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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Natural Self Is The One Way Out Of Many Isms
Unity Consciousness #786


(Part 3 of 3)
Africans accept that the most common experiences of human beings, those which connect us and have the most potential to unify us, are with nature.* Because nature interacts with humans on a daily basis, it is important to understand how nature figures in daily lives. (1)
Ancestors have always been calling us to return to nature on every level in every way.
The natural world is the official holy book.
Any human made book that does not support a healthy Ecosystem of species, is an artificial, counterfeit, ill-legitimate, unholy book.. It is a manifestation of lower self Destroyer logic. The most popular religions today are destructive to every type of ecosystem. They promote sick logic in mind, body, spirit and emotion. This sickness is written plainly for everyone to see. These books start, off, by leaving out the female and/or making her responsible for the sin of the world and putting her way down the list in terms of importance. Once this imbalanced logic is accepted, anything and everything else goes. Why should women complain who follow such religions. Your God says you are supposed to be treated the way you are being treated. It is double crazy to complain about getting exactly what you believe in. In most religions, females are not Divine and are less than males. Welcome to your own illusion.
Same goes for non-white people who accept the notion of a White God when everything outside those Bibles (science) show you that whiteness in terms of skin color is a sickness caused by genetic mutation. So why would God look like a mutation? Come on now! The image of God, in terms of human color, must be black which is backed by a brief journey into critical analysis. God don't like ugly and God don't like the ugliness of a one gender sickly image.

Belief Grief

The only thing that makes Monotheism & Polytheism viable choices is belief. Without the blindness of belief, a person reading those scriptures would automatically and immediately recognize within the first chapter, the contradictions and fairy tale nature of those Monotheistic-Polytheistic-Atheistic religions.
The main problem with belief is that it stops way short of understanding. Belief is misconstrued as being the final step when instead, belief is a beginning step to understanding (knowing).
Belief totally leaves out the ongoing discovery and reassessment process that leads to understanding. Belief goes from the beginning, leaps over the extensive middle and claims to land at understanding. This is why belief always requires a gigantic Leap Of Faith. This type of faith is a substitute for figuring out how things really are.

Don't ignore the logical use of faith. Some faith is necessary to go along with belief; however, once a leap of faith is made, ongoing discovery process must be followed so the knowing part in the middle that was leapt over, is filled in with understanding to affirm or disaffirm the basis of the belief-faith. If this does not happen or it stops, then the person's logic exists solely on the basis of faith confirming belief and belief confirming faith. This then allows for a world filled with beliefs based on faith and nothing else. There is no core that connects these beliefs in a harmonizing unifying basis that matches the core that connects humans and other creations in a harmonizing unifying basis. Therefore, our beliefs/faiths run counter to the greater portion of the natural self which is the higher self. Belief and faith that depend on each other without the presence of evolving understanding is a function of lower-self Destroyer logic that says, choose what you like and what you feel, it's your prerogative and that's all that matters, because you don't need permission to make your own decisions. This “sounds good” logic is just another version of “to each his own” faulty individualistic thinking. In the weirdest way, most people double down on this logic daily. Because belief and faith are in a such a weak relationship that is totally dependent on each other and nothing else, people continue to use the length of the relationship as evidence of its higher truth. Likewise the number of others with or without similar belief-faith logic is also confirmation. Length of time as a primary basis for decision-making is actually the same thing as using your decision about something as the basis for continuing with the decision as is with no adjustments. You decide to base your decision on your decision which means you have leapt over the bulk and meat of the thought process. Likewise, using the number of people who do or do not believe something, as your basis for also believing or disbelieving is the same thing as following the crowd.
You must reassess and base your logic on the fullness of Ecosystem logic that you are continuously striving to understand. As you do, your belief-faith decisions will reveal what adjustments need to be made. Everybody has pieces of truth and pieces of lies. Everybody has some things in order and some things out of the order they are supposed to be in, thus they are not connected properly. Thus it is possible to have a truth or a lie and have them correctly identified, yet misapplied.

The nature of a belief-based decision-making process is that it is hypo-critical and hyper-emotional, thus taking you from thinking low to feeling high.
When a person stops at belief and claims to have arrived at understanding, the person is using belief as an excuse to cover up a systemic failure of thought processes.
This then allows the corrupted logic of the day to take over until dysfunction seems normal such that all manner of justification is used to support abnormal logic and behavior of individuals, groups and societies.

