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“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Way Of Ways Through The Elementals
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1212


(Part 9df of 11)

In various ways of going and ways of knowing, we've learned optimal human spiritual traditions are not about trying to get to some kind of heaven as a primary focus.
“Getting to heaven” so to speak, or some other place we're hoping for in an afterlife scenario, is a byproduct result we cannot achieve directly by being in pursuit of it.
First of all, “getting to heaven” in order to be one again with the Creator and have everlasting life, must be obtained continuously through awareness of all interactions with all elemental nature powers.
Second of all, we're already in heaven.
It's just imbalanced heaven due to imbalanced understanding.
Third of all, why wait to be one with the Creator when we already are the Creator and just need to remember how to be one with self and the extended self?

To pursue a spirit-soul salvation on the basis of current-day religious texts is the same thing as burying talents and then waiting till we die or until the Master of the house returns so we can then get a reward for not losing what we started with. No, that ain't the way y'all. Salvation involves living in such a way that our genetic potential improves through merging with other genetic potential. That potential is spirit-soul and matter, but in other words called elemental nature powers.
The spirit and matter approach doesn't seem to be working so let us try the elemental nature power approach to life, existence, salvation and growing in knowing the way to live every moment of every day, thus practically eliminating the need to do some separate thing called “prayer” because the continuous seeking and striving we do in any shape, form or fashion is the prayer always being heard loud and clear.

Everything about life and existence must be about the interactions of self and all else as universes of elemental nature powers. In the words of Ancestor John Henrik Clarke, “everything that touches our lives must be an instrument of our liberation.”
Therefore, I say recognize everything for its elemental nature power and use it as a tool or weapon as needed, transforming it as needed.

The African Utamawazo and optimal theory teaches us to live in such as way so everything about life, even cutting our toenails, becomes part of the way of ways.
The basic need incentive of all creation is to mature in knowledge of self in relation to all else. Even the rock must do so. The seven elemental nature powers help us break the overriding focus of life and existence into seven manageable aspects of darkness, light, air, water, earth, sun and blood. These are the only laws and commandments we need. Live in harmony with these and let the rest be.

Since the elemental nature powers are always present, there is no time or place where we can't learn something. As a result of understandings gained through an intentional focus on the elementals, we automatically attain renewal of the life within self, because we are renewing the life of the elementals in us.

And this is why it is said that the Savior of the world is the renewal of cycles. Cycles are the elemental nature powers in the form of their souls as spirit and their evidences as matter.

Since everything in the universe is a metaphor for everything else, then more understandings of the elementals moves us back to a place in the time of our minds where we can reassemble the signs in more optimal alignment.
Like most things, understanding improves the more we understand fundamental principles and beginnings.
All of this speaks to our mental health.

Word variations reveal more about the transformations of sem-same things from then and now: fundamental, mental, amenta, amen, amenet, elementary, element, eliminate, illuminate, all, ill, ailment.

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