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Saturday, September 10, 2016

African Communal Education: Group Size Vulnerability
Unity Consciousness #803


(Part 7 of 9)

Reference: “The Virtues and Challenges in Traditional African Education” by John K. Marah, Ed.D., (paragraph 2, p. 20/pdf 6)

Small Communal Group Size Is Vulnerable To Larger Persistent Insistent Problems

Additional Thoughts: Smallness of communal group size does not allow for economies of scale or optimal use of all genetic potential necessary to remain viable. In the absence of economies derived from larger numbers of people working together, all members of small communal groups must spend the majority of their time and other resources performing tasks pertaining to a handful of basic daily needs. As a result, the communal group develops a limited focus, though not necessarily small, but definitely not large enough. There are few to no members of the communal group who spend most of their time and resources studying and assessing the bigger picture as it relates the smaller picture and vice versa. As a result, hindsight, foresight and forward thinking are limited.

Because everyone and everything is always changing, to be unaware of the continuous subtle changes emerging that eventually add up to major changes is to leave the communal group exposed to vulnerabilities that can be avoided or minimized.

Rather than stand the test of time, communal groups must stand the test of the changing nature of life and existence. There must be communal members dedicated to the day to day and there must be communal members dedicated to the year to year, Age to Age and Great Year to Great Year. These family members must become knowledgeable in a variety of areas in order to make proper assessments.
Clearly many communal groups worldwide were not prepared to deal with the changes of the Age of Aries and Age of Pisces. How can we be prepared for such change when an Age is thousands of years long and we are not going to live that long? This speaks to another heart of the matter. Communal groups must be large enough and have the educational content and process that ensures the transmission of knowledge across many generations in order to keep the communal group viable across Ages.
Just as many communal groups were unprepared, some were. Some information has been hidden and some revealed just so we could survive and overcome these times. We Africans, thousand of years later, were in the consciousness of our Ancestors who paved the way for us to find the way. What all this means is that the spirit-soul of the larger communal group is still intact.
In other words, as Africans continue to seek the higher communal education of the Creator as taught through knowledge of self, then Africans can once again take advantage of partnering with each other and all else that is here to help us and that we are here to assist. Economies of scale are right here and there waiting for us through the education of scale – meaning, as we lift our education from an individual focus, a family focus, a local focus, and a fragmented geographical focus, we will perform greater and greater feats of magic, thus restore civilizations despite the choke hold of societies.
Africans who are within Africa, you, out of all Africans worldwide, should know you are not all those names you go by, some of which have been bestowed upon you, just as African-American was bestowed upon those in America. Of course we have developed differences in cultural practices but we are still One People with origins in the Hapy River Valley. Cultural differences must no longer stand in the way, illogically, to cause us to be disconnected from the larger One communal group Africa represents for the entire planet. Africans in Africa who are in cutoff communal groups, must come into full understanding that each communal group can be likened to one of many cells which all came from one cell that divided, after being formed from the genetics of two parents. How different can butt cells be from head cells when both came from the same originating cell?
All people, no matter what they call themselves, came out of African blood, which is the only human blood that exists on Earth. How much more so then, within Africa do Africans not form a much more immediately closer communal group? Africans in Africa must educate themselves to restore understanding of the One Destiny of humans that came through us and will be restored through us.

Consider further how many communities of Africans outside Africa, who have automatically, consciously and/or subconsciously, carried out communal living logic embedded in their genetics. While in the midst of enemy-ruled territories, Africans formed home schools, small schools and larger schools, colleges and universities staffed by members of our communal group, most or all of whom lived in the community. How much more so then can, should and must Africans on the homeland high ground plateau of Earth, do the same? All things are in your favor and just needs the primary use and secondary use of your free will.

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