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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Romantic True Love | Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1881


( 9aap of 11)

The current romantic idea of love is an illusion that kills reality, thus connected relationships also become collateral damage of that confusion.
The current romantic idea of love likely comes through the Roman view of love. There have been zillions of examples of this kind of love promoted in many cultures nonstop. One familiar example is that of Romeo and Juliet, the type of love where both persons are so in love with each other that they will do anything for each other, including die for each other. This type of love, whether presented in a play, movie or book, is always missing the real interactions of two people living everyday life and interacting with the broader world and families.

How's that for illusion.
The illusion is not created by the writer's or presenters of plays and movies, but rather by us who take stuff from those forms of media and treat it like the gospel truth.

Romantic is Ru-man-tek

Ru is the universe, the whole, the circle, the opening, the meeting place and much more.

Man is also part of the beginning as manifestation, many, manna, Ma, An and much more.

Tek is the Supreme Being, the waters, spirit-soul.

Simply put, Rumantek is the whole manifestation of the Highest Power.

Thus Romantic is when the two truths of the Creator, rejoin and harmonize as in the beginning, because they are in balance together.

Ru forms True. Thus Romantic love is true love. It is not sweep me off my feet nonsense and make me feel good and happy all the time and a beautiful life without stress and strife. Rumantek romantic love involves tension pressure, persistence, then patience.

Furthermore & Finally

Romantic love is not limited to a sexual relationship kind of love.
No, instead, any relationship can be romantic in the true sense of the word.
Romantic love should exist between you and your God, nature, friends, family and so on.

Ancestor Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing talked about romantic love in various ways with calling it that.