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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dynamic Balance Of Higher-Self & Lower Self | Definitions
Unity Consciousness #753


(Part 14 of 26)

The Destroyer Principle is the lower-self spirit.
The other 8 principles are collectively the higher-self.

The necessity of the higher-self and lower-self has been discussed in UC#748 to UC#750.
Simply put, if there were not two aspects of the Creator's Spirit, there would be no far-reaching choices to make in life and all things would remain in the same condition it started from. There would be no understanding of love or happiness. As discussed, remaining continuously in one state forever, leads to certain death.
The Creator separating Self into higher and lower such that at least one of the two acts independently of the other, establishes the basic condition for disharmony, thus challenge. The differences between the higher and lower spirit also ensure challenge occurs and then overcoming also occurs.

Computer Metaphor
The higher-self and lower-self are similar to taking the “C” partition on a hard drive and separating a portion so it functions independently.
The progression of computer drives is the story of The Early Formation of Creation. A computer attempts to approximate a Universe.
First there was the A drive – Nun.
Then the capabilities of the A drive was separated into two, creating the B drive – Ptah.
Then A and B were combined to produce C – Atum, the Child & The Creator. This is the Trinity of A+B=C. Then Atum became partitionable into many creations, each having the potential to work collectively or independently.
The Destroyer Principle (partition) chose to function independently and thus created the dual partition of Spirit that is called the higher-self and lower-self or twin power relationship.

What Percent of Spirit is Higher & What Percent Is Lower?

In Part 11, it was estimated the higher self is 85% which is slightly less than 8/9ths.
The lower-self is 15% which is slightly more than 1/9th.

As explained in Part 11, the lower-self can have a higher percentage of effect.

The Higher Percentages Are In Humanity's Favor, Unity Consciousness #347

Dynamic Balance

The Universe is ever-changing because spirit energy is always in motion. The interactions of higher-self motions and lower-self motions cause balance to fluctuate over a wide range. This is dynamic balance. It allows the Ecosystem to bend not break and to hold together firmly but not rigidly. This is the fixed and variable nature of Maat (Divine Order).

Comparison Of Differences

Greater power cannot be sufficiently challenged or defeated by a lesser power if that lesser power must follow the same rules. These differences are necessary to ensure the purpose of Creation is met. (UC#748, UC#749)

Challenge would likely never take place and if it did, it would be quickly overcome. As a result of the lack of struggle and effort to gain understanding to figure out how to overcome the challenge, the higher-self would not mature in understanding and not evolve and would stagnate and devolve unto death.

Higher Spirit of Self (The Restorer)
1. Greater genetic potential in the amount of 85%.
2. Must use free will to take the high road.
3. Must follow natural laws.
4. Must work with the Ecosystem, thus benefits from economies of scale and cumulative effects of harmony.
5. The necessity to follow laws and process is a short-term disadvantage. Loses momentum in the short-term.
6. Significant and sustained change must be recorded and repeated by DNA/RNA. This takes time and requires the integration of all that contributes to health such as more forms of nutritions, less toxins, more rest, etc.
7. The ability to work in harmony (unity of purpose and actions) guarantees victory.
8. Can destroy in harmony. Cannot create in disharmony, thus climate change is a harmonious change.
9. Laws are fixed and variable within Maat and change dynamically to achieve the purpose of Creation.
10. Can see the forest and the trees and understands the greater good. Thinks one is one is two and then two is two is one. Complex is not confused with complicated and complicated is not confused with higher intelligence. Thus, learning is made simple via process. Understands roots grow down, up and sideways.
11. Uses an optimal context and optimizing process to optimize genetic potential in all areas. Not enough humans have chosen this context long enough and have not matured enough in knowledge of self.
12. Is maturing in knowledge of self. Level of awareness reaches So Dayi.
13. Is self-correcting and does not have to be asked to do the right thing.
14. Universal Karma is gaining momentum in its favor.
15. Greatest ability is to create life, resurrect life and restore truth, thus knowledge of self is coming around the mountains of male logic. A greater degree of enlightenment is the net effect when the higher-self is the dominant spirit.
16. UC#687 and UC#688

Lower Spirit of Self (The Destroyer)
1. Lesser genetic potential in the amount of 15%.
2. Must use free will to take the low road.
3. Greater leeway in breaking any and all natural laws and human laws.
4. Must work against the Ecosystem, thus experiences diminishing outputs for the same amount of inputs. Harmony is a complete context. The lower spirit is incomplete. Do not expect anything complete from the lower spirit. This is why people organized under lower spirit rule, experience so many physical sicknesses, shortages, disruptions and crises of resources. This is another way to recognize the country that you keep. Logic of inefficiency cannot improve the quality of life and cannot be healthy progress.
5. The ability to break laws provides the advantage of quickness because process does not have to be followed. Gains momentum in the short-term.
6. Significant change is unsustainable because it is only achieved via significantly destructive means.
7. The inability to work in harmony with anything and anyone inside or outside of self guarantees defeat.
8. Cannot create in harmony. Can only destroy in disharmony which is why medication and treatments harm other parts of the body. The lower spirit of the Destroyer is not a healer and will never find or offer a cure for anything that sickens. Everything is designed to be broken and stay broken.
9. Can change laws frequently and enforce them differently to maintain shorter and shorter terms of advantage. Expect more economic turmoil relating to your water, food and electricity.
10. Can only see a few trees and understand the lesser good. Thinks one is one and two is two and that's it! Logic is limited because it takes processing power to expand logical operations and connections. 15% is not enough. This is hidden by making things unnecessarily complicated and pairing lies with excuse and calling it truth. Even so, does have access to some truth and uses some of it and presents some of it.
11. Uses a suboptimal context and suboptimizing process to maximize genetic potential in some areas. Too many humans have chosen this context for too long.
12. Is not maturing in knowledge of self. Level of awareness remains at Giri So.
13. Is not self-correcting, thus protesting to achieve correction from a lower-self ruled society is mostly wasted energy. In the beginning it was worth a try but now we understand what to expect.
14. Universal Karma is gaining momentum in its disfavor.
15. Greatest ability is destruction of life and anything healthy such as knowledge of self and to present jacked up logic. A Dark Age is the net effect when the lower-self is the dominant spirit.
16. UC#750

What Applies To Both

a) Both the Higher Spirit of Self and Lower Spirit of Self are necessary parts of the Divine Order.
b) Genetic potential can only be used according to understanding, so even in a maximization mindset, the lower spirit cannot achieve maximum results.
c) Energy cannot remain on one side of a dynamic equation. A shift must occur.
d) If things were going to remain one way for a long time, it would be on the healthy side of the equation that has everything in its long-term favor. And it already has. The world history of humans is one of health. This recent period of less than 20,000 years that blossomed into a rapid decline of health in the past 3,000 years due to virus colonization, is extremely short compared to the previous 300,000 to 400,000 years when the first were still first.
e) History is prophecy.
f) The current configuration of percentages will not continue beyond this iteration of Creation. Both twin powers must be transformed, recycled and reabsorbed into the waters of harmony from which they came.

Genetic Annihilation & The Spiritual War, Unity Consciousness #738

Our Fatal Flaw – The Absence Of Harmony. The Root Cause Of Many Problems.

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