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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Black Magic & White Magic | Definitions
Unity Consciousness #795


(Part 3 of 3)

Since what Kemites understood was a mystery to the Greeks, the Greeks not only called Kemite schools, mystery schools, they also called what Kemites were able to do, magic. The Greeks used a word that meant learned priests. As is common among later Europeans who have drugged and dragged us deeper into darkness, current usage of the word magic is just the opposite of the original meaning. Current use of the word magic is a bastardization (pale mutation and male mutilation).

Today, Europeans call Kem-mystery, Chemistry while Arabians call it Alchemy.

Even though Kem mystery, Chemistry and Alchemy are the same things, when African use of it exceeds the comprehension of others, it is call Black Magic.
Once again, this is used derogatorily as in pagan, primitive and uncivilized. The derogatory use of the term, Black Magic, is further confirmed in the ill-logical mind when magic is combined with singing, chanting, dancing, spirit transformations and the use of objects.
Science labs are filled with rituals and objects. The main difference is bias of perception which comes from information programmed into logic (what you've learned).

Despite the obviousness of it, it is rarely said that Europeans practice White Magic. For example, through the use of Chemistry, Europeans have created, dozens of “new” elements.

Truth is, Black Magic is stuff Black people can do that other people wish they could do but can't figure out how it's done. As explained in Part 1, rather than face the truth of African capabilities, ego and envy causes many lies to be told in order to make what Africans are able to do and the manner in which it is done, seem “crazy” and scary. This causes sickness within everyone's psyche but even moreso in Black folks.

More truth is, White Magic is stuff White people and others do that Black people really don't want to do.

Bottom Lines

We live a World and Universe filled with magic. This magic manifests itself in all dimensions and to all degrees. We are made of magic and are filled with magic (scientific principles). We are magic within magic making magic continuously.
As we come to know self, like our Ancestors did, then we can create more synergistically and Magi-cally.

*Ill-logic leads us to conclude something is magic, miracle, coincidence, luck, chance, happenstance or accident. These are “catch-all” categories for us to put things into we don't understand or just wish to escape thinking about.
There is a cause and effect for everything that explains everything in relation to the whole.
It is easy to get mixed up in life by relying on explanations that are only stated in relation to fragments.

Due to the continuing emergences and the shift going on with the momentum of time, our logic (thinking) is being prepared to directly and indirectly experience greater workings of magic.

Who Are Magicians Practicing Magic?
Unity Consciousness #794


(Part 2 of 3)

The Creator Is A Magician

As alluded to in the previous message, Creation is a magic act. Magic actions in motion. Creation is a magic show for purposes far greater than entertainment.

Our bodies are magic machines. They function based on magic – scientific principles working in harmony.

Of Course Egyptian Priests Were Magicians

A priest, scientist and magician all mean the same thing. Not today, but back then.

Priests were people who studied for over 40 years to become proficient in multiple subjects. These people were very learned and understood these subjects integratively as an Ecosystem. This is why their manipulation of the forces of nature's scientific principles exceeded the average person's capabilities. Part of the training of priests was to study the stars, thus they were astronomers who charted the movement of celestial bodies in relation to each other. The priests also had to understand the meaning of the movements of stars in relation to events on Earth, thus they were astrologers.*

Magi Are Magicians

Magi is just an abbreviated form of the word magician.
Magi are wise men; therefore magicians are people who have advanced scientific training and are thus able to do things others cannot due because they do not have the same understanding of all that exists within and without.

The three wise men (Magi) who came to bring gifts to Yeshua (Jesus) were priest-scientist-magicians. They came from the East which is the same place Abraham and his family came from. The East being referred to is Chaldea between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The three wise men were from the African spiritual traditions that Abraham abandoned.

(Young's Literal Translation (YLT) uses words more closely related to the Greek text the King James Version of Christianity was translated from.
Matthew 2:1 (YLT): “And Jesus having been born in Beth-Lehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the king, lo, mages from the east came to Jerusalem,”

Prophets, In a Biblical Sense, Are Magicians

According to some religions, Moses performed miracles. Most of the followers of these religions attribute Moses' ability to God; however, they leave out the part of the process that helped Moses understand how to perform miracles:
Acts 7:22 (KJV): “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.”

Moses, raised in the house of Pharaoh, was a priest-scientist-magician. Moses learned from the Egyptians who learned from the Creator and through trial and error.

Another prophet-magician was Daniel, who was also called Belteshazzar and also called the master of the magicians:
Daniel 4:9 (KJV): “O Belteshazzar, master of the magicians, because I know that the spirit of the holy gods is in thee, and no secret troubleth thee, tell me the visions of my dream that I have seen, and the interpretation thereof.”

God made frequent use of magicians: “Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men (Magi), and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city” (Matthew 23:34 (KJV))

There were numerous other prophets in Bibles who were all magicians because they manipulated scientific principles and performed magic called by different words – miracles, wonders, signs. A popular prophet-magician that comes to mind is Elijah (Elias) who drenched an altar in water and then called down fire from Heaven, who raised people from the dead, killed people, caused famine, outran horse-drawn chariots and knew the day, place and method of his departure from Earth.

Lastly, it is well established that Yeshua (Jesus) was a priest-scientist-magician. Jesus lived in Egypt for a while. Although the details of his training are vague, clearly Jesus did not learn his advanced knowledge from Israelites because none of them were practicing magic, only the Egyptians and Chaldeans – two groups descended from Kushite/Cushites. Perhaps this is why so much of the story of Jesus's life is left out of Bibles but can be found elsewhere.

Jesus did not have a problem with using magic so why do Jesus believers? Jesus is not averse to magic then or now because God is the Maker Of Magic and Master Magician then and now.


So Many Other Types Of Magicians

Every person is a scientist. We are always practicing some sort of magic. There are scientists of all types such as alchemists, chemists, ministers, reverends, hypnotizers, teachers, parents, lawyers, athletes, botanists, geneticists, pharmacologists, gardeners, farmers and psychologists and psychiatrists who are front line members of psychological warfare...

*There is very little use in being an astronomer if you are not also going to be an astrologer, unless of course, you are not operating within the optimal context of the African Utamawazo. If so, then fragmented knowledge is what you get. However, within the African context, it is not possible to be an astrologer without being an astronomer. It is not possible to be very skilled at either astronomy or astrology without also being skilled in multiple other areas of science (knowing).

What Is Magic? Africa's & God's Gift To The World
Unity Consciousness #793


(Part 1 of 3)

Many museums around the world are viewed as places of high culture and higher education. These museums are filled with magic. They are filled with artifacts from African civilizations that existed all around the world. Most notably among the magic that is treasured is all the magic stuff from Kemet (Ancient Egypt). The Greeks, Eurasians, Europeans, Asians, Semites, Arabs and others loved the magic so much they copied it in the form of architecture, philosophy, religion, medicine, education, etc. All the countries who claim to be great in the world today have based large portions of their societies on African magic and derivatives of African magic.

Magic is Africa's gift to the world because Africa is the Parent of the World.
Magic is the Creator's gift to the world because the Creator is the Parent of Africa.
Magic is God's gift to the world from Heavenly Parents to Earthly Parents who then passed it on to their children throughout the world.
God is a Magician of the Highest & Lowest Order. This we know from our understanding of “manipulation.” God is the Great Manipulator because magic is the manipulation of what exists.

What Is Magic?

You will come to know what magic is as you grow beyond belief.

Magic is the ability to do things other cannot do. It is the ability to do things that exceed the comprehension of others so much so, that the only explanation people can come up with, is that it must be magic. What we call magic is the stuff we don't understand how to do.

For people who have not yet learned to cook, what a good cook does is magic.
Breast milk is magic.
Womb, cocoon and tomb are magical places.
Digestion is magic.
The process of combining two seeds and then dividing that new seed until creation rises out of the waters of Nw(New) in the female womb, must be some kind of magic.
The list of everyday magic goes on and on and on. Most of it we don't understand but we are sill okay with it.

Simply put, magic is science.
Completely put, magic is science.
Magic is the application of scientific principles.

