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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Individual & Collective Greater Good | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1089


Question; How to maintain beingness when different, sameness, individuality and collectiveness are necessary to complete the course?

Answer: Use Optimal Theory as a context and redefine all keywords so they are more in alignment with the stronger healthier meanings of Sign-language.

Intro To Individual

Every part of the word “individual” means duality which means collective.
An individual is a separately distinguishable part of a whole.

Sameness Is To Different As Collective Is To Individual

The problem we have with understanding the words individual and collective is the same problem we have with understanding the words different and sameness.
We don't understand how these two sets of duality work together, under what conditions, and according to what cycles.

Body Metaphor

Body parts are different, yet they are the same body.
Body parts are individual, yet they are the same collective.
The same hand of two people is used to shake hands but the opposite hand of two people is used to hold hands. There are times when differences function differently and times when differences function the same. There are times when individual parts work together in the same way to achieve the collective goal and there are times when individual parts work together oppositely to achieve the collective goal.
In a pure sense, one hand does wash the other; however, "hand" is a metaphor for the collective since the hand is a collective of five fingers. It shows us the individual and the collective can never be separate except when both are defective. In an impure sense, it's you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back. That's mutual benefit, which is suboptimal. In a pure sense it should be each according to need according to whoever can assist. In this way the system of abundance remains open rather than closed by only helping those who directly help you.

Ecosystem Metaphor

Since the body is an ecosystem, we can use the larger Ecosystem as an additional metaphor. All the individual parts of the ecosystem of Earth are the same thing as the body of Earth. All the individual parts of the Universal Ecosystem are the same thing as the body of the Creator.
All ecosystems (bodies) are based on difference, sameness, individual and collective.
Each different individual part does what it's supposed to do for the same collective benefit.
When each different individual part does not work together for the collective greater good, dysfunction takes place. Ultimately, the culture of the Universal Ecosystem Collective has the greater impact on the level of and form of function and dysfunction. This is true in all dimensions in the long-term; however, smaller collectives such as humans have a greater impact in the short-term.

During different cycles, differences and individual parts become more prominently expressed than others. Each difference has its time, then it changes, just as it does with stars.

Apples and oranges are different and the same. Fruits and vegetables are different and the same. Female and male are different and the same. Food and medicine are not different. This logic applies to all differences and to all things said to be individual.

Going Back To The Reality Of Individuality

Individual means to divide the dual.
An individual is incomplete because an individual is one part of other collectives. This is why “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

For example purposes we will only focus on a few of the collectives within human individuals.
For every difference an individual perceives self to be, the individual must also recognize the other parts of that collective, in order for the individual to move back towards beingness and wholeness. This is the process of putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again within self. Each individual must recognize self as both female and male and as both child and parents and as both being of one group and also of all groups. These are first level dualities. Once any of these understandings are achieved, the next level of understanding becomes accessible. For instance, once an individual understands self as being both female and male, that duality becomes One, and then that One becomes recognizable as part of yet another collective. The person become more able to perceive self as human and as Nature. Going through the process of unifying consciousness of the collectives we are part of, moves us towards optimal functioning and Oneness. Recognizing self as female and male allows me to function as male when that difference is necessary and also function as the union of gender when sameness is necessary – which is almost all the time. This is how individuals, in pursuit of satisfaction, achieve it for the collective greater good within self, thus automatically for all else. As described before, the collective greater good cannot be achieved by focusing on it as an end result. Zillions of differently same individual processes must take place and come together to contribute their energies towards the collective greater good.
In other words, the collective greater good is not achieved by talking about love, forgiveness and coming together. That is deception. No, rather the collective greater good is achieved in zillions of ways each day, within, then without. If these smaller processes are not taking place to assist individuals in their quest for beingness wholeness, then the collective greater good is not the intent of that culture.
From this understanding we are able to recognize natural law at work: when the collective greater good is not taking place, as it never has in America, then we know the majority of citizens are also dysfunctionalized by being institutionalized. In their too-far-gone crazed minds, the greater good means physically standing up for a flag and an anthem while simultaneously beating, killing and enslaving with both.
Those who work against the collective greater good must work against themselves to a much greater degree in order to spew forth enough extra energy to have a significant impact on the collective.
For instance, genderists, racists and murderers must hate, poison and kill off the female, African Black and life within self, in order to eject the energy to do the same outside of self. We know this is true because we know we must love ourselves before we can love others. This reminder helps us remain clear-headed when dealing with unhealthy people so as not to be okie-doked thinking those who are intent to remain in the deep cesspool of self-destruction, in order to destroy others, have any desire or ability to ever do anything for the collective greater good. On this same note, it's foolish to think racist females can be partnered with for women's rights and that that supersedes their racial perceptions. No, the only thing that supersedes their racial perceptions is your self-deception.

