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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meaning Of Going Through Pain & Almost Getting Frostbite

When hands and feet are really cold, nearly frozen and then begin to warm, the feeling of relief usually progresses steadily. Why is it then, when you think you are about to reach full relief, there's a reversal to another increase of numbing pain? This pain, usually near the tips, finally reverses and slowly improves to full relief.

Throughout this time, it always seems to help to steadily flex those fingers and toes. It also helps to remember, once the warming process begins, pain becomes temporary.

This is also true of pain in general. Once the healing process begins, pain becomes temporary.

At first, pain is the worst ever. Then it gets better. Then, sometimes pain resurfaces, but if steady healing motions are continued, it finally gets better.

What always seems true is this. Going from the environment that causes or contributes to pain and moving into a neutral or healing environment, quickly begins to ease the pain.

Also, that second bout of pain, sorta like a relapse, is never as painful as the original pain. Getting to this point already proves you can handle this lesser version of the original pain.

Finally, the initial easing of pain is nowhere near as sweet and satisfying as getting all the way to healing. It is always worth it to never doubt, effort followed by effort to erase pain has lasting results.

Just like very cold hands and feet that hurt a lot, it's rarely as bad as it seems at the moment and a few steps in the right direction will begin to bring relief. Why should you linger in pain when any amount of effort is helpful?

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Going through pain is often the shortest path between sickness and health.

When fools feel convicted they turn to emotions to deaden painful truth even though pain is a necessary part of healing.

You live with hunger for life pains due to a spirit not getting its full fill meant as its purpose.

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