"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spirituality Forms The Changing Seasons Of Science
Unity Consciousness #579


Spirituality is our spiritual reality. We call this spiritual reality, reality. As a result, we are unaware of the scientific fact that reality and spirituality and spiritual reality and science and seasons are five of a kind and one and the same.

In both its optimal form and suboptimal form, science is spirituality.
Also in its complete form and incomplete form.
Also in its unified form and fragmented form.
Also in its knowledge form and information form.
Also in its knowing form and informing form.
Also in its higher form and lower form.
Also in its conscience form and ego form.
Also in its strong form and weak form.
Also in its dominant form and recessive form.
Also in its primary form and secondary form.
Also in its balanced form and imbalanced form.

These forms actively seek to manifest themselves fully. Once either gets sufficient hold to tilt the cosmic scales, there it remains, for a season. Seasons undulate based on these forms because there is always more or less of one or the other and also because everything and everyone is always changing, including the seasons and including the spirituality that forms those seasons and the spirituality that transforms and translates into science. This is the transformation of self because science and spirituality are nothing else but the transformation of self.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Facts About Cam Newton & The Black Quarterback
Unity Consciousness #578


These are just some of the facts:
1. Cam felt compelled to speak to the issue of not labeling him in a way other quarterbacks are not subjected to.
2. This is not the first time this topic has come up in the NFL. It comes up every time there is a Black quarterback in the Super Bowl or who is doing well or poorly or often anytime a Black quarterback plays a game in the NFL.
3. Cam Newton has faced this before somewhere in his career. This is a certainty. How can it be about racism in America for Cam in general as a Black person and not be about racism in Sports for Cam?
4. Cam Newton has faced this as a Black Student, a Black Male, etc. This is why he felt compelled. Black people face this everyday in all aspects of life, including President Barack Obama. How can it not be about race for Cam when it's about race for the President. The same people who have made it about race for the President has made it about race for the Black Quarterback.
5. “Race” as a color, is attributed to Blacks more as an anomaly, than the worldwide norm it is.
6. Hell yeah it's about race because it's about racism. This point speaks to all other points.
7. The NFL, the players, coaches, organizations, owners, fans, media, and the rest of the general public are still stuck on the stupidity of racism as a way of life. America was founded on racism and still runs on racism. Without racism and other inequalities, America could not exist.
8. In all of America's major institutions, race is a category that is tracked and it is not for the benefit of Blacks. If it was not about race, these things would not occur and would not be tracked to the Nth degree.
9. Cam Newton did not “bring up” the issue of race. Whites do every day in every way. It's ingrained in the society. Its in our faces even as Blackness is in every person's veins alive today. Far too many people, Blacks and Whites are in denial about the prevalence and perversity of racism, but everyone feels racism and everyone knows racism and everyone sees the results of racism. Oh say can you see? You have to be clueless not to.
10. It is quite ridiculous to think most Black people just make up shit White folks do. To suggest racism is a myth that only exists when Blacks bring it up is part of the constant attempt to malign the Black mind as paranoid and lesser than the "honest saneness" of the White mind. It is also an attempt to make people afraid to bring up the subject of racism (speak truth to reality).
11. It is quite ridiculous to ignore the real everyday shit established as acceptable in this country as it pertains to “race.”
12. It is idiotic to suggest a public opinion poll is evidence against racism when the poll itself and the denial of most respondents are evidences of racism's psychological warfare through miseducation that has made people crazy sick. Let's get some keeping it real poll questions, some keeping it real pollsters and some keeping it real respondents so we can at least admit to our unhealthiness.
11. It is a false deceptive notion (a bold-faced lie) that we are anywhere near issues of Blacks and Whites beings exceptions rather than the rule of law and rule of behavior in America and elsewhere. We are not making progress.
12. Cam Newton said he was proud to be African-American. To be young, gifted and Black, that's where it's at.
13. Black and Proud is a lethal combination against the status quo. Add to that, being powerful, the best, and doing it your way and taking over “their game” and every opportunity to malign you will be taken in addition to the general malignment bestowed upon Blacks in general from birth since the colonization of history and information.
14. What world of lies must people live in to suggest football or sports** are past racism's wretchedness and that this is a post-racist society? Lebron James got race lambasted when he took his talents to Miami. This despite all the love they had for him, they never saw past race and got past race. The problem Lebron and Cam face is still the problem we face.
14. No one has mentioned the Whiteness of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or the ethnicity of the Bronco's coach. Have they?
15. Most things are in reverse and are reversing.
16. Nothing said here should be taken into a vacuum of thought. Plenty more has been said about race, racism, Blacks, Whites, history, genetics, family tree, etc. that must be taken into consideration to understand this particular message more comprehensively. All these things speak to the facts about Cam Newton, Blacks, Whites and The Black Quarterback.

