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Monday, October 16, 2017

Duplications, Clones, Originals & Variations Of The Same
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1113


(Part 9l of 11)

We previously learned Du is duality is duplication.
Du is Tu is two.

Based on the Big Bang philosophy, whatever explosion took place still had to create the Universe from whatever exploded that already existed.
Based on spiritual religious philosophies, a Creator created Everything and nothing else existed except the Creator; therefore, Creation is a duplication of the Only One & Only Thing that existed in the beginning. Creation is not only made in the image of God, but also from the same two-part substance as God (spirit-soul energy and matter).
So regardless of the approach taken, there is no avoiding the understanding that the Universe is based on identical duplication and variations of combinations of duplication.

Everything is a duplication of whatever was in the waters of Nun. A clone, replication, copy and reproduction are all the same things as a duplication.
Also, as we just learned, to create is to duplicate. Since Creation is a duplication, anything and everything we create is still a duplication. So to again burst the bubble of human intelligence, when we think we are being original, we are, but original does not mean we are the first to create it. Original means we are creating (duplicating) the origin. Everything humans create is a duplication of Nature. Humans are the last duplication of Nature and are the last duplications to also duplicate Nature.

”Intelligence Diffuses, Yet Confuses Humans”

Duplication started with the Circle Zero duplicating into the Double Circle-Double Zero.
One way we are reminded of this is via the double rainbow.
We are more frequently reminded as our cells and the cells of most life forms are constantly duplicating.
All difference is also still duplication.
Even though we have different cells, they are still duplications that have specialized, thus varied in form to serve varied functions.
A change of mixture, formula and form does not change the genetic potential being used - which is still duplicated genetic potential all the way back to Zero, Double Zero and One.

Despite these scientific proofs, we humans love to say no two snowflakes, fingerprints or whales' tails are alike, yet the fundamental truth, is that these things are exactly alike even though they are expressing difference.
Sameness and difference is a two-part, two-sided duality. This means they are both forms of each other - flipsides. Difference is an expression of sameness and sameness is an expression of difference.

All this means there are exact duplicate creations in the Universe.
We already know this to be true among a countless number of species on Earth.
We know this to be true among humans.
We know this to be true within our own bodies.
As we continue to focus on humans, what this also means, is there are expressions of genetic potential that are also duplicated among humans. In other words whatever talent or ability that has been expressed by one human has also been duplicated in another human or will be reproduced in someone sooner or later.
This means, that yes, there has been, is and will be people who can do what others have done, are doing and will do.
The Universe is filled with nothing but the duplicated seeds of genetic potential. Whenever and whatever expression of genetic potential is needed, the Universe will make it happen. The human body uses resources elsewhere in the body when another portion needs it. Same is same for what Earth needs. The Solar System, Galaxy System and systems within Earth will make it happen. This is already evident.
We are not without unlimited possibilities to do whatever needs to be done no matter the seeming enormity of the current suboptimal set of conditions. We are only dealing with humans on this Earth. There is an entire Universe of resource and recourse and an Earth that is miles deep undergrounds and underwaters. The Universe is filled with genetic potential being exposed to many conditions and the Universe is filled with an extensive genetic library containing all understandings. Including the knowledge of “aliens” and including the secretive knowledge of the current criminal collective. The current collective of humans are overwhelmed by small, predictable occurrences of Nature on Earth, let alone any aspect outside Earth, especially unpredictable.
The Circlemaker has knowledge of all genetic potential and all understandings taking place throughout the Universe and can bring all of this to bear upon Earth. The Universe within humans has the same information and/or can access the information via download as knowledge of self and all else increases.

In keeping with the need incentive, the Universe is testing all combinations of genetic potential under a given set of conditions. Two Circle Cycles are switching to Optimal Optimal from Suboptimal Suboptimal. Star Constellations ruled by Aquaria (Hathor-Nut)/Aquarius and Kepheus (Shu-Kafi) represent Water, Wind, Moon, Sun & Earth and we wonder why there is an increase in Primordial-related events. And yet there is much more these Ages represent and are manifesting which we have also been experiencing during the previous two centuries.

Whatever is happening now in the world is a duplication of what has already happened. It is just in a different form. Solutions exist before the problem and just have to be taken from earlier times, duplicated and varied as needed.