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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ruling Out Some Of Basketball's Technical Fouls
Unity Consciousness #569


(1a) Technical fouls should be an automatic point deduction for the offending player's team just as it is in boxing and other sports. The other team should not have to make a free throw in order to benefit from the technical foul. Adjusting this rule would improve the game and behavior of players.
(1b) The whole notion of technical fouls should be reworked. It appears most technical fouls are given because a referee has their feelings hurt. There is no place in sports for referees who act like low self-esteem police who say, “Don't talk back to me or show any disapproval for what I do. I'm the rule enforcer and I can affect what you do but you can't affect what I do.” Referees need to be told to “stand down” and not take things personally, otherwise they should be penalized.

(2a) Shouldn't the number of free throws you get when you miss or make a shot should be the same? The way it is right now, the person who is fouled is penalized for making the shot because the number of free throws is reduced when the shot is made.
(2b) It makes no sense to award someone three points for a shot behind the line, yet if the person is fouled and makes the shot, the person only gets one free throw, which is the same number of free throws for getting fouled when they make a two-point shot. Getting fouled on a shot should always be the same number of foul shots regardless if you make the shot or not. This would result in four-point plays and six-point plays. This would allow teams a greater ability to make-up ground and keep the game interesting until the very end, rather than resorting to the hack-a-player tactic.

(3) Something needs to be done about the uneven enforcement of the rules that is often glossed over and described by commentators as “letting them play.” If it's okay for referees to, on their own, decide to let the players play, both teams should be told this before every game which rules will be enforced and to what degree. It is unfair for players and coaches to have to somehow figure this out during the game or after the fact.

Basketball deserves technical fouls for all of the above and many more of the interfering, egregious rules in their rule book.
The rules committee and governing body of basketball and other sports are just like the decision-makers of the Academy Awards, the “justice” system, other government departments and corporate boards. Domination and control under the false pretense of higher intelligence are top priorities. Rules affect how people use their natural abilities in sports. It affects who wins and who loses. As in sports with rules, so it is in life, with laws. Once certain people get their hands on something, it will be messed up. It is the rules and laws themselves that are technically foul and every player and person who are true fans of the game and of life should complain.

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