If you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else you understand will only confuse you. - Neely Fuller

We need something to clarify everything for us, because we get confused...but if we use the concept of Asili, we will understand that whatever it is they are doing, whatever terms they use, however they come at you, you need to be thinking about what? How is this going to facilitate their power and help them to dominate me? -Marimba Ani

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Secrets Of The Sacreds
Unity Consciousness #2833

(9azzzzzzzzzzzzt of 11)

We've already shown that sacred is the same word as scared and scarred.
Earlier forms are kherit and Kharred.

We now expand sacred to be the same word as secret and to mean the same thing as secret.
Secrets are sacreds are sakh reks, sekh reks, Khekh rek, Sekh Rekh. The primary sekh rekh is water, blood and other liquid essences; however all four primordials are sekh rekhs (sacreds).

Some of the many other words now more easily recognizable as related to sacred are words such as (Khu ret, rut, rek), secretive, sacrifice, Khut, Khebt, Khem, two truths, Maat.
Secret has a societal meaning of hidden, thus it must also have the meaning of revealed. All synonyms and antonyms of sacred, secret, hidden and revealed, such as concealed, veiled, glass darkly, shed light, coverup, exposed, out of the closet, out of sight out of mind, come to mind, blocked, undercover, are the powers and functions of water, earth, fire and air, celestial bodies, elemental souls of life formed of spirit-soul and all creations.

I am less concerned about what is hidden by humans and more interested in what is revealed by superhumans and is being revealed by superhumans.

We are always in a period of time when revealed and hidden are taking place, increasing, decreasing and trading places. Now is a time for an accelerated change rate of this activity.
Discussed elsewhere in detail, the movie “Get Out” shows us that each time people begin to wake up and remember their true selves (get out of their sunken place), individuals, institutions and the society move quickly to administer another dose of logic to put them back to sleep. Brainwashing comes to us continuously in our societies. We call it culture, education, news.
The sunken place is one or more layers beneath the surface of awareness outside the dimension of needed understanding. The understanding can be sensed but not grasped. Sunken places are forms of the hidden, the secret and are numerous. They are near and far, large and small. Some are called womb, subconscious, abyss, amenta, heaven, hell, holy of holies. All of them are sacred and contain secrets that are interchanging between hidden and revealed.

What is hidden and revealed is tied to continuously changing cycles of motion (periods of time) This hiding and revealing of sacred secrets is more noticeable the larger the cycle that is changing. Cycle is circuit is ser Khut, sar khut, har khut, Har-Khuti, the Lord of Lords of each Age. Spirit-soul is hiding and revealing sacred secrets throughout the dimensions of self, all else, natural world, earth, celestial, superhuman and human, even as the last vestiges of societies being able to fool most of the people all the time, are weakening to the severing point, aided and abetted by being afraid which frays the tie that binds illogic. Word spells are being broken and some people are snapping out of it, hopefully in enough time to avoid being caught relying on a Titanic sinking society monstrosity that does not have enough know-how and wherewithal to save even the most favored in the favored group. Remnants will survive who are preparing by heeding the warning signs that have existed since the inception infection of each society. These are not hidden secrets because they have been revealed many times in each society and in societies before them. Even civilizations (humans harmoniously aligned for a long time) decline when multiple cycles (combinations of spirit-soul) come together, as they always do are doing right now knock many Humpty Towns down using their own momentum so that they can't be put back together by all of the societal logic, experts, authorities, politicians, military, police, doctors, professionals, businesses, CEO's, geniuses, money, resiliency, scholars, scientists and citizens (king's horses and king's men).