"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

Continuously nutrition pieces of your minds and health must follow.

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, October 16, 2017

Duplications, Clones, Originals & Variations Of The Same
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1113


(Part 9l of 11)

We previously learned Du is duality is duplication.
Du is Tu is two.

Based on the Big Bang philosophy, whatever explosion took place still had to create the Universe from whatever exploded that already existed.
Based on spiritual religious philosophies, a Creator created Everything and nothing else existed except the Creator; therefore, Creation is a duplication of the Only One & Only Thing that existed in the beginning. Creation is not only made in the image of God, but also from the same two-part substance as God (spirit-soul energy and matter).
So regardless of the approach taken, there is no avoiding the understanding that the Universe is based on identical duplication and variations of combinations of duplication.

Everything is a duplication of whatever was in the waters of Nun. A clone, replication, copy and reproduction are all the same things as a duplication.
Also, as we just learned, to create is to duplicate. Since Creation is a duplication, anything and everything we create is still a duplication. So to again burst the bubble of human intelligence, when we think we are being original, we are, but original does not mean we are the first to create it. Original means we are creating (duplicating) the origin. Everything humans create is a duplication of Nature. Humans are the last duplication of Nature and are the last duplications to also duplicate Nature.

”Intelligence Diffuses, Yet Confuses Humans”

Duplication started with the Circle Zero duplicating into the Double Circle-Double Zero.
One way we are reminded of this is via the double rainbow.
We are more frequently reminded as our cells and the cells of most life forms are constantly duplicating.
All difference is also still duplication.
Even though we have different cells, they are still duplications that have specialized, thus varied in form to serve varied functions.
A change of mixture, formula and form does not change the genetic potential being used - which is still duplicated genetic potential all the way back to Zero, Double Zero and One.

Despite these scientific proofs, we humans love to say no two snowflakes, fingerprints or whales' tails are alike, yet the fundamental truth, is that these things are exactly alike even though they are expressing difference.
Sameness and difference is a two-part, two-sided duality. This means they are both forms of each other - flipsides. Difference is an expression of sameness and sameness is an expression of difference.

All this means there are exact duplicate creations in the Universe.
We already know this to be true among a countless number of species on Earth.
We know this to be true among humans.
We know this to be true within our own bodies.
As we continue to focus on humans, what this also means, is there are expressions of genetic potential that are also duplicated among humans. In other words whatever talent or ability that has been expressed by one human has also been duplicated in another human or will be reproduced in someone sooner or later.
This means, that yes, there has been, is and will be people who can do what others have done, are doing and will do.
The Universe is filled with nothing but the duplicated seeds of genetic potential. Whenever and whatever expression of genetic potential is needed, the Universe will make it happen. The human body uses resources elsewhere in the body when another portion needs it. Same is same for what Earth needs. The Solar System, Galaxy System and systems within Earth will make it happen. This is already evident.
We are not without unlimited possibilities to do whatever needs to be done no matter the seeming enormity of the current suboptimal set of conditions. We are only dealing with humans on this Earth. There is an entire Universe of resource and recourse and an Earth that is miles deep undergrounds and underwaters. The Universe is filled with genetic potential being exposed to many conditions and the Universe is filled with an extensive genetic library containing all understandings. Including the knowledge of “aliens” and including the secretive knowledge of the current criminal collective. The current collective of humans are overwhelmed by small, predictable occurrences of Nature on Earth, let alone any aspect outside Earth, especially unpredictable.
The Circlemaker has knowledge of all genetic potential and all understandings taking place throughout the Universe and can bring all of this to bear upon Earth. The Universe within humans has the same information and/or can access the information via download as knowledge of self and all else increases.

In keeping with the need incentive, the Universe is testing all combinations of genetic potential under a given set of conditions. Two Circle Cycles are switching to Optimal Optimal from Suboptimal Suboptimal. Star Constellations ruled by Aquaria (Hathor-Nut)/Aquarius and Kepheus (Shu-Kafi) represent Water, Wind, Moon, Sun & Earth and we wonder why there is an increase in Primordial-related events. And yet there is much more these Ages represent and are manifesting which we have also been experiencing during the previous two centuries.

Whatever is happening now in the world is a duplication of what has already happened. It is just in a different form. Solutions exist before the problem and just have to be taken from earlier times, duplicated and varied as needed.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Two More For The Road | Poem
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1112


(Part 9k of 11)

Two More For The Road

by Ancestors through Usiku

In the beginning
The Circle was closed tight
Then came Word and Light
Of necessity and same plight
Born for more insight
Two more dimensions for the cycle
When we encountered them
They were positioned suboptimal
Until star power turned them
Halfway round the Circle
From front to behind
To know themselves earlier in time

From this perspective they found
Waters birthing Darkness and Sound
Growing up into the ground
Then Word and Light understood
Why their roots seemed to grow down

Small & Large Numbers | Reality & Illusion
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1111


(Part 9j of 11)

Small and large, great and small, little and big, a lot and a little are all the same version of duality. Any duality that compares quantity, amount or degree is the same duality. Thus we know Nothing and Everything, Nonexistence and Existence, empty and full, weak and strong, rich and poor, less and more, partial and complete, minority and majority, etc. are all the same version of duality.

When it comes to this duality put in terms of small numbers compared to large numbers, for example, 10 is not greater than 3. This is the reality of the current illusion.
No larger number is greater than any smaller number. Both are of the same value.
3 is the totality in 3 parts, while 10 is the totality in 10 parts.
These things we already know. We know each of us are a totality in millions of parts because we contain millions of cells. Are we greater now than we were when we were 3 days old in the womb when our number of cells were much smaller?

During different points in the cycle, both small numbers and large numbers have their good points and bad points depending on the intended purpose in relation to the current set of conditions. This we already know. Sometimes a larger number is good, sometimes bad. We can understand how this applies to any two things where one is larger in size, amount, number, quantity, quality, volume, mass, degree or any measure of comparison, such as beauty and ugly.

If we were forced to say whether larger or smaller was greater, we must choose neither.
In the smaller number there is greater viability due to unity of understanding, yet there is greater vulnerability due to lack of diversity. And the other way around.
In the larger number there is greater viability due to diversity, yet there is greater vulnerability due to lack of unity and harmony of understanding. And the other way around.
To say this another way, there is a benefit and detriment to understanding that comes from large numbers and small numbers.
All understandings and misunderstandings, small and large, are powerful. This is why the Universe is based and sustained on both small numbers and large numbers. Small and large work together to form the dynamic balance of duality that gives the ecosystem the ability to self-adjust and maintain eternal life.

Understanding translates into power because it is understanding that moves genetic potential and informs genetic potential how to combine with other genetic potential. And this is why, the summary directive is to understand self. In doing so, we come to understand all else. As understanding of the duality of self and all else increases, so does optimization of genetic potential of self and all else. Power, pure, simple and strong, is understanding how to optimize all forms of duality according to the current set of conditions. Power, pure, simple and weak is misunderstanding which leads to suboptimization of many forms of duality.

The power of understandings helps us reduce confusing reality and illusion, while the power of misunderstandings increases our susceptibility to confusion. Understanding dualities, or simply how, why and for what purposes things work together or not, is powerful understanding to have, and as it is achieved, this logic begins automatically manifesting within self through more harmonious unity in concepts such as nutrition, ecosystem, nature, collective, communal, extended self, Ujima, Ujamaa, Utamawazo and alignment with optimal energies, especially those of the prevailing star energies ruling the Great Years.

All of this is powerful because, by aligning healthy logic, we are aligning healthy understanding, thus we are increasing power, strength, and even more importantly, we are increasing our ability to:
1. Thrive, even during portions of the cycle when the suboptimal dominates and
2. Transform genetic potential into the fashion we imagine. In other words, the only thing standing in the way of genetic potential being used to do whatever we imagine is the understandings how and for what purposes. Our imaginings are the first step of the process just like belief. But also like belief, we need understanding to transform imaginings into reality just as we need understandings to transform belief into knowing.

We must remain aware all understandings/misunderstandings, small and large, are powerful because they contribute to guiding the use of genetic potential large and small. We must continuously seek to understand anything and everything whenever we can. Once we become an Initiate of Learning and decide what the primary use of free will, will be, then we will be better able to:
1. Detect and understand the nature of the logic guiding us and
2. Know whether it is healthy or not, and thus, we will know which way to go. In these last days of the current Star Ages, there is an intense crying out deep within of “Show me the way,” which is good, even if the Supreme we are crying to is significantly misunderstood. It's all good as long as the crying is accompanied by willingness of trying the many reorienting untangling processes necessary to reknew logic. Thus we must not cry out on one hand, yet resist, deny and hide out on the other hand because we'd rather get right to the joys of growing and knowing the way and skip fast past the pains of growing into knowing the way (letting go of the comfortable chains of logic that are shackling yokes to us and controlling reins in the hands of others).

