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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Standing In The Back Of The Natural Resource Line
Unity Consciousness #604


Money is simply a means of exchange for goods and services.

Whoever does not yet understand natural resources are a basic need has not yet grown up.
Why would we place our need for basic needs into the hands of other people, especially those who cannot be trusted to do right by the ecosystem, the only place from which these natural resources can be obtained?

Why not just go directly to the Earth and get what we need?
Are we still not capable of using the natural resources of self and the natural resources of Earth to secure basic needs?
Who is more developed, those who do or those who don't?
Who is better off?
When we exchange our personal natural resources for money and forgo the ability to use them to secure our basic needs, we are choosing to stand in the back of the natural resource line.

Natural resources are primary creation and are of primary consideration constantly every day.
As plain as this fact is, we still miss the point by a wide margin.
We miss the point of joining our natural resource abilities with the natural resource abilities of Earth to take care of ourselves.

We don't have land or we don't use it for food. We don't have our own water and we don't make our own clothing and we have no means of heating and cooking and obtaining shelter except via money.

But never mind all that because we have money. And there's a human-made system set up that is ill-fittingly superimposed on the Creator-made ecosystem. All we have to do is step out of the back of the line (feeling intelligent and free) and go to someone ahead of us who has a job and who will give us money in exchange for our natural resource abilities so we can then take that money and go to someone else in front of us and get the natural resource abilities of Earth we need. This is why we are in such constant distress about money. If we at least had some land and water, when money was short, we could at least walk right outside and get resources from our own land. However, when we choose to stand in the back of the natural resource line, money is our only option.

There is no one behind us in the natural resource line except our children. We lie to Ancestors, to ourselves and to our children by teaching our children to remain with us in the back of the line because that's how you get a better life – choosing a subordinate rank to give thanks for making bank while being a have who has not because we can't risk losing our position at the flank.

Every person we rely on for a product or service or job or utilities, is, in turn, relying on natural resources from us and Earth in order to provide those same things to us via the money route.

Why not move to the front of the natural resource line where we belong, where there is nothing between our natural resource abilities and the natural resource abilities of Earth?

Slow down for a minute from making a living and consider this:
No one who has direct access to the natural resource abilities of Earth is going to pass natural resources to the back of the line when the terminally-ill economic systems of most countries break down completely and/or when climate change catches up with our lackadaisical, crisis-inviting nature. It won't happen. No, not even from the mythical savior-esque, calvary-colored government. Faith, hope and trust in others will not cause them to return the favor. All services, including water, will stop flowing immediately. Why? Because all services are money-driven and no one will go to work because money will be worthless as a means of exchange for goods and services but not worthless as kindling, soil amendment and toilet paper.

Both Earth and the money system have been telling us for several generations, what time it is.
It's past time to have some self-respect and create our own lines, individually and communally, starting from the ground up and from the within to the without so we can make a living with what the Creator gave us so then we can be about destiny.

Money is not a basic need. Every genius who knows their genius, knows this.

How many degrees of separation are there between us and each natural resource we need?
One is too many unless we are certain every person/business between us and a basic need will be there for us through thick and thin, money or not and will barter with us, when that's all there is. Even if they will barter, what will we exchange? If we think our labor will be valuable think again? There will be an overabundance of labor and a shortage of resources being transformed into basic needs. For the few who might be able to find work, an hour's work will be valued at far less than minimum wage.

In review:
The many problems most of face when attempting to satisfy basic needs is not due to a job or money or lack of natural resources or the lack of the means and understanding to transform natural resources into what we need. None of these things are the problem. The problem is a contexture problem. Our contexture problem stems from the source of all our problems – which aspect of spirit (twin power) we continue to choose to follow. We ignore the truism, “insanity is expecting different results while doing the same thing.” We mistakenly think we are doing things differently but are not doing so fundamentally at the foundation of what life and existence is all about and what drives and determines all life processes.

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