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Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson: The Man in the Music

Michael Jackson Died

I was told Thursday evening. Though saddened, I refused to give his death more of my sorrow than any of the thousands who die daily. I listened to television media reports because I didn't know what else to do.

On Friday I had two conversations that centered around Michael and honoring someone's life which means we take action to better ourselves. A third conversation centered around the question, “What does it take to live?”

Michael Jackson's Music

On Saturday something urged me to listen to music. Michael Jackson's HIStory was right there. Part 2 is my 10-year old's music of choice while exercising. I have yet to tell him Michael's music got me through many workouts before he was born.

It is useless to be good or great at anything unless it extends beyond the accomplishment itself and enriches life. Michael's music obliterates that criteria. The softness and rawness of his voice draws you in while his ability to fill the music with nuance infuses you with vibrancy.

Michael Jackson, The Man

Michael is not the cute boy singing ABC or moonwalking. Michael is one with the beat because he is one with himself. Michael was one before he learned his ABC's. We all are. Our “growing up” from our spiritselves limits our understanding of a grown man who bravely ”loves in such elementary ways.”

Michael is a genius in so many ways. One of the ways he is a genius is that he is a child in so many ways. This allows him to maintain the purity of who he is as a man. He is a strong person, a loving person. This is what it takes to live.

Michael Jackson Lives

It is useless to be good or great at anything unless it extends beyond the accomplishment itself and enriches life. My son and I are 35 years apart but not while Michael's music is playing.

Tonight I dance a new dance – not because Thriller plays in the background – but because contemplating Michael's life helps me listen more carefully to my own beat. Michael is known for his music, but it is his message and his example of how to live that keeps him alive. HIStory continues...

I am thankful for his family and friends who supported Michael's safari. Without them the sadness we feel now would be much greater because we would have been completely without Michael.

Asante Sana Michael.

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