More Reality & Illusion

Since power is contained in both large and small numbers in the Universe, as represented by genetic potential as guided by understanding, then we know Nature is the Superpower. Even so, some humans have created the illusion of their power by renaming, rebranding and marketing themselves as Superpowers. This takes many forms such as superweapons, supertechnology, supermoney, superintelligence, superscience, superexpertise, superresearch, supercivilization, superanatomy, superphilosophies, supermedicines, supermales, superlanguage, superdivinity, and on and on.
Also, in a bit of superfluous double trickery (hokie okie doke), humans have taken the truth of the superiority of Nature, and used this natural fact to gain more of the suboptimal kind of superpower. This is done by calling some foods superfoods, even though all food is a superfood whether nutrient dense (large) or nutrient sparse (small). By not understanding this, we are willing to pay high prices to get nutrition found in an enormous variety of foods untainted by our processes. The reason certain foods seem super to us is because most of the food we consume is tainted and our overall general health is weak, and because of illusion because our logic is weak because of the foods* we eat.
*(spirit-soul food, mental food, emotional food, physical food).
We are functioning on the surface topmost layers of genetics and understanding which is weak, while our stronger lowermost genetics and understandings are deeper within us, separated by barriers, voids and broken connections. We are not accessing the many deeper layers of Source Code logic that empowers potential.

Nonexistence & Existence | Expanded Definitions & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1110


(Part 9i of 11)

Defining and Explaining Everything Through Nonexistence

Non is None. Nonexistence is the same as Nonexistence.
None does not mean it does not exist. None means not revealed in the dimension of Creation we are in due to being uncreated and/or due to lack of awareness. In other words, just because we can't see something or otherwise sense it, doesn't mean it does not exist. We know this to be absolute truth.
Since Non is None, and Non is Nun, then None also means Nun. Therefore Nonexistence is Nunexistence.
Much has been discussed about the waters of Nun, the birthplace of all beginnings. Thus, Nunexistence is Preexistence. Thus Preexistence is Existence preceding this Existence, just as Zero precedes One.

In numeric expression of Sign-language, Zero, the Circle of All Beginnings, is Nonexistence, Nunexistence and Preexistence.
When Zero duplicated into double Zero, the second Zero became known as One. Therefore One is Existence, also known as Creation.

Now that we have the binary duality of Nonexistence in Zero and Existence in One, we can more easily understand what we are actually referring to when we use words and phrases such as Nonexistence, Existence, nonexistent, no longer exists, does not exist, cannot exist, exist, existing, existed. Zero is both Nonexistence and Existence. One is both Existence and Nonexistence.

Everything thought to be Nonexistent, exists in the hidden aspect of genetic potential of the Circle which also means everything thought to be Nonexistent exists in the hidden aspect of self. Likewise everything thought to be in Existence, exists because of the revealed aspect of the same genetic potential in the same Circle and in self.
What we call Existence, was once concealed in the potential of Preexistence (Nonexistence). Since it is not possible for something to come out of nothing, then we know Nonexistence does not mean there is no Existence. Nonexistence is simply a type and form of Existence. Or to flip the script: Existence is a type and form of Nonexistence.

Furthermore, in this Existence we are most familiar with, there is Existence and also Nonexistence/Preexistence/Nunexistence, both in the same time and space. Where there is part of a duality, there is also the other, even if in the background subconsciousness.
We already understand Nonexistence/Preexistence/Nunexistence and Existence, both existed before this Creation Universe was formed. Therefore, all forms of Nonexistence exist in the duality of Zero and One, the Double Circle, each circle consisting of two halves (Nonexistence Unseen and Existence Seen).

Fuller Understanding

The only way for genetic potential to move or transform itself is through the motion of genetic information (data and instructions), otherwise called logic and illogic, otherwise called understanding and misunderstanding. In other words, the differences and sameness between Nonexistence and Existence is due to differences and sameness of understandings. This is why the principal need incentive is based on understanding, awareness, consciousness, knowing self.

Since Nunexistence/Nonexistence/Preexistence and Existence is a duality, same as hidden invisible and revealed visible, then we also know that what exists and does not exist and what is perceived to exist and perceived not to exist, changes during cycles of seasons. We know light exists then does not exist, yet we also know the nonexistence of light in one place means the existence of light in another place. Even if we are of the mindset that humans did not exist before we were born, we know we exist right now and one day we will again not exist. Duality works this way. Things come forth, switch around, become sideways and upside down and then move back the way they were in the beginning of the cycle, properly oriented and with evolved understanding, then begin another cycle of uncreation/creation and understanding/misunderstanding and Khaos/Chaos.

Quite interestingly, our references to Nonexistence are also the same as referring to something coming “out of nowhere” and something disappearing “into thin air.” Even though we do not understand these three words and phrases, we are still speaking truth.
I repeat, Nonexistence simply means hidden from awareness or not currently manifesting.
Much of what is considered not to exist is simply hidden in plain sight, which is to say, it is hidden from us due to the double whammy of malnutrition and toxins which weakens our logic which causes us to use our genetic potential in plain minimal suboptimal ways because we are disconnected from the foundational essence of who we are, what this is, and what this is all about.

Now we continue to re-expand our understanding of Nonexistence to a level of awareness we once had. The duality term, “After and Before" is also talking about Nonexistence/Preexistence/Nunexistence and Existence. Nonexistence is after existence. Existence is before Nonexistence.

In keeping with the natural fact that Everything in Existence originated in the Nowhereness Thin Airness of Nonexistence, we find many verifications throughout the world. Because the Universe is a duality place where optimal is mixed with suboptimal and Khaos is mixed with Chaos, so also does human logic reflect the same thing in the form of understandings mixed with misunderstandings. This is why, in religious school books, some of which are called Bibles, we find many expressions of Nonexistence and Existence, especially when these textbooks explain how everything came into being and what power caused it to be so.
Likewise, the Chinese system of “Fung-Shui,” is said to have commenced with the “Absolute Nothing” out of which evolved the “Great Absolute.” Fung-Shui begins with Water and Breath as the “Two Truths” of natural phenomena. This corresponds perfectly to the Water and Breath of the Egyptian Mati, Water, or Shui, for Shade and Light. The female principle represents Nonexistence, because it transformed into Existence as Breath [male principle]. Because these two are a duality, they are essentially one, just as dew is condensed vapor and vapor is expanded moisture (cold and hot diffusion). (NG1 399/417)

From this brief exploration of Fung-Shui, we can see:
1. Absolute Nothing is the same as Nonexistence/Nunexistence/Preexistence, and the Great Absolute is the same as Existence.
2. Fung-Shui has come to be less optimally known as Feng-Shui. The core duality concept of Feng Shui is not recent and originated in the philosophy of the Nile Valley in Africa, something which is not surprising since the first Chinese were much darker skinned migrants from Africa and the recent much lighter skinned version of Chinese are not that old of a variation mixed with Cro-Magnon mutation.

Furthermore, what we are able to understand by working through this discussion with the answer and the guide, is that Nonexistence is Nothing and Existence is Everything. Nothing and Everything are two sides of a duality of perception and are exactly the same thing, just in different form and number, just as One and Many are exactly the same thing, different only in form and number.
In other words, the concept of Everything is the concept of Nothing and Nonexistence which is the concept of Existence, all of which is the concept of Water and Breath which is the concept of Nunexistence which is the concept of Preexistence.

