"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

World History's Higher Spiritual Calling Of Ancestors
Unity Consciousness #132


To avoid succumbing to sweet-sounding, sweet-tasting and sweet-feeling dangerous ideas and foolish false notions, we must continue studying. We must continue studying fundamentals, keys and foundations. All the while we must continue listening to prove faithfulness to the higher spiritual calling of ancestors.

How Long Must We Continue Studying & Listening?

It is now approximately 150 years since the Maafa shifted into its current multistage phase. Despite its desperate grip, it is continuing to slip and is near the very end. Its energy draining is waning. Clear evidence of this is the attempts to restore slavery to its fullness and without pretension. Fewer and fewer people are willingly following false notions so the return to slavery for all people is an attempt is to force us to go along. This has triggered the universal immune system into higher gear. The lower spirit has been conquered above and the metaphor is molding itself throughout all dimensions. We must continue studying and listening until the Maafa is completely no more, nowhere on no dimension.

Get A Grip On Genetics

We will slip off the low end with the lower spirit if we continue to hang on to lower spiritual logic. This is the logic that produces the misunderstanding that fosters dangerous ideas and foolish false notions. These ideas are believable because they are spiritual and we are spirits.

We must loosen our grip and let go one hand at at time. We must reach out within and reconnect to the higher spiritual calling of ancestors in our genetic database. This knowledge of self is a great source of wealth.

Destiny Is Calling Us To Greatness

Know that 150 years is not a long time. It is a fraction of a nanosecond of eternal time, if that much.

Know that the greatness of humanity was made manifest for tens of thousands of years, prior to the Maafa worldwide. Know that the greatness promoted by the perpetrators of this melting Maafa would receive the lowest of the failing grades of all time periods if humanity was graded on a curve.

It is because of this lowest point in world history, that an all-time higher point is to follow – a Grand Golden Age to overshadow the Darkest Dark Age. The ancestors coming through us in the form of children and grandchildren will experience this return to civilization, therefore evolution. It doesn't take long to recover once the right nutrient medicine is flowing through our ecosystems.

We have done more than survive. Through the process we have produced a stronger genetic humanity. Now is the time for feeding ourselves from the soil and spring of the origins of things. This knowledge will nourish our adaptability rather than allow these strengths to be used in the form of mutations.

We Are World History In The Making

The higher spiritual calling of the ancestors is a process most frequently and recently being referred to as the shift taking place in consciousness. This is the shift away from the lower spiritual calling to the higher spiritual calling. It is the shift of balance in the heavens being restored. The primordials are part of this progression. As they change, all else created after them and from them must change. Because climate is changing spiritually, climate is also changing physically, thus climate must also simultaneously change mentally which is consciously. In keeping with this restoration, the last shall become first is the prophecy to the metaphor of the world history of consciousness and colors in reverse.

Remember, the revolution of consciousness is not being televised or video viralized. The way of knowing is coming from that considered least among us – our genetics. Whether we listen to them or not, our genetics are answering, heeding and following the higher spiritual calling because our genetics are the ancestors themselves. Just as genetics are automatically carrying out instructions without our conscious approval, these genetics are also repairing and restoring memory which is in DNA. In this stage of the awakening, everyone is being guided back towards healthiness via knowledge of self, thus self-esteem. The main nine miseducation systems used worldwide are losing their effectiveness on those who are knowing better and doing better. The only way to remain sick and at the end of a fraying rope is to refuse to accept the revolution and revelations emerging within self which are the memories and knowledge of our pre-Maafa selves.