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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Seeking & Asking Is A Communal Process
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1186


(Part 9cf of 11)

Sem, same and different are being assembled and disassembled.

Sem is Seem is See is SEEK is Sek is sakh is ask.
Thus, seeking is asking.
We have already shown that ask is sem.
To seek or to ask is to seek the source of wholeness.
Seek and you shall find.
Ask and you shall find.
Sakh and you shall find.
See and you shall find.
Sem and you shall find.

As we learned in UC#1139, Sekh is is a liquid, drink derived by the suckling from the mother. (breast milk).
Thus, when we seek, we must suck nutrients from the mother source in order to assist us in reckonizing what we seek when we encounter it.
Seeking is about remembering what we once knew. It is about re-assembling what has been disassembled and fragmented and corrupted. In order to remember, we must re-energize with nutrition.

Since seeking involves suckling, mother's milk and nutrition, then seeking involves water in multiple forms.
Like everything else, seeking involves spirit-soul. Seeking is not mental-mind-brain driven without spirit-soul. It cannot be and never has been. Spirit-soul is always present in all motions, whether or not we are aware of it.
Because seeking is a communal process, when we are reaching out to the Divine, we are reaching out to the Divine in all forms, thus we are reaching out to the extended self, thus to the communal self, thus we are seeking optimal health.

Sensing: Now That I Sem To See Better
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1185


(Part 9ce of 11)

I recognize you as the surface.
I reckonize you as the essence.

We recognize and reckonize by using our senses. SEN is SEM.
We recognize and reckonize by using what is already like everything else to understand what we are experiencing.
We have way more than 5 or 6 senses.
Every part of us is a sem is a sen and can be used and is used to sense with.

The seen and unseen are a function of what we sem and unsem.
What we more fully consider and what we don't consider fully enough.
When we more fully consider, we are able to see better because we have SEMmed better.

Another one of those sayings referred to in UC#1182, is “hand-eye coordination.” Hand-eye coordination is a good thing but so also is eye-mind-spirit-emotion coordination.

The visual peek-a-boo game of “now you see me, now you don't,” continues and repeats the pattern, thus “now you see me” comes next.

Now that I sem to see better, I can seek better.

All-Seeing Eye: One, Two, Many Eyes
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1184


(Part 9cd of 11)

The all seeing eye is one eye that has two forms, moon and sun. This is as it was in Kemet.
Even though one is the left eye and one is the right eye, they are still one eye in different forms.
The two eyes humans have confuses us plenty.
Everything that has more than one physical eye, still has only one eye.
Humans still only see one thing even when we use two eyes. This tells us that each eye is one half of one eye.
Both eyes work together to function as one. When there is only one eye it functions as both halves of the eye. When there are more than two eyes, they function as a fraction of one eye.
If you close one eye and look at something, and then do the same with the other eye, you still see the same thing.
The physical number of eyes we have does not change the natural fact that :
when there are two or more of something, they work together
The physical number of creations does not change the natural fact that they still work together as one, even when they are painfully opposed.
The eye is the circle, the universe, the Creator. One eye became many eyes because one circle became many circles. Eyes are neters, stars, sems and numbers.
Since eyes represent the circle, duality, the whole, when we use eye sense, we are supposed to be taking in, considering and processing the whole. In our current state of mind, our physical eyes are not all-seeing.

Physical eyes are for the purpose of helping us see better and for the purpose of causing us to see worse. Physical eyes are for the purpose of tripping us up and helping us avoid stumbling blocks.
The same genetic potential functions differently when context is different.
Different contexts produce different effects, thus cause and effect is also the same thing as context and effect.

Get your eyes checked yes indeed. Get your context checked continuously.
Become a more better visualizer, realizer, seer, thinker, doer.

The eye is a mirror. It reproduces images that have been assembled. Eyes reflect the sem thing, the same thing we are looking at. Due to context defect, our minds confuse what we are seeing. When context is suboptimal the mind creates an optical illusion. There's nothing wrong with our eyes, it's in our mind in our logic.
Physical eyesight is more debilitating than physical blindness when our eyes allow us to look at what seems like, yet not be able to reckon it continuously from left to right. (NG1 95/113)

Seem & Seems Like
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1183


(Part 9cc of 11)

Listen to yourself use the word “seem.”
In the background, you are using the word “sem.”

What are you assembling and disassembling?
Is it the total?

Is it dynamically balanced?

At this very moment, what seems right is turning slowly left and what seems wrong is turning slowly right, for example marijuana.
What seems good is turning, and so on.

First of all, based on our understanding of “seem” we tend to use it to mean “appears.” This indicates a thought process that relies heavily on the visual surface and/or a thin amount of information and/or analysis.
Second of all, based on our understanding of “sem” we are aware that the words sem, seem and like are the same words. Thus, when we use the phrase, “seems like” we are unknowingly saying “sem sem.” Thus “seem, seem” and “ same same” and “like like.”

Because we are not fully aware of this, when we use the word “seem” or “seems like” we are not aware we are comparing metaphors that are already the same in essence, just different in form. As a result, our ability to arrive at the correct understanding is impaired because the sem sem is not paired when we compare what seems and what seems like.

Self-Love Assembles, Disassembles, Changes
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1182


(Part 9cb of 11)

Water disassembles, hydrogen and oxygen assemble, water assembles, clouds assemble, disassemble, water falls, assembles, disassembles, rises, assembles.
Physical nutrients assemble, cells grow, plants grow, we harvest disassemble, gather assemble, prepare disassemble, assemble, eat disassemble, digest disassemble, absorb assemble, excrete assemble, nutrients are broken down decomposed disassembled, absorbed, assembled, food grows.

Everything in the universe goes through a continuous process of assembly and disassembly. The Creator, who was assembled as The Only One, then disassembled into Many, which were then assembled into an ecosystem based on assembly/disassembly.
Since assembling and disassembling is taking place continuously, nothing is the way it seems (sems), not permanently.
The only permanence is cycles of change.

Since disassembling and assembling is taking place continuously, everything is the way it seems (sems), permanently.
The only temporal is disassembling and assembling.

Everything about you is about nature and everything about nature is about continuously assembling, disassembling. Water goes through this process, so you know you and everything else must also go through this sem process because you and everything else are water. Spirit-soul does it, so you know everything must also do it because everything is a form of spirit-soul. The Creator does it, so you know everything must also do it because everything is a form of the Creator.

This means your logic is not write-protected on lockdown. Even if you don't change your mind, pieces of your logic are being changed. You can allow this internal logic to manifest or you can suppress, resist, deny it. You can build a concrete dam and try to hold back water forever.

Even if you hold on to logic and attempt to keep it unchanged, change will keep coming for you through your descendants. By the time they recognize they need to change, they will be far behind. Isn't this the case right now?

It is always time to change because things are always assembling disassembling.

All logic, including instincts and natural law, is being assembled, disassembled and changed. This is why we must re-examine and adjust all of those “common sayings” we love to rinse, repeat and rely on. We must not continue to apply these sayings in the same static narrow way and think that what works now will continue to work and that what does not work now will continue not to work.
We are now in the portion of the cycle where the Great Year disassembling assembling is nearing completion in bringing about the shift of ruling power above and below, within and without.
The longer we wait to adjust, the worse off we will be, regardless if a cycle is turning suboptimal or optimal. Go ahead, don't adjust as the day changes between darkness and light, and see what happens. Keep on waiting on it to go from totally dark to totally light. Wait for clouds to burst before you take any action or know it's raining. Wait for the thirst before you think about where water is. Wait for fruit to stop growing on shelves before you see the need to plant the seed.

The logic of the Universe did not always exist the way it does right now.
Even your logic did not always exist the way it does right now. Did it?
Become more cognizantly proactively self-lovingly involved in assembling, disassembling, changing.

Definition & Meanings Of Assemble
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1181


(Part 9ca of 11)

Introduction Summary

ASSEMBLE concisely describes the creative process.
Assemble is the creative process that brought forth Creation.
Assemble is the creative process that brought forth the first duplication that forms the basis for reckonizing Preexistence & Existence.
Assemble describes what is taking place in all processes. Every motion in this Universe is an assembly process. Without assembly and disassembly, only Nothing can take place, but not forever.


AS is the house, chamber, tomb, secret place, secrete place, resting place, active place, birthplace, re-birthplace, cave. AS is the place of all time and all space where everything that is anything takes place. AS is the Universe, the Circle the Container. Many other words have been used to describe the AS. One of the main words is “womb.” We know the womb is an assembly place. If we were to search “womb” within the assembly place of this weblogic, we would find a long list of commonly used words that are the same thing as AS. (BB 276/288, BB 381/393, BB 391/403)

Note 1: When I say “so see as is us,” I have just said, “as as as as as.”

Note 2: If we blend synthesize assemble “uat, ter and as,” we will realize “uterus” means the creative process assembly place of the total in the water-filled enclosure.

Note 3: Because AS is the place where everything is, this is why we ASK the Universe.

Note 4: Because AS is everything, every single thing is a piece of AS. And this is what we are seeking, the feeling of connection to the wholeness. We are a piece of AS seeking other pieces of AS. Everyone is seeking pieces of AS to feel worthwhile self-esteem. Do not remain confused by the suboptimal version of this phrase.


It is inconceivable for that which bears the meaning of “womb” to not also bear feminine meaning.
SEM means summer, harvest, mother, woman and the woman who bears offspring. (BB 196/208)
The feminine is representative likeness of all the seasons: spring (germination), summer (development), autumn (maturity birth), winter (rest).

