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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Grave Dynamics | Poem
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1290


(Part 9gf of 11)

Grave Dynamics

by Nsamanfo through Usekhu

Grave dwellers cry
Not because of their demise
But due to consuming pain worldwide
Shiftshaping topside into a graveyard of lives

Grave dwellers cry
Not from pain circulating inside
But seeds germinating in zones of twi
Graves are wombs birthing joys and prides

Nowadays graves hide first case truths in second rate lies
Even though before grave swallows, it first opens wide
One enters to descend, another exits to rise
Cycles of dynamic balance, delimits every divide

That which robs the life we crave
Does the same through birth from the grave
The ever-coming one who gives what we need always
Disposition must change, places must trade
Vibrant clear night replaces cold cloudy day
Grave dynamics are variations of ever-present shade

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