It is magic to go from being carried around as a baby to then being able to walk and run.
Magic is the result of the process of understanding how scientific principles work in relation to each other.
Magic is the result of combining the creative genetic potential genius of two or more things.
Since most of us are not taught integratively, and instead are taught fragmentedly, we do not realize the magic we already do. We also do not realize what we do call magic is actually normal abilities not currently or commonly manifested throughout a particular species.

When it comes to the magic most of us can do, we call it natural or common sense.
When it comes to the magic most of us can not do, we call it supernatural (as in evil spirit) because it makes no sense to us.
When it comes to the magic only Africans can do, we call it something derogatory, including calling it alien. We do this because Africans have been so consistently characterized as primitive and less capable, we cannot allow ourselves to think Africans simply understand more than we do.

I'll keep saying it. All of us have the ability to do magic because all of us have creative genetic potential genius given to us a gift from the Creator.

It just so happens Africans were first on the planet and have been around for so long, that they have had a lot of experience figuring things out.
Because other groups of people (African variations/branches) have only existed for an extremely short amount of time, which is not enough time to figure out what Africans have figured out, the only thing these groups can do is to downplay African understanding and brand it as magic in the negative sense. All of this is done in order to justify using any means necessary to become first in reality without becoming first in origin reality (origin-ality). Meanwhile all these groups are benefiting from African magic.

Since some people can do things we call amazing, incredible, mind-blowing and we wonder, “how the heck did they do that,” then we know magic is not a secret. Magic is hidden in plain Sight and low Light.
Magic is hidden within understanding. Mature into understanding and become more like the magic you are capable of.
Magic does not have to remain mysterious. We can grow to know more about magic.
There are scientific principles (natural laws) we are unaware of that our Ancestors knew. The scientific principles we are aware of are more expansive than what we are being taught. There is more to the story of how natural laws function than we currently understand. We can grow to know more about science, scientific principles, natural laws, genetics and more about self and all else. All of this learning must be in relation to self as that self relates to all else. This habit, process, style, context and method of learning automatically calibrates your logic to perform greater feats of magic than “the average bear.”

Keep in mind, like everything else, magic is subject to the twin power relationship. There is higher use of magic and lower use of magic just as there is higher use of manipulation and discrimination and lower use of manipulation and discrimination.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Re-evolution Of “If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It”
Re-membering Definition & Meaning
Unity Consciousness #792


Like many other sayings we are comfortable repeating and believing, when it comes to “If it ain't broke, don't fix it,” there's more to the story – more to the definition and meaning – more understanding to be gained.

“If it ain't broke don't fix it,” is partially true. It is, however, an incomplete logical statement.
Like all incomplete logical statements, if the logic is mistaken for completeness of thought, sooner or later, false conclusions will be reached.

Laying The Groundwork For An Evolution In Understanding

Life is a continuous spiritual journey.
Since spirit is the same thing as creativity, then “life is a continuous creative journey.”
Each and every aspect of creation, including every person, is infused with spirit, thus creative genetic potential genius. The spirit we all have is for the purpose to help us progress through stages of our creative spiritual journey.

Yes, if something is not broke, don't fix it. However, we must continue the momentum of the creative process called Life.
Once something is working to satisfaction and has been perfected to the extent current understanding will allow, the next logical step is to mature in understanding so evolution of what is not broken can take place.
The logical statement is If, then, otherwise.
In other words, “If it ain't broke, then don't fix it, evolve it.
In other words, “If it is broken, then fix it, otherwise evolve it.
When you encounter the statement, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it,” contemplate what understanding is needed to evolve what is not broken. Strive for that understanding.

Do not get stopped in the tracks of your creative spiritual journey by stopping your logic at “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.”
Improving what already exists is always needed. Evolve the wheel and keep building better mousetraps. You will know what you should be trying to improve based on your destiny. Your destiny leads you to the desti-nation of your creative spiritual journey. Your destiny guides you by revealing to you, through the understandings you are gaining, what you should create and how you should create it.

What Is Evolution?

As explained in the “Early Formation Of Creation, “The Creator created Creation – you, me and all else- for the purpose of the Creator's self-improvement. Whether or not we fulfill our destinies, just by living, we help the Creator mature in understanding, thus make more optimal use of the creative genetic potential genius of the Universe, thus evolve. In other words, creativity, that represents evolution, simultaneously moves us closer to oneness with the Creator.

By necessity, this means the higher spirit of creativity – the higher self – must be the energizer of evolution.
Evolution cannot come from the lower spirit of creativity. Why not?
All evolution involves motion back towards oneness – the place where the highest (most optimal) expression of - evolution is possible. The lower-self is a Destroyer of Oneness. Destruction of Oneness is the job and purpose of the Destroyer.

Since we were created from Oneness, all evolution is actually re-evolution – a re-turn-ing to Oneness.
Re-evolution is revolution. De-evolution is devolution.
The higher-self and lower-self is the Twin Power Relationship. Revolution/devolution is one of numerous twin pairings manifested by the Expansive Twin Power Relationship.

The logic of “If it ain't broke, don't fix it” exists because it represents the fragmented incomplete nature of the lower-self. Since the lower-self has been exhibiting greater influence in the world for the past several thousand years, a whole lot of fragmented incomplete logic has been passing for more than what it actually is.

Let me back up for a moment. We know the Destroyer does not want anything to move towards oneness. As a result, since evolution is a move towards oneness, as long as the lower-self is exhibiting great influence in societies, these societies will be against evolution. Since evolution is re-evolution, then these societies are afraid of revolution. (The American Revolution was actually the American Devolution).

Know The Revolution Yourself

This again leads us to the summary wisdom of our Ancestors: know yourself.
In order to use creative genetic potential genius in an evolutionary fashion, understanding of self which results in more optimal functioning, must take place.
If the use of creative genetic potential genius does not represent a more mature understanding of self, then what is created is not evolution. Instead, it is a sideways movement or a lower downward movement - de-evolution.
Be certain to understand: using creative genetic potential genius to create machines, send rockets to the moon, create space stations or put satellites in outer space is not evidence of evolution, because it is not a movement towards more optimal use of creativity. This means it is not a move towards oneness. This means it is not a move towards human beingness (Eco-sensibility).

Clearly now, we are better able to understand that since both the higher-self spirit inside each person can create and the lower-self spirit inside each person can also create, not everything created is an example of evolution, no matter how “new” it is.

The process of evolving understanding (evolutionary use of creativity), simultaneously fixes what is broken and, if it's not broken, the process moves to the next logical stage of the journey and applies newly-acquired understanding to evolve what is already working by making it more optimal, more Eco-sensible.

What's Fundamentally Broken

What's actually broken is our connection to the optimal context, worldview, utamawazo. The template we place our thinking into, in order to organize it and process our thoughts, is way out of balance. The template we are using is a fractured fragmented fraction of the Creator's Blueprint. This is why a lot of thinking is jacked up – our logic is hacked up into pieces and we believe these pieces are the whole.
The fundamental context we are using is suboptimal, therefore, the optimal cannot come out of suboptimal, therefore, evolution cannot come out of a suboptimal context.
The suboptimal context is designed for the purpose of keeping our logic disconnected from the rest of the story of Creation, of world history, of self.

Since context is broke, we must fix it so we can fix the links in our broken logic pathways that cut us off from the way to evolve and complete the journey. This journey is going to take more lifetimes than this lifetime.
Connection is broken, context is broken, logic is broken.

Shifting The Context Of This Conversation A Little

Since many of us have the desire to be healthier and we wish for a healthier world of human interaction with each other and the rest of the Ecosystem, then what we are saying is that the health of humanity is broken.
Now we have a better understanding of what it takes to fix the health of self and of all else.

Finally, and in review, in order to know what is broken, we must know what is fixed. Simply put, "fixed" means functioning in optimal balance. We already know hundreds of things are not functioning in optimal balance. They are not fixed. They are broken. Just to name a few, the government system, solid and liquid food system, education system... It is not truthful to say these things just need some adjustments, as if they were functioning mostly properly. If these systems were functioning mostly properly, they would be mostly contributing to health than to unhealth. Since the opposite is true, these systems are broken. Clearly, then also, there's another saying being used but not talked about out in the open: "If it is broke, that's exactly our hope. Nope, we won't fix it, because we can't, due to being arrhythmic afflicted, and because broken logic is the ticket to how we profit - to Hell with collective benefit, except as advertisement."