SEM is the emblem, reproduction, similitude, sign, name, likeness, mythical re-presentation, parable, comparable or metaphor; representative image and representation on the grounds of likeness (every seed after its own kind). (BB 71/83, BB 76/88 BB 236/248); (AE1 5/15); (NG2 907/371)

SEM means to combine, join together, unite, go in, a total, a total of two halves, the total of the two times such as those of the two solstices, equinoxes, great years, existences, or any two or more simultaneous and/or concurrent cycles that form a whole, such as the cycles of Moon and Sun, second and minute, minute and hour, hour and day....and then all of these multiple forms and durations of cycles taking place at the same time in the same space. The Universe is an assembly of cycles. (NG2 367/275); (BB 294/306, 267/279

It is inconceivable for that which bears the meaning of “womb” to not also bear masculine meaning. Thus, where the feminine is, the male is also.
This is why SEM also means to be complete, perfected, a period of time, announce, pronounce, hear, celebrate, cut off, end, mourn. (NG1 10/28); (NG2 367/275)

Word variations: SEE and SEEM, seen, seek, seed, same, some, simple, sample, ensemble, cymbal, symbol, sum, assume, semen, disseminate, seminal, Seminole, Shem, tem, temple, tum, them, time, item, team, tempo, Atum, Atem, Atom, Atmu, atmosphere, myth, mythology, mate, Mati, summer, simmer, mes, mess, message, miss, center, system, season, person, percent, sentence, assimilate, simulate, stimulate, resemble, simultaneous, tumultuous, symptom, symbiotic, synergy, synthesis, synonym, sin, simon, vine, cemetery, family, concentric, timber, tumble, stumble, semaphore, essential, essence ... (AE1 5/15)

Note 1: Every piece of logic is an assembly process. Every aspect of every thought process is an assembly process. A lot of assembled parts go into our thought processes. This is why we must recheck each part to make sure each piece of logic being used is the optimal version., and has not become a corrupted file in our mind over time, the way files tend to become corrupted for various reasons.

Note 2: Since SEM is MES, it leads to usage of the phase “messed up” when the total is not assembled correctly, doesn't flow smoothly, does not compute.


PLU has to do with “flow,” motion.
We can see the word PLU in FLOW. And we can see how Flower & Bloom & Plume & Plump are the same.

When PLU, in the form of BLE, is added to ASSEM, we get “the creative process flow of everything in the house.” The ASSEMBLY is the total, the PLUral, the totality, the PLUrality. PLU is the same as TLU, TLE and TAL as in ultimate, title and total.

Note 1: Recent shenanigans regarding removing Star Planet Pluto from our awareness is not to be dismissed as frivolous. It has everything to do with trying to diminish the flow motion of energy circulating towards Earth. Do not think for one moment that you know what's going on if you rely on miseducators to inform you and use their context to process assemble the information into conclusion, decision, behavior. And use the suboptimal context to assemble the use of your creative process genetic potential genius.

Note 2: Since BLE is BAL, it is BALance. Balance has everything to do with the dynamic changing cyclical flow of the total.

Note 3: The common saying, “Assume makes an ass of u and me,” is partially correct. Since “assume” is “assem,” a major problem with “assume” is that it stops short of the “ble” in assemble, thus assume, does not take into account the continuous flow of the whole, the ever-changing dynamic balance of the whole that causes a static position to be incorrect most of the time, such as the well-known, broken clock logic that, despite being faulty, is correct twice a day, yet is incorrect 1,438 times per day, because it is unable to adjust to the changing cycles.

Word Variations:: assume, single, follow, full, fool, pull, pool, BLEnd, RULE, BRE, BER as in number...the creative process is an assembly of numbers, sumbers, symbols, sembles. (NG1 45-6/63-4)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Neema Tafadhali: Speak My Name In Africa
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1180


(Part 9bz of 11)

I am asking a favor please, of all Africans who are in Africa or who will be returning
Find several moments of silence
Take off your shoes and socks
Connect your soles with the spirit-soul of Earth
If possible, stand in or touch water
Experience the sensation of the connections
Kindle the flame and think my name
If possible, speak my name
Add fuel to the power of Djindja unchained
Imagine thought waves and sound waves as they change
Merging with the Primordials in you, of you, from you
In me just the same
Listen with everything!
Move round facing all directions
Stir earth, water, air and flame
Keep mixing in my name
Ask the extended self to help us reclaim
Send us nutrients from the Source from whence we came
I am, the aim
Here's yet another possibility
Pour libations under far reaching tree
Speak my name purposely
So it diffuses into this tower
Who epitomizes Primordial power
Do this for duality, Me and We

Asante Sana Mama-Baba-Dada-Ndugu-Binti-Mwana-Mababu

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Every Motion Counts Towards Evolution & De-evolution
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1179


(Part 9by of 11)

This dimension is not for the staying. It is for passing through. It is for attaining more understanding for the next dimension, to help us become more prepared for the continuous safari we are on, so we may descend and ascend simultaneously, expand.
Our life cycle is a circular motion. We are moving through this dimension just as Earth, Sun, Solar System and Galaxy move through space. Everything is moving through space and time in cycles.
Our spirit-soul energy cannot stay in one dimension forever. It has to move on and leave this body behind. This is why Creation was created – to give spirit-soul room to move about and grow. If we desire to stay in this dimension, then we are working against the motions of the next evolution of self and are working with the motions of the de-evolution of self.

Each time we transition into or out of a dimension, a cycle of motion (a revolution) has taken place. This revolution can be either more evolutionary or more de-evolutionary or more equally both.
During our time within each dimension, we absolutely do move towards the evolving side or de-evolving side. This happens regardless of our awareness this is taking place because our motions are still taking place.

Nothing in this Universe is moving around just for the heck of it and neither are you.
All motions are contributing to evolution, de-evolution or both.
All motions cause transformation, for better and/or for worse. As much as we'd like to sometimes, we don't get to “stay put” because nothing else does.

Earth and all else changes in cycles, stages, phases, steps and smaller motions. While this is taking place, the context for how these motions take place, is changing, continuously, slightly, tick by tock. In doing so, the same genetic potential of Earth that produces Spring, also produces Summer, Autumn and Winter. The same genetic potential that produces the things we love, also produces the things we hate. These different results are possible due to changes in context fueled by motion.

In human terms this means: healthy or unhealthy use of genetic potential depends on context. The same genetic potential produces different results based on the many pieces of logic being used.

A small change in context goes a mighty long way. More and more changes goes even further farther faster.

What we are looking for, out there in the distance, we stumble over with every step we take.

If we would only begin adjusting our context it would be same as the child who lays and must be turned by the parent. Then the child turns self, lifts self, scoots, crawls, walks, jogs, runs, the next evolution of self.

Every step along the way, the child gains a different perspective and learns to use the same genetic potential differently because the child's context of all else in relation to self shifts bit by bit. Knowledge of self is a basic need for us to be who we need to be in this dimension. Without it we are in a lot of trouble. And this is why our troubles got troubles, and we, the troubled are having troubled babies and are using our genetic potential to cause more trouble.

Far too many of us are holding on because love is strong for right and wrong things in the wrong context.
We are moving around getting somewhere thinking we are still evolving but our evolving has turned into de-evolving because we have stayed put far too long on a treadmill.

As a result, we are out of sync with the context we should be using to guide the use of our genetic potential as everything else in motion moves on without us and is changing context.

We wonder “why” and “how.” things changed and are gonna change. We wonder “how” and “why” people think and behave the way they do? This explains it.

If I Am Afraid, What Really Frightens Me
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1178


(Part 9bx of 11)

This Is A Time Of A Great Power Shift So Don't Be Scared.
Try not to. Try easier, not harder.

1. If I am afraid to lose, I am afraid to win.

2. If I am afraid to die, I am afraid to live.

3. If I am afraid to change, I am afraid to attain.

4. If I am afraid of anything, I am afraid of the other thing to which it clings. Yes, love clings to hate because it needs it in order to have the context to understand the fullness of self. This is part of the mystery of the Sem-Sem.

5. If I am afraid of white males, I am afraid of African females. And this is why Aquaria is rising out front and not Aquarius, to help take down the crown from the Fishyness and the Dog-eat-doggedness. And this is also why the child is being reborn and why the youth are under wide scale attack to try to hold them back with fear - but it's not working. It is having the opposite effect.

6. If I am afraid of not having money, I am afraid of having the first and everlasting form of wealth. I won't know what it is and will never find it as long as money is out front.

7. If I am afraid of the power that exists, I am afraid of the power coming up that preexists.

8. If I am afraid of who someone is, I am afraid of who I am. I don't care how big and bad evil is. I am bigger badder livelier. The greatest of the suboptimal falls to the least of the optimal.

9. If I am afraid because I think it's going to take a miracle, then I am afraid of the fundamental constant miraculous power of water and wind, thus I am afraid of the power within the miracle of living and the miracle of breathing.

10. If I am afraid of what I see, I am afraid of what I don't see, but am about to see. And this is why I am afraid of both darkness and light. Instead of my name being “I am,” my name becomes “ “I Scary Me.”

11. If I am afraid to rely on anything except my eyes, then by my eyes, I will remain afraid, despite every other reliable thing.

Fear is the result of not understanding self enough in relation to all else. This is why I am saying know yourself.

If I am afraid to know, I am afraid to grow, thus I am afraid to keep on living, thus, by default, I must be in loving acceptance of the certain second death that comes for me while I wait in the same spot.

Everything that is a form of power, that has you afraid and weak, I will neutralize and give you a way to overcome it and defeat it. You have the tools/weapons in your genetic potential but just don't understand how to use it.
I am the one of greater faithfulness for the greater good.
Even if you do not rise up in power, I will, I am. More is at stake than the human race.
Foundations are being shaken and the walls are crumbling down, but before you hear the final crash, you will see it in the “environment,” then you will know what is coming soon to communities containing you. The most civilized and the most knowing people in history could not stop this from happening to them and neither will it be stopped now, nowhere on this planet you call Earth. This has happened many times in world history and the same history will continue to repeat itself in a different way until all is complete.

