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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Make More Connections If You've Got It Going On
Unity Consciousness #572


Part 2

See UC#568 and UC#571

If life is to be ongoing, there must be ongoing evolution. Egg and sperm know this. Stem cells know this. Children know this. Plants know this. The sun knows this. This knowledge is in the genetic divine natural advantage you possess and is used by creation to evolve according to the need incentive. It is there to help you make adjustments based on the combination of circumstances. This does not ever mean the need incentive is abandoned or compromised. It only means processes and resources are reconfigured. It never means giving in to the circumstances or selling out or settling or joining in with circumstances that do not lead and reconnect to a more optimal path and process. This does mean that sometimes, less than ideal circumstances must be encountered and endured by smaller portions and individuals. It never means you should ever lose sight of or sense of or higher spirit of the need incentive.
This is all part of the evolution going on.
What is going on if evolution is not? Have your thoughts evolved or simply changed into more of the same?
How can you “have it going on” without evolving all along?
What are you basing, what you've got going, on?

How much sense does it make to live this life or afterlife at the same level and in the same way for the duration of that living?

There is a universal need incentive to evolve by maturing in understanding which results in optimal use of genetic potential. This is built-in, automatic, fixed and variable.

Understand the need and you will understand the incentive. You will then be motivated and inspired for the best reasons. You will then begin to know how to bring about the processes necessary to transform the need incentive and resources into satisfaction of the need – not just that which satisfies self, but also satisfies the collective – not just that which satisfies the physical but the spiritual, emotional and mental as well – not just that which satisfies the without but also the within, below and above – not just that which satisfies your culture or human rights but also the culture of the Creator and the rights of creation. These are the connections you must make if life is to be ongoing beyond this life.

The need is the beginning of the process. Evolution is at the other end of the process. Since “the process” is actually a bunch of mini-processes, evolution occurs all along the way, little by little. If you intend to evolve you must have need after need after transformed need in order to be in the mode of constantly going through processes to satisfy the ever-changing need incentive, thus allways seek understanding, thus allways evolve.

Don't get trapped by the belief thief that says,”I don't need anything or anyone.” This is a false notion based on ignorance and perilously close to stupidity. Other people and other things are all part of the mix. They are necessary.

Neither should you overlook the fact that the point and purpose of a need is not to satisfy the need in the most disconnected separated basic way but to satisfy the need in the most connected, interrelated optimal highest way such that much more is satisfied. Self is satisfied. This is what a learning process is. Not just the accumulation and memorization of information. Growth, development and maturity are part of the purpose of having a need, whatever that need may be, this is the incentive.

Need incentives are general, thus universal; however need incentives are transformed by each person according to each person's own understandings. Your perspective angle of approach to a need alters the response to the need and the processes you will take to satisfy the need and the mix of needs you perceive yourself to have.

This is the why the sum total of all understandings is important. All the things you've learned, know and believe and all the definitions, ideas, philosophies, values and contexts you have, affect your understandings. All these things add up to your understandings. Each understanding you have about anything is based on multiple understandings. These understandings are packets of information (data and instructions) in your cognition that you use in your thought processes. This affects how you perceive and approach the need incentive in order to satisfy it.

If your understandings are not based on an optimal context, what do you think will happen when you try to optimize the satisfaction of a need based on suboptimal thinking?

Because the context you are using is out of whack, your thought processes will be out of whack and so will your behaviors regardless of how good it feels, how right it seems, how many agree with it, how legal it is, how culture-rific it is claimed to be and how long it lasts.

You will get sucked down into living a life that keeps you from being the best you can be according to your destinies. This is what's going on with billions of humans who are supposedly better off than most. These unaware underdeveloped humans are attempting to satisfy needs and going about it the wrong way, the worst way and the suboptimal way. This is being self-perpetuated by the erosion, rather than the evolution of, character conscience. As a result, in response to needs, humans become needy and behave greedy and seedy. This must happen because you don't even know the best of who you are because you do not know yourself thus you do not understand the universal, thus you do not understand the best there is which is what you were created from and by - which is the best you can be. Absent of this knowledge, you are left believing that it's normal for the best you can be to be based on the brief, stolen legacy of current, Dark Age societies and their statistical errors in the recording of facts. If humanity was anywhere near being its best, a lot more of us would be at our best and the world wouldn't be in this mess. The standard is not what you have handed.

We have all been a part of this problem and process and still are to the degree we lack knowledge of self. Is this not what is going on in the world that is causing the problems? Yet the solution is right there also but it must be worked through. As long as the process of understanding is going on, the problem cannot exist for long. The process of understanding transforms how we connect with the needs of the problem which leads to adjustments in processes which leads to the solution. All dimensions must be satisfied in order to move on from the smaller things going on. The inequality must be solved for all unknowns, thus creating equality for all knowns. This is what is going on.

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