural texts are significantly deficient as a stand-alone source of understanding.

Just as more than one disciple wrote accounts of Jesus, so also did more than one person write accounts of what was happening in the Old Testament. There are many more writings about the history of those times which are not included in religious bibles. These writings were written by people who were right there and witnessed the events, yet had the ulterior motive of genderism but did not have the ulterior motive of racism to muddy their logic until looking through a glass darkly seemed as if it was crystal clear thinking.


Hananiah of Zerubbabel of Pedaiah of Jeconiah/Coniah of Jehoiakim of Josiah (Josias) of Amon of Manasseh (& Meshullemeth of Haruz of Jotbah) of Hezekiah of Ahaz of Jotham of Azariah of Amaziah of Joash of Ahaziah of Joram of Jehoshaphat of Asa of Abia of Rehoboam of Solomon (& Naamah an Ammonitess of Lot's lineage) of David (& Bathsheba/Bathshua of Ammiel) of Jesse of Obed of Boaz (& Ruth) of Salmon (& Rachab) of Nahshon of Amminadab of Ram of Hezron of Pharez of Judah (& Tamar) of Jacob Israel (& Leah) of Isaac (& Rebekah) of Abraham (& Sarah) of Terah of Nahor of Serug of Reu of Peleg of Eber of Salah of Arphaxad of Shem of Noah of Lamech of Methuselah of Enoch of Jared of Mahalaleel of Cainan of Enos of Seth of Adam (& Eve) of the Creator as Two of the Creator as One.
(1 Kings 14; 2 Kings 21; 1 Chronicles 3; 2 Chronicles 11; Jeremiah 22)

Ezra (Esdras) of Seraiah of Azariah of Hilkiah of Shallum of Zadok of Ahitub of Amariah of Azariah of Meraioth of Zerahiah of Uzzi of Bukki of Abishua of Phinehas of Eleazar of Aaron the chief priest ( & Elisheba) of Amram (& Jochebed, his sister) of Kohath of Levi of Jacob Israel (& Leah) of Isaac (& Rebekah) of Abraham (& Sarah) of Terah of Nahor of Serug of Reu of Peleg of Eber of Salah of Arphaxad of Shem of Noah of Lamech of Methuselah of Enoch of Jared of Mahalaleel of Cainan of Enos of Seth of Adam (& Eve) of the Creator as Two of the Creator as One.
(Ezra 7) (1 Esdras 8) (2 Esdras 1) (Numbers 3) (1 Chronicles 6) (Genesis 35)

Jeremiah (Jeremy) of Hilkiah of Shallum of Zadok of Ahitub of Amariah of Azariah of Meraioth of Zerahiah of Uzzi of Bukki of Abishua of Phinehas of Eleazar of Aaron the chief priest (& Elisheba) of Amram (& Jochebed, his sister) of Kohath of Levi of Jacob Israel (& Leah) of Isaac (& Rebekah) of Abraham (& Sarah) of Terah of Nahor of Serug of Reu of Peleg of Eber of Salah of Arphaxad of Shem of Noah of Lamech of Methuselah of Enoch of Jared of Mahalaleel of Cainan of Enos of Seth of Adam (& Eve) of the Creator as Two of the Creator as One.
(Jeremiah 1) (Ezra 7) (Numbers 3) (1 Chronicles 6) (Genesis 35)

One of the many things noticeable from the lineages is that Josias Josiah is 27 generations removed from Jacob Israel.
However, Jeremiah Jeremy is only 18 generations removed from Jacob Israel.
The difference is possible if the lineage of Judah were having children at earlier ages than the lineage of Levi.

Esdras Ezra is 20 generations removed from Jacob Israel.

Here is a second way to make an analysis:
Josias (27 x 13 years of age for puberty and regeneration by producing a child = 351 years).
Jeremy (18 x 13 years of age = 234 years).
Esdras (20 x13 years of age = 260 years).
We have assumed (presupposed) the lineages of Levi and Judah were both reproducing at age 13.

At a minimum, Esdras Ezra would have been born 91 years before Josias Josiah. Likewise, Jeremiah would have been born 117 years before Josias Josiah.
This makes sense if Esdras Ezra and Jeremiah Jeremy lived a very long time. The bible we are talking about doesn't say how old they were.

Here's a third way to make an analysis:
Josias (27 x 13 years of age for puberty and regeneration by producing a child = 351 years).
Jeremy (18 x 16 years of age = 288 years).
Esdras (20 x 16 years of age = 320 years).
We have assumed (presupposed) the lineages of Levi and Judah were reproducing, on average, at different ages.

This is possible and makes sense when we consider the lineage of kings (the tribe of Judah) would have had to reproduce quicker because kings were more likely to get killed sooner. However, priests (tribe of Levi) often suffered the same fate as the kings.

We must go deeper inside religious scripts (scriptures) and further outside religious scripts (scriptures. We must do so to seek and ask for a lot more understanding, and then come back, khekh back, check back later, better prepared to critically analyze, rather than open wide and swallow based on faith and belief of what is merely presented in those scripts (scriptures) programmed into us by parents and culture.

Lastly, we must relearn how things that apply Now (present), still apply Then (future and past), and the other way around. Kings are still being killed today from outside and inside forces. It doesn't matter what you call those kings as president, queen, chancellor, prime minister, etc. Also, killing is not limited to the physical and is not limited to kings officially recognized.
In this manner of thinking, we can teach ourselves to get in the habit of always trying to compare things more completely so we can have more complete understanding.

FYI: Just one or two generations after Aaron, Jesus was alive - long before King David. (1 Esdras Chapter 5) This must have been a different Jesus. Yet, as sufficiently proven, Jesus, Jeshsua, Joshua,Yeshua, Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Y’hoshua, Oshea, Hoshea the son of Nun, Shu, Io-shua and Jo-shua are the same name spelled differently. Once you gain a better understanding of Nun and her child, the ever-coming one, you will see that the son of Nun is the basis for which Jesus was formed, no matter how the story has changed. (UC#1050 and UC#474). It does not take a mountain of proof to know foundation of truth.