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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Progress Report On Most Nations
When A FIX Is Not Making Progress
Unity Consciousness #577


When the villainous track record of most nations is mentioned, someone will usually say, we're making progress. This is said despite all men, women, children and other creations not being treated equally.
I'm not sure how anyone can say a nation is making progress when the major institutions of the nation still interfere with the rights of certain people or other creations. If the major institutions are doing this, this means most of the people are doing this. A nation's institutions, including government, are just words that describe groups of people. No institution or government creates itself or carries out things by itself. The people do. No institution or government operates outside of the authorizing authority given to it by the people. Whatever an institution or government does, for more than a minute, is exactly what most of the people want. Most people in nations use their institutions and governments as plausible deniability to shield them from conscience.

Despite all the ongoing daily evidences which prove most nations are in continuous, defiant, unrepentant violation of the Rights of Creation, most people in these nations refuse to admit this, and instead, settle for the minimizing statement that we're making progress.

In other words, most people in these nations are willing to defend the use of poison behavior as long as they are the ones spreading the poison and they have protective clothing.

How can there be progress when the nation is both a democracy (whatever most of us want, the rest will have to abide by) and a republic (supposedly more respectful of individual rights)? These two forms of government are contradictory and, idealistically and in practice, are at cross-purposes with equality (harmony, balance, civilization, health, longevity...). A democracy and a republic are tenets of a terminal illness. In the making of these nations, they have made it impossible to progress.

We're Making Progress As A Nation Is Another Constant Lie

Most nations have systemic endemic structural problems that are glossed over.
These nations have been carelessly and conscience-lessly put together on unstable grounds. These nations are out of square, out of plumb and out of level. Are we actually making progress if this is still the case?

If a house is built with a faulty structure, no matter what is done to the house, no progress has been made or can be made until all structural issues are resolved. In their current conditions, these nations are shabbily-constructed shacks that present clear and present dangers for all.

In other words, most nations are not structurally sound enough to support equality. These nations lack structural integrity. Attempts to place sufficient amounts of equality upon such national structures will only result in national collapse which is why these nations must be reworked from the grounding founding principles up and also, the material institutions used to build the framework of these nations must be of the highest quality that meet the requirements of the building code for civilizations. As it stands, most nations have been counterproductive in their activities because they really don't want to fix anything in the first place because to them, it's not broken. As a result, ignorance, stupidity, deception and self-deception have their way and rule the day.

A shack is to a society as a home is to a civilization. A shack is not a home and a society is not a civilization because it is built on inequality and is filled with injustice for all. Inequality is a malignant cancer. Inequality is like mold, water damage, asbestos and termites in a nation's house. It will continue to weaken the structure until demolition is the only recourse unless completely eradicated and remediated immediately. Whitewash won't do. It is nonsensical to fix a little bit at a time over a period of decades and then proclaim progress is being made. As such, neither is progress being made in regards to racism and other lower-self discriminations.

Most nations are top heavy and bottom weak. They are shape-shifters. Not only do they continue to shift descriptions, they also shift the weight of unevenness in a "robbing purity to pay for dis-parity" fashion and in a "robbing rights of creation to pay for what's left of the foolishness of a nation" fashion. Despite the obviousness of such a depleting tactic, that the house must fall down, due to nutrient depletion and delusion, these nations and these people present the illusion of progress. The people continue to eat, drink in be merry in grandiose ways, not fully understanding why, only thinking they only live once, thus their actions comply with "for tomorrow we die," because they are dead today.

Most nations are still as dedicated as ever to inequality and dedicated to violating the rights of certain people and other creations. This is true even as these nations demean others for violating human and other animal rights.
In most nations, people are still in slavery, especially in the so-called developed nations. Is this progress?

In what way is there progress in nations where, in response to fear, people buy guns and turn around and say we need more laws?

Are we making progress, when most of the things and property, we think we own, can be taken away or taxed at will?
Without freedom from this, how can a nation be said to make progress?

When people have swallowed the hook so deeply, they are proud of themselves for being a “contributing” member of society (a taxpayer), then you know there is no progress, just craziness, that goes with that kind of pseudo-self-esteem that makes people proud to be robbed by the government mob.

It is one thing to want to keep hope alive and be positively optimistic, but it's an entirely different thing to give a nation a passing grade, when the nation has not even met the minimum requirements to be a civilization. To claim a nation, filled with inequality, is a nation making progress is to conduct psychological warfare against self. It is the same thing as towing the company line.

Most people fall for the window dressing and marketing of false progress markers such as integration, diversity, tolerance, compassion, racial reconciliation, rainbow multicultural coalitions, religions, patriotism, citizenship, affirmative actions, voting rights acts and anything that suggests equality before the reality of equality exists.

Until past problems have been corrected and amends made, nothing can be said to be progressing in a good way.
In most nations, what is presented as progress is usually offset by regression in other areas.

There cannot be progress in actions until there is progress in thought.
There cannot be progress in thought until knowledge of self progresses.

There is no progress where the majority is closed-minded. If they were not, they would have resolved their contradictions by now because remaining open-minded leads to truth.
There is no progress where there is no self-respect. There is no self-respect where there is no self-esteem. There is no progress where self-esteem is unhealthy because it is based on false notions and not knowledge of self.

How can a nation of people honestly say we're making progress when the only way to get so-called progress is to protest and petition other people for rights they have but some do not? Pleading for rights Creator-given but taken away by humans doesn't seem like progress. How can there be progress when the “free world,” is filled with limitations of free will?
A nation cannot make progress as long as it has no intentions towards equality and only has resistance towards equality and the nation parcels out just enough satisfaction to as few people as possible in order to put everyone back to sleep. This is a stalling tactic against inevitability.

In order for a nation to even come close to making progress, that nation must be in full self-correcting mode which means it is automatically, without petition, doing the right things without delay.

Are we making progress when cancers and all manner of sicknesses are on the rise in the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit?
No, we are not making progress because we are not healthier. We just continue to corrupt different genes which means we have just found new ways to be be sick and label these genetic malfunctions with different names.

For instance, when the odds of a child being born with Autism is 1 in 68, we've got to know there's something fundamentally and widely wrong in society. This is in no ways progress.
When medicine, said to help one part of the body, harms other parts of the body, how is this progress?

What nation has made progress when not everyone has even the most basic of basic needs most of us recognize?
More and more people are becoming allergic to certain foods. This is abnormal and is not progress. If this continues, we'll soon be allergic to water and air.

