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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life Sentences #5

1. Wherever and whenever you find yourself, at least you've found yourself.
2. Exercise your brain and your body. Doesn't matter which one you do first just which one you do second.


  1. Interesting life sentence. In point number two it seemed as if one action automatically crosses out the other, but perhaps it's just the opposite? Crazy but this crossed my mind more than a few times last week and it still seems like its something to think about. Probably overthunk it.

  2. Asante for sharing the impact this post has had.

    Regardless of which one we start with, once we begin exercising the second one, then we've got something because we will be exercising both, which is the goal.
    So start with either one and continue to add the second one. Most often, one is left out so the second one is most important. It shows follow-through, completion and connection.
    By doing both we achieve greater efficiency, health, unity and an understanding that the two feed each other.


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