Most of the logic people rely on today can only take hold within a person when that person does not understand the natural world and human history, thus the person does not understand their fundamental essence, their natural self, their correct connections.
Show me a believer and I will show you a self-deceiver and a slave to the promoters of the belief.

My people! Go to heal and healthyself. Your natural self is the way out of all destructive isms such as racism, genderism, religion-ism, individualism, dream-ism, capitalism, communism, etc.

The Creator's logic is expanding. Nothing in the way of this higher power will be left standing. The Creator is going to take humans down several notches from their supposed perch in the catbird seat of Creation in order to reset logic.
Foolishness arose and foolishness will be deposed from its authoritative position within logic's inner temple – the Holy of Holies – the nucleus, the core, the seed, foundation zero.

Much sooner than later, we will suddenly no longer have a choice between human ideologies because these ideologies are currently being exposed for their weaknesses and for their final implosion. (Pay attention to world news from multiple sources and formats.)
The healing process must destroy every ism sick logic has created. All of the systems and institutions and businesses and products and services and income from whatever source will not be available because those things are exactly what sick logic is using to keep you in check and keep your conscience and consciousness chained like a slave to belief.
Once The System of Humans is no longer available, you will have to let go of belief and turn to and learn Ecosystem Logic of the natural world of self just like the initiators of civilization in Africa did before exporting civilization throughout the world. You are already being shown in multiple ways that the changeover from unhealthy logic to healthy logic is coming and must take place in order for humans, other species and Earth to get back on the higher track.

Understand this clearly so you will not fear those who fear you.***
The purging is not going to be white people purging non-whites, as many think will be the case because white people have more guns.
No, instead, the purging will be Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe and everything within these dimensions, purging itself of sickness and using whatever is at the Creator's disposal to bring it about. Yes, things are heating up, sick people are getting sicker, climates of all types are changing, atomic and nuclear weapons are being awakened in all species, and creations are being moved into position one by one.
We are already in a war so we might as well learn to act like wise warriors instead of wind-blown wishy-washy weaklings.** Do not worry my people, prepare according to the stronger spiritual calling within you. We Africans are the Alpha and Omega of humans. We were the first humans at least six times and each time we evolved. No other group of people has ever been the origin of humanity. If humans are going “shoot it out” and one group of people is going to come to an end, we of Africa's embrace will be the last ones standing. The circle and cycle will remain unbroken. We are the heroes and the heroines of humanity. The fight favors human beingness because human sickness has had its turn/run. We have faced challenges and overcome the odds many times before. So it is written on oracle walls and so it is already being executed. Ain't no stopping us because we have the same spiritual and physical genetic potential power from which Nw (Nu) formed everything in Creation and by which everything is still being formed. As we recalibrate to Ecosystem logic, Nw will reformulate our genetics to give us understanding of the weapons we already possess that are more powerful than guns. The optimal use of your sensing abilities as they relate to the natural self of the natural world is what gives you the advantages of the higher self.
Open the jail cell of your mind locked behind belief. Go to heal, healthyself and be prodigal less and less every day.
As you do, you will be shown what you need to do to help us defeat the Destroyer, Destroyer logic, Destroyer people and all of the weapons they have vainly formed against us.
You do not have a choice of whether or not you are in this war. You were created to be here right now to be in this war. If you were not capable of contributing to victory, you would not still be here. The time of your awakening is now.
You will understand the truth of what you are capable of by beginning at the beginning. Your first assignment is to decide the primary and secondary use of your free will. As said earlier, you will be then be shown the next step. This is the same process that takes care of everything. It is not mysterious, it is momentum.

*This is prophecy through the emergences of climate change/global warming.

**If you don't understand anything else, at least know this powerful truth: As explained on several occasions, if Africans were truly weak and primitive and all the things childishly said of us, then whites, semites and other groups would not need a global system that operates 365/24/7 with all of these people acting like a bunch of thug gangbanging mafia terrorist bullies against all things African. Truth is, we are so powerful, even in a weakened confused state, that it takes all they can think of just to slow us down because it is our natural destiny to overcome all things placed in our path. As a people our numbers are growing and so is our knowledge (power). For other groups of people, especially whites, the opposite is true. The dire and desperate nature of their beginnings has never changed within their disposition towards life and existence. They entered through coldness and will exit through hotness, and so will their wannabe minions and manifestations.

***And so you will not fear those who are here to help you. Fear diminishes your power. This is why the lower-self needs you to be fearful. The lower-self is scared to death when people do not fear what the lower-self does.

(1) Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors: Encyclopedia Of African Religion (2009), p. xxviii.

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