Most people are suffering from the effects of starvation: spiritual starvation, emotional starvation, mental starvation and even physical starvation.
It is nonsense to talk about health while using sickness as the starting point, frame of reference, context, standard, measuring stick and baseline. This is the same thing as grading on a sick curve. To make progress is not to be a little less sick, rather it is to be healthier than we were before we were sick.
Likewise, it makes no sense to talk about justice and equality using injustice and inequalities as the starting point for measuring improvement.

Has a person made progress who is moved out of solitary confinement and into the general prison population? How can there be progress if the person is not supposed to be in prison in the first place?

“It is the socialization into cultural norms, those generalized designs for living and patterns of interpreting reality, that nurtures and supports the belief system that emerges as the prevailing cultural worldview. Thus, an optimal or suboptimal worldview will either facilitate or militate the attainment of social justice and equity.”

Myers, Linda James, Ph.D. & Speight, Suzette L., Ph.D., "Reframing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Persons of African Descent: Africana/Black Psychology Meeting the Challenges of Fractured Social and Cultural Realities," The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2010, June), vol.3, no.8, p. 72.
A suboptimal worldview is clear evidence of a nation not in the process of making progress.
No progress can be made until this fundamental approach is reworked.

A trickle here and a sprinkle there is not making progress unless only a trickle and sprinkle is wrong. Instead, what we find in most nations is a parched, barren, low-nutrient cultural landscape.

How can a nation of people make progress when they have not made progress spiritually? We know nations have not progressed because they do not acknowledge the Female Creator and yet they still ask of this same Creator, “God bless America,” even as they still discriminate against the female?

When the natural is illegal and the unnatural is legal is this progress? How can man-made laws that overrule Creator-given rights and resources be an indication of progress?

When the biggest criminals in society are pillars (pillagers) of society, are we making progress?

When certain groups are fenced out of the country, kicked out and drowned out, yet other groups are flown in, is this progress?

When a nation blows up its own buildings and people, and then claims “terrorists” did it, this is old game still being played by gangstas and is not progress.

We know we haven't progressed when adults don't know how to take care of themselves unless they have money and stores, which of course, are clearly, not very healthful either.
When we don't understand the finer things in life are of the highest spiritual nature, progress will be passed over for perishable pleasures.
How can there be “order in the court” when the legal system is not ordered by conscience?
Since when is freedom from conscience, progress or freedom or justice?

Here are the closing few, relatively speaking, out of hundreds of more reasons most nations are not making progress:
1. They hold fake elections.
2. Attacking people is justified as right and fighting back is justified as wrong.
3. Children in school are terrorized by the curriculum, guns and food.
4. The society sets people up and locks them up, physically, religiously, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
5. The society undermines the health of its people and then does two things, (a) normalizes and glorifies the unhealthiness of some people while (b) criminalizing and vilifying the unhealthiness of other people.
6. Permission is needed to move between countries. Not because it makes us safer, but because the behavior of countries towards each other has made people unsafe. Also, the general power hungry nature of most nations had led them to want to control the free movement of people. This is not progress because this is not humanity.
7. And you can forget about privacy.
8. Most people still believe you can get justice through the cooperation of those practicing injustice against them.
9. It has been legalized, thus normalized, to say one thing and do another. It's called fine print.
10. The military soldiers who fight for the country are treated like throwaways along will all their physical, mental and emotional problems.
11. It's all about money motivates people towards the suboptimal edge and lower ledge.
12. Commercials, advertising and marketing are code words for lying to get people buying and people's buy-in. Most things sold are not sold in stores.
13. Planes never crash with enough advance warning so those who want off can just leave safely or not have to go through the ordeal or choose not to get on in the first place having received advanced warning. Each is possible by communing through the spiritual language of birds. A child, taught properly (optimally), understands this, otherwise, there is no progress taking place.
14. Far too many people believe paying someone money for an injustice equates to justice.

To say most nations are making progress, despite the above and more, is the same type of thinking that says some people are better off due to enslavement.

Before making progress becomes a true statement, there must be progress for the masses worldwide and that progress must be fundamentally based and fundamentally-generated and optimally-oriented. This must be so because racism is a system practiced by one group as a collective to interfere with the rights of another group as a collective. Before there can be progress, there must be fundamental institutional change as a result of fundamental personal change as a result of fundamental knowledge of self-improvement. Thus, the best way for the collective that practices racism against Blacks to improve their behavior is for that collective to know and accept and embrace their Blackness all the way back to Africa and all the way back to the Creator of the universe. Know yourself.
15. Most people are still being taught to still think inequality and injustice improve their chances of survival. This is opposite to truth and opposite to the always recalibrating reality.
16. There can be no progress while still in denial and still lying.
17. In order to be making progress, most people must be in conscience and conscious consideration of the humanity in all and the Creator in all. This can't be the case when the people, thus the nation, are conducting wars at home and abroad. In other words, attacking humanity cannot be a sign of making progress because progress is humane notion, which must entail the rest of creation in order for it to be humane. Thus, humane never can mean humans alone because humanity requires all of creation in order to live as intended.
18. Drones are us. Most people are drones who condone drones.
19. Crime is defined, legislated, policed and adjudicated by criminals.
20. People who are clearly rich in melanin and skin color say they are not African despite that fact that all those who are clearly deficient in melanin and pale in color, are African. In other words, how can any “person of color” not be African when all Whites and Semite people are African? Not knowing who you are and where you came from is not making progress.
21. Children being taught to like lies and recite lies in school makes for no progress.
22. As long as there are fundamental (far-reaching) constant lies and flaws, there is no progress for the people, thus the nation. Before there can be progress, humanity must first get back to even. This entails the complete stoppage of interfering with the Rights of Creation and full recompense for doing so. Right now humanity is in the sick phase and the need-to-recover phase. Recovery is not progress when you are a little less overtly sick and less noticeably sick yet still clearly a whole lot unhealthy. Recovery is not progress when you merely end up in the same place you started. A healthy person who becomes sick and then recovers from the sickness has not made progress. That person has merely recovered from going backwards and is now back to even, right where they started. Once that person becomes healthier than before the sickness, now that's progress. Who runs around claiming that the treatment of cancer or cancer being in remission, is progress?
23. How can there be progress when “education” does not teach the proper use of power as a human being?
24. African history is still treated as a subset of larger history when, in fact, the history of African people worldwide is the larger, more extensive, history and the history of all other people is the significantly smaller subset of human history.
25. Society says, “fake it till you make it” as a method for success. This is the same as saying lie until you reach the truth as a means to making progress.
26. It is not possible to make progress living in various states of crisis emergency. See UC #584 and #585.
27. Most people think they have never been to prison, but are in one right now.
28. Most people think they do not have a criminal background, yet they simultaneously know they behave criminally.
29. Most people think it is perfectly sane to believe the Highest Power by any name is completely male. This is particularly non-progressive when a female thinks this way and when those professing higher intelligence and possessing some degree of education think this way despite all the evidence found in mirror images in support of the Female Creator.
30. How can how we're living be considered making progress when consumption within the nation is more than production within the nation? This imbalanced behavior within the nation leads to the imbalanced behavior of taking from other nations.
31. Name me a virus that sickens to death, then changes its nature somehow for some reason, turns around, and then, quickens to life, helping to make alright that which it upset in the first place, thereby giving up its means of energy and power, thus choosing, for the sake of higher good, to willingly sacrifice its own life?
32. Physical life spans are decreasing We know this is true using only one fact - the exponential proliferation of cancers.
33. Perceived quality of life is decreasing as nations continue their advance into abysmalness.
34. We live in societies where what makes sense is determined by a human-centered monetary value, rather than a Creator-centered ecosystem value, life value and destiny value.
35. When a country still refers to itself in terms of being "the world" and when a group of people limit history to when they came on the scene and to when they began keeping records of certain events, we have regressed because the perspective of narrow-mindedness and close-mindedness is the norm.
36. There's a law in America that says people who grow food without harmful chemicals cannot call that food organic if they intend to sell the food, unless they pay thousands of dollars to get government approval to do so, but it's okay for people who use chemicals to call their food organic and natural. All they have to do is pay thousands of dollars and the government will approve the lie.