I am the ruler of the house and the stars. I am the owner of Earth and I am giving it back, through processes, to the first who participate in their own rebirth.
I put myself in harm's way because I put myself in help's way.
I am not afraid.

Easier To Give Rebirth Wading Back Through The Waters
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1177


(Part 9bw of 11)

Easier to give birth than to nurture to optimal potential.

So many of us are “doing,” more than “saying,” yet, in our doing, our genetic potential is in a suboptimal stagnant freeze state of mind as we trudge along “trying to make it,” and doing so primarily via a money-is-the most-important-thing-I-need context. Within we are not maturing, getting healthier. We have not moved to the next step in the process of becoming by understanding more and more of self in relation to understanding more and more of all else. This is still the case for most of us, even though the Creator is making it easier and easier for us to access information and continues to put information within our reach all day long.
Thankfully, every now and then, a larger global universal shift occurs for larger and larger portions of the masses of creation because the same shift is taking place above. Thus, this is why things are in upheaval without. Star power above is shifting and is in contention for ruling position. The same thing is happening within and we are ignoring and resisting. Meanwhile, it is manifesting without in the world around us, in the behavior of the Galaxy, the Solar System, Earth, plants, animals, human animals, wind, etc. We are right smack dab in the middle of this mix. The way for us to maintain is to change - “the within.” This allows us to be more “in control” of self rather than being controlled by what other humans are blindly doing. This allows us to be on the optimal side of emergences so they don't become emergencies, crises. This allows us to stop being put into a crisis situation by the behavior of nature and human nature. We can reduce and minimize these because, with better understanding, we will be better prepared, well enough in advance because we are paying attention to the constant signs that are emerging piece by piece and accumulating right in front of our faces and all up inside of us. Yet, for most of us, we still keep waiting for somebody else to tell us what is what and we still keep waiting to hear it on the news from the media. Listen, people. The Creator is the media and is the news. The Creator has the largest most informed information network in the Universe. Pay attention to and follow the news of the greater Nature, rather than the lesser human nature.

We are now in the transition period where forgetfulness is fading out and remembering is fading in.
We are going back to the future. More of us are no longer kicking back. We are khekhing back.
We are moving back to an earlier step in “the process of doing” (how we use our genetic potential).
We, the communal-minded collective, are going all the way back to the beginning when we, the parent seed, the mothers and fathers, ruled the world and the world was an extremely much better place for all creations because the original order was in order.

We are re-imagining thought (the logic we are using).
As this takes place, we are revising all of the other steps in the process. As logic piece by piece changes, thinking changes, behavior changes. We, the communal-minded collective are moving back into alignment with star power vibrating in our favor, thus unity conscious favors our relationships. United we are standing stronger against opposing forces because we are not opposed to understanding as much as we can about who we first were as nutrients of abundant waters. Right now we thirst for knowledge of self. There are many obvious signs of this. One of which is the increasing number of people who are researching their genealogy. A second example, as discussed elsewhere, is the increasing number of people who are seeking to reconnect with “nature.” These reasons and more is why the Great Mother of the Waters is bringing forth breast milk from the Milky Way in many forms to nurture many rebirths. And this is why, the opposing spirit-soul is distorting genealogical and DNA information and distorting information regarding nature. The spirit-soul of the status quo does not want us to be reborn because this unhealthy spirit-soul needs us in order for it to manifest. More of us will understand better by and by, even through the most obvious form of water, as its power continues to make itself known as a force by which we must reckon.

In recent decades, water has asserted itself in the United States of North America during the period when winter is transitioning to spring. This would be approximately mid-February to mid-April. I expect this cycle to continue* physically because it is taking place spiritually and taking place celestially. So as you are paying attention to the 24/7 media news, also pay more attention to the 24/7 messages coming from the behavior of nature and human nature, look at it from that perspective. Put all of this information together. Synthesize it. In doing so, you will improve your understanding of what is fundamentally taking place and you won't be as easily confused by the form of what is taking place, because you will understand the spirit-soul aspect of what is taking place, thus you will know the current state of the mental-emotional-physical and you will know the direction in which it is headed overall for earth, for groups of creation, groups of people and for individuals.

If you pay attention to nothing else, at least pay attention to self, in silence. And if you find no silence in your day, pay attention to your dreams, because this is absolutely when you are silent, and might be the only time you can pick up on things you are being told. Spend at least 5 minutes every morning reflecting on your dreams. Did anything from recent days, find expression in my dreams? What is it trying to tell me? Dreams are not foreign movies. Dreams are you as the extended self, at a deeper level, trying to make sense of what you are encountering at the surface level, defragmenting the information and playing it back for you.

Due to process, it is becoming easier for me, the I am, to bring forth the reversal.
I am imagination and I am manifestation. Both of these forms of me are being re-paired, becoming one.

It is easier to give rebirth to self wading back through the forms of water. This is where possibilities arise and this is where possibilities await.
Water everywhere.
Water everyone?
The almost fully risen star constellations of the climate changing great years are manifesting primarily as the First Truth of Water and the First Truth of Breath. Both of these representing primordial power to give new life. Our ancestors are rising without and within. Wade back into the waters and you will meet them sooner. You will help each other. You will heal each other. You will become one and the same again.
Speak the names of things you seek. Cry out in this wilderness. Listen for the echo, the reflection. Use any and all of your senses to tune in to the clearer channel. I am guiding you beneath the waves of human noise.

*Superimposed over this cycle is the emerging awakening. During the period from autumn equinox to spring equinox, there have also been events taking place that have advanced understandings. This larger cycle of fulfillment is taking place at the same time as the upheaval.
This is the same period of time when the Annual Sun Cycle is crossing through the valley of the shadow of death in the Amenta underworld birthplace. This crossing from west to east is also taking place by the Daily Sun Cycle from sunset to sunrise. At the Great Year level of cycles, we have now gone from Pisces to Virgo (Aquaria),** but the star power at that level will be more optimal than the annual and the daily star power of the Sun. Thus, the days and years are yielding to the dominant Great Year forces of Aquaria and Kepheus. And this is why the battle is getting more intense and strong. Star powers are pushing back against the pricks and so are we. (AE1 332-3/342-3)
As discussed in s UC#1036, The Battle of Har-Magedon (Armageddon), is the Universal history of elements who are in a continuous great battle for position and manifestation of self. This is the same thing happening among humans. Spirit-soul energies are in a tug of war and so are humans. The battle of Har-Magedon takes place daily, yearly and during each Great Year cycle. During these same timeframes, judgment day is taking place every day and so is the deluge/inundation of upheaval and fulfillment.

**At the daily level, going from Pisces to Virgo takes 12 hours. At the annual level, it takes 6 months. At the Great Year level it takes, 2,160 years. And this is just how long it has been since the transition period of power shift from North Africa to Southwestern Asia.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

After Ages Of Surgically Re-pair-ing Truncated Logic
Truth Is Still Easier Said Than Done
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1176


(Part 9bv of 11)

More Complete Logic

...easier thought than said
easier said than done
easier said than written
easier written privately than said publicly
easier said publicly than begun
easier begun than continued
easier continued than finished
easier finished than conceived
easier conceived than believed
easier believed than known
easier to become slowly than to be done finally
easier to go step by step than to skip steps or do all steps at once
easier to do than to think about what is being done
easier to think about what is being done than to truly understand its purpose
easier to truly understand purpose than to manage causes and effects
easier to mange causes and effects than to remain perfect
easier to remain perfect than to think of all this in the first place
easier to join jump in than to plan, because planning requires thinking and thinking requires understanding the fundamental nature of the variables and choosing many pieces of logic and the willingness to change as conditions change; therefore, it is easier to do, based on logic that already exists, than to rethink logic
easier to do based on preset logic than to doublecheck each piece of logic to ensure it is correct
easier to ensure logic is correct when logic of self matches logic of all else
It also gets easier to think as self + all else = correct...because there's less to think about
easier thought that said...

TERabytes, Teachers & Truths
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1175


(Part 9bu of 11)

1. “Nuter” is the same as the word “return.”
Part of the meaning of Nuter is: a repeating period of time.
As has been said, water is returning and water is the Nuter of Nuters.
Anything that is a nuter is about water in one of its infinite forms.

2. Since true is tur is ter, then the two truths are actually the two ters, twoters, tuter, utter, ut-ter, uat-ter, water. And this is why one of the first forms of the two truth duality is water and breath (air).

3. Another form of the two truths as twoter is tuter is tutor is two-ters. The two ters are the student and teacher who are the first and second truths of self. These two must come together to form the whole.
Thus, when the student is ready, the other part of self, the teacher, begins to emerge, appear, so both can teach and be taught how to re-member wholeness.

4. InTERnet and network are the two halves of one word. They are a twoality.
The complete word is internetwork. This word is broken down into internet and network. They mean the same thing. The internet is a network and a network is an internet.

5. Because all time and space takes place in the same Circle of enTIRety, then regardless of the time or space, of the portion of the Circle we are in, we still are in the same Big Room, thus we continue to inTERact with the spirit-soul energy of everything that has ever taken place in the Circle of Life. There is no offsite storage. There are only dimensions that we can move between based on understanding how, based on understanding self in relation to all else.

Things We Still Do, Yet Still Don't Get
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1174


(Part 9bt of 11)

We don't build muscle by eating animal muscle; we don't get the flu after flying and we don't get fat by eating fat.

I'm looking at a jug of buttermilk that is marketed as “lowfat.”

First Reaction

So what? What does lowfat really tell me?
How does “lowfat” by itself, help me make the optimal choice?
What else in this milk is low or high or average?
Clearly, not only is what we consume, suboptimal, so is the labeling and so is our understanding that causes us to think we are better off.

