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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Baal Brothers Christmas Tree Of Fire
Unity Consciousness #1507


(Part 9ok of 11)

Who Is Baal?

Baal is the god, the tree, the pyramid, the southern star (Dogstar in Canis Major) or several other variations.
Baal is likely most familiar to us as the dark child who is despised as Sut and Set. Even so, Baal is only one half of the twins of darkness and lightness. Baal is also the Creator, spirit-soul, the seven elementals, Horus and Jesus. By some name, Baal represents all deities.


The bonfire or bon-fire is the fire of the phoenix who is transforming. The bonfire was lit atop the highest hill at summer solstice. This bonfire represents the rebirth of dark child because the bonfire is an image of the Dogstar that announces the new year, thus the birth of the child the following month. (BB 110/122, 303/315)

Baal-Fire, Need-Fire

The bonfire is the Baal-Fire. It is associated with the summer solstice and the birth of the sun-god as prepubescent Horus, the child born of the Mother.
The bonfire is also associated with the vernal equinox and birth of the sun-god as pubescent Horus, the child begotten of the Father.
(BB 283/295, 301-2/313-14)
The Baal-Fire is always reproduced from the spark of the spark-holder. This basically indicates the celestial bonfire of the rising star is relit by another star, the twin sibling or the twin as parent. (BB 304/316)

Christmas Trees On Fire

As stated above, Baal is also a name for the tree and pyramid. The Baal tree is the fir tree which is the Christmas tree. The fir tree is also the fire tree.
The word “fire” becomes “Afr.” (BB 303-4/315-16)
Lighting the Christmas tree goes back to burning the yule log and the Baal-Fire which represents burning the tree of the old year and lighting the tree of the new year. (NG1 404/422)

Christmas Trees On Fire At The White House

1. Seeing red: why Melania Trump's crimson Christmas trees are so jarring.

2. An article about sacrifice and ritual connections associated with the death of President G. W. Bush.

3. The red Christmas trees are located in the East Colonnade (Hallway) of the White House. Beneath this hallway, underground, is an old horse stable and coach house. Not sure if it's still accessible or if they filled it in. So in the White House of the USA, there are trees on fire over a manger (horse stable) under the hallway. .

4. At one point, the birth of Baal (elder Horus of darkness and prepubescence) was reckoned by the Egyptians to occur at winter solstice. This is the same as the birth of Christ at Christmas because Baal is the baby Christ, the young sun. (AE1 533-4/543)

5. All of this tells us the red, on fire Christmas trees in the White House are ritualistic symbols of the Age of the Jackal, Elder Horus coincides with the Age of the Jackal and represents the announcer for the Age of Kepheus. The Trumps are trying light the fire in honor of the Age of the Jackal and the past 3,704 years. In other words, it is an attempt to invoke the spirit to make America Great Again, thus Europe Great Again and all their colonies.

6. However, knowingly or not, the Baal-fire Christmas trees are invoking the Age of Kepheus and are serving as the announcement for the birthday of Kepheus in January. The red trees are lit on the east side above a manger as a sign of the birth of the child just like the star in the east. I suspect the stable is still there and being used like the catacombs of the Vatican where they hide stuff and do all sorts of rituals.

7. What this does is light the “Afr” for the rebirth awakening to make Africa great again. What begins in North Karua in January, begins in South Karua in December. What begins in the west in Aries, begins in the east in Aquaria. What is connected to the birth of the child is connected to the mother-father.

8. All of this involves stars and star constellations, which includes moons, planets, asteroids, comets. 2019 is numerically a year of trinity. Pay attention to stars, fire and Africa worldwide and the Africa that is in all humans and the “Afr” that is in other creations on Earth. This always includes the elementals, especially the red forms of, water, wind, earth and fire.

9. These things will begin to reveal themselves to you as you obtain just a slightly expanded understanding of Christ (Karest), mas (mes), tree, red, stars, Aquaria, Kepheus and other topics of which you are sure and unsure.