The progress reported on most nations is an F, an I and an X.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Genderism Preceded Racism & Religion
Herizon Preceded Horizon
Unity Consciousness #576


Genderism is the same thing as racism, but attacks females simply for being born female.

Genderism is a system that one group of people, as a collective, uses to interfere with the rights of another group of people as a collective.

The female aspect of the Creator is the spirit aspect. The male aspect of the Creator is matter.
When male Ogo/Yurugu became prideful and impatient, he did not join with his female twin, thus he was out of balance. His mirror images in the human dimension also lack the same. This is true of all males who are out of balance with the female aspect of self.

In the above, gender was the first disconnection from the higher universal nature. This is why, in the below, males on Earth began to put themselves above and before the female.

Genderism preceded racism. The setting aside and behind of the female was the first disconnection among humans.
After the higher spiritual influence of gender, that counterbalances the physical matter predisposition of the male aspect, was no longer heeded, males moved on to discriminate wrongly in many other areas. Race was, and is, one of those areas.

As long as males are in charge, who are disconnected from the female aspect of self, troubles will persist.

Some might say, humans are making progress in terms of females. Truth is, in most places, this perception is inconsistent with reality unless recognition of reality is veneer-based. Progress in terms of females is only window dressing and marketing. Genderism still exists.

Here is one of many ways to know: Because racism is still in full force and effect, genderism must exist. Because racism is no better than it was 100 to 200 to 2,000 years ago, this tells us genderism has not improved. The discrimination against the female has merely shape-shifted. Males still exercise undue power based on ill-formed thought processes. If there was progress in terms of the female, society would be moving swiftly towards correcting all other wrongs against the Rights Of Creation, including racism and including against children. The society would be healing and becoming a civilization instead of society continuously deteriorating.

The female is the strong force and the male is the weak force in the universe. The weak force is the force that pulls things apart. This is evident.

Racism will not be erased until genderism is erased and the female rises and is reestablished to power. As we know, the female is rising. The female who is rising is also in the nature of the changing climate. Even if not presently evident, her spiritual light is just below the herizon because, as alluded to decades ago, this is the dawning of the Age Of Aquaria. Significant change, noticeable and understandable by all, is just moments away. Chief among these changes is the removal of genderism. Momentum is increasing.

By the way, since genderism is condoned in the bibles of most religions, those religions are going to go through major changes from extinction to significant abandonment to emergence of truths. Religion usurped spirituality and preceded racism. Males had to set spirituality aside because spirituality honors the female and was thus a constant conscience reminder that genderism is wrong. Since religion is a major contributor to genderism and racism, the detrimental part of religion must fall before racism falls. Along these same lines, history had to be set aside, because history honors the African and is a constant conscience reminder that racism is wrong. History must be restored before racism falls.

Are You A Human Making Progress In This World?
Unity Consciousness #575


This applies to the vast majority of people taught in places where there are few and thin, single-stranded traces of knowledge of self being practiced. Chances are, you are one of those people.

Far too often, at the beginning of a thought process, either within yourself alone, or a thought process shared with others (discussion, conversation), you begin off-track. You remain off track because you are not aware you are off track in the first place. You do know that something ain't right but you either set that aside or justify it away.

You begin with inconsistent, incongruent premises and incomplete definitions.

The context of the subject you are thinking about and talking about, along with the related definitions of key topic areas and words, must be established. In other words, you must be aware of the meanings attached to words and ideas that form the framework and reference points that fuel your thought processes.

Beginning, with the upheaval and fulfillment series, context and definition have received more focus; however, in review, this is what has been taking place all along since the beginning in the bringing forth of the messages in this blog. This has aided the sorting out and straightening out process and reconciled a lot of confusions that are only confusions to the extent context and definition do not complement the higher universal context.

If your thought processes and conclusions and decisions are to lead you to what is best, in the higher sense of the word, the framework (thought processes) and program information (data and instructions) must all be in agreement with the motherboard (genetics) and operating system (genetics) of the Creator, which provides universal context and definition.

It is not possible to make progress if this groundwork is not laid and established.
What will happen is a whole bunch of activity while the foundation of all knowledge remains thinly attached to by a few strands, thus you attach yourself, in identity and livelihood, to shabby notions, false notions, weak notions and incomplete notions, thus whenever you encounter foundational things that are stronger, you are exposed for the thought processes you possess and the knowledge of self you don't possess. All along you go around being weak, sick, scared and unsatisfied beneath the pretensions you put forth otherwise. You end up in a lot of trouble, universally, even if you are able to temporarily avoid trouble at the localized human level. Even so, it is a certainty, that in some way physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, you will not be able to escape the energies of truths and lies. This is an inescapable karmic outcome, when your context is out of sync with the stronger higher context that governs and rules all. As such, how can you claim to lay hold to human progress until you lay hold to the proper context and how can you lay hold to progress your thoughts?

