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Saturday, September 23, 2017

What Happened To The Water?
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1108


(Part 9g of 11)

Frequently thirsty, they lived near it, so it was right there for all their needs. They fashioned containers to hold it so they could keep some of it even closer. They dug channels for it to follow them home. They paved the channels with stones and it remained much clearer. The channels were deepened and widened into pools. They noticed springs and dug wells. As specialization of tasks continued, they dug channels, put in a network of pipes and covered them. The pipes brought in the clean and took out the unclean. What was once free to all, cost all. The piping system did not include natural filtration so they treated it with toxins and their bodies were left to filter those. They were thirsty, so they drank and did all they cared to do. The surrounding ground was thirsty and reduced its output. The cycle was broken but the system was working.

Nothing happened to the water.
It still circulates, despite dams in ever-increasing numbers and sizes blocking the flow of liquid essence to where it needs to go. It has adjusted to the current set of conditions.

Duality happened to the water.
The lowering and raising of star gazing got disconnected from self-appraising then and now. Understand what happened to humans then and now and you will know what happened to the water.

What happened to diversity and trees happened to the water.
Aggravation happened to the water. Aggra-vated-culture. Same thing happened to weeds, pests, yard waste and brush that disgusts, happened to the water. Logic pollution, landscaping and hardscaping, raping and taking water without giving because we are making a living, is the no escaping cause of what happened to the water.
Devolving philosophies, legalese, economies, individuality and distorted pieces of short-term history, are the energies of complicities that happened to the water. Fragmented sciences, technologies and identities are chained to water crisis to form a duality and explain what happened to the water. Defective mental health perspectives happened along, and water shifted shape and now shifts back, breaks and escapes from asleep through the ru to awake-ning, thankhfully.

Climate change didn't just happen to the water. It is always the season of change. What happened to the water has happened before and is happening again, not just on earth, but on earths and universes, without and within. Climate change explains everything. Climate change explains everything even before climate change became the Giri So trending thing. Nothing happened to the water except the same old climate change in a different new ar-range-ment.

Clearly, change is a constant in this life and existence. Convergences of emergences, resulting in resurgences is what happened. Cause and effect happened to the Primordials - sameness and difference of change we forget, neglect and misinterpret. Water, wind, sun and earth activity increases when optimal creativity is experiencing rebirth of self, thus so does activity increase for all organisms designed for and aligned with those energies.
Physiological change of genetic potential in everyone and everything is what's happening while we're busy talking about the sea levels but not see levels. That's what happened to the water.
What you only see, is what you don't get – what happened to the water, moisture for days like this.