“Early Formation Of Creation: Preexistence To Seventh Dimension Unity Consciousness #748”

For the Initiate whose thirst for understanding self is not quenched for long, there is plenty of moisture for days like this. We now know when the Uncreated duplicated self into double Zero, both Zeroes were still Uncreated, thus the Universe dimension we are in is Uncreated. At the same time, the Uncreated One is also the Creator, therefore everything manifested by the Creator is Created. In other words, the Uncreated is the Creator and Creation is also Uncreation (Nuncreation). If the Uncreated is the Creator, then Nonexistence must also be Existence. Duality means one thing in two different forms functioning as oneness because of sameness. Sameness and difference is the duality of duality, and so is illusion and reality. This is why Nonexistence and Existence are the same, yet different. This is why Everything is Everything, Nothing is Nothing, Everything is Nothing, Nothing is Everything, Nonexistence is Existence is Preexistence is Nunexistence and explains nothing and everything about the phrases “I Am, You Are, We Are, Us, I Am Not, You Are Not, We Are Not and Us.” This will hold true in all instances and forms of language no matter what portion of Existence or Nonexistence we are referring to and whether or not we are talking about The Supreme Being or Any Other Being.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Answer Guide | Poem
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1109


(Part 9h of 11)

Answer Guide

by Ancestors through Usiku

Going through progressions
Discovery and rediscovery
Finding and seeking
Answer and question sessions
Always in the hall, way of double doors
Still going, needing more
Wanting a specific something
To go along with
What I've decided before

Show me the way, I'm quick to say
An answer, a guide
Some logic I can ride to live by
So I can know what's best
Logic that contains the entire thought process
Logic that carries me to the other side
Of the question and answer divide
Without me having to figure out currents and tides
Of who what where when how and why
Summarize and optimize understandings of lives
Shorten the process of becoming and beingness
So I can skip reason, rhyme and rhythm
And just listen to music to be a better dancer
Help me learn by giving me the answer
Without the questing of questioning
Within easy reach
Without testing or stretching
So I can get to the next step
Show me the way this time, I say
And I'll do the rest
All of this is the fine print subtext of Show me the way]

After the briefest delay
A case is reopened in the answer book of space
Containing everything that isn't and is on display
As these guides figure and customize the way
I suddenly now know how to decide
So I turn away, run away from what they say
Afraid of this and that way
Afraid of entre' coming another way

After repeated self-imposed necessary delays
Of going ways contradicting the inner page
I now pray, keep me out the way of being in the way

Now I'm redressing, finally progressing
Considering all experiences, extracting lessons
Analyzing all logic circulating in the system
The essence of toxin and nutrition
Under the configuration of a set of conditions
I'm relearning to recognize
Making adjustments to know myself
To optimize what I decide
My consciousness is always the answer and guide
Of how I use duality potential
Navigating correlating non and essential

Saturday, September 23, 2017

What Happened To The Water?
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1108


(Part 9g of 11)

Frequently thirsty, they lived near it, so it was right there for all their needs. They fashioned containers to hold it so they could keep some of it even closer. They dug channels for it to follow them home. They paved the channels with stones and it remained much clearer. The channels were deepened and widened into pools. They noticed springs and dug wells. As specialization of tasks continued, they dug channels, put in a network of pipes and covered them. The pipes brought in the clean and took out the unclean. What was once free to all, cost all. The piping system did not include natural filtration so they treated it with toxins and their bodies were left to filter those. They were thirsty, so they drank and did all they cared to do. The surrounding ground was thirsty and reduced its output. The cycle was broken but the system was working.

Nothing happened to the water.
It still circulates, despite dams in ever-increasing numbers and sizes blocking the flow of liquid essence to where it needs to go. It has adjusted to the current set of conditions.

Duality happened to the water.
The lowering and raising of star gazing got disconnected from self-appraising then and now. Understand what happened to humans then and now and you will know what happened to the water.

What happened to diversity and trees happened to the water.
Aggravation happened to the water. Aggra-vated-culture. Same thing happened to weeds, pests, yard waste and brush that disgusts, happened to the water. Logic pollution, landscaping and hardscaping, raping and taking water without giving because we are making a living, is the no escaping cause of what happened to the water.
Devolving philosophies, legalese, economies, individuality and distorted pieces of short-term history, are the energies of complicities that happened to the water. Fragmented sciences, technologies and identities are chained to water crisis to form a duality and explain what happened to the water. Defective mental health perspectives happened along, and water shifted shape and now shifts back, breaks and escapes from asleep through the ru to awake-ning, thankhfully.

Climate change didn't just happen to the water. It is always the season of change. What happened to the water has happened before and is happening again, not just on earth, but on earths and universes, without and within. Climate change explains everything. Climate change explains everything even before climate change became the Giri So trending thing. Nothing happened to the water except the same old climate change in a different new ar-range-ment.

Clearly, change is a constant in this life and existence. Convergences of emergences, resulting in resurgences is what happened. Cause and effect happened to the Primordials - sameness and difference of change we forget, neglect and misinterpret. Water, wind, sun and earth activity increases when optimal creativity is experiencing rebirth of self, thus so does activity increase for all organisms designed for and aligned with those energies.
Physiological change of genetic potential in everyone and everything is what's happening while we're busy talking about the sea levels but not see levels. That's what happened to the water.
What you only see, is what you don't get – what happened to the water, moisture for days like this.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

All Caught Up In The Numbers | Definitions & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1107


(Part 9f of 11)

Who can say they don't like thinking twice, second nature, sleeping on it, second looks, second chances, review, repeat, rewind, replay, remember, second hand items, hand-me-downs, hand-me-overs, inheritance, second helpings, another, next, turns, one more, second layer of clothing, second life, second coming, second draft, second option, second exit, second breath, second wind, used cars, free stuff, genes, double-check, owning a house lived in before you, home away from home, and so on?

How many times have we said, no you go first because we'd rather not be first or because we realize it doesn't matter?
Both first and second can be good and bad depending on the current set of conditions.
Both first and second have pluses, minuses, advantages, disadvantages, pros, cons, responsibilities, etc. Together they help tell the whole story of the infrastructure in a universal system of dualities that must function and dysfunction to maintain everlasting life.

Number Definitions & Meanings

The root of the words Numero and Number may be found in Num which means to join, put together, add, repeat, again, twice, second. Nema means the other, one-half of a whole. This is identical to Num or Nem in Egyptian which means the other or second half, which means to add another one to the first to get two, twice, second, twin-total, the all. Nub is a variation of Num. (NG1 188/206)

Ber is the eye, an image of the circle and circle-making.* (BB 243/255)

Thus, once again we see each number is:
1. Complete - the total, the whole circle, duality.
2. Partial – a one part repetition of the total whole that unites to form the circle.
3. Understanding - a way of knowing, perceiving, recognizing, identifying. (BB 239/259), (NG1 80/98)

Numbers are one way of expressing and communicating the total picture.
Numbers represent the Circle Cycle of Life (Nature). Numbers re-present Nature and are Nature.

Time To Shift Back To The Duality Context

Time is running out on the logic of “We're number one, can't be number two and winners and losers” which has been kept front and center through societies and their cultures.

If there's more than one way to do something, and both are okay, then does it matter what order they came into existence?

When it comes to thinking and behavior, we know there are two primary forces, before the individual even begins to make a choice. Coming in second, culture programs thinking and behavior, but first the dual energies of the Star Power Ages provides the fuel.
This is how we know changes are not simply about celestial alignments and weather changes.

*Another form of Ber is Per. Per is perimeter of the Circle. Cir, Per and Ber are dealing with the circumference. Cir-cum-ference is circle reference and also forms the basis the word conference, meaning everybody together.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

On Second Thought To UC #1105
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1106


(Part 9e of 11)

It is not necessarily a different context just because it's coming from your second thought or from another person.
Also, it is not necessarily a different context because the texts (words) are different.

Yet Another Angle Of Light

The optimal and suboptimal are a duality. This means they are two parts of one whole. The optimal context is one half of the Creator's context and the suboptimal is the other half. This is the strong force and weak force. This is logic and il-logic. Within us, we also have optimal logic and suboptimal logic. It's easy for us to recognize optimal as a good thing, yet sometimes, when the suboptimal is manifesting, and we recognize it, we then have opportunity to make adjustments, in light of the current circumstances and despite the current set of conditions, to find other ways to be as optimal as possible. For instance, we know nature helps us and afflicts us. This is the duality of optimal and suboptimal. We also know nature saves us and punishes us, and so on. Wherever there is one thing, there is also the other part of the duality. For instance, where there is “intelligence” there is also “stupidity” sooner or later.
That which is switched around moves us around in Creation to different orientations, perspectives, points of view, viewpoints, vantage point, frames of reference, references, reference points, worldviews, contexts, utamawazos, philosophies, ideologies and angles of light, thus towards all forms of the Cross which interrelates and interconnects consciousness. This strengthens the structure of the double Universe until all expansion is reduced to essence. This completes the Zero Cycle.