References: BB; NG1; NG2; AE1; AE2

Great Pyramid Is The Earlier White House

In October 2018, Melania Trump went to the Great Pyramid. Hmmn. You can be certain she had access to places in the pyramid and artifacts and information that most people do not know about or think is important to their daily lives. Melania went to the longstanding power center of Africa, which was Egypt, then goes to the power center, which is the Great Pyramid, which represents a power that no other place on Earth has ever come close to duplicating. That power is the power of knowledge embedded in the location, the pyramid itself and all of the signs, symbols and dimensions.

The Great Pyramid was also called the White House. In its undefiled state, the Great Pyramid was covered in white limestone which was polished. The Great White Pyramid was so named because it was an image of the white mountain. Not just the mountain on Earth below, but also the mountain above at the celestial pole. There was a natural mountain of white limestone on Earth in the Arabian range which projected in a straight line towards the Nile as far as the village of Troiu. The Egyptians quarried a lot of limestone from that mountain.

The celestial pole is the paradise-heaven of the seven elementals, the lords of eternity. This location is at the center of the White Milky Way Galaxy. On one hand the Great White Mountain (Pyramid) in Egypt was a symbol of Egypt's power and ground control on Earth. On the first hand, the white mountain at the pole is the place of universal control of the galaxy. The celestial pole is the place that establishes rulership of all things in all dimensions.

You can be certain the Trump's are not as clueless as the general public regarding the use of signs and symbols of power. No president has been. Who doesn't know the symbols on the dollar bill include the Great Pyramid? It's all about the Benjamin symbols. Think about it. Why didn't they put any great European buildings and monuments on their American white is right money? Because there are none comparable in power. On the dollar bill at the top of the pyramid, there is a smaller pyramid with Ben Franklin's eye in it and light shining around it. This is the ben-ben, a symbol of resurrection and renewal, thus phoenix rising out of the fire. (BB 109/121)

The paradise-heaven at the celestial pole is the holy city that is the location of administration of the word of god. It makes the logic and the laws. It brings governments into existence and takes them out. The holy city above is the model for Washington DC, Thinis, Ha-Ptah-Ka (Memphis), Annu, Waset (Thebes), Abydos, Eridu, Babylon, Rome, Jerusalem, Troy and many other sacred cities.

Unfortunately, it is still not common knowledge that Washington DC was designed by black African Benjamin Banneker who modeled Washington DC after Egypt. The layout of Washington DC and its main federal buildings are filled with symbols originating from Africa. Another reason why, it's all about the Benjamins. It's all about the ben-ben over and over again. (AE1 262/373)

One of the purposes of the white house (great pyramid) was tomb-cocoon-womb. In the Egyptian culture they believed the deceased were lifted up in the white house by Great Mother Sekhet so their souls would rise again and live forever. Sekhet is the goddess of fire water ichor in the soul of the Sun. She is a form of Aquaria, thus, hot waters, warm waters. The Trumps and others are also making an appeal to Sekhet to resurrect the spirit that allowed the European reign of power (terror). (AE1 363-4/373-4)

Under no circumstances should anyone think Melania Melanoma Trump's visit to the Great Pyramid was a tourist vacation or that her attire was not a planned distraction and a planned obeisance to the white God, Hu. And neither should we think the red trees of fire and the trip to Egypt and all the things in this message are not connected. Messages are everywhere in all forms. Everything is a message for those who know how to read the signs of language. We should at least know things are changing rapidly.

The light at the top of the Christmas Tree that gets relit every year by worshipers of Christmas, is the same starlight in the heavens that gets renewed every Age when the pole star changes. This is symbolized by the ben-ben at the top of the Great Pyramid. It is from this light that all lights are lit wirelessly. Come on baby light my fire has many levels of meaning. The status quo power structure worldwide in all societies are using symbols and spirit-rituals to try to remain in power because they know the celestial climate is changing.

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