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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, December 14, 2015

The ABC's & 123's To Know How Do You Defeat An Ideology
Unity Consciousness #563


A person, couple, family or nation operates based on multiple ideologies. How did those ideologies come into existence? The process that brings understanding to that question is the same process to know how you defeat an ideology.

Most ideologies a person has, comes from another person through that other person's translation or interpretation. Some ideologies come from each person's genetic workings of spirit, body, emotion and mind. Nowadays, this way of knowing has been mostly set aside by human imbalanced reliance on each other for ideologies. In general, this is not a bad thing, we are supposed to rely on each other; however, this outward reliance must be combined with the inward reliance double-checking genetic processes of spirit, body, emotion and mind. In other words, each person's reliance on another must always be compared to the original source of all ideologies – our spirits, bodies, emotions and minds translating knowledge from universal spirits, bodies, emotions and minds.

Now we can appreciate the originally obvious: the acceptance or rejection of ideologies is not pre-established within a person at birth. (See ”Right By Default”)

The acceptance or rejection of an ideology has far less to do with the ideology than it does with the contextual view and character conscience of the person. Briefly, on the point of contextual view, as a person matures, the person must compare the context from which s(he) is being taught to the context that matches the natural universal self. Simultaneously, as each person matures, the person is supposed to move away from simply swallowing each thing handed down, across or inherited for consumption and move more towards selecting what is consumed and ensuring it is thoroughly chewed before swallowing (taking it deeply within so it can take up residence and become a part of the living cellular network). This requires knowing what you are capable of which requires knowing who you are. It requires an understanding of the foundational fundamental key metaphorical way of knowing process of know yourself.

Most post-modern societies of today (misnamed civilizations rather than civil-lie-nations) do not have a know yourself process. In fact, these societies purposely interfere with such a process because knowledge of self does not allow for a static status quo that merely shape-shifts. As a result, the connective tissue link to the primary mechanism for knowing what ideology is the way things are supposed to be, is missing, thus, the person, couple, family or nation is unable to connect issues (ideologies) properly – only in a continuing interpretative way rather than translative way.

We know this when societies decry wolves are in the thickets while shrinking to accommodate the lower universal rather than expanding to accommodate the higher universal. The goal is to defend the way things are rather than how they are supposed to be.

A. If you want to defeat an ideology, understand the thought process of how you have come to accept or reject ideologies within yourself.

B. If you want to defeat an ideology you must compare, contrast and analyze the context of yourself and do the same for the person, couple, family or nation and the ideologies they accept or reject. In other words, you must find out where you came from and then compare that to where others are coming from. If it is not the same place, ideologies you accept or reject will be misplaced and self will efface to even further self-disgrace.
You must look at the character conscience of yourself and others.

Another way to say the same thing is this: An ideology can only be defeated by an ideology that is of a higher spiritual nature. If any other approach is taken, three things will always happen:
1. The ideology that replaces that one currently in vogue will only be of a temporary nature.
2. The ideology that replaces the one currently in vogue will be self-destructive. This destruction will be greater than the destruction caused by the one currently in vogue.
3. If the ideology that was replaced was of a higher nature than the one that replaced it, the former will return. The higher nature is the stronger force. It can't be held back forever no more than water can be held back forever behind human-made dams. To attempt to do so only builds up ever-increasing walls of ideologies unable to withstand the pressure of power of something as fundamental as (c)osmosis. This buildup of primary power against secondary power leads to inevitable structural and societal failures. All ancient and not-so-ancient empires, prior to those in existence today, are proof positive of this natural law that always replaces disorder. Consider this, if order can be established out of chaos or a Big Bang and nothingness, how much easier is it to restore order to a once or twice ordered disorder? Do we not understand practice makes perfect for the Creator also? How can we, who accept the ideology of a Creator spirit, also believe the spiritual physical realities of the as above so below that extended that Creator spirit throughout the universe and down to earth, only applies to the extent of our human-created religious ideologies?