In other words, you can't make progress for self, if your self-context is way out of sync with the higher universal context.

Also, understand this: the confusions you have with another person are not due directly to each other but rather it is due to the degree that each of you are aligned with the higher universal as you interact with each other. This is what is playing itself out in the universe. This is what is playing itself out in human relationships with each other and other aspects of creation such as water. Without this knowledge of self, human progress will continue to be in a state of mess that is making Earth a sick ball of confusion.

Even so, despite the vast majority of humans, human progress is guaranteed. If the eternal nature of the Creator is true, then the Creator must heal self. Since Earth and humans are a part of the self of the Creator, humans must be healed with knowledge of self. This is taking place in conjunction with Aquaria and the African female, who both helped bring humans into existence. Because their power and presence is foundational, humans have always been maintaining and regaining context and are making progress somewhere in this world.

Grading On A Curve: The Human Standard
Unity Consciousness #574


Who determines at what age someone can do something?
Who determines at what age someone cannot do something?
From birth to death, who's to say?

Who's to say and determine when a child should be talking, walking, dressing themselves, and so on?
How can anyone say, with a fixed certainty, the age at which a child should stop doing certain things.

What we should know by now is not only do these things vary in general, but they vary specifically and they vary per person.
These variations are caused by multiple factors. As a result, each situation must be assessed on its own merits.
Yes, we can use generalities as a starting point but that's all they should be.
If someone does or doesn't do something before or after a general guideline or milestone, so what? No need to panic or count it as negative or make it into an anomaly. If fact, for most of us who do or don't do things that match the generalities, that is the anomaly.
When we are grading anything, our thought process (evaluation and analysis) must ask, “What are the circumstances as it relates to that area?”

Once we stop grading things and ourselves based on each other and start grading things and ourselves based on what we are truly capable of, at that point, we will be making progress.

We will stop saying all manner of things such as “she is wise beyond her years,” or “this gender can't do that,” or “he's an old soul,” or you're too young or too old for something.”

We already know it's normal and natural for certain skills to be acquired at different ages for different people.

The human standard is okay as a starting point but in no way should the human standard be considered the beginning or origin or foundation of what humans are capable of.

Humans must reach to what is higher within self, which is the higher universal standard.

Our universal genetics are the baseline for what we are capable. Our genetics manifest themselves differently due to a variety of factors.

The test for humans in this life comes from the Creator. We must prepare with that in mind and grade ourselves accordingly, on the Cosmic Curve or Creator's Curve, so to speak. This is the same curve Dr. King spoke about. It is the curving arc that bends towards justice. How do we score on this curve? How do we rate ourselves? It is clear some on the curve are heading one way towards justice and far too many in societies are heading the opposite way.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winning & Losing The Worst & Best Way
Self-Improvement & Weight Loss
Unity Consciousness #573


Far too often, athletes say the only thing important is winning and winning it all.
This goes against the importance of sportsmanship, playing by the rules and the whole bunch of life lessons gained through practice, training, preparation and adjusting. Self-improvement is supposed to be the main purpose of sports, not winning and not, not losing.

To put winning and losing above self-improvement is to win and lose in the worst way. To think of winning and losing in such limited terms is to place a gigantic weight upon self to perform and accomplish something that is not able to be 100% controlled by an individual or a collective in any sport or life endeavor.

Again and again we must remind ourselves in life and in sports that self-improvement is the most important thing - more important than winning or losing.
Winning is a byproduct of self-improvement. Winning is the automatic result of continuous self-improvement. Winning cannot be achieved directly. Winning most be achieved through process.
Despite self-improvement, losing, in sports, can still occur. Even so, an athlete or team that loses, despite self-improvement, still wins. An athlete or team that loses sight of self-improvement as the ultimate prize, loses and wins in the worst way. The same is true in life.

Self-improvement is the greater good. This must be properly understood.

As long as we are self-improving, we are winning. When we stop self-improving for too long, we start losing.

Even though someone must lose and someone must win in sports, all competitors can always win as long as the life lessons that lead to self-improvement are always the greater portion of the experience.

By the way, this also applies to many other things in life such as losing weight. If we believe losing weight is winning and not losing weight is losing, then we completely miss the point and purpose of the need incentive and the process. We somehow believe we can achieve what we want or need for self, thus improve self, without self-improvement. We somehow believe that meeting a goal or need comes first and results in self-improvement when it is the other way around. We don't focus enough on the need incentive of being healthy overall and we don't break down the goal enough to affect our weight in the way we want to. We focus on the goal of weight loss or looking good, rather than spreading our focus also to improving the mental, emotional, spiritual and to increased understandings of the physical and nutrients and nutritions. Weight is linked to, and caused and affected by, all these things – tangibles and intangibles. In other words, if we want to make our bodies better, we must also make our minds, emotions and spirits better by getting to know all four of these areas better. All must be improved. Self-improvement is an overall concept that always includes the entire self. Self-improvement helps us become healthier so that no matter the sport or goal in life, we begin to develop increased awareness that the need incentive to win or to be the best or number one or champion is actually the need incentive to improve self through improving understanding of the four inseparable aspects of self. This is the best way to lose the weight of the worldview that is interfering with our health, thus peace, within and on Earth.

If we focus on winning and losing in relation to what others do and in relation to other competitors or in relation to others who are pursing similar goals, then it is possible to “win” without being at our best and possible to “lose” while being at our best. Under this ill-advised approach and suboptimal context, what we are doing is grading ourselves on a curve based on how well others are performing, which is the same as “living outside of self” because the dominant consideration for self-esteem (which is what winning and losing relates to) is defined by what others do rather than on what we know and do. In fact, this is exactly what Europeans and others are doing who feel it is necessary for the African and others to look bad in order for them to look good. They do so because they are unwilling to put in the work necessary to be better in relation to the higher universal nature. This is what happens when the human standard is our standard rather than the standard of our Creator, our Oldest Ancestor and Oldest Parent. The best we can be has everything to do with the higher spiritual nature of the universe. Aspire to that.

