We need something to clarify everything for us, because we get confused...but if we use the concept of Asili, we will understand that whatever it is they are doing, whatever terms they use, however they come at you, you need to be thinking about what? How is this going to facilitate their power and help them to dominate me? -Marimba Ani

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

First Things First
Feminine Principle As Mother & Sister In Heaven
Unity Consciousness #2723

(9azzzzzzzzn of 11)

We've just remembered that four is the complete family and forms the triangle of totality consisting of ten. Four in number and two in gender is more complete than three in trinity and one in gender. The Judeo-Christian Bible promotes a trinity of a male father, a male son and a nondescript holy spirit. This attempts to leave out the female as mother and as sister, even though the two mothers and two sisters were the first to manifest, express, reveal, make themselves known as the Two Circles of Two Truths, Preexistence and Existence, the Holy of Holies and the Holy portions of the Universe Temple, which a cell is a miniaturized metaphor of.

Where The Female As Mother Is Hidden, Now Revealed

1. In Jehovah. God Almighty: Mother Jehovah, Father Jehovah, UC#1448
Jehovah is (Jehavah, Havah, Hava, Kepha, Kefa, Keva, Cheva, Chava, Chavah, Chavvah, Ava, Eva, Eve, Ave-nu)

2. In Nun. Octavia | Origin, Meanings, Definitions, Pronunciations, UC#1026

3. In the dove. Yamessi, Yamasi, Yamassee River Indians | Name Origin & Meanings, UC#2443

4. In the Dove. In earlier Egyptian times, the ever-coming one was symbolized by a dove, not the hawk. This dove is RA, the perfected totality, the Supreme Being, later called holy spirit. Blasphemy of the female, the mother, the sister cannot be forgiven according to Matthew 12:31 of the Judaeo-Christian bible. (NG1)

Thus, Mary Mother of Jesus was not fecundated by the Holy Spirit, but rather the Holy Spirit as Great Mother, awakened in Mary, the ability of the female to self-fecundate within, under certain circumstances. This is proven in other aspects of the natural world including the evolution of humans from other primates. This is the basic evolutionary power of two within as One without, to duplicate self, without another separate external self.
Going along with the story for the moment as human history, it was important for the earthly father of Jesus to be named Joseph because Joseph is IO-sif, the child of God. Thus God as Joseph, God as Mary and God as Holy Spirit all contribute to the making and nurturing of Jesus.

5. In Eve on Earth. The Great Mother is in the Garden of Creation and called the mother of all living, a statement which throws a massive monkey wrench into the narrative of Adam first from dust and Eve second from Adam's rib, both as afterthoughts.

Point #5 above is so often repeated and focused on, that we totally ignore that in Genesis 1, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” We allow preached repetition about Adam and repetition of male pronouns to blind us to the fact that God said his image is male and female.

6. In Lucifer as God The Mother and God the Elder Twin, the Dark Child, the Red Child, the Black Child.

7. In Mary, mother of Jesus in heaven above and on earth below.

8. In Mary Magdalene. The seven demons cast out of her are the removal of the seven elemental souls of life in the Great Mother.

9. In Mary, wife of Cleopas. This Mary raises and nurtures Jesus.

10. In Mary, the Anointer For Burial, sister of Martha. Their brother Lazarus is Elasarus is Elosirus is Osiris, which is why Lazarus was resurrected because Osiris as father and son, is the resurrection and the life.

11. In Martha as Mistress of the House and minister, caregiver and nurturer to the Messiu and Elohim disciples. Martha is God the mother along with Salome, Susanna, and Johanna, who are part of the seven sisters 700 club. Martha is Nephthys and Aquaria, Ma, Tefnut, thus Martha is Merta, another name for the Nile River. Understand clearly why the most scripture time given to females in the JC bible was given to the women who were with Jesus all his life on Earth. They were the mother and sister above in Heaven who manifested in various forms on Earth below. People with this history did not exist in human history, but did in the metaphors of mythology, eschatology and mystology that were ransacked into religions to keep you feeling unsafe with your sense of self and all else.

