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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Giving Up & Spiritual Death

When our spirit leaves and we “die,” it is sometimes referred to as giving up the ghost. Clearly we can die long before then as a result of giving up in numerous ways.

In Tyler Perry's movie, The Family That Preys, one of the many many themes is “giving up.” Very briefly: A parent giving up on a son. A person giving up the battle to disease. A mother giving up her life for her children and children's children. A man giving up on life after loss of job, family and identity. Persons giving up prejudices. Sister giving up on sister. A daughter giving up on home training. A wife giving up love she had. A wife giving up on love she never had. A husband giving up way too much trust. A husband giving up not enough trust. An employee giving up climbing up the wrong way. An employee giving up other people's business.

Physical death must come. Spiritual death does not. I wonder about spiritual death and spiritual leaving. What is the process? What goes on within the personality and character that allows the slow stifling and suffocation of our only faithful friend? What are some of the thoughts and feelings, the spirit has, when it decides to finally give up?

The Ghost Giving Up

I'm tired of offering, pleading
I need to scream
I'm from where truth came
So before mistakes and excuses
Become the aches death claims

After brief hugging, squeezing
You're back to trusting fear
Humming the same lovely lyrics
Making tighter those velvet nooses
Having no use for a faithful spirit
Today's the day I'm outta here

What we succeed at or succumb to individually, affects the momentum and magnificence of the world.

Two Steps:
1. Scream at yourself then step towards your dreams.
2. Follow one thing you're not, that you have told your children.

Two Questions:
1. What are we building life on? Job? Retirement? Someone Else?
2. What is the most important thing?

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  1. It's pure hell when the spirit and flesh do battle and because the spirit never forces it's will, the temporal often wins leaving the soul weary, frustrated and ironically doomed to repeating the same destructive actions. As you stated, fear definitely plays a big part. I really identified with the line in your piece "After brief hugging, squeezing You're back to trusting fear". I really don't quite understand either how the process of spirit desertion develops. Why fear, which robs us of everything, is so damn comfortable. Maybe our parents are our first teachers. I know mine were and my spirit has struggled ever since.

    I saw "The Family that Preys" and your words regarding the movie completely and succinctly capture the essence of this film; a film my "spirit" was strongly attracted to. I also dug your two-step program. I'm still trying to understand step two. Maybe you can elaborate or better yet leave me to figure it out on my own.

  2. Fear seems to prosper because it requires nothing of us except to do nothing, make no changes, avoid being better, avoid trying, make no effort, continue doing, thinking and being the same.

    Stay in contact with yourself, your spirit by consciously communicating with the spirit and by allowing time, quiet time, for the spirit to communicate with you and understanding will come because you are seeking.

    I am sending energy your way. Consider it thanks for the energy you provide.


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