Our topmost comparison must be to the self we are continuously getting to know as it relates to the Creator's intentions (destinies) for us. Thus, if we are getting to know ourselves better and doing better because we know better, we are winners.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Make More Connections If You've Got It Going On
Unity Consciousness #572


Part 2

See UC#568 and UC#571

If life is to be ongoing, there must be ongoing evolution. Egg and sperm know this. Stem cells know this. Children know this. Plants know this. The sun knows this. This knowledge is in the genetic divine natural advantage you possess and is used by creation to evolve according to the need incentive. It is there to help you make adjustments based on the combination of circumstances. This does not ever mean the need incentive is abandoned or compromised. It only means processes and resources are reconfigured. It never means giving in to the circumstances or selling out or settling or joining in with circumstances that do not lead and reconnect to a more optimal path and process. This does mean that sometimes, less than ideal circumstances must be encountered and endured by smaller portions and individuals. It never means you should ever lose sight of or sense of or higher spirit of the need incentive.
This is all part of the evolution going on.
What is going on if evolution is not? Have your thoughts evolved or simply changed into more of the same?
How can you “have it going on” without evolving all along?
What are you basing, what you've got going, on?

How much sense does it make to live this life or afterlife at the same level and in the same way for the duration of that living?

There is a universal need incentive to evolve by maturing in understanding which results in optimal use of genetic potential. This is built-in, automatic, fixed and variable.

Understand the need and you will understand the incentive. You will then be motivated and inspired for the best reasons. You will then begin to know how to bring about the processes necessary to transform the need incentive and resources into satisfaction of the need – not just that which satisfies self, but also satisfies the collective – not just that which satisfies the physical but the spiritual, emotional and mental as well – not just that which satisfies the without but also the within, below and above – not just that which satisfies your culture or human rights but also the culture of the Creator and the rights of creation. These are the connections you must make if life is to be ongoing beyond this life.

The need is the beginning of the process. Evolution is at the other end of the process. Since “the process” is actually a bunch of mini-processes, evolution occurs all along the way, little by little. If you intend to evolve you must have need after need after transformed need in order to be in the mode of constantly going through processes to satisfy the ever-changing need incentive, thus allways seek understanding, thus allways evolve.

Don't get trapped by the belief thief that says,”I don't need anything or anyone.” This is a false notion based on ignorance and perilously close to stupidity. Other people and other things are all part of the mix. They are necessary.

Neither should you overlook the fact that the point and purpose of a need is not to satisfy the need in the most disconnected separated basic way but to satisfy the need in the most connected, interrelated optimal highest way such that much more is satisfied. Self is satisfied. This is what a learning process is. Not just the accumulation and memorization of information. Growth, development and maturity are part of the purpose of having a need, whatever that need may be, this is the incentive.

Need incentives are general, thus universal; however need incentives are transformed by each person according to each person's own understandings. Your perspective angle of approach to a need alters the response to the need and the processes you will take to satisfy the need and the mix of needs you perceive yourself to have.

This is the why the sum total of all understandings is important. All the things you've learned, know and believe and all the definitions, ideas, philosophies, values and contexts you have, affect your understandings. All these things add up to your understandings. Each understanding you have about anything is based on multiple understandings. These understandings are packets of information (data and instructions) in your cognition that you use in your thought processes. This affects how you perceive and approach the need incentive in order to satisfy it.

If your understandings are not based on an optimal context, what do you think will happen when you try to optimize the satisfaction of a need based on suboptimal thinking?

Because the context you are using is out of whack, your thought processes will be out of whack and so will your behaviors regardless of how good it feels, how right it seems, how many agree with it, how legal it is, how culture-rific it is claimed to be and how long it lasts.

You will get sucked down into living a life that keeps you from being the best you can be according to your destinies. This is what's going on with billions of humans who are supposedly better off than most. These unaware underdeveloped humans are attempting to satisfy needs and going about it the wrong way, the worst way and the suboptimal way. This is being self-perpetuated by the erosion, rather than the evolution of, character conscience. As a result, in response to needs, humans become needy and behave greedy and seedy. This must happen because you don't even know the best of who you are because you do not know yourself thus you do not understand the universal, thus you do not understand the best there is which is what you were created from and by - which is the best you can be. Absent of this knowledge, you are left believing that it's normal for the best you can be to be based on the brief, stolen legacy of current, Dark Age societies and their statistical errors in the recording of facts. If humanity was anywhere near being its best, a lot more of us would be at our best and the world wouldn't be in this mess. The standard is not what you have handed.

We have all been a part of this problem and process and still are to the degree we lack knowledge of self. Is this not what is going on in the world that is causing the problems? Yet the solution is right there also but it must be worked through. As long as the process of understanding is going on, the problem cannot exist for long. The process of understanding transforms how we connect with the needs of the problem which leads to adjustments in processes which leads to the solution. All dimensions must be satisfied in order to move on from the smaller things going on. The inequality must be solved for all unknowns, thus creating equality for all knowns. This is what is going on.

Uneven Human Development: Just Admit It
Unity Consciousness #571


See Sports/Life Connections & Corrections: Living Staying In The Moment, UC #567

We already know a child develops unevenly after birth in the areas of the four inseparable aspects of self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We know this still exists during teenage years. We know this exists in the twenties.

What makes us believe, that after some pre-established human age, that all the unevenness of childhood and young adulthood is caught up and at the same level and then we march into full blown later adulthood in balance and maintain that balance for the rest of our lives? When does this happen? How? In what ways is this balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evident?

Just admit it. Uneven development is a fact of life for every last one of us.

At what point in our supposed adulthood do we take the necessary steps and go through the processes to bring our mismatched areas of development up to snuff?

Just by living and working and being in relationships and doing things?

None of these things will bring uneven development into balance. No they won't.
The uneven development first must be identified and recognized, otherwise, experiences and their lessons will be misapplied .

Seriously, how can we work on something that we don't even realize needs working on?

More knowledge of self, automatically serves the purpose of identifying what areas of the four inseparable aspects of self need some work and further development. More knowledge of self automatically means there is more knowledge of all else in relation to self; therefore, the unevenness and imbalance will rise into awareness within and without as we begin to see ourselves from the multiple perspectives of mirror images.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Constant Lie Of Europeans
Unity Consciousness #570


The lie is still being told constantly. A recent report repeats one of many lies necessary for European domination. Europeans claim they found skeletons in Africa that are evidence of warfare. Europeans claim these people were prehistoric hunter-gatherers 10,000 years ago.

1. First of all, why are Europeans in Africa digging around looking for stuff? Certainly not due to an invitation, and if so, it is under duress or by Semetic-controlled areas. Europeans are in Africa because Africa is the origin of humans and knowledge and a whole bunch of other natural resources.

