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Monday, May 9, 2016

Higher-Self Genetic Potential Is More Powerful
Unity Consciousness #687


See, Remove Stumbling Blocks, Forgive Yourself, Unity Consciousness #686

Higher-Self Use Of Genetic Potential Is Larger

“There is more higher spiritual nature in you and in the Universe than there is lower spiritual nature.” (Women, Females & Girls World History)

Higher-Self Use Of Genetic Potential Is More Powerful

First of all, both the higher-self and the lower-self make use of the exact same genetic potential.
The difference is how the genetic potential is used.

The higher-self self uses an optimal context and optimizing process to optimize genetic potential in all areas.
The lower-self uses a suboptimal context and suboptimizing process to maximize genetic potential in some areas.

As a result, the higher-self is working with the Ecosystem of self and all else while the lower-self is working against the Ecosystem of self and all else.

As a result, lower-self use of genetic potential is always less than what is possible – much less, because a suboptimal approach drains resources because the suboptimal approach lacks both the conscience and consciousness to be Ecosystem efficient.
The reason higher-self use of genetic potential is more powerful is because there is more power in the optimal approach because it allows the fullness of genetic potential to come through.

So despite all the workings of the lower-self in this world, even at its very best, lower-self use of genetic potential is still not as powerful as higher-self use of the same genetic potential. The difference in the spiritual war between higher and lower self among humans is that (1) more humans have chosen the lower-self and (2) are following the suboptimal context and (3) those who have chosen the higher-self have not yet matured enough in understanding.
This combination of factors is currently tilted towards the lower-self – but momentum has shifted and this is changing.

Even so, because the portion of the higher-self in the rest of the Universe, that is not within humans, is larger and more powerful, that higher power will re-balance the human lower-self if the human higher-self does not. It is this non-human portion of the higher-self that is powering climate change.

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