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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, June 18, 2018

First Creation – Maat Repeats The Answer
Order Of Creation
Unity Consciousness #1383


(Part 9ju of 11)

Unity Consciousness #1 | Understanding Maat Is The Way

Duality as two parts, lacking understanding, is the problem.
Duality as oneness, combined with understandings as oneness, is the solution.
Both of these scenarios are influenced by genetic potential and the free will use of it.

Even so, duality still fulfills the need incentive that brings about life and existence in many forms; therefore brings about the continuation of life and existence in never-ending repeating cycles.

Welcome to salvation, solution, answer, duality, maat, all in one. Too bad our focus is on salvation first and not the other way around.

Maat Is Now The Answer in Two Parts

Maat was once the answer when there was only one circle. The answer existed within. Then Maat became the answer divided into two parts, two circles. One truth became one-half and one-half of the truth.

Maat is the boundary and division of the two truths, where the line was drawn. (BB 97/109)
The answer is the proper dividing and combining of truth according to what time it is in the cycle.
We want food to compose on plants and decompose in our stomachs.

Another Name For Maat Is AN

AN means repetition, twinness (as in “another” or “animal.”)

NA is the closed natural state of things in preexistence when motion is passive and greatly reduced, plus there is only oneness within oneness.
AN is the open natural state of things when motion is increased and transformation takes place causing twoness within oneness. This change into twoness is called nuANce. It takes place in the waters of Nnu. In other words, ANything that is any kind of difference, is a nuANce of what was originally oneness.
Understanding this is the AN-swer.

The answer for Preexistence is to maintain life in one form by becoming life as many forms, called Existence. This process begins with duality and is based on duality, pairs, dynamic balance. So that, no matter how far one side goes, the other side always brings it back. This is so because motion is curvilinear. Linear in the short term, even as it is also curving into a continuous circle in the long term. Once something reaches its fullest extent, it has already begun its reversal of course. If energy is applied against this reversal, then many forms of destruction take place because that energy is moving against a flood of the elementals in the form of waters, air, land and fire and their combinations. Under no circumstances can the Sun reach high noon, and then around 3pm, decide it's heading back to noon when it was at its greatest strength. Likewise neither can the sun at 3 am be pushed back to midnight, no matter how dark the plight or great the fright. These principles are built into how Maat functions to ensure the Answer always transforms itself to meet ANy set of conditions.

The location where things are brought back into balance is called AN. AN is one of the names for the location of the Two Truths where the ever-coming one as child, is reborn. The ever-coming one brings things back into balance. The ever-coming one is the sum total of all the elementals. The change in elementals brings about the rebalancing of Universe, Earth and human thinking and behavior.

On many occasions, the location of AN has been called the twinlight zone, twilight zone, equilibrium zone, the horizon, the equator, the balance, the equal position, equal poise, equipoise, the equally poised who are equally equipped, the equally positioned of the equally equipped, level, middle, changeover, crossover, crossroads, re-balancing, turning point, level playing field, level displaying field......

During this stage of the cycle, the location of AN is more technically, the solar birthplace, which is the place where the ecliptic (path of Sun) crosses Earth's celestial equator (Earth's equator projected into space). The time of equinoxes take place on Earth but their location in space is out where the sun's path crosses earth's celestial equator path. This is not Earth's path because the Sun and Earth do not cross each other's path. (BB 352/364) (NG2 314-5/322-3, 449-50/457-8)

The birth of the ever-coming one from AN is the birth of the pubescent group of elemental souls of life bearing optimal logic. They were born pubescent with suboptimal logic and prepubescent with optimal logic during the Ages of Jackal and Pisces. Pubescence means the elemental souls of life have matured in their genetic potential and have more reproductive powers.

In a very basic sense, AN is the rebirthplace pool of dark energy and dark matter, that reformulates genetic potential according to whatever is needed to ensure the fulfillment of the need incentive.

Maat Is The Ser

Since Maat means two in one, Maat is the Ser who can look both ways at once and perceive through two eyes at once, which are each looking at a different side of things.


Maat is twoness in oneness is the An + Ser. Anser, Answer.
Jackal and Pisces were the answer. Now Aquaria and Kepheus are. Each of these contain many double forms of Maat that are part of the answer.

Aquaria is the ever-coming one parent who rules all the elementals using water as her main mode of rule combined with earth.
Kepheus is the ever-coming one child who rules all elementals using breath, air, wind as his main mode of rule combined by fire.
Of course Aquaria and Kepheus are working together to change things using water, wind, earth and fire.

One of Kepheus' names is Shu-Anhur. This easily reconfigures to become Anshur.
The Age of Kepheus is clearly the next stage in the Answer. We already know Aquaria is part of the Answer because we are in a drought of nourishment and in a deluge of toxins. Aquaria is the Great Mother of the Waters in many forms that nourish and purify.

Maat, the dynamic balance, is changing ITself into compliance with the Great Year Ages.
This oneness of cycles of duality is always the Answer.

By the way, since Anshur is the Answer, the Anshur is also Unshur or unsure.
Unsure means we don't have the answer because we do not have all dualities reconciled into oncness. We are thinking and behaving in an unnatural state outside of oneness.

It should not be overlooked that this message starts out with a review of UC#1. Maat was the way then and is the answer now. Using multiple paths of inquiry and angles of light, the path returns to Maat to tell us you don't need 1,382 other messages to know the answer or the way.

You can know the way by how it fits. Does it fit you to a “TI?” When it does, it will not only feel like heaven, it will be heaven for all involved.

References: BB; NG1; NG2; AE1; AE2

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