2. There is no good reason to believe the European version of anything. All anyone has to do is look at just a small sampling of evidence from their own lifetime to know this. According to the Ancestors, whenever Europeans tell the truth, it's the result of a double-lie. This is being stated straight up because Europeans continue to try to make Africans look clueless and “primitive” and are willing to poison everyone to do it.

3, The constant prehistoric lie has already been exposed umpteen times by more than me and in more places than this blog. So also has many other historic lies including the agricultural lie and the civilization lie and the high culture lie and the language lie. None of these things started with Europeans or Semites. They all started with Africans in Africa.

4. Long before 10,000 years ago, Africans had high civilizations, thus cultures. They had agriculture. Africans even figured out the knowledge necessary that has helped Europeans make it into outer space, have electricity, talk on the telephone, etcetera and on and on.

5. Whoever turns to Europeans for the truth in any aspect of life without plenty of grains of salt and analysis to go with it, is gullibly ignorant at best.

6. Anyone who considers themselves of high intelligence, educated or to know anything about history and yet still believes the prehistoric constant lie being told about Africans, is just plain stupid. Obviously, post-modern education institutions are not the best places to get knowledge. Obviously also, post-modern religious institutions are not the best places to get conscience and good character. By saying you are educated in any of the ;post-modern societies of today is to acknowledge you have been dumbed down because the whole context of these societies is suboptimal and absent of knowledge of self.

7. The fact that the prehistoric nature of Africans is a constant lie still being told, sold and also being taught in schools is evidence that nothing about the Cro-Magnon or the Semite has changed fundamentally enough that favors Africans, humanity or the ways to follow in this life.
Fool me in my childhood, shame on you; keep fooling me in my supposed adulthood, shame on me.
The only way for the constant prehistoric hunter-gather, primitive, undeveloped, third-world lie about Africa to be true is due to the knowledge of self I disown.

Truth is, 10,000 years ago, Europeans were in the Dark Ages but not Africa. Further truth is, Europeans and Semites of all types are the prodigal children of Africa who have yet to come to their senses of knowledge of self and return home to Africa. This is the genetic truth. Any ancestry genetic blood test that does not tell every person that they are African, first and foremost, is participating in the constant lie.

There are a few exceptions of truth-tellers. At least Danny DeVito acknowledges the racist mindset of Europeans when he states that this country (America) is racist. As if anyone really needs to be told this. It still needs to be said however because the deep delusional denial of Europeans is still very much alive. America, and other nations, are racist and gender-ist, among many other things. By the way, America is a European country any way you slice it and try to nicefy the demographics.

Whenever you hear the term “prehistoric,” it always means “pre-European. In other words, pre-Cro-Magnon and pre-Semite.” It does not mean pre-human history. It does not mean pre-civilization. It does not mean pre-civilization in Africa. It does not mean pre-recorded history.
The term “prehistory” became necessary after Europeans learned to write and record history. Europeans envied their African teachers so much who brought them out of the Dark Ages, Europeans chose to honor and emulate their African Ancestors by first copying African civilizations and giving the Africans credit. At some point, Europeans decided stealing the history of their African teachers was better. Europeans began one of many necessary constant lies about history in order to put themselves first without making the necessary self-improvements.

See, Expanded Definitions: Prehistory & Prehistoric Context And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 3).

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ruling Out Some Of Basketball's Technical Fouls
Unity Consciousness #569


(1a) Technical fouls should be an automatic point deduction for the offending player's team just as it is in boxing and other sports. The other team should not have to make a free throw in order to benefit from the technical foul. Adjusting this rule would improve the game and behavior of players.
(1b) The whole notion of technical fouls should be reworked. It appears most technical fouls are given because a referee has their feelings hurt. There is no place in sports for referees who act like low self-esteem police who say, “Don't talk back to me or show any disapproval for what I do. I'm the rule enforcer and I can affect what you do but you can't affect what I do.” Referees need to be told to “stand down” and not take things personally, otherwise they should be penalized.

(2a) Shouldn't the number of free throws you get when you miss or make a shot should be the same? The way it is right now, the person who is fouled is penalized for making the shot because the number of free throws is reduced when the shot is made.
(2b) It makes no sense to award someone three points for a shot behind the line, yet if the person is fouled and makes the shot, the person only gets one free throw, which is the same number of free throws for getting fouled when they make a two-point shot. Getting fouled on a shot should always be the same number of foul shots regardless if you make the shot or not. This would result in four-point plays and six-point plays. This would allow teams a greater ability to make-up ground and keep the game interesting until the very end, rather than resorting to the hack-a-player tactic.

(3) Something needs to be done about the uneven enforcement of the rules that is often glossed over and described by commentators as “letting them play.” If it's okay for referees to, on their own, decide to let the players play, both teams should be told this before every game which rules will be enforced and to what degree. It is unfair for players and coaches to have to somehow figure this out during the game or after the fact.

Basketball deserves technical fouls for all of the above and many more of the interfering, egregious rules in their rule book.
The rules committee and governing body of basketball and other sports are just like the decision-makers of the Academy Awards, the “justice” system, other government departments and corporate boards. Domination and control under the false pretense of higher intelligence are top priorities. Rules affect how people use their natural abilities in sports. It affects who wins and who loses. As in sports with rules, so it is in life, with laws. Once certain people get their hands on something, it will be messed up. It is the rules and laws themselves that are technically foul and every player and person who are true fans of the game and of life should complain.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Redefinition Of Incentive, Motivation & Inspiration
Unity Consciousness #568


Part 1

See Definition, Extension & Expansion Of Evolution's Process, UC #566

There is no need for you to go search, seek and get motivation, inspiration or a reason to do or not do something. Motivation, inspiration and reason are different words for “incentive.” Incentive is also sometimes referred to as “need incentive.” Incentive and need incentive are the same thing. Need incentive is simply a way to show and remind you of the connection between need and incentive.
The need is the incentive and the incentive is the need.
I just said, “there is no need to search for motivation.” This means, if you have a need to search for motivation, the need for motivation is the incentive and because motivation is the same thing as incentive, you already have motivation, inspiration and reason when you have a need. Regardless of what type of need exists, the incentive is always the same thing: the need to search for understanding. Understanding helps you satisfy the need the optimal way.