Meri, “IT” and Meri-ta are some of the names of heaven. The Waters of Nun is also Heaven is mer-it or mer-it-ta. This supplies both the names Mary and Martha.

12. In Peter as Kefa, Khefa, Cephas, Cepheus. This is also Shu as Kepheus. Anywhere in any bible, whenever a person or place has more than one name, more than one spelling, and/or the meaning of the name is given, you can be certain that what you are being shown is another aspect of the person, thus an additional manifestation, another truth.

13. In Egyptian Hagar. The first God mother is Earth represented by the Mount. Ishmael grew up near Mount Shennu, because it represents the Great Mother Goddess and Hagar, who like a mountain, brings water up out of the well and pours it out for her child who produces twelve tribes. Hagar is Hathor-Nut above, thus also Aquaria. Ishmael is a combination of Ish, ma and el. Ish is a form of Kish, Hes and Est. Ishmael is Michael is Lemech. Ishmael is likely the same as Ishmael of Nethaniah of the seed royal. And/or Ishmael of Azel.

14. In the serpent and snake, Nanahuatzin, Nehushtan (N'chushtan, Nehusta, Nachash (as father), Nahash

15. In the serpent and snake in the Garden of Eden.

16. In the dragon called the ancient serpent in the Book of Revelation. Source of the derogatory term “dragon lady.” Ancient refers to ancient egypt or ancient africa.

17. In the Beast. God is the original beast. Typhon was the original name as female and mother. SSS is a name of God and a form of 666, the number of the Beast.

18. In the mistress and lady Chaldea (Kasdim). "O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called, The lady (mistress) of kingdoms." (Isaiah 47:5). The mistress is the female master, ruler and creator who is also the wife. In recent times, the mistress has been flipped to mean the one who is not the wife. Chaldea (Chaldee, Kaldi, Keltae, Karti) hides Mother Egypt, Nubia, Kush, Aethiopia. All these are forms of God, The Mother who is the mother of all kingdoms just as she is mother of all living and mother of all lands. What Isaiah 47:5 acknowledges is that at least origins came from Chaldea in Mesopotamia and not near the Jordan or Jerusalem as currently said to be located and not anywhere in Europe. The official government websites of many countries tell a history and origin that simply makes no damn sense. (Zephaniah 3:10)

19. In Abraham who is called Avinu in the Complete Jewish Bible. Avinu means Our Father. A name of the Great Mother is Ave-nu or Avenu. An avenue is a way, method, means and place of arriving, coming into, coming forth. Nu is heaven, waters, nature, feminine bringer. Kef-NU is the queen of heaven with the abode of birth, womb, cave, sanctuary, place of concealment, thus Kef-en-terui. (BB1). This is Tef-nu, Tefnut and Aquaria. Aven is “On” in Egypt. Beit-Aven is called Bethaven [Bet heaven, the avenu]. So each time you say, hear or see the word “avenue,” this is deeper dimensional acknowledgment of the mother god as the way.

AB is first, beginning, born of, oldest, primordial, birthplace, shrine, womb, black, kam, ham, mother, father, child. Abraham is a form of the Ab-ra, Abra and Af-ra, Afra, both of which are forms of IU, who is dual as father-mother and parent-child and child-child.

What Ever-Coming Means

To be coming and ever-coming denotes a period of time, a cycle. The Messiah is spirit-soul born and reborn in each cycle of all types and lengths. Spirit-soul is two truths, the totality that manifests as necessary to move the need-want incentive in the necessary direction. This is any means necessary. The ever-coming one has many names. For the rest of this message we will use Jesus as the main form and connect it to variants to reveal the sister of Jesus. By the way, names ending in IAH are clear forms of God. Yet there are many other word components that are easy to see as forms of God.