Friday, August 26, 2016

African & Plant Roots Of Reserve Power
Unity Consciousness #791

Roots have the ability to adjust the amount of energy supplied to the rest of the plant. During times when conditions are highly favorable, roots transfer optimal power to the rest of the plant. Roots are also able to grow themselves. During times when conditions are unfavorable, the opposite takes place.
Roots have the ability to adjust degrees of output ranging from optimal to suboptimal.
Plants will also adjust the game plan and produce a smaller plant in order to have enough left over to produce seeds that are better calibrated to the new conditions. Sometimes the plant will sacrifice portions of the plant in order to sustain the rest of plant.
Sometimes the parent plant is able to learn, adapt and flourish, thus overcome the challenge of unfavorable conditions.
Sometimes the plant will shutdown and remain dormant, even during the growing season.

All of this is possible because roots can think. Roots use logic to continuously make multiple assessments of the environment, including monitoring the status of the rest of the plant and information the rest of the plant transmits. As a result, decisions are made.

Plentiful Lessons From Pitiful-Looking Plants

Each year a plant is in suboptimal mode, malnutrition exists. This causes weakness and sickness.
Even so, as conditions improve, a weakened, damaged plant is more likely to recover, if conditions improve steadily. Even if a plant is in suboptimal mode for several years and suffering, after just one year of more favorable conditions, the plant can begin to recover. This is no mystery. As genetics get what they need, they do what they do - express their creative genetic potential genius.

Plants are in the root of the African Root. Plants eat the roots of nutrients (the Primordials) which is why we must eat more plants in their most vibrant form. Plants are witnesses and ministers. Plants cells are the same as human cells. What plants can do, we can do. Since plant cells function based on logic just the way humans cells do and since chlorophyll is melanin, then logically, humans cells have the genetic potential to convert sun energy into nutrition, not necessarily as the main source of physical nutrition, but as additional nutrition.

Reserve Power To The People

The African Root has been operating under unfavorable conditions. In various ways, the African Root has been doing the same thing as plant roots, but now, multiple conditions are layering themselves around us like deepening mulch. Reserve power is being released throughout the body of the Diaspora. The African Root is maturing in understanding and increasing output and producing spiritual physical genetic fruit to help feed us healing power.

It is a good thing for the African Root to be an old plant that is still in its perennial Cosmic environment so make no mistake in understanding, root is stronger than trunk, branches and fruit.
If the blood of one black woman, Henrietta Lacks, can become a worldwide standard due to its power, how much more powerful is the African Root that gave birth to Henrietta Lacks?

We are only weak and diseased due to the conditions of malnutrition. It is not due to our genetics.
Improve nutrition and improve the conditions genetics must work with.

Plants provide nutrition to the four inseparable aspects of self.

As we do our part and get more types of nutrition, which includes opening up the pathways of our consciousness to the African Root, then the transmission of energy will form a complete cycle like xylem and phloem and enhance energies coming from the African Root and the Cosmic Root. This leaves our genetics no choice but to recalibrate and release their reserve power.

Related To Our Genetics & Reserve Power

As had been said many times in many ways, always look for the trick when the Enemy says, “This is for your benefit.”
1: Clearly the human genome project is not for the purpose of telling the truth about human ancestry. Instead, the main purpose is to get blood samples of many Africans in order to study the changes taking place in our genetics so we can continue to be attacked and sidetracked as we make our comeback.

2: The only way, HIV, Ebola and other viruses came from Africa is by being brought in from the periphery of humanity.

Roots song by Etana
Roots Lyrics

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Retirement: IRS Rollover Deadline & Update
Unity Consciousness #790


This is an update to: John & Mark's Pension Play, UC#768

The following is based on the August 25, 2016 article, ”Relief For Missed Rollover Deadline.”

More continuing proof the IRS, banks and other holders of retirement accounts, desperately want people like you to leave the lump sum of your money with one of their businesses.
The IRS is making it easier to rollover your money, even if you do it after the 60-day rollover deadline. You can now self-certify to the new holder of your retirement funds, that you had a good reason to miss the deadline. Previously you had to get an exception from the IRS which was a process that involved time and money.

Even if you self-certify, the IRS says you can still be penalized if your self-certification proves to be false or not a good reason (once the paperwork is sent to the IRS and the IRS reviews it).
What the IRS does not say is that, even if you did not have a good reason for missing the deadline and even though we are going to penalize you, we are still going to keep your money tied up in someone else's hands.
Before this new IRS ruling, if you did not have a good reason to miss the deadline, you would be penalized but you would at least still have the rest of your money in your own hands because no financial institution could accept money past the rollover deadline.
Under the new ruling, not only is it possible for you to still be penalized, but once you make the same mistake twice by putting your money in someone else's hands again, now for the rest of your life, you will likely be unable to take all your money out at once.
If there is any possible way to take all your money out, you can be certain you will be penalized for the umpteenth time.
Once you rollover your retirement money, that leaves you with one option: Wait and hope and pray you will get the amount of money you expect on a monthly basis for the rest of your life and/or your beneficiaries will actually benefit. This, in and of itself, is a self-imposed penalty – to be subject to so much uncertainty in the name of securing your future.
Let me summarize what the new IRS ruling does: First, it switches the penalty from the front end of the transaction before the rollover to the back end of the transaction after the rollover. Secondly, it increases the likelihood you will rollover your money. Thirdly, it removes attorneys/accountants from getting a piece of your pie. Fourthly, it reduces IRS administrative costs,. Fifthly, it benefits financial institutions the most. Sixthly, it benefits politicians and others who receive kickbacks in various forms.

Multiple and widespread examples already tell you what is going to continue to happen: As time goes by, the rules concerning how much of your money you are actually going to receive and get to keep, will continue to change.
All of these rules will be in your disfavor.
Not only that, but you must remember the main point of this entire message:
The future value of your money in someone else's hands is always less than its present value in your own hands.
This is true even if you have to pay a penalty right now to get all of your money out of lockdown.
Your money evaporates extremely fast the moment you sign it over into someone else's hands who does not in any way, shape, form or fashion have your best interests in their capitalistic mind. Consider this: Would you give the holders of your retirement money, the power of attorney over your finances? If not, why keep putting the main portion of your money in their hands and trusting they will do right by you? They don't know you and ain't no love lost when it comes to how they feel about you.

Once you give these kind of people your money, it has not only instantly evaporated in person, but it also slowly evaporates on paper. You are loaning your money to gangstas for free while you pay them extortionist fees. In return this mafia gives you a piece of paper and promises to pay you back little by little what you gave them all at once and on a more frequent basis when you were working.
All of these occurrences are the result of continuing to put faith in and give credit to career criminals and their institutions.
Mature in understanding and learn to discern between the lines: That the IRS found it necessary to change the rules “supposedly in your favor,” is prima facie evidence of three things:
1. An okie doke is taking place.
2. A lot of people are taking their money out of retirement accounts. Everyone but you.
3. Retirement accounts are extremely underfunded and are near bankruptcy and collapse.

Listen to the Ancestors inside you: A capitalistic mind lies all the time.

Start asking every possible question of multiple sources and of whoever has your money. Research the answers. Start with questions that relate to the bad news, the downside, the risks and the worst possible scenario.

Who waits for the fire to ignite when they know the conditions are right?
Those who will benefit from the fire.
Everyone else should use advance preparation as their main insurance.
Wildfires are the expected that unexpectedly happen. They are like stampedes. There is no such thing as a little stampede or a brief stampede or a little damage.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Darkness: Thief In The Night & Maker Of Artificial Light
Unity Consciousness #789


(Part 2 of 2)

From the moment the planet and the star align, Darkness has no chance. The best time for Darkness to begin to assert itself is during evening. This is when the portion of Earth that has been in the Light (Day) naturally progresses into the Black (Night).
This is the same thing as saying: That which has been created (Light) returns to its pre-existing state of existence (Black) to rest and be restored and renewed.
That portion of Earth that has been highly active (kinetic), activated by the Sun's energy to carry out its creative genetic potential genius, must now take newly acquired energy (potential) and mix it with previously acquired potential. This takes place during the Blackness of Night where it came from. This then provides a higher starting point of potential to automatically go into motion when Earth and person awaken.

