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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Love: Limitless, Spiritual, Virtual

Valentines Day. A day amongst all days to celebrate love is a fabulous thing; however, the hullabaloo of this day is usually centered around the type of love where both partners are still alive. That is shortsighted and insensitive. The following poem considers the strength and beauty of those who have physically lost a loved one. Virtual Love captures the essence of true love -a love not subject to the whims of those always looking for something new in their relationship instead of being the newness themselves. It describes a love that is flexible, adaptive, spontaneous and virtually anything the relationship requires that keeps it real.

There is only one valid Valentines Day type of love under any circumstance - a spiritual love that remains strong – a love that transcends dimensions – one that is made better and more beautiful by the aspects of love you feel, know and understand but don't touch. Though Valentines Day is heralded by romantics it is held together by the hearts of those who truly love and share that with their spiritual connection.

Virtual Love

Only death
will separate me from
your embrace
and then
only partially and briefly.

I will rise
in our new reality
search for you

Just think my name
in the barest breeze
and feel my joy
tickling the tops
of trees.

If your second incarnation
is lightning
joining earth and ozone
then let mine be thunder
rolling over Blue Ridge Mountains.

Virtual Love, The Video
Virtual Love, The Connection

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  1. It's fascinating to know an author's thoughts behind his creation and even more fascinating when his words are "flexible, adaptive,and spontaneous" enough to include the interpretation of all who wish to draw meaning from them. I felt kinda disgusted by Valentine's Day this year perhaps more than I did last year. Too many Hallmark commercials I guess, but you're right, Valentine's Day should celebrate real love that transcends not depends on something that has attached conditions. I looked at "Virtual Love" in a new, more meaningful way and that was exciting. Maybe I didn't miss out on this day after all.

  2. It is fascinating to authors to know reader's thoughts and the impact the author's writing has had on the reader.

    Feedback and dialogue are important to ensure the link between spirit, artist and reader continue to evolve and enhance us in all ways the power of creation and appreciation are capable of doing.

    It is important for us to provide feedback more to artists we appreciate including singers, novelists, television, movies, etc. Asante Sana.


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