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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Barack Obama's Speech on Race in America

And then the wind came after a long, doubtful period. It started in constellations moved through the poles and across the hemispheres. Rain followed. Slow, unrelenting, promising rain. Unlike before it soaked into the fiber of folks. Perhaps it was their souls that drank deeply with a thick thirst for solutions.

Barack Obama's Speech on Race in America is one of the greatest speeches ever written. It blends history, intelligence, spirit, intuition, passion and leadership. It is brilliant and powerful. It saturates the senses and all we know in part and all we pray for. This is not the character of someone wanting the presidency for his own sake but to guide a desperately needed, democratic difference. Yet, this speech is about much more than race. It is about right and wrong. Things civilized and great societies master.

And the winds were the spirits of JFK, MLK, Mandela, Lincoln, Ghandi, Wells and those we never celebrate. They fight and defend freedom, equality and justice in any form just because of who they are and just because of us.

And the rains were truths sustaining life one drop and one difference at a time. Individual choices and single truths, though seemingly small, nurturing us all. Those who drank moved towards the horizon of hope and closer to each other.

Barack Obama has already been a blessing for this country. His character has defined him as a champion. Champions overcome personal challenges. Barack Obama has the qualities and capabilities to lead America back to the future the forefathers put forth in the Constitution and further back to the foundation of humanity.

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