Now to back up for a moment.
Though many descriptions speak of the Sun as going down or coming up, the Sun is always the same. The Sun always shines.
It is the movements of Earth and Sun that changes and which causes portions of Earth to receive Sunlight at different times every 24-hour cycle.

Darkness Has A Small Window Of Opportunity

Not only does Darkness have no chance to gain momentum during Day when Light (understanding) easily overwhelms it, displaces it; neither does Darkness have any chance during Night when Blackness (The Mother of Understanding) easily overwhelms it and absorbs it.

Darkness must work quickly as Light is fading into Night and before Night comes into its fullness.
It is during this window of opportunity that Darkness fabricates a Curtain of White Artificial Light.*
In doing so, Darkness accomplishes several things:
1. The Curtain becomes the matrix – the world, the universe.
2. Darkness can dominate consciousness when neither Light nor Night are dominant.
3. Darkness renames Night and calls it Darkness, in its own image. It then makes people terrified afraid of Night when people should give glorified praise to Night as the originating first half of the beauty of Day and Creation.***
4. Darkness then says it can help people not be afraid of what it calls, the Dark of Night. It can help people by using Artificial Light. In doing so, Darkness has created a world of Artificial Light at Night that people now praise because they think they need Artificial Light at Night because they are afraid and are no longer calibrated to what Night really is.
5. Because Light (Celestial Lights in the form of Daughters and Sons) are born (rise) out of Night, which is Blackness, that same Blackness of Night produces Light in all the colors of the rainbow. Natural Light contains all colors just as Blackness contains all colors. As a result, Artificial Light is not an equal comparison to Light. Artificial Light cannot do for us what Light does for us. In no way are we more secure because Artificial Light exists.

Now to summarize:
When we conceive of time as Earth in relation to Sun (Earth-Sun Time), we have a cycle of approximately 365 days called a year.
When we conceive of time as Earth in relation to Star Constellations (Earth-Star Constellation Time), we have a cycle of approximately 26,000 years called a Great Year. Each Great Year is made of Great Days. Each Great Day is made of thousands of 365-day years.

When We Are Living Explains How We Are Living

We are currently living during the Night of a Great Day.
Darkness began to overtake us shortly after Kemet reached the height of its Light and as that Light Of Understanding began to fade into Night. Darkness, which had been lingering, lurking and getting in where it could fit in, finally overtook Kemet from within and without. As a result, humans have regressed from the height of evolution previously achieved.

Since it has now been almost 4,000 years under the rule of Darkness, Earth and people have been re-membering their creative genetic potential genius – because it is actually Night and we are still overwhelmingly in the midst of Blackness. It just that we have lost consciousness of this Blackness as we try to exist in the midst of the matrix of Darkness. Even so, God's got our black. Involuntary melanin functioning and voluntary melanin functioning are becoming more in sync. Earth is re-acclimatizing itself within in relation to the same thing taking place outside of Earth. More people are moving out of the Darkness of Artificial Light and back into the Blackness Of Night. As a result, instead of the dominant theme of these Times being Darkness getting worse and stronger, we realize Light is increasing and moving upwards towards the dawning of morning. When we realign and recalibrate ourselves with the motion on a more Universal Level, we also realize Night Lights are also repositioning to assist us during Day and Night.
We are well into the process of the dawning of the Age of Aquaria/Aquarius. We realize each Great Day based on Earth-Star Constellation Time has an additional greater influence on our lives as we go through 24-hour Earth-Sun days.
We must become aware of the bigger picture that we are not only currently living in a Dark Age, but we are also just a few Universal moments away from a new “Great Day in the Morning!”
This is a good thing for those who embrace their origin and sustenance - Blackness and Light.
On the other hand, this is a bad thing for those who are born out of and sustained by Darkness and Artificial Light. They have no chance during the Age of Aquaria/Aquarius and Cepheus.
The Devil has been living large in the House of Rising Sons & Daughters of Earth & Universe. We are now in the period when Daughters, Suns, Moons, Stars and Sons are moving into position and aligning with Motherbirth in order to bring Light back to wherever they are.
Understand this clearly: The Devil Destroyer came in on the down low and caught us on the downswing. Since that time, many events have taken place and still are that are causing this process move in reverse – to restore the last back to first, thus causing sick societies to be once again replaced by healthy civilizations.
It is Nighttime and nigh time to kick the invasive species out of our house and back to the periphery. The Antarctic just might be the place to quarantine the virus of Darkness and its Artificial Light. Even Mars sounds mar-velous. Why? Because their logic, thus choice of lower-self, is beyond repair. See White Genocide and you'll understand what permeates the majority of the population of Europeans and then substitute Asian, Arab and other names who hatefully claim they are not African and still cry for evidence, while drowning in evidence, as one would in their own blood, yet still spewing poisonous false statements about themselves and Africans that are only true in Lala land where logic is permanently out to lunch taking a restless siesta. Truth is, none of these African branches of people have any reliable evidence to prove they are not from the one human African family tree and that all given to them through Africa is not the same as a parent imparting into the child, the knowledge and other resources they possess. No, instead these wayward watoto, wacked out on the drug of disinformation, live behind a psychedelic curtain of culture and fantastically claim they learned to talk and walk on their own in an illusionary, non-permeable, Teflon-coated plastic bubble while their parents crawled around in the jungle and grunted and are now bringing the children down. Forget about your parents if you will. It is not them you should be worried about. Your behavior is disgusting to your Great Grandmother, the Mother Of Africa, The Creator of All. You are in her presence. She brought you through and into this time so you could know better. Because you misunderstand distance, cause and effect, ways of knowing and the purpose of your creation, you stand in Mama's face and disrespect what she is working hard to perfect. And yet, she has given you leeway to self-correct and find your way and you still say nay? Things do change don't they? This is the dawning of a brand New Day. Due to your stubbornness turned stupidity, the switches of Universal Karma are being prepared from your own branches, and by these disfigured offshoots you will be whipped to death or life by the left hand that determines what is and what is right.

On one side of the equation, Blackness creates Light
on the other side, Darkness creates Artificial Light.
Blackness must transform Artificial Light
Light must illuminate and/or eliminate Darkness.

*Ancestor John Henrik Clarke, said the biggest weapon in the arsenal of Euro-centric scholarship has been their colonialization of history. Europeans and other groups have not only colonized history but they colonized information about history." They have rewritten history to fit their own image and to substantiate their later beginnings in an attempt to remove Blackness and Light out of history in order to claim Darkness and Artificial Light are models of higher intelligence. As a result, the world has been under the sway (per-sway-sion)** of Males (European and others) and their revisionist falsifying of world history and the workings of the Universe. Dr. Ivan van Sertima, calls this the European "five hundred year curtain."
This curtain has momentarily obscured awareness of both Light and Night for most of those born under this curtain which represents a doubling down on the Dark Age that was already in existence. Thus, as Europeans and others finally gained navigational knowledge, the world went from a Dark Age into a Female Out into an African Spiritual Traditions Out into a Black Out into all's fair in love and war and unfair in hate and peace.
These are the Days of the Destroyer. Those who have been in control of the world are Agents of Destruction. They are not bringers of freedom, civilization, knowledge or anything representative of the higher-self. Once you step out of the matrix of Darkness and into Blackness, these things will become plain as Day even as Night remains.

**House of Swaying Motion
***At the topmost level, Creation is Daytime. Pre-existence is Nighttime.

“According to Charles Finch in the Encyclopedia of African Religion, p. 214, the myth of Set and Horus originates, at least partially, in celestial phenomena that were not only carefully observed by Egyptians, but considered sacred. Each morning when the sun rises, it overcomes or defeats darkness or night. The Egyptians saw this as a victory that was by no means permanent or secure. For after shining in glory all day, the sun must again contend with the power of darkness because night inevitably comes.”

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Unlocking More Creative Genetic Potential Genius
Unity Consciousness #788


Creative potential is genetic potential. Genetic potential is genius. All genetic potential is creative potential and all of it is genius. Unlocking this understanding allows us to recombine it and refer to it as “creative genetic potential genius.”

