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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Emotional Aspect Of Agreeing & Disagreeing
Unity Consciousness #736


(Part 3 of 6)

Emotion – One Of Four Inseparable Aspects Of Self

Because spirit, mind and emotion are inseparable as one, logic has an emotional component; therefore, agreeing and disagreeing produce emotional vibrations felt by spirit, mind and body. (Day 9 and UC#658).
This is also the same as how genetic influences that affect one aspect of self, also affect the other three aspects. Logic is a genetic component and information is a genetic influence. (See Human Genetics' Changing Influences & Responses )

In other words, it is to be expected that agreeing produces an emotional response that feels good. When agreeing is between people whose logic merely agrees with each other but not with Ecosystem Logic, then agreeing can feel good even if the agreeing is not good for the two people. In other words, just because something feels good does not mean I have made the best decision.
This is easily understood when it comes to agreeing to have sex or to get married.

It is to be expected that disagreeing produces an emotional response that does not feel good. When disagreeing is between people whose logic merely disagrees with each other but at least one set of logic is more aligned with the Ecosystem, then disagreeing feels bad, but for good reason. In other words, just because something feels bad does not mean I have made a bad decision.
For example, one person wants to get or stay married, but the other person does not for whatever reason. This feels bad but is a good thing. Time to move apart.

Also, disagreeing can occur when both sets of logic are significantly out of alignment with Ecosystem Logic. The result is usually both people feeling bad, yet feeling good because each person considering their logic to be "as it should be." Both people feel bad, but for the wrong reasons. They feel bad at each other and about each other's logic rather than feeling bad about being out of balance with Ecosystem Logic.

For example both people think they own the water, land, air rights, space rights and other resources and have the right to exert unilateral dominion over the same and each other. This logic is considered to be “as it should be” because its information comes from a mentality and spirituality with a weak and weakening connection to Eco-sensibility.

Seeking Understanding, Feeling Emotional

Before there was disagreeing, there was agreeing.
Before there was misunderstanding, there was understanding.
First, there was agreeing and understanding between humans and the rest of the natural world. Thus, as a result, as an effect and as a byproduct, there was automatically agreeing and understanding between humans. This is the only way for human progress to occur.

This then re-minds my logic, that the understanding I seek, has been already reached.
I have simply lost my connections to the way to get back to this understanding. By way of metaphor, I am one card in a multi-deck set of cards that have been shuffled and scrambled and must be put back into order by the Great Spider who is highly qualified to untangle the tangled web of logic with all its snags, snarls and k(nots). [Each person is like this. Also within each person logic is like this. Also in the world of humans, logic in circulation and that has been getting the most hits in recent times, is like this.]

All this is explained for the purpose of helping me understand that when I am striving and struggling to understand something, why it is not easy and doesn't feel good and why certain untanglings of logic take a great deal of patience and persistence.
This is also why, once I increase understanding, it sure feels good.

Information Is For Consideration

It's up to each person to decide what to do with information.
It is each person's responsibility and destiny to provide information, instructions and perspective to the Ecosystem of Logic to facilitate understandings of our genetic potential. I already do this by virtue of everything I think, say and do and by everything I don't think, say or do. I must become conscious of my influence in the Ecosystem so I can be more in control of self.

Now, once information is received by me or provided by me, then a portion of Principle #4 of the Ten Cardinal Principles becomes satisfied.
What then remains, as always, is the need incentive for me and others to continue to get information, instructions and perspectives and work on optimizing Ecosystem Logic.

On one hand, because I have been so ingrained (deeply programmed, yet having only surface awareness of myself) with information and instructions (thought processes) and fragmented flipped perspectives, logic gets tangled up by nearly every concept, a few being ”competing against one another,” ”comparing & contrasting lives,” and by “not understanding how to break out of my logic” by adjusting and transforming the habit of the logic I have repeated thousands of times.
As a result, emotions weigh-in and are given too much weight in thought processes, which only serves to devote me to the logic I currently possess and to heck with the rest. This is an unhealthy situation for any person because this type of thinking invites stagnation which further shifts momentum to the side of the lower-self and the logic it forms.

On the other hand, if I just recheck my logic against the Ecosystem and check the logic I just encountered against the Ecosystem, and then think again for the third time, then my emotional reaction to the information won't interfere with or stop me from going through the process necessary to recognize more of where logic connects and disconnects. Since emotional energy has now been funneled into analysis and studying, emotional overreaction is usually avoided. (UC#644)
This process also helps me avoid thoughts of somebody trying to persuade me, convince me or outsmart me as discussed in UC#731.
This process also helps me be relaxed and receptive as information is encountered rather than continue to use emotion-dominated logic that shrieks, “Resist! Deny! Ignore! Dismiss! Be fearful! Act out!”

This process also helps me understand why it is not necessary to hate someone I disagree with or declare war or sanction them or vilify them.* However, a good reason to fight back is when I am under attack, otherwise, going separate ways to find our way home another way is the best course of action. A good reason to limit interacting with and communicating with the person is if they are not faithful to what a conversation is.

In keeping with the multi-layered challenge facing the Great Spider, I must check out information rather than throw it out. Better yet, don't throw it out, instead, work it out so it can be sorted out.
This becomes more possible as we increase understandings such as realizing the logic of the lower-self only makes logical sense when information is left out or altered because the lower-self considers the partial to be the whole. Therefore complete information exposes the partial for what it is, thus different information is considered an attack because it indicates the need for self-correction. This is exactly what societies do. (UC#734)
Of course then, the logic of the higher-self makes logical sense as information is added or restored to original condition because the higher-self considers the whole. Therefore, partial information is always subject to revision. Different information is an opportunity to check myself if I respect myself. This matches what civilizations do. (UC#734)

Information Is Necessary For My Salvation

Once I understand agreeing and disagreeing are based on my understanding of Ecosystem Logic, there is no need to become overly emotional when I encounter logic I disagree with. What am I being emotional for? Because of myself? Because of the Ecosystem of Logic? Because of the Creator? Of course, not! Over emotional responses only occur when understanding and focus are off-centered on another person's logic.

Information of all types is necessary for me to work through on my journey through this dimension. If I am to achieve ascension I must rise in understandings. In order to do so, I must employ processes that help me figure out what is what and what goes where.
Why wouldn't a person be excited, happy, glad and feel good knowing the steps being taken are helping them regain their health, strength, Eco-sense, happiness and oneness (salvation) with the Creator? And likewise feel bad when information is not available to stimulate logic so it can be assessed, addressed and adjusted to move towards oneness of understanding – which by grace I am given this ability to “work out” my own salvation by working through logic.

Knowing that logic is part of the spiritual journey and logic is part of the way, is the peace that passes through understanding. It is calming effect logic.

Note: The Ecosystem is fundamentally Information. It is a much broader database of information than what humans have created. That's why I must compare the information (logic) I am using to Ecosystem Logic. Sister Marimba Ani provided information to re-mind me to not forget the logical use of metaphor. The use of metaphor finds the common connection between various forms of creation. This is possible because every aspect of Creation is a different form of the same metaform. Thus comparing logic to Ecosystem Logic is to compare my logic to the common connecting logic of all Creation. A high use of metaphor is to teach Universal logic in a concise form. Since all metaphors are two-sided, the high use of metaphor ensures one side is always something that is non-human created and the other side is something that is related to the human species, exclusively or not, such as having a spirit/soul, emotions, getting married and making love.
Each person's logic represents a mixture of portions of Ecosystem Logic. The more complete this information is and the more in order this information is, the less chance there is for distortion of conclusions and decisions.

*See Part 4 for further information.

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