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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Self-Evident Supernatural Superhuman Superheroes
Unity Consciousness #1589


(Part 9po of 11)

Whatever the human mind can conceive, the universe can achieve.
And the universe will achieve it if what the human mind conceives helps fulfill the need incentive.

The human mind is a microcosm of the universal mind because it is a microcosm of universal genetic potential.
It's just that the human mind is in suboptimal mode, weakened, fragmented, thus far less cognizant of self and all else, thus less capable of achieving its imaginings outside of borderlines of societal education programming.
The macro universe has no such limitation.
Everything that we know exists, speaks to this truth. If we somehow think nothing speaks to this truth singularly, then certainly we know everything speaks to this truth as a conspiracy.
To consciously deny such power exists is to admit to a significant gap in understanding self.
There is no sufficient explanation to explain the existence of the human race or life on this planet or the conspiracy of Earth, Sun and Moon unless that explanation includes the supernatural superhuman.
If it is possible for us to believe in human created superhuman beings and heroes in the illusion of movies, then we should be able to believe in the possibility of superheroes in the abundant evidence of superhuman nature continuously displaying itself throughout reality.

There are enough supernatural superhuman superheroes existing throughout nature that do not look like humans. There is no need for the universe to create human versions of superheroes unless it's for the purpose of debunking the supposed invincibility of human sub-races and their leadership of societies and their over-reliance on the way they have remixed genetic potential.
Before this is all over, Africa must be restored to health again because that is the only way humans will move towards the optimal use of genetic potential that makes greater imaginings possible.

Humans were created by God, and can't do anything without natural resources they did not create. How ridiculous is it for humans to think God of the universe can't take those same natural resources and create something more powerful than what humans have created, thus remove any obstacle to changing the necessary logic.

The existence of the supernatural is self-evident.
The existence of the superhuman is self-evident.
The existence of superheroes in many forms is also self-evident.

Next Day Understandings

Once we've understood the limitless omnipotent repetitive nature of the universe, and that it exceeds our imaginings, our wildest dreams and greatest fears, then we have already accounted for the repetition of life and humans elsewhere in the universe adro adroa.
All things are at the disposal of the Master Manipulator, thus all things are resources to this potter who built and controls all the spinning wheels. Because the universe is also a conspiracy, then resources are eventually shared, each according to need. These resources are used to fulfill the need incentive by any means necessary. Thus what one portion of the universe has, can be drawn upon, called upon, sent and brought in to assist another portion in need. Study how your cellular system works and how stored nutrients are utilized.

Because we are in suboptimal mode, encounters with other humans who are in a more optimal mode would be the same as encountering superheroes. If this conjures up unfavorable responses in the relapsed synapses of our logic, then that type of alien notion arises out of our subconscious alienated logic that is estranged from a significant portion of the brains in our own personal mainframe. Thus of course our understanding about all else or about something else in the universe, will also be estranged.

This is mental illness. A sickness which causes us to believe in fantastical things and events said to have happened in heaven and on Earth according to our holy scriptures. We call these miracles, which makes them believable even though, in our minds, they are really not conceivable. Meanwhile, at the same time in our minds, we think our biblical miracles are the limit of supernatural occurrences and those types of incredible happenings can't happen again.
We pile contradictions on top of each other because we allow for the inconceivable and call them miracles, yet we do not allow for things that exceed our current day imaginings, so we place them in the category of unbelievable.

This adequately explains why, according to the Christian Bible, that despite miracle after miracle, people still did not believe or expect another one could take place, simply because they didn't understand variations of the same thing taking place in different forms at different times.
For instance, despite Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, it was disbelieved, even by his male talmidim, that Jesus could and did raise himself from the grave. The contradictions are numerous as shown by the thinking and behavior of the people in our bibles. This disconnected thinking has not changed today in the followers of religions, even though religions require belief in the fantastical, whether the fantastical occurrence makes us feel good and from God or whether the fantastical scares us to death and is of the Devil. We still expect fantastic events to take place such as a Rapture to take us to heaven and create a new heaven and new Earth, yet we don't believe there's anymore possibility of other types of fantastic things taking place. We believe the events of Revelations will take place. We believe human Samson had great strength in his hair. We believe the ten plagues on Egypt. We believe in a donkey talking, angels appearing in human form, and God changing the female inner workings to make her fertile or barren. We still believe in all sorts of miracles. Yet, we totally close the door on the possibility of superheroes (aliens to us) except when we want to escape reality and go into movie-minded-entertainment-escapism-distracted mode. When this is our state of mind-emotions-spirit, this causes the self-evident to not be self-evident.
This is how we think, despite the universe being based on transformation of one thing into another thing. We see this every day all day. We do this every day. Our entire physical system is based on transformation. Our emotions change, are transformed. Our minds change and are transformed. Same for our spirits. And as a result, things change. We transform things. Though we say with God all things are possible, we don't think God can transform anything into anything and bring those things to bear anywhere.
Certainly if humans can conceive it, God has at least already considered it.