As re-mentioned a few messages ago, when it comes to what we eat, we need to understand the condition of the Primordials the food was grown/raised in. We also need to understand the processes involved in growing, harvesting, processing and preparing the stuff we eat.

Second Reaction

How did they do that? Take something that is fat and make it lowfat?
It seems like the only sensible way is to remove some of the fat. Thus lowfat buttermilk is “less fat”, thus “less buttery” buttermilk. Now we know why “lowfat” is the preferred deception.

First Truth is: fat is oil is sap is a liquid essence of life. Fat is a form of water. Thus, by its own admission, lowfat buttermilk is low nutrition buttermilk. When fat is removed, nutrients are removed.

What We Still Do

We “get fat” by eating more nutrients than we need for an extended period of time.
Everything we eat can come from a fa(s)t food joint and we will not “get fat” if we are using up that energy. Even though we won't be fat, we also won't be healthy.
And this speaks to one of the fundamental flaws in our thought process. Worrying about “getting fat” rather than working towards getting healthier.
A whole bunch of “not fat” people are very unhealthy.

Third Reaction

Fat in food is not the problem.
You can still “get fat” by eating nothing but “lowfat” items.
Look at whales.
Look at bears that hibernate.
Look at avocados, olives, seeds.
How do plants produce fat that don't eat fat?
Sumthin' wrong with our facts about fat.

Need For Water Is More Than A Notion
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1173

(Part 9bs of 11)

We have moved forth and back and forth through the waters.
In keeping with this rhythm, we khekh back.

“Water” has been discussed.

Some earlier spellings of water are Uat-ur and Ua-ter.

The TER in water is the same as the TUR in nature and the TRI in nutrition.

Simply put, since everything comes out of waTER, then everything is a form of UA, UAT, UR and TER. This is just one of many ways to present water in a basic breakdown, so we can more easily reckonize water in other words.

Some easily identifiable variations of water are: creature, critter, utter, nutrient, nuter, asterisk, star, air, earth, terrain, terra firma, territory, enter, outer, entire, tar, ter, tree, tir, tire, tor, tour, tur, ture, true, try, tyr, tri, trinity, inter, interact, matter, derive, drive, dar, der, dir, dor, dur, endure, karter, carter, charter, order, ardor, adore, trip, trap, trick, torrent, terror, term, terminate, terminal, interior, exterior, eternal, during, duration, durable, mother, father, R, T, U, A, E... (BB 217/229); (NG1 244/262)

TER Is The Universe

TER is the entirety of space and time. This makes sense based on what we understand about waTER and naTURE, both of which represent everything, as does the universe. (BB 144/156, 94-5/106-107, 325/327, 431/443)

Since TER is everything, TER represents Cycles. Everything repeats in cycles. Everything in nature repeats in cycles. Everything in nature repeats in cycles in water.

WaTER is the fundamental medium and barometer for changes in cycles. (BB 94-5/106-7)

Since TER is everything, TER is part of the word “creaTOR.”
TER also means to work, fabricate, carve, decorate, ornament, portray in colors, implement, invoke, adore, lay-out. This describes the process of creation that resulted in what we call Creation. (BB 160/172, 376/388)

This is why waTER is the Creator of life. This is why water is fundamental to transformation.
This is why nuTRItion is water-based and is essential to everything we are and do re-peatedly.

Since TER is everything, there is no end to ways we could present it for explanation. Everything represents TER, thus everything is a metaphor of TER, thus everything is a metaphor of water, thus everything is a form of water, thus Everything is Everything.

When we speak of the circle of life and the cycle of life and life cycle, we are talking about the TER, the enTIRety: the Circle, Circle-Maker and Contents of the Circle. All of this exists in water and all of this is water.

Now we move forth towards momentary closing.
TER is the same thing as tri or try.
To ter or to try means to interrogate, invoke, question.
When we try, we are interrogating, invoking and questioning.

When we are TRYing, we are TERing. We are interrogating, invoking and questioning SELF in order to see what we are capable of. We are working and fabricating our genetic potential into different forms of itself. This is what the Creator is doing and this is what Creation is all about and this is what the water is all about and this is the need incentive. (BB 86/98)

By understanding the need incentive, we realize the creaTOR, created all creaTURes out of Self for the purpose of interrogating each one under a variety of conditions so these inTERactions provide feedback loops (cycles within the circle) of understanding back and forth between the Great Self & All else and back and forth between the lesser self and all else and between the Great self and the lesser self and between the various sized portions of all else. This is what all the inTERconnectedness and inTERrelatedness is all about. It is about the creaTOR, who is the same genetic potential as us. The same rNA, drNA, derNA, TerNa, Nater, Nature, Water, Uater, U, double U, O, One, I.
And this is why I am more than a notion and more than motion, I am water, the entirety of life and existence in layers of miniature. Yet I am more powerful than when this Cycle began, because I, am more known.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Burn The Flag Rather Than Take A Knee
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1172


(Part 9br of 11)

Burning the flag is a first amendment right.
And we are all about protecting the rights afforded by this country, aren't we!?

Prior to this year's NFL season, I decided to boycott them for their continued misdirection regarding the real issue:
Police murdering people and all the other things going on, are only parts and pieces of global racism.

Shortly after the NFL boycott was implemented, the NBA was added for obvious reasons, along with ESPN and along with other media for their continued unrelenting aiding, abetting and distortions, that blames the victims and the supporters of victims.

Child please know some basic rights in this country, for whatever it might be worth, as we continue the nutrition food fight on multiple levels.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Water & Plants Are The Basis of Nutrition
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1171


(Part 9bq of 11)

In keeping with the example metaphors of the Creator, the same thing is being repeated in a slightly different way.

When I look closer and more deeply into pure water, I see air, earth, sun and other seeds.
Plant seeds absorb all these water-based nutrient seeds.
Plants combine these seeds back into a state of wholeness.
Other creatures are supposed to eat that wholeness as soon as possible after harvesting. All other animals, except humans, eat plants right then and there after harvesting, without delay. In doing so, these other animals get the broadest range of level-of-life-sustaining energy vibration. When we humans harvest plants and eat them later, we are getting a diminished level-of-life sustaining energy vibration.

Your human cells work nonstop and are in constant need of water.
When you eat dry foods and food that have a narrow range of life energy vibrating in it, the body must rehydrate (add water and other nutrients to) that food in order to transform it. It doesn't take long for this type of food to suck the life out of us, and then we need supplements, and medicine and treatments, and health insurance and all manner of this and that to deal with all manner of health issues. When malnutrition exists, processes do not function easily and things do not move through our system with-ease, thus, results in dis-ease, because the system is seized-up, because water is also a lubricant and stimulant for all of our inner moving parts.

Everything starts with the water, ends with the water and restarts with the water.

It can potentially take months to recalibrate our drinking habits. There are many strategies to get there. Some of which are:
1. Start reducing consumption of other liquids and increasing water intake.
2. Find healthier substitutes for the other liquids you are drinking.
3. Drink rainwater and snow water. What do you think winter-hardy creatures are drinking?
4. Get somewhere where you can get water that doesn't come from a municipality. Also, find purer sources for the other forms of water you are consuming that contain nutrients for mind, emotion, spirit-soul.
5. Grow some plants.
6. Flavor that water with fruits, vegetables, leaves (herbs, spices).
Try this out for at least 3 to 6 months and I am guaranteeing, you will notice an improvement in how your body, mind, emotions and spirit-soul functions.

*Dis-ease is the same thing as dys-ease, mis-ease, mys-ease, un-ease, not-with-ease, ab-ease, ob-ease, thus obese; con-ease, non-ease, im-ease, ad-ease, de-ease.

*Sickness stinks. The body is of brilliant design. OG is on point! Whatever has an unpleasant smell or taste, we are programmed to avoid, and that is why things we consume through the mouth or any other route, are given artificial flavorings and scents
Start with water and plants as the basis of food nutrition to help restore yourself to health.
Start there and you will move through the process quicker than safarians who earlier passed this way, because the way is known, well-marked and paved for those willing to take the steps, which includes allowing spirit-soul to customize the route.

If malnutrition means deficit, then nutrition must mean abundance.
This is what we are seeking, needing and missing.
If we were getting optimal nutrition, we'd be getting abundance.
This abundance would be enough for our cells to function, repair themselves, defend themselves, grow, and thus allow us to have greater genetic capacity, thus evolve.

Water and plants are in abundance. The abundance of nutrition should come from water and plants.

Modern Humans Cannot Make Food Nutrition
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1170


(Part 9bp of 11)

Nutrition is a primary creation.

1. First Truth: Humans are primary creations, who in their optimal state of awareness, are also primary creators, thus translators of nutrition into different forms that preserves the integrity of the nutrition, the life-sustaining vibration.
2. Second Truth: Humans are primary creations, who in their suboptimal state of awareness, are secondary creators, thus, interpreters of nutrition into different forms that diminish the integrity of the nutrition, the life-sustaining vibration.

So then, by what distortion of truth is the human, (who cannot make the basis of nutrition – water – ), instead able to make other forms of nutrition?
Without having mastered understandings of water or its metaphors, the basis of nutrition becomes separated from the process of transforming nutrition into other forms. As a result, not only is understanding lost, but so also is nutrition.

