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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Aspirin® From Plants | A Living Diet Kills Pain

The main ingredient in Aspirin® is salicylic acid. Plants contain salicylic acid.

Aspirin® & Plants Comparison

Aspirin® is used to reduce fever, pain, inflammation and improve blood circulation, just to name a few of the reasons this drug is used.

Plants are part of the backbone of health. Plants help strengthen the immune system which helps fight infections which helps reduce the incidence of fever.

Pain and inflammation often occur together. Since we get most, if not all of our medicines from plants, why not let food from plants be our medicine* as the Creator intended.

By now we should know we are herbivores to a high degree. Humans have herbivore digestive systems. Many health problems are associated with too much dead meat in our diets, too many dead plants, not enough live plants and too many toxins. Eating as we're intended will improve how the body and mind function. It will improve circulation, digestion and all other systems.

Even though the salicylic acid in Aspirin® is obtained from trees, it is more than likely in trees in a powerful, concentrated, not easily accessible and not quickly renewable form because it is for infrequent use. It seems today, Aspirin® is overused.

Please be aware, Aspirin® is the brand name of Bayer. The ingredient in Aspirin® is also in many other products we use. See Medications Containing Aspirin and Aspirin-Like Products

Aspirin® (Salicylic Acid) Occurs Naturally In Plants

Food grown in the natural way as close to home as possible, eaten as soon as possible after harvesting and with little to no additional cooking will offer the highest amounts of all benefits the plants have to offer.

”Salicylic acid occurs naturally in fruits and plants, while diets rich in these are believed to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer [Plants assist in natural colon cleansing and detox]. The cancer-preventive action of Aspirin® is due to salicylic acid and that dietary [from food] salicylic acid can have the same effect. It is also possible that natural [from food] salicylic acid contributes to the other recognized benefits of a healthy diet.” (Paraphrased from Salicylic acid: a link between aspirin, diet and the prevention of colorectal cancer.)

Which Foods Contain Salicylic Acid?

Inflammation, Diet, and “Vitamin S”

Plant Protectors

Even though the above articles list certain foods that contain salicylic acid, the bottom line is, all plants need to protect themselves and therefore all plants must have some chemical properties to fight illness and promote their own overall health. We are supposed to eat plants in order to transfer these benefits into ourselves.

It is more than an apple a day that keeps the doctors away. Growing and eating plants in the natural way every day helps keep the need for Aspirin® at bay(er).

Medical History Notes

*Though Hippocrates* is attributed to this saying, Hippocrates probably stole this quote since he absolutely stole the title of Father of Medicine from Imhotep. Isaac Asimov acknowledges Imhotep as the Father of Medicine. Imhotep founded a school of medicine that remained famous for two thousand years before Hippocrates was even born. Imhotep wrote the medical document, misnamed Edwin Smith Papyrus. He also wrote many others. Also, see The Black Man Must Wake Up, Part 1 - Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan (Minute 6:30)

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