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In 1971 Neely Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Lengthy Conversation Exploration Of Personal Relations
Unity Consciousness #2240


( 9aoe of 11)

Remembering How To Be Open & Free

After remembering love in the first degree
Only the ungrateful stupid refuse opportunities
To express love and embrace it openly
The powers for us to be, set love free
To be in one, many
For us to duplicate and recreate

In its own image abundantly
Love remembered formed you and me
With renoun and reverb
Subjects and actions matched as deserved
Reserved to recreate love according to our genetic abilities

We must now discuss love for the “opposite” gender
Back and forth love from root to fruit
This type of extended love should not contain a clause
To cause love in the first degree
To be unopened, rejected and returned to sender
Just because love that includes physical sex exists
This should not make sensing abilities senseless
Disconnect us from other types of fruitful love
Perplex us into thinking simultaneous forms of love depend
On gender and the sexual relationship we are in

Remembered love contains full circle knowledge
Of all points where all souls begin and love anoints
Souls on their incredible journey to find each other again
To reclaim true voice when there's a choice
This is true love's hoping
Bang! The send off is spoken
Sang are love links unbroken
Heed Sangoma there at the open

Kango River's rhythmic strumming beats
As spirit-souls descend and ascend
From both ends of the deep

Remembered love is an honest gift
That answers the question what did I do to deserve this
Therefore achieving remembered love
Should not be treated as a concealed token
Its existence should be open and revealed
Because remembered love in the first degree
Is food that fills and medicine that heals
The primary use of free will

Due To Toxic Love Potions

The notion widely exists that grown people
Personally can only relate to one another sexually
This perception is skewed royally
Our sense of gender and non-sense of family relations
Determine how grown men and women interact personally
Sexualizing their enjoyment of each other's company
But our sense of gender and non-sense of family relations
Is not supposed to influence male and female interactions professionally
To possess both of these notions is contradictory thinking and behavior
That males and females who show interest in each other, are interested sexually unless they are interacting professionally
Somehow, puberty creates an illusion of sexual reality
Which makes it damn near impossible, an improbability
That grown men and women can meet when they are grown ups
And hang out without the goal of the hook up
And become friends without dating or marriage being the intended end
To say this another way, every person of the opposite sex who enjoys your company or some aspect of your character, is not also interested in you sexually.

There are many types and levels of friendship. The common denominator is two souls mating on truth.

Contradiction Further Explored

We somehow think, that in a worldwide racist human matrix, that it is possible for most people to not judge each other by the color of their skin, yet we expect and presuppose that most grown ass males and grown ass females automatically judge each other by gender, at least personally.

Friendship Requires

1. Trust
2. Awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance of something in common.
3. Kindness and understanding for a fellow creation.
4. Personal Growth. Identifiable by its contribution to collective growth.

Many relationships falter due to lack of self-correction.
Friendship behavior rarely manifests evenly from both sides. There are usually periods when one person is being more of a friend than the other. Therefore, there is no need to have strong feelings of hurt or betrayal due to being the one who is more of a friend. In the grand scheme of our lives, all of us end up being part of multiple relationships. In some of those relationships we give more than the others and in some relationships we are the one who gives less and is less of a friend. At different points in the relationship, many relationships are held up, supported and kept together by one person more than the other.

In a greater sense of relationships, more was given to us in the beginning of life in advance of us reciprocating love and friendship.

Thus we benefited from the olden rule: To whom much is given, much is expected. To whom much understanding is given, much understanding is expected to be manifested through thinking and behavior.

Be certain to understand that relationships do not require one-way or two-way friendship. It has already been proven true that relationships are not defined, confined or sustained by the first thing or the last thing that takes place in the relationship, unless those things remain unchanged.

Be certain to remember that many relationships are meant to be intermediate short-term relationships.