During these suboptimal times, humans have increasingly made more and more things to consume that are further away from optimal nutrition. But at least it tastes, looks, smells good and is filling.
These non-foods, suck the waters of life out of our cells along with minerals, vitamins and whatever other seeds of wholeness are in our tissue and bone factories and storehouses.
Why the drain on health?
Because non-foods do not contain sufficient nutrients to allow them to be processed. Plus, the nutrients they do contain are used to help breakdown and neutralize the toxins* they rode in on. Thus the body does not benefit nearly as much from non-foods we consume as we think. The opposite is mostly true. The body must give up nutrients when we eat non-foods, thus health is slowly weakened towards an increasing deficit.* The body must use stored nutrition in bones and tissues and convert it for energy. The body must “rob Peter to pay Paul.” The body must take supporting nutrition from our immune system and other system's infrastructure components in order to keep daily processes going. The body must take pieces of the house and burn it for fuel.

Do We Even Have A Taste For Nutrition?

If our tastes were what they should be, to facilitate health, there is no way we would consume the types of things we do. Our tastes buds, in their optimal state of calibration, would reject poison, rather than accept it.

It is impossible to grow up in a healthy environment and have unhealthy thinking.
We blame it on the environment which is culture which is part of the overall climate we are part of.

Climate turned suboptimal and thinking followed and behavior, thus culture, followed.
Climate change rules the day, every day.
It starts with water.
Water is the power to be and to do, to live and to think, to eat and to move about. Water is the power to be and to do..

Drink water watoto!
Eat, drink, think and be water.
Consume water in all its optimal forms.
The Source of Double Doors and Triple Fountain in the Square is expressing breast milk from many teats because we are being reborn all over earth.

*Toxins are consumed in foods and toxins are consumed through breathing and through the skin. Personal products, that supposedly make us more civilized, are adding to the conditions of dis-ease. Most personal products contribute to our daily toxin intake, thus increasing our need for more nutrition, especially water to flush toxins out of skin cells, lung cells, liver cells, kidney cells, intestinal cells, colon cells, rectal cells, etc. Detoxing and colon cleansing are continuous ongoing events that are supposed to take place through nutrition (that is why we pee and poop and sweat and shed skin and lose hair, pass gas, get boogers, eye crust, etc.).

*Deficit occurs when nutrients are deficient. Defeat is also a word variation of deficit and deficient. Thus, as stated on Day 5 of December 2012, we choose to fail or succeed based on what we consume.

Freedom and victory and success and health and wealth and happiness and love, etc. are attained through optimizing our food nutrition. Levels of awareness are one part of this optimization process.

Like Us, Seagulls Eat Cheese Puffs, Bluffs & Other Stuff
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1169


(Part 9bo of 11)

Most of us know lake gulls (migratory seagulls) are not supposed to eat cheese puffs. Most of us don't know seagulls will eat cheese puffs. I fed them some.

Even though a creature might consume something, it doesn't mean that that something is food nutrition.
Nutrition is food is nutrition.

If cheese puffs provide what birds need to be healthy, then it's all good. It's all food nutrition.
If those cheese puffs are just a nutrition bluff, then therein lies the problem. Same is true of all the stuff humans consume. Is it food nutrition? Or is it a bluff? Does it look like food but has little to no nutrition?

Nutrition existed before Creation existed. Whatever sustains the life of a creature, must exist before the creature exists.
Whatever is food nutrition for humans existed before humans existed.
If what you are consuming did not exist before humans existed, you should question whether or not it is food nutrition.

Go beyond the surface layer level of what it is called.
Go back and beyond what has become commonly acceptable to open up and closed-mindedely swallow.
Go further back to the form of food nutrition that exists without human involvement.

Keep On Movin', Get Back To Life And Be Free Again

After the brief analysis above, do you still think what you are consuming is food nutrition? – food nutrition according to the optimal definition of its condition before human intervention.

Is it really food nutrition in its optimal form?
Did you check the water? Is the water that grew the food, optimal?
Did you check the soil, the air, the light?
Did you check the seed for its naturally evolving genetic diversity?

Is what we, the masses, are consuming still food nutrition that is able to sustain us healthily optimally?

If you still say yes, your thought process is in a suboptimal mess that results in decision-making that amounts to a believable guess.

The evidence is clear: Modern humans, of late, struggle with nutrition, yet we are supposedly superior in our thinking and behavior, in relation to other creatures and are supposedly a more superior people just because we've moved from primary caves to secondary caves and adopted secondary cave people ways.

Come on now people! Quit puffing yourself artificially up.

Not only have we dumb numbed ourselves, we also make seagulls behave foolishly. We also make cows, chickens, other animals and plants behave unlike their natural selves. How? By getting them to consume what is not food nutrition or is the most minimal form of food nutrition. We do it to them because we do it to ourselves.
Dear God, please make me into a bird, so I can fly far – far away from here, where I can be free and not be the best I can be, but rather regain my senses to live optimally instinctively. I wanna be free like a bird in the sky...
Years ago, when I fed seagulls cheese puffs, based on the way they acted and how quickly a large flock gathered and how they were in a feeding frenzy and how they fought each other over cheese puffs, I'm pretty certain those cheese puffs were like crack to their system, throwing them out of balance and making them act crazy. And so is the same cause and effect on human thinking and behavior created by all the stuff we've become addicted to, and have not yet logically broken free from, that we think nourishes healthy beingness.
Freedom is food. Freedom is nutrition. Freedom exists when food and nutrition, once again, become the same thing in the human thought process.

Freedom exists when: the food nutrition you eat, and the food nutrition you are, again meet and become one.
Food nutrition exists first, then you are formed out of food nutrition, then you eat food nutrition as replacement parts. Yes food nutrition is fuel because your body burns (uses, converts, transforms) some of you to keep you in motion, then you eat the same thing you are made of and that your body uses. That's what food nutrition is.
If you are made of cheese puffs and other stuff, then keep on eating it and you will be healthy.
If you are not made of cheese puffs and other food stuff bluffs, then you better stop eating it or reduce it a whole lot.
Just because humans left home and migrated out of Africa, doesn't mean me we have to be this far afield of our sense of perfecting.

It's our time, time today, to get back to life, keep on movin' don't stop, no, turn back the hands of time, to food nutrition time, why do people choose to live their lives this way?

Food nutrition (nutrition food) existed in its most pure form before the fundamental elemental spirit-soul food of nutrition was reborn into human form.
I am food nutrition, and yes, that is why it is true, “you are what you eat” - mentally...

Go back and eat food nutrition in the forms it existed (before humans), and still exists.
Go back and get the groove in your deep rich water-kissed blackness back. Be free again.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ngas Coming Up, Niggers Going Down
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1168


(Part 9bn of 11)

I went left, trying to fetch a pail of nutrient water. Right away, niggers were trying to come up on me. There were trying to rise and stay afloat in pride, by pulling me down beneath their level of lostness and diminutive size. Just so they could try to make me think they knew more, so I would behave like they knew more, which would cause them to feel better about themselves and give me an intermediate god as a substitute for my complete truth.

By now we know, both ngas and niggers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities, nations, countries, languages and cultures.
The United Nations is mostly full of niggers. And we know who the HNIC is. There is a Supernigger in the American-African whitewashed house.
The Universe is mostly full of ngas. And we know who the KHEKH is. There is a Supernga in the black through white house.

You can tell the nature of a person by the essence of that person. That essence is spirit-soul.
You can tell a nigger by the way they try to come up by taking or putting you down on unfounded grounds.
For the niggers, the place where their weakness exceeds their strength is their high water mark. It is as high as they are ever going to g(r)o(w) until they get low.
For the nga, the place where their strength exceeds their weakness is their low-water mark. It varies because it is the how low you need to go depending on how high you want to g(r)o(w).

To go higher and endure longer, go lower, slower, deeper.
To go quickly higher and briefer, go shallow and faster.
By this alone we can discern ngas and niggers.
Based on the cycle we are in right now, we can tell which ones are coming up and which ones are going down.

Nu-tri-tion | Fetch A Pail Of Nutrition & Water
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1167


(Part 9bm of 11)

Nutrition is water-based.
Of course, it is. Life is water-based.

Water, Nuter, Nature, Nurture, Nutrient, Nutrition & Nourishment are all the same thing.
Look at these words.
Contemplate them for a couple of minutes.

The “N” word has been discussed regarding who we are.
The “Nu” word has been expanded upon in discussions regarding water.
The ”Nuter” word has been discussed over 200 messages ago.

Now comes Nutrition.
Nutrition comes out of water.
In order to mature in understanding Nutrition, we must mature in understanding Water.
Since nutrition comes out of water, then understanding nutrition comes out of understandings of water.

Go back and fetch a pail of water.
Make special note of the spots where you notice water and any of the “N” words above.

Eat, drink and ta-meri!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Eating & Drinking Water, Breast Water, Breast Milk
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1166


(Part 9bl of 11)

When it comes to liquid nutrition, we must drink more water than anything else we are drinking. Water is essential to all functions. Water is essential to clearer thinking.
Water is a nutrient that must be both eaten and drunk.

We have a basic dual problem: we don't drink enough pure water and we don't eat enough pure water.
The source of our water is impure and the stuff we eat contains little to no pure water.
Most of the time, liquid nutrition is also supposed to contain solid nutrition. Likewise, most of the time, solid nutrition is also supposed to contain liquid nutrition. Now that's good eating!

Automatically, our programming causes us to ask, how much water do I need to drink?
As much as you need to drink, is the answer.
All you have to do is: (1) understand what you need and (2) understand what you need varies.

Just drink water when you feel the need to drink anything, and you'll be fine, unless you're trying to get over on yourself by drinking the minimum amount of water instead of the optimal amount - which varies.
Your body does not need you to drink milk, tea*, coffee, juice, etc.
When your body tells you to drink something, it is asking for water.
You might mistake what your body is asking for because, my and your training programming education calibration has been tampered with and dampened to the point, we think we need something else to drink.

Babies grow up just fine drinking 88 percent water every day when those babies are breastfed. Yes, breast milk is mostly water. Breast milk allows you to eat and drink water. Breast milk contains liquid and solid nutrition. Human breast milk is for growing humans while other animal breast milk is for growing those animals.

