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Friday, June 3, 2016

Religion Was Appropriate For Conditions & Stage That Existed
Unity Consciousness #721


(Part 1 of 3)

Many things in life are only appropriate for the conditions that exist or for a certain stage of a process.
For example, suckling from the breast is appropriate for the conditions of being a baby. As maturity through stages takes place, the child must be weaned in order to develop as intended.

Religion was only appropriate for the conditions humans faced.
Religion became necessary to fill the spiritual void created when Africans worldwide became separated from the principles of their originating spiritual traditions. This was caused by forgetting where they came from and who they really were.

For tens of thousands of years, knowledge of self was on the rise. As a result, spirituality was the dominant culture among Africans worldwide even as they took on variations in name, appearance, language and culture. These variations were not enough to halt the rise of spirituality and its ties to all else and of human ties to each other. Under the set of conditions that existed, spirituality reached peak effectiveness. Civilizations worldwide flourished – fed by the originating spiritual principles and a steady stream of interchange among these cultures, especially from home base - Africa.
In order for humans to gain further understanding, cultures based on spirituality had to face conditions that would cause spirituality to diminish, at least to the degree it flourished. People began to lose knowledge of self as it relates to each other and as it relates to all else. This created enough of a challenge for humans and other creations. Humans had to go through the process of regaining knowledge of self in order to gain more understanding of their genetic potential as they faced new sets of conditions. (UC#716 and UC#612).

Simply put, a shift in understanding occurred thousands of years ago that caused humans to move away from organizing themselves into civilizations (civil behavior towards Creation) and moved towards becoming societies (uncivil behavior towards Creation).
This latter way of living continued producing generations who were so lacking in knowledge of self, they saw themselves as completely different from other humans and other Creations. They believed their ancestry began at the most recent location of their most recent Ancestors. They did not even know there was such as thing as an originating spiritual tradition that connects all humans and all cultures. The only thing these generations knew was that they were raised on religion as the main thing and that religion was the best thing for them. Knowledge among cultures ceased to be exchanged freely.

Because your African spirit craves unity and wholeness, it easily gravitated towards religion and accepted it because all major religions are based on African spiritual traditions. Religion was appropriate during this stage. It is a stop-gap makeshift measure.
Religion was and still is “spiritual life support.”
Religion gave our spirits just enough to get us through the worst of times.
In order for us to move from “just getting through” and back to “the best of times,” we must lay the burden of religion down and leave it behind.
First of all, we must do so because the conditions have changed. We have regained a sufficient amount of our history as humans. We know we are all Africans. We know a whole lot more of what connects us.
Second of all, we must do so because this stage of the journey is over. It's time for us to move forward living by getting back to life practices that strengthen us rather than simply keep us barely alive.

Brother Kaba Kamene explained how something once appropriate becomes inappropriate.
A canoe is beneficial in helping you get across the water, but if you continue to carry it with you once you reach the other shore, the canoe becomes a burden.
Religion was necessary to get us through a portion of the worldwide Maafa, but now that we are regaining our strength (knowledge of self), it is no longer appropriate.(paraphrase)
What you need to return to full strength (health) is your originating spiritual traditions that contain all the healthy portions of religion and the full range of nutrition.

Religion got us through the dry thirsty portion of our spiritual existence as humans.
It is time for us, we the African people of the world, to make the transition from travel by dry land to travel by living waters. This is in accordance with the universal climate-changing shift to the Aquarian Age.

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