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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spirituality's Connection With Nature

I need to get out. My spirit needs country air filtering through trees to breathe. For the past year, I've had a hunger only nature can satisfy. There is a longing for groups of trees and native things. I remember being more aware of the mutual respect each time darkness and lightness exchange the baton of prominence. I remember dogs living outside and barking at night, something the neighborly dogs don't do 'round here. Mostly I remember there's something different that takes place when you step outside in the country. Something imperceptible happens when you greet the natural world with appreciation, look around and breathe deeply, reflexively. The earth breathes with you, the way a parent matches their breathing to the child resting on their chest.

Completing Moments, a poem about connecting with nature.

Two Questions:
1.Are spirituality and nature connected?
2.Should we reconnect with the land?

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  1. Hello Usiku,
    I just found your site - am glad you left a message on my new blog, that's how I found you - this is wonderful. Beautiful worlds, beautiful thoughts, beautiful words. I look forward to returning often and reading all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your views, your blessings.

  2. "I need to get out" is indeed an interesting choice of words on many levels and I know a few including myself who can relate. Because of our severed connection with the earth's first born, we've suffered in ways we don't even understand yet and reconnection is imperative. Wouldn't it be great to see that in the stimulus plan? Okay I'm trippin'. I agree with Gin, the way you shaped your words around your thoughts is pretty beautiful. Cool.

  3. I think I foreshadowed my own truth with that statement and as the gods tend to do, saw no reason in withholding a request that I was not fully careful in making. See Spirit Talkin'.

    Restoring the economy to an even healthier state than it was when we thought it was healthy would only add to the belief of what else we can and need to accomplish. The current stimulus plan is a step in the right direction so may we benefit from its ripple effects and be truly restored.


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