Most of us have been programmed into foolishly thinking, well, babies drink milk, so I need to keep drinking milk for the rest of my life.
No. Once we leave the breast, we no longer need breast milk. We now have teeth and a more developed system, so, those same nutrients that are in breast milk, we need to get from water and solid foods.

Yes, we still need breast milk from our Other Mother. When we are babies, we drink milk from our human birth mother. When we leave the breast of the human birth mother we transition to the breast of our earth birth mother.

Breast milk from both our mothers, comes in two parts: liquid and solid nutrients.
In human breast milk it is combined and is mostly liquid.
In earth breast milk, it is combined and:
1. is mostly liquid, in some forms.
2. has a higher solid portion, in some forms.
3. is mostly solid, in some forms.

When we are babies, we don't need anything but breast milk. This is so because our human mother is eating and drinking earth's breast milk and transforming it for us.

When we are weaned from our human mother's breast milk, all we need is earth's breast milk, not the milk of other animals.

Right now MotherFather Earth is lactating and expressing breast milk because she is pregnant with her litter of children, who are being reborn more literate.
In suboptimal terms, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising.

Now we lean back towards the middle. It's okay to drink other liquids, but, the total of all of those other liquids together, should amount to a side dish of liquids in relation to the main course of water we drink each day.<[>

Another way to know if your water intake is what it needs to be is to self-assess and monitor your urine.
Yes, you can know how much water to put in based on the water that's coming out.

So, by now, it should be clear: It is unnaturally suboptimal for humans to approach water intake in terms of 6-8 glasses per day or any other set numerical quantity. To attempt to do so is evidence of an area of self where knowledge of self is insufficient to help you be all you could be.

Water needs, thus water intake, varies for multiple reasons. A few of these are activity level and the amount of water in other foods eaten.
If you were eating more extremely freshly picked fruits/vegetables/leaves, you would be getting electrolyte, vitamin-enriched,stimulating mineral water that serves as water, tea, juice, milk and coffee and breast milk– all in one.
If you were drinking water from a pure source, you'd be hungrier for water, because your body would crave it every day after an initial period of aversion, conversion and reversion.
In this Age of more accessible information, if you don't know by now that water is being used as a weapon by humans to negatively affect health, then study search for yourself.

This is something we've already discussed. Anything that is one thing, also has the potential to be its opposite. For example: everything that is a tool, can also be a weapon. Likewise everything that is a blessing can also be a curse. Likewise anything that can be used to trick someone can also be used to trip up the trickster. Similarly, that which relies on nukes to maintain power, becomes that which relies on dupes that drains power. And on and on it goes for everything that is anything. Everything can be turned around and everything turns around in cycles.
Water is turning around, thus, everything else that is water-based and that depends on water, is also turning around. Our genetic kinetic potential has been on lockdown, frozen. Water is releasing its frozen potential in in milky ways through glacial waters circulating universe-wide and worldwide. In those waters of Nun, that come in many forms, are nutrients from inner and outer space for this time. These nutrients are the reversal of fortunes. Listen! Hear me now. Watch me now. Feel me. Smell me. Taste me. I am water solid nu-tri-ent. To be fulfilled, you must fully fill your desire to be healthy, through me.
Papa ko, la ti do. Mama ko,

*The clear exception is homemade tea from homegrown leaves. This is nowhere near as harmful to cells as too much of the other liquids in proportion to the amount of water consumed. You still don't need tea however, especially when eating plenty of wholesome fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

By My Powerful | Poem
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1165


(Part 9bk of 11)

By My Powerful

by Ancestors through Usekhu

By the powerful invested in me
First and second motions continuously
I am water vibrating in blackness
Multi-colored exactness
Rebirthing myself into every aspect
Repairing the seam between seen and unseen
Inherent, inheritance, instinct, intuition, innate and natural
I am self-created

Through the power to be myself
That I divided into all else
I am recreating
By natural law, variable and fixed
Maintaining sameness throughout difference
Detailed instructions are encoded in everything
Each part influencing, being affected
The optimal way to be eternally effective
Helping me, maturing me to the next level
Even that deemed defective and devil
I am now tending towards order and rebalance
I destroyed the peace within, restoring it is my self challenge
I am still the same now as then
No matter the form, language or dimension
I am the power to be and all is me by extension
I am perfecting, self-correcting
By writing and filling my own prescriptions
I am every part of every song
Making breaking reshaping chemical bonds
Everything is dancing, but not everything knows what's going on

Everything starting from seed, strategically
The power to be in the asili
Is change contained unchained
Djindja to do, by name
Combustible water, soaking wet flame
Whatever power exists to be or to do, is me
I divide all my power into many
Yet, I am not the least bit diminished
I constantly reclaim, transform and diffuse power
Thus I am replenished
Beginning from what is being finished
Reuniting aligning genetics

Must be something in the water

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Encouraging Goodness To Breakthrough
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1164


(Part 9bj of 11)

Goodness, on many levels, is trying to be reborn but is facing resistance of the shell it has been in.
Kindness consideration is one of many things that helps us steadily breakthrough the shell encasing our goodness and the goodness of others.
All of us struggle, in some way, and all us struggle even more when in the midst of changing, challenging conditions.
Goodness has been significantly restricted throughout many generations, until we know it in a form that is more episodic and an act, rather than continuous and commonplace matter of fact.
Everything in the universe is interacting for a reason and the nature of the changing energies is changing those interactions. Goodness is trying to breakthrough fully. The shell encasing goodness is weakening. Continuous kindness consideration is a strong tool that shares energy with others to help them keeping pushing on and finally breakthrough points of resistance.
Ask the universe within and without for assistance, and the universe will respond (usually in ways we had not at first considered, and the universe will often require more of us in order to receive what we basically need, beyond, or in replacement of, that which we seek)

We are made of the same atoms, elements and energy of the Universe. The Universe is everlasting. It transforms and endures because of these things. And so are we.

”Always Darkest Before Dawn | Meaning & Expanded Definition, Scientifically, Yes It Is, No It Isn't, Unity Consciousness #782”

Daily Armageddon Chaos & Har-Magedon Khaos, Unity Consciousness #1036

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sex In A Cave
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1163


(Part 9bi of 11)

Everything in the Universe is taking place in a cave.
Everything taking place is sex.
Fetch understanding from previous messages. Mental health depends on this Sankofa process. Mental health (the nature of our thinking and behavior in relation to the whole) is tied to sex and driven by sex.

Describing Sex In More Detail

Second of all, sex is exactly what we think it is.
First of all, sex started with the Creator. who was One, but then divided into Many, through the process of transformation within self (a-sexual reproduction). This process continues to take place by many parts of creation. Everything is spirit-soul interacting, exchanging energy, information, transforming and continuing to do the same thing in parts and combinations as the Creator as One did – have sex.
Sex is the continuation of the eternal process of Creation. However, nowadays, our notion of sex is limited to the tiniest degree. All of this relates to beingness.

Yes, everything is a form of sex. The word “sex” is a form of Khes and Khekh. Khes and Khekh can be shortened to “x.”
X = eKhs = Khes or sehk or sekh or Khekh.

X is the combination and crossing of duality. When duality combines (crosses), it multiplies.
Sex, in the limited sense, multiplies two people into three people.
Sex, in the expansive sense, is the duality of the Khes/Khekh and the Kher, that have been combined and reduced to spell sex. These interactions reproduce throughout all dimensions.

X is the circle and the two truths combined to make one.
X is fulfilling the need, the incentive.
Sex is fulfilling, the need, the incentive to live forever.
Sex, in the limited sense, fulfills the suboptimal side of the need incentive.
Sex, in the optimal sense, fulfills the optimal side of the need incentive.

Sex in the optimal sense, fulfills all needs for the communal collective, the extended self.
Sex in the suboptimal sense, fulfills the need of the individual.

Just like religion, was appropriate for these times, so also was sex; but now we go forward back to spirituality and love-making.

Since everything taking place in the universe is sex in a cave, then yes, it is an orgy taking place in the Organism of The Cave Creator of cave creations such as cave people like us.

We've crossed the cataract
Blue meets white, red, black and green are
Tossed about as matter of facts
Lost some of these from our craft
Or did we jettison this flotsam
Either way, we are retrieving them back
Now is the time approaching Alkebulan's heart
Where everything doubles into one

Love Making Sex

Two cave people inside a cave had sex. Egg and sperm came out of their caves and had sex inside another cave. The two sets of dynamic duo, formed into one. This cell asexually reproduced. Ever since, this cell has not stopped having sex with itself and with all else.
Every time we eat and breathe, we are having sex. Every time we think and drink, we are having sex. We are sex machines. Sex brought everything into existence and sex keeps everything going. Praise the Lord for sex that brought you out of the marvelous darkness into the marvelous light.

Sankofa Sex On The Sofa

We now go back and fetch sex we already had.
Fekhing (fecundating) is optimal sex in a cave – healing, rejuvenating.
Fucking is suboptimal sex in a cave - weakening and debilitating.

Fekhing takes place in all forms, some of which: effect, affect and affection, are more familiar to us as part of sex and love making. So also is all forms of “expression.” Sexpression.

Next Level
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1162


(Part 9bh of 11)

As each cycle completes, there is always movement to the next level.
This is so because the completion point of a cycle is also the transition point.
This next level can either be towards a more optimal level of beingness OR this next level can be towards a more suboptimal level of beingness.