Inner & Outer Relationships

Here is another way to think of relationships in an overall sense.
Relationships have two basic parts.
First the inner relation among the four inseparable aspects of self and their subcomponents
Secondly the outer relationship with another creation.
Each person in the relationship reaps what they sow, gets what they deserve based on the condition of their inner relationship and how it impacts outer relationships.
This is great news.
All is not lost or wasted because an outer relationship doesn't develop into what we hoped it would
There is still individual development involved or lack thereof.
In other words, all love is first directed towards self and then extended outward. After leaving the vantage point, equal balance point and twinlight zone, some aspect of self has to be the first out front moreso than the other in the different cycles, aspects and phases of relationships.

Open Letter To Aquaria

Redeemables Ones Still Have Opportunity To Rejoin The Tribe Called Remnant

Same can be said for Shu-Ma as can be said for Aquaria-Aquarius.
Many human spirit-souls (but not the masses) are the rebirth of Aquaria in her late infancy stage which is still prepubescent and suboptimal. As it is with all processes and stages, moving to the next requires changes in one or more conditions. Even a seed when first formed into a baby bundle of genetic potential is not optimal in terms of reproducing self. It is still immature and unable to reproduce. Also, even when it does reach maturity, it maxes out in mature form and can go no further until something changes that places that seed in the next environment conducive for the next growth, development, transformation, life cycle stage to take place. Just as not all seeds develop at the same rate and not all seeds reach maturity, some mature seeds are intended to lie dormant for a later set of conditions beyond our control and often beyond our understanding. This is how it is with the seeds of souls re-mating their kinship and re-forming friendships. You get a little bit of what you need here and there from various sources.
Even in the process of remembering love, remembered love, though formed, is still not mature enough to sustain itself or reproduce itself. It still must be nourished by the mainstem.

Be certain to understand that being prepubescent or immature is not anything to feel bad about unless nothing is done to move towards greater levels of maturity.
Being immature in some aspect of self-development does not prevent spirit-soul from still being amazing or beautiful until you have denied, rejected and squashed self-improvement to death.
Continuous growth and development contains cycles of prepubescence and puberty, immaturity and maturity.
Be further certain to understand that as long as the opportunity exists to know better and do better, then there is opportunity to change and move towards reclaiming membership in the Tribe.

On Lying

Lying to self precedes lying to others
Truth to self precedes truth to others

On Loving

If you really love someone, you cannot be dishonest.
This is true no matter what kind of love it is.
We will always find reasons to justify being dishonest with those we don't love.
Enemies should always be lied to.
Thus then, those you lie to are no better off than your enemies in terms of their relationship with you; however, despite knowing you and perhaps knowing the things you do, the other person can still be better off in terms of individual inner growth which they control.

How can I be a better friend to you?

Never rush past the opportunity to be a friend.
If you do, always take the opportunity to go back to see if you can make amends with the following fundamental truth of life and existence: all souls depend on innumerable helping hands of mates. In other words no soul in creation can do anything by itself, except stagnate.

Friends give freely of self without hesitation or expectation of return, up to a certain point. A friend rushes to assist others when in those moments they are closer than any other.

Rush back and self-correct skipped steps and missteps. If you are fortunate, the same soulmate will still be there to receive your apology. If the person is not, then you have inherited several more tests to pass on this level before you can really move forward in your growth, development and maturity process of becoming a better friend.

Without going back to go forward, we will reach a point of running in place stagnation where one or more foundations continue to erode due to corroded truth unmitigated.

A fire doused in water cannot be relit quickly; however a wet fire doused in liquid essence provides its own spark.


Yes you can, may, should, must and do have multiple soulmates.
All creations have souls because all creations are forms of spirit.
Spirit and soul are the same exact things. Sem-sem (same is same)
Souls are mates are twins are kin are the two truths of all logic in the universe.
If we can have multiple teammates, school mates, work mates, church mates, playmates and so on, then certainly we can have multiple soulmates of all types. It is only by collective agreement that a group of humans decide how many simultaneous sexual partners or spouses are allowable. Many religions and spiritual traditions have fluctuated on this topic. Even the Christ and the Antichrist are soulmates, just like any other pair of truths.
Thus we are soulmates with those who hate us. Each one is there to match up against and offset the other
The connections between and among soulmates varies as to awareness, duration and intensity.

