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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, July 8, 2016

Self-Study Notes: Early Formation Of Creation: Preexistence
Unity Consciousness #749


(Part 10 of 26)

To facilitate self-study, the same section headings are used from Part 9, “Early Formation Of Creation: Preexistence To Seventh Dimension.” (UC#748)


The root of life is Spirit. Understanding what Spirit is about is the same as understanding what life is about.
Understanding what Spirit has created is the same as understanding what purpose and destiny Spirit has created for everyone and everything created.


When Africans use words they mean one thing. When other groups of people use the same word, they mean something different, ranging from somewhat different to totally different.
Africans consider myth to be truth. Some groups consider myth to be like a fairy tale.
This dichotomy is not about myth. It is about context.
The context you choose determines everything else you think and do.
Africans have an Utamawazo based on knowledge of self, thus all definitions, meanings and teachings support that kind of thinking.
Many other groups of people have worldviews based on denying knowledge of their African origin and Africa's enormous contributions to the world which continue up to this very moment, thus all definitions, meanings and teachings support that kind of thinking.

The explanation of how Creation came to be, is a context. That context determines a gigantic amount of your thinking. For instance, if your context of Creation comes from a religious context, then you will think the way the authors of that religion, want you to think. Not just about Creation and religion but about almost everything. Why? Because the context from which you get your understanding of Spirit and Creation, informs pretty much everything else. That context controls your logic, your thinking, your reasoning, your behavior. Using an African context for Spirit and Creation is a basic need for Africans to survive and thrive. As long as we continue to use the same contexts and definitions as others, our thinking will be self-destructive, no matter how good it looks on the surface or how much sense it makes. Self-study helps us self-correct self-destructive thinking, thus self-destructive behaviors. No behavior changes on its own or for the better without a better context to inform it. We must work backwards from the inside to further inside to uncover the sources of our behavior. These sources are so deeply embedded in our logic, they go unnoticed and without question as to “What are you doing in here?” Those sources are the many contexts we are currently using to formulate every single thought we have. Africans in possession of the proper contexts was how things used to be when we spread civilization throughout the world. A return to those contexts will return Africans to how things used to be for hundreds of thousands of years.

Know The Myth Of Yourself
“Mythology is not falsehood, it is a way to allegorically represent that which is true.” (Charles Finch, Esoteric Wisdom)
This means then, that myth is what metaphor is. The root of Spirit implores Africans to not ignore the logical use of metaphor. African Creation Myths help us understand truths of what has been created and, thus what each of us are here for.

First Dimension – Preexistence

Binary Code is a concise language of dimensions of Creation.

Purpose Of Creation

By necessity, life involves choices because each choice is a demonstration of a multitude of understandings.
No person can “get it together” or keep it together unless they can get lots of logic together and keep it organized and stay connected to the Spirit Root.

It is one thing to be able to do many things but it is Many things to do One thing.

For additional expressions of purpose, see UC#715, UC#707 parts 1-15 and keyword destiny

Epilogue To The Creator's Creation

Ptah, the Father is part of a Creator who is also female. In contrast, “God,” The Father is a Creator who has no female balancer, thus this God is imbalanced just like the Destroyer.
The Ecosystem demonstrates the necessity of female and male in the creation of life. The Creation of the Universe is the creation of life, isn't it?

Any person who worships a male only God is an imbalanced person and a self-destructive person because they are in self-denial of the female/male force within that created them. It is more balanced to think egg and sperm are God than to think a sperm can create you on its own.

The word Father comes from (F)ah-er, Ftah-er, (Pt)ah-er, Ptah.
Maat is Maat-er is Mother. Maat is Nun since all things were in harmony in her mostly feminine waters.

Honor Thy Mother & Thy Father
1. How is it that, according to some religious texts, both mother and father are supposed to be honored, yet throughout those school textbooks, the Mother entity, Mother nature and Mother relationships are dishonored?

2. Honor Maat-er and Ptah-er.
This has multiple meanings. The first one is obvious. Another one is honor spirit and matter; water and land, Earth and Sky, male and female, sister and brother and so on.
Another one is honor all of these relationships within self.

3. In other words, honor all variations and manifestations of the Mother/Father relationship such as Trinity and Maat.

Third Dimension - Nun & Ptah's Creation (The Creator As Two)

The Creator is a living organism who underwent intracellular differentiation which created Ptah.
Then intracellular cell growth took place which created Atum, an organelle (nucleus) of the cell.
Our creation process in the womb is the same as the Creator's Creation process.

Ra is the Light, heat and life-giving energy of the Universe.
The Creator is Daughter/Son, Ra, Sun, Atum and Heru.
Atum is the Creator, Daughter/Son, Ra, Sun and Heru.
Heru is the Creator, Daughter/Son, Ra, Sun and Atum.

The Creator, Atum and Heru are different forms of the trinity of divinity of energy.
This is why these words are used in ways that are confusing in a disunified and disorganized consciousness but are reflecting the interconnectedness and interrelatedness of the principle that Everything is Everything.

Another way to conceive this is that all creations are generations of One Creator.
Thus, in the same way children are given the exact same name, because they are in the same lineage originating from the same place, so also then there is a Ra I, Ra II, Ra III... but they are each simply called Ra. They are each other's Descendants and Ancestors.

Ptah the moundtain represents the throne of administration from which the Word of the Creator is spoken. Atum sitting on the highest point of the throne represents the highest authority - the female and male speaking as one voice from the throne.

Fifth Dimension – Atum, The Creator's Second Creations (Neternu)

The incomplete human version of atomic energy comes from splitting atoms.
The complete version is Atumic energy which comes from merging spirit (energy), matter, female, male and creative utterance.

Sixth Dimension – Atum, The Creator's Third Creations (Spiritual/Physical Principles Of Created Beings)

Earth is a generic term for land. The principle of land is part of all created beings. In Universes, there is more than one Moon, Sun, Solar System and Galaxy, thus, then, by reason of consistency of system, dimension and integrity, there is more than one Earth (land). We again verify this truth by understanding each of the Moons and Planets are land, thus they are manifestations of the Earth (land) principle.

Conceivably, from the 8th Dimension onward, everything was created automatically according to the raw materials (data) and instructions (principles and characteristics) created in the first seven dimensions. Genetic potential is always in motion and encountering other genetic potential and interacting and causing explosions.
This is why, when we encounter new information, and are trying to absorb it all, we say, “it feels like my head is exploding.”
This is why when we get an idea or gain an understanding, we say, “a light bulb came on” or we use the word “spark” in various expressions.


Understandings pursued reveal their metaphor in you.
Understandings achieved remind you, there is no need to stop at believe.
Understandings follow progression.

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