Where The Sister Of Jesus In Heaven Is Hidden, Now Revealed

1. In the name Jesus which is Yeshua/Jeshua which are based on Shu (Egyptian). Shu is the elemental souls of life of air, breath, wind water, moisture, fire, heat which are symbolized as a pair of twin powers: male Shu and female Tefnut. Shu-Tefnut is the star constellation Age of Kepheus. Since Jesus is based on Shu, then we have another clue to find out where the female twin has been hidden, Tefnut is the female christ, sister of Jesus in heaven in the quadrangular enclosure. In Kepheus Constellation, Tefnut's feminine energy also represents the lady, twinned and entwined at the galactic pole, the pole dancer so to speak as has recently risen among human physically pubescent women. For all spirit motion, always there is a delayed reaction and always the prepubescent, immature form manifests first below, which is distorted when humans are in suboptimal mode in their worldview, asili, definitions, meanings, knowledge of self, knowledge of all else, not knowing who they are, where they came from and why they are here. Thus spirit motion energy is misapplied. Since constellations are teachers, this reminds me that the smartphone program called Siri, is a form of the all knowing pole star Sirius who continues to wax in strength and influence. Alexa is possibly a form of A Rekhi and Aquaria's rising morning star at the galactic equator.

2. In Joshua and Hosea as Shu:
a) The first character of Joshua, is called Hoshea, the son of Nun. Hosea has several spellings already discussed.
b) Jeshua (Jesus) went to Egypt so he could be “called out of Egypt.' This is referring to Hosea 11:1 which says: “When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt.” This verse cannot be talking about a person called Jacob Israel because he was old when he went into Egypt and died there.
c) This verse means a hodgepodge of Canaanite tribes containing Bedouins and Hyksos without any sophisticated culture, went into Egypt and were reborn as Israelites (children of RA), Hebrews (explained elsewhere) and Jews (Ius). These designations were conflated and backdated to Abraham. They begged their way in, then attacked. This is a common M.O. Then the Canaanites were kicked out of Egypt. They took Egyptian culture with them, including God Shu as Io-Shua. Io-shua is Joshua who is prophet Hosea who is Yeshua, son of Nun. We know Nun is the waters, the mother.

In the Judaeo-Christian bible, this is all spread out and scattered due to intentional misrepresentations and misunderstandings. Jeremiah 46 calls Israel, the daughter of Egypt. “Out of Egypt have I called my son,” refers to Ishmael and Hagar. This going into and coming out of Egypt due to evil Abraham and Sarah was repeated by Jesus and Mary due to evil Herod. Supposedly out of love for Abraham, Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham to reproduce his seed. For silly reasons, she then took back that love and impressed upon Abraham to cast his seed Ishmael into the desert to fend for itself. Yet Sarah did not have a problem with Abraham for allowing a Pharaoh and Abimelech to take her as their wife/whore, because Abraham was afraid she was so damn pretty, something to which she obviously agreed that her overwhelming beauty would get him killed if he said Sarah was his wife. This decision-making likely because Sarah had already gotten past the fact that she was the niece and wife of Abraham, and an old-ass barren woman until the promise of father of nations was made to Abraham. (Genesis 11:29 tries to hide who Sarah is) These are the actions of idiots and despicable people.
d) This first character of Hosea is the female twin of Shu called Goddess Tefnut or Ma

e) Think of it this way: we have Hosea son of Nun, Joshua son of Nun and Jesus son of Meri. Meri is Mer is waters is heaven is Nut and Nun. Make believe human Jesus is the son of female Mary on Earth and female holy spirit Meri.

f) The second character of Hosea of Nun is Joshua of Nun. He is the male twin of Tefnut, call God Shu. Joshua becomes the upholder of Ihuh (YHWH, Yahweh, JHVH, Jehovah, RA). Shu is the upholder of the heavens as Nut the Mother. Thus Jesus as Joshua upholds the mother. His name was changed to Io-Shua (Io-Shua is Jo-Shua).