Of course you haven't been taught this. This is why these things are being redefined and realigned with the higher divine. Redefinition and reprogramming of cognition is part of the process of unity consciousness. It allows you to regain a more optimal context, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, conclusions and decisions. Each redefinition that improves unity consciousness allows you to take the thief of thoughts, which is belief, and transform it into knowledge, the chief of thoughts.

Consider this example. If you believe you want to do something or stop doing it or do it differently, yet you also believe you just need some motivation, inspiration or reason – truth is, you do not yet have a need. You might want it but you don't need it. The moment you have a need to do, not do or do differently, is the same moment you will also have the incentive and the very same moment that incentive will cause you to seek understanding of how to satisfy the need. This means two things:
Firstly, sometimes you have needs that aren't needs, they are wants. Wants do not provide the connection to the best incentive because wants connect you to want incentive rather than need incentive. In other words, wants will lead you to suboptimal ways of trying to achieve something and often jeopardize needs.

Secondly, sometimes you have a need you understand at the facade level rather than the foundational level. For instance, you understand you need food to live, yet you do not understand what food is and how and why it helps you live. Once you begin to understand food is what your body is and food is nutrition and nutrition goes beyond the physical and eating is the feeding of cells and much more and is also about transformation and recreation of life into life an infinite number of divine times, then you will seek to satisfy your hunger for food by seeking more understanding of these things. This will cause you to go about feeding yourself differently and more completely and thus move you more into evolution's alignment because you will be gaining understanding of self as you come to know more of all else.

Once you understand enough of what the need is about, you will have all the motivation, inspiration, reason and incentive necessary. The need and the incentive (need incentive) automatically and naturally moves you to seek understanding. You don't have to think about it or remember it. The need incentive, because it is there and is now better understood, will move you to seek understanding as part of the ongoing process to satisfy the need.

It is clear, that you, me and most of us do not understand some of our needs sufficiently enough to have the proper incentive to satisfy those needs in the optimal way. As a result we will often seek to satisfy a need for one portion of self at the expense of a need for another portion of self. For instance, we will seek to satisfy the need for food at the expense of earth, sleep, destiny, and/or the collective.

The need to recognize and understand need first is the same thing as how necessary it is to recognize there is a problem before you will be motivated to do something about it and be able to find a solution.

The need to recognize and understand need first is necessary so you don't have thought processes that lead you to conclude that since a need is being met, the need is also being met in the most beneficial way. You must be clear on at least one thing:
A benefit is something that does not diminish or jeopardize needs or rights of creation.

Though I said earlier, “you haven't been taught this,” truth is, you have been taught this. It is in the full range of your DNA genetics stored and recorded in memory. Glimpses of this are constantly resurfacing because your long-term genetics are finding ways to break through and are regaining strength. Memory on the spiritual level can be restored and upgraded faster than the physical. This all means that understanding needs begins where you have already been – where you have been physically and spiritually and emotionally and mentally in the form of Ancestors existing in all dimensions. One of many things the Ancestors have done is kept it short and simple by saying “know yourself.” To understand is to know self. This understanding, this knowledge is familiar but forgotten. It is not lost, it is just covered up and disconnected from awareness. This means, the understanding you need is not a foreign substance that you have never known. Understanding is something to be relearned, restored and reawakened through reconnection to the unity of consciousness. This is not far away from current understanding. As close and insistent as any need you have, is also the incentive and the process that leads to understanding. Everyone and everything is changing and being transformed in keeping with the Creator's need incentive for understanding which ensures eternity will continue to exist. Your greater destiny is to satisfy the same need incentive so you may evolve along with the Creator and also have eternal life. Is there a need for any other incentive?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sports/Life Connections & Corrections:
Living Staying In The Moment
Unity Consciousness #567


In sports, it is not possible to make two scores on one play. It is also that way in life.
In life, it is not possible to make two mistakes on one play. It is also that way in sports.

It is not possible to win or lose two games at once. You can't win today based on yesterday or tomorrow. You can't lose today, based on yesterday or tomorrow. Each game, point or day played or lived must take place separately. As a result, each one carries with it, its own assessment and its own result.

Do not be deceived, however; even though each play, day or moment has its own assessment, as it takes place and once it takes place, it influences and informs what comes next and also influences and transforms what has come before. In other words, what we do now influences and changes what we have already done or not done and influences and provides information and knowledge for what we may or may not do next. In other words, habit is not just a matter of practice to repeat an action or behavior. No. More completely, habit is a byproduct of thought process and all that thought process involves which includes spirit and emotion and a whole bunch of contextual references. In summary, this is what we do and don't identify with, which boils down to our identity which is self-esteem. In summary, this is knowledge of self. When this knowledge does not encompass our universal self, life and sports will be unduly influenced by the incompleting lower universal spiritual, aka human, nature because it is without the counterbalancing of the completing higher universal spiritual, aka divine, nature. In other words, everything is always involved and everything is always at stake. Likewise, no moment is greater or lesser than any other moment because each moment was necessary to bring us to this point, individually and collectively, and each moment is necessary to move us from this point to the next point. That next point is always at hand which is always now.

Living in the moment and staying in the moment is a true statement. Playing sports in the moment and staying in the moment is also a true statement. If we allow the results of yesterday or the expectations of tomorrow to influence us in such a way that we do not separately do what is necessary for this day, this play, this game or this moment, we are allowing the energy of those motions to continue moving us in incompatible directions.

Make no mistake, yesterday and tomorrow are supposed to influence us today. This is the only way for a system to be a system and for the cycle of life to be a circle of life and for planting and tending to become harvest and sharing and for the sower of effort and resources to be the reaper of the rewards of sports. However, we should take yesterday or the previous play and learn from the experience. We are not supposed to allow it to prevent us from what we must do now. We should take what we want tomorrow and use it to motivate us to changes necessary today. We are not supposed to allow what it takes to get there or the results of what we desire to become larger than the moment of what we must do now today for this play.

Results come from consistency (habit). Consistency comes from persistence, then patience. Persistence and patience, as we have already learned, includes a variety of things carried out moment by moment, action by action, play by play and day by day. Each one must be carried out on its own even as it is being influenced by everyone and everything else.
Any sports player who thinks and believes what they did yesterday, last game or last play is something that ensures what will happen next, has already weakened themselves. Nothing is ensured. The player must still do what they are supposed to do today in order to add that action to what has been gained from previous actions. Same is true for tomorrow. The person who thinks their position today ensures their position tomorrow has already weakened themselves. The person must do today what is under their control in order to predispose the future in their favor to the degree possible. That is all. That is enough. Those who know realize this also means we must rely always on more than self in order to achieve what is necessary for self and to complete self. Nothing and no one can do anything on their own or alone. This is an impossibility. Trying to live life or play sports thinking that we can is a sure way to live and play sports in a suboptimal way.

