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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Way Of Sunlight & Angles Of Light
Unity Consciousness #720


(Part 14 of 15)

Scientific(Spiritual) Metaphor

Light leaves the Sun at many angles. Out of One comes Many.
At close range to the singular point of origin, some angles are separate but many are not.
As these angles continue to move farther away, they continue to move farther apart and continue to separate.
Angles separate that had not yet separated and angles separate that had previously separated.
However, as angles separate into more angles, even though they continue to move farther away from their origin, they move closer to other angles because so many separations are taking place, every possible space becomes filled with Angles Of Light.
As light encounters other creations, paths are altered which causes Light to move at new angles and form cross connections.

What appears as solid beams of Light are actually Many much thinner strands close together side by side and layered and crisscrossed.

As Light makes its return journey home to oneness with the Sun, each angle starts out separately but eventually moves closer to others and recombines.
The number of angles and the distance between them continues to decrease until all Lights reach the center of the Sun's core where they become One concentrated single point of Light again.

What is true of the way of light is true of the way of Creation.

Imagine being able to suspend a tiny clear ball in midair. Then, 360 degrees of sturdy but flexible, thin see-through strands emanate from the exact center of the ball. You can see separation before the strands exit the ball. The strands then move outward for 36 inches and fill every available space around the ball. You are able to move around the ball and strands from all sides and angles and look through to the other side and distinguish details all the way to the center. The angles are stacked and move straight out and across each other, yet are not tangled, but rather as you shift perspectives and move closer and farther away, what you see is an intricate delicate network of Light.


Sunlight is lighting the way.



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