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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Age Of Aquaria/Aquarius Is Not All Grits & Gravy
Unity Consciousness #811


If you simply believe the logic of those still in the full grasp and control of the suboptimal context (current-day colonial education), you will be led to think the Age of Aquaria/Aquarius is simply going to go from Piscean foul fishy botulism to the deliciousness of grits and gravy with free, all-you-can-eat sides of bacon and buttered biscuits.

Since when does a mess become happiness just because time passes? What is the process that cleans this up?
Since when does power concede anything without a struggle?
If this was going to happen, power would voluntarily fundamentally change without need for protest.

There was a struggle when harmony was lost in the Universe and there will be further struggle for harmony to be regained.
Struggle has been taking place for thousands of years and is not just going to stop when the clock strikes Aquarian Time.

There is a struggle when a virus enters the body and the mind. There is a struggle when the virus is removed from the body and the mind. In order to go from a sick world to a healthy world, there must be pain, discomfort and participation of the free will of those who want the virus removed from body and mind. Clearly we must participate in our own health and healing and not depend on “the passage of time” as the main driver of health. MLK, Jr. already explained “Why We Can't Wait.”
If we do not do what supports the removal of virus logic, then we will prolong the agony, come Aquaria or not.
However, we humans cannot stop the healing of Earth. We can assist it or aggravate it by the momentum of our actions.

The Aquarian Age comes, not to free us from others, but to help those who seek to use free will to free themselves from self-alienation and self-destruction. We don't have a “Get Out Of Hell Free Card,” that allows us to just remain sick and still do unhealthy things and then roll the dice and take some medication poisons, placebos and pacifiers and then do more unhealthy things and expect to get better when Aquaria comes to wash our miseducation-based and science-less behaviors away.
The Aquarian Age comes not to prepare or serve us grits and gravy. If we take that approach we will be the last to be served standing in back of the natural resource line. We might not even survive that long. We could be taken out by the virus logic within us or that which is within others. Finally we could be taken out by cleansing immune logic of Earth & Universe that will scan Earth for those who are still functioning using way too much virus logic and mark them as beyond repair in this dimension.

The Aquarian Age comes to provide conditions that better supports the making of grits and gravy in abundance for all species willing to exist in harmony. Without question, this automatically eliminates the status quo as they continue their multiplier-effect of madness. It is impossible for those who worship the Destroyer Deceiver to change their thinking because they are deadset against using free will to do what is higher.

The Aquarian Age spells the end of the domination of Males, Religions and White, Semite & Other Asians. Individuals and countries are going to be relieved of their ill-gotten resources. In some fashion, militaries will be made impotent. Crime will no longer be the number one defense. Most museums are public mausoleums and will cease to exist because their holdings will be restored to the status of sacredness.

No, this revolution is not being televised or social mediatized. Those who insist on believing things rather than knowing things will be caught off guarding the wrong logic as emergences play nonstop on Universal TV.

The Aquarian Age is in no way an easing into of enlightenment, peace and prosperity.
In order for those qualities of civilizations to occur in societies that are opposed to such, a complete reversal of logic must take place, not just as a desperate attempt to save a sinking ship but as an understanding of the need to return to shore and dismantle the ship because it is beyond repair. This then means the information in societies we are basing our thinking on must change dramatically. How easy is that? Try going to sleep under a suboptimal context and wake up with an optimal context. Go ahead and expect there is no need for personal change and then life can go on smoothly, without a hitch from sickness to blissfulness, even in the midst of multi-dimensional climate change! To later on say, “I didn't know,” is to right now say, “I believe or I don't believe.” You automatically say, I don't know when you say I believe and the other way around.

All beliefs such as religion, male/female dynamics, culture, racial categories, ethnic groups, money, nationalism, education, and on and on, will have to revolutionized back to their primitive essence of oneness.
In the body, the virus succeeds, by sneaking in as a pretend friend, then it attacks the origin, the nucleus. Then once in control of the operating instructions, the virus employs the components in the cell to do its bidding, in exchange for basic needs, because the virus now controls the instructions on how to use resources.
Africa is the nucleus. Africa must be freed in order for Earth to have enlightenment, peace and prosperity. All of the Europeans, Arabs, other Asians and woefully infected Africans must no longer be there in Africa in order for Africa to function properly as a nucleus and disseminator of civilizing operating instructions for human interactions with self and all else.
If this is not so, then, since when did a virus get to remain in a body and in control of the cell and health also return?

By necessity, then, there must be restitution on all levels.
Set has been satiated, now Maat, through many Agents, must be satisfied.

As a result, world systems will continue to fail, including local ones, thus basic needs that have long since been in jeopardy, will be even more so. This is the final transition period into the Age of Aquaria that is already partially here right now.

Now that we've regained a simple truth, that there is no such thing as a pain-free healing process, we must ask ourselves a simple question.
What could possibly happen that will change people's thinking to the degree they will move from separation to synthesis as in "one nation under a groove," and operate using the same Godly principles? This is how many people are painting the Aquarian Age without any dismantling and reconfiguring process that gets us to that point. Certainly the process involves more than an oversimplified coming together in dialogue and building bridges over troubled waters. The invasive species of dangerous logic must be purged to non-harmful levels such that the water is again drinkable, swimmable and worthy to be bathed in.
Is it possible to go into a store where there are grits, flour, water and oil and then come out with grits and gravy fully prepared? The store is the World. Somebody's got to bring all those components together. Likewise, in order to come together fundamentally harmoniously means our logic must function from the same fundamental context, the same motherboard and operating system, the same unifying ideology. The pristineness of the kitchen must be disturbed in order to prepare a meal. Likewise, the path to peace on Earth and goodwill is through more pain and less goodwill. This is exactly what has been steadily worsening for thousands of years. We are standing on the front porch of the House of Aquaria where also lives Aquarius.
We are simultaneously, awakening at a faster pace and numbers, but not nearly enough yet to stem the flow of millions being killed daily, slowly and quickly as others seek to deter us based on their supposed right to remain strictly sickly.

The conclusion of all this is to simply repeat: it takes a turning up of heat and an opening up of fresh ingredients and a stirring of pots and pans to get grits and gravy to the desired consistency. Then we get to enjoy the Aquarian Age meal. Bring your own hot sauce.

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