”Basic Difference Between Point of View & Vantage Point, Unity Consciousness #965”

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

”Yes You Can” & “No You Can't” Duality
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1105


(Part 9d of 11)

Understanding duality helps us understand reality and illusion. It helps us understand what's going on in the world and with ourselves. For instance, within me and you is the duality of “Yes, you can” and “No, you can't. This is why both of these thoughts will “pop up” in the mind sooner or later.
We call it second-guessing ourselves. It's not a guess, it's the truth.
The first thing that comes to mind is sometimes the thought we should leave behind.
On second thought sometimes catches a mistake before behavior takes off.
We are in a period where logic is mixed-up and incomplete, usually in a one-sided way.
There are two types of “yes you can.” First there is yes you can using optimal thinking and behavior, then there's yes you can using suboptimal thinking and behavior.
Same is true for no you can't.

When a thought first comes to mind, which context is it? Which context is your second thought? Which context are other people or the culture using who are either telling you yes, you can or no you can't?
Don't just compare the words you and other people are saying, also compare the context (what you and other people are not saying).

There are 16 first thought/second thought combinations of yes you can and no you can't using optimal and suboptimal contexts:
1. optimal yes, optimal yes
2. optimal yes, optimal no
3. optimal no, optimal yes
4. optimal no, optimal no

5. suboptimal yes, suboptimal yes
6. suboptimal yes, suboptimal no
7. suboptimal no, suboptimal yes
8. suboptimal no, suboptimal no

9. optimal yes, suboptimal yes
10. optimal yes, suboptimal no
11. optimal no, suboptimal yes
12. optimal no, suboptimal no

13. suboptimal yes, optimal yes
14. suboptimal yes, optimal no
15. suboptimal no, optimal yes
16. suboptimal no, optimal no

Once you understand the context, then compare the texts and then compare the reasoning details behind first thought logic and second thought logic, you will know better which direction to go because you will understand where the logic is coming from.

Study optimal and suboptimal in general along with optimal theory and suboptimal theory specifically.

Ask questions of your first thought, ask why, why not, ask more questions such as where did you get that idea, why do you think that, and so on. Ask the same questions of others and voluntarily provide the same information to others when you are being their first thought. Yes, it's possible to be someone's first thought. You: “You can do this.” Them: “You think I can?”
Treat your second thought the same as your first, not as self-doubt, an inconvenience or an invader trying to push you forward or hold you back. Ask the same questions of others and voluntarily provide the same information to others when you are being their second thought.

Yes you can and no you can't is a start, but neither of these two statements are the beginning or end of the thought process of deciding what to think or what to do.
When we don't understand the context of first thought and second thought, it's easy to get reality and illusion mixed up also.

Both the first thought and second thought are the truth.
Both the optimal context and suboptimal context are the truth.
Once you understand this, you will know how to stay aware of which is which and which one is manifesting itself, and then you will know how to adjust in order to still maintain health and beingness.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Access More Power, Energy, Understandings In Duality
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1104


(Part 9c of 11)

The duality of hidden and revealed is also known as (background/foreground, unseen/seen, invisible/visible, concealed/revealed, disappear/appear, vanish/show up, into thin air/out of nowhere...). This duality does not exist simply for visual peek-a-boo games of “now you see me, now you don't.”

Understand More Power Is Available

The current set of conditions revealed does not trump the current set of conditions concealed. Anything that suggests otherwise is trying to keep you away from your power by moving you towards fear, the defective of power.
There is more energy (power) at rest than in motion. This is reserve power, reserve potential working in the background preparing for ever-coming to the foreground.
Remember, we are in a stage of vulnerability, death, increasing forms of pain, opiates and suboptimal use of genetic potential. This is one side of duality. Therefore, available potential is underutilized revealed, but not underutilized concealed.

Increase Understandings To Access More Power

Now the stage is changing because understandings have been growing inside the hidden womb of the Age of Pisces. These understandings are being born into the world. Utilization of existing genetic potential increases as understandings increase. This increases power. Remember, the emerging stage of Aquarius-Kepheus is one of resiliency, rebirth, increasing forms of joy, beingness and optimal use of genetic potential.
Also, as we increase understandings, there comes a point when a threshold is exceeded and understanding outweighs potential, according to the current set of conditions.
Understanding is the principal nutrient that feeds the energy of spirit-soul and fulfills the need incentive. In advance, the Creator recognizes a portion of genetic potential is optimized, but understanding is not. The Creator then releases more genetic potential out of preexistence and into existence to go along with understanding. This is automatic and takes place via dynamic balance and diffusion/absorption.

By observing plant growth over at least two seasons, we can quickly understand what happens when a plant, lacking a sufficient supply of nutrients, then experiences a period when all growth conditions are available. The plant's genetic potential, previously subdued, dormant and hidden, will significantly increase its output. From one side of our mind will come the thought, “I didn't know you could, I didn't even know this was possible,” and then, through connection with the plant, the other side of our mind will say, “I've always could and it's always been possible, because genetic potential has lived before under more harmonious conditions,” and then there will be a pause for self-reflection, and then the transfer of understanding from the plant to us will say, “it gets more harmonious than this, so relatively speaking, you ain't seen nothing yet.”

Expand Sight To Access The Full Circle Cycle Of Understandings

Continuous understandings elevate sight and reveal everything that remains unknown and hidden by sight that remains plain. Understanding clarifies and corrects vision. With understanding comes courage, the perfective of power. Understanding is indeed the principal and principle thing. Get understanding and know yourself are a duality.

Quit Throwing Away Power

The logic of landfills, garbage dumps, trash heaps, refuse piles, etc. is the result of the energies from the current Star Power Ages that has caused humans to value the human-made over the Creator-made. We treat the treasures of nature as trash, in their most natural state and when transformed in human-made forms we no longer appreciate. Is it necessary to say everything is always the genetic potential of Nature, even if in the most suboptimal form? A sick body is still the body. A sick planet is still the planet. A sick mind is still the mind. Radioactive waste is still what it was, just in a degraded state.

Now that the Star Power Ages are changing hands, non-human nature is asserting itself and creating trash heaps out of what humans have constructed and treasure. Further proof powers and truths are changing.

Increase understandings to access the hidden meanings of what power is and what power looks like as it matures. It certainly does not look crazy or act crazy.
Increase understandings to access the hidden meanings of what a seed is and what a seed looks like in all its forms. As you do, power you crave, power already saved, will begin to reveal itself as it has in Jinja and Djindja.

Power is a matter of health. Hidden and revealed power is released and utilized a little bit at a time – just as it is from within seeds. Give your genetic potential all the nutrient forms of understandings it needs to flourish and your genetic potential will do the rest, even as you rest, after doing your best.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Power Of Duality
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1103


(Part 9b of 11)

In UC #1102, we explored duality as a basic need and as a basis for assessing mental health.
Since the causes and effects of duality play themselves out everywhere in everything all the time, including in human thinking and behavior, we continue to discuss duality.

In recent Ages, humans are confused by different forms of duality because duality as the two parts of, “Nature (all else) and human nature (self)” is out of order and balance with harmonizing energy because Universal harmonizing energy has been in a lower position in the Circle Cycle according to the double Star Ages that rule the double Great Years. In the previous sentence, we see we can't talk about anything that is not about duality. This blog could be named Duality and every message would fit and make sense.
The Circle Cycle of Life must move between harmony energy and disharmony energy. This affects every creature in the Universe. At the human level, as Universal duality changes the direction and strength of energy, so also does human logic change to go along with that same flow. The amount of logic that changes within each human and the number of humans whose logic changes, varies, according to the current set of conditions. Humans are not the main cog that makes the world go round. Humans are not in control and did not design this. Those who told this story were only telling the second truth. The whole truth is there are two truths of energy who take turns governing everything, including human thinking and behavior. Humans get all their ideas and take all their cues and get all their abilities from Nature. This is why ain't nothing humans can do that Nature can't undo if it needs to.
The duality energies of Star Kepheus and Star Aquarius are now increasing in power and rulership over you, me and everything else. It's time to stop resisting and willingly start changing your mind regarding Star Jackal and Star Pisces teachings about Nature and about human activity.

Duality is the plan that causes all energies and all powers to change hands. It's kinda up to you but not really. Either change your human nature mind or non-human Nature will change your human behind.