Darkness and Light exchange places slowly, and then all at once, every moment, day, year and Great Year. Even so, the changes are always noticeable.

Individual Further Defined

Part of the word individual comes from Vidua (Latin) which comes from Uta, Fut, Futa, Khut, Kef and Kheft (Egyptian).
Vidua means to divide for certain reasons, while still functioning as a whole, according to the need incentive. (BB 227/239)
Ua is both the birthplace and that which is born out of the birthplace.
“Indi” is likely derived from enti.
Enti (Hen-ti) is the name of existence. Ti is two or double. Ti-enti [enti-ti] is dual existence consisting of Two Truths. (BB 347/359)
Enti (Nuti) means two forms of the waters of all beginning. Three sets of those two forms are water and breath and also water and blood and also blood and milk. These two forms, truths and dualities allow existence to come out of the waters of preexistence. It is the process of creating individuals; therefore, what it means to be an individual does not originate with humans. (NG1 151/169)

Some other words expressing the totality and duality of individuality: identity, potential, identical, different, entire, authentic, incentive, essential...

In other words, when healthy logic exists, individual does not mean by yourself, single, on your own, all alone, or “to each his own.” Individual means difference and sameness, individual and collective. Individuals are supposed to seek re-connection and re-membering with the rest of self which exists in different forms everywhere. Only when we are in an unhealthy suboptimal cycle of logic do understandings regarding difference and individual become problematic cancer-causing agents on all levels. We must recognize the times according to the Signs-language is expressing throughout all dimensions of human and non-human Nature.


There is no escaping the collective. In all ways, the collective and individual are influencing each other. No one and nothing has its own little world. We already know individuals have always been more reflective of the collective they identity with, than the individual is reflective of independently-arrived-at individual choice. See recent messages mentioning culture and/or behavior.

As we regain the proper context, definitions and meanings, we still must decide to change our behavior based on new understandings. This does not happen automatically. That would be too easy, robotic and compulsory. No, even when in possession of better or worse information, we must still make voluntary conscious choices to change or remain the same. This closes the escape route of “I didn't know,” because knowing is not a guarantee of doing and choice is not entirely based on information from without. There are other ways of knowing something. There are other portions of our sensing abilities that tell us what is right and wrong.

The Team in Ecosystem and Self-Esteem

The main human problem can be viewed as a miscalculation of self-esteem. We don't understand the “I” relationship to the “tem” (item, ecosystem, team, twotality). We are basing our relationships on partial, incomplete, erroneous, fragmented subgroups, subsets and subtotals of information.

Our teamwork philosophy needs a lot of work. Our teamwork philosophy suffers from the same weakness because we do not transfer the teamwork philosophy used in sports, to other collectives that have greater impacts on the well-beingness of the collective greater good.

All of this stems from misunderstandings regarding difference, sameness, individual and collective.

Because all systems are teams, the ecosystem is eco-assist--team.

Thank goodness Moon, Sun, Water, Blood, Breath and Earth, who are different individuals, do not have the human dimensions of emotion and free will to complicate the fundamentally simple such that these Primordials would misunderstand their differences and then seek to dominate existence to the detriment of self and all else.