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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Culture Clubs Decide For You What Is Crazy
Changing The Mental Health Conversation
Unity Consciousness #672


(Part 3 of 5)

Just because we've normalized imbalance doesn't turn imbalance into balance or make us any less imbalanced.

Though we can call something whatever we want to and color it any way we choose, calling imbalance “culture” doesn't change a thing except the perception and reality of those whose core choices are still tied to that culture's core context.*

Reviewing Culture

What culture is, has been discussed at length. At this point another angle of approach to understand the same thing is attempted.
Culture is simply what one or more people decide is acceptable and unacceptable.
As more people join and cosign each other's thinking (behavior), culture functions just like a cult-ure.
Everybody has a culture and everybody belongs to a culture.
We use the word culture as if the word itself means something unique, when, in fact, the word culture is a generic word. To say my culture or our culture, is not to say anything different than anyone else who has a culture.
The difference between and among cultures is different information, logic, understanding and different choice of which spirit to follow.**

What Your Culture Decides

After you decide what culture to stay subscribed to, you are done deciding anything else for yourself.*** Your cult-ure decides everything else for you, including what is crazy.

Some examples of what your cult-ure decides...
How much psychological warfare is necessary to keep you as a member.
Who to enslave.
The nature of all your relationships.
Whether or not you can defeat nature.
Whether or not growing your own food is a ridiculous backwards caveman notion relegated to the pitiful moneyless. Despite the fact that the agri-cult-ure keeps you alive, your society will still decide for you if farming is labelled as an alternative lifestyle rather than mainstream. This despite the fact that cult, culture, agriculture and cultivate are a communal group of words.
Which Rights of Creation you are entitled to.
That a male only God has a womb from which he gave birth to the Universe and that you were born of this male. “I'm a child of God!” No creature is born except through a female and no Creation is born except through a female Creator, as above, so below. The only way you can be a child of a male only God is through adoption – the male only God adopting you and you adopting the cult that thinks this way despite no natural world examples to support such logic.
Cults take who you are and guide you into who you become.
Without an understanding of the natural world, mental bearings, thus mental orientation is thrown off the way. Therefore mental imbalance, instability and illness (the conditions for being crazy) exist.

How many gnats you strain at and how many camels you swallow.
Look at anything you do (think) or don't do (don't think) and tell me how it has not developed out of your cult-ure.
Once you get old enough and you renew your membership in a cult-ure, you pawn your soul for a ready-made already thought-out list of philosophies, values, ideas, practices and traditions. Crazy, huh?

If your cult-ure is a higher context than the Creator's cult-ure (the natural world context), you can't help but be crazy.
If your cult-ure is a higher context than the historical context, you can't help but be crazy.
If your patriotism, nationalism or religiousness is a higher context than your human beingness, you can't help but be crazy.
For those of us whose culture is on the lower-self side of the divine dividing line, welcome to the club, the cult and culture of craziness where everything is decided for you and so you are taught to hate critical thinking.

*Be not deceived by the many variations of culture. Societies have cultures and within the overall culture there are variations but all of them are still part of the overall culture. So don't think just because your logic varies in some areas of the culture, that you are not in the same culture. You don't get a significantly different culture until you shift the balance of your core context.
As such, even cultures of different named societies are still the same culture such as the culture of America and Russia or any of their look-alikes and wannabes no matter the ethnicity and sovereignty.
This is of no surprise, because Africa, in its pre-colonial days, was one culture with variations in both the intra-continental and inter-continental Diasporas.
Most societies call themselves civilizations but they are not.

**It is this difference that creates different references. These references are used in logic processes. In other words, difference in cults creates different references which makes things diffi-cult. What is diffi-cult is due to the difference in cult-ural choices. The logic of cult A does not match the logic of cult B. What is diffi-cult is each cult-ure decides what is truth.
Under these circumstances of conflicting cults and conflicting definitions of what truth is, if you really want to find out truth, you must look to the non-human portion of the natural world for examples, explanation and verification. Some cults decide truth is not in the natural world, instead it is in their holy book and/or in their government. Some cults even go so far as to claim there is separation between their holy book and their government (church and state). And the cult members believe it. The open prayer, "God Bless America" is clear evidence church and state are not separate. How many times does a government representative have to repeat that statement before the people's punch-drunkenness wears off?
What this tells us is most people who live in societies have co-dependent cultures – sometimes religion is the truth and sometimes government is the truth. Both of them support and defend each other.

***First, your parents decide for you what is acceptable. Your parents are your culture. After you get old enough, whatever culture you decide to subscribe to becomes just like your parents because that culture decides what is acceptable. You only have one decision you can make and you make that decision constantly – which spirit you will follow – the cult of the lower-self (single species human society based) or higher-self (multiple species natural world civilization based).
The exception to this is if you choose a higher-self culture, then you are encouraged to also critically think for yourself to ensure communal health.

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