Jackal can't deny Kaf Ape and Fishes can't deny Mermaid or Dolphin and neither can the Pale Fox avoid Chicken Pox, detox, the pine box or the cell that seals rather than locks.
Only on brief small scales can some energies be delayed, but this only causes multiple unintended unaccounted for effects, that makes the later release of main energy and the coming together of all delayed and diverted energies, much more powerful than they would have been if uninhibited in the first place. All energies lost, killed, dumbed down, imprisoned or otherwise inhibited, are always replaced with multiples of the same that are improved versions. Genetic potential always rises to the level needed. Clear examples are everywhere at the Bolo So level of awareness.
The Creator of Duality has the Will and knows every Way.
Be careful now, not to slip back into the habit of putting everything in the human context first. No! Put everything in the non-human nature context first. Understand it. Then transfer that understanding to see how it applies to the human form of the same exact nature. The meaning should not change, only the form it takes. Finally, we must orient the meaning according to the position of the energy it matches on the Circle Cycle. For instance, sometimes when we look at the energy of killing, we must understand it is necessary and at other times it is unnecessary. Secondly, although harmony means cooperating, it also means not cooperating with that which is disharmonious.

Ecosystem Explains

In order for the ecosystem to be self-maintaining and capable of sustaining energy forever, thus sustaining life forever, both parts of duality energy must move through the process, then turn around and return. There must be a back and forth movement between each part of a duality in order for energy to recycle and renew. If energy goes out, then eventually that energy must come back in. If energy is composed, then eventually, that energy must be decomposed and then recomposed.
We know energy cannot move in the same direction in the same form in the same dimension forever. We know energy must change and make transitions. This is a very good thing. The problem occurs in human logic when we assign names to these energy transitions such as “birth and death.” Then we have problems understanding how they work, why they are necessary and how many causes and effects, affect birth and death. Why? Because we forget the original governing context of the duality of Nature.
Don't Moon and Sun go through birth and death every day? We don't have a problem with that. Some us of think it's cool.
Once we understand the two-part motion of the duality of energy, as it applies to non-human nature, then we will have less of a problem understanding how this same duality and same energy manifests itself in the human dimension. The very same energy of Darkness and Lightness, called Moon and Sun, manifests itself in all human dualities. This is the optimal context.
In the suboptimal context, Dark and Light are Moon and Sun; Night and Day; Black and White; Black and Golden; Dark and Bright; Not Knowing and Knowing; Evil and Good; Negative and Positive; Ugly and Beautiful, and so on. These descriptions only describe the duality in one way during one portion of the Circle Cycle; therefore we think the duality is two different things, when instead it is two forms of the same thing. If the full Circle Cycle was understood, we would realize everything that applies to one part of the duality, eventually also applies to the other part of the duality.
Right now our logic favors the second part of the cycle, the second truth. Not only do we not understand the second truth is not the whole truth, but we don't understand the second truth is the second truth, plus we don't understand the truth is changing. Both Dark and Light represent first and second truth in different ways at different times.
Everyone and everything re-presents the duality of energies manifesting as all genetic potential.
Say it with me:
“...I am the principles, forces and characteristics of nature, manifesting the genetic potential of nature. I am nature within nature, nana within nana, twotality within twotality, duality within duality, potential within spirit, consciousness within soul, power within energy, seed and fruit of truth, zero and one rhythm - I am that,...”
- - mai-mai

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Duality | Mental Health Definitions & Meanings
Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Pt X
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1102


(Part 9a of 11)

Definition 9 – Based On Duality

According to the Ten Cardinal Principles and other teachings of Ancient African Deep Thought, life is a Circle Cycle of continuous energy transformation based on the dynamic balance of apposites (two complementary opposites). These two parts represent two halves of one Circle Cycle, thus together they represent the oneness of duality and oneness of (energy, motion, spirit-soul). Du and two are one at root, thus duality is twoality. ”It takes two to make a thing go right” was finally understood prior to 52,000 years ago when Nile Valley civilization was at its zenith in Nubia, after hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary development and refinement.
It was finally understood that duality is balance and this was represented by the scales of Maat which also represented many dualities such as (equinox and solstice, spring and fall, winter and summer, morning and evening, low noon and high noon).
Therefore, mental health must be based on a dynamically balanced understanding of the dualities of life and existence so we can continuously adjust orientation and maintain mental balance regardless of the conditions that allow each part of each duality to manifest differently at different times.

Since energies are always moving around the Circle and always transforming themselves, the effects and appearances of energies, shifts throughout the Universe. Proper reckoning of what balance is at any given moment requires humans to also dynamically adjust orientation as we, and all else, move around the Circle. Everything is moving around one Universal Circle, and then, within that Circle, everything is moving around many smaller and smaller circles.

Let us now talk about ourselves. Every creation is an individual (an indivisible duality) containing numerous additional dualities. Each individual is also part of numerous dualities outside of self.

In it's simplest sense, duality is two complementary parts existing as oneness:
1. in order to form a continuous recycling cycle and
2. to give each other context, definition and meaning in relation to each other, thus forming the whole. Thus a complete thought must consider all parts of the whole There is indeed more than one side to the story.

Even when two things are on opposite sides of the Circle Cycle and one is unpleasant, they are still complements ensuring everlasting energy renewal, thus everlasting life.

Two Small Samples Of Dualities

Rest and active, stillness and motion, potential and kinetic, off and on, odd and even, fixed and variable, flexible and rigid, motion and mation, silence and sound, water and air, below and above, darkness and lightness, strong and weak, optimal and suboptimal, optimize and maximize, expansion and contraction, diffusion and absorption, composing and decomposing, restoring and destroying, conceal and reveal, left and right, behind and front, constructing and deconstructing, accumulation and dispersal, near and far, forth and back, depth and height, rise and fall, top and bottom, nothing and number one, nowhere and everywhere, moon and sun, zero, one and two, cause and effect, root and fruit, sameness and difference, evolution, de-evolution and revolution, healing and killing, Khaos and Chaos, organize and scramble, wind and unwind, nutrient and toxin, I am and you are, experience and experiment, nature and mature, self and all else, primary and secondary, Arctic and Antarctic, freeze and thaw.

Female and male, love and hate, exhale and inhale, systole and diastole, clarity and confusion, confidence and uncertainty, happiness and sadness, laughter and crying, rejoicing and mourning, standing and reclining, self-correction and punishment, forgiveness and avenge, succumbing and overcoming, primitive and modern, civilization and society, success and failure, healthy and unhealthy, wisdom and stupidity, good and evil, right and wrong, sacrifice and murder, matriarchy and patriarchy, conserve and waste, gain and loss, produce and consume, treasure and trash, here and there, now and then, negative and positive, charity and robbery, justice and injustice, spirituality and religion, altruism and greed, wisdom and stupidity, kindness and violence, flee and chase, abundance and scarcity, comforting and terrorizing, inundation and drought, truth and lie, protagonist and antagonist, we come in peace and we come to kill you, democracy and slavery, African Blacks revered and Niggers jeered, stepping stone and obstacle, starvation and gluttony, courage and fear, awake and asleep, twilight of morning and twilight of evening, knowing, forgetting and remembering and so on for all twin pairings of the twin power relationship.

As these dualities shift into the foreground and background, we must adjust our orientation so we can know what time it is. Not for the purpose of going along with the prevailing energies, but so we can understand what is happening and why, so we can then make adjustments to maintain the best level of health under the current configuration settings (set of conditions) inside this supercomputer called Universe.

Duality Helps Us Understand Illusion & Reality

Now we should no longer be in confusion or illusion that one part of a duality always remains in the same position in the Circle Cycle of Life. It is impossible. Recent history, Ancient history and Ancient Ancient human history is a continuous expert witness unmoved by the plausible defense or prostituting attorney.

The powers and principles of nature operate based on energy transforming itself in largely predictable cycles. Power in the Universe is based on this energy changing when it needs to change. Power is not based on humans, skin color subrace, culture, economics, militaries, police, human technology, satellites, and other things humans think gives them power and control. As always, humans rise to earthly power who align themselves with the currently prevailing powers and principles of nature.

For everything there is a season. As Dr. Finch reminds us, when it is time for energies to shift, it cannot be stopped even if all humans worked together to do so with all intelligences and other resources. Darkness must give way to Lightness and Lightness must give way to Darkness. When it is their time it is their time, which is why, we need to know what time it is based on duality of the largest Circle Cycle and on smaller circle cycles such as the duality of the Two Great Years.

All dualities always exist in some shape, form or fashion, even if concealed and at rest and no longer evident to humans, the duality still exists in genetic potential. The simplest example is knowing the Moon still exists when the Sun is up and the Sun still exists when the Moon is up. Down does not mean no longer around, even when our awareness is way down.
Whenever one part of a duality is more prominent than the other part, the other part still has influence, but not as much as the dominant energy. Thankfully for us, we are in the midst of the changeover of powerful star energies which includes planets.

