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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Food Fight With Seeds

Food Fight #23

What are Seeds?
Like two peas in a pod?
Yes and more!

Like two seeds in a pod

A seed is the same thing as a pea. Yet a seed is so much more. It is also the same thing as a bean, nut (even coconut), kernel, pit, germ, corn, grain, rice and oat, just to name a few. All root vegetables are also seeds such as potatoes, onions. garlic, turnip, rutabaga, carrots, ginger, beets, radishes, turmeric, parsnips, leeks, fennel, etc. Eggs are seeds.

Why are seeds important for health?

A seed is a jam-packed, power-packed, condensed packet of nutrients. It contains everything a plant needs to get off to a healthy start. Therefore, eating a seed is like eating the essence of the plant. A seed provides, pure whole energy for health, cleansing and healing.

This is why it's important to eat seeds or food made with 100% of the whole seed such as whole grain flour, cornmeal, bread, pasta, etc. and brown rice. Eating white flour and rice is like peeling the skin off your beans, peas and corn. It's like eating half your food or only what's in the center of your plate. Basically, don't remove any skin you can eat. It is edible because it is for your health. You even get more nutrients if you eat the thin brown skins inside peanut shells.

A little seed goes a long way

Eating seeds will stave off hunger. Why? Seeds enhance nutritional satisfaction, thus overall health, because seeds provide a variety of nutrients. Seeds help balance the diet. Secondly, it takes time for seeds and seed-laden food to be broken down by digestion into these nutritional components.

Ensuring seeds are a part of your daily diet will help prevent hunger caused by an empty stomach feeling and help prevent hunger caused by the cells asking for more nutrients. Nut seeds are also very useful as the perfect solution to a sweet craving.

A food fight with seeds used to occur more frequently. Nowadays some folks neglect seeds, especially beans, for flat out wrong reasons. Seeds are easy to get into the diet. Many require little to no preparation to enjoy. This is as intended so you don't destroy the goodness. Throwing more seeds around throughout your day is a good fight to pick.

Seeds of life, seeds as life

Seeds can sustain us physically and spiritually. All food has this magnificent ability. Seeds are the power and promise of life. A seed is an embryo, a fertilized egg, a baby, a life in waiting, a life for the giving, a life for the continuance and a life that fulfills the promise that nature does indeed contain all you need.