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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vacant Land & Vacant Dreams

There was a piece of land, unoccupied by man. Signs went up. Little orange and red flags appeared. Men with trucks stood pointing and staring. Somebody had spray painted the ground. Trees disappeared overnight. Many moons later and nothing. So it seemed. Then trucks returned. Bigger trucks unloading stuff. Equipment took turns playing in the dirt. Concrete flowed. Lots. No turning back now. The investment grew but what was at stake did not. Nails were hit, some were not. Machine power gave way to shovels and rakes and then pen and paper.

Everyone has a piece of land. Private property. A buildable lot in life. We can keep hope alive but never step outside comfort, convention or 3-dimension. We can hold on to the raw materials that create reality from dreams. Never invest resources into our field of dreams. Watch. Wait. Or we can participate, improve our lot, don't stop.

Unlike vacant land, Vacant Dreams cannot be sold or passed on once we're old. They dissipate, the way heat escapes on our way to growing cold.

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  1. That's is so true. Never thought of it like that. Now you got me thinking...about my dreams being built upon.

  2. I'm glad. I love these pure reactions and responses.


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