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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, December 28, 2015

Definition, Extension & Expansion Of Evolution's Process
Unity Consciousness #566


Although a spiritual war describes the bigger picture of what is going on in Earth and universe, a spiritual war is not the biggest universal picture.

The biggest universal picture is: that what is taking place in Earth and universe is an evolutionary process. Within this big picture evolutionary process is the seeking of understanding, the spiritual war and much more.

Understanding is what moves creation forward along the evolutionary path back towards unity consciousness, thus completion, thus transcending. This process is summarized by the Ancient Ancestors in several ways such as “know yourself,” “becoming Atum-Khepera,” “a2 + b2 = c2,” and “the counting system of 0 to 1 to 9 to 10 and then beginning again.”

First of all, in order for someone or something to evolve, that creature must enhance its “being” by becoming a better being. In order to become better, there must be a need incentive to become better. Need incentive is both self-generated through self-motivation and automatically generated by a free-will infused, karma influenced, changing universe.
Secondly, in order to become a better being, there must be better understanding of what beingness is about. This means there must be understanding of self. This understanding of self must be combined with the need incentive. These two must then use basic need resources (the 64 basic needs that are spiritual) in order to transform the imbalance into balance.* This enhances the being. As this occurs, the need incentive is automatically simultaneously transformed into another form. This then requires more understanding. In this manner, the process continues and repeats. As we grow in knowledge of self, not only is need incentive transformed, it is transformed into a truer and truer form just as the enhancing evolving being is transformed back into its truer and truer self. As the being continuously grows to know self, the being continues becoming better by becoming more complete. Understanding completes. This is the basic evolutionary process. This is evolution, higher level satisfaction, the highest salvation and what Hapi-ness is.

In the previous message, we are reminded adversity occurs due to a lack of understanding of self and from a lack of understanding others also have regarding themselves. All forms of adversity described in the previous message are the same as the adversity described in this message. It is the same adversity that is the built-in automatic need incentive in the universe. It requires us to do better and evolve into a higher vibratory form, otherwise not do better and de-evolve (devolve) into a lower vibratory form. There is no staying put.

We must be careful and certain to understand: no evolutionary process occurs on an island or as an island or as a single process for a single individual aspect of creation. All evolutionary processes affect each other, thus, it is still possible to do better and experience the effects of other less-evolved portions of self and/or less-evolved portions of others. This is the basic ecosystem, interrelated, interconnected, universal karma, cause and effect context of big picture and little picture events taking place for all of us.

In the heavens above, the evolutionary process began. Based on what we've just learned, we now know that if the evolutionary process began in the heavens, then the search for understanding of self and the automatic generation of need incentive must have also began in the heavens. They go together, come together, travel together, stay together and evolve together.
In the heavens above, need incentive came about in the form of Ogo/Yurugu. Ogo/Yurugu exemplifies what happens when power is used before and after information but before knowledge. A spiritual war is what happens. Impatience and false-notion-based pride turns the combination of power and lack of understanding into a collision which creates the haphazard rather than the harmonious. This is experienced throughout creation in many ways. Some call this good versus evil or God versus the Devil or lower versus higher or ego versus conscience or physical/carnal/material/worldly versus spiritual, or oddly as terrorism versus democracy/universal values. What the need incentive boils down to is spirit versus spirit. Not two spirits but two aspects of the one spirit, two sides of self or two dimensions on the same side. All these comparisons of pairs describe the same need incentive. It tells us more understanding of self is needed and necessary to evolve individually and collectively in order to transform and transcend what is taking place.
Since there will always be spirit, there will always be need incentive. For us this means, there will always be the need incentive to improve understanding of some aspect of self. This is another way to understand how evolution is ensured.