Continuing To Explain What Time It Is

The past 13,000 years up to this very moment is the half of a cycle of ever-increasing suboptimal use of putting garbage logic into people so garbage logic comes out. We are at the end of the cycle, so those who think they can continue to rely on suboptimal logic are going to get caught up in the Chaos of climate change without any Khaos to rely on. It's up to us to make the necessary adjustments to return to healthy logic because Universal Energy is no longer in favor of the suboptimal way of thinking and behaving. Obviously the current set of conditions is changing and now you know the conditions are changing back to Nature as the primary basis of culture. Nature itself will continue to break down all systems not in agreement with keeping Nature healthy – systems in our societies and systems in our bodies.
The powers that currently be, will soon no longer be, and all their food systems, utilities systems, banking systems and all the stuff we rely on, will be in major jeopardy because they are already providing unhealthy items and harming Nature.
Hopefully this helps wake us up into the reality of today rather than remain in the illusion of today. We need to admit we are not living in a “civilization with a few problems.” Instead we living in a “problemization with brief sporadic moments of civility.”
The duality of history makes it clear we have been living in a downtrend of health in all areas, and that previous essential ways were healthier ways.

Just as when Darkness and Light change places, we are now approaching the twilight zone of morning when the prevailing energy subsides and the subordinated energy rises. We are moving into a brief period of equilibrium. Then, as energies continue to shift, the uneasy equilibrium of energy forces will inevitably changeover towards the New African World Order that represents a more equitable culture of duality.

Now we can begin to regain the sense that duality is a basic need for all creatures of Creation. Each part of any duality represents either a First Truth or Second Truth. Sometimes a first truth is prominent in first position and sometimes a second truth is prominent in first position. Thus, this is how first becomes last and this is how it reverses. It is written on the Wheel of Heaven and was translated into writing on the wall.


Ani, Dr. Marimba, ”Dr. Marimba Ani - Cleansing ourselves of European concepts,” posted by John Brown, (Ani 1:38:00 - appositional unity, Maat, Mawu/Lisa)

Finch, Dr. Charles III,”The Great Mother "Dr. Charles Finch III": Pittsburgh, PA 2011,” posted by Ipet Isut.

”Multiple Dimensions Of Evolution | Expanded Definition, Unity Consciousness #923”

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Beingness | Mental Health Definitions & Meanings
Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Pt X
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1101


(Part 8 of 11)

Definition 8 – Based On Beingness

Mental health is beingness.
Beingness is remaining in full consciousness with ourselves as spirit-soul life force energy continuously transforming through dimensions of experience understandings, thus only temporarily human and of Earth, thus of a different form and place prior to and after the human phase.
As part of the process of transitioning between one form of life & existence and into another form of life & existence, beingness can be described as spirit-soul unfolding, awakening, coming out of hiding, interacting, revealing, being born again moment by moment,. becoming, uninhibited and in touch with being Nature (genetic potential) in the re-making, remixing with other rhythms also in their new forms.

Mental health is continuously understanding a fuller range of what the genetic potential of beingness means.
Genetic potential contains the words “potent,” “ia” and “al.” Genetic potential is power ever-coming being reborn. As you can see, it matches beingness. In other words, the purpose of our genes, genetics, genetic potential, genetic material, genetic memory library and spiritual genetics is to help us maintain beingness. Genetic potential is not for human dimension self-worth. We already have human dimension self-worth by virtue of our life force and genetic potential. Self-worth defined in terms of the human dimension is a bastardization that attempts to limit our universal net worth to the human mind, thus render what is potent, impotent by getting us to misunderstand what is important and unimportant. This is why certain people are always talking about personal net worth in terms of Earthly ill-gotten finances. Good grief! This is because certain people are totally detached from the healthy version of their spirit-soul, therefore personal net worth is their opiate substitute for the missing euphoria and utopia of beingness. They need something money can buy to make them feel high – and mighty.

Genetic potential as (gifts, talents, skills, abilities, capabilities, agilities, resources, blessings, basic needs) can also be described as the best technology we can have.
Genetic potential is the duality of Nature that duplicates the plurality of Nature, thus becomes the plurality. Genetic potential contains the power and principles of all that is since genetic potential is the offspring springing from the Supreme Beingness Source. The human body and Earth are both cocoons, shells and temporary housing units for spirit-soul development and transformation.

As these understandings are absorbed, and trigger attract other understandings in our genetic library to emerge and interact sexually, mental health will improve.

Destiny Of Beingness
Beingness requires being in rhythm, song and dance partnership with the Universal that feeds the stronger spiritual nature, thus harmony within manifesting harmony without. This is in contrast to unhealthy beingness that causes arrhythmia and off key motions that feed the weaker spiritual nature, thus disharmony within manifesting disharmony without.

How can we have mental health if we are being without understanding our being?
Conscious effort towards beingness leads to greater consciousness, thus sets in motion the clarifying healing process of reunifying information in our genetic housed logic so our genetic based thought process makes healthy sense as opposed to making sense in an unhealthy way. As we defragment, restore original settings, restore last know good configurations and regain eco-sensibility, we fulfill stronger destinies (purposes) which includes helping others do the same. In the significant absence of beingness, we will fulfill weaker destinies (purposes) and help others do the same.

Included in beingness is understanding genders are complementary equals and a portion of their destiny is to produce offspring, protect them and ensure their survival, in this dimension and beyond, by teaching them to live in accordance with their original African human nature. (Azibo 37/6)

How can we have mental health if we don't know our purposes (destinies)?
Everyone and everything has destinies (using genetic potential to fulfill purposes, job responsibilities, duties) that we brought into this dimension to do. Nature reviews, revises and updates our destinies based on current and future conditions, including what we have and have not done.
Nature is the Creator and Determiner of the purposes of that which Nature creates. Nature knows best why Nature created us in human form. Humans in touch with the nature of beingness can also know why Mother/Father Nature created them. Humanity is quickly led astray when destines are allowed to be primarily determined by what humans have constructed in the midst of Nature. When this happens, we are still using our genetic potential in pursuit of the weaker form of beingness.

We must begin understanding the fuller healthier range of what genetics is so we can understand the fuller healthier range of genetic potential, beingness and destinies.
Once again, this all leads back to continuously improving understandings of the nature of self in relationship to the nature of all else. Know yourself for mental health.


Azibo, Daudi Ajani ya ”The Azibo Nosology II: Epexegesis and 25th Anniversary Update: 55 Culture-focused Mental Disorders Suffered by African Descent People,” The Journal of Pan African Studies , vol.7, no.5, November 2014, Portions quoted, paraphrased and added to.

Nature | Mental Health Definitions & Meanings
Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Pt X
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1100


(Part 7 of 11)

Definition 7 – Based On Nature As & Of Mental Health

Since everything is Nature, mental health must be based on Nature. Mental health must be judged by our knowledge and relationship to the nature of self in relationship to our knowledge and relationships to the nature of all else.

To the degree we lack this understanding, we also lack understanding cause in relationship to effect.

Nature As Cause & Effect and Nature Of Cause & Effect
As usual we have been miseducated to think if you do this, then this happens. We think cause and effect is one cause and one effect. That's simple cause and effect. Truth is, nearly all cause and effect is extended cause and effect. Extended cause and effect takes place over a long and wide chain of events. There are root causes and participatory causes to all effects, call them primary and secondary if you will. Root causes still have an effect on the fruit and so do the participatory causes, if they are still participating.

Racism Rewards Frequent Liars
The obvious example is the root and fruit of racism. Of course racism is 110% alive and unwell in the world and is producing abundant fruit nonstop even though the current racism collective didn't plant racism, each generation still farms, cultivates and harvests racism fruit because that's the only way they choose to survive – using various forms of slavery, forced obedience and forced payments. This is a more extended understanding of cause and effect.
In the simple version of cause and effect we think emancipation was proclaimed so slavery is over, therefore racism was greatly reduced. We think black people got jobs all over the country, therefore we ain't a racist country. We think a black man became president, therefore we are in a post-racial society. That only makes sense in a unhealthy mind. A mind that thinks, we're a nation of laws, that means we're civilized. A mind that thinks the more laws we have, the more intelligent we are. A mind that thinks the presence of legal laws means” the government” is trying to help us and keep us safe. A mind that thinks the existence of a legal law changes the existence of what the law covers. No, it only changes the form in which something takes place. For instance laws against racism discriminations hasn't changed the existence of those discriminations, it has only changed the form in which they take place - from emancipation to imprisonment. A mind that thinks oh that's a nice street and community because the grass is cut and there is no trash on the streets, yet those are the same streets where murderous cop-outs live. A mind that thinks rain interferes with them going outside, messes up their hair and clothes and creates traffic, because that mind does not understand extended cause and effect because that mind has little to no appreciation for nature, thus for self, except in a very sick selfish way that society says is okay. A mind that thinks a child is born, therefore has a unfavorable view of females and blacks. A mind that thinks I'm in the favored group, therefore I am in a healthy state of being and have not been seriously damaged. All of these examples are the simple short version of cause and effect and if that's how our logic is connected, we are mentally unhealthy.