As a further example, all three of the 1-2-3 above, we have found to be true in terms of gender discrimination. Review it for yourself. We are also going to find these three things to be fully true in terms of racism. We will also find these three things to be true about all other ideologies that are of a suboptimal lower-self source such as various religions, political perspectives and how humans are supposed to interact with all other aspects of nature.

C. Ideologies are defeated as the person, couple, family, nation, world and universe are completed. This, the Creator knows which is why the essential know yourself process of human beingness is being restored. This process includes upheaval, cleansing, restoring and fulfillment. The revolution that has existed for hundreds of years, continues. The evolution that has existed for thousands of years, continues. To impede is not to succeed. That which has impeded will be succeeded.

For the unsuspecting, trusting seeker of salvation, not yet an initiate of learning:
When you trade one jacked up context for another, you are simply deciding which poison you can swallow without vomiting. Stomach retching, now so common, becomes normalized and insanely acceptable as long as nothing that shouldn't be within, ever comes out in a manner that allows you to connect cause and effect.

Killing leaders and killing every person who possess an ideology does nothing but kill people. It does not defeat an ideology.

Hitlerism that existed before Hitler still lives after Hitler under the name of racism and other lower-self discriminations just as surely as slavery still exists under a multitude of names, especially in places promoted as the free world.

A sure sign of not being free is to be told you are free, yet understanding is imprisoned by ideologies. Even the ideology of what freedom really is, is imprisoned, truncated and redacted. It is one thing to be told you are free and to believe it and it is an entirely different thing be told the information that makes one free and to know it. It is one thing to be free and another to be subjected to thousands of human ideology-based laws per municipality and to simultaneously be under the jurisdiction of several municipalities (local, county, state, federal). A nation of laws indeed. Freedom, no.

Now to return to the Giri So physical in order, to return to the So Dayi spiritual:
Ideologies are not born out of the physical, they are born out of the spiritual. As long as spiritual conditions are awry, so also will ideologies be out of rhythm with the highest universal powers farthest away and closest to you. As long as spirits are off, the physical will be off and humans will go off. Many will behave as a group in a continuing systemized institutionalized way and others will behave as individuals in a continuing systemized institutionalized way. In other words, do not be deceived by the few who are pointed out for you to focus on. Systemized institutionalized ideologies are always the impetus behind behaviors that last more than a minute.** These ideologies are what the person wants, what the couple wants, what the family wants and what the nation wants.

If the statement is true: In earth as it is in heaven, and it is, then it is also true that the imbalance in earth can only be rectified by being tied to and verified against the spiritual nature of the higher self above. This is the square and scales of Maat.

Trust not the town criers. Rejoin all your sensing into one so neither one leads you astray.

It is faulty fatal flaw logic to think that more “intelligence” as in more “information,” is the answer and appropriate response to address incompatible ideologies, unless intelligence means higher self intelligence.***

As said several times before and above, “How do you defeat an ideology?” is a long-standing universal question with a short in coming universal solution. The fact that this question is now being asked is a sign that the same thing must also be getting asked in the heavens above by the lower self whose season is coming to a desperate close and the lower self by which it is being deposed is merely a segue to the originals of ideologies.

**If we believe that most people do not hold the same beliefs as those who are out of alignment with the universal then a few things must also be true:
1. The majority of “decent” people are unwilling to exert their will in the society. The definition of majority is the most people who adhere to a particular ideology, thus each person can be in the majority for some ideologies and in the minority for other ideologies.
2. The minority maintains control by being willing to physically kill members of the majority and harm them in other ways. The minority is afraid of the majority.
3. The majority is afraid of the minority, thus the “decency” of the majority, which is of a supposedly universal nature, is overruled by the indecency of self-preservation and slow degradation and the also costly expense of passing on worsening conditions to others by allowing the minority to remain while time, resource abilities within self and resource abilities outside of self are still available to do something about it.

Even at its strongest, fear is a weak force and now, it is also a fading force against decent people – those who are in the universal majority.

***For every person, truth is, we balk at the incompatibility of ideologies between ourselves and another person but we gloss over, hide, deny and justify the incompatible ideologies within self even to the point of using plausible deniability for self against self.

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