I will recount two shorter powerful intense instances when the connection was nearest to perfection:
Once when having lunch and conversation with two coworkers, our focus on the conversation was so pure that a spoon became perfectly balanced on the end of a plate such that neither end of the spoon was touching anything.
Secondly when showering with a girlfriend , our sense of closeness caused water running from the showerhead and down by hand to form an ankh.
These two examples are visual representations of deeper connections; however the visual is not necessary to validate soulmate connections. What I'm saying is that the strength of soulmate connections ebbs and flows in cycles of varying durations. I suspect it is the ebbing that many soulmates fall prey to and think their connection is not as strong and thus they seek the physical to reassure the soulmate connection. This seeking of the physical takes many forms with self, with their acknowledged soulmate and with others.

Understanding Soulmates By Sankofa

We originate as Mates and our fate is to mate and do so abundantly.
Be fruitful and multiply is not just about physical reproduction.
It includes the reproduction of kinship, friendship, fellowship.
All thinking and behavior involves soul mating.
Each higher purpose is a soulmate. It is mandatory and inescapable that all souls help other souls achieve portions of one or more destinypurposes.
African spiritual traditions are soulmates to humans who are out of their unnatural minds.
We should know by now that we are primates. Understanding of “primate” has been discussed. See also per, pri, prime, primary and per-mati, the two truths (two souls) that mate and form the circle and cycle of creation.
Mates and Maat are forms of the same word.

We now turn to the type of humans we call ourselves and human mating.
During optimal times, every human should always have multiple male and female friends. All humans should be continuously developing current friendships and entering into new friendships and sloughing off those that are no longer beneficial. Through this soul mating process, we will learn who is best to have sex with and reproduce another human with.

All this is to say it is very suboptimal to think a soulmate is limited to the opposite sex and limited to someone we marry.
Marriage should not be the singlemost greatest love in life. It can be one of our greatest loves but the greater loves should be closer to home, with self and with our destinypurposes.
Furthermore this singular sense of what a soulmate is, is compounded when we think of the “love of my life” in the same way. This is clear and convincing self-evidence that most of us don't understand love or soulmate and are essentially playing relationship roulette.

Powers To Be

The “beauty” in “personality” is less than it could be
When our characterization of self-estimation
Abbreviated as self-esteem
Is not what it should be
Aligned and in balance with the powers to be
The powers 2B are the twosome of duality
That exist in many forms, reforms and deforms
The challenge is to restore this balance
Dynamically in harmony
So remembered love can extend itself as intended
Express beauti in all relationships

Character and Kharacter

All our actions make all of us actors
In a continuous play that contains all themes
Simultaneously taking place
Our interactions are both scripted and unscripted
When we strip it down to the bare essentials
Down to our genetic kinetics and potentials
This is where Character and Kharacter are one and the same

The Kar has been discussed
We are all Kar actors of the two truths
Thus Kharacter is what we express and manifest
The repeating of Kharacter forms repatation (repetition of optimal logic)
The repeating of Character forms reputation (repetition of suboptimal logic)
This is based on the repa.
Be certain that reputation as assessed by humans is not the optimal standard because it is graded on a much smaller curve.

After & Before Thoughts

Friendship is salvation. Those who adhere to the new testament of the christian bible should all know this without fail. If Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother according to Proverbs 18:24, and Jesus is the way, then friendship is salvation. This the universe shows us all the live long day. If we do not manifest this basic concept then we do not get to pass go forward, but must instead go back and fetch salvation.

Friendship is far easier to manifest in abundance even moreso than the misty grandioseness of love. What the world needs now is friendship sweet friendship.
God, by any name, is love because the perfection of friendship is love. Love is the manifestations of friendship.
Romans 13:10 - Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.
Therefore then we must understand that the greatest law is not legal law but regal law that administrates greater truths. This is fundamentally why human groupings are societies and not civilizations. There are too many intentional flaws in every aspect of the law. This is why there is the absence of harmony in personal relations that bumps against unity.
The Christian Bible is highly useful in beginning to relearn personal relations by relearning what a good neighbor/neighbour is and what a friend is and what a community is and what a nation is. One nation, One love cannot be re-achieved if we continue to maintain the same understandings regarding personal relations.