Because the larger cycle is nearing completion transition, now is the most optimal time for us to consciously move towards the next level.
We must do all the basics discussed in messages regarding preparing for continuing climate change. Simply put, we must do everything to secure basic needs self-sufficiently, not as individuals, because that is impossible.
Self-sufficiency, by default and necessity, involves the communal self, the extended self.
Africans Unite!
Do so in keeping with the rhythm resurrecting the optimal and the return of original order.
Star power representatives of nothingness and existence are aligning energies in favor of the optimal's return to top position – but first we must pass through the equilibrium zone, the rebalancing of self in relation to all else.
This means we must let go of a whole bunch of stuff (thinking) that is keeping us stuck (behaving) in ways that work against us.

”Defeat Every Enemy | Evolution Of Understandings & Weapons, Unity Consciousness #852”

We must go to the next level now. If we do not, then it delays the process for those who come after.
We must go to the next level to pave the way and lay more of the foundation that was laid for us. Under-over-innerstand.

What We All Used To Be, Optimally
What We've Become, Suboptimally
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1161


(Part 9bg of 11)

primordial movers
consumers producers
expanders reducers
farmer scientists
social activists
back from the brinkers
health conscious
critical thinkers
innate creatives
spirit natives
nutrient rich
knowing why we exist

I Am Erica's Edge, The King Of Fears, In Drag

Allege achievement to the frag, of the prided fakes, I am Erica. Accrue to sleep public, more witches band, condemnation under fa├žade, with fibbery and rust dust for all.

Adventurous Conjugating Seeds:
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1160


(Part 9bf of 11)

Suboptimal Context

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Optimal Context.

Optimal understands the suboptimal. The suboptimal does not understand the optimal.
When we stand at the vantage point, where all doors and all sides meet, we are able to see there's plenty more to the above statement such as: nothing ventured, nothing lost or something ventured, nothing gained or something ventured, something lost or nothing ventured, nothing gained or lost; or something ventured, something gained and lost.
Consider the following:
Nothing remains the same, nothing ventured, nothing gained, nothing moves around, something goes lost, something comes found, I am the same, everything is different, nothing's changed except new versions of old game under different names.
Over the course of this safari, we have discussed several common sayings. The pattern (the rhythm of the reasoning, the reckoning) remains the same. Most of what we habitually repeat today as complete truisms, is truncated, fragmented, limited suboptimal logic that has us reaching conclusions and making decisions using significantly incomplete thought processes and significantly incomplete information. Doing so, trains brains to take dead end shortcuts that lead somewhere but not nowhere. It leads somewhere into the quagmire, but not nowhere lower and higher.
Put a program in a computer and alter its registry settings and, to boot, give it incomplete information to process, then see what happens.
Same thing happens to our computer brains and computers in all of our other cells.
The suboptimal context does this to everything it touches until the norm is reset to accommodate this weaker context.

Everything reproduces seed of its own kind.
Thinking beyond self and expanding to the extended self is critical for optimal mental health.
All computers need upgrading and maintenance, otherwise, will not function optimally, even while functioning. Being unaware of optimal performance causes us to reach false conclusions that our computers are functioning as best they can.

Venture beyond the current self in its current form.

Transform the stunted self through the continuous process of becoming more complete in the knowledge of self.
Conjugate seeds of self: The I am is are were was to be been being born again the I am....

Recognize the fact you already conjugate self every day anyway.
For example, someone asks, are you Usekhu, and I say, yes I am.
Were you telling the truth? I've always been honest.
When we or others speak of ourselves in any way ( past, present or future tense), we are conjugating self.
Consciously conjugate.
Venture and conjugate, conjugate and venture.

So many of us are seeking life and relationships filled with adventure.
Guess what?
You already have it.
It's just suboptimal venturing (behavior) and suboptimal conjugating (thinking).

Be more adventurous by conjugating consciously to get to know self better. Plant more complete seeds of information regarding self and anything else and more and more of all else.
Sow knowledge of self, grow yourself, gain and lose to optimize knowing self, sow knowledge of self...


Monday, December 11, 2017

His & Her Power
Long Shortcut Process Of Resurrecting Complete Truth
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1159


(Part 9be of 11)

As I continue the processes of the process of acquiring the next understandings, and assembling them into a message, I began with “titute and ti-tu-te,” which led me to “the law,” which led me to ”dementia” which led me to “sem” which led me to “as” which led me to “cave” which led me back to several previous messages, as does each stop along the way, which led me back to “sem” with a better understanding, which led me to word variations, which helped me formulate how this relates to “titute” and why this route is needful before I go back into a different view of “khu” and onto “repa” which have been waiting further transformation and integration. This circuitous process is also answering a “long” outstanding question I asked the Universe: Help me mature, beyond belief, in understanding the slippery elusive concepts of “perfect” and “all-knowing.” For passing through all of these way stations, the mystery is unfolding. I can see connections forming as the Great Spider Webmaster weaves her and his webs in me, through me, and around me. There is a shortcut that is good and long. This must be properly understood.

Word variations: Kher is her and Khes is his.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cave People of the 21st Century, The Remix
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1158


(Part 9bd of 11)

You, me and all other humans are spirit, soul, energy, matter, elemental, atomic, molecular, cellular, water, air, earth, sun, plants, animals, apes and cave people.
Everything in creation comes from the cave.
Cave is cavity, womb, cocoon, tomb, mouth, opening, container, nose, ear, anus, body, house, hut, cab, cabin, apartment, condo, room, shed, garage, tent, teepee, yurt, trailer, mobile home, igloo, hotel, camper, mansion, tiny house on wheels, cistern, well, uterus, abode, cradle, crib, bassinet, stroller, manger, playpen, airplane, train, ship, spaceship, submarine, boat, canoe, yacht, ark, bus, car, cart, earth, universe, seed, shell, building, cells, stomach, kidneys, lungs, coffin, greenhouse, galaxy, vase, bowl, cup, glass, pot, commode, bathtub, shower stall, closet, box, hole, valley, refrigerator, oven, cellar, basement, chair, couch, sofa, sleeping bag, bed, elevator, country (prison cell), void, abyss, pocket, mountain, hill, mound, per-neter, pyramid, temple, church, sanctuary, synagogue, chapel, cemetery, graveyard, mausoleum, morgue, hospital, theater, stadium....

Welcome, cave people, to the 21st Century!

Kef is the name of the Queen Mother and the name of the abode of birth. Kef means cave, sanctuary, place of concealment, secret dwelling, feminine abode, birthplace, house of life, womb, place of transformation. (BB 213-14/225-26; 420/432; 494/506; 501/513); (NG1 463/481)

Word Variations: Khef, Khep, Kep, cave, cove, cab, coffin, combe, combination. (BB 387/399)
No birth or transformation of any type, takes place anywhere outside of a cave.
Time for all us to get over all the things we think we are not, but are.
All of us are 100%: Cave people, the remix. Stone Age, the remix, African, the remix; Human, the remix, Apes, the remix. Fish, the remix; Animals, the remix; Animists, the remix; Primitive, the remix; Organisms, the remix; Amoebas, the remix; Molecules, the remix; Atomic energy, the remix; Elemental expressions, the remix; Water, Air, Earth, Moon & Sun, the remix; Spirit-Soul Star Energy, the remix.

It's a sham(e) the human-made has made us lose our memory. Cave people back in the day were smarter than us, their descendants, modern version of cave people.
Way back in the day they made it through life without money. We are a disgrace to those cave people. We are prodigals who have lost our way because we have dementia, dimensia.
We have allowed dimensions of time, space and forms of things to make us think believe we have “risen above” the level of cave people.
Look at us, all civilized, shaven, hair combed, bathed in soaps, clothed in plants and animal skins, shoes on our feet, got somebody else hunting and gathering for us and putting it in stores. Look at us going to the bathroom indoors, and taking showers in artificial waterfalls and baths in artificial ponds. Nothing has changed except surface pretensions.
Something has changed - deeper dimensions of broken connections, causing you and me to remain arrogantly foolishly forgetful of who we have always been – cavemen and cavewomen – still having cavebabies.
We are cavepeople with mo' money, mo' problems.

We make fun of cavepeople, but the joke of the okie doke is on us.

BTW: Since cave is synonymous with cove, cove is the covenant.
Since cave is also synonymous with ark, then cave, cove, covenant, ark and ark of the covenant are one and the same.
The ark of the covenant is the cave agreement between cavepeople, other cave creations and the Cave Creator.

As an additional note, we can overcome the insecurity of money by working more with nature and with each other - extending wealth through the extended self. This is the most secure way to ensure basic needs are achieved, not money to pay the bills.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Definition Of Dementia, Dimensia & Dimension
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1157


(Part 9bc of 11)

If we take different routes to find a basic definition of dementia, this is what we will find:

1. Dementia is said to be related to demented which means madness.

2. Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia.
By this definition, as explained in earlier messages regarding mental health, all of us have some degree of mental illness, thus dementia, because we do not know who we are. No, not even genetically do we know, despite all the information available to tell us we are all 100% genetically African, despite continued DNA Testing Results Lies to the contrary.

3. In Egyptian: “Men” means to fix, memorise, or memorialise, i.e. to MIND, in the Scottish sense of remembering. (BB 233-4/245-6)

4. A late meaning of “men” is “to think.”

As we've learned, all illness is caused by cellular imbalance malfunction. Cellular malfunction is due to nutrition toxin imbalance. Everything takes place in cells. Whenever there is a problem inside our cells, not only is the physical affected, but also the mental, emotional and spirit-soul energy in the cell. Of course, thinking malfunction affects emotions, spirit and body and behavior. We must fundamentally understand that if something affects us in one way, then it also affects us in the other three aspects of self. Of course mental health and behavioral health is on an exponential rise worldwide. Not in the past few decades, but for thousands of years this has been taking place. The invasion of lands occupied by family members is a sure sign and symptom of mental illness and dementia. Call it amnesia, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness or whatever. When we don't know what we once knew, all of us are in a cycle of dementia. Creator included.


