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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Creator God | List of Names & Summary

Summary Of Who Is The Creator?

1. Who Is The Creator? | First Basis Using Exodus 3: 13-15
We all have the same Creator. This is a fundamental commonality of creation.

2. Who Is The Creator? | Second Basis Using Creation
Since the Creator created all creation, humans have the same Creator as wind, rain, earth and sun. We have the same Creator as all existing in the heavens. We have the same Creator as plants, other animals, insects, bacteria and rocks.

3. Who Is The Creator? | Third Basis Using Genesis 1:27
God, as used by many, usually refers to male only. Creator, as used by me, always refers to female and male and spirit in one entity.

Expanding List Of Names I Sometimes Use For The Creator

...Abundant, Adro-Adroa, Altruist, Amma, Amen-Ra, Ancestor, Ancient One, Ankh Of The Covenant, Atum, Authority, Beautiful, Before & Forevermore, Creator, Creator God, Divine, Employer of Elements, Energy, Eternal Essence, Faithful One, First Eye, First Mind,Forever Young-Forever Old, God, Goddess Het-Heru, Goddess Nut, Great Giver Of Gifts, Great Natural, Great Strategist, Healer, Hapi-ness, Harmony, Higher Power, I in I, Judge Jury & Restitutioner, Justice, Lawgiver, Love, Manifest Essence, Master & Servant, Mother-Father, Mother Of Motion, Mother Truth, My Father & My Mother, Multi-One, Nameless & Uncreated, Nature, Natural World, Nourishment, Nun-Nunet, Nutrition, Nyame, One, One In All, Parent, Poet, Possibilities, Power, Ptah, Recorder of Deeds, Shakapanga, Soul Sister Brother, Spirit, Superpower, Supplier of Needs, Supreme Being, Supreme Spirit Being, True To Their Word, Triple Black, Truth, Uncreated...

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  1. While praying one day a woman asked, “Who are you, God?” He answered, “I Am.” “But, WHO is, I Am?” she asked. He replied, “I Am LOVE. I Am PEACE. I Am GRACE. I Am JOY. I Am STRENGTH. I Am SAFETY. I Am SHELTER. I Am POWER. I Am THE CREATOR, I Am THE COMFORTER. I Am THE BEGINNING AND THE END. I Am THE WAY, TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT.”
    With tears in her eyes she looked toward heaven and said, “Now I understand. But, who am I?” God tenderly wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered,
    “YOU ARE MINE.” ~ •Unknown•


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