It is necessary to keep being reminded of context. Fundamental to understanding evolution is understanding the context that the Creator is in the midst of an evolutionary process.
This evolutionary process is taking place in the heavens above and everywhere Creation exists. For example, the evolutionary process is taking place inside water, sun, earth, air, plants and us. The evolutionary process of the Creator is playing itself out inside us and through us and from us. We affect how the process goes. Understanding gained by Creation extends and expands to the Creator. The Creator's understanding extends and expands to Creation and even moreso to the Initiate.
We are all part of the evolutionary process of the Creator because we are all part of the Creator. This makes us all part of one evolutionary universal process. Though this process is out of sync, all creation is still linked.
At this point, we must resist the tendency to tune out what we have not been tuned into. Evolution has always been taking place, thus, so has understanding. Current systems of education established by societies do not even begin to address evolution as it should be – which is from the perspective of the Ancestors through whom we all evolved and through whom evolved universities and the knowledge that goes with it. This is optimally, in theory and in practice, the African Utamawazo. Because we have been taught from a suboptimal approach, we hate our Ancient Grandparents, thus our own genetics and we distrust ourselves. We are so afraid of thinking deeper than the Giri So level, we do not ask enough questions from multiple sides and angles in order to properly provide what is necessary to carry out a more thorough thought process. We no longer exhaustively ask, ”Why?” or “Why not?” We are slip-sliding away down a de-evolutionary slope to the pre-K Giri So level where darkness has aged, encased in milky white ice. As a result, with our DNA coated, emotions bloated, minds ego-loaded and self-demoted, when we encounter something we haven't been taught by the treacherous tribes, we tend to rush headwrong to conclusion because the new information is making our ideologies hurt so much, we can't think straight. We reach for conclusions without reaching for answers to enough questions so our thought process will have enough understanding to work with. We continue on without analyzing the answers we are given or the inconsistency of each conclusion as it relates to our other conclusions. Questions and analysis are essential to evolution, thus they are essential to understanding. Is life and existence all about evolving? Is the Creator evolving? Are we part of the same evolutionary process as the Creator? How can there be wholeness of the personal without wholeness of the universal? How can there be oneness of self without oneness of all else? How can understanding of self as a being of creation be enhanced without understanding the Creator in every part of our being and in every part of all beings? How can the individual bring all things to bear for the betterment of self without the collective and how can the collective do so without the individual? Isn't the collective and the individual more than human?

The Creator is both collective and individual, One and Many. Creation is both Many and One, individual and collective.

Another way to extend, expand and repeat this is: Creation is, a stage, in the evolutionary process, of the Creator. Creation is a personal development stage in the life of the Creator.
Humans and all creation are for the purpose of helping the Creator evolve. This is our destiny: to return understanding to the Creator for the betterment of Self and evolution of Self. Evolution is the path and the way of the return journey home to oneness. In other words, eternal life “in paradise” is not about not sinning, it is about evolving by continuously increasing understanding of self, thus understanding of all else. In this manner, through understanding and evolution comes repentance, self-correction, less sinning, self-forgiveness and self-redemption of character and conscience, thus spirit soul is elevated by being vibrated higher on virtue. Just like everything else in the universe, what saves us, is within self. We are mirror image metaphors of our Maker.

It is inconsistent if we think humans can, should and do evolve, and yet, the Creator has no need to evolve. It is not possible for an aspect of creation to evolve and the Creator, from whom all came and in whom all things are contained, not also evolve. Everything is connected, everything is affected. This includes the Creator. The whole must at least evolve to the degree that the part comprises and affects the whole.

As above, so below. So below, as above. As within so without. So without as within. As above so within. So below as without.

*Imbalance is the same as inequality. Inequality exists among understanding of self, need incentive and basic need resources. These three triangular forces combine to affect the formulation of reality. This is expressed in the run to rise ratio used in the evolution of the per-neter (pyramid) long before Pythagoras plagiarized the formula from Kemet, Imhotep and the Kushites/Cushites. The run to rise ratio expresses the movement of One to Many and Many to One. The run to rise ratio, like all math is one of many evolutionary languages. When we think about evolution we must go beyond post-modern thought currently taught and realize Earth, universe and self are all evolutionary places built and based on math. Through math, such as the run to rise ratio, comes another way to express the ability of Creation to rise to its apex with the run to rise equation. It expresses the instability of reality when an aspect of creation uses a formula of inequality to construct things. Their structures and institutions are fundamentally, thus fatally, flawed and worthy of being condemned because height (basic need resources), length (need incentive) and angle (understanding of self) are not optimal (balanced). These societies and their structures, run, rise, fall and ruin quickly because their slope does not connect their position to the horizon nor the light of the world. These societies are at odds with primordial re-enforcers, who, through their evolutionary motions, allways disprove inequality as a lasting viable ideology as this stage of this Great Year comes nearer to completion. From this we know, that along with completion, comes evolutionary climate change on all levels necessary to solve the equation which turns inequality into balance and reestablishes rights of creation. Evolution is right now.

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