When the information and instructions in our logic tells us creativity, being creative and creative potential are only a part of who we are, we are telling ourselves to limit (lock) our creative genetic potential genius into a narrow, fragmented range.
In no way then, are we able to optimize genetic potential (get the most out of the collective genetic potential of self and of all else).

Now to restate what has just been said so it can be better understood.
All potential is creative.
Why? Because all potential comes from the Creator who is nothing but creative potential. Everything in creation is a manifestation of creative potential, thus is itself, creative potential in a different form. This then means, that everything about us, the good and the bad, the Higher and Lower, the Restorer and Destroyer, is an expression of the creative potential embedded in our essence. This essence is not a small thing. This essence is everything. Everything is an expression of essence.

Each and every thing that exists, the good and bad, bears witness to the creative genetic potential genius of the Creator which is the essence of the Creator.

More Of How This Applies To Everything

The twin power relationship of higher-self/lower-self is one of the main divisions (dimensions) the Creator uses to express creative genetic potential genius.
Truth and lie are part of this dimension.

A lie is expressed many ways creatively and so is truth, even more so.
For example, myth is one of the ways truth and lie are creatively expressed. (UC#787). There are more myths of truth than myths of lies and partial lies.

We unlock (unleash) the fullness of creative genetic potential genius through Alasaltarey and bobobibitarey. (UC#772, UC#774, UC#775)
In other words, through the process of becoming one with the Creator, limits of consciousness are removed. Level of consciousness of self is directly correlated to how much creative genetic potential genius is accessed.

The Process of re-ducing Consciousness from Many Aspects to Oneness, re-expands Self from Genesis to Fullness Of Beingness.

The Extra Mile To Reconcile

We are all people.
We are all created beings who are created by the Creator.
We, as people, are not fundamentally different from anything else in creation.

What makes us different is how we express our creative genetic potential genius.
This is caused by differences (distances) in knowledge of self.

In other words, problems each person (self) has with other humans and non-humans (all else) are reduced as differences are reduced as distances are reduced within consciousness.
The problem is the difference is the distance in knowledge of self and all else.
The solution is the process that reduces the distance (difference) between Each Aspect and its Oneness.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

African Myth Versus European Myth
War Of The Worldviews & Word-Views
Unity Consciousness #787


To Africans, myth is true, reality and real. Myth is used to convey truth and teach integratively through metaphor. Myth is used to convey understanding to all levels of students simultaneously. Myth is an inseparable aspect of the symbolism of the language of mdw ntr (hieroglyph sacred writings). Myth is what metaphor is, as used by the Creator in creating a Universe where everything is metaphor. Myth expresses multiple concepts and their relationship to each other. Myth is multiple levels of truth in condensed format. Because of this layering of truth, it is up to each person to discover these truths through the process of becoming the embodiment of the highest truths while recognizing and transforming the lower truths within self. When this maturation/reconciliation process does not take place or becomes stagnant, then the truths in myths become myth-terious to our logic, outside the realm of our reasoning, which then causes us to dismiss myth because we are unable to connect surface truths to deeper and deeper truths.
To Europeans, myth is false, illusion, unreal and make-believe. Myth is used to tell an imaginative story that promotes theoretical philosophies, values and culture but which do not exist in past or present practice.

In other words, what a myth means, depends on your worldview (your context, your utamawazo).

Know The Myth Of Yourself

“African Mythology is not falsehood, it is a way to allegorically represent that which is true.” (Charles Finch, Esoteric Wisdom)
This means then, that myth is what metaphor is. The root of Spirit implores Africans to not ignore the logical use of metaphor; therefore not ignore the logical use of myth.
African myths help us understand truths of life, existence and of what has been created, thus what each of us are here for.

“Our Ancestors used analogy, allegory and mythological story to cloak scientific principles in both the spiritual and physical portions of reality.” (Kamene: African Cosmology)

“African spiritual philosophy expresses itself in myth. African myths are the highest statements of truth for Africans. African Psychology must use African Mythology to reveal the workings of the African mind. We must use African Mythology to discover what is natural for us, what is healthy for us, what is sanity for us. African Mythology presents to us, in a systematic way, the symbols which reveal African truth. This is a multi-dimensional truth. African myths give us models for understanding the complexities of human existence and the relationships between humans and the Divine.” (From UC#748 & UC#749)

“Myth reveals the ultimate nature of existence. In this sense, myths are “true.” Myths explain what Life is all about beyond the concerns of everyday living. Properly read, myths bring us into accord with the eternal mysteries of being. Properly read” means to understand that myth represents the symbol, metaphor and model of truth. Myth is not to be understood as the literal story being true. The messages and meanings are true across multiple dimensions. The actual events in the literal sense sometimes did not occur partially or completely, but the truths did occur and still apply right now. The truth of myth is verified through experience (self) and the experience of other humans and other creations (all else).” Know the myth of self and know the myth of all else. (Martin, p. 86 paraphrased with additions)

Dogon View Of Myth

“The myth is real history. It is so tanie, ”astonishing word.”

Myth is a way to explain something. A myth is a consciously composed lore of master ideas which may not be placed within reach of just anyone at any time. A myth presents itself in layers like the shells of a seed. A myth is a form of 'slight knowledge.' A myth conceals clear statements and coherent systems reserved for Initiates, who have access to this 'deep knowledge.' This deep knowledge belongs to the universal body of knowledge; however, this deeper sacred knowledge is covered and concealed from the profane mind. (Griaule, p. 60-61/pdf 34, paraphrased)


The use of myth to lead us through progressions of truth is of higher-ordered intelligence. Myth used this way, assists in the process of becoming one with the Creator.
The use of myth to lead us through false impressions is of lower-ordered intelligence. Myth used this way, leads to mutation and stagnation which feeds the Destroyer.

African myth exists to teach us things other people can't figure out. Therefore we should not put what others teach us above our own ability to teach each other, be self-taught and understand through multiple ways of knowing. Do not allow people who are estranged from their Africanness, their human beingness, keep you from the messages meant for you through myth

Stop believing things through the myths of others and start knowing things through African myth. We must switch our logic back over from the myth of religion to African myths of African spiritual traditions. We must. The myth we trust is the God we trust.

As we continue to recalibrate and optimize, our genetic potential has no other choice but to reveal the truth in African myth.
Thus, reveal the truth in self and more and more of the truth in all else.

“Myth helps us reconcile past and present experiences with African spiritual and cosmic reality. Reconciliation is important because “experiences are symbolic statements of universal cosmic truth.” Striving to understand experiences through the lens of the broader cosmic reality, establishes Maat by bringing physical reality and spiritual reality together in our consciousness; therefore the physical and spiritual remain one in our actions.
Myth also helps us heal. The myths of African cultures contain deeper mysteries of Life and cosmic reality. Through story and symbol, myths explain how to negotiate the relationships and rhythms of Life.” (Martin, p. 85, paraphrased)

Martin, Denise, Ph.D. "African Mythic Science or Vodou Methodology," The Journal of Pan African Studies, (2012, June), vol.5, no.4.

