We need something to clarify everything for us, because we get confused...but if we use the concept of Asili, we will understand that whatever it is they are doing, whatever terms they use, however they come at you, you need to be thinking about what? How is this going to facilitate their power and help them to dominate me? -Marimba Ani

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Human Storm + Superhuman Storm = Perfect Global Storm Of Disaster
Unity Consciousness #2508

(9ayl of 11)

I've seen the movie “Perfect Storm” several times. Each time I just shake my head because the same kind of dominant mass thinking is pervasive right now all over the place and is showing no signs of abating, but showing plenty of signs of multiplying into variant logic that the protected indoctrinated infect each other with like its a holy kiss gift.
Like almost all things called disasters or tragedies, they are avoidable, preventable or minimizable if just one of a slew of mistakes was corrected in time. Disasters require the perfect storm of predictable conditions. No disaster happens all at once, suddenly, without warnings.
False notions built on faulty worldviews produce and seduce people into self-deceptions. The biggest deception is the superiority of human ability that does not need to remain in sync and be built on a superhuman natural world foundation based on harmony and self-correction redundancy, i.e., modern healthcare.

Be certain to understand that a disaster is not defined by damage to what humans call “property” or injury or diminishment or loss of life.
A disaster is defined by dysfunction that exists and is allowed to persist, thus dysaster, a dysconnection between two or more creations, aspects, dimensions.
Disaster is dysfunction between or among of any set of truths, no matter how many are in the set.

Each disaster is a warning and explanation of what happens as a direct result of dysfunction.
Each disaster also provides opportunity for self-review and correction.

Currently there is no nation that understands their creation of disfavored groups and other disparities, is a many-pronged disaster that is continuing to diminish their society and is continually incubating variants of pathogen logic that eventually collapses the society all at once.
The natural law of causes and effects connects all things.

In the movie, “Perfect Storm,” they chose to continue to deceive they were “a helluva boat, crew and skipper.” and that money was the best motive, that paired with a strong desire and cosigners, trumped any need to heed natural sense.
This is the same as believing deceiving we're “a helluva country, race, leaders and experts” - better than anybody else, including nature. Using control, collusion and conspiracy, we can beat anything.” No we can't.

In the movie, and right now in real life, even when all the signs of impending disaster are evident, one more chance is given to turn around, but the majority are still focused on way wrong things. Changing course when humans feel like it is always too late for nations to avoid disaster.

As recently discussed, a small but clear epitome example of avoidable disaster is the Surfside, Florida Champlain Towers South condo collapse caused by the effects of a chain of fools and foolish logic. Other disasters have happened since then and others are taking place right now as dysfunctions in progress.
Many longstanding clear examples of disasters are plane crashes and floods.
There are many more disasters taking place all the time and are all disaster pieces contributing to, leading up to and combining into a perfect global storm of disaster that will make delta variant coronavirus look like a bad reaction to a bee sting and in the last split second of life, make it painfully obvious that the continuance of Maafa Racism is as foolish as constantly running stop signs and stop lights and as suicidal as aviation that does not heed checklists or the weather.

Maafa means disaster. The world continues to play with Maafa racism disaster the way the soon to be burnt beyond recognition play with wildfire while soaking themselves in flammables and surrounding themselves with dry bones.