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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shakespeare: Nothing Compares to You

Don't compare yourself to Shakespeare. That's what I was told but why not? Who should I compare myself to? Perhaps someone who doesn't embrace their gifts. Would that satisfy those who find it incredulous that one less esteemed, or so it seems, would consider any similarity with one of great esteem?

Relax. I don't want to be William Shakespeare and I don't want to write or create like him. What I want is breathing room to let creativity take shape unencumbered and to let creativity unencumber shapes already taken. We all have a measure of talent and attributes that help or hinder. What makes the difference? Why don't opportunities, their type or their absence always lead to obvious outcomes? For these and other reasons I compare myself to everyone well-known, lesser known, on point, near the point and off point.

I can't be Shakespeare, although we have more in common than in contrast. Thankfully there's a third component: divine differences that make it possible for nothing to compare to you, me or Shakespeare.

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1 comment:

  1. Well spoken and who knows, if you subscribe to some of the edicts of past life regression as myself, you could have BEEN William Shakespeare! Nonetheless as you said the gift goes on...just keep on typing as you have with a cool head and a warm heart. Godspeed.


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