Many sports players have learned this lesson. Many of the same ones have forgotten this lesson from time to time. The same is true for what people have learned about life. We experience, we learn, we know, and we do what we can control, yet we often do not apply this to other life situations. We prolong adversity because we do not make advantages out of analogies through extension, expansion and introspective reflection of mirror images. Getting back on the bike or on the horse is a true statement for the approach we must take in life and in sports. It's never too late and it's not over until its over is always true in life and sports as it pertains to our contribution. For instance, even the last play of a game we have no chance of winning is important for the next moment...If we are in the sport, we might as well play and continue preparing to get better and if we are alive, we might as well live and continue preparing to get better irregardless of "the clock."

Make no mistake, sports is life and life is sports. Life and sports are continuations and metaphors of each other. Do not be deceived by the various forms of sports and the Giri So post-modern analysis of what sports are about. Yes, sports can be about the superficial and so can life. Sports are also about other, deeper, more encompassing, evolving levels of awareness and so is life. Sports are not about winning and neither is life. Both are about the same thing said many ways such as becoming wiser, understanding, completing, unity, destiny and the self-recreating of the Creator.

When we say sports is a game and life is more important, as if they are two different things, this viewpoint is the result of comparing a lower level of awareness of sports to a higher level of awareness of life or vice versa. For instance, we are usually comparing the Giri So of sports to the Bene So or higher of life rather than comparing one of the essences of sports to one of the essences of life. When we recognize the differences we have in common, we transform what seems to be an apple and orange conflict into a nutrient and nutrient compatibility. We stop thinking heart and lungs are two different things and realize breath and blood are the same things and do the same things just as food and medicine.

In keeping with all that has been discussed about awareness, resilience, greatness, rising and the female - the unity consciousness of sports and life has come further together and is coming together faster and faster. This is the momentum always in effect in life and in sports. Momentum swings and life swings as does everyone and everything.

The action that must be taken now is the only thing there is to prove. The action that must be taken now is only necessary to prove to the one who must take the action. There is no need for outside validation or respect. All other actions, past and future, by self and everyone else, are temporarily secondary, and must remain in the periphery reservoir of awareness and only drawn upon to influence the moment higher. We must treat each moment, play, point, game, decision, action and day as if it is the very first moment, point, game, decision, action and day of life. By focusing on what must be done now and not on what lies behind or ahead, we allow no room for “pressure” to accumulate or build up. There are no results for what we must do now. All that matters is what we do right now because the only thing we can do must take place in the moment. We cannot do something yesterday, tomorrow or before or after. We can't redo a moment by reliving it or pre-do a moment such that when the moment comes we don't have to do it because we did it in advance. This must be said again.
Anything that can be done late or early is something that can be done early or late. There are somethings and sometimes when opportunity lingers and provides for us some leeway if life and in sports. It is not possible to predict these opportunities. This brings us to more true statements: (1) about not putting off tomorrow what can be done today and (2) time of the essence (which is always now) is an essence.

It is critical to understand the built-in fixed and variable nature of the universal which is designed to account for our uneven development. Yes, there are some things that should be done now but sometimes we are granted an unknown grace period to get ready and then do what we should have already done. Yes, there are things for which we are already ready for and thus can do ahead of schedule and do. This allows us some room sometimes to go faster in some areas and slower in other areas in our self-development. The fixed and variable nature of Maat is the metaphor mirror image that also applies to all of us as we make life plays and live through sports. In other words, there is no need to be perfect in all ways on every play and every day. We do not hold the Creator to this standard and neither are we held to this standard by the Creator. All we need to do is make connections, corrections and improvements in some way which is exactly what the Creator is doing above as we are doing so below.

Connection, correction and improvement are fundamentally accomplished through increased understanding. Understanding of anything is universally transferable and useful for any and all things we do in life and in sports. If we do nothing else, we must at least seek understanding as steadily as we seek all of our basic spiritual needs. We must practice understanding of everything as we practice anything. All this must be said again: All of us are right where we should be in some areas, ahead in other areas and behind in other areas. These things have not always been that way and will not always be that way in these same areas. They will change with and without our cooperation.
Every moment is a new moment and every moment is now...And now we know because the moment is now.
It is only possible to know now. What will we do now to know now? What must we know now to influence thought processes to influence everything else?

The female is rising. If we are to know anything, we must know this about self. If we are among those who claim to already know self, then we must know history. If we know history then we must have an unadulterated understanding of history before and after the so-called “mysteries.” We know not to base the majority of our mindset on the minority of history. We must know some sense of what genetics, nutrients, Aquaria, the Great Year, the Great Spider, soul and spirit are about. From any one of these knowings, we come to know who that female is who is rising. We know her broadly and specifically, above, below, without and within in her many metamorphosing metaphors.

We know she is the Creator who has nothing to prove in life or sports. If we conceive there is a Creator who is greater and that somehow this world has become corrupted by something or someone lesser and that the Creator is going to set things straight and overcome adversity or at least awaken self-salvation, then we have just conceived the same thing as sports and are able to understand, overstand and innerstand life.

We are becoming what we are capable of by making connections and corrections moment to moment. We are realizing life and sports are about competing against self and no one and nothing else. Yes the referees, fans, rule-makers and other influencers are there but so also is our genius and all formulations it can take. Do not be deceived by the post-modern Giri So analysis of life and sports. Do not be held to the context of the media and the people we know who ask questions as if there is only one right angle and that our performance, lives and sports must fit their analysis and so must our answers, otherwise, woe on us. Any opponent, though odious to our objectives are lesser than the self we were born and destined to be. The opponent is only as great as our weakness.
Other people, individually or collectively are only the opponents we allow them to be. In other words, in the completing of self is the defeating of what works against health. The opponent is our weakness. Weakness is the opponent. The opponent is our elevation of the lower. Understanding self is the key of keys to victory in life and in sports. Those who are continuously growing in the knowing of self, self-expose the self-imposed limitations and transforms them into challenges and then reconfigures, reformulates, reinvents and keeps evolving self based on knowledge rather than information. These are the same people in life and in sports whose achievements benefit the universal collective. They point us towards what is better in relation to what is greater. This is yet another connection and correction we must make. What is better? What is greater?