Griaule, Marcel and Dieterlen, Germaine, “The Pale Fox,” Originally published in French as Le Renard Pâle, (l'Institu d'Ethnologie: Paris, 1965), First English Edition by Stephen C. Infantino, Ph.D., (Continuum Foundation, 1986)

Note: “The extensive mythic archive of Kemet for all practical purposes was quite dormant among African people for millennia until the twentieth century when it was activated by both intellectual and social communities.” (Martin, p. 86) “Intellectually, Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James and Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire by Drusila Dunjee Houston (Black Classic Press) and later Cheikh Anta Diop’s African Origin of Civilization prepared the foundation for African people to live the myths of Egypt by providing alternatives to views of Egypt based on Christianity. Socially, Egyptian myth was known within the Black Freemason and Moorish Science Temple communities, as well as the esoteric teachings of the Nation of Islam. The Ausar Auset Society, founded in 1973, is devoted exclusively to living the mythic knowledge of Egypt.” (Martin, p. 97)

Update 9/17/16

“The Greeks could not master the system of Egyptian mythology and the hieroglyphics were to them the dead letter of a dead language.” (pdf. 31)
“They [the Greeks], as their writers allege, had inherited their mythology, and the names of the divinities, without knowing their origin or meaning. They supplied their own free versions to stories of which they never possessed the key. Whenever they met with anything they did not understand, they turned it the more effectively to their own account.” (pdf. 31)
“In his Commentary on Plato's Politics, Proclus, speaking of the symbolism of the ancients, and their sacerdotal system, says truly that from this mythology Plato himself derived or established many of his peculiar dogmas.
The utterly misleading way in which Egyptian physics were converted by Plato and his followers into Greek metaphysics, makes Platonism only another name for imposture.” (pdf. 31)

“Philo complains that the Greeks had brought a mist upon learning which made it impossible to discover the truth. The same charge may be substantialized on other grounds against his own countrymen. In India the myths have been vaporized.” (pdf. 32)
“The decadence of mythology is to be found in the Greek poetizing, Hebrew euhemerizing, and Vedic vagueness. What the myths have to tell us depends on their having preserved the earliest shape ; they have reached their decay when made to speak falsely through the interfusion of later thought.” (pdf. 32)

“Myths and allegories whose significance was once unfolded to initiates in the mysteries have been adopted in ignorance and re-issued as real truths directly and divinely vouchsafed to mankind for the first and only time! The earlier religions had their myths interpreted. We have ours mis-interpreted. And a great deal of what has been imposed on us as God's own true and sole revelation to man is a mass of inverted myth, under the shadow of which we have been cowering as timorously as birds in the stubble when an artificial kite in the shape of a hawk is hovering overhead.” (pdf. 36 )
“Misinterpreted mythology has so profoundly infected religion, poetry, art, and criticism, that it has created a cult of the unreal.” (pdf. 37 )
“All who have ever suffered mentally from the misinterpretation of ancient myths in the name of Theology, and felt its brand of degradation in the very soul, ought to sympathize with the treatment of the ass, for it is a fellow-victim who has likewise undergone unmerited punishment, and had its fall, and still awaits its redemption.” (pdf. 70)

“Moreover, Myth and Logos are interchangeable in Greek; and one sense of the word Logos is a true narration; as it is said in the Georgias, the fable differs from Aéyoc, because the latter is true. Thus the Logos or myth is identical with the Ma-Kkent or “True Word " of the Egyptian Theosophy,...” (pdf. 160 )

Massey, Gerald, “The Natural Genesis: Or, Second Part of A Book of the Beginnings, Containing an Attempt to Recover and Reconstitute the Lost Origins of the Myths and Mysteries, Types and Symbols, Religion and Language, with Egypt for the Mouthpiece and Africa as the Birthplace,”, (Williams and Norgate, 1883) Volume I.

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Natural Self Is The One Way Out Of Many Isms
Unity Consciousness #786


(Part 3 of 3)
Africans accept that the most common experiences of human beings, those which connect us and have the most potential to unify us, are with nature.* Because nature interacts with humans on a daily basis, it is important to understand how nature figures in daily lives. (1)
Ancestors have always been calling us to return to nature on every level in every way.
The natural world is the official holy book.
Any human made book that does not support a healthy Ecosystem of species, is an artificial, counterfeit, ill-legitimate, unholy book.. It is a manifestation of lower self Destroyer logic. The most popular religions today are destructive to every type of ecosystem. They promote sick logic in mind, body, spirit and emotion. This sickness is written plainly for everyone to see. These books start, off, by leaving out the female and/or making her responsible for the sin of the world and putting her way down the list in terms of importance. Once this imbalanced logic is accepted, anything and everything else goes. Why should women complain who follow such religions. Your God says you are supposed to be treated the way you are being treated. It is double crazy to complain about getting exactly what you believe in. In most religions, females are not Divine and are less than males. Welcome to your own illusion.
Same goes for non-white people who accept the notion of a White God when everything outside those Bibles (science) show you that whiteness in terms of skin color is a sickness caused by genetic mutation. So why would God look like a mutation? Come on now! The image of God, in terms of human color, must be black which is backed by a brief journey into critical analysis. God don't like ugly and God don't like the ugliness of a one gender sickly image.

Belief Grief

The only thing that makes Monotheism & Polytheism viable choices is belief. Without the blindness of belief, a person reading those scriptures would automatically and immediately recognize within the first chapter, the contradictions and fairy tale nature of those Monotheistic-Polytheistic-Atheistic religions.
The main problem with belief is that it stops way short of understanding. Belief is misconstrued as being the final step when instead, belief is a beginning step to understanding (knowing).
Belief totally leaves out the ongoing discovery and reassessment process that leads to understanding. Belief goes from the beginning, leaps over the extensive middle and claims to land at understanding. This is why belief always requires a gigantic Leap Of Faith. This type of faith is a substitute for figuring out how things really are.

Don't ignore the logical use of faith. Some faith is necessary to go along with belief; however, once a leap of faith is made, ongoing discovery process must be followed so the knowing part in the middle that was leapt over, is filled in with understanding to affirm or disaffirm the basis of the belief-faith. If this does not happen or it stops, then the person's logic exists solely on the basis of faith confirming belief and belief confirming faith. This then allows for a world filled with beliefs based on faith and nothing else. There is no core that connects these beliefs in a harmonizing unifying basis that matches the core that connects humans and other creations in a harmonizing unifying basis. Therefore, our beliefs/faiths run counter to the greater portion of the natural self which is the higher self. Belief and faith that depend on each other without the presence of evolving understanding is a function of lower-self Destroyer logic that says, choose what you like and what you feel, it's your prerogative and that's all that matters, because you don't need permission to make your own decisions. This “sounds good” logic is just another version of “to each his own” faulty individualistic thinking. In the weirdest way, most people double down on this logic daily. Because belief and faith are in a such a weak relationship that is totally dependent on each other and nothing else, people continue to use the length of the relationship as evidence of its higher truth. Likewise the number of others with or without similar belief-faith logic is also confirmation. Length of time as a primary basis for decision-making is actually the same thing as using your decision about something as the basis for continuing with the decision as is with no adjustments. You decide to base your decision on your decision which means you have leapt over the bulk and meat of the thought process. Likewise, using the number of people who do or do not believe something, as your basis for also believing or disbelieving is the same thing as following the crowd.
You must reassess and base your logic on the fullness of Ecosystem logic that you are continuously striving to understand. As you do, your belief-faith decisions will reveal what adjustments need to be made. Everybody has pieces of truth and pieces of lies. Everybody has some things in order and some things out of the order they are supposed to be in, thus they are not connected properly. Thus it is possible to have a truth or a lie and have them correctly identified, yet misapplied.

The nature of a belief-based decision-making process is that it is hypo-critical and hyper-emotional, thus taking you from thinking low to feeling high.
When a person stops at belief and claims to have arrived at understanding, the person is using belief as an excuse to cover up a systemic failure of thought processes.
This then allows the corrupted logic of the day to take over until dysfunction seems normal such that all manner of justification is used to support abnormal logic and behavior of individuals, groups and societies.

Most of the logic people rely on today can only take hold within a person when that person does not understand the natural world and human history, thus the person does not understand their fundamental essence, their natural self, their correct connections.
Show me a believer and I will show you a self-deceiver and a slave to the promoters of the belief.

My people! Go to heal and healthyself. Your natural self is the way out of all destructive isms such as racism, genderism, religion-ism, individualism, dream-ism, capitalism, communism, etc.

The Creator's logic is expanding. Nothing in the way of this higher power will be left standing. The Creator is going to take humans down several notches from their supposed perch in the catbird seat of Creation in order to reset logic.
Foolishness arose and foolishness will be deposed from its authoritative position within logic's inner temple – the Holy of Holies – the nucleus, the core, the seed, foundation zero.