3. Hidden in Shiloh:
a) Shiloh in Hebrew is Sheru in Egyptian. Sheru Shiloh is the Messiah, the Messiu, the ever-coming one, the ruler of the Age. Shu-Tefnut as Kepheus is one of the New Ages. Aquaria-Aquarius is the other New Age.
b) Sheru Shiloh is spirit, and the word “spirit” gives us the word “sep-ter”, thus “scepter,”

c) “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet [between his legs, from his thigh], until Shiloh [Sheru: Egyptian, Christ, New Age] come.” “Thigh” in this context indicates female. [see details elsewhere]

d) Thus rulership on earth is established and dismantled by the spirit above whose energy changes the climate of things every Age and in smaller periods in between, and in larger periods when two Ages change at the same time and when this occurs with several other alignments. Spirit power above then empowers Earth and creations on earth to change in order to bring about the change of rulership below. In other words, original Africans will rise up and retake rulership as heir apparents of the next cycle and there is no amount of killing, poisoning and Maafa Racism by humans that will stop us. The only thing that can stop us is spirit power above, which would then have to go against itself and annihilate all humans in a Great Great Reset.

e) In Micah as owner and ruler of the house of God in Shiloh in Heaven. Thus Micah is a form of Michael, the high priest ever-coming one. Michael is Makhu-el is Mashu-el is Ma-Shu, Shu-Ma, Shu-Tefnut. Shu-Tefnut as Michael is one of the four great angels, winds and corners. Female Mikhal/Michal of (Sha'ul/Saul & Ahinoham) of Kish (Kush, Cush). This Michal was a wife of David before David and Saul fell out.

f) In Eli/Eleazar [Eli-Asar, Ali-Asar] (priest in Shiloh) born to (Aaron & Elisheba). Elisheba is a form of Bathsheba, mother of Solomon. Elisheba is a form of Queen of Sheba, lover of Solomon who gave birth to Menelik I, Emperor of Ethiopia. Shu-Tefnut as Kepheus is the King of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is Zaba from Sheba from Kheba from Khefa which yields Khepha, Kepha, Kepheus). Elisheba and Elishama are the same word.

4. In Saul as King. Saul is Sha'ul, a form of Shua and Shu. King Saul is a son of Kish/Kish of the tribe of Benjamin. He was the first King of Israel. Why? Because Israel was born in Egypt where God Shu was honored. The first person called a Jew is Mordecai...of Kish and Benjamin. So Benjamin gave birth to Kish who gave birth to the Jews, then the JC bible rewrites the story and says Jacob gave birth to Benjamin through Rachel as mother, who also birthed Joseph. Through Jacob and Rachel, Maacah was produced who was another wife to David. Maacah replaced Michal of Saul of Kish, the original Benjamin lineage. Benjamin is son of Jamin or Amen. These types of double metaphor switcheroos are frequent in the JC bible to remove the mother and replace with the father and remove the first and replace with the last. Rachel was the younger and more loved by Jacob than Leah the elder sister who gave birth to Judah. The holy land was Gibeah before Jerusalem. Benjamin is also born of Lot as Benammi. Lot (Rut) is of Haran (Anhar-Shu), the elder brother of Abraham and father of Sarah. Thus Benjamin comes through the Chaldeans as do the tribes of Jacob Israel. Rebekah, Leah and Rachel descended from Nahor, older brother of Abraham. Nahor is horan, haran, anhar is Shu). Thus Nahor gave birth to Terah/Terach who rebirthed Nahor and again as Haran. Nahor and Haran are more important and more original to the birthright than Abraham whose wife Sarah came through Haran, and Isaac who came through Haran and whose wife Rebekah came through Nahor; and Jacob who came through Haran and Nahor and whose wives Leah and Rachel came through Nahor). Terah is Serah/Serach and Hathor. Serah is Sara is Asar is Ptah. Serach is of Asher of Jacob & Zilpah. Asher is Asshur is Asshurians, Assyrians, Syrians, Aramites, Chaldeans.

