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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pleasures of Nature

Nature is not just for the pleasure and contemplation of poets. Anyone can spend more time doing fewer things to allow room for the healthy pleasure of peaceful, unwinding moments. Restoration and appreciation can come from being very active with nature or from low-key relaxing. Either way it gives our spirit time to talk to us. Nature rejuvenates the spirit. It feeds the spirit. With this energy and downtime from the daily grind, our spirit is able to sort through the notes posted in our subconscious and provide clarity and guidance.

When it comes to benefiting more from nature, our haste has made us waste a vast amount of easy opportunities. Our tendency to hurry, along with our tendency to notice the same things over and over has caused us to pay more of our limited attention to birds, flowers and trees to the neglect of so much more of the readily available pleasures of nature.

Seeing the sun and moon is one thing but watching light and darkness switch places is witnessing the spiritual storytelling of rest and renewal. Each new night and each new morning another generation takes the exchange - never once dropping the baton.

Enjoying the transformation at dusk and dawn requires a slower gear and another level of awareness. Establishing a rapport with the wind is no different. If I weren't so busy I could prepare to learn from the wind instead of entreating it to tell me where it has been. I wouldn't lament it either when the wind seems heavy-handed. I'd thank the wind for its importance to every kind of weather. I'd mimic its constancy and change paces with the easygoing breezes, breaths and wisps. Each time it passed by, I'd welcome it as a natural reminder to the plentiful pleasures of nature.

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  1. I think this is what the fourth commandment regarding the Sabbath is all about. The Creator knew that nature or being in the natural really does replenish our spirit making our appreciation of it powerful enough to require attention and provide peace simultaneously. Your words themselves provide peace and the music is awesome.

  2. Yes, remembering the Sabbath Day is about resting, slowing down, not being so busy. It is an essential part of the process of freeing our minds and allowing our spirits room to get back in touch with the creation in nature and the creation in ourselves.

    I'm glad this post brought forth a response. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love reading Pleasures of Nature it's beautiful. As I was reading I remembered the times I would drive to the lake at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise. I recall how it made me feel so much better about life after watching something so amazing. Each time I would return home rejuvenated and ready for the world. I totally agree with you the elements of nature can be food for the spirit.

  4. We love that you have shared the impact and the effect these words had within your mind and spirit. It is our desire that many others who read these posts and think something or feel something will share so others may benefit. Even when it's not agreeable. We're not looking for deep, we're looking for discussion and exploration.

    I hope you will feed your spirit what it needs. Go back to the waters and participate. Become fond of the wind.

    Asante Sana!


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