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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dying Doesn't Change A Thing About Understanding
Unity Consciousness #656


(Part 3 of 4)

Since I, in the physical form, am the result of spiritual change, change I experience in this stage of life is not so much about the physical as it is about the spiritual.
In accordance with the need incentive and destiny, spiritual change is about changing in understanding. This spiritual journey is about changing in understanding. This life is about the process of continuously changing in understanding.
Knowing this, I understand, if I do not employ process in order to gain understanding to change my thinking and my behavior on Earth, based on what logic should I expect to gain understanding in the next life? What has changed? Won't I still be the same spirit that simply left the body behind?

There Will Be No Automatic Character Adjustment To Enlighten Me

I don't get an automatic character and attitude adjustment just by virtue of transitioning from one dimension to the next. If this is what is happening to everyone who makes their transition, then the afterlife would be filled with fully knowledgeable spirits, who now know and understand everything there is just the same as the Creator. Their journey would be over because they would be as one with the Creator. The completion of Creation would only require one cycle of transition into this life and transition out of this life. Upon the second transition, the fullness of understanding would be received even though the spirit did not learn, grow, mature or change in understanding as a result of living.

If I were to get an automatic character adjustment (full enlightenment) just because I “died” then there is no incentive to learn right now in this life. All I would need to do is just die and then all knowledge and understanding would be given to me. This would be like passing me on to the next higher grade even though I have not learned what is necessary to pass the test, have not done my homework in this classroom and have not made corrections.

What seems more likely, since this is a continuous spiritual journey, is that my spirit will have the same understanding in the next stage as it did in this stage.

Holding Back? What's Up With That

If my thousands of Ancestors now possess full knowledge that was handed to them easily and completely, why wouldn't they, in full knowledge, thus full power, hand it to me easily and completely, especially since, I am them? Why wouldn't at least one of them do so? Come on now, don't they love me as themselves? They would if they were fully enlightened.
No, what is more likely is that spirit is limited in the next life due to understanding. To the degree spirit changes in the next life by gaining understanding and to the degree I change in this life by gaining understanding and to the degree we communicate, is the degree to which we can help each other cross dimensions of understanding and cross physical dimensions.

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