There is a Saul, son of the King of Zobah. Zoba is the younger brother of Abram/Abraham. Then another Saul as King of Edom was defeated by Saul who became King of Israel & Judah. Then David replaced Saul.
The JC bible repeats the same stories, people and lineages two, three and several times with variations from Chaldea, Egypt, Ethiopia and places from the Red Sea to Iran and from current day Asia Minor Turkey to India, and areas in and around the Great Green Sea. It is a record of how changes took place above and below. Ultimately the JC is past prophecy about past Ages and present and future prophecy about the Ages of Aquaria and Kepheus, the Christs who come to save the Gentiles. Humans did live during these times, but none, or almost none of them, had lives as portrayed in the JC bible. The JC bible takes mythology and adds aspects of some humans and locations and tries to make it seem like a true life human account and a true life superhuman account. This is far from the truth, yet close to the truth at root.

5. In Saul, apostle of Jesus. At first, Saul was terror fabulous against followers of Yeshua in Judaea. He was on his way to do the same in Damascus, capital of Aram Syria, when he was blinded by the light. In Damascus, Saul was converted to follow Jesus. then Yosef/Joses surnamed Bar-Nabba/Barnabas brought Saul back to Jerusalem to meet the other apostles. Yosef vouched for Saul's change of character as being genuine. Saul became Paul. Joseph Barnabas was called Jupiter; and Paul was called Mercurius. Jupiter is a form of the dual parent with Father out front. Jupiter is another name for Tef. Tep, Kep, Kef. The CJB calls Bar-Nabba “Zeus” and Sha’ul “Hermes. These types of namings are important reminders that they are not humans, but rather metaphors in human clothes for the superhuman. Why would sane, non-pagan followers of a human Jesus, use the names of planets and Greek Gods to describe disciples of Jesus? Answer this, or else, do not dismiss or resist anything else in this message.

Saul of Tarsus is Saul of Taurus, the Shual, Shu El, Khu of Taurus star constellation dynamic chemical formula. The Age of Taurus began 4440 BCE at the same time as promotion of the current version of Christianity. This writer, the I am, is born under the month sign of Taurus. Whereas Saul was against the current Christ and then for Christ, I am against the current representation of Christ, but was blindly for this version of Christ. I am part of the antidote to the okie doke as taught to me by many spirit teacher ancestors, including Hathor-Nut Aquaria-Aquarius and Shu-Tefnut Kepheus.

6. In Hoshea of Azaziah, Hoshea was ruler over the tribe of Ephraim. The same person as Joshua and Jehoshuah was also of the tribe of Ephraim.
Ephraim is a twin, along with Manasseh, who were born to Joseph (IO-Sif, son of the Supreme God) and Asenath, daughter of Potipherah priest of On in Egypt. These twins were born to Joseph in Egypt. There are a form of Shu and Tefnut. Tefnut, the female, is Ephraim (as explained elsewhere). Jacob Israel made Ephraim and Manasseh the same as his other twelve sons, thus children of Egyptians became part of the tribes of Israel. This we already knew because there were certainly many intermarriages, several of which the Judaeo-Christian bible specifically mentions. Jacob put Ephraim, the younger and female before Manasseh, the older and male. However, truth is told by Adonai who says Ephraim is the firstborn of all the Israel tribes. (Jeremiah 31) However in Psalm 78 another reversal of fortune occurs when it says the Lord chose the tribe of Judah (Jew-ta, Iu-ta) over Ephraim. Ephraim is a form of Ephrath who is Bethlehem (daughter of Ham) and a form of Mizraim (female) who is Egypt and a form of Kephra. Transformation. Joseph gave birth to Ephraim, the people of Ephra, Kephra, Kephera, Kepher, Kephr. Judah gave birth to Ephrath is like Khepr-Ptah

7. In Bat-Shua/Bathshua, first wife of Judah. Bat-Shua means daughter of Shua. The only Shua is Joshua, Hoshea, Yeshua, all three of which are Shu, thus Bat-Shua is the daughter of Shua, but actually the sister of Shu.
There is an Abishua who is many generations younger than Judah.
There is an (Malkishua/Melchishua, Malchishua) of Kish (Kush, Cush) who is many generations older than Judah.

