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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kwanzaa & Karenga | Unity Consciousness #56

The purpose and basic benefits of Kwanzaa have already been stated in ”Kwanzaa, A Matter of Principles & Black African History.”

I am reminded of an article a few years back that said Kwanzaa was whack. Kwanzaa is still under attack like all things African Black.

Kwanzaa is not about Maulana Karenga. Neither was the Civil Rights Movement about Rosa Parks or Dr. King. It is inappropriate to mix the person with principles of Kwanzaa that are helpful to Black Africans who are without African traditions. We cannot afford to be discouraged away from what we have that moves us away from a foreign culture and towards our own.

One Example

The Nation of Islam has been more beneficial to our people than Judaism, Christianity and many other religions. It is not the total solution for our people but it has helped a lot of our people.

At a minimum, the Nation of Islam is no worse than Judaism, Christianity and other religions. At a maximum, the Nation Of Islam has taught many practices of self-sufficiency behavior we need and should follow. Also, they teach history like it was, not the way the European world wishes it could have been. Many have learned more of the truth of history via the Nation Of Islam than they have in any school or any religion.
The Nation Of Islam has and continues to be an important transition back to our full African spiritual traditions which is where African people are headed.

Those who speak against Kwanzaa on the basis of Karenga, should be just as fervent in the demolishing of every unholy holiday Black Africans worldwide are following because European culture is doing the same thing. These holidays are not doing a thing to strengthen Africans in any way, especially in the essential way - knowledge of self.


Kwanzaa is a transition and stepping stone back into our full Africanness. To disassociate from Kwanzaa on the basis of Karenga would be the same as not loving a child born of imperfect circumstances. What kind of people would have nothing to do with a child born of a crackhead mother who was raped and murdered someone. The child is not responsible for what the mother did, and is worthy of the rights of creation and must be loved if we are who we say we are. So also must we continue to show Kwanzaa, the African love it deserves. After all, don't all our beautiful black children remind us of home?

There Are Other Principles

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More principles will be encountered through self-study.