Reaping & Sowing
Another less obvious example is that, in the short-term, no, we don't always reap what we sow . Ask anybody who has ever planted anything or started a business. There's a lot more to it than reaping and sowing. One cause rarely leads to one effect for two overall reasons:
1. The most recent cause and most recent effect is not the beginning of cause and effect and neither is it the end and neither does it include all the additional contributory peripheral participatory causes and effects. Reaping and sowing can have significantly different outcomes based on the types of logic seeds we plant, the worldview soil context we plant into and all the other pieces of logic we use in the process that influence reaping. We all know we can sow, but not reap, because something else somewhere in the total set of causes and effects, affects the process and prevents or reduces the reaping. For instance, even if we sow and get a good education, it doesn't mean we will reap a good job. There is much more to what takes place in life than one cause and one effect – much more. Therefore we must re-expand our thinking to realize what we have been treating as the whole, is actually the partial.

2. As time increases between any cause and effect, so do the number of influencing participatory causes and effects. We know there are immediate effects and delayed effects. That's old news, yet we still allow the use of simple cause and effect to confuse us and be used to take advantage of us. This weakness can be greatly reduced if we go through a self-help process of reconciling the Khaos & Chaos in our thoughts. One of the things we will discover during this process is that what we currently think of as long-term is still the short-term.

The more logic changes from individualistic to the extended self, and we also account for longer periods of time, then we reap more and more of what we sow. Why? Because we broadened our understanding of the scope and scale of what actually takes place in life and existence. However, if we rely on the simple short version of cause and effect, this causes our reckoning to be off which throws off numerous pieces of logic which throws off our thought processes which throws off our conclusions, decisions and behaviors. This explains how much cause and effect is really going on, and yet, what I have explained is still the short version.

We must remain aware Nature is cause and effect. Since you are nature, you are cause and effect. Everything about you and in you is due to cause and effect. Self and all else consists of numerous ongoing interacting causes and effects. Cause and effect is not just "one thing leads to another" and that's the beginning, end and whole story.
The older you get, it is quite foolish to continue thinking you came into existence because of one cause and one effect. Well, mom and dad had sex and here I am. That's the short version and the short version always leaves out a bunch of details. When it's convenient to keep us weak minded, we've been dumbed down to think of cause and effect in the short simple version. Of course, when it's convenient to use as an excuse, the current terrorist collective in military occupation of the world, relies on the extended version of cause and effect when they get tired of using plausible deniability.

Now for a slightly different angle.
The reason we accept incomplete okie doke explanations for cause and effect is because the portion of our genetic memory we rely on contains a bunch of understandings that do not fit together and make eco-sense. Our understandings are hodgepodge and contradictory. Therefore, we base cause and effect on fragments of understandings, rather than on all of our understandings as a whole and we only use short-term memory.
A participatory cause is we do not use all of the sensing abilities of our genetic potential. We have been retrained to leave spirit-soul out of it and be mind-emotion centered, which even in a perfect state of functioning is insufficient for healthy thinking and behaving.
Nature has given us genetic potential in numerous forms and also gives us the same information in numerous forms so all the senses can participate in synergistic understanding – so our thinking and behaving also remains synergistic with self and all else. This is how and why an ecosystem functions healthily. So now we have another way of understanding there are many more causes and effects that are causing the effects we are experiencing today and have experienced and will experience.

Nature As Sex and Nature Of Sex
Sex is foundational.
We all know mental health involves a healthy understanding of sex.
Sex existed before humans so, like all things, we must go to that which existed before humans in order to properly understand it.
Sex existed before Earth.

Sex is energies interacting - khemical reactions.
Sex is what got this Creation party started that we call The Big Bang. One divided and duplicated to become two. Two became three and so on.
Sex is what creating is and what the creative process is – energies interacting.
This is why humans call sex between genders, procreating. Perhaps pro means process and re-pro-duction. Most certainly, crea-tion and duc-tion involves dual energies interacting – which explains seduction.
The Universe and your cells are having nonstop sex.

Sex is the process of reproducing, duplicating and transforming energies.
So now we can begin to remember that sex between genders is about way more than procreating and pleasure.
Sex animates the Universe. Sex brings us into existence and keeps us alive. Sex between genders is a source of spiritual power. Heal-thy sex between genders is for healing and strengthening all aspects of self. Sex between genders can also be used for sickening and weakening. Sex is what is taking place when you are learning; therefore sex between genders can be a way of enhancing knowing and understanding. Sex, when approached from a healthy perspective, is a sacred act that is part of the worship of the goddess. How sexuality was expressed was just as important as how the fields were plowed and how the warriors were organized and so on. Sexuality was part of the whole sacred spiritual being seeking perfection, thus heal-thy sex was part of building strong families and strong nations. Heal-thy sex is a ritual that strengthens life force. Heal-thy sex is a reenactment of the female and male principles of the universe that come together and exchange energies in order to keep the universe animated (alive, living and in motion with the vibrating rhythms of spirit-soul). Heal-thy sex creates energy and equilibrium (balance), plus harmony of divine forces is reinforced. (Ani 1:19:20; 1:52:00; 1:40:00) and (Finch 1:49:30)


Ani, Dr. Marimba, ”Dr. Marimba Ani - Cleansing ourselves of European concepts,” posted by John Brown.

Finch, Dr. Charles III,”The Great Mother "Dr. Charles Finch III": Pittsburgh, PA 2011,” posted by Ipet Isut.

Reparations | Mental Health Definitions & Meanings
Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Pt X
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1099


(Part 6 of 11)

Definition 6 – Based On Reparations

Mental health is reparations health. Reparations means to repair and restore what has been lost. Any kind of health, once lost, must be restored and repaired in order for that creature to be healthy again. Mental health is no different. Since all of us in societies have suffered from malnutrition of multiple types and are doing self-destructive things as judged by suboptimal pursuits of beingness, and our culture is not nature-based and we are not in touch with our original African human nature and we are estranged from our common spiritual essence and have been subjected to racial, gender and other culture programmed toxic logic, and we have not repaired and restored our logic, we are still mentally ill.
In our weakened suboptimal state we have almost lost total consciousness, yet feel wide awake, since sleepwalking and sleep talking are all we're familiar with. Reparations are needed.

Reparations of mental health repairs and restores healthier logic of self in relationship to healthier logic of all else.
We must be careful not to sit around waiting for someone or some Great God Moment to reveal some huge truth or chunk of information that's gonna change our minds so we can then change our thinking, behavior and relationships. Information is already being provided constantly in bite-sized pieces. We gotta chew, swallow, digest and absorb what we already have before looking for some kind of all-in-one, all-encompassing nutrient medicine to snatch us out of opiate-endured sickness into health. Also, information is being brought into our awareness individually since we all need different parts of information in order to be healed. In other words, quit looking around for someone else to understand what you need to understand. Each person must pursue different angles of light that yet, still does intersect with others and their angles of light. At the same time the extended self, beyond humans in this dimension, is always assisting, so it is never us alone unless we shut out the extended self.
Nobody can change your relationship to self or to all else. Information can only be made available to you that can change your consciousness. As your consciousness changes, you will automatically change, remap and reconfigure your relationship to self and relationships to all else. (Van Sertima 473)
You will change your relationships when you are maturing in one thing: self-respect, self in respect to all else, self-perspective, self-knowledge, self-esteem.