Much sooner than later, we will suddenly no longer have a choice between human ideologies because these ideologies are currently being exposed for their weaknesses and for their final implosion. (Pay attention to world news from multiple sources and formats.)
The healing process must destroy every ism sick logic has created. All of the systems and institutions and businesses and products and services and income from whatever source will not be available because those things are exactly what sick logic is using to keep you in check and keep your conscience and consciousness chained like a slave to belief.
Once The System of Humans is no longer available, you will have to let go of belief and turn to and learn Ecosystem Logic of the natural world of self just like the initiators of civilization in Africa did before exporting civilization throughout the world. You are already being shown in multiple ways that the changeover from unhealthy logic to healthy logic is coming and must take place in order for humans, other species and Earth to get back on the higher track.

Understand this clearly so you will not fear those who fear you.***
The purging is not going to be white people purging non-whites, as many think will be the case because white people have more guns.
No, instead, the purging will be Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe and everything within these dimensions, purging itself of sickness and using whatever is at the Creator's disposal to bring it about. Yes, things are heating up, sick people are getting sicker, climates of all types are changing, atomic and nuclear weapons are being awakened in all species, and creations are being moved into position one by one.
We are already in a war so we might as well learn to act like wise warriors instead of wind-blown wishy-washy weaklings.** Do not worry my people, prepare according to the stronger spiritual calling within you. We Africans are the Alpha and Omega of humans. We were the first humans at least six times and each time we evolved. No other group of people has ever been the origin of humanity. If humans are going “shoot it out” and one group of people is going to come to an end, we of Africa's embrace will be the last ones standing. The circle and cycle will remain unbroken. We are the heroes and the heroines of humanity. The fight favors human beingness because human sickness has had its turn/run. We have faced challenges and overcome the odds many times before. So it is written on oracle walls and so it is already being executed. Ain't no stopping us because we have the same spiritual and physical genetic potential power from which Nw (Nu) formed everything in Creation and by which everything is still being formed. As we recalibrate to Ecosystem logic, Nw will reformulate our genetics to give us understanding of the weapons we already possess that are more powerful than guns. The optimal use of your sensing abilities as they relate to the natural self of the natural world is what gives you the advantages of the higher self.
Open the jail cell of your mind locked behind belief. Go to heal, healthyself and be prodigal less and less every day.
As you do, you will be shown what you need to do to help us defeat the Destroyer, Destroyer logic, Destroyer people and all of the weapons they have vainly formed against us.
You do not have a choice of whether or not you are in this war. You were created to be here right now to be in this war. If you were not capable of contributing to victory, you would not still be here. The time of your awakening is now.
You will understand the truth of what you are capable of by beginning at the beginning. Your first assignment is to decide the primary and secondary use of your free will. As said earlier, you will be then be shown the next step. This is the same process that takes care of everything. It is not mysterious, it is momentum.

*This is prophecy through the emergences of climate change/global warming.

**If you don't understand anything else, at least know this powerful truth: As explained on several occasions, if Africans were truly weak and primitive and all the things childishly said of us, then whites, semites and other groups would not need a global system that operates 365/24/7 with all of these people acting like a bunch of thug gangbanging mafia terrorist bullies against all things African. Truth is, we are so powerful, even in a weakened confused state, that it takes all they can think of just to slow us down because it is our natural destiny to overcome all things placed in our path. As a people our numbers are growing and so is our knowledge (power). For other groups of people, especially whites, the opposite is true. The dire and desperate nature of their beginnings has never changed within their disposition towards life and existence. They entered through coldness and will exit through hotness, and so will their wannabe minions and manifestations.

***And so you will not fear those who are here to help you. Fear diminishes your power. This is why the lower-self needs you to be fearful. The lower-self is scared to death when people do not fear what the lower-self does.

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors: Encyclopedia Of African Religion (2009), p. xxviii.

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Polytheism & Akenaten's Atenism/Atonism
Unity Consciousness #785


(Part 2 of 3)

Akenaten's father and mother, Amenhotep III & Queen Tiye introduced Aten as a deity to the people of Kemet as a form and aspect of Amen, the Creator. (1)(2)
However, Aten represented the Mother and Son religious system that existed prior to Kemet being formed. The introduction of Aten caused an upheaval in Kemet because patriarchy was the existing form of rulership and their god, Amen-Ra, was male only. Aten was to be the sole and exclusive [two-part]god, which meant, the male father god was not to be worshiped any longer. (3) This was a mistake because instead of restoring the trinity of the family balance, Akenaten sought to restore the duality. The duality form of worshiping mother and child was the initial understanding, but then the people realized the father's role in creation. However, as is common, once males realized they were also Creators, they came into power somehow (likely by force) and then left out the mother.

Akenaten was attempting to shift the people's logic, mostly the priests, from a male only father worship to a female and male as the son, the child of the mother, worship.
Though the move to Atenism was of good intent, by leaving out the father and then saying the only name could be Aten, Akenaten made another mistake. He then made the image like that of the Sun but did not include a human body personification which was the norm in Kemet. The was the third mistake. Akenaten then quadrupled-down by making the Amen-Ra priesthood subservient in power to the Aten priesthood. Why?

In contrast to the intricately woven spiritual practices and their meanings throughout each person's daily life, Akenaten gave the people an imagery that was easy to understand. This then did not require a trained group of people to teach the religion, it was clear to see what the Sun was and what it did. Akenaten also said the physical visible Sun is God. This left out the invisible aspect of the Sun. Another mistake. (4)

Continuing the thought from Part 1, Akenaten's Atenism was a pretest of how to restore the roots of African spiritual traditions that came out of the African nucleus in Punt.

Current-Day Monotheism Is Contradictory & Unrealistic

Monotheism claims there is a God who is a Father and sometimes a God who is a Son, who get together sometimes with a Holy Spirit Ghost and create Life. This is accomplished without a God, the Mother.
This contradicts the biology of the Universe above, below, without and within that tells us that Female and Male aspects create Life.
This means then, that a Monotheism which is based on a male only Creator is also an Atheistic belief since it does not believe in the Female Creator.
Monotheism cuts people off from their Female Creator essence, which is more than half of the person's being.

By saying God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Ghost are three in one who are each God is saying Monotheism religion has Polytheism components.

The unrealistic nature of Monotheism is clear. Monotheism does not allow for the Creator's Being and Spirit to be the essence in all things.
Monotheism promotes disunity in scripture and in practice, thus it promotes the continued fragmentation into more denominations and versions of religion that do not have a harmonizing basis but which do have a disharmonizing warmongering hatred basis to support the lack of self-esteem of founders and followers because they lack knowledge of self because they lack nutrition. By these signs alone you can know which way is definitely the wrong way. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Monotheism and Polytheism are clearly not capable of manifesting the higher self. There are other religions that are also working with Destroyer logic against the higher self.
Current day logic of Monotheism that originated a few thousand years ago - has produced the most primitive, pagan, uncivilized, barbaric, terroristic, non-human being-like thinking the world has ever known. It is the logic of self-enslavement.
Part 1 explains the fundamental cause of why people follow logic that is clearly lacking in human beingness.

Note: Akenaten is (Akenaton, Amenhotep IV, Greek:Amenophis IV).
Akenaten's father is Amenhotep III (Greek:Amenophis III) of the 18th Dynasty.
Akenaten's mother is Queen Tiye. Akenaten's wife is Nefertiti.
Akenaten's brother by one of his father's other wives is Tutankhamen who then married one of Akenaten's sister's by Queen Tiye. Other accounts say Tutanhkamen is the son of Akenaten.
Kemet is (English:Egypt)

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Theism, Pantheism, Polytheism & Monotheism
Unity Consciousness #784


(Part 1 of 3)

Africans have never been Polytheistic or Monotheistic.
These concepts come from some place else outside of Africa.

For tens thousands of years, Africans have been theistic – there is One Supreme Being with Many Aspects.
Clearly this understanding is easy to reach by just looking at myself, others, other creations and anything that exists.

In keeping with this understanding and expanding on its obvious interconnected interrelated principles, Africans understand, “I am we and We am I.”
Likewise, the same understanding is expressed in “As above, so below, as without, so within.”
As it is in heaven, so it is in Earth and as it is outside of me, so it is inside of me.
The without and the below are the same things, which then means, the above and the within are the same things.
Know yourself and know all else.

When a human says they are one being with different aspects such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, then that human is saying the same thing their African Ancestors said long before color variation occurred. There is One Being with Many Manifestations.
This is the makings of theism. It just needs to be connected again and again to other expressions of One as Many.