8. In Bathsheba of Ham/Kham/Khem/Kem. Bathsheba wife of Uriah, then wife of King David and mother of King Solomon, Prince of Peace, ancestor of Jesus.
All forms of Bathsheba are a form of the Queen of Sheba of whom Solomon had relations with. Thus so did Judah and David, which is why they claim rulership, through the female.

9. In Shunem and in Shunammite Abishag. She was important beyond being the prettiest woman in the land and an unplucked virgin. She represented the key to rulership. This is known through King Solomon who said giving Abishag to Adonijah was the same as asking for the kingdom, chief priest and captain of the host.
Rulership through the female is attested to many times by male Israelites who married and/or had children with females from Ethiopia, Egypt, Ammon and other places that were supposedly not of the lineage of Abraham.

10. In Elishama/Elishua as Shu and Shu-Ma. Elisha is an abbreviation of Elishama
Elishama is Hoshama of Jehoiakim
Elishama is of the seed royal because of his father, Jeconiah is the brother of King Zedekiah. They and their father are from a lineage of Kings and Queens as follows:
(Jehoiachin (Jeconiah/Coniah), Zedekiah) of (Jehoahaz/Johanan, Eliakim/Jehoiakim & Nehusta, Mattaniah (became Zedekiah), Shallum) of (Josiah/Josias & Hamutal) of (Amon & Jedidah of Adaiah from Boscath) of Manasseh (& Meshullemeth/ Meshillemoth of Haruz of Jotbah) of Hezekiah of Ahaz of Jotham of Azariah of Amaziah of Joash of Ahaziah of Joram of Jehoshaphat of Asa of Abia/Abijam of (Rehoboam & Maachah) of Solomon (& Naamah an Ammonitess of Lot's lineage) of David (& Bathsheba/Bathshua of Ammiel) of Jesse who is (Nachash, Nahash, King of Ammon) of Obed of Boaz (& Ruth) of Salmon/Salma (& Rachab) of Nahshon/Naasson of Amminadab of Ram of Hezron of Pharez of Judah (& Tamar)

Zedekiah is related, through form, to high priest Zadok and Mechizedek.

The original Elishama of the seed royal is of Ammihud of Laadan of Tahan of Telah of Rephah of Beriah of Ephraim of Joseph (& Asenath) of Jacob Israel (& Rachel).
This Elishama is father of Nun and the original Ishmael, and grandfather to Yeshua (Jesus), Joshua, Hosea

11. In Tamar as marta, merta, Martha. Martha, is one of the mothers and sisters of Jesus. Take your pick in your logic. It's all Good (God).

12. In Moses as Moshe as Mashu.

All this is to say five things

1. Christ as the ever-coming one is everywhere as the masculine positive christ and everywhere as the feminine negative christ. Two of these christs are twins as sister and brother. Two are twins as mother and father. They are the Family of Four who make up the four inseparable aspects of the Supreme Being, the quarternary genetic code of the Universe.

2. What is first, is and always will be the majority; however, for brief periods of time, it is denigrated and made to seem like the minority. For some time now, this has been flipping, reversing as part of the overall climate environmental change. Now, not only is female ascending in revelatory prominence, so also are other lasts that, for most of history have been first.

3. None of this takes place without a fight, as pressure tension builds and the first insists, while the last resists and refuses to yield. This same uprising and downsizing is written in, by and of the stars, the masters of the universe in the mistress of the waters.

4. Rising stars sing, Ain't no stopping us now.

5. In two senses of the word, we are now in the stage of frequent and less frequent miracles, many of which will be misunderstood as anomalies, science fiction and illusions, yet since human bullshit is thick, words of truth will continue to cut right through it, down to the quick, causing bloodlettting and other outpourings of liquid essences to occur.