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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Give Everything To Your Dreams

Far too often we say but don't do. Fortunately, Dr. King did more than say he had a dream. He took real, tangible action. Most were untelevised. We know people attacked him with threats, jail and bombings yet he kept on doing something about his dream.

To hear us tell it, you'd think Dr. King's main thing was having a dream. A more accurate historical context for Dr. King is that he gave all he had to a dream.

Dr. King was led by his beliefs. He was not deterred by the physical dangers to him, his family and supporters, he understood the greater dangers that threatened millions more like me who would have a dream. Dreams that could help and heal this world. So he gave.

'I give you' is worth more than 'I love you'.
--Traditional Tutsi proverb from Rwanda.

Thankfully Dr. King is not remembered for saying I love you. His life and the millions of others who were murdered so we could have basic rights are at least worth giving everything to our dreams.


  1. Evident and true. This very notion was exemplified for me today while attending a parent/teacher at my son's school. One of the teachers expressed a need to have more catered school supplies on hand but that she lacked school support and money. One of the parents in the meeting immediately stood up and gave her a cash donation towards the supplies. The teacher was happily amazed to say the least as were the other parents who generously applauded this parents efforts. I'm assuming this parent was led by their inherent belief of how crucial education is and how important it is to support those that support ours. It was good to see and I'm sure Dr. King would have applauded too.

  2. Many of the things we can do don't require a lot of time, money or other resources. What else are we doing with these things anyway? What do we value: Loving our resources so much that we keep them or giving them to those trying to make positive differences?

  3. Additional thoughts:

    It's good to applaud for the runner but it's much better to hand him water.

    What would have been fabulous in the story you told is if others had been inspired enough to also donate a few dollars.


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