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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

An African Safari In The Spiritsphere
Another Transition, Another Extension

The Journey Continues

Karibuni! (Welcome!) This blog is, and always has been, an African safari in the Spiritsphere. I just was unaware of this piece of information. This blog is for Africans, i.e., everyone. This blog is for those who do not consider themselves African but conduct themselves open-mindedly. My position on those who consider themselves non-African, yet open-minded, is this: All information points to human origins in Africa. A search of “Africa” on this blog alone should provide basic information and links for those who are just now hearing everyone on the planet is an African. To deny the likeliness of the truth of this information contradicts open-mindedness. It contradicts intelligence. Also search “history” on this blog for a more accurate perspective of Africa.

Complete perspective change for some things doesn't happen in a day. It's a process of transitions and stages, so come along anyway, unless your denial of Africa is a conscious or subconscious hatred for Africa and all things African. This would mean you hate me, our mother, our people, our Creator, humanity and you hate yourself. This mentality means you exist because of yourself, in and of yourself and by yourself, so work that craziness out by yourself.

If your denial of Africa and all things African comes from a place of fear and uncertainty because your identity might not be what you thought, then come along. We're going to work our way through this healing and revealing process. It is better to be previously lost than currently lost. The only way to change our lost status is to take steps. The steps we take on this journey can move us into a new awareness of who we really are. We will not be able to find what we are looking for in this life until we find ourselves.

Onward The Journey

The purpose of this journey is to find reconnections. It is also to find the other end to what resonates within. It is the path to oneness. Join we, if you realize, by necessity, there is no going forward without going backward. Sankofa!

On the way, we must travel through trees, webs and all the elements. As you can sense, this is not a tourist trip but a warrior workout – an all-in, all-within fight to set things right in the Spiritsphere. As such, we will learn to remember, stretch, break chains, retrain and do better thangs - as we learn and know better. We will grow beyond our self-imposed limitations acquired during years of mis-education. We will need nutritious relations with foods for every aspect of who we are. We must remove toxic relations. The willfully sick are not fit for this trip.

The self-determined will reconnect as we are doing right now. Right now, we are connecting to our created greatness in the nearest and farthest reaches of the Spiritsphere.

Join we, if you realize, by necessity, all roads back to oneness lead through the teacher within us – spirit of the neteru/nature. We must face it, embrace distanced truths and shake loose dangling lies until ancient roots harmonize.

We must travel back through self, through ancestors, through history, into Africa and into the Cosmos. We will retrace the same path blood and spirit still take to get here. The path is well-marked. The map is in many places, even encoded in our genetics 10,000 times over.

We cannot miss our destiny nation. We won't miss it as long as one foot follows the other and one hand joins the other in all right doings.

The Creator Is Expecting Us

The Mother/Father Creator is waiting for the prodigal ones to come home now. Big Mama/Big Papa have left the lights on. The lights will not go out upon this Earth until we arrive at the sun station. In the meantime, two more of our elders in the celestial council are taking their turns upon thrones of heaven.

Humanity will be reunited with or without you or me. Humanity will be reunited during the lifetimes of our children and grandchildren.

What will we do to prepare them for a very different world in which the most important things today will become the most trivial things tomorrow? This must come true otherwise the Creator becomes as counterfeit as authentic legal tender.

Swahili Words

karibuni means welcome to more than one person.

karibu means welcome to one person.

03.31.20 Update

This blog is for the remnants.

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