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Monday, August 25, 2014

HTML | Two Columns Side By Side In Blog Post
Simple, Quick, Easy

This is for the HTML-challenged who do not want to become experts. If you want two columns side-by-side in a blog post, here's one way. Click here for the finished product that opens in a new window. The code is below. The beginning and ending of this HTML does not include all of the text in the finished product above and below the 2 column area.

Each user of this code might need to adjust “width” and “margin.” Play with it as a draft and save often.

Don't know if this displays properly on any browser or device. Any suggestions to simplify or clean up this code are appreciated.

Now, here's the pure code for those who do not need all my text:

Here's an idea. Unless it's already being done, someone interested in showing Blogger to Blogger Love could create a website for “HTML-Challenged Bloggers” that simply provides the final code solution for the many situations that come up. Help and forums are good but a lot to wade through and work through.

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