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Monday, April 25, 2016

Who Is Crazy And Who Is Not?
Changing The Mental Health Conversation
Unity Consciousness #670


(Part 1 of 5)

What are we really saying when we say someone or something is crazy?
We're saying it doesn't match our logic.
(In other words, it does not compute.)
Our logic (A) does not match another person's logic (B).
This is not enough of a basis for either A or B to be considered crazy.*
This is a basis upon which more understanding can be sought. This information will result in knowing more about the differences between logic A and logic B.

Some Reasons For Being Crazy

Just as all of us have some degree of physical illness, all of us have some degree of mental illness.

The information our mental logic uses has been tampered with by mis-education. This is one reason.
Malnutrition is another reason.
We do not always choose to follow the spirit of the higher self. This is the third reason and enough for now.

Until we correct our mis-education, get the nutrition we need and choose conscience over ego, our minds will continue to operate using corrupted data and instructions, low energy and less than the best guidance.
These conditions foster cellular imbalance, thus mental imbalance, thus mental illness, thus, enough reason for all us being crazy to some degree.

Yes, Mental Can Stem From Physical And/Or Spiritual Imbalance

All illness is the result of imbalance.
”Physical and mental illness is viewed primarily as a form of disorder or imbalance resulting from disunity between mind and body, the individual and society, or humans and spirits. A proper diagnosis of the root causes of disease requires an investigation of social relations and spiritual transgressions.”
Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) pp. 448-449.
Mind-centeredness and closed-mindedness are twin dysfunctions that will lead some to conclude they have no part in craziness and that craziness is not part of their being. The extent of their thought process is to tell themselves, “I'm not crazy because crazy people talk to themselves.”
In doing so, they have both proven and disproven their own conclusion.

*Crazy is a suboptimal term used to refer to a person's mental state overall or to a specific behavior or thought. I am using the term “crazy” in that same context.
The term is suboptimal because it is designed to be inconsistently applied – and it is.
The term is also suboptimal because it merely serves as a label for that which is not understood and/or is feared.
The term is inappropriate because there is not a mirror image metaphor by which the term may be confirmed. (For example, if it is true some people are crazy in their minds because they talk to themselves, then there must be a mirror image elsewhere in the natural world such that another aspect of creation is also crazy for the same reason.)

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”Are People Who Talk To Themselves Crazy?, Changing The Mental Health Conversation, Unity Consciousness #671”

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