This is why it is clear to Africans that they are the Ancestors in a different form and different combination. What else can any person be? Each person is a generation - generated by Ancestors, therefore each person is their Ancestors.
Every person that has ever lived on this planet is a generation of their African Ancestors.
We are also a different form and different combination of the Creator who is the First Generation of Creation, thus the First Ancestor.

Double-Checking Through Metaphor

You know you have One body with Many body parts. Because you recognize, refer to and use different body parts at different times and appreciate them likewise, does not mean you think each body part is a different body. You give thanks and praise for different body parts for what they are specifically capable of doing. You probably praise the brain in your head as being something more supreme than the rest of the body or the brain in each cell in your body. Likewise, so is the heart given preferential status through praise. The heart is given qualities and abilities that other parts of the body are not given. The brain and heart are deified. This is the same as having many ntrw/deities/gods to express the fullness of the Creator. Creation is the body of the Creator.
This same metaphor applies to the many components within your body.
This same metaphor applies to Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Creator.
This same metaphor is true of theism. Theism is pantheism. Pan means all as in all-encompassing, all-inclusive Creator.

Why The Confusion About Something So Fundamentally Simple?

The logic that is in vogue today is post-modern logic.
Post-modern logic is dominated by Destroyer logic.
This logic does not want us to understand the full extent of our being and that the interconnected interrelated workings of the full extent of our being is what allows us to function optimally as we use genetic potential.
Why not?
Because optimal functioning automatically moves away from lower self logic, thus the Destroyer loses energy.
As a result, post-modern Destroyer logic dumbs down consciousness and conscience. This causes us to be easily confused by names and spellings and time periods and different forms of the same thing.

The ease of confusion stems from malnutrition. One form of malnutrition is learning that takes place in fragments – each of those fragments having a different basis and different fundamentals.
No wonder there is confusion.

Why Do People Prefer Confusion?

Malnutrition causes us to function in less than desirable ways.

As a result of malnutrition, fragmented logic is attractive because it requires the least amount of energy in order to reach a conclusion and decision so we can then move on to action or inaction (behavior).
When learning takes place under the conditions of malnutrition and is also fragmented, it is much easier to believe something rather than understand something as it relates to self and to all else.

People prefer confusion because clarity that comes through many types of ongoing critical analysis also exposes the holes in holy logic, in education logic, in patriotic logic, in culture logic and in societal logic.
People prefer confusion because a choice of beliefs provides plenty of rope whereby the person can hang self-deception.


Akenaten was a major pre-test for the readiness of people to move away from theism and towards something else that was less encompassing, thus less harmonic.
Akenaten's Monotheism based on Aten worship, provided an early working model prototype for the Destroyer to see what it would take to get people to swallow an ideology without removing the thick and thin bones hidden in the flesh of holy textbooks that block passageways to truth, thus, occlusion causing confusion.
Monotheism was also a test to see what flavors and combinations of sweet sounds mixed with pure-dee-ol' lies and savagely-enforced compliance would get people to swallow without chewing or without digesting or without caring about the stench that comes out the other end of their beliefs whereby they relieve themselves of conscience. This is explored further in Part 2.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Exploring The Creative Process Word-Math Problem
Short Story of Civilizations, Creations & Champions
Unity Consciousness #783


Do it again.
Do it better.

Do it again, better.

Again, Better.

Again & Better is the Creative Process.
A + B = C

Again + Better results in Champions
Africa + Beingness results in Civilizations
Create + Motion results in Creations

Process + Process = Process
1 +1 =1
When everything is understood to be One, the Creative Process (Life) results in everything functioning as One. This is what creates Champions, Creations & Civilizations.

The Creative Process of becoming One = Perfecting...Completing...Evolving...

Also then, as illustrated above, each component of the Creative Process, A + B = C, is fundamentally the same thing.
“Again” is the same as “Better” is the same as “Civilizations,” “Creations” and “Champions.”
Consciousness of Oneness is KOSMIC:
Knowledge Of Spirit Metaphor In Creation

Het-Heru-Aquaria + Obatala-Cepheus = Climate Change
Great Mother + Great Father = Metamorphosis & Resurrection of the Great Child (Year)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Always Darkest Before Dawn | Meaning & Expanded Definition
Scientifically, Yes It Is, No It Isn't
Unity Consciousness #782


(1 of 2)

“Dawn” is when the tip of the Sun rises above the lip of the horizon.
“Darkness” refers to understanding.
Night is a time of blackness, not darkness.

Darkest Before Dawn

'It is always darkest before dawn” is talking less about the physical dawning of the Sun and more about spiritual, mental and emotional dawning.
When you are seeking understanding you are seeking to come out of Darkness into the Marvelous Light of Understanding.
Simply put, the process of understanding requires working with more information than you currently are accessing and/or it requires processing more information than you are used to processing.

By necessity then, you start with a certain level of understanding, then, as a result of the process of gaining understanding, you move from considering one possible understanding to simultaneously considering several possible understandings.
By necessity then, because you have untied your thinking to one way and allowed it to move around the Ecosystem of Logic, you move downward into darkness into a place where you can't tell which understanding is going to finally come out of this process.
By necessity then, because understanding has moved to its darkest point, it must now begin to move upward into Light – that is, if you do not abandon the process.
Understanding always, always comes, even if it is not the one you started out seeking.
The understanding you started out seeking will come if you keep going through the process to understand that which is being put right in front of your awareness that you must first understand. (UC#745)

So yes it is and no it isn't always darkest before dawn.

Blackest Before Dawn

“It is always blackest before dawn” must now be brought back to the physical level.
It is a slow, but steady process that leads to the blackest part of night. Likewise, it is a slow, but steady process that leads to the brightest part of day.

So yes it is and no it isn't always blackest before dawn.

Using The Metaphor Of Birds

The Sun projects multiple forms of Light in all angles, not just straight up or down and not just from the front.
Most, if not all, non-human creations know Light is increasing before the Sun of Day breaks above the horizon.
Several hours before dawn, many daytime creatures are up and about. They have been awakened by the Sun.

As the Sun is moving upwards after reaching its lowest point, it reaches a point where enough Angles Of Light can be detected above the horizon. Humans, who are more calibrated to Artificial Light than Natural Light are no longer awakened by the Sun's magnetic-electrical energy. Those humans need an Artificial Alarm Clock.

On the other hand, there is no such thing as an actual bird who is an “early bird.” All birds wake up right when they are supposed to and before a lot of humans do.


It is both the Darkest and the Lightest and the Blackest and the Brightest, just when understanding and Light are about to turn the corner and head the other way.

First of all, yes, at some point during every day it is always the brightest it is going to be before dusk.
Second of all, yes, at some point during every night, it is always the blackest it is going to be before dawn.
Third of all, yes, at some point, you will always understand as much as you're going to understand, before you have to go back through the entire process, down the path into deeper, darker murkiness before you can come back out on the other side where understanding is again increasing.
Fourth of all, yes, at some point you will always be the farthest you will ever be away from understanding something before you eventually make a breakthrough into much greater understanding.

Now to summarize from a different perspective:
The saying: “It is always darkest before dawn,” is only true to the degree, you do not perceive the process of moving from Darkness into Light.
There are degrees of Understanding and degrees of Light and degrees within those degrees.
If your context and definitions for what “Understanding,” “Light,” “Darkness,” and “Blackness” are, limits the definitions to only mean the full manifestation of those terms, then it just might be darkest and blackest before dawn; however, if your context and definitions take into account the same basic process that allows you to physically grow through stages, then no, it is not always darkest or blackest before dawn.

Note: On any given night and day, the influence of Moon, Stars, Clouds, Rain, other weather events, your position in relation to Earth and Earth's position in relation to Sun, can cause the blackest and brightest moments, that humans perceive, to occur at times other than Midnight and Midday. In other words, as you are seeking understanding, pieces of illumination can come from several places and perspectives, other than one source. Also, that which obscures understanding in bits and bytes can come in many forms from many places.

You must always remember: you are seeking a Universal understanding, not just an Earth-based or human-based understanding. Universal understanding is the difference between humans who are simply doing and human beings.