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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Disrobe And Feel The Naked Truth

Are you unable to sense your true reflection? Have you outfitted yourself with philosophies not made for your spirit? Disrobe and feel the naked truth.

Disrobe and uncover your basic nature. Remove the philosophical garments of peddlers.

Disrobe of history based on a teensy weensy 6,000 years. Feel the caress of the first civilization upon your skin.

Disrobe of rhetoric that causes you to not question life after death or life before death. Feel the faith flowing throughout nature trying to bring you back into the circle.

Disrobe of fear that keeps you moving, yet right here. Feel the fullness of forward.

Disrobe of any relationship you cannot feel the mutuality you desire/deserve.

Disrobe of fully following any system with rules that makes you the tool. Feel your worth.

Disrobe of notions of happiness based on prices not everyone can afford. Be fulfilled.

Disrobe of anything that doesn't allow soul, mind or body to move freely. Be free.

Disrobe of these beliefs. You can always put them back on quite easily. If you remove them for even one minute, you just might get a taste of the rejuvenating feeling that comes from your spirit bathing naked in the truth.

photo: pillars of creation in eagle nebula, eso0142b,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Need To Be With Someone

universal connection

One of our most touted traits as humans is that we are social beings. However true this may be, we are spiritual beings first. If there is a common thread for the planet and even the universe, it is spiritual. The Ancients strengthened their awareness of this connection by learning more about the natural and supernatural worlds. They sensed, that despite countless physical differences throughout these worlds, there was a greater similarity beyond the visual. Therefore, their first need was not to be social and to be with someone. Their greater need was to remain interwoven with the common thread. Even if they didn't understand everything, the Ancients followed their intuitive sense that all things above and below share a spiritual heritage and thus a need to remain in sync.

Being aware and seeking harmony with the spiritual component of life, places us right in the path of our purposes and passions. The collision is unavoidable. This alone led the Ancients to the thousands of discoveries that allowed them to grow and prosper. These discoveries were not as much discoveries (humans figuring them out) as they were revealings (human mind maturing, expanding and evolving the more it became in sync with everything else).

This is still available to us today. The more time we spend strengthening our communication with the spiritual, the more we will receive revealings of potentials and possibilities. It will happen because we will become aware of why we are and who we are. The soul will no longer search for itself in someone else. Harmony won't allow it. The overwhelming and constant need to be with someone in order to feel complete will then find its rightful, less dominant, resting place. It will only rise when it is well with our souls.