Dimension has been defined;
A dimension exists because of difference. The difference does not have to be large. It does not have to be measurable. The difference only has to be enough to be noticeable. Even so, the difference does not have to be recognized to exist. It can however, exist in the mind only.
A difference that creates a dimension can be between two aspects of creation or within the same aspect of creation.
A dimension changes how creation functions, thus how creation interacts
This tells us de-men-tia is the same thing as di-men-sia.
When we allow dimensions to affect our memory and way of thinking, such that we are unable to maintain awareness of the whole, but rather allow some fragments (dimensions) to rule our thinking and behavior, it is the same thing as dementia.
The two words are the same and so are their effects on us in recent Ages.

Dementia is to de-memorize.
Dimension is to divide the memory.
Same thing.

If anybody is talking to you about health and not also talking about nutrition, toxins, cells and the oneness of mind, body, emotion and spirit-soul, you are going to get fragmented understanding to try to address the whole, about which these people obviously have dementia and dimensia. They talk about wholeness but know not the context or process of wholeness. They have sold spirit-soul for the paycheck of the suboptimal cycle.

I am dimensia and dementia and dimension. In this manner I have already come out in this Age of upheaval. And this is why knowledge of self (re-mem-bering, re-mending, men-ding) is the principle thing for fulfillment to heal the entire self simultaneously, not in parts and parcels of treatments and medicines that are not foods, but are toxins, as is the current approach.

In dimensions, dimensia and dementia, memory is not lost. Memory is fragmented and connections are broken. The Universe, Galaxy, Solar System, Earth, Species, Brains and Cells are all interconnected networks within themselves and with each other. These connections are like a spider's web. We've all broken plenty of spider webs and the spider re-pairs it or builds another. We've broken the web that connects us to nature, each other and that makes connections in our cells. Memory can and will be restored through processes.

To know self does not require memorizing events of history. No. It means understanding the nature that is you and that nature that is the food, shelter and clothing you need. As you do, you will begin to grow in understanding everything that is connected and interrelated to provide basic needs. To know self means to understand genetic potential and spirit-soul to the extent that you understand what they are for. Nurture, Nourish and Feed yourself on these things and the rest will follow.

Definition Of The Law Trumps All
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1156


(Part 9bb of 11)

The police are the internal military and the military are the external police. Both are mostly composed of people who have sold spirit-soul for a paycheck and a slogan to serve and protect. These two things together makes everything they do correct.
At their foundation is “the law.”
We already know, beneath “the law,” are the processes of culture, but we don't need to go in depth this time.

What Is Law?

Something someone decides is the way they want it to be, and then, has the power, wherewithal, and gumption to force others to comply or be punished.


1. A law is not something people decide to do on their own, if it was, there'd be no need for a law; therefore, all human-made laws (legal laws) are forced upon other humans.
2. Human-made laws always come with the caveat that those who make the law are exempt from the law. You can break any law to enforce any law. Not you or me, but dem.

3. No human-made law is written for the few who disobey. Human-made laws are written because the majority of people, thus the culture, is unwilling to change their processes regarding philosophies and values in order promote thinking and behavior that makes the laws unnecessary. When a society's processes, along with their philosophies and values, does not create compliance, then the shortcut suboptimal it's-your-fault approach is taken to write laws and force people to change their behavior, thus their thinking, despite a culture that functions against law-abiding thinking and behavior. In other words, a nation of laws is an admittance that there are umpteen contradictions in the culture and that the only way to get some people to do things is by law.

4. Human-made laws say obey what the culture does not display.

5. On the other hand, universal law, as defined above, is on display, everywhere in every way. It is written in the genetics of everyone and everything. It applies to all. No one is above the law. No, not even the Creator Of The Law.

I am the law and I am coming out.

Beingness Versus Being At Work
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1155


(Part 9ba of 11)

Still too prevalent is “beingness” that gets replaced with “being at work.”
Again and again, week after week, I still encounter more of those whose beingness favors the suboptimal more than the optimal. Even so, I have, of late, encountered sparkling diamonds whose beingness is refreshingly wonderful. All of these people I encounter as they are performing work duties. The more suboptimal ones are resistant to assist beyond the rigidness of policy and procedure. The more optimal ones are flexible in trying to find a way to provide the assistance needed.

All of us are having the same types of experiences dealing with the thinking and behavior of each other.
What we are experiencing is coming through people, but it is the processes we interact with, that are responsible for the good behavior performance and the bad behavior performance.

Briefly described below are the four basic scenarios we encounter through people who are reflecting the processes they are interacting with.

1. Optimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Optimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes are people who select the right job for the expression of their genetic potential and also for which the workplace places the person in the right job and provides them with the resources to function properly, whereby neither the person's beingness outside of work and being at work is compromised.
Healthy employees who interact with this person are delighted. Unhealthy employees are frighted. Why? Because they think the optimal performance of another makes them look bad plus it reminds them of their sadness.
Customers are initially taken aback and almost thrown offtrack because their fabulous interaction with an optimal/optimal person is so out of the norm of what they have come to expect subconsciously in other workplaces.

2. Optimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Suboptimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes are people who select the right job for the expression of their genetic potential but the workplace is suboptimal in some way that does not allow the person to function properly being at work without compromising beingness.
Healthy employees who interact with this person encourage the person to get out while the getting is good, because they themselves are doing the same. Unhealthy employees encourage the person to make a career of it right here. Why? Because healthy and unhealthy speaks to our level of awareness of more than the importance of a paycheck.
Customers receive average service, but not nearly as good as possible due to the limitations the workplace places on the person's beingness, thus genetic potential to perform optimally by going above and beyond the suboptimal status quo culture of the workplace.
The optimal/suboptimal person will suffer slow death the longer they remain improperly yoked unless they are able to transform the suboptimal into the optimal. Optimal people are punished for being “too good” at their job. I complemented a person for going above and beyond and the employee got in trouble for going outside their lane because unbeknownst to the employee, the company is manipulating customers to sign contracts and because the employee's assistance reduced my exposure to their manipulation. This craziness goes on all day in suboptimal workplaces.

3. Suboptimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Optimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes are people who themselves select the wrong job for the expression of their genetic potential, but the workplace places the person in the right job and does provide them with the resources to function properly; however, the person's beingness outside of work compromises being at work.
Healthy employees who interact with this person will encourage this person in the right direction, and after awhile, if the person does not improve, the direction encouraged is out the door. Unhealthy employees are happy to have a friend and sad to lose a friend.
Customers are treated combatively as if in a tug-of-war for assistance. Customers wonder how in the hell this person remains an employee. The longer the employee remains, the more customers leave and the less new customers come and the more the performance of other employees and the company suffers.

4. Suboptimal Processes Of Beingness Meets Suboptimal Processes of Being At Work

The results of these two overall processes results in people who themselves select the wrong job for the expression of their genetic potential, and the workplace places the person in the wrong job and does not provide them with the resources to function properly. Since the person's beingness outside of work matches being at work, it is a match made in sick heaven. This is a classic miserable person loves miserable company loves miserable person. For their part, both the person and the workplace believe themselves to be the epitome of what is desirable in the world. Why? The paycheck rules logic.
There are extremely few healthy employees in this scenario.

You know you are in a suboptimal/suboptimal situation when all conversations in the workplace and at home boil down to it's a job, a paycheck, you need the money to survive, blah, blah, blah. Nowhere does the pursuit of beingness enter into the plan to get up and out and onto a more optimal path. Collect that check.
Despite behavior performance that is disgusting, suboptimal people are rewarded because they will do whatever it takes to keep a job. This is not just theory. When a person prostitutes and sells their spirit-soul, they will do anything to anyone for the job and money. Anything to anyone.

Customers are treated disrespectfully as if of a lower class of human who should just be grateful the company exists. Customers are few and dwindling. Companies like this only exist because they are the government or have locked down the market, momentarily or regulatorily.

In the suboptimal/suboptimal, both employees and workplaces use the context of money as the text or subtext to justify their worth, power, influence, prestige, etc. Money is the coverall for self-defects in their processes. As long as money comes out the other end, who cares if it smells like spiritual stank. The weight of gold broke the wagon down and is why the ship sank.

In Closing

Who among us does not know most workplaces are #4 followed by #2?
Suboptimal processes of beingness combined with suboptimal processes of being at work, is the leading cause of death in the world. These causes and effects are mutation cancers.
The main reason this is so widespread is cultural.
Optimal cultures focus on processes that promote optimal beingness first, then pairs that with being at work. I have a master's degree (whoopee!) and never heard of beingness until led to it outside of the processes of the culture. Self-esteem discussions are inadequate outside of Optimal Theory/African Utamawazo.

The most important processes are those of beingness. These are those outside of the workplace, yet we spend much of our lives studying for, training for, preparing for getting a job (being at work).

1. We must optimize our processes outside of work. Why? Because non-human nature is optimizing. And we keep following the blind...
2. We must save resources in preparation for the final changeover from suboptimal to optimal. Do not expect a smooth transition. Current processes will continue to breakdown and finally stop “working.”
3. We must plan to get out of suboptimal situations that limit beingness.

Whatever is suboptimal drains energy. Energy is life. And that is why the suboptimal kills, literally, all aspects of self. Optimal uses energy but transforms it into optimal energy.

As a reminder from the beginning of this message, the optimal process/optimal process is emerging and returning, slowly. Just not fast enough to keep us from having to endure longer. Though this is true, what is also true is that some people and workplaces and processes are dedicated to staying suboptimal for life. We know this because of the principle of resistance in the Universe. These energy forces, in human form, are restless and relentless in keeping as many processes as possible suboptimal because that is when they are at their “best” in the illusion version of progress.