Interfering with healthy understandings is the great deal of murky water regarding our relationship to information and our thoughts regarding that information.
Just because we believe something or know something or have learned something or have heard something or remember something or can repeat something, it doesn't mean consciousness has changed.
Consciousness has changed when behavior changes – when we begin moving differently and begin changing our relationships to hundreds of ideologies, values, traditions, contexts, concepts, philosophies, definitions and meanings.
A few pieces of nutritious information are insufficient to maintain or regain health. Reparations health doesn't come in a pill, shot, box or book.
When we are already sick, we can't just rely on low nutrition meals and healthy snacks. No! We must reverse the balance to where we are getting much more nutrition. Just as we think its a good idea to get a colon cleanse, we also need a mental cleansing as part of reparations health. Then we must get continuous nutrition that feeds spirit-soul, mind, emotion and body so we can beat back continuous unhealthy influences trying to establish themselves in different parts of us to prevent our weak spots from strengthening.

In advance of us even recognizing our needs, earthly climate, solar system climate and galaxy climate are changing to assist those who will be healed by leading us out of the darkness of light and into marvelous darkness, out of which comes marvelous light.
You have been chosen to receive this information, thus you have been chosen for reparations.


Van Sertima, Ivan, Egypt, Child Of Africa (Transaction Publishers 1994), p. 473 and Ancient EgyptianGender Wars In The Black Community: A Call For Peace, The Udjat, The Center For Restoration Of Ma'at, Accessed 9/7/17.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mental Functioning | Mental Health Definitions & Meanings
Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Pt X
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1098


(Part 5 of 11)

Definition 5 – Based On Results (Outcomes Of Mental Functioning)

What has our ways of thinking and behavior gotten us?

No Deprivation Of Benefit
Optimal mental health exists when there are no aspects of mental functioning that causes harm or deprivation of benefit as judged by your culture. (Azibo 43/12)

Regardless if we judge results by African culture or by Asianized African culture that has spread worldwide, either way, we are harming and depriving ourselves by the way we think and behave because we are using logic designed to stigmatize and destroy the African root of who we all are.
We gotta be crazy. That is why we self-destruct as racial subgroups and as the human subgroup of nature. It is not because we are African.
A major reason Africans are targeted by all subgroups that came out of us, is because Africa is envied and Africans are envied for the greatness of our birthright and for our track record of bringing forth and/or indirectly making possible most of the things we rely on today. As the original version of modern humans, we were simply much more in touch with our original human nature, thus were able to optimize our genetic potential for a much longer period of time.
Even so, among those who have lost touch, envy has remained unresolved by healthy self-fulfillment, thus continues to result in ongoing inner sickness turned outward into ongoing hostility.

Basic Needs
Another way to look at the results of mental functioning is to consider mental health as the ability to understand the fundamentals of life and existence according to the current set of conditions so optimal conclusions and decisions are reached in the fulfillment of basic needs.
Granny had plenty of this kind of mental health.


Azibo, Daudi Ajani ya ”The Azibo Nosology II: Epexegesis and 25th Anniversary Update: 55 Culture-focused Mental Disorders Suffered by African Descent People,” The Journal of Pan African Studies , vol.7, no.5, November 2014, Portions quoted, paraphrased and added to.

Race | Mental Health Definitions & Meanings
Sure Signs, Symptoms, Causes & Effects Of Mental Illness, Pt X
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1097


(Part 4 of 11)

Definition 4 – Based On Race

“Primary mental health can be distinguished as an inhered propensity or potentiality occurring in own-race maintenance thinking and behaving that is delimited to a positive bias towards the biogenetically common and not an anti-bias toward the more biogenetically dissimilar.” (Azibo 38/7)
The final determinant of mental health is thinking and behaving that preserves self and preserves culture. In this context, self is defined as those who are most physically like us and who are not in opposition to Africa's parent culture. In other words, “own -race maintenance” is the final determinant of mental health for Africans. (Azibo 37/6, 42/11)
My version is: primary mental health is a natural ability to recognize self, thus think and behave instinctively favorably towards that which is recognized the same about self and other creations while not thinking and behaving unfavorably towards that which is not recognized as same.
As we can see, for Africans who participate in cultures whose existence depends on unfavorable responses towards Africans (anti-African thinking and behaving), it is schizophrenic for those Africans to try to self-love while embracing self-hating cultures. Only one can prevail inside the individual and collective psyche, one master context. Only in recent Ages has love for the fundamental Africanness of the human family tree suffered. This confuses fusing. It causes us to bond with each other in self-destructive ways for the sake of cancerous corrupt cultures and their scraps for what life is really about – chief among those corruptions being the culture of gender, culture of race, culture of education and culture of economics.
This is why, even in Africa, the adoption of African-hating morals and values is self-destructive. This is why Africans worldwide must not hesitate to separate from the ways of the wickedest ones and their weakest logic – chief among those being their religions which are all African-hating ideologies which express shame and disdain for their African ancestry birthplace, thus these religions teach people to hate the truth they are Africans and love the lie that they are not related to Ngas, Black folks or Africans by any name, for instance, as Brazilians, Dominicans, Haitians, South Africans, Puerto Ricans. Indians, Native Americans, Mexicans, Papua New Guineans, Greeks, Romans, Jews, Israelites, Europeans, Asians, and so on.

Now we go back to the top to bring out three additional understandings:
If the final determinant of mental health is to preserve self and preserve culture, but that culture is race-based, then any disfavored race that practices that culture will experience significantly disfavorable treatment and outcomes. Experience is proof.

If that culture is gender-based, then the disfavored gender will experience significantly disfavorable treatment and outcomes. Experience is proof.

If that culture is religion-based, then disfavored religions will experience significantly disfavorable treatment and outcomes.

And so on for all markers used to identity people and cause dysfunction, such as education, economics, geography of residence, and on and on and on.

Understand clearly how this applies overall. If a culture is money-based, then those without money will experience significantly disfavorable treatment and outcomes. There is no way any such culture can be a civilization.

When we combine several bases into one culture, then we can see how quickly people and other creations are discriminated against with a straight face superimposed on a psychopathic value base.

Show me any culture today among those of the United Nations that is nature-based (that recognizes nature as its primary basis).
Based on experience as proof, the world is in the hands of the mentally ill. No one reading this message can prove their society is sane, civilized or healthy.

Since recognition is re-cognition, then recognition must be used with cognition. In other words, re-thinking of self must be used with thinking and rethinking of self must be used when thinking of self and rethinking of self must be used when thinking about all else.

Since race is clearly proven to be a teensy weensy genetic variation, that natural fact still does not change a thing about the sameness of ancestry we all share, only the mentally unhealthy use it to start wars.
Even if race was something significantly different, the mentally healthy would not harm based on difference. Even if we were smarter or more civilized or more “technologically” advanced than others, we still would not harm based on those differences if we were mentally healthy. On that same note, it is mentally insane to think alien creatures from outside the planet, because they have advanced technology, would come to harm us on that basis. It's crazy because whatever could create aliens outside the planet could create aliens inside the planet with just as much power to do whatever needed to be done. As we already see, our alienation from nature squeezes us into a mental midget matrix, vulnerable to self-created illusions, ill-prepared to handle predictable water aliens and wind aliens who combine into hurricanes with human names. All of this is to say, our mental imbalance with the rest of nature causes us to fear pretty much everything and seek to harm pretty much everything. The mental illness is so fantastic, these people think they can stop hurricanes, keep volcanoes from erupting, stop global warming, stop asteroid meteorites, and stop the scales of justice from balancing, thus remain unpunished and in charge as transgressors of natural law. Societies worldwide are spending billions of dollars annually to try to stop nature. This including upping the ante on poisoning the nature within citizens in every way. These societies think they can stop the very forces changing to relieve the universe of their sicknesses spilling out as space exploration. Another symptom of mental illness is thinking they can hide underground or escape to Mars or the Moon.
Larger scale natural events are coming to America and worldwide to keep letting us know the way we are living in relation to nature is unacceptable and we must get healthier logic or die trying to use lying to ourselves as a remedy.

What is the justification for mistreatment of females and what is the basis for females defending cultures or ideologies that do so, demeaning their genetic potential and degrading their beingness?

We already know the favored groups in all societies of today are mentally ill. Yet we must not forget the other side. For instance, the mental illness of females makes them complicit in male-terrorized cultures and is no different than the mental illness of Africans which makes them complicit in Asian continent inspired Anti-African cultures worldwide, including those in Africa governed by Africans in form, but anti-Africans in the sickness of their mental health.


Azibo, Daudi Ajani ya ”The Azibo Nosology II: Epexegesis and 25th Anniversary Update: 55 Culture-focused Mental Disorders Suffered by African Descent People,” The Journal of Pan African Studies , vol.7, no.5, November 2014, Portions quoted, paraphrased and added to.