**Trent Dilfer has made it a point to give Cam Newton props for being both intelligent and athletic.
In Tennis, Chris Everett and a few other commentators have acknowledged Serena's career greatness on the court on the basis of her talent. They speak of her as the greatest over and above themselves and others who have been historically the epitome of the sport. We shall see if these sprinkles and trickles translate into more and more humans becoming human beings such that racism's long and deep reach is a memory rather than a currency.
And yes, there are a few, relatively speaking, who do the conscience thing, to some degree, but these actions are more than offset by those who do not abide by the calling of the higher authority. This is why the actions of the few should never be held up as summary evidence of making progress when the actions of the many continue to take away exceedingly more and impact billions, trillions and more. In other words, trying to say race is not an issue for America in regards to Cam Newton and Black Quarterbacks is a silly attempt to use the case of Cam to deny the claim of all the rest of us Blacks worldwide. This continues to confirm every case and must be addressed as the shape-shifting of racist nations continues to try to reimage itself into something better without becoming something better. No we are not better off. We have simply shifted in the ways we are worse off. We have also lost more of what made us better off when we knew we were worse off. And that, simply put, is collective identity and all that fundamentally comes with it.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Progress Report On Most Nations
When A FIX Is Not Making Progress
Unity Consciousness #577


When the villainous track record of most nations is mentioned, someone will usually say, we're making progress. This is said despite all men, women, children and other creations not being treated equally.
I'm not sure how anyone can say a nation is making progress when the major institutions of the nation still interfere with the rights of certain people or other creations. If the major institutions are doing this, this means most of the people are doing this. A nation's institutions, including government, are just words that describe groups of people. No institution or government creates itself or carries out things by itself. The people do. No institution or government operates outside of the authorizing authority given to it by the people. Whatever an institution or government does, for more than a minute, is exactly what most of the people want. Most people in nations use their institutions and governments as plausible deniability to shield them from conscience.

Despite all the ongoing daily evidences which prove most nations are in continued, defiant, unrepentant violation of the Rights of Creation, most people in these nations refuse to admit this, and instead, settle for the minimizing statement that we're making progress.

In other words, most people in these nations are willing to defend the use of poison behavior as long as they are the ones spreading the poison and they have protective clothing.

We're Making Progress As A Nation Is Another Constant Lie

Most nations have systemic endemic structural problems that are glossed over.
These nations have been carelessly and conscience-lessly put together on unstable grounds. These nations are out of square, out of plumb and out of level. Are we actually making progress if this is still the case?

If a house is built with a faulty structure, no matter what is done to the house, no progress has been made or can be made until all structural issues are resolved. In their current conditions, these nations are shabbily-constructed shacks that present clear and present dangers for all.

In other words, most nations are not structurally sound enough to support equality. These nations lack structural integrity. Attempts to place sufficient amounts of equality upon such national structures will only result in national collapse which is why these nations must be reworked from the grounding founding principles up and also, the material institutions used to build the framework of these nations must be of the highest quality that meet the requirements of the building code for civilizations. As it stands, most nations have been counterproductive in their activities because they really don't want to fix anything in the first place because to them, it's not broken. As a result, ignorance, stupidity, deception and self-deception have their way and rule the day.

A shack is to a society as a home is to a civilization. A shack is not a home and a society is not a civilization because it is built on inequality and is filled with injustice for all. Inequality is a malignant cancer. Inequality is like mold, water damage, asbestos and termites in a nation's house. It will continue to weaken the structure until demolition is the only recourse unless completely eradicated and remediated immediately. Whitewash won't do. It is nonsensical to fix a little bit at a time over a period of decades and then proclaim progress is being made. As such, neither is progress being made in regards to racism and other evil discriminations.

Most nations are top heavy and bottom weak. They are shape-shifters. Not only do they continue to shift descriptions, they also shift the weight of unevenness in a "robbing purity to pay for dis-parity" fashion and in a "robbing rights of creation to pay for what's left of the foolishness of a nation" fashion. Despite the obviousness of such a depleting tactic, that the house must fall down, due to nutrient depletion and delusion, these nations and these people present the illusion of progress. The people continue to eat, drink in be merry in grandiose ways, not fully understanding why, only thinking they only live once, thus their actions comply with "for tomorrow we die," because they are dead today.

Most nations are still as dedicated as ever to inequality and dedicated to violating the rights of certain people and other creations. This is true even as these nations demean others for violating human and other animal rights.
In most nations, people are still in slavery, especially in the so-called developed nations. Is this progress?

In what way is there progress in nations where, in response to fear, people buy guns and turn around and say we need more laws?

Are we making progress, when most of the things and property, we think we own, can be taken away or taxed at will?
Without freedom from this, how can a nation be said to make progress?

It is one thing to want to keep hope alive and be positively optimistic, but it's an entirely different thing to give a nation a passing grade, when the nation has not even met the minimum requirements to be a civilization. To claim a nation, filled with inequality, is a nation making progress is to conduct psychological warfare against self. It is the same thing as towing the company line.

Most people fall for the window dressing and marketing of false progress markers such as integration, diversity, tolerance, compassion, racial reconciliation, rainbow multicultural coalitions, religions, patriotism, citizenship, affirmative actions, voting rights acts and anything that suggests equality before the reality of equality exists.

Until past problems have been corrected and amends made, nothing can be said to be progressing in a good way.
In most nations, what is presented as progress is usually offset by regression in other areas.

There cannot be progress in actions until there is progress in thought.
There cannot be progress in thought until knowledge of self progresses.

How can a nation of people honestly say we're making progress when the only way to get so-called progress is to protest and petition other people for rights they have but some do not? Pleading for rights Creator-given but taken away by humans doesn't seem like progress.
A nation cannot make progress as long as it has no intentions towards equality and only has resistance towards equality and the nation parcels out just enough satisfaction to as few people as possible in order to put everyone back to sleep. This is a stalling tactic against inevitability.

In order for a nation to even come close to making progress, that nation must be in full self-correcting mode which means it is automatically, without petition, doing the right things without delay.

Are we making progress when cancers and all manner of sicknesses are on the rise in the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit?
No, we are not making progress because we are not healthier. We just continue to corrupt different genes which means we have just found new ways to be be sick and label these genetic malfunctions with different names.

For instance, when the odds of a child being born with Autism is 1 in 68, we've got to know there's something fundamentally and widely wrong in society. This is in no ways progress.
When medicine, said to help one part of the body, harms other parts of the body, how is this progress?

What nation has made progress when not everyone has even the most basic of basic needs most of us recognize?
More and more people are becoming allergic to certain foods. This is abnormal and is not progress. If this continues, we'll soon be allergic to water and air.

It is nonsense to talk about health while using sickness as the starting point, frame of reference, context, standard, measuring stick and baseline. This is the same thing as grading on a sick curve. To make progress is not to be a little less sick, rather it is to be healthier than we were before we were sick.
Likewise, it makes no sense to talk about justice and equality using injustice and inequalities as the starting point for measuring improvement.

Has a person made progress who is moved out of solitary confinement and into the general prison population? How can there be progress if the person is not supposed to be in prison in the first place?

“It is the socialization into cultural norms, those generalized designs for living and patterns of interpreting reality, that nurtures and supports the belief system that emerges as the prevailing cultural worldview. Thus, an optimal or suboptimal worldview will either facilitate or militate the attainment of social justice and equity.”

Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities," The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 72.
A suboptimal worldview is clear evidence of a nation not in the process of making progress.
No progress can be made until this fundamental approach is reworked.

A trickle here and a sprinkle there is not making progress unless only a trickle and sprinkle is wrong. Instead, what we find in most nations is a parched, barren, low-nutrient cultural landscape.

How can a nation of people make progress when they have not made progress spiritually? We know nations have not progressed because they do not acknowledge the Female Creator and yet they still ask of this same Creator, “God bless America,” even as they still discriminate against the female?

When the natural is illegal and the unnatural is legal is this progress? How can man-made laws that overrule Creator-given rights and resources be an indication of progress?

When the biggest criminals in society are pillars (pillagers) of society, are we making progress?

When certain groups are fenced out of the country, kicked out and drowned out, yet other groups are flown in, is this progress?

When a nation blows up its own buildings and people, and then claims “terrorists” did it, this is old game still being played by gangstas and is not progress.

Here are the closing few, relatively speaking, out of hundreds of more reasons most nations are not making progress:
1. They hold fake elections.
2. Attacking people is justified as right and fighting back is justified as wrong.
3. Children in school are terrorized by the curriculum, guns and food.
4. The society sets people up and locks them up, physically, religiously and otherwise.
5. The society undermines the health of its people and then does two things, (a) normalizes and glorifies the unhealthiness of some people while (b) criminalizing and vilifying the unhealthiness of other people.
6. Permission is needed to move between countries. Not because it makes us safer, but because the behavior of countries towards each other has made people unsafe. Also, the general power hungry nature of most nations had led them to want to control the free movement of people. This is not progress because this is not humanity.
7. And you can forget about privacy.
8. Most people still believe you can get justice through the cooperation of those practicing injustice against them.
9. It has been legalized, thus normalized, to say one thing and do another. It's called fine print.
10. The military soldiers who fight for the country are treated like throwaways along will all their physical, mental and emotional problems.
11. It's all about money motivates people towards the suboptimal edge and lower ledge.
12. Commercials, advertising and marketing are code words for lying to get people buying and people's buy-in. Most things sold are not sold in stores.
13. Planes never crash with enough advance warning so those who want off can just leave safely or not have to go through the ordeal or choose not to get on in the first place having received advanced warning. Each is possible by communing through the spiritual language of birds. A child, taught properly (optimally), understands this, otherwise, there is no progress taking place.
14. Far too many people believe paying someone money for an injustice equates to justice.

To say most nations are making progress, despite the above and more, is the same type of thinking that says some people are better off due to enslavement.

Before making progress becomes a true statement, there must be progress for the masses worldwide and that progress must be fundamentally based and fundamentally-generated and optimally-oriented. This must be so because racism is a system practiced by one group as a collective to interfere with the rights of another group as a collective. Before there can be progress, there must be fundamental institutional change as a result of fundamental personal change as a result of fundamental knowledge of self-improvement. Thus, the best way for the collective that practices racism against Blacks to improve their behavior is for that collective to know and accept and embrace their Blackness all the way back to Africa and all the way back to the Creator of the universe. Know yourself.
15. Most people are still being taught to still think inequality and injustice improve their chances of survival. This is opposite to truth and opposite to the always recalibrating reality.
16. There can be no progress while still in denial and still lying.
17. In order to be making progress, most people must be in conscience and conscious consideration of the humanity in all and the Creator in all. This can't be the case when the people, thus the nation, are conducting wars at home and abroad. In other words, attacking humanity cannot be a sign of making progress because progress is humane notion, which must entail the rest of creation in order for it to be humane. Thus, humane never can mean humans alone because humanity requires all of creation in order to live as intended.
18. Drones are us. Most people are drones who condone drones.
19. Crime is defined, legislated, policed and adjudicated by criminals.
20. People who are clearly rich in melanin and skin color say they are not African despite that fact that all those who are clearly deficient in melanin and pale in color, are African. In other words, how can any “person of color” not be African when all Whites and Semite people are African? Not knowing who you are and where you came from is not making progress.
21. Children being taught to like lies and recite lies in school makes